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RE: RV Ferry cost to Vancouver Island?

Look at their website Too easy.
Veebyes 03/02/21 07:26am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: campground reservations

Memorial Day & July 4th weekends, now if you can. All other weekends, the sooner the better if in touristy areas. Sunday to Thursday, wing it. Keep in mind that the FHU sites go first. W/E sites next. Simple power sites. Dry sites least demand.
Veebyes 03/02/21 07:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Will it be difficult to find a reliable 5er on a 20K budget

Ir is a sellers market right now generally speaking however if you are after a more up market model you might be above the scrambling herd. We bought an up market unit when the market was soft & we also bought at the end of the season when sellers are looking at storage fees with so few buyers around. We were almost three months between first contact & closing the deal meanwhile the seller had dropped his price considerably got no solid bites. We had only three possible models fitting our buy list & the seller had the top one. A big gamble since this model is extremely rare. You play the game.
Veebyes 02/28/21 07:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Raising our 5er

Installing the Correct Track system will raise the trailer 3". A relatively inexpensive & easy install.
Veebyes 02/26/21 06:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

No reason why not. Treat the house like a big RV & be aware of what is on & what is not. You will need to run a sizeable guage line from the genny to house panel. Connect on the house side of the main panel switch. Make sure that the switch is OFF when on your genny. Trying to back feed the whole grid won't go well at all. A 3000W genny should power the average home no problem but turn big power hogs such as A/C or electric heat circuits off to be sure. My 3000W portable genny runs everything in my hose just fine, two smallish water heaters & a shallow well pump included. It has been put to good use during hurricane power failures a number of times.
Veebyes 02/25/21 07:06am Tech Issues
RE: Stand Alone Charger

Our inverter/charger failed mid trip. Bought a stand alone charger so that we could carry on till an onboard replacement was acquired. Nothing fancy required. 20amp does the job but takes awhile if the battery bank is low.
Veebyes 02/25/21 06:52am Tech Issues
RE: Running a generator to exercise it when there's shore power?

I try to remember to run my home portable genny every month or so. It is a noisy cheap open frame type kept for hurricane loss of power backup. If you are going to make noise, go big but make it as short duration as possible. Sometimes I will combine genny running with grass cutting. Sounds like I have two mowers on the go. Wheel it outside. Start it up & plug in a couple of 1000w heaters to give it something to do.
Veebyes 02/25/21 06:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Will it be difficult to find a reliable 5er on a 20K budget

Lots of older high end 5ers to choose from. Alpenlite, Carriage, Nu Wa, Mobile Suite for starters.
Veebyes 02/25/21 06:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: US 72 from Memphis to Sevierville, TN

Oh yeah! Our kind of route.
Veebyes 02/19/21 06:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Navigation

Still using old faithful MS Streets & Trips 2013 here. There is nothing else independent of cell service where you can change your route on the fly. A stand alone app is like having every map there ever was right there on the laptop ready to be looked at anytime & anywhere. If there was an updated replacement I'd get it in a heartbeat. We have the Garmin RV GPS, which is fine, but it wants to take us the most direct route from A to B. Not our style. Anything paved is possible for our wheels.
Veebyes 02/19/21 06:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Front Cap Cover

A good coat of wax twice a year has kept my front cap looking like new for 6 years so far. That works too but if you don't have mobility getting up to reach is a challenge. I do my front cap twice a year. The rest once a year. We usually do at least 10,000 miles a year. That is alot of smashed bugs. The 5er also spends 7 months in indoor storage. With some luck a front cap bra should work out well, especially if the OP springs for marine grade material & SS snap fasteners.
Veebyes 02/15/21 08:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sticker and residue removal

Finger nail polish remover but test I it in a small spot to make sure it only takes off what you want removed Nail polish remover is nothing but glorified acetone. Try taking her to Lowes next time she needs some. Add some baby oil to it. See what kind of reaction you get. You might be doing some early season camping.
Veebyes 02/14/21 06:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sticker and residue removal

First line of the first response hits it pretty good. Depending on age & material quality the decal will be easy or the other way. A hair dryer or heat gun on low along with patience & a non scratching putty knife of some sort will get the decal off. The remaining adhesive is the fun part. Yeah, the expensive packaged for the job products work but I like cheap that works. Stuff that might already be laying around. Lacquer thinners dissolve all kinds of things. Acetone is another excellent cleaner that will not harm gelcoat. One more little known cleaner is Naptha. It will remove residue that another cleaner might leave behind. Finish off with a good marine cleaner wax & the surface should be like new.
Veebyes 02/14/21 06:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Front Cap Cover

A shop that makes covers of various descriptions for boats might be able to help. Plastic tarps are cheap but useless. You will spend more replacing tarps than a good quality marine grade material in no time. The question is, how to do it? Some sort of snap on bib might be the answer. Done right this could stay on during travel if you wish. The hard part is reaching the snaps on top. If you consider this route DO NOT let it be made super nice & tight. Impressive when first made for neatness & all but over time things shrink & next thing you know it is a real struggle to get things fastened. I have dealt with more than a few marine applications in my day.
Veebyes 02/14/21 06:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for New Fifth Wheel with Bigger Windows

You are not alone appreciating more & larger windows. So many models today must be like living in a submarine. I want to let the light in & see the view on the outside. I count 12 windows in my 2007 Alpenlite. All but the big rear one opening. Roof hatches don't count.
Veebyes 02/14/21 06:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to tell when water heater is at max?

Don't know how long it takes from cold start on shore power & don't particularly care. Give it a half hour & it is warm enough for a shower. Propane, give it 15 minutes or so & it is plenty warm. If left hot overnight after being on propane then turned off, it is plenty warm in the morning for whatever hot water is needed.
Veebyes 02/10/21 07:04am Tech Issues
RE: Wishlist of RV features

Better drawer, cupboard & door hardware. The stuff I have works but it really is lightweight junk.
Veebyes 02/09/21 03:33pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Best mouse trap?

Good old fashioned spring trap. WHAP! Gotcha! Humane & mice don't go together. Take trap & dead mouse outside & flip it in the bushes somewhere. Easy meal for some other critter.
Veebyes 02/08/21 06:53am Tech Issues
RE: New to this

You need a professional to evaluate your roof. If it has not been replaced (not re-coated, REPLACED) to should be. You will likely have some "soft"/rotten plywood that needs to be replaced. Do it NOW before you get rot in the walls or floor. I am thinking that job could turn into something more than the thing cost in the first place & when it is finished it will still be a 1994 unit. Get up on the roof carefully inspect around all joints. Replace sealant as necessary. Thoroughly clean & recoat the roof with Henrys, can't remember exactly what, coating. A high solid coating. Leaking or not recoating is good prevention. The rest of it is learn as you go. 1994, stuff is going to break. If you are not good at fixing stuff you are going to be. That is just the way it is with RVs. Something always needs attention.
Veebyes 02/07/21 07:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: polyurethane refinish for dining table?

Refinishing our butcherblock kitchen table is on the 'to do' list after 'somebody' spilled acetone, or maybe something similar on it. Stripped the polyurethane right off it. Must be at east 30 years of daily use on that table & still was looking OK. Must have put 4-5 coats on it. I guess it could be 'patched' but that would result in coating of vastly different ages on it. Somehow I don't think that will come out well so instead of patching I am going with the complete refinish route.
Veebyes 02/07/21 07:10am Fifth-Wheels
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