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RE: Best weight distribution hitch?

This is always fun to read the posts on W.D. Hitches. Gets to be like the battle between the Cummins owners and the rest of us mis-guided individuals. I've towed my whole life with a round bar and a friction sway control and works great. Nope, don't tow a 30ft trailer............but I have and it still works great. Most of the deal here is making sure whatever hitch you decide on is sized right and set up right. We owned an RV shop in Central California and the only hitches we installed were Eas-Lift round bar with either a hydraulic sway control or a friction sway control. Never heard a single issue of sway or bad ride. Point being, the premium ones are great, the Blue Ox, Equalizer and Eas-Lift sway integrated are great too, but NOTHING works right if it isn't sized or installed right.
Vintage465 02/18/20 01:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Stacking RV fridge and furnace unit in same cabinet?

I don't know that I've ever seen a trailer that doesn't have the Fridge over the Furnace. It is certainly the norm
Vintage465 02/09/20 12:24pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Pick up truck remembrance !

Well, I've been around this earth for 56 years and was drawn to cars and trucks from a very young age. I remember being about 5-6 years old and our neighbor had a 65 or so Dodge 3/4 ton truck. I remember it had push button auto trans too.. It had an Alaska slide in camper that you jacked it up to be able to stand in. Grandpa had GMC's and Chevy 3/4 ton trucks for his nursery business, so I rode in his trucks all the time on deliveries and such in my "tweens" I would say. Dad bought his 71 F250 brand new in late 1970, so I was around 7 years old.. I remember when we picked it up and I saw some brand new Mustangs on the lot and asked why we can't get one of those too! :) The F250 is a Camper Special "Custom". 390, C6, power brakes, but no power steering. It originally came with the 16.5" split rim wheels with tubes in them.. Ran those forever.. We always had old tubes to sled and float in the lake, pool, river with! :) He still has it to this day and he cleaned it up and new 390 a couple of years ago.. Here is what it looks like now. He had to ditch the split rims because the tires for it cost more than getting the new 16" wheels and new tires. I didn't get my first truck for a looong time... 2001 when I got a 97 F150 and started my own RV career... I have been camping/Rving since I was a kid and the RV's after we got the 71 F250.. Had slide in campers and trailers from then on! Mitch Funny thing about those F250's with 360's and 390's. They got 10mpg city, highway, towing, not towing. We had an RV shop growing up and that's the report I'd always here from the customers. We had one or two in the extended family and that's what they said. Those were a good old rig.
Vintage465 02/06/20 09:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pick up truck remembrance !

My Dad's pickup when we were kids was a '60 Ford F100 short bed. Had two options: style side bed and posi rear end. Visor only on the drivers side. No arm rest on either side if I recall. Then in 1970 he sold it for $600.00 and got a '59 F250 with a scrapped 292 in the bed and 4 speed. The final incarnation of that '59 was with 312 heads, 4 barrel carb and fender well exit headers! Kid we were! We thought we had a hot rod. That was a great old pickup. Took it to high school daily. Then my first pickup of my own was a 73 Dodge "Camper 7500". 360, torque flight. Eventually put a 440-3 motorhome engine in it and pulled my old travel trailers....whatever I had back then. Sure glad to have my latest rig....LML and all!
Vintage465 02/06/20 08:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best charge controllers..

My thought leans toward one of the Renogy Rovers for the simple reason they will accept a #4 gauge conductor on the input and output. I like big conductor.
Vintage465 02/05/20 07:35am Tech Issues
RE: Panels don't run things

I guess that's why I see so many dry campers running generators. Generators are easy to understand. Solar, batteries, inverter.. not so much. I get everything I need from solar. I think people run generators so they can have all the appliances in there home kitchen. Microwave. Kureg, Mr. Coffee, hair dryer etc. I go camping and leave all that stuff behind. Coffee off the stove, don't wash my hair....well not very much! And don't use a microwave at home so certainly not when camping. I also think most people think cause they have 110v outlets in trailers you should take those things along. Just me...don't need 'em.
Vintage465 02/04/20 08:20pm Tech Issues
RE: 4 season camping

If your trailer has a good solar setup and a generator for backup the winter camping locations you describe you'd be fine. I'm partial to Northwood and Outdoor RV(ORV), but in all fairness, most any half way decent trailer will work in high twenty's to forty's and do fine. As stated earlier in the post, Nevada, Arizona winters are different story. We boondocked with 16-24 degree nights and started loosing ground with batteries about a 10th of volt a day. After 4 days I was at 12.3-12.4 volts. Then we moved to another location and it was regularly 7-14 degrees but we had hookups. The issue of power and gas is conquerable. The big issue is going to be moisture and managing mentioned earlier.
Vintage465 02/01/20 07:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Were older travel trailers built better?

Newer CAN be better but you have to educate yourself. Wood frame vs aluminum? Wood layer on roof and exterior walls vs no wood ? Axles under spec’d at capacity empty. Look at how they strain relief plumbing at the hot water heater. Look at the quality of the wiring at the breaker panel. This is pretty much it in a nut shell..................
Vintage465 02/01/20 07:03am Travel Trailers
Awning Fabric Replacement

Has anyone replaced just the fabric on a power awning? Specifically a Dometic awning? If you had it replace what did you pay? Mine is getting a little frayed up towards the front.
Vintage465 01/30/20 01:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Were older travel trailers built better?

No ..older isn't better when apples are compared to apples. I've been in and around the RV/mobilhome industry all my life.... I'm 78. We had our shoddy trailer lines within some rv mfg back in the '60s...'70s and 80s just like today. Some rv mfg were noted for shoddy built units across all their product lines....other mfg built a better product....just like today. Today rv mfg have more lines to offer from low cost units to high cost units. So numbers tell us we have more better built units and more poorly low cost units being built. More mfg = more products on the road. And of course the term built better can mean different things to different folks. I've been around RV's all my 48 of my 60 years. My dad had and RV shop in CA for years and I was one of the young service guys. I'd take a new trailer any day over and old one. Old ones weren't built with the better materials we have now. Their were less manufacturers and less "standards". The appliances are certainly better now. Almost any aluminum framed trailer will out last any of the old stick and tin trailers of the past. If I examine a current stick and tin trailer all I see that has really improved with them is the better materials and appliances. The construction is still the same. I am really a fan of the aluminum framed, laminated wall trailers of current day. Though they come with the possibility of the dreaded de-lamination! Nothing is permanently better, "only so much better" and then we have to make it last.
Vintage465 01/30/20 01:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Newb question RE: WDH

Weight distributing hitch all the way for sure.
Vintage465 01/30/20 01:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar wiring through vent, how to seal hole in vent line

Done properly, there is no reason to fear punching a new hole in the roof. Often times it gets you to your ultimate location using less conductor resulting in less voltage drop. There is already at least 6-7 penetrations in the roof from the manufacturer. Everything is available to do as good or likely better job of penetrating and sealing up the roof then the manufacturer did. It is a good fear to overcome, then you will have more experience and confidence to address future plans or issues regarding maintenance to your opinion of course, not looking for a fight.
Vintage465 12/31/19 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: WD proper setup-bars-and level tow vehicle

My recommendation is to stay away from Chinese stuff and imported knock offs in general. I pulled a 30’ rig over the grapevine on highway 5 using a blue ox and it worked perfectly. No sway. No bounce. Good unit.
Vintage465 12/19/19 06:51am Travel Trailers
RE: WD proper setup-bars-and level tow vehicle

I cranked the chains back to #4 from 5 after a 250 mile drive yesterday. The TV is now pretty much level, the trailer seems level too but I have not had it on solid ground level ground since I am in the mountains I prefered the 4 links over the 5. Next week I am going to a dealer on the coast to look at another brand of WB and such, maybe just the square bars vs the bars and chain. I know it is very windy today, the trailer is moving the Suburban around a bit. I had it all weighed also, 7200 Suburban and 4900 trailer. I might drop the hitch down one more notch but leave the bars alone. But first...COFFEE! Gotta love free Shorepower--! I may have missed it in the thread somewhere, but what is your anti-sway devise? Is it a friction bar or integrated into your hitch/WD-set up? Thinking if it's Harbor Freight it won't be integrated. If you get moved by wind, it should move both your vehicles as one if it moves you at all. Trailer that small, tow rig that large you should have no sway and really side winds should do nearly nothing other that let you know they're there. I say this 'cause I've robbed this train............... I pulled a 25' Nomad bunkhouse rig all over the western US with 1999 1/2 ton 4x4 suburban with 5.7 and factory tow package. Never any sway at all, using a Draw-Tite 1000 pound set up with a friction sway control.
Vintage465 12/17/19 07:05am Travel Trailers
RE: WD proper setup-bars-and level tow vehicle

You should not try to level the trailer with the spring bars. You level the trailer by moving the hitch head up or down on the draw bar or shank. The spring bars should be tightened just enough to return the lost weight from the front axle of the truck when you put the trailer tongue on the ball. I suggest you take a long look at this thread, which is stuck at the top of the Towing forum, for help on setting up your hitch correctly. Barney The is the right way to do this.
Vintage465 12/17/19 06:57am Travel Trailers
RE: So many closed topics!

Good heavens. If things get out of hand on a forum, makes me wonder how people can deal with "real issues". This is just fun and games. Really people.............get a grip here.
Vintage465 12/13/19 12:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Good Sources for Quality Bulk Solar Cable

I bought mine from these guys. They also sell on eBay. If you want two wire duplex solar cable that is round, check out AM Solar. The round 10ga duplex from A.M. Solar is premium stuff. UV rated jacket too.
Vintage465 12/13/19 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: Hey Smokers! (meat, that is)

I use a smoke hollow unit. Not large by any stretch of the imagination. It can do enough meat to feed 4-6 persons. No electricity needed, which is a must for me as we boondock any time I'd be using it. No generators for me. Smoke Hollow has three burners. Two for heat and one that heats the wood chip tray. I've made super good baby backs and I've done a small pulled pork roast. Pretty easy to keep it at 250 ish degrees.
Vintage465 12/13/19 07:46am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Sourdough Biscuit Breakfast Sanwich

Terrific job of that sourdough. Sausage is mighty nice looking too. That sausage was a fun experiment that worked out great. There's a company called "Broadbents Country Ham" that makes great pork products. One of them is their smoked, nitrite free sausage stuffed in a cloth sack/tube. My wife liked their sausage better than anything I was making.............Well I can't have that! So I took my favorite breakfast sausage recipe and stuffed it in a cloth sack/tube I got off Ebay and smoke/cooked it @ 200 degrees F. to an internal temp of 160 degrees F. and it comes out amazing. It's fully cooked and you just slice of patties then brown and serve.
Vintage465 12/11/19 07:04am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Recs for Solar Cut Off Switch?

This is what I did. There is a PV shut off where the #4 cable comes down(top). Then where it come out of the controller it goes thru a 30a circuit breaker that has the re-set switch you can push to open the circuit. They seem to be pretty nice.
Vintage465 12/10/19 09:26pm Tech Issues
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