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RE: OEM vs Aftermarket - Chinese JUNK Comparison

I bought Chinese after market headlights for my 1999 Suburban. Fit like crud, low quality. I got frustrated and went to my buddy at the GM Parts counter and he got me some new OEM ones. When he handed them to me, they were made China. I said "hey, your stuff is made in China too"! He said, "yeah but our Chinese is better than your Chinese............and it was!
Vintage465 05/01/22 08:00am Tech Issues
RE: Cant find Part number for slide gasket

I have a 2011 Salem 28BH-XLITE and my slide is leaking. I found a small tear in the gasket. I cannot seem to figure out what gasket I need to get to replace it and where the best place to purchase it is. I ordered up a set of gaskets for both of mine. Mine came from Amazon. It has LaSalle Bristol Slide valves. "LaSalle Bristol 39227 Seal Kit for Waste Valve - 3"..... You will need the manufacturer of the slide valve.
Vintage465 04/29/22 04:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: 12 volt Refrigerator

You would be much better off with a propane refrigerator. That is debatable ! You could be in big trouble if you run out of propane and there is no refill station nearby. With adequate solar and batteries a 12V compressor refrigerator is far superior to any propane evaporative refrigerator, especially when the outside temps are in the 80s or above. I certainly would have a generator, even a 2000W portable. Also a DC-DC charger. I think you'd really have to be asleep at the wheel if you run out of propane. With 2-7.5 gallon tanks, I've gone 30 days with no fill ups and using the water heater too. No furnace for that thirty days though. I'd be thinking in a thirty day period one should be able to come across some propane to fill the tanks.
Vintage465 04/24/22 06:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Trying to figure out what trailers I can tow

GVWR really has little to do with tow rating...though you can use the GVWR to come to a realistic payload capacity. The payload capacity of the pickup... Meaning how much weigth you can carry in the truck which includes cargo and passengers and probabley the weight of the tank of fuel(not sure on that though). In your case the tongue weight of the coach plus all the cargo and stuff in the pickup equal the payload. Then there's the GCWR(Gross Combined Weight Rating),meaning the maximum weight that the trailer and pickup can weigh.
Vintage465 04/19/22 07:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Another Golf Cart Battery Question

I think if you're planning to be plugged in more regularly than not you may want to ditch the WFCO. "I think", if you're plugged in constantly and the converter/charger can never actually get the batteries to 100%, then it is actually slowly cooking them. This is what I think....some wise person on this forum can chime in a correct if necessary. I have the WFCO in my CreekSide but we are almost never plugged in. And If we are plugged in, it'd only be for a couple days. In general my WFCO just hangs in the breeze while my solar is completely responsible for caring for the batteries.
Vintage465 04/07/22 07:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Best way to travel the Pacific Coast

I've been up and down both directions. Love them both. Oddly enough for me...The Big Sur Coast line impresses me the least. It is highly regarded though. I like the San Simeon area in CA and just love the whole Oregon Coast. I can never get my fill of Oregon Coast. In my belief, the most important thing that your tow rig is sized correctly to the coach. I've done it twice with under powered rigs(not undersized)and it's pretty nerve racking and frustrating to do the ups/downs and switch backs while trying to get your speed back up. We now tow a 25 foot, 7000 pound coach with a Duramax Diesel and it is a breeze and I'd go up or down the coast as easy as hi-way 40. Effortless, endless slabs and heaps of power and torque is my key to enjoyment.
Vintage465 04/03/22 09:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Butt splice connector to join 10 gauge to 12 gauge wire?

I was pretty into soldering but splices until I came across the crimp butt splices that have the heat shrink integrated into the butt splice. I think this nearly rules out any type of failure assuming your eyes are actually open when installing them.
Vintage465 03/26/22 07:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Cooking surfaces and tools, What's your favorite to use!

I like to cook on anything but non-stick.
Vintage465 03/26/22 07:27pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Buying New, Is there a Consumer Report Guide for RVs?

Best to worst. Airstream, Outdoors RV, Lance, Grand Design, Winnebago, K-Z, Jayco, Coachmen I would rank Oliver, Escape, Bigfoot, Casita, and Arctic Fox above any of the brands you listed, except for Outdoors RV. Notably, all 5 of these brands (along with Outdoors RV) are not owned by the big RV conglomerates (Thor Industries, Forest River, Winnebago Industries or REV Group). Most of them are sold directly from the factory, or rarely found at dealerships. I'd run with this list. I'm an Outdoors RV Mfg.(ORV)fan. And I'd agreee with a previous poster that stated about the consumer reports being fine and still won't make a difference because many manufacturers don't have the same employees week to week. So it's pretty hard to nail it all down to one is best. There are a bunch of them that are better and a bunch of them that I don't even know they can sell their junk. I do think Airstream is prolly the best. But they're crazy expensive and really only fit the "RV Resort" lifestyle. Then prolly just up to you between ORV, Arctic Fox, Lance, Casita, Escape and Bigfoot.
Vintage465 03/26/22 07:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: MPPT solar charge controller with 12v panels...

That's great info. One of these days I'd like to upgrade to an MPPT. Then at the same time put in a shunt and a battery monitor. I enjoy solar projects too.
Vintage465 03/21/22 08:07am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

My biggest gripe with propane fridge is keeping it level. Not an issue when I am officially parked at my camp spot, but when traveling and parking for a little bit to go see stuff, go shopping or anything that requires parking the fridge was just too big a part of life and far too needy. Keep it level or ruin it or turn it off before parking out of level. I think if you park un-level then turn it off there is those minutes where the burner is hot, still cooking and small amounts of damage could occur. I do not know for sure when the damage begins after parking off-level though. Running a propane fridge off-level for short durations like you describe won't hurt it AJ, Yup, not an issue. How often are you parked or driving on slopes that are greater than 6% or 12% grades. Typical absorption fridges are 3&6 degrees max. Yes it happens, but the vast majority of roads and “parking areas” are not steeped than this. The vast majority of RV-ers won't realize this, but the new absorption fridges are actually very forgiving from a leveling perspective. My family had a shop in the '70's and the older absorption fridges would lock up if they were run for 20 minutes out of level. And by out of level I mean a 1/2 bubble using a bulls eye level in the freezer compartment. The way to fix a locked up fridge was to take it out and turn it upside down for 24 hours........So for me, in my mind, complaining about leveling is a non issue.....but, everyone has their own mind and their own issues...........
Vintage465 02/17/22 06:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Good battery for Boondocking Palomino Puma 19RL

Sandy5, If you plan on being a "rolling stone" then look into adding a dc to DC charger to the RV. Solar is, in my opinion the nearest thing to a free lunch you are likely to find. It need not be terribly expensive, and the battery bank will love it. To the author: This quote is my idea of a good boon docking time. Solar, no required generator use. The DC to DC is a real cool thing that I've not set up with yet, but it'd be nice to have for cloudy/rainy days. I really think that there are many levels of "good" with a discussion like this. Ultimate would lots of power tiliting panels and a big bank of lithiums. Less ultimate would be power tilting panels with a big bank of 6v flooded in series. Mine is non tilting panels with four 6v GC batteries in series. Works nearly perfect for me. The trick is, what ever level you go, make sure it is installed without short cuts. I have three 150w panels, gathered up in a combiner box then #4 welding cable all the way to the batteries where the controller is. So I don't have a lot of panel wattage, but I lose very little as it travels thru the #4 cable to the controller. Then even larger #2 conductor to the batteries. So I get the most out of what I have. If you try and ulitlize factory solar setup or factory solar wiring I can almost guarantee you won't get the most out of what you have. And I do currently keep a genny for emergencies, but after 6 years with this set up I've never needed it.....I have loaned it to other campers with "less than" solar set ups!
Vintage465 02/06/22 01:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Coupler repair/replacement

Any welder can do this. It's two to three hours. Might think of getting a Bulldog brand coupling. Kind of Oakie looking but very good design and not much to go wrong and it's all visible from the outside. I put one of these on a couple years ago on my sister-in-law's trailer. She loves it.
Vintage465 01/28/22 08:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

But my question is. Why do people think it's the hot ticket for boon docking? I can see if you're regularly driving and covering ground. For the 15+ years I have been reading the net about RVs there is rarely a week that somebody doesn't post something about their absorption fridge not working as well as expected. For many, the "hot ticket" seems to be go with a 120V compressor fridge. If a RV stores electricity it is a safe bet it is not storing 120 volt AC, but 12 V DC is likely. When you consider that every time you convert some of the electrons escape, IMHO it makes more sense to use in the same form it is stored. YMMV Well, the only thing I'm really looking for is which one uses the least amount of energy while boon docking. Also,for 10 years I worked in my Dad's RV shop and did my share of repairing absorption fridges. And for 40 years I've had absorptions fridges in my 4 different coaches. In those 4 coaches I had to replace the cooling unit in one of them and nothing else. So, I'm not concerned with the reliability of absorptions refer's. Though I am aware that the newer absorption fridges have better likely hood of failing due to the electronics on board them now-a-days....... When 99% of RV fridges are absorption, it's not surprising if a similar number of issues are with absorption fridges. Trust me, having spent time in the boating world where 12v is the standard, they have their own issues.
Vintage465 01/20/22 07:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

So after reading all the comments and doing a little more research, there doesn't seem to me to be any "Boon Docking Advantage" to having a 12v compressor fridge. I would tend to think that if you had two 6 volt batteries in series and compared two 6 cubic ft refer's, one absorption and one 12v compressor you'd go longer on those batteries with the absorption. Thanks for all the comments.
Vintage465 01/19/22 08:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

I can easily go a week with my propane fridge. With a baic factory RV set up with 2-12 volt batteries. No solar , no inverter, no sun requied just stock lp fridge. From a simplicity standpoint "carringb" is spot on. a 12 volt compressor fridge has advantages if there is a engine and travel involved. However if just sitting stationary a LP fridge is a simple versatile solution. I understand solar is the wave of the future. A modern solar set up can do the impossible now days. However if you just want to run the fridge off the grid without a lot of aftermarket investment/stuff, LP is still the simple solution. Well until you factor in dragging a bunch of propane cylinders around with you.. They do get heavy to carry, even "20 lb" weight just under 40 lbs when full.. Most off grid homes and cabins now days employ a few solar panels a couple of batteries and a electric fridge and they run those for yrs without gens or refilling tanks. Dragging a bunch of heavy propane cylinders out into the bush is so 1800's in thinking.. I would rather have a electric fridge with solar and battery than drive an battery powered vehicle.. I have plenty of time to camp and wait for batteries to recharge via solar than wait for half hr or more in a parking lot to get a 20% charge for a vehicle just to get to the next power station. You're way off base with the phrase of dragging bunch of propane cylinders. I go a month using the water heater and the fridge, cooking etc...............using two 7-1/2 gallon tanks. But my question is. Why do people think it's the hot ticket for boon docking? I can see if you're regularly driving and covering ground.
Vintage465 01/16/22 07:56am Travel Trailers
Why consider 12v fridge for boondocking?

So I want to offer up this question out about 12v compressor refrigerators. I'm going to post this on other forums too, so your "forum tramps"(like me)may see this spread around some other pages. Not interested in thoughts regarding space savings, preferance due to fear of propane gas or performance of a 12v vs. propane fridge. Taking all those criteria out, we are left with why or why not. Having said all that this is the base of the question: I keep seeing people use the words "boon docking" and "12v compressor fridges" in the same sentance as though there is an advantage to having a 12v fridge while boon docking. I believe that an absorption fridge is the best boon docking choice because propane nearly lasts forever(at least a month) compared to 12v fridges that are dependent on recharging the battery bank daily. When responding...........not interested in anything other than energy sustainability while boon docking. I also am not interested in peoples opinions on performance between the two as I've never had any issue with any absorption fridge keeping things cool event in 110 degree temps. Just energy sustainability while boon docking. Thanks!
Vintage465 01/15/22 09:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Good battery for Boondocking Palomino Puma 19RL

Just my 2cents. Agreeing with the idea that the best bang for the buck is two 6v golf cart batteries. True 12v deep cycles are really hard to find. Anything that mentions "starting amps" isn't real deep cycle. Knowing you mentioned no solar, but if you plan on doing any type of long term or regular boondocking, solar is really the ticket. Many posters have different opinions on the value of solar, but I believe many people don't really have their solar sorted out correctly(though they think they do). Apart from all that, getting a small 2200/1700 suitcase size genny would charge you batteries up. I run 450w and four 6v Golfer's and never want for power. I think these are great batteries:
Vintage465 01/08/22 08:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Maintaining batteries

I didn't notice any mention of the battery's age. That being said, they may not take a charge due to age or mis-use. Beyond that it's a matter of making sure there 120v into the converter and 12v-14.4 volts out of the converter. I'm not much of a fan of maintaining batteries with a converter, but there are decent ones out there like Progressive Dynamics. I have a WFCO and have little good to say about it. I mean, it works but I'd never trust it to care for my $600.00 worth of 6v golf cart batteries.
Vintage465 12/31/21 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford Gas 6.2 vs 7.3

Easiest thing to do here is keep the Diesel and not worry about mileage, gear ratios, 6.2 vs 7.3 or any of that stuff.
Vintage465 12/05/21 09:03am Tow Vehicles
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