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RE: Central Missouri to Colorado Springs

If you plan on visiting RMNP or Mt Evans you need to go on line and get a reservation for a timed entrance pass. We just returned from the areas you mentioned. Good luck finding campsites. Make reservations as soon as possible.
Wadcutter 07/20/21 08:32am Roads and Routes
RE: Wiper blades

Mr Banks explains wiper blades in this link. Wiper blades
Wadcutter 06/16/21 06:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: love the truck hate the ride

Sulastic Very well made and they work. Easy to install.
Wadcutter 06/16/21 06:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hwy 36 across Kansas

Personally I prefer US 36 over I-70. As CloudDriver mentioned Prairie Dog SP is a nice stop. North of Lebanon KS is the geographic center of the lower 48 states. Nice picnic area but that's about it. Near Republic KS is the Pawnee Indian Museum which is very nice. At Maryville KS is a Pony Express Museum but I don't know if it's open. It was closed due to covid.
Wadcutter 03/21/21 03:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Better ride when not towing?

To answer the OP's question: They really do make a world of difference when the truck is empty.
Wadcutter 03/03/21 07:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

We're staying the night in Tok and then on to Anchorage after. In 2019 we drove the road from Tok to Anchorage. The Tok Cutoff from Tok to Glenallen was terrible. We were on it during the summer, have no idea what it's like in the winter. Lots of frost heaves where it would pitch you all over the place. We spent the summer driving a lot over Alaska on some pretty rough rock roads. The Tok Cutoff was paved but it was one of the worst driving. We saw 2 roll overs taped off along the side of the road. Take it slow and stay awake. Also saw a number of critters along that stretch.
Wadcutter 02/18/21 08:34pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Towing Limits of 7.3 Powerstroke

As said I towed nearly 16 years with the the early 99 Superduty 7.3 350 short bed. I wouldn't say I had a problem towing in the rockies considering I live here in the west. The most I towed was just over 13K , 38' fifth wheel. Have talked to many many people towing with a 7.3 over the years. Just curious occasionally I hear comments similar to yours , never had a problem, as said neither did I , but hopefully you were are a grade with a passing lane or you were holding up traffic :) Driving on grade with the 7.3 and 5er is no different than any other vehicle. You adapt to the vehicle and conditions. As you know there are a bunch of semis that creep up the grades. Too many drivers think because the speed limit is 70 mph that they need to keep going 70 mph up a 6+% grade. Then wonder why at the top of the pass their temp gauge is well into the red and others are sitting there with their hoods up and water on the ground. Same with going down the grade. Just because the speed limit is 70 mph doesn't mean you have to run 70 mph downhill and ride the brakes. But we've all seen too many pulling trailers who do it. Not only seen them but smelled them when they went by. It's not rocket science. It's knowing how to adapt to the conditions and vehicle. Doesn't matter if the vehicle has a 7.3 or a Detroit diesel or a 1.6L gas.
Wadcutter 02/18/21 07:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing Limits of 7.3 Powerstroke

I had a 99.5 F-350 SRW, crew cab, 4X4, 8 ft bed with the 7.3. I didn't have near the upgrades you've done. I ran a small programmer which gave me a little boost in HP and torque. I did the programmer mainly to get better shifting as it tweaked the shift points. I did not have an exhaust brake. The last 5er I pulled was a 40 ft which loaded maxed at 14,500. Never had a problem pulling. Made numerous trips thru the Rockies. Pulled some pretty good hills and never had a problem. Even with SRW it was very stable in any wind direction. Without the exhaust brake I had watch downhill runs but that would have been the case with any truck. I never had the 6.0 cooler. All stock except for the low grade programmer. The 7.3 was a good engine. A local truck mechanic friend kept trying to get me to really hot rod it saying it was near bullet proof and could really be turned up. It did all I needed without hot rodding it.
Wadcutter 02/17/21 01:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Suggestions for places near New Orleans LA.

We camp in NOLA at least once a year for over 20 years. There is no Gulf beach at NOLA. The closest Gulf campground would be at Waveland about 1 hour drive east of NOLA. The Silver Slipper casino just to the west of the campground. The campground is 1 row with back-ins to each side. It will probably accommodate 30-40 campers. It's right on the roadway. Cross the roadway and you're on the beach. The roadway doesn't get a lot of traffic like further east on US 90. It dead ends at the casino. It's easy to find on Google Earth. Camping near to NOLA we like Bayou Segnette State Park in Westwego. We've always found it to be very clean and quiet. Water, electric, and WiFi at every site. Each campsite has a lot of room between. From BSSP into the French Quarter is a short drive. We prefer not to stay at the campgrounds closer into the city. We did one year at the west KOA for a couple of nights until we could get into BSSP. Noisy and cramped. We've looked at the French Quarter RV Park which is closest to the French Quarter. It's no place we're interested in camping. It's pretty much under I-10. I-10 is always busy. The area outside of the walled in campground is not an area you want to be walking around at night. I've read posts from people on this forum saying they've walked from the FQ to the RV park after dark and didn't have any problems. Remember the saying "a fish doesn't get caught every time." The FQ is pretty safe but it doesn't take but a block or 2 outside of the tourist area and you can find yourself where you don't want to be.
Wadcutter 02/13/21 03:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

Like Grit Dog mentioned, and I said many pages of posts ago. Make sure your co-pilot has the camera handy for the entire trip. Like I said, your going to see some pretty spectacular sites on your trip north. Myself, I hate the camera option on my cell phone as it doesn’t take “good enough” pictures for my liking. I have a number of cameras, but my “go to” camera is a small Canon PowerShot with 12 times Optical Zoom. Small fits in your pocket like a cell phone, I take it snowmobiling, ATVing, fishing in the bush.... etc...and takes much better pictures than a cell phone.... ( my opinion) Have fun on your trip. Soup. Excellent advice. When we made the Alaska trip during the summer of 2019 I bought 2 pocket cameras and put them on neck lanyards. The rule was anytime we stepped out of the camper the camera had to be around our neck. If we hadn't we would have missed some great pictures. Animals won't wait for you to go back to the camper to get a camera. We took over 4000 pictures. We got extra rechargeable batteries for each camera. At least once a day we had to replace batteries then charged them at night. Friends just used their cell phone cameras. Their phones would not last all day taking pictures. Pocket cameras are cheap, reliable, and with extra batteries are always ready for that next unexpected photo.
Wadcutter 02/08/21 06:49pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

One of the most useful pieces of equipment I carry in my truck, and used it several times during our Alaska trip, is a piece of carpet about 3 ft wide by 6 ft long. It's so much more comfortable and cleaner to lay on a piece of carpet than lay on the bare ground.
Wadcutter 02/01/21 11:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Questions for Quilters

Being a quilter no doubt you've heard of this. But in case you or others following this thread have not heard of it click here National Quilt Museum Paducah KY Yes. We plan a trip in Sept-Oct from Ohio to Florida around the Gulf into Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri head into Kentucky. I showed DH the Nat'l Quilt Museum and that is a stop on the trip. He wasn't pleased, but is "willing". I am sure there will be whining, and complaining about wanting to leave to eat. I will just remind him of so many times in DC at the Air and Space Museum, which I have no interest in at all, and it will be fine. He won't be the only one in there whining and crying. There were several of us in the whining and crying section when we were there. For a great pork chop afterwards take the drive to Patti's 1800 Settlement. They have a 2" pork chop but unless you're really hungry or want left overs then the 1" is plenty big. It's their signature menu. Excellent. Need to make reservations. For really good BBQ try Knoth's BBQ in Grand Rivers. We just stumbled on to the place and decided to give it a try. Just a small restaurant. Try their cole slaw. Creamy style with a bit of honey mustard.
Wadcutter 01/23/21 09:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Questions for Quilters

Being a quilter no doubt you've heard of this. But in case you or others following this thread have not heard of it click here National Quilt Museum Paducah KY
Wadcutter 01/22/21 08:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

A good thing about packing your bearings is the bearing can be inspected to be sure it's not worn or needs replaced. In 2019 we pulled a camping trailer on our trip to Alaska. 12,103 miles total. I inspected and packed my own bearings. Not a big job really. I've done it for years. All the bearing appeared fine. Then a Saturday afternoon just north of Wasilla heading south a bearing came apart. Before I could get stopped it took off the castle nut, outer bearing came apart in pieces and the hub rubbing on the axle totaled the axle. When I jacked up the camper the wheel fell off. There was nothing any longer holding the wheel and tire in place. We were lucky we didn't lose it going down the road. That would have damaged the trailer and put other travelers at risk of a lose tire in the road. Fortunately we were about 1/4 mile from a repair shop altho he did not have an axle. It was just a 6000 lbs axle, nothing special, but no one near Wasilla had one. We had a 2 axle trailer and were able to slowly limp it to the guy's shop on the 1 axle. Since it was Saturday afternoon we had to wait until Monday, drive to Anchorage, and luckily we found a place that carried axles. We were back on the road by Monday evening. It was not a cheap repair. There's a lot of miles in Alaska and Canada where if we had that problem in other locations it could have been very bad time and a lot more expensive getting repairs. Even a bearing that looks good can go bad. For that long of a trip and the remote places you'll be traveling if you don't want to do the inspection and repack yourself paying a few dollars before you leave can be a lot cheaper than losing a bearing in Alaska.
Wadcutter 01/20/21 08:25am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: No hot water during a freeze

I won't even bother to explain why hot water freezes faster because I don't think you would understand anyway. The idea that hot water freezes faster is a known phenomenon. It's not an idea that just came along within this thread. It's called the Mpemba Effect. It's actually not a proven, verified experiment. If you had actually studied chemistry then you would know that. It was a theory postulated by a 13 year old school boy in Tanzania. He witnessed an ice cream mix frost over on the top and then went on to postulate that the mix had frozen quicker than cold mix. He did not understand what he was seeing and his conclusion was based on things he didn't understand. In controlled experiments the Mpemba Effect hasn't been replicated. All the 13 year old boy saw was a frosting of the surface and he then jumped to the conclusion, erroneously, that the mix had frozen. It had not. It was frost he had witnessed, not freezing of the mix. His theory has not been verified in controlled experiments since 1963. But this myth keeps getting repeated by those who have no knowledge of science. It's something they read on the internet and repeat it not understanding what it is. There - that's the simple explanation that is not complicated so you can understand what you think you know.
Wadcutter 12/27/20 03:57pm Tech Issues
RE: No hot water during a freeze

Hot water will freeze before cold water. That is a myth It's not a myth. It's basic high school chemistry Then you slept thru your high school chemistry class. Still water freezes at 32 deg F. Remember that from your high school chemistry. So what it takes to freeze water is to drop the temp from its existing temp to 32 deg. That requires a transfer of heat away from the water. If the beginning temp of the water is 60 deg then it requires a transfer of 28 deg to drop the water to freezing. If the water is 200 deg then it requires a transfer of 168 deg. That is simple high school chemistry. You flunked your class. Stay after school. Re-read the chapter on heat transfer. Do some extra credit work and maybe you'll pass chemistry this semester.
Wadcutter 12/27/20 07:44am Tech Issues
RE: Converter fan revving up and down

Always start with the cheapest solutions first. First thing check the fluid level in your battery. What your inverter is doing is charging your battery. Low fluid makes affects how the battery will charge. Seen that many many times. Someone will complain their inverter runs all the time. Top off the battery fluid and all is well. If that doesn't fix it then have the battery checked. It could be a weak cell and the battery is going bad where it doesn't take a full charge. One of those will usually fix the problem. There have been a lot of perfectly good inverters replaced, at an expense, when the only problem was low battery fluid.
Wadcutter 12/27/20 07:37am Tech Issues
RE: How will my new F350 behave in cold temps?

How far north are you going? Unless you're going where the temps are well below 0 every day all day your 6.7L will be fine. Without an engine heater on a really cold day it will be noisy when you start it but quiet down when the engine warms. Nothing to be concerned about there. Here in IL I rarely plug in my engine heater. The only time I do is when I know it's going to be cold and I want it to warm up quicker so it's warmer inside. In cold locations, and most likely even in NC, diesel fuel is winterized to prevent jelling.
Wadcutter 12/19/20 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Reliable Walkie Talkie?

For a few more bucks you can get the rugged radios version of the same units that are much more robust, but more expensive. Rugged radios periodically puts their units on sale. Again, you'll need a programming cable and chirp website to program them. I won't beat the dead horse on the rest of ktmrfs post and what he suggested. Totally illegal. Don't do it. And for the quoted part of his post above recommending Rugged Radio. For those who say don't worry about it, do it anyway. Rugged Radio was cited this week by the FCC for illegally marketing the very radios ktmrfs suggested. What they were cited for was selling Baofeng made radios which are only approved by the FCC for Amateur Radio use and advertising those radios as programmable to non-ham frequencies. Rugged Radios was also programming, for a fee, frequencies the buyer wanted. The FCC has been very clear, particularly the last few years, that radios not type accepted for the frequencies are not to be used for non-type use. That means Amateur Radio equipment cannot be used for Part 90 and 95 use because those radios are not accepted in those frequencies. BTW those "rugged radios" Rugged Radio was marketing were nothing more than Baofeng radios labeled with their own name. Nothing more. And they jacked up the price. People paid way too much for them thinking because the price was higher they must be better and more 'rugged' radios. Nothing but salesmanship and uninformed people falling for it.
Wadcutter 11/28/20 09:58am Tech Issues
RE: Advice on towing a 5th wheel

We have a 41 ft 5th wheel. To pull to Alaska last year I bought a 28 ft trailer. The overall length with the 5th wheel 57'2". Length with the trailer was 53 ft. A fifth wheel will pull a lot easier, back easier, and turn in less distance than a similar length rig pulling a trailer.
Wadcutter 11/18/20 03:29pm Fifth-Wheels
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