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RE: Where to put generator in 21' travel trailer

Shorter trailers will have much less bounce back there. I think you can do it. I put a rack on the tongue of my trailer for the generator and decided it was just too much work to get the generator all the way up there, not to mention the extra noise from it being so elevated. As long as it's secured firmly to the frame and doesn't offset the tongue weight too much, it sounds like a good option to me.
TurnThePage 08/07/20 11:41am Tech Issues
RE: Leaving ceiling fan on while traveling

I think with a motorhome, it's not a big deal, as you will be aware of what's coming into your vehicle. With a trailer, you might get a surprise after a long day of travel. I've gone down miles of bumpy, dusty roads, then found that I accidentally left a vent open resulting in a heavy layer of crud all over everything. The tow vehicle was perfectly fine on the inside.
TurnThePage 08/06/20 08:56am General RVing Issues
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

Thanks everyone! Regarding eternabond it's easy to get mixed reviews. Lots of online reviews of people having water work it's way under and it turns into a mess. IMO that statement about "LOTS OF ONLINE REVIEWS and WATER", is simply NOT TRUE. Unless it's improperly applied or the product is defective (Eternabond does have a shelf life of around 5 yrs), water simply will not work it's way under the tape. Larry I've witnessed it lifting. Yep actually curling up on the edges and then highway speeds make the curl catch wind and gradually pull loose enough exposing the damaged area underneath. It leaked. The plastic tape shrinks and curls then wind and suns heat does the rest.It turns to something I won't use.I've seen that too. On my own RV. It only happened once. I believe it was that evil bad run of product they had at one time. I've used probably 150' of the stuff over the years. I've also used the Dicor product. Eternabond is a much more permanent, and reliable solution.
TurnThePage 08/04/20 09:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why so few Murphy beds ?

I personally like having my bed AND my living area available at the same time. Dunno if that applies to others or not. However some of those floor plans really are compelling.
TurnThePage 08/03/20 06:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

Yup. Eternabond is the solution to the long term Dicor question.
TurnThePage 07/31/20 09:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Minimum gate opening width needed for TT parking........

I made sure the post on my gate was right under the eave, preventing my trailer from hitting the eave without also hitting that post. My gate width is 10 feet. I've been backing through it with a standard 8 foot wide trailer for over 16 years. It's not difficult, especially if your approach is straight. You should be able to see both sides with your mirrors. Just take it slow. I actually have to round a tight corner, then line up with that gate with very little room for maneuvering. It can take 10 or 15 minutes.
TurnThePage 07/30/20 11:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Will my trailer fit in this space?

I have a similar setup. I've been doing it for 16 years now. It's gotten easier and quicker, though still not a piece of cake. I think with a mover dolly it should be simple. As someone else mentioned, you could round off that roof corner. We had that done. Just a 45 degree cut that removed about 18" of the corner. It still looks good too.
TurnThePage 07/28/20 08:30am Travel Trailers
RE: face book messenger

In Windows, I open the messenger in it's own window. When I get a video, there are a couple options to the right of it. One of those is three horizontal dots (...). If I click on that, I have the option to save the video to facebook, where I can then share it.
TurnThePage 07/23/20 08:36am Technology Corner
RE: Amana gas cooktop ignitor issue

Yep. Easy to do. The hardest part was drilling a new (smaller) hole in the front for the pushbutton part. I've done it twice. Much quieter way to start the burners. Most generic BBQ igniters will work I think, as long as it has enough plugs.
TurnThePage 07/22/20 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Keeping Ants Out of My Rv!

I'm also a fan of Terro for those already infested areas. And as mentioned, the Ortho Home Defense spray works great for all the parts of the RV that touch the ground.
TurnThePage 07/21/20 12:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Easystart functionality built into RV AC units?

EasyStart type devices are great. Other options include selecting a lower BTU unit, or even wiring it separate from the rest of the RV so that it's on its own power plug.
TurnThePage 07/20/20 01:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Any Grand Design Transcend owners?...

Couple years ago I toured a Transcend at a show. One entire interior wall was bowed in so far, it had broken away from the framing, which also looked questionable. I like a lot of Grand Design's ideas. They have set the standard for a lot of floor plans and features in the industry. But I worry about their construction just a little too much. If I was going to buy one, I'd definitely go over it with a fine tooth comb.
TurnThePage 07/18/20 03:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air conditioner wasps

I have intended to do something similar for a long time. I would use something with just a little larger holes, and probably not the typical nylon netting that screens are made of. I also considered removing every other vertical slats to open up more room for air flow.
TurnThePage 07/17/20 09:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Deep metal "groaning sound" from hitch. Is this normal?

I've had my Equal-I-zer for 16 years. It makes that noise. Nature of the beast. I think most of the noise is from the hitch head where the bars are inserted. Back when I bought mine, they didn't offer the nylon jacket for the L brackets but did recommend a bit of grease on them, as well as the flat, horizontal surfaces of the hitch head. The sway control is still there with the grease on those parts. I've learned you have to grease that hitch head every trip.
TurnThePage 07/16/20 10:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Best Weight Distribution Hitch

I will offer one last piece of advice. You should be able to set up your tow vehicle and trailer so that you don't experience sway under normal circumstances. That should be your basic goal. The anti-sway feature of these hitches should be considered a safety feature above and beyond being properly set up. Those HA and PP hitches can eliminate sway from a system that may otherwise not be stable. The other hitches mitigate it as it happens. If your set up is fine tuned and your tow vehicle is not close to maxed out, any of the hitches should work fine. I've used the Equal-I-zer brand hitch for 16 years now without a hiccup. It has pros and cons. Pros: No need to remove and store hitch or bars if you don't want to. They won't fall off after unhitching. If you use a power tongue jack, hitching/unhitching is quick and easy with no tool required. Awesome sway control. Cons: Heavy, but aren't they all, except maybe the Andersen. Noisy, especially during low speed maneuvers. You can add nylon pads to the L brackets, and it's recommended that you grease the head where the bars are attached, which works some but not for long. I'm sure there's more pros and cons, but they're just not coming to me now.
TurnThePage 07/13/20 08:52am Towing
RE: Small Dicor

I lament this all the time. I have a small spot in my sticks and bricks bathroom that needs caulk. It kills me to buy an entire tube that is unwieldy and will be mostly wasted. Cost wise though, there's not much difference.
TurnThePage 07/12/20 01:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Weight Distribution Hitch

Maybe we should all get back to the original question, which was "best weight distribution hitch". Honestly, they all distribute the weight away from the the hitch just about the same. Hitches like the Hensley and Propride, etc. might have more robust sway control built in, but they sacrifice other features to get there, like cost and flexibility. I'm pretty certain that they would be extremely difficult to hitch and unhitch at some of the places I camp. Besides, their superior sway control has been completely unnecessary to what the Equal-I-zer provides in a much simpler package.
TurnThePage 07/12/20 11:36am Towing
RE: Best Weight Distribution Hitch

Think I'm going to be trading in my 16 yr old Equal-I-zer for a BlueOX SwayPro this summer or next. It controls sway fine but is getting noisier.
TurnThePage 07/10/20 08:36am Towing
RE: Moving on up

Is it being painted blue?LOL
TurnThePage 07/09/20 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Help - TV - Lance 2445 & Escalade

I'd do it. Maybe make sure you load all extra stuff in the trailer, preferably the rear of the trailer... Air up the P rated tires to max, and give it a try.
TurnThePage 07/08/20 08:42am Tow Vehicles
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