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RE: getting trapped inside a park

We went to a COE park in Ga. Called before I made reservations, park host said no issues with a big rig. Made to or site, no issues. I walked down to look at the turn around area and didn't see how my 40' fiver would make it. Short turn around, trees, sloped to outside of turn. A guy across the street had a big toy hauler about my size and to get to his site he had used the turn around. I asked how he did it. Said to go in the out loop and then take my truck off the pavement onto the grass going toward lake as much as I could and make sure I had bed rail clearance as it sloped off pretty bad. Said to make sure and watch trailer swing because of 1 tree that didn't have alot of bark left on it that people hadn't watched. Said when I got up to the site that was in the corner to pull the marker sign out of the ground to give myself more room to pull truck around. Came the morning to leave and it rained during the night making the grass where I was to pull slick. I figured this was a sign from above that I didn't need to use the turn around which I really wasn't thrilled about trying. I ended up backing out over a 1/4 mile.
Travlingman 02/21/20 09:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 Cummins IKE pull

"The computer is applying the wheel brakes both truck and trailer." How do you know if the brakes were coming on the trailer on this test? Maybe the engine was doing what it needed with the trans? Right past the 2 minute mark they say that it is using the truck and trailer brakes and also making the lights come on both.
Travlingman 02/20/20 10:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Duramax vs Power Stroke Fuel Economy Tow Test and Drag Race

Surprised by the Ford milage. The 10 speed is looking good so far. Under 200 miles per gallon for DEF? Doesn't seem right.
Travlingman 02/15/20 08:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel tires

I was surprised to see in this thread that Bridgestone has discontinued the R250. I have 6 of those on my TH. They've aged out. Thinking of replacing them with Sailun S637. What's the best place to by them? I'm in Florida., free shipping to your house.
Travlingman 02/09/20 09:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitches

Thank you for the reply! I was referring to the DOT part. I should have specified. I believe I have read somewhere CURT has some sort of standard, SAE possibly? Curt tests to SAE J2638.
Travlingman 01/29/20 09:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: F350 Super Duty vs 3500 Denali vs The Ike Pulling 30k lbs

That is pretty impressive for the Ford running 3.55 gearing. The 10 speed seems to be doing its job. Don't understand why you would start downhill with 30K behind you and not have exhaust brake on. Well they stated on auto setting, I know Ram has Full and Auto. I run full when not towing, and auto when towing and using tow/Haul, that combination works very well at holding speed. They started just using cruise control and said it gained speed. They had to hit the brake and then used auto engine brake setting. The Ford has 2 settings for the engine brake, manual and auto. Manual gets more aggressive every time you touch the brake, and auto holds the speed when you lift off of the go pedal.
Travlingman 01/25/20 09:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3x3" receiver hitch!

Wow! I thought a 2x2" hitch was pretty stout in my younger days and then they had the 2.5x2.5" on the 3/4 & 1 ton pickups. I see on the F250 Tremor test videos, it comes with a 3x3" hitch! I guess they are going to need a LOT of adapters to tow smaller trailers. My 2012 F350 has a 3 inch hitch with a 2.5 inch insert. So nothing new there. It is mainly a PITB to get the insert lined up so you can slide the locking pin thru it. If your hitch is stock, it is 2.5" hitch with a 2" adapter. Ford started using a 3" hitch on the 2017 models. Mine came with a 2.5" adapter and then a 2" sleeve. Here is a 2012 brochure where it shows the specs on 2nd page.
Travlingman 01/25/20 06:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F350 Super Duty vs 3500 Denali vs The Ike Pulling 30k lbs

That is pretty impressive for the Ford running 3.55 gearing. The 10 speed seems to be doing its job. Don't understand why you would start downhill with 30K behind you and not have exhaust brake on.
Travlingman 01/25/20 08:13am Tow Vehicles
Morryde Step Above

For those that actually have the Step Above, what are your thoughts on it now that you have used it? I know the negatives of water on step, dirt when putting up, maybe swing out when stopping in rest area. But have you had any other issues with it? Would you like to go back to the regular fold up steps?
Travlingman 01/19/20 06:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: just saw my 1st 2020 F-350's

If the trans cooling system is designed to keep the temp near 190 even at full GCVWR on a hot day and long 6% grade all will be well. Well, it isn't. They are designed to run around 220 to 230 under load. The cooling fan isn't programmed to hit full until over 250 degrees.
Travlingman 01/18/20 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Duallies in Tennessee

I pay $61.55 yearly for my weighted tag for 16K pounds. My county doesn't have wheel tax or emissions.
Travlingman 01/12/20 09:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 vs F350 SRW payload

Edit: and why is the gvwr limit for both 3500 series and 4500 series set a 14000 lbs? Class 3: This class of truck has a GVWR of 10,001–14,000 pounds or 4,536–6,350 kilograms. Class 4: This class of truck has a GVWR of 14,001–16,000 pounds or 6,351–7,257 kilograms. Source
Travlingman 12/29/19 02:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

If they truly want to shake up the RV market and build a higher end RV, they need to go to a Young's Welding powder coated frame and Mor/Ryde IS suspension, upgrade insulation, dual pane windows, real leather furniture and better flooring. I an so thankful that we got one of the last HitchHiker Champagnes built...a solid true full time rated trailer. Ken What currently produced 5th wheels use a Young's frame?
Travlingman 12/26/19 10:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

Here is an article that includes some of their build standards. Somewhat encouraging, however, a laminated wall instead of hung wall construction. They are already skimping on the brakes and lack of slide toppers. If you want to be high end, be high end. Riverstone already looks better. We have been looking at the Riverstone Legacy for over a year now, and unfortunately it is changing from what it was. The Legacy is now an add on package. From what we can tell, some of the standards that use to be with the Legacy are now options with it too.
Travlingman 12/24/19 10:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

Here is an article from dealer show that tells a little about the build. Looks like it will be in the range around the Riverstone, Landmark, etc.
Travlingman 12/24/19 09:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Nascar Follies

Never forget when "Jaws" was driving for Junior and won the Allstar race at Charlotte and all race long was walking the dog. On the backstretch after the checkered flag, old "DW" hit the clutch, over revved the motor and detonated it. I think NASCAR spent close to the same time going over Junior's cars as they went thru inspection as they did with Smokey Yunick's years before. I was setting on the front stretch and Waltrip's engine blew as soon as he crossed the finish line. He said Junior told him the engine was only good for 70 laps, the amount of laps in the race.
Travlingman 12/24/19 07:18pm Around the Campfire
New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

Looks like a new manufactuer of 5th wheels will be starting up in January. Alliance RV is completing a new factory and says they will be producing luxury fifth wheels. Most of the upper management seems to be coming from Heartland and then manufacturing from Grand Design. The Brady's were with Heartland before they got bought out. Looking forward to seeing what they come out with. Supposedly going to be at some shows in January, hopefully with some show units as there calendar does have models listed per event. On edit, I found an interview from August.
Travlingman 12/24/19 06:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The Big Boys have Just Arrived

Wish they would have sent the 4.10's in the dually instead of the 3.55's.
Travlingman 12/10/19 09:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 or newer F-450 issues

Grit Dog and Travlingman, I don't know what you're looking for as for "data". I had some other pages that I closed out where between the ones I posted and the others, there was enough data to make a trend in my opinion. I would love to see the number of Powerstroke engines sold from 2011-2017, how each was used, the number of failures of each part, the number of miles each engine had on it at the time of failure, and finally the cause and remedy of each failure...however I seriously doubt that is available to just anyone. if thats what you are asking me for, I don't have that. However I do NOT find the amount of data regarding the RAM engines with this part, as I do the Ford Powerstroke. my turn to ask you where you see that Cummins is putting the Eurpoean made Bosch CP4 fuel pump on it's engines. I have one in the driveway but it's dark and cold right now, I will go out and see if I can tell in the AM Can't speak for Grit Dog, but when you said you had data I was expecting numbers to back up claims such as number of failures, not just I saw a bunch of posts on a forum. As far as build numbers, I would say that by 2017 there would be around 1.5 million 6.7 powerstrokes produced. Here is a link to the 500,000 engine produced in 2013. I think I read about the millionth around 2015 or so. Ram went to the CP4 in 2019 models.
Travlingman 11/26/19 10:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 or newer F-450 issues

Well, what did you hear strikeu? We all love rumors, conjecture and facts. Seems typically in that order as well. Lol. the High pressure fuel pump fails a LOT in 2011-2017 6.7L powerstroke engines. there is a great many people trying to start a class action law suit on that issue. that particular fuel pump was made in Great Britain where the diesel is more "oily" than American specs. so when it runs with American standards diesel it disintegrates for lack of lubrication. it can destroy an entire engine to the tune of $10-15k. it seems (no real data yet) that after 2017 there is a different fuel thats good if I am buying new, but not good for my 2012. the next high fail item is / was the turbo. new turbo kits can be obtained but it seems the original turbo on the powerstrokes are some type of Rube Goldberg contraption that fails routinely. new turbo kits are ~$3k. this seems to be fixed in the 2015+ models, bottom line is the 2017s are a bit too new to gather any real failure trends, but there are some significant data for the 2011-2017 6.7L powerstrokes. SO much that I am leaning back towards the RAM 3500. here is some of what I found. I closed the pages, so some simple searches will probably yield the same results google and look through the blogs. there is a TON of info on failures there. that page has a lot of pop-up ads so I have going there for long. You said you had significant data. Could you post that. I looked at the articles you posted, and none have data. You can find a class action suit against about anything, including all vehicles. I have a 2017 and the only issue I had was a cracked oil filter housing which was replaced under warranty. Had a 2012 before that and had a mirror go out after warranty and Ford picked up 1/2 the cost to replace.
Travlingman 11/25/19 10:11am Tow Vehicles
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