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RE: Harvest Host users

Not being able to get much information on HH without joining is a pain but nevertheless I joined today & spent a couple of hours digging around here & there. We are not wine drinkers but wine does not seem to be the only commodity at many winerys. Provided the weather is not too cold or too hot no power suits us just fine. We have lots of operating windows. Being off the beaten track suits us just fine too. We generally make a real effort to avoid the interstates & often travel for hours & not see another RV on the roads we frequent. We are CG walkers so meeting & chatting with people is the norm for us. The 24 hour booking window works for us as well since we seldom make reservations except maybe for weekends. The one night policy is mildly concerning but a policy is only a policy. We are perfectly capable of dry camping for more than one night. If we are welcome for more than one, so much the better. I am a big fan of taking pictures of old barns & machinery, something you can't do when flying by at 65mph. We are really looking forward to putting the HH membership to use next year. Has to beat Walmart camping by a long way. Much cheaper too.
Veebyes 12/05/19 04:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Who has sold everything and started rving for life

Are you currently a RVer? If so, have you spent long periods of time in it? Don't be like the couple that we bought our truck & trailer from. They had never so much as gone on a camping trip or rented a RV when they decided RVing fulltime was a good idea. They sold what was apparently a beautiful mountaintop home & bought new an upmarket 5er & a 3500 dually to pull it. Well over $100,000.00 on what seemed like a good idea at the time. Six months later, in September, they wanted OUT in the worst way. The lifestyle was not for them. Almost three months of trying to sell before we came along & bought truck & trailer for about $20,000 LESS than what the MSRP was on the trailer only. No negotiation. That is what this couple was asking. They had just committed on buying another house. Don't be like them. Know what you are getting into.
Veebyes 12/05/19 07:56am RV Lifestyle
RE: 4-Corners

It has been some years but I do recall that we left wondering why we had spent so much time out & back on a dead end road for basically nothing but a silly picture or two.
Veebyes 12/04/19 06:05pm Roads and Routes
RE: Gas station guide

In more than 200,000 miles I doubt if I can count on my fingers the number of times that I have needed reverse to get into or out of a fuel station while hooked up to our 34' 5er. It is simply a non issue, & we rarely use the big truck stop stations. Cheaper fuel can usually be found less than a 1/2 mile further from the exit. Stay away from old stations in the center of small towns.
Veebyes 12/04/19 05:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV storage - how much room is needed?

Looking at it through the eyes of a 35' 5er owner it looks to be loads of room. In my indoor storage situation there is a little bit of hook that has to be done inside the building. No big deal with a good spotter using a radio or hand signals.
Veebyes 12/02/19 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Flattest routes from GA To Nashville,TN

I am waiting to see what the guys of the Rocky Mountain states & westwards have to say about difficult grades.
Veebyes 11/30/19 07:34pm Roads and Routes
RE: jack pads

I use these for our fifth and come in many sizes Footing Pads Dan I don't doubt the effectiveness of those things but one can buy a whole pile of damaged but perfectly suitable wood for the price of those.
Veebyes 11/30/19 07:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: pressure washers

Yes you can change the pressure very easily. It is as simple as not holding the nozzle so close to the work. Another important trick is to always keep moving. Worst thing you can do with a powerful washer is to blast a stubborn bit of dirt without a sweeping motion. Get a scrubber to remove whatever won't come off easily with the washer.
Veebyes 11/30/19 07:19pm Beginning RVing
RE: Maryland to Washington State -- best routes

When time is not much of an issue try working in what used to be the main highways before the interstate system. Roads that carry names like the Lincoln Highway, The Pony Express Route, any designated scenic routes that can be included. Interstates are great for what they are intended for, getting you there in a hurry, but they are virtually useless for actually seeing stuff like passing through old small towns, passing through farmland & seeing the 'history' of old farm equipment used as gate guards or simply left where they died.
Veebyes 11/30/19 07:04am Roads and Routes
RE: New RV TV show 11/17/19

Oh Dang! Missed it again. Did I miss anything important? Did she get that mother of a MOHO out of the car park yet? Yes they did. And they are working on ripping off a rear corner! Since he isn't telling her to be watchful of the rear swing of that MH. Well, that would be a perfect lead in to a segment dealing with RV body repair.
Veebyes 11/30/19 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: jack pads

I derived a method from my boat storage lessons learned & applied it to the landing leg support. Those Lego things are stupid & expensive in my mind. My method it to buy 2X4s, cheap warped ones good enough, cut them into about 8" length & make cribbing, screwed together 3 stack, 6", high. More or less doubles the leg footprint & lasts for hundreds of cycles of use. They also come in handy for rig support if have to jack it up & transfer the weight. A good base for bottle jack too. After about a 6 year life cycle they make fine firewood for one last use.
Veebyes 11/29/19 08:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: pressure washers

Got that one right Grit Dog. You can do a whole pile of expensive damage in a hurry abusing a pressure washer. Says he who has a dog who thinks the pressure washer is wonderful on a hot day. The mist is so refreshing it appears. Also had a weird cat that like the hose of the vacuum cleaner run over her. Must have been a de fleaing method.
Veebyes 11/29/19 08:31pm Beginning RVing
RE: New RV TV show 11/17/19

Oh Dang! Missed it again. Did I miss anything important? Did she get that mother of a MOHO out of the car park yet?
Veebyes 11/29/19 08:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Graceland RV Park & Campground

I am not a big Elvis fan. The DW is. She has been twice & wants to go again. Spends the whole day there. Whatever floats her boat! We stay at the CG across the river. Drop the Admiral off at Graceland in the morning & I go back to the CG, do a few chores & sit out on the levee & watch the towboats go by then go back & pick up she who must be obeyed later.
Veebyes 11/29/19 08:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Howling wind

Yep, heard of "get there-itis". Not worth it at all. We lost a 5er to a blow over between Laramie & Rawlins 10 years ago. Elk Mtn Pass. Breezy day but not enough for highway warning signs to be lit. Got a few minor shakes west of Laramie. What got us was a huge & sustained gust broadside just on the west side of the top of the Elk Mtn pass. Gravel was airbourne & travelling horizontally. 60-70MPH wind I estimate. We have lived through many a hurricane at home in Bermuda so we know a little about wind. A few seconds earlier or later & we would still have that trailer. These days we are extremely sensitive to wind & watch for any clues like flags, trees moving, grass blowing, ripples on roadside ponds, other high profile vehicles, anything that might give an indication of direction & speed of the wind. Much better to stay put if there is a chance of encountering high winds than go through what we did which was trailer totalled, $10,000 damage to truck, paperwork gallore, loss of alot of personal stuff & a month in Cheyenne getting the truck fixed.
Veebyes 11/28/19 07:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: pressure washers

I would not worry too much if it is only a 1500PSI, usually electric, washer however I would not waste money getting one that weak. I have a 2500PSI gas washer used primarily for boat bottoms, house roof, concrete driveway. Effective but nowhere near a good as a 3000 or a 5000PSI. Get yourself a nice soft brush, a decent length adjustable painters staff from Lowes or somewhere, a bucket of of soapy water & go at it. Much more effective & safer for the graphics than a pressure washer. The only time mine has seen a pressure washer is in TOK, Alaska at a fuel station there where you can wash your RV after you buy fuel. Feels like a 3000PSI but I keep my distance & use it to get the chunky bits off then rinse after brush & soap.
Veebyes 11/27/19 06:35pm Beginning RVing
RE: Water heater question

Never seen the short anode however a short one is better than none I guess. I give mine a good flushing once a year at the end of the season. Removing the anode to drain is faster & no big deal as long as you have the socket & short extension.
Veebyes 11/27/19 06:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dash camera recommendations

I have had a mid $100s Garmin for about 5 years. Good picture. Records vehicle speed. Records GPS location. Always on. You never know when that moment will occur.
Veebyes 11/27/19 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Built in vs. Stand-alone GPS?

An RV770 does not cost anywhere near $750.
Veebyes 11/27/19 02:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Dash camera recommendations

Do your research on a site like Be assured that if you buy cheap you will get cheap. Get good resolution & a large memory card. That resolution might pay off someday if there is a crash & the details are important.
Veebyes 11/27/19 02:29pm Tech Issues
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