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RE: Rvers beware

He was interpreting the ordinance as not allowing someone to have a sleeping bag in their car when driving around. I don't see that at all in the ordinance. He seems to be really stretching the "storage" part. Looks like a standard "no camping in public areas" ordinance that so many towns and cities have. What I do completely agree with him about is the "tent city" that he was next to. I assume that town has some plan for that after passing the new ordinance.
Tvov 08/15/19 05:18am General RVing Issues
RE: How High???

Now that you all have me thinking about it, I'm going to go and measure it this afternoon. Especially after looking at my signature picture... that A/C looks 10 feet-ish in the air.
Tvov 08/14/19 05:24am General RVing Issues
RE: How High???

Under 10 feet. I measured it when we bought it, forgot long ago the exact height. Lowest bridge in my town is 10'3", I know I can fit under it. My TT has "torsion bar" suspension, so it is noticeably lower than campers with leaf springs.
Tvov 08/14/19 05:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Two honda generators in tandem

Do the generators have their "ECO" mode turned OFF? We ran a 13.5 A/C for a weekend using an EU2000 without any problems, but the ECO mode had to be off... which meant it was not quiet. Yes, we were at sea level, but with the amount of power you are using you should be able to run A/C.
Tvov 08/14/19 05:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Mat rant

We use a mat all the time, goes a long way in keeping the interior of the camper clean. Only one campground I can remember we went that had a mat restriction... and all the campers were using mats. Other campgrounds have pretty obvious spots to setup with room for a mat. Local state park is all grass, is pretty much booked for the entire season, and there is little problem with mats killing grass. The only exception to this is when people stay for weeks at a time, but that is almost always in certain sections and is sort of the long term stay area anyways. I do agree that if someone is going to stay long term, thought should be given to how they affect the campsite. Most campgrounds around me have seasonal areas, which usually have spots to park the camper and/or mats.
Tvov 08/14/19 05:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Tips for Traveling with Other Couples

.... Our friends have never owned any type of RV. They did take their grand kids to Black Hills, using a small tent and back of SUV, for about a week. .... I've not been to Alaska, but I would recommend that they get some experience with an RV before doing a long trip like that. Maybe a season's worth of camping first? You guys could go on a couple of shorter trips to see if it will work?
Tvov 08/13/19 05:31am RV Lifestyle
RE: Truck Caps

I have an ARE "high cap" (my term) topper on my truck. It has full length side windows on both sides that are top hinged, so they lift out of the way to access the bed. I can get up into the bed and walk, head bowed down, in it. I mostly love it so far, and it has been 8 years with it. The only issue I had with it was very poor customer service from ARE - the locking bars for the rear window were barely long enough, and when going over bumps a little bit of jostling was enough for the rear window to come loose and open up. The dealer I bought it from paid for long enough locking bars and replaced them... according to the dealer, ARE said they knew about the issue, but it was so rare that they just offered a kit with longer bars - that the customer had to buy!! Maybe, hopefully, ARE's customer service policy has changed from back then. The biggest issue that I see with truck caps is people getting the "roof height" caps. Then many people take them off in less than a year and put them up on blocks behind their house. Those "low caps" make it very difficult to get to all parts of the bed. A "high cap", although may not be sleek, allows you to get into the bed. Some people add "bed sliders" with low caps... where a sliding shelf is basically the bed of the truck. You can get to stuff, but expensive. Ladder mounts - similar to what has been said, be sure of what you want. The mounts that just bolt to the cap are usually VERY lightweight due to potential damage to the cap - you don't want to be stacking stuff on those, but a single ladder or kayak should be fine. The heavy duty racks that wrap around and attach to the bed of the truck are great and heavy duty, but depending on the cap design you may run into issues -- with my particular cap, the rack might block my side windows from opening depending on the model. You have an amazing amount of options for caps, especially if you are buying new. And... if you haven't looked before, you may be surprised at how expensive they can be when new.
Tvov 08/08/19 05:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Do you contribute ?

I once posted a long and well-deserved critique of an RV resort org. that we used to belong to operating in WA & OR, on RVparkreviews. Never got posted because unbeknownst to us, it was our first post there. Waste of time and would have been useful info. for somebody. Haven't posted since. I understand they've since changed that. Also not impressed with their format for rating/reviewing CGs/RV parks. Some perfectly good or excellent CGs we have been to sometimes get terrible reviews, some of which seem to be from newbies with little experience in different CGs and RV-ing or snobbish types who can't stand a little dust, kids, campfire smoke, etc. Can't keep everyone happy 100% of the time but some comments can really skew a rating unnecessarily. Same happened to me a couple of weeks ago on! Frustrating. Never went back to re-do it. Having to post more than one review is (was?) designed to reduce the number of one shot wonder reviews, which usually were one of two types: 1. completely and unfairly negative, a way for a mad camper to "get back" at a campground... and 2. completely and unfairly positive, usually "posts" by campground owner's friends or seasonal looking to boost "their" campground. I liked the site better before they changed it to allow campground owners to post. I know why the owners wanted input, but I preferred when they didn't. Campgroundreviews seems to be the largest of the review sites, at least of the sites that are non-corporate, but mostly reader / subscriber supported.
Tvov 08/08/19 04:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Do you contribute ?

I've added a few reviews to RVParkreviews.... I think they are now Also have participated in the forum there - but that forum is not nearly as busy as this one.
Tvov 08/05/19 04:56am General RVing Issues
RE: MN new laws August 1st

Scoundrel. I like the sound of that. Just don't call me scruffy looking....
Tvov 08/05/19 04:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

.... Last fall, we found a young woman (22-23 age maybe) opening a new box containing a Drone w/camera and preparing to fly it over the Grand Canyon - Illegal in national parks. We tried to explain why no drones, and she could be arrested if she flew it. .... I don't want to go off topic too much, but... Drones are illegal in national parks? There are a lot of national parks in the USA, you can't fly a drone anywhere in them? I have heard of restrictions on where and when you can use drones, but not outright "illegal" to use.
Tvov 08/03/19 05:42am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: MN new laws August 1st

Does the Minnesota law say you can't drive in left at all except for passing? Or is the wording something like - "when reasonably able" only drive in the right lane. I have been on roads with little to no traffic (rare these days! lol) and stayed in the left lane to reduce damage on my TT. But... I keep an eye behind me, and when someone come up on me I move over.
Tvov 08/01/19 05:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

Is anybody here sick and tired of living in a country so obsessed with cutting taxes (and thus so impoverished) as to be unable to afford our own infrastructure? I get that we all want to reduce fraud and waste in government. I don't want my tax dollars used to make some thief rich either. But the truth of the matter is that merely cutting a department budget will never reduce fraud and waste. The people committing those are not total idiots. They are going to get theirs out of the reduced budget anyway. The only way to stop fraud and waste is to do the hard work of investigating and going after the culprits specifically. Merely cutting the budget only cuts money for those the department is supposed to be serving. So few of our elected representatives these days care a rats behind about our parks and forests. So it's easy to just cut and cut and cut until there isn't enough money to actually fix that broken bridge/toilet/roadway or repaint that building or replace that vandalized sign. And it's not going to change until enough of us start electing representation that cares about such things. Now when that does happen, it also means taxes will go up. But you know what, I don't mind forking over the money necessary to support our police and fire and armed forces and even forest rangers in their work. I don't mind paying for a new sign or fixing a bridge. I read those signs and drive those bridges. I want them there. So next time your congress critter wanders in off the street for a town hall, get your fanny down there and ask him/her/it to put money into the public coffers, not just take it out and take it out and take it out. And then go vote! I am not sick and tired of "cutting" taxes. The ONLY way to get departments to cleanup their act is to reduce their budget. Plus, my taxes seem to go UP all the time - usually the "tax cut" is in a "proposed" budget, and rarely, if ever, is an actual reduction from the year before. So they call an increase a tax cut. Welcome to NewSpeak. EVERYONE I've ever talked to who works for the town, state, and federal government talks about the waste and mismanagement. From what I've heard, the National Park Service is actually one of the better run federal departments, due to dedicated people who actually want to do a good job at a job that they actually want to do, and so many volunteers, especially at historical sites. What is the solution? I don't think there is one solution. One big thing that I rarely have heard of is actually asking the people "on the ground" and at the gates what they would suggest for running the park or department. All the parks have different needs, and the people who know those needs are the ones that actually work there. lol, I'm sooo glad this thread is non-political! lol!
Tvov 07/31/19 05:22am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Tire Rotation Not Needed?

My question is why are the fronts wearing faster? Under inflation? My fronts have always seemed to wear faster, I am a little surprised at all the people saying rears wear faster. I've always assumed it was a combination of front weight and steering... with the majority of wear caused by steering. I tow almost daily, but not "heavy" towing... landscape equipment trailers, and our camper, all of which are roughly only half of my trucks rated capacity. My rear tires last noticeably longer than my front. Especially when I had my 1987 F350 dually dump truck - that truck had limited slip rear end, and an amazing turning radius. The front wheels almost went to 90 degrees it seemed like. Combine limited rear end with front tires almost sideways during slow maneuvers - I would actually leave skid marks on pavement from the front tires with the wheel all the way over, with all 4 rear wheels trying to push the truck straight. I would have to replace the front tires twice as often as the back. And that truck was regularly overloaded. As to dealers not rotating tires - typical. They offer things like free rotation to get you in the shop, then turn around and claim it is not needed - while charging you for other services. Whatever a dealer says, you probably need the opposite. Don't mean to sound too negative, but decades of dealing with dealers just confirms all the stereotypes about them.
Tvov 07/28/19 05:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bicyclist/RV Death

Many postes talk of bikes being careless. And yes, it does happen. But many drivers are irrational about bikes. I'm commuting, probably 12-15 MPH, traffic passing me at 40, no issue. Light turns red, cars stop. Now I'm passing them at 15, and you would think I was slapping their face as I go by. If a cyclist is not obeying the law/rules of the road, and gets hit, that is on him. But if he is just riding along, obeying the rules with regard to lights and reflectors, and you run into him, it is you that is wrong Just to be clear, you aren't just going through a red light "passing them at 15mph"? Because THAT is what pisses off car drivers, it happens all the time, and that is why they are giving you the stink eye. At a red light, you bicycle up towards the intersection on the right hand side, correct? Fine, but... if the first car has its right hand blinker on, do you go right up next to it, blocking it from turning? Especially after the light turns green, do you start out right away -- preventing the car, who was at the intersection before you, from turning? I was stopped by a worker on the road where construction was going on while they were moving equipment. Two bicyclists come up... do they stop with the traffic until given the okay to go? No, of course not (at least where I live). They see a gap behind the back of the traffic control guy and shoot through the construction scene. Traffic guy just grimaces, sees me and we both just shrug our shoulders. Just another day of dealing with rude bicyclists who ignore "rules of the road". I am always a little surprised at the "bicycle advocates" who seemingly never see any bicyclist ignoring road laws and just being a jerk in general on the road. For all the bicyclists out there who obey the law and the rules of the road, thank you!! Keep it up! And please make an effort to educate other bicyclists.
Tvov 07/27/19 05:34am General RVing Issues
RE: How many people have cameras on trailer

I don't have one, but would like to have one. My wife's car has a backup camera, and it is great!
Tvov 07/26/19 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Problems with our new camper

Basically don't plan on anymore camping trips this summer. Get everything fixed under warranty. Call the warranty company (if it isn't CW itself) and see if you can have an independent RV repair garage work on your camper. If you have to use CW, it will take months. Once you get everything fixed, use and enjoy your camper. If you have problems in the future, especially little ones (broken door handle, window not opening, etc), consider just paying an independent RV repair garage to fix it. Usually, once you get everything working correctly on a camper, you should have no problems for years. Usually.
Tvov 07/24/19 06:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Estimated generator price

Thanks for the remarks, talked to our friend's widow and told her that $500 seemed about right, she doesn't need to sell so she can wait for a while if that's what it takes. Let's put this to bed now. Does she have a backup generator for her house? Maybe it would be good to keep it? If she keeps it, you might want to help prep it for long term storage so it doesn't get gunked up carb / fuel.
Tvov 07/21/19 05:40am Tech Issues
RE: Best pool or campground waterpark in the Northeast?

Wawaloam Campground in Rhode Island. It has been at least 10 years since we've been there, but it was fun. Looks like it is getting mixed reviews now. Another place to consider:
Tvov 07/20/19 05:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Post your tow vehicle pics here

Both trucks looks great... why did you buy the new one? Age or mileage of old one?
Tvov 07/20/19 05:14am Tow Vehicles
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