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RE: Not your dad's Airstream

My wife and I looked through some Airstreams at an rv show a couple of years ago. Holy ****! the cheapest one there was over 79K. They are just way too cramped on the inside. The aisle front to back was no wider than the aisle in the 1963 19ft Airstream we used to have. You're just paying for the name.
TravelinDog 03/06/20 04:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: A new way to tow a 5’er!

As jury-rigged as that outfit looks, I think it's pretty safe to say it would be sketchy at best. Nah, what could possibly go wrong?
TravelinDog 01/25/20 04:36pm Towing
RE: Stranded/broke down

My guess is fuel pump also. Breakdowns are no fun. Brian That's pretty funny. This isn't 1950. "Bad gas" is a thing of urban legend anymore. I have yet to find ANYONE that has actually gotten "bad gas" when buying it at any commercial retailer. They always know somebody that says they got bad gas or heard of somebody that got bad gas like their sisters boyfriends dads uncle in Alabama. :R
TravelinDog 10/14/19 04:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Post your tow vehicle pics here

Here's a pic of our "new" 2017. Just bought it in June with only 33,000+ miles on it. It was a lease return and is like new. We've only taken 1 trip so far towing our 25' trailer and it tows like a dream. Compared to my old '97 1500 gas pick-up I can barely tell the trailer is there, doesn't matter if we're going uphill the truck maintains 65mph even in 5th gear OD. The 6.7 CTD Ram 4x4 will probably be the last truck I will ever have to buy since we are retired I'm 57 now. The wife and I plan to do a lot of traveling with this combo.
TravelinDog 10/14/19 04:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Traveling to Austin from Las Vegas

I-10 the whole way Hopefully I-10 is better than I-40. There are so many potholes from the big rigs on the right side lanes and there has been road construction on sections of I-40 from Kingman as far as Holbrook where I get off since we started travelling this corridor since about 2002.
TravelinDog 10/14/19 03:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV dump station map

I have found that most Love's truck stops have dump stations which I find very handy when travelling long distances.
TravelinDog 09/25/19 03:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winterization

I blow out a line using 50 PSI (maybe 20-30 seconds for water to stop) then turn off the faucett for 15-20 seconds then open again for 30 seconds. Then move on the next one. I blow the water out of the lines the same way. I also make sure I drain the water heater as well.
TravelinDog 09/25/19 02:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Full timers warning

Sorry, but tax evasion is just as much a crime as illegal immigration. Just because you don't like the approach to the enforcement of one law doesn't mean enforcement of all other laws should be suspended. In today's economy a cash business is an anomaly and does raise a giant red flag. The audit you describe would be the best way to catch tax evasion in that type of business. As a faithful tax payer I appreciate it whenever the government cracks down on those who cheat. They aren't cheating the government, they are cheating me! BTW, I am sure an actual solution to the border problem would be greatly appreciated. I reside in the great middle of that debate favoring neither open borders nor a resurrection of the Iron Curtain. Currently all I see is a great deal of the flapping of wings and righteous indignation on both sides. What I don't see is a workable pathway to a solution. Hmmm...I don't think I EVER seen anyone who even remotely looked like they were immigrants from another country camping at an RV park. I'm still calling BS. Immigration is an issue, obviously you don't keep up on crimes committed by Illegals, sorry they aren't undocumented they broke the law entering. Being retired LE I follow this closely. This isn't the forum for this issue but I would be happy to provide multi news article on the issue.
TravelinDog 09/11/19 03:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tires

I have always ran LT tires on my trailers. If you go over to the Montana Forums they recommend the Sailun's Good for you. Many travel trailers including my own don't have room for LT truck tires which I would happily run if I had room. The LT215/75-15 Goodyear Wrangler HT tires need only 3/8" more clearance than your ST205/75-15 tires. The ST205/75/15 Goodyear Endurance actually has a higher load rating of 107 than tire you mention with a 106 rating. That's also $118 as compared to $142.
TravelinDog 09/11/19 03:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Vent seal

Heng's has seals for vent lids. 90121, 90045 and JRP2111B. Amazon Heng's seals Ventline also has replacements Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for.
TravelinDog 09/05/19 03:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator question

It’s hard on the generator and electronics if your generator dies under load. Pure nonsense. I run my gen all night when we go hunting in the boonies and nobody else is within miles. The night temps are below 0° and we run 2 1500 watt space heaters. Sometime the gen runs out of gas and it just sputters and dies. There has never been any damage to the gen or the heaters or inverter. I've done the same thing while running the a/c. If there was any danger of damage to your gen by letting it run out of gas it would warn you about it in your owner's manual.
TravelinDog 09/05/19 03:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Full timers warning

Another case of someone repeating a story told to them as truth. It's BS!
TravelinDog 09/05/19 02:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tires

I have always ran LT tires on my trailers. If you go over to the Montana Forums they recommend the Sailun's Good for you. Many travel trailers including my own don't have room for LT truck tires which I would happily run if I had room.
TravelinDog 09/05/19 02:44pm Travel Trailers
Vent seal

The rubber seal around the top of the vents in my TT have gotten hard and brittle after 20+ years and I'm wondering if they are replaceable or will I have to replace the entire vent assembly?
TravelinDog 09/05/19 02:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Spare Tire question- doesnt match our new TT tires

Am I worrying over nothing? IMO you're worrying over the wrong issue as the Goodyear Endurance is superior to the Carlisle HD tires you ordered. A couple years ago one of the stock Chinese tires on my Coachmen split for no apparent reason and before ordering a new set of tires I compared the Endurance LR D to the same size Carlisle HD LR D. Putting my full weight on an unmounted Endurance the tire barely deflected at all, did the same with the Carlisle and it collapsed noticeably. Not saying the Carlisle HD isn't a decent tire, just that the Endurance which is manufactured in the US is demonstrably better. The tech at Discount tire had me do the same thing with those same 2 tires. The Goodyear was much stiffer and beefier. They have 2 steel belts, 2 poyester and 2 nylon belts.They also weigh 3lbs more than the same size Carlisle which only have 2 steel and 2 polyester belts. And yes they are made in the USA.
TravelinDog 08/20/19 04:58pm Travel Trailers
Dicor Diseal tape

Anybody ever use this stuff? I found a couple of spots where my TT roof looks like it is wearing through on the edge. I read lots of reviews on it and probably 98% were positive. I'm going to give it a try this weekend. 42192_2
TravelinDog 08/20/19 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing speed

With my '97 gasser with 4.10 gears I would stay at about 60mph because the truck was old and only got 7-8 mpg when towing. Engine turning at about 2,900 rpm. Now that I have a 2500 CTD I still only tow at 65mph because I can keep it in 5th gear overdrive all day long and still get 14mpg with the same trailer. Only turning about 1900 rpm. I could go MUCH faster, but why? As someone else mentioned being able to stop and keep control of the truck and trailer in the event of a blow-out or some other situation is more important than getting somewhere faster and putting your life or your family or others on the road at risk. Saving a few minutes or an hour on longer trips is just not worth the risk.
TravelinDog 08/16/19 05:00pm Towing
RE: Have I been doing it wrong all these years?

The engineers made the T/H mode hold the lower gears longer for a reason. If you choose not to use it that is your prerogative since it's your truck and trans life you are shortening.
TravelinDog 08/16/19 04:44pm Towing
RE: Another tire thread

I highly doubt you'll have any better luck from a Chinese tire with a fancy brand name than you had from the other one. They are all **** and suffer from the same problem--quality control.Or not. The tire is a Goodyear "Endurance" 107 load rating and it also says made in USA so I'll see if it holds up any better. Tread has 2 plys steel, 2 plys nylon and 2 plys polyester. All the other tires are only 2 steel and 2 polyester. I've never had any of my trailer tires fail from the sidewall, always from the tread. Size is ST205/75/15 and there is not much room for a bigger LT tire.
TravelinDog 08/15/19 02:26pm Towing
Another tire thread

Some background first. Trailer only used about 3-4 weeks out of the year and maybe 2500 miles tops. When I bought it it had stock C load rated tires that looked like new. I had 2 blow-outs on the first trip. I started replacing them with D load rating tires but I find they don't hold up any better. The trailer only weighs in at about 7500lbs fully loaded. I had the spare rupture while it was not even mounted and this is the second one that has done that. I've had Carlisle, Towmaster, Vanguard and Commadore brand tires. None seem to last very long but they always seem to last just beyond the 3 year warranty. I always keep tires inflated to max which is 65psi. I bought a new tire last week, this time it is a Goodyear Marathon tire. I looked at a new Carlisle but they seem to have been cheapened up considerably. I'll have to wait and see how the Goodyear holds up. You guys have the same type of tire life from your ST tires?
TravelinDog 08/10/19 04:11pm Towing
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