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RE: Owl Creek pass

Owl Creek Pass is an easy gravel road. We were last on it 4 years ago. We met a Vette on it that last time. I assume he didn't have clearance problems. Not a difficult road at all. Just a wide almost 2 lane gravel road. Nice area. Watch for livestock on the road as it's open range. At the pass is Debbie's Meadow. Chimney Rock is visible. Named for Debbie Reynolds because she really loved the area when filming How The West Was Won which was filmed in the area. Before going watch the original move True Grit with John Wayne. At Debbie's Meadow is where Ned Pepper and his gang meet Rooster Cogburn for the famous ending scene and the gang is defeated. "Pretty bold talk for a one eyed fat man." You see exactly where John Wayne was positioned and also the where the Ned Pepper gang was when the scene was filmed. There is a small stream at the pass where some of the scenes were filmed. After watching the movie and paying attention to the scenery you'll easily spot the areas. When in Ridgway CO stop into the True Grit Cafe where the crew from the movie use to hang out. Some movie items are on display. One wall in the cafe is in the movie where John Wayne is first seen meeting Mattie Ross (Kim Darby). The park across from the True Grit Cafe is where the hanging scene was filmed. Dennis Weaver (Chester from Gunsmoke) donated a lot to the village of Ridgway and some areas are named in his honor.
Wadcutter 09/30/22 08:30pm Roads and Routes
RE: I-55 at Memphis

We go thru Memphis several times a year. We quit taking I-55 thru the city. Usually more congested. 1 crash and it can get plugged quickly. We hop on I-40 in W. Memphis then stay on it until it connects back up with I-55 on the south side. Traffic seems to flow easier, roadway better, and is the same distance as staying on I-55.
Wadcutter 09/06/22 05:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: Unbraked trailer, towing limitations

Oh I don't doubt that a "CVEO" said at least SOME if not ALL of the things being attributed to them. Even CVEOs are not all 100% up on the law or what it applies to. To be certified in FMCSA laws is a lengthy school. The CVEO is going to know more about the law than what I'm reading in this forum. People say all the time "cops don't know the law", said by people who have never read the law. Driving a truck down the road sure doesn't make that person a legal expert in it and it doesn't matter how long they've been doing it. Usually when someone says something totally off the wall it's due to 1 of 2 reasons. 1) They didn't understand what was being explained to them. They fill in the blanks with what they think the law is. Heard that way too many times. 2) The usual reason is tho they don't want to understand what's being explained to them because even tho they've never read a single statute in their life they think they know all about laws. Well, if I use a tandem dump mostly to haul dirt and rough haul, and don't want to get into the heavy vehicle tax, I license it for 54,000 lbs. Most loads will be well under 16 tons, so I'm in good shape. OTOH, if I decide to load 20 ton of gravel, get caught, I can tell you exactly what it will say on the ticket(s) 1 will say I was OVER licensed Gross WEIGHT by (roughly 7000) lbs. And when I call the court, give them the ticket number, the will read the same formula as what the charge is for over axle or tandem weight. (That works out to $635.00 for 7000 lbs) That's correct. You posted it correctly. Not overweight. Over Licensed Gross Weight. Your "Licensed" weight. They can use whatever fine schedule that state decides to use. It's what I said initially. A person has to learn the difference. Licensed weight is what you pay in licensing fee to haul whatever weight you want to haul. I taught truck weight law for a lot of years. I even attempted to teach it to truckers.
Wadcutter 08/29/22 05:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Unbraked trailer, towing limitations

I was one of the first certified CVEO in the state. Did it for a lot of years, taught CVE for a lot of years. There's so much hooey on this thread concerning what a CVEO supposedly said that you can discount it. As soon as someone mentions CVEO enforcement on your RV then just page right on by their post. They don't know what they're talking about. CVEO = Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officer. Read that very first word. Commercial. You pulling your popup or 43 ft 5er down the road is not a commercial vehicle. None of the commercial vehicle laws apply. Why? Think about it. Because you are not a commercial vehicle. It's clearly defined in the FMCSA. It's obvious some who are attributing something to a CVEO have never read any of the FMCSA. Manufacturers do not make the law. It doesn't matter what the manufacturer says is the limit. That is not the law. The state doesn't make trailers, the manufacturers don't make the law. For the person who said they said saw 4 people sitting in court to pay fines because they overweight on their RV or boat. They were not overweight on their RV or boat. They may be over on their registration for the weight they were hauling but they weren't overweight. Totally different. Know the difference in terminology. Generally weight limits per axle are 20K per single axle. Sometimes 18K depending on the class of the highway. You're not going to be overweight on a boat or RV axle limit. You may be over on your registration limit. If you only paid registration to haul 8K and hauling 12K that's over on registration and is an offense. Pay for the higher rate registration and you can haul it. But it's not overweight.
Wadcutter 08/29/22 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Alaska - 2023

From Ft Nelson we drove to Ft Liard and that's where we saw the most bear per mile. And the fewest vehicles. That's a long stretch - not by Canada or Alaska standards but it's a good drive. IIRC on our way to Ft Liard we saw 2 other vehicles and 10 bears. As PA12DRVR mentioned those towns are good jumping off places to see what else AK and Canada has to show. They're all nice towns with their own history but AK, Yukon, BC, and Alberta isn't about the towns. You don't want to underestimate the frost heaves. We were parked along the road taking in the view when a flatbed semi came by, well faster than I would have been driving. He hit a frost heave and all 18 wheels came off the ground by the time he cleared the heave. It was down and then up like going off a ramp. As far as hitting a moose we were first on the scene after a Dodge pickup hit a moose square on. The hood was crumpled and shoved inside the cab. The driver was OK but a bit banged up. Every thing in front of the engine, grill, lights, bumper, everything was compacted into the engine. The moose didn't fare any better.
Wadcutter 08/24/22 05:27pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska - 2023

Places you didn't name but we enjoyed. Carcross Whitehorse Watson Lake Muncho Lake Dawson Creek Skagway Haines Valdez Stewart-Hyder Top of the World Highway - Chicken From Haines take the ferry to Juneau. Take your time. Drive slow for a couple of reasons. 1) Frost heaves. They'll usually be marked with a flag on a stick or a cone. But sometimes not. These are not bumps. They are BUMPS! and DIPS! You may see vehicles on their tops next to these heaves. They can be a serious problem. 2) Critters. Drive fast and you'll miss seeing a lot of critters. Drive slow and you'll miss a lot of critters but get to see them. Animals like moose and caribou can cover a lot of ground fast. They'll be out of the brush and in the road before you can stop.
Wadcutter 08/24/22 02:09pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 5th wheel front tripod

Helps some with taking out the bounce. Not necessary but they work.
Wadcutter 06/22/22 12:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best itinerary for Alaska

All good advice. My advice to add. Don't speed thru Canada nor Alaska. I don't recall ever driving over 35 mph. Keep the speed down for 2 reasons. 1) Frost heaves. We found that generally they'll mark frost heaves. Maybe an orange cone, maybe a stick with orange tape. Or maybe they won't get a frost heave marked. Some of these can be quite pronounced. We saw an empty flat bed semi go all wheels airborne hitting an unmarked frost heave. Came across 2 cars on their tops in the bush at frost heaves, probably as a result of those frost heaves. 2) An important reason for keeping the speed down - critters. Slow down and you'll likely see all kinds of critters. And hopefully slow enough you can stop when that moose or bear decides to cross the roadway just as you're in the same spot. Keeping the speed down gives you a better chance of stopping before being stopped by a large moose. A full grown moose is a big critter. You will not win in a bumper contest with a moose. Law of superior tonnage. We came across a Dodge pickup right after he had hit a small young moose. Buckled the front frame of the pickup where the engine was shoved back to the firewall, the front tires were even with the front of the door and the dash was moved back several inches into the cab area. The moose didn't fare well either. We had a big female and calf come out of the brush straight for the side of my pickup while on the Dalton Highway. She was close enough I could have almost touched her. Her head was taller than the cab of my F-350 4X4. The people behind us thought she had hit us. Canada and Alaska are trips to be enjoyed. Slow down and enjoy the scenery and critters. Rushing and you'll miss it.
Wadcutter 06/12/22 08:54am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Unknown or erroneous title on single axle fifth wheel

I know that IL DMV will often re-label older trailers as home built instead of making the effort of finding an original title. Seem them do it on newer trailers too. Some states do not require a license/title for small trailers so a person can buy one in those states and lose the title over the years because they don't have to license it. Then they sell it to someone from a different state that requires a title. Instead of the 2nd state researching for a title or requiring the new purchaser to get a title which may be near impossible the 2nd state DMV will just do a home built title. Like your 5er it's obviously not a home built but given its age I can see where a previous owner might have lost the title, if they ever had one.
Wadcutter 06/11/22 01:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: downloading to a GPS

It's been a while since I played with a Rand McNally GPS so this is going from memory. IIRC the RM GPS used .csv format. If you have your trip file in Garmin format, ie .gpx, there are on line programs that can convert your .gpx file to .csv. Just do a websearch for gpx to csv converter. There will be several. If one converter doesn't work might try another one as not all converters are equal.
Wadcutter 05/31/22 05:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Theoretical heights.

Let me refresh your memory then on what you wrote to Second Chance who said 13'6" was the legal height. You took issue with his post stating someone had informed him wrong. Here's what you wrote: "You had someone inform you wrong. 13.5ft is the maximum height before you are considered an oversize load that requires permits for each trip." So now you're saying Second Chance wasn't wrong? Apparently so after you understood the conversion of 13.5 to 13'6". Obviously when you were so quick to tell Second Chance he was wrong about 13'6" that you weren't doing your math and realize that 13.5' is exactly what Second Chance said at 13'6". Second Chance wasn't told wrong by anyone. His post was correct. It's you who couldn't understand the conversion and then was so quick to jump on him. As far as what is "limiting because once you get off the roads and into RV parks, no guarantee you will have even 13.5ft." is a bogus argument and has nothing to do with legal height. Once you get on private property like an RV park there's no telling what over hanging objects will be encountered. But that has nothing to do with the discussion of what is legal.
Wadcutter 05/14/22 01:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Theoretical heights.

Someone with a CDL and experience straightened me out on this on another forum recently. There is no such thing as a legal "DOT height" from the Federal government. 13'6" is the minimum height for overpasses on the interstate highway system. Some states have their own regulations. That said, there is no such thing in my books as a "theoretical height." The only thing you can rely on is an actual measurement with the trailer on the truck on level ground. Rob You had someone inform you wrong. 13.5ft is the maximum height before you are considered an oversize load that requires permits for each trip. Sounds like someone informed you wrong. Second Chance is correct at 13'6". Probably what you read is max height of 13.5'. That's 13 and 1/2 foot. 1/2 foot is 6", not 5". 13'6" is the max legal height without a permit. Anything over 13'6" requires a permit. Some states go with max legal at 14' only on specific routes. No one wants to get a permit for overheight 5ers. When you get a permit the permit will specify the exact route you are restricted to travel. Absolutely no deviation from the route listed on that permit or the permit is not valid. No deviation. Not even to pull off to get fuel. You must stay exactly where the permit allows. The permit will also specify the days and time of travel. Every time you travel you would be required to get a new permit for that specific trip. Depending on the height a permit may require a lead escort vehicle with a height stick. Life gets a WHOLE lot more complicated for permit moves. I did truck enforcement and dealt with oversize loads for 42 years, taught truck law, taught motor carrier safety law, and was recognized by the courts both state and federal as an expert in truck laws.
Wadcutter 05/14/22 08:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Jersey to California

Before you enter Canada, have your gun mailed to a postal box in the city you will re-enter the U.S. Pick up gun there. It would have to be shipped by a common carrier, ie, FedEx, UPS. The USPS will not accept handguns for mailing.
Wadcutter 05/09/22 11:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Memphis Crossing

I-40. We make the trip from IL to NOLA 2-3 times a year. I-40 is a lot better for traffic and road conditions.
Wadcutter 05/09/22 08:12am Roads and Routes
RE: New Jersey to California

How much time do you have? What are your interests? There's a lot of country to be seen between NJ and CA. You could take 6 days to make the trip or you could take a lifetime and not see everything that is interesting.
Wadcutter 05/07/22 03:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Member Blocking is a Blessing

It appears he may have died in 2015. From the parts of your post I deleted from this reply it is possible he had a change of address in 2015 and no longer has internet access. Or a key to his door. He died 07/22/2015
Wadcutter 04/22/22 07:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Member Blocking is a Blessing

There use to be a person on here who thought he was some stud from TN. Apparently he was moderately famous in some sports circles. For some reason started sending me p(o)rn PMs of men and boys performing various acts on each other. I would block him and he'd send it using a different name. Have no idea what his problems was. I contacted the moderators and they said they would not do anything unless he sent the pictures to a moderator. It appears he may have died in 2015. To quote Mark Twain "I have never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure."
Wadcutter 04/22/22 01:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Good RV parks near La Place, La.?

About 30 miles east of LaPlace is Bayou Signette State Park. Easy to get to and exit. It's on the edge of the city so you're not in all the city mess. LA has nice SPs and BSSP is really nice and quiet. The campgrounds is a ways off the highway so you don't get traffic noise. Water, electric, and WiFi at all the sites. The showers are usually very clean and modern. Sites are level and not crammed in on top of each other. We hit NOLA at least once a year and BSSP is our go to stop. Also, if you go that way from LaPlace take 310 to US90 and avoid the Huey P Long Bridge.
Wadcutter 04/09/22 08:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Military Campgrounds

Now, why would an active duty military family want to stay in a campground on base for six months? They make money by getting a housing allowance and then only having to pay the monthly rate at the campground. That could amount to $1000+/mo in their pocket tax free. A friend who is a USAF doc is doing it. She bought a trailer, about a 32 ft. She said there's limited housing on her base so she gets housing allowance. Apartments around the base are either not fit to live in or well above her allowance pay. She bought the trailer and pockets over $1000/mo tax free. The installation cmdr allows it on her base. It's against the MWR policy but installation cmdrs have a lot of freedom what they can do.
Wadcutter 03/31/22 08:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Illinois to Ft Lauderdale …… in December

When we make that trip from central IL we head straight south before making the change in direction to FL. If you can make it to Sikeston MO the first day that's a bit over 400 miles for you. There's a nice overnight stop at Sikeston about 1/4 mile east of I-55. Easy on and off. And a short drive to Lambert's Cafe. Another 400 mile day on I-55 will put you about Brookhaven MS. In December would normally be out of the really cold weather. Then pick up I-12 and I-10 into FL. Or another route is south of Sikeston head towards Dyersburg and Jackson TN to Corinth MS to Birmingham. Depending on where you're going in FL then Birmingham to Dothan and to FL. Or if going to the Pensacola to Ft Walton Beach area then take I-65 to Evergreen AL and 31 south. Both of those routes you'll avoid Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. Always lots of traffic going thru all 3 cities. As long as everyone behaves you can get thru them with no problems. But it just takes one knucklehead to really plug up the works resulting in a mess. Also we've seen I-75 south of Atlanta into FL be at a total stop for no reason other than people not knowing how to drive, slowing down, and plugging up the flow of traffic.
Wadcutter 03/23/22 06:31am Roads and Routes
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