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RE: Power drain

There are all kinds of parasitic draws in a modern vehicle. It started with a clock & now vehicles are smarter than us & always alive. If stored for months at a time disconnect the battery. Leave the vehicle electronically dead.
Veebyes 05/22/22 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Advice on adjusting the slide out

YouTube is your friend. Plenty vids on there about slide adjustment. Much easier to see & follow the how to's than to try & explain. They are fairly simple things once you see & understand which adjustment point does what underneath.
Veebyes 05/20/22 06:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Back before cellphones

The last three nights we were at a VT CG where there is no cellphone signal, Verizon or T Mobile, no WIFI, not in the CG, no OTA TV reception. We survived. The CG was darned near empty. Suspect that being a communications wasteland has something to do with it. It is amazing at how many are truly addicted to their cellphones. Look at how many will not travel remote areas, such as going to Alaska without their beloved cellphones & some means of guaranteed connection. So sad.
Veebyes 05/18/22 03:49pm RV Lifestyle
RE: AGM Deep Cycle batteries

Rather than 2 X 6V GC AGM batteries & have used a single 4D case size AGM. On my second battry now. The first had a lifespan of 9 years. Each year having 5-6 months use with a mixture of mostly with power sites but also some dry camping.
Veebyes 05/14/22 07:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Theoretical heights.

I am thoroughly confused. If you want to know your air draft simply measure from your highest point to the ground while hooked up. How difficult is that?
Veebyes 05/11/22 07:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hwy 5 to little gold and Dawson City

The TOW highway is good for any vehicle provided the driver is prepared to drive at a speed appropriate for the conditions at the time. If the the weather is dry the road is a piece of cake. Wet conditions, a whole nuther story. Fortunately most of it is paved, sort of, these days. The Canadian portion is gravel but the Canadians part is maintained much better than the US gravel part. Enjoy. Dawson City is worth at least a day to poke around.
Veebyes 05/10/22 08:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Power drain

The are all kinds of parasitic drains that you never think of. They can be as small as the vehicle clock, the various memory sets, the CO monitor, all kinds of itty bitty draws that together add up over time. The simple solution is to install a battery switch & turn it off between trips. This is something boaters who keep their boats away from shore on moorings are familiar with. The boat is left electronically dead, except for it's bilge pump which is wired directly to the battery. RVs don't need to worry about sinking. A battery bank in good shape will sit multiple months disconnected & untended.
Veebyes 05/10/22 08:11am Tech Issues
RE: We all use different ways.

There is a comfy seat for everyone to sit on.
Veebyes 05/10/22 07:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery tender & storage

As promised, here is the result of my 4 year old, Lifeline 4D AGM battery after sitting disconnected with absolutely no attention since last October. Hooked it up & took a reading. 12.5V. Plenty of power to operate landing legs & be off to the first CG.
Veebyes 04/22/22 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Battery tender & storage

My experience is just the opposite of yours. I take my RV battery out every winter and store it in my basement. When I'm ready to go again in the spring 5 or 6 months later, i put the charger on for a day and it's ready to go. My current battery will be 6 years old this spring. I've read this before: let it sit without any draw, BUT put a charger on it before using it after it's sat. That would indicate that it has indeed lost enough charge that topping it off is a good idea. This is one of those things that I'll just never be able to do. But my experience is mostly with motorcycle batteries that sit through the winter, maybe their just too small to hold a charge. But if they aren't maintained, they will be dead in the spring. Yeah, my experience with smaller batteries such as small bike batteries as well. Took my new last November out of my bike yesterday. It is an AGM. It will sit untouched till the end of October. We shall see when I get back.
Veebyes 04/12/22 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: Battery tender & storage

Well, that may be true of some folks -- but Veebyes is a very reliable and credible poster. I happen to disagree with his viewpoint on this issue -- speaking from painful experience, when I was a newbie, I did disconnect a fully charged battery, let it sit for almost four months, came back, it was flat, and it would no longer hold a charge. Coming from a farming family we have lots of equipment with infernal combustion engines that are parked for long periods of time every year. Neither our (entire) family nor anyone else we know use battery tenders / chargers on them. Batteries generally last so long we can’t remember their age when they’re replaced because they’re getting weak. Ditto my airplanes, parked for 6+ months of the year, crank right up every spring. Exactly. I don't know why RVers worry so much about a battery bank being dormant. As long as it is disconnected completely, through a switch or at the posts eliminating any parasitic draws, a battery will retain it's useable charge for a long time, provided it is in good condition & not nearing the end of it's lifespan anyway. I'll let you all know how mine is tomorrow. The first thing it has to do is operate landing legs, after 5 1/2 months disconnected, no charge. My first leg of the trip to get truck & trailer, which takes over 24hrs has been delayed. Right about now I should be at 30,000' in the Bermuda Triangle between Bermuda & Miami, but the flight was cancelled. No plane. Lucky the airline has a plan B for us getting to Baltimore later this evening so it is tomorrow before seeing the rig since last October. Ahhhh, the adventure begins with a bang to plans. Murphy is a travel companion. We shall see what is next.
Veebyes 04/12/22 06:06am Tech Issues
RE: Battery tender & storage

The OP is only talking about 4 months. Not a long period of time for a battery in reasonable shape to be dormant. Battery tenders are fine, if you are able to periodically keep an eye on them. They can fail & possibly damage the battery bank beyond recovery. Seen it happen. Happened to be a boat but could just as easily be an RV. The boat had four 8D gel cell batteries worth something like $3000.00 new. The owner had left the boat, untended, for 6 months at a marina. The controller of the battery tender/charger went nuts & toasted the batteries. When a battery bank is disconnected you know the status exactly. I have a single 4D AGM battery, which is 4 years old. I have not seen the rig since last October. The battery is disconnected. I will see it again this Wednesday. I expect the battery to be a tad on the weak side but just fine.
Veebyes 04/10/22 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery tender & storage

I would charge the battery completely and disconnect it This right here. Completely disconnect means just that. Pull the positive lead. Four months is no big deal to even a wet cell battery that is in good shape. All kinds of vehicles & equipment sit for months at a time unused.
Veebyes 04/10/22 06:41am Tech Issues
RE: Getting gas with long trailer?

Snip...Never have had to abort with our 12' 10" air draft. Spoken like a true sailor! :B Barney Yup, 30 year boater who lives in an area where bridge heights are not posted & one needs to use own reference marks on the bridge for tide. Tide is something we don't have to think about at gas stations. At gas stations somebody can get out & have a look. Can't do that under bridges.:)
Veebyes 04/10/22 06:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Holy Chutzpa on the Surcharges Batman

Laughing in their face & letting them know that in 24 hours you can be still in town picking up the rig or 500 miles away looking at others gets their attention & a much sharper pencil. Being in the middle of a soft buyers market & dealing with a rare upmarket rig is added incentive as well.
Veebyes 04/09/22 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting gas with long trailer?

I think it would be a lot less hassle if they passed a federal law requiring that awning heights be clearly verified and posted. A low pump island top is extremely rare these days. The few that are left are in small stations in small towns & are left overs from long ago in old small towns. In 14 years & 230,000 miles back & forth across the country very very few times have we had the need to get out & look. Never have had to abort with our 12' 10" air draft.
Veebyes 04/09/22 12:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Extended trip planning

It is a real shame that both Trips and Streets and Street Atlas died. There is no planning package that compares to these. If you run them on a laptop with a GPS dongle, there is everything important to you right at your finger tips. It was like having a big road map with a "You are Here!" arrow and two counters telling you how far to the next planned end of day or fuel stop. If you decided to change either, that change would ripple though the whole plan from there on. I really miss this. I am getting along with a 2015SA, but I am not sure how much longer. Matt My Streets & trips 2013 died with a 2011 laptop, a veteran of many thousands of miles getting banged about on the in truck table. Sure do miss that software. It is like having any map anytime, anywhere. No need to be connected like everything today. I am making do with google maps & the phone but don't like the situation at all. The phone is useless in many mountain areas & sometimes away from the interstates, the routes we like to take. With S&Ts if you could see the satellite you were in business.
Veebyes 04/09/22 12:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Extended trip planning

We get started on a six month excursion next week. More reservations made than ever before but still trying to wing it as much as possible. Sundays to Thursdays no reservations generally. Weekends reserved depending on where we will be & holiday or special event consideration. Not a real big change in habits but more thought is needed than previous years. Maybe the boom will taper off when the pandemic newbs find out that it is not quite as seen on TV & they will be on to the next fad thing.
Veebyes 04/07/22 05:15pm Roads and Routes
RE: Getting gas with long trailer?

Getting into a non truck stop fuel station is seldom a problem. We are 55'LOA & diesel. The end islands are usually the islands that have diesel, but they also have gas. If you hang back aways because of the trailer, oh well, that's life. If the fuel supply truck can get in there, you can too. You are not hitched to the trailer all of the time. It is no big issue to pick up fuel without the trailer. Top off before travel day or right after travel day. Easy.
Veebyes 04/06/22 03:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RVing in 2022

Won't be surprised if I see some $300 plus fillups this year. That is what I would put in my boat 15 years ago without batting an eye.
Veebyes 04/03/22 05:27pm General RVing Issues
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