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RE: Camping Lights

What made builders think that those bright LED light strips on the front of trailers was a good idea? What purpose are they? JMO, but they are highly annoying. I am with the minimalist crowd. A red rope light runs from the outlet by the steps & finishes wrapped around the 5er's pinbox. No excuse for walking into it. As for the rest of outside lighting usually the only thing used is an old fashioned kerosene type lantern on the table or hanging somewhere. Amazing how well you can see once eyes adapt to available light. Then there is light spillage from the camper lit up like Vegas nearby.
Veebyes 01/20/20 07:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

I guess much depends on how much time you will be someplace. For less than a week it is so simple just to hook up power & call it done.
Veebyes 01/19/20 07:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Substancial deposit required

I used to be in a somewhat similar business as a CG & no-shows were a huge problem until I started taking deposits, or at least credit card holds. People thought nothing of not showing up. No call. Nothing. My business was a sightseeing/snorkeling by private charter. I did not make up groups. The charterer & his party had the boat to themselves. Custom trip. This was like booking the entire campground for a rally. You don't bail out without a sizable penalty.
Veebyes 01/17/20 06:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Survey for online reservation vs old school phone and email

Rarely make a far out reservation unless it is for something special like a festival of some sort or over a holiday weekend. Seldom make a reservation at all while on the road & when we do it will most likely be for same day arrival & made by phone, always getting name of the person taking the reservation. Call us old fashioned but we like the personal touch.
Veebyes 01/17/20 06:20am Beginning RVing
RE: Rubber Roof

Agree. Preparation with anything is the key. The less the surface has deteriorated the better also. Too often people put off maintenance way too long. The result is a much bigger & more costly job to make it right again.
Veebyes 01/15/20 05:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

Having power is important if the weather is hot or cold. Having water & sewer onsite is a non issue. Prefere a back in also. Don't understand why so many CG operators look at us & assume that we will want a FHU pull through.
Veebyes 01/14/20 02:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

Back in our boating days we flew a variation of the quarantine flag when we did not want to be disturbed i.e. have friends come alongside uninvited. It was the all yellow quarantine flag with a smiley face marked on it. It signalled to others that the vessel flying the flag did not have any children onboard & the occupant parents were having a uh, ummm, 'rejuvenating' weekend. Maybe we need a similar "Do not disturb" signal for campsites.
Veebyes 01/13/20 06:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Deciding on Battery Replacement

Sorry, missed the age of them. Yeah, it is time for replacement. Get whatever will fit in battery compartment. My preference is a single batter. Fewer connections to potentially give problems. A 4D will give close to the amperage of 2 6Vs. An 8D, if there is room, more.
Veebyes 01/13/20 06:57am Tech Issues
RE: Deciding on Battery Replacement

Get one of these. Well worth th money. How old are your AGMs? My last one, a 4D 215AH Lifeline, had a service life of 9 years.
Veebyes 01/12/20 07:10am Tech Issues
RE: Planning a cross country trip - questions

With the exception of CA SPs generally the further west you go the the easier it is to get larger sites.
Veebyes 01/11/20 07:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Alone or in a group?

RVing we are totally different from our boating days. These days we are very much alone on extended multi month trips. During the boating days, with kids growing up, we were very much weekend warriors always in a group of similar situation like minded weekend warriors. It was rare for us not to be in at least a 4 boat raft up anchored off an island with a beach for the weekend.
Veebyes 01/10/20 07:35am RV Lifestyle
RE: Winter sets in

It got down to 62 degrees this evening. Talked about lighting a fire but settled for simply closing the windows & putting something on over T shirts. Kinda cool outside today. Did some fiberglass work on my boat & the usual amount of hardener in the resin made for a long time for it to harden. Tough dealing with these harsh winters.
Veebyes 01/09/20 07:36pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Sacramento to South Carolina

50 is one of those used to be major highways. At one point or another we have done most of it now. Sacramento to Ocean City, MD. Assuming that time is not a problem take 50 as far east as west of the Appalachians then figure a way over the mountains & SE to SC.
Veebyes 01/08/20 07:59pm Roads and Routes
RE: Water and Gas Usage Rates

Living fairly normally on utilities provided by the unit figure 8-10 gallons of water per day per person without being too stinky. A 40# bottle of propane lasts a month without using it for heating or running a genny. Water capacity & battery capacity is king. Can't have too much of either.
Veebyes 01/08/20 07:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: Larger 5th wheels in/on state and federal parks

Take this into consideration. Many of the monster 5ers & many class As today are not built for anything but CGs with services. Freshwater tanks are small. 60 gal goes nowhere. Holding tanks are small. Domestic fridges are used needing shore power or a large battery bank for the inverter. Space for a large battery bank is extremely limited in all RVs. Choices for those who want to get out & enjoy CGs with limited services & do it in self sustained comfort are limited. Water capacity & battery power is king.
Veebyes 01/08/20 06:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ideas wanted to secure non fixed kitchen island

Large things that move should not have large movable things inside of them. Some non RVer thought that an island on wheels was a good idea.
Veebyes 01/06/20 02:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel Alignment & Lippert Correct Track

Installed it myself with help from the DW. Allow plenty of time. Follow instructions. Have plenty of tools, jacks, lumber, pry bar & somebody to help.
Veebyes 01/06/20 02:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Illinois state park alcohol rules

This is a case of don't ask a question that you really don't want to heat the answer to. Lots of states, & private CGs, have similar rules. They are there to provide a legal stick to beat rowdy abusers of alcohol with. Generally no CG is going to throw you out for possessing, even consuming alcohol at your site. There may be a few overzealous rangers here & there who are sticklers for every little rule. Like anything else drink responsibly. Keep it low key. Don't get obnoxious & disturb your neighbours & all will be well.
Veebyes 01/05/20 03:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tornado Season

Twelve years ago we set off on our very first RV trip with our 34' 5er in April. It ran from Austin TX to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, MD. Not being familiar with tornados we had the same apprehensions as you about travelling through the midwest during tornado season. We did have many years living at home in Bermuda & dealing with hurricanes. You can dodge a thunderstorm if you are on the move. You cannot dodge a hurricane when you live on an island. Many years & miles later we keep a very careful eye on the weather. An easy thing to do these days. If you are in a CG, that is where you are. There is no dodging whatever is coming your way. We have dodge a couple of severe thunderstorms. First one, before we had a smartphone, with the help of a ham radio operator in Dodge City, KS. We had a severe TS coming up behind us. Online he could see the track of the storm & gave us a detour that took us out of its path. Another time, while travelling east on hwy2 in MN we had a storm also travelling east right behind us like a train on tracks. In that case we turned north on a highway, went about 10 miles of so, stopped & watched the storm roar by to our south, went back south & continued east BEHIND the storm. Chances of even being in a tornado warning area are somewhat slim. Be aware before the severe weather hits. Like dealing with hurricanes, running around outside preparing for a storm that is already ontop of you is too late.
Veebyes 01/05/20 07:36am Roads and Routes
RE: Larger 5th wheels in/on state and federal parks

This is a frequent topic & yes, size does matter. The bigger you are the fewer the sites that will be available. It is as simple as that. It is tough enough in CGs with only a few sites long enough for a big rig but the problem is made worse where a CG lets you pick your own site & you drive around the loops only to find TCs, class Bs, small TTs & class Cs occupying the few sites suitable for large rigs while smaller sites sit empty. That is the way it is. Bryce Canyon NP is the only one where I have seen size designated sites. Even there I drove through looking for a site suitable for our 34' 5er only to find a class B in a site clearly marked "Over 30'". Another time found a Volkswagon Westfalia parked in a 60' backin site in Teklaneka CG, Denali NP, AK. We did our RV search knowing that our trips would be multi month & knowing the size issues with SPs & NPs. We had set our size limit at 32' because of this but eventually bought the 34. Glad we made the effort to stay in the mid sized 5er range. More than 1800 nights on the road & hundreds of SPs & NP nights later there have been few size issues, even in CGs where they say 30' max. We have however, seen many instances where only a couple feet longer would have made the difference between fit & no fit in site. In many cases the DW spotter has made the difference between getting into a tight site or not at all.
Veebyes 01/05/20 07:02am Fifth-Wheels
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