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RE: Pt Townsend Coupeville Ferry Seattle Area

OBTW--- it is alway good to do the reservations on the ferry.
Tom/Barb 05/08/21 07:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Pt Townsend Coupeville Ferry Seattle Area

I’m planning to take the Pt Townsend Coupeville ferry on 8/8 and concerned about ramp clearance for my low clearance MH. Negative tide at 10am and 4’ at 3pm which is the time I’m considering. I’ll be in Pt Townsend for a few days and will get a visual on the ramp with tides. But thinking I should made a reservation ahead of time. Also need to understand turning radius as I can’t back up with the toad and prefer to not disconnect. Suggestions etc appreciated. As posted, it should not be a problem. remember...The short cut... leaving the ferry on Whidbey Island side ... It is a left turn thru Ft. Casey.. swing wide use both lanes, and do not follow Highway 20. That takes you 10 miles out of your way. The Left turn brings you out (Engles Rd) at the traffic signal on Hw-20 then direct to Oak Harbor. Use Google Map.
Tom/Barb 05/08/21 07:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: IH-5 through Seattle options?

I-5 thru the Seattle is best during the late evening, or early in the morning on the weekend. Best drive is 101 and Port Townsend. and the ferry, then Highway 20. say hi when you pass the house :)
Tom/Barb 05/08/21 09:08am Roads and Routes
RE: Exhaust Manifold

Next use nickel anti seize.
Tom/Barb 05/03/21 11:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short in the ACC pole

. Exactly what fuse is blowing? Jerry And what size is the fuse? How many amps? It is labeled " 15 Key SW' and it is a 15 amp It is in the #1 junction box.
Tom/Barb 05/01/21 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short in the ACC pole

Lets get clear. 1. You state the IGN system. You mean it does NOT short until you turn the key all the way to engage the starter? 2. The Ign controlled COACH systems including Dash Area(Back up and so on) all work even when the other fuse blows? Doug The key switch excites both the ACC and the IGN at the same time. when the key is turned to either position, then you turn to IGN and continued to turn to crank. the fuse blows as soon as either position is reached. this is why I say there are two discrepancies.
Tom/Barb 04/27/21 06:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short in the ACC pole

Then see if you have the short? Doug The ignition switch is out of the system. What is tripping the short is the IGN pole. The coach system is on a circuit board, all coach systems are routed thru that circuit, That was been changed, no difference. The Spartan circuits in the coach operate normally, the only thing that is wrong is the IGN system. all signal lights work, back up camera, all external lights work. Spartan's skit, shows a direct circuit to the Transmission computer and the ECU, the Transmission computer that has been disconnected. still shows a short. I'm in process disconnecting ECU. stay tuned
Tom/Barb 04/27/21 11:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Houston toll roads

Don't forget, they charge for the Toad too. they take a photo of the back plate and when it is different they charge for two.
Tom/Barb 04/27/21 11:48am Roads and Routes
RE: Along I-84 in Southern Idaho

Hell's Canyon.
Tom/Barb 04/27/21 09:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Short in the ACC pole

READ my post again. As I stated, you are(were) looking at the problem from a chassis standpoint. Doug After removing the entire ACC side of the system. it now becomes clear that the ACC side is not the problem. next step? Separate one system from the other by Disconnecting the ECU from the engine, see if the short goes away. working on it. :) It is not a easy place to get to. To touch the ECU the fuel filter must be removed. Edit There is two ECMs for the IGN, side of the Engine system, the Alison / transmittion The Transmittion is easy , (done) we still have a short.
Tom/Barb 04/27/21 09:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short in the ACC pole

Was there any incident just prior to it not working? Jerry Parr No, We parked the Coach and now it won't crank, and blows the fuse.
Tom/Barb 04/27/21 08:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short in the ACC pole

Tom, I have done diagnostics on systems that looked a lot like your situation. I am guessing that the ACC circuit comes out of a gang plug on the ignition switch... If that is the case, can you identify that wire? If you can, remove that wire from the gang plug. This is just about always possible, but it is never easy (we seem to be way past easy) and it may take a special tool to release the latches that hold that connector in the plug body. When it is loose, now at least you can power things up and fine out what is not working. That may lead you in the direction you need to go. Now that the system does not blow the main fuse, it might blow a single fuse for a single part of the ACC system. This could be your bast bet to track down the problem. You can now get things started. Next cheap, dirty and very effective search method. Now that the problem circuit is isolated, feed it power through a good sized light bulb. I have a collection of bulbs with wire leads attached but I do this more than most people. When powered up that light should light up - if there is the solid ground you reported. Now here comes the simple and cheap part. Get a small compass. The current in that wire is creating a magnetic field that you can follow. You won't be able to follow it when it is inside the frame rail, but any place that wire is exposed, you should be able to identify it. Sorry, I had to put a break in here. The compass needle will lead you along. Just keep looking for the indication of current flowing, when you no longer get that, the short to ground is behind you. Please keep us informed what you find or don't. Everything matters. MattYour compass trick, is a tone generator. I have traced the "10-Green wire that will emit a tone until I can no longer get to the cable bundle. then it comes in rear, there is no Green "10" wire. I suspect there is two discrepancies. and I may confuse the issues. Today I removed 12v power to the ACC pole in the ACC junction box, This disables the entire ACC accessories. It still blowed the fuse, I have been barking up the wrong tree. tomorrow we try again.
Tom/Barb 04/26/21 07:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short in the ACC pole

You understand that the chassis system is NOT the only system that uses the ACC or IGN side of the switch? There are numerous Coach and dual coach/chassis circuits that are energized by the ACC or IGN side of the key switch. Jack system. Bi directional charging system. Ign controlled various parts of the Dash controls(not the instrument cluster) like the Dash AC system. Have you done ANYTHING to the RV recently that may point to a short in the system. Doug I replaced the chassis batteries, I've replaced the coach batteries to Lithium, the coached has worked normally since then. all systems work except the ACC side of the switch.
Tom/Barb 04/26/21 08:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short in the ACC pole

Have you contacted Newmar? They may have an electrical schematic on file in their archives that can tell you where to look. Yes! they say it is a Spartan problem. and yes I have a skit for the system.
Tom/Barb 04/26/21 08:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short in the ACC pole

It will probably take a skilled electrical person with the meter to find it. I can maybe help you over the phone and give you some troubleshooting hints. I am a skilled professional electrical troubleshooter. I have been using a tone generator and have traced the wires into a 2.5 inch conduit leading into the frame, then the generator looses it.
Tom/Barb 04/25/21 11:10pm Class A Motorhomes
Short in the ACC pole

Our motorhome 2002 Newmar Mountain Aire, 8.3 cummins has a short in the Accessory side of the ignition circuit. When you replace the fuse, and turn the key to ON- or - Acc, the fuse blows. The ignition switch has been replaced. ---- same results all circuits for the Accessories have been disconnected. --- still blows the fuse Connecting the fuse to the ACC pole of Ignition switch and the fuse (+) show continuity. The Cummins computer tool will not turn on, it requires the ignition to be turned on, which blows the fuse. All the relays In the coach have been tested all fuses and been checked. due to the dead engine the air is depleted "0" so the breaks are locked.
Tom/Barb 04/25/21 10:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coast to Coast east to west

Welcome to the northwest it is pronounced swim with a Q in front of it :) Don't miss the chance to do the North Cascade highway route 20 it is the prettiest road in the nation.
Tom/Barb 04/22/21 11:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow Bar Suggestions save your bucks, use used.
Tom/Barb 03/22/21 11:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: HarvestHost......anyone using it?

these folks use it great channel
Tom/Barb 03/06/21 08:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Waist disposal hose

White PVC pipe with caps, mount on bumper, as before.
Tom/Barb 03/04/21 06:21pm Travel Trailers
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