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HarvestHost......anyone using it?

Saw ad on Facebook and since I don't travel often, and rarely like staying in the campgrounds, wondering if this might be a good option? Stayed in Wallymart parking lots overnight and it's ok but sometimes quite loud/bright but doable. Free parking overnight on farms, wineries, etc. for an annual fee of $79. Only drawback from literature I saw was the need to arrive before closing time. I guess so they know you're a member and legit. PS: Other than calling a local campground and paying to empty tanks, are there other places that offer this well-needed facility while traveling and boondocking?
VA-Apraisr 03/06/21 07:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Mini-split in compartment

Hmmm....cloudy/rainy days don't allow much solar energy for your batteries. As mentioned above, I wouldn't consider boondocking without the option of running a generator to power a/c & heat as well as keeping your battery bank fully charged. What if you have a battery failure? No propane, no generator and you're in for an awful time. I spent 5 days on a deserted island with 40mph winds/rain/clouds and was sooooo thankful for my generator! Weather can change on a dime and your outdoor experience must be able to adapt. Good luck.
VA-Apraisr 03/05/21 02:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Height of class C?

Yep, definitely measure your vehicle! Don't forget, size of tires could increase this height ( I have taller tires for better ground clearance ). Had to make sure of my height when building my RV garage last summer; measure twice to avoid serious damage.
VA-Apraisr 03/05/21 02:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing Ford drivers seat........

Yep.......confirmed with SeatShop and that's correct. Looks similar but is wider than standard. Guess I'll just get local upholstery shop to fix the bottom seat for me. Thanks all for the replies!!
VA-Apraisr 03/01/21 02:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing Ford drivers seat........

Well, placed an order with the "SeatShop" for just the bottom cushion. They just called me and stated "we've never found our product to work for an RV" and refunded my money. Hmmmm, stated on their site this was for an econoline Ford E-250, E-350 seat. I've got the E-450 but shouldn't make any difference. Any comments?
VA-Apraisr 03/01/21 01:03pm Class C Motorhomes
Replacing Ford drivers seat........

2004 Ford E-450. Anyone replace their drivers side seat? Trying to search online but limited results for Class C. Was going to call savage yard to see if they may know of a source, but, would rather install new versus used. Last option, have the seat reupholstered but Covid has made that somewhat difficult with delay times. Thanks for any leads.
VA-Apraisr 02/27/21 03:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bedroom tv in CA 28a

My 2004 Fourwinds 5000 28A came with a TV cabinet in the corner of the wall backing to the shower and was pre-wired. I also ran an electrical cord from inverter beneath RV and up through the floor to run TV from house batteries. I only use this if kids in camper and they use the TV/DVD to watch their movies. You could also do similar in yours. Good luck.
VA-Apraisr 01/25/21 02:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Awning Repair Help?

Mine did this only at the bottom.....I put Gorilla glue construction caulking (not the glue) in the hole, and used a slightly larger lag bolt with fine thread (coated the threads too) and also applied caulk behind the bracket and just screwed it back in. Seems to be working just fine.
VA-Apraisr 11/28/20 12:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can you buy new what CA rents

Well, I have the Fourwinds 28A model and absolutely love this layout! I have the rear window, door window, all the normal items since mine was not a rental unit. The fact that the bathroom door swings out to block the rear bedroom/bath from the living area was my major "like" since I planned to use mine with lots of friends on the beach coming in and didn't want to make everyone get out if someone was using the shower or getting dressed in the bedroom. I got to most RV shows when in town and have yet to find a floor plan I like better. At 120,000 miles, mine is a keeper for me!
VA-Apraisr 11/20/20 05:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E450 Fuel Filler Hose Leak

I’ll definitely have mine replaced immediately if it ever happens again. Mine leaked about 2 feet from the nozzle well before the frame . I put a 5 gallon bucket beneath that area prior to fueling just in case I saw a leak. I’ve had no error code/idiot lights show up. I did notice the gas pump was really pushing the gas out very fast as I could hear it and feel it in the handle, which made me think it wasn’t my issue. But the gas did hit the pavement so Murphy’s Law will surely see it being repaired.
VA-Apraisr 11/18/20 07:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E450 Fuel Filler Hose Leak

Odd.....mine did this last week for the first time (2003 Ford E450). Maybe a pint of gas hit the pavement after fill it up with 40 gallons. I put gas in twice after that and leaked nothing. Was wondering if it was the gas station spout or if it's the filler line on my RV? Thought I'd leave it alone until a few more fill-ups to see if it happens again before putting it in the shop for replacement.
VA-Apraisr 11/18/20 03:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone using Lithium batteries? Comments?

Battleborn website and technicians have confirmed that no damage at all to these batteries. Supposed to be able to fully discharge 3000-5000 cycles and even then, the batteries will retain 80% of their original capacity. That said, they recommend around 11v to go ahead and charge back up.
VA-Apraisr 11/06/20 03:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone using Lithium batteries? Comments?

UPDATE: Very impressed with this setup. Lowest I ever got the batteries during the day was 12.5v . Using the satellite TV does require I turn off the receiver or it draws power during the night. Using microwave was the best thing without generator power. Much less stress overall. Next trip I'm going to run system down below 12v and see how long it takes before a recharge. As for fishing, I'd have to lie and that, I cannot do!
VA-Apraisr 10/30/20 09:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone using Lithium batteries? Comments?

They sent a 60amp Lithium battery charger for generator/shore power and a Sterling power battery to battery DC charger for chassis battery/alternator charging while driving. It’s also a surge protector for overload surge back feed to alternator. Both designed for use with their battery. Put my trust in their knowledge and expertise and hoping for the best. So far so good ??. And the fishing sucks but beautiful weather on the island. Heavier winds coming which should help fishing ??
VA-Apraisr 10/24/20 09:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone using Lithium batteries? Comments?

Update: Ok, my brother installed the BattleBorn batteries (2) 100ahs and upgraded chargers (house and alternator) as well as a 3000wt inverter. We wired microwave directly to inverter so I don’t have to use generator. Well, currently on Cape Lookout, NC for a 12-day fishing trip. What a FANTASTIC UPGRADE!! Voltage system starts at 13.6 and I’ve been here 2 days and have left the TV on for 12 hours each day, used microwave, lights and refrigerator and volts are now at 13.1.....haven’t had to run engine or generator at all. House lights are LED’s and are so much brighter. If you do any boondocking, this setup is worth every penny!! And, no it’s wasn’t cheap $2650 but a big investment for my type of off the grid camping. And I don’t watch TV for 12 hours....just testing the capacity of this system ?? I’ll follow up as the trip continues.
VA-Apraisr 10/21/20 06:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: motorized awnings

Ouch......$3000!! Replaced my fabric awning about 2 years ago due to age/wear and spent maybe $300. Rarely ever use mine, so, I guess if you're doing it quite often, it could be a helper :)
VA-Apraisr 10/14/20 04:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reflectix on window, long-term?

I had the same "sealant meltdown" on my RV in NY City a few years ago. Very hot and direct sunlight. I stopped using it for that reason.
VA-Apraisr 10/05/20 03:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone using Lithium batteries? Comments?

Thanks! Wish I had known wayyyy back when.....I just know they SUCK even as a starting battery in my Jeep. Have to change under warranty way too many times.
VA-Apraisr 09/30/20 05:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone using Lithium batteries? Comments?

I had two 12v AGM's and are Optima Blue top. Frankly, I've had nothing but trouble with Optima batteries! Has 4 redtop in my Jeep and now had 2 sets of 2 bluetops in my RV (all replaced under warranty). Yes, my 2003 Ford has to change out the charger to handle Lithium as well as chassis charger from alternator to batteries. But, I just want less trouble watching TV on the beach and willing to pay for it. And, a 10-year warranty certainly helps as well. I don't follow current technology like you guys are talking about above....too busy working to spend the research time, but, battleborn has been around and seems to have good reviews. I'll follow up after first beach trip at the end of October!!
VA-Apraisr 09/30/20 03:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone using Lithium batteries? Comments?

Cold temps are not an issue here in Virginia (seldom see even +20 degree days). Yeah, pretty sure I'm going to invest the $$$ and go this route so I can just RELAX on the beach, watch TV, and STOP watching the voltage meter on my cabinet wall :)
VA-Apraisr 09/29/20 12:59pm Class C Motorhomes
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