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RE: Looking for LED headlight upgrade options

I have projectors. I've perused all the Ram websites thoroughly and virtually nobody has had great success using LEDs in projectors. The light scatters. Getting an LED to recreate the halogen filament location is apparently much trickier in a projector.
TurnThePage 10/04/23 08:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for LED headlight upgrade options

I have projector housings unfortunately. They don't enjoy the same characteristics. LEDs don't seem to work well in them. HID might be an option, but I would like something totally reliable.
TurnThePage 10/03/23 05:50pm Tow Vehicles
Looking for LED headlight upgrade options

My old 2015 Ram 1500 runs great, and I'm not interested in mortgaging the house for a new truck. So a few select upgrades might be worthwhile. I'm not interested in sticking an LED bulb in my halogen projector housing. I think I would rather replace the entire assembly. At the moment, the only units I see with good reviews are Morimoto XB, and Alpharex Nova. Since I don't follow this stuff very closely, I'm hoping for some enlightenment as it were.
TurnThePage 10/03/23 03:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Replace Girard tankless how water heater

I specifically selected a year older unit to avoid the tankless heater. It does look like there's enough room for a regular water heater in most units. I researched that quite a bit last year.
TurnThePage 09/28/23 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Small speakers on the wall?

This is very similar to what I put in. Probably just the newer version. It has worked great.
TurnThePage 09/25/23 03:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Small speakers on the wall?

I added a small self powered sub and a small amp to power speakers similar to what you're looking at. The sub and amp went under the couch. The system really rocks and isn't hard on the RV electrical. The sound always surprises people. Movies and music are a positive experience again.
TurnThePage 09/25/23 08:37am Technology Corner
RE: Pex crimpers

Great info here. Thanks!
TurnThePage 09/23/23 10:29pm Tech Issues
Pex crimpers

My new trailer is a hodgepodge of different plumbing. It's obvious that incorrect materials are mated together in various places. I would like to consolidate and make it all pex so I don't have to worry about leaks, but I have zero experience with pex fittings and tools. Just looking for enlightenment and suggestions. Some areas are going to be pretty difficult to access and I don't want big bulky tools borking it all up.
TurnThePage 09/22/23 03:07pm Tech Issues
RE: 2007 Fleetwood Mallard 20FKS specs?

My 2004 Fleetwood trailer had all that info on the inside of a cabinet door in the kitchen.
TurnThePage 09/14/23 09:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: The best smartphone on earth

TurnThePage 09/08/23 12:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Ford files trademark for F200 pickup.

How much have we propped up the oil industry over the decades? Free market capitalism? Remember leaded gas? How long were we happily poisoning ourselves with that, all the while complaining about how unleaded would destroy the world. I don't think electric battery production will ever be close to that. Change happens. Keep up or get out of the way. Get used to it, blah blah blah. If I don't retire first, my next commuter will likely be electric. They're already better in nearly every way, period. My next tow vehicle on the other hand, IF I get another one, will likely be diesel, mostly because I tow off the beaten path a lot. I imagine electric charging will penetrate pretty deeply into that arena fairly soon too.
TurnThePage 09/08/23 12:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: In case you wonder

Excellent! Unfortunately around here, they still go to land fills if you use the recommended local resources/methods. I'll have to look into this more!
TurnThePage 08/25/23 09:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Micro Air Easy Start 364-XP installation

I installed the MicroAir easy start on the Dometic Brisk II 15k btu A/C on my new trailer. It helped right away to allow my Champion 3400 to start it in economode. However, I've had some strange behaviors from the A/C where the fan will shut off, then come back on, or shuts off and doesn't come back on. The compressor is running the whole time either way. Recently the Champion overloaded when trying to start the A/C in economode. I've only done minor troubleshooting at this point, but I am concerned. One thing I noticed was how lousy the install of my A/C was. There were huge gaps allowing cold air to vent directly into the attic. In fact foam pieces were so loose in there, they were actually redirecting a lot of the air into the attic. I've HVAC taped them into place and haven't had an error since then, but haven't actually used the gen since then either. Definitely not impressed with this A/C at this point.
TurnThePage 08/24/23 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Degrease TPO Roof

Not sure what you mean by “seal the roof with Eternabond”? If you are referring to the tape product this would be ill advised. Eternabond is ok for small damage like an impact from a rock or branch but using it to seal large sections of the roof will be horrible for whoever needs to clean it off in the future because it does eventually lift and leak no matter what anyone says. And the problem is once Eternabond starts to leak you really can’t see evidence of it standing on the roof. Until you start to peal it back is when you can see leakage which is too late. If I’m reading too much into this I apologize but people use Eternabond way too much because it’s easy to apply, but at the end of the day it leaks and has to be removed. Removing Eternabond that has been down for years is probably the worst material on the planet to deal with. As for cleaning the roof use “Super Clean”. I would only recommend using this stuff for cleaning in preparation for a reseal, NOT as normal maintenance. They sell it on Amazon.This "anyone" has a trailer with 19 year old Eternabond holding just fine. It's a great product. I bought it to use with my new RV too. No matter what anyone says.
TurnThePage 08/14/23 08:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Air Conditioner

In my last RV the Coleman MachIII was pretty reasonable. In my new RV the Dometic is NOISY! They're both ducted. Coleman makes a quieter version now too. Personally, by this time next year, I intend to have a nice quiet, uber-efficient mini-split installed. I'll leave the noise box on the roof just in case, but it'll get very little use I hope.
TurnThePage 08/11/23 12:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Rain Gutter Modification

I was able to replace the gutter molding that protects the screws that secure the gutter can to the trailer/RV with a rubber/vinyl product that extended out about 2" beyond the exterior wall as a kind of eve. It worked well, but I think the company went out of business. Maybe there's a similar product out there. Or you could fashion your own gutter or eve. Eternabond tape will secure almost anything.
TurnThePage 08/07/23 03:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: AC Compressor runs long (after an shutoff).

I have 2022 model year Dometic A/C with very similar behavior. Thanks for the tip on the relay.
TurnThePage 08/01/23 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: generator damages AC, other electornics

My Champion 3400 has a remote start/stop function. I've been using it for years without harming my RV. I do try to make sure heavy loads are off first. As already mentioned power outages do much the same thing. I've never lost anything that way either. Much ado about nothing in my mind.
TurnThePage 07/28/23 03:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Changing AV programs or???

I too have relied on the built in Windows anti-virus for a long time. I augment it with the free version of Malwarebytes for those times when I venture into uncharted territory, which isn't often. In my experience, most dangers now days seem to be more like phishing scams and the like. Anti-virus software can't offer much there.
TurnThePage 07/26/23 01:51pm Technology Corner
RE: 2022 dodge ram sway issues

Having been a half ton trailer towing owner for the last 25 years, I can say that properly inflated LT tires provide the most bang for the buck. I also upgraded the rear springs on my Ram 1500 which made a big difference too. As mentioned, there's a lot of data not yet shared that's pertinent. Knowing the actual weights of the trailer, tongue, and truck axles loaded and not would make a world of difference in the advice you receive.
TurnThePage 07/26/23 01:23pm Travel Trailers
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