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RE: Is all DEF the same?

^^This is absolute BS^^^ Nothing but repeating what was heard of on the web with ZERO documentation. Really? Well let me provide you with some documentation. You might want to read what they say under Fram in this study. I have personally cut filters apart to see what's inside of them. Lets just say when I came to the Fram it was like: :E:E LOL Don't want to believe the above? Just go to any Cummins dealer and ask any service manager with gray hair and see what he says about Fram. While you're there ask him about the Cummins TSB about Fram.
Turtle n Peeps 12/30/21 06:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are the HP wars over?

My worry is the the government is now investing big tax payer $$$ for electric vehicles which means gas and diesels will be sucking hind teet. Fixed it for you Troy! LOL :B
Turtle n Peeps 12/23/21 03:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are the HP wars over?

Cummins 2021 This says the HO Cummins is 420 HP and 1075 lb-ft Thanks Drew. I have now seen 400, 410 and now 420. I don't know which is correct? I don't think Ram does either. LOL I guess the point is there is a big difference in HP of the big 3.
Turtle n Peeps 12/23/21 11:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: back to gas v diesel

So on this ONE vacation trip for this year I saved $600. :CProbably need a few trips to cover the diesel option before you are actually money ahead. About 10 according to my figures. And with fuel costs right now, I save about 20% in fuel cost every time I drive my truck. Not just towing. Also for many, many, many years in the Marxist state of Kalifornia, diesel was much cheaper than regular gas. As a side note: Ford "recommends" using premium fuel for the 7,3 for "best performance." That makes fuel waaaaay more expensive than diesel when towing.
Turtle n Peeps 12/23/21 11:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: back to gas v diesel

How many miles does the average RVer tow in a year? At 5,000 miles of towing per year, your looking at over 6 years. Now when you look at RVs on the highway it doesn't look like most keep their pickups that long. LOL, people that buy a new truck every 2 to 3 years don't give a rats behind about saving money. They have money to burn and that's just what they do; burn it. Every time they buy a new truck they already lost 25% of their money before the ink dry's on the papers but they can afford it so they don't care. Good for them! I don't know what everybody else see's but when I go camping and see a 250/350 or a 2500/3500 80%+ of the time it's an oil burner.
Turtle n Peeps 12/23/21 11:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are the HP wars over?

Torque is what counts when hauling a load. LOL, I wish you would tell that to my 440ft/lbs of torque 6.5 when I'm doing 25 MPH up a hill and a 5.3 gas rig with 383ft/lbs comes blowing past me like I'm standing still pulling the same or bigger trailer. :R
Turtle n Peeps 12/22/21 02:27pm Tow Vehicles
Are the HP wars over?

So I haven't been keeping up on the HP wars for years. So I had a little time today and was checking out the 2022 HP wars of the big 3 and was shocked at what I saw. Ford not only was on top but dominated the other 2 by a county mile. I wasn't shocked that Ford was on top but by how far they were ahead. Ford PS diesel= 475HP (holy ****) Gm Duramax diesel= 445HP Ram Cummins diesel=400HP Now a 30HP lead is BIG but a 75HP lead is annihilating the competition! So after seeing that, is the HP wars over and Ford won hands down? Is that it? Did Ford just win the gold metal and now it's over? Just like that? Orrrrrr are people satisfied with their puny 400HP and 445HP and Ford can be the top gorilla? I have friends that own all 3 brands and NONE are saying, "man I wish I had more HP." They use to!! They really did! I still have a 6.5 200HP diesel and wished I had more HP when I towed with that. With my 360HP Duramax I don't say that even with my 11K upgraded trailer. I just don't. And I tow in big mountains! Maybe I'm getting old and don't GAS about HP anymore? Maybe 360HP is more than enough to do what I need to do and tow where I need to tow as fast as I want? Is that what the average Ram person says nowdays? Have we maxed out and have come to a point where the average person just does not need anymore HP? I think we have! What do you think?
Turtle n Peeps 12/22/21 01:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Great cooling system on them there SilverAdos!

Bens on the money on this deal. The new coolant's and O2 are a bad mix. Better pray they didn't screw anything else up in there. Good luck!
Turtle n Peeps 12/22/21 11:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: back to gas v diesel

I'll have to try driving a new diesel. When I got my 8.1 in 2003, I drove a duramax to compare and was most underwhelmed. So not worth the $$$. But that was then & this is now & things have changed big time. You should because things have changed a lot just like you said. Back when you bought your big block it had 340 HP and the diesel had only 300 HP. 40 HP is a big difference and couple that with the instant HP feel that the gas engine gives is going to be a lot. Nothing wrong with kicking tires. I'm curious how heavy of a trailer you towed with your 8.1 and what kind of mileage you got while towing?
Turtle n Peeps 12/22/21 11:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: back to gas v diesel

Thanks for the analysis turtle. I own a diesel so I get it, but in order to arrive a true net, you must factor that the diesel engine costs about $10k more. You're welcome Way2roll. The thing is, I get waaaaaaaaay more money back on my truck if I sell it. When the truck market was going crazy I could have got 25 to 30K for my 15 year old truck!! Maybe 15K if I would have purchased a gas truck back in the day. I paid 7K for my diesel option and would have made money on it if I sold it 3 months ago. I don't know if this is going to be my last truck or not? I only have 10 maybe 15 years of towing in me at the outside. 100K for a new truck? Crazy if you ask me. But then again I don't have a lot of money like most do on this forum. Most on this forum it seems to me swap out trucks every 3 to 4 years or less and then complain about an oil change every 10 thousand miles for $150 bucks for a diesel. :R For "me"; I'd much rather tow with a 15 YO diesel than a 2022 gas. Why? Money. I save lots of it with my diesel. I save quiet a bit of money in fuel a year and I don't have a $1,000 a month payment around my neck. But that's just "me." Would I get a new truck if I had the money? Probably, but there is nothing wrong with my truck. It tows the same as a 2022 truck at 75 MPH. It goes up most hills the same as a 2022 truck. It gets about the same mileage as the 2022 truck. Is my truck going to be reliable at 250K? I don't know? I hope so because it's not looking like I will be able to afford a new one, be it a gas or a diesel! I do think it's funny that the guy on the video "saved money" by buying a new 70K gas truck! Now that's funny to me! :B :B
Turtle n Peeps 12/21/21 11:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: back to gas v diesel

Let me show you people some math for "my" situation and "my" diesel. "Your" math may be different if you live in Canada or England or where ever. I traveled 5,000 miles on vacation this year. Unlike some of you on here I keep records of every fuel stop because I need to keep tract of costs. My truck averaged 11.0 MPG on my trip. Sooooo 5,000 divided by 11 = 455 gallons of diesel for my vacation. :E I don't have my spreadsheet in front of me so I will go with the cheapest price right now of where "I" live. It's $4.00 a gallon for diesel right now. Regular gas is $3.90 a gallon where "I" live at the same station. Soooo, $4.00 x 455= $1,820 dollars in fuel for my vacation. Soooo, if I owned a gas truck the figures would be something like this. Where "I" live gas is $3.90 a gallon. Physics say if I had a gas truck it would get right at 8 MPG pulling "my" trailer. (yes, yes, yes I know some of you are going to say, but, but, but my gas truck gets 15 MPG towing my 15K trailer. Cool story bro) :B 5000 divided by 8 = 625 gallons of gas for my vacation. So, $3.90 x 625 gallons of gas = $2,437 dollars. Bottom line: "My" vacation this year cost me $1,820 in diesel. If I would have towed with a gas truck it would have cost me $2,437. So on this ONE vacation trip for this year I saved $600. :C BTW I change my fuel filter 1 time a year and change my oil around 1.5 times a year depending on miles. So less than $200. Big deal. :R Not dogging on gas trucks. They work fine. I've towed many miles with them. But for "me", over all, I save money running "my" diesel.
Turtle n Peeps 12/21/21 08:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: back to gas v diesel

"I can see my engine": LOL, ok, you can see your engine. "look I can change my plugs and plug coils because I can see them." Ya, so? Diesels don't have those so why worry about it? And if it's so important to see your engine why not just get an inline? Don't think that was meant in the literal sense. There's no denial modern diesels have much higher repair / maintenance costs than modern gassers. At my current company nearly every fleet truck under 5ton is a gas. I can show you my figures for "my" diesel showing I saved money over a gas truck in the time I owned it. Mileage alone is 25 to 30% better towing. My buddy bought a 1/2 ton Dmax and he is getting 30 solo and 18 towing a 28' TT. As far as higher repair I have replaced 4 glow plugs and a seal for the manual pump in 135K. The seal was 25 bucks from Napa and I put it on myself in about a half an hour. You live in Canada so it must be a regional thing. Seeing a gas truck in the 2500/3500-250/350 is very rare around where I live. I went on a 9 state vacation this year and when I pulling into a campground and saw a 30+ TT or 5er it was almost always an oil burner. I live out west where there are these thing called mountains. In high altitude turbo diesels rule. There is a reason you see a class 8-10 trucks with diesel engines in them. Believe me, if company's saved money with gas engines they would design, make and put them in big rigs. Lastly, there is a WORLD of difference in maintenance for the big 3 diesels. I won't get into that here because of the fan boi's.
Turtle n Peeps 12/20/21 10:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: back to gas v diesel

The dude makes some really weird arguments. "Payload": If you pull a 7K trailer, who cares what the payload is? Gas or diesel has you covered. If you have a 18K fiver are you really going to pull it with a gas truck because you're low on payload with a diesel? "I can see my engine": LOL, ok, you can see your engine. "look I can change my plugs and plug coils because I can see them." Ya, so? Diesels don't have those so why worry about it? And if it's so important to see your engine why not just get an inline? All in all that was a pretty weird video IMHO.
Turtle n Peeps 12/20/21 10:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: The RV Demand Continues

Fake news. Dealers lots are full around my county.
Turtle n Peeps 12/16/21 01:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Truck of the Year

Interesting details of MT test towing MT How Far can you Tow And that was towing a van on a flat bed trailer. When I towed my race car on a flat bed trailer I got a touch under 14 MPG but when I towed my TT which weighed the exact same weight as my race car and trailer I got a bit under 12 MPG. I lost right around 2 MPG just pulling a TT. Towing my old TT with this truck will get me a little over 100 miles before I need a "fill up." :E Pulling my new TT with this truck will get me under 100 miles before I need a "fill up". :E :E :E
Turtle n Peeps 12/16/21 09:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Antifreeze in transmission 2010 Duramax??

When I was in school I worked at a full service filling station part-time. Customer came in and wanted a quart of antifreeze added. I caught one of my co-workers just before he added it to the crankcase oil. After that he wasn't allowed to raise a hood. He did learn how to clean the Grease bay, restrooms, and wash bay. A friend I had in HS put 3 gallons of gas in a fresh water tank of a motorhome. That was not good!
Turtle n Peeps 12/13/21 04:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Antifreeze in transmission 2010 Duramax??

Well that sucks. :( Sounds like my luck. In any event the glue that the tranny friction material is glued on with is water or antifreeze soluble. The friction material will be fine. The glue that holds it to the steels......not so much. Don't ask me how I know. But mine was a cheap T350 I learned this lesson on and not a big buck Allie. Good luck.
Turtle n Peeps 12/13/21 04:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sailun Recall

I believe these tires were the best you can get because they were new and not many were on the road…fewer issues.Not likely, there were tons on the roads with zero failures, until the Vietnam made ones showed up. Heck they were even coming as OEM on some trailers. Lots of people have had them in the ten years they've been popular, and the failures are basically non-existent. Agree; I've had mine for almost 7 years now and they still look like new. There will be another set going on when these ones are done in another year or two. Is this on a truck or trailer? If truck how many miles are on them. I need a new set for my truck next year and I will not be suckered into Michelins like last time. And my tires never go off road.
Turtle n Peeps 12/13/21 03:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: towing with ev6

Just remember all that money you save in gas will have to be put into a new battery when the time comes! I wouldn’t want that one time fee. I dunno, that ChrisFix guy on youtube replaced the battery in a Prius and it didn't seem like it was all that bad from a cost standpoint. My buddy replaced his battery in the Prius he owns. 3 years ago it was $5,300.00. A Toyota dealer did it. Nobody else would touch it. Then a year later his wives Prius battery crapped out. It's was $5,500.00 at the same Toyota dealer. With current prices of fuel, he could have gone 70K on that amount of cash. All in all it was a pretty expensive cheap car.
Turtle n Peeps 12/09/21 02:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: towing with ev6

Towing with an electric car. Here you go. Start at 18 minutes if you want to miss all the towing solo and bla, bla, bla....... Several bottom lines here #1. Towing with a small light trailer on a dead flat road not even going the speed limit will use 3 times the power of solo.. #2 When towing you will have to carry a gas gen set with you or you won't make it to a lot of your destinations. (at least if you travel the same roads I travel on vacation) #3. In general, towing with an electric car right now really, really sucks. (unless you want to throw a tent in the back of your car and call that camping) (but then again that really, really sucks too) :B Keep in mind this trailer weights under 5K and is more aero than a TT. An average TT I see on the road will use WAAAAAAAAAAY more energy than a horse trailer and does not travel on dead flat roads.
Turtle n Peeps 12/08/21 09:58am Tow Vehicles
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