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RE: Grand Design owners forum

I have not gone to the GD sponsored forum. The original (non supported) forum is just fine. Been a member there for several years. I found it very off putting the way those former moderators pulled a fast one going behind the backs of the original forum owner getting GD fully paid for trips to Indiana to meet with GD to plot the launch of the GD sponsored forum. Then GD threatened legal action against the original forum as GD wanted to steal their forum name(which they did get). Once everything was in place, all the original moderators resigned en-mass to moderate at the GD sponsored forum leaving no moderators at all at the original forum. Very unseemly and those guys sold their respect for some free trips and a GD hat & shirt. I used to have a lot of respect for those guys as to the way they oversaw the forum. Was blown away how some corporate bling and fancy titles can corrupt. Yup... That's how I saw it too. I went there once recently and saw all the guys who used to do a great job moderating the old forum all jumped ship. Im sure there's two sides to the story, but your summary, I believe is much more correct than anything the other side could come up with. It's a shame really. I still enjoy the old forum. Mike
Walaby 12/07/19 07:18am General RVing Issues
RE: It is no wonder

Count me as never seen it. Wonder if the browser we use matters. I use Mozilla (FireFox) Mike
Walaby 12/05/19 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can my truck tow this?

If you had to ask the question in he first place, well??? probably not! This really is the crux of most discussions on this topic. They almost always are started by someone who isn't sure, and is looking for reassurance from unknown individuals on the internet. Typically the answers end up close to 50/50, and the individual asking the question can glean a piece or two of information that will either (a) justify what they are doing, or (b) justify the need for the proper tool (ie a new truck) to do the job. One can always find the justification they need for either decision, they just have to wait for the right post, or combination of posts that they can then say "see honey, this guy here who has been on this forum for 15 years says I need a new truck, so obviously he is very knowledgeable and must be right". Or, "see honey, we can buy that trailer we want and don't have to upgrade the truck, because the guy with 15 years of experience said so". Not everyone is born with the knowledge, so research is necessary. I believe the best approach is to do your own research, and ask questions as necessary to clarify your knowledge. That's what I did when I started getting into RVing. I did probably a years worth of research and had multiple conversations with a friend who has much more experience than I did, and used all resources available to me... not just asking "hey, can I tow this", and relying on the answer I wanted to hear. Just sayin... Mike
Walaby 12/03/19 07:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Grand Design owners forum

Yes, the original site is still up and running. I go there daily, just like here. Mike
Walaby 12/02/19 06:29pm General RVing Issues

Guess we will agree to disagree. Glad you got it resolved tho Mike
Walaby 11/30/19 12:59pm Tech Issues

So, let me make sure I have this straight. 1. Doug suggests you check and reset the dip switch(es). Okay, he said #4, not #5, but I suspect there's only about a 100 or so different configurations (at a minimum). 2. You are ADAMANT it is not the dip switch, and refused to accept the fact that it could be. To the point of ordering parts before even considering it. 3. You rail on Doug because he expresses frustration with you asking for help, but refusing to consider solutions offered. 4. You determine it is the dip switch reset after all (granted again, #5 instead of #4). 5. Think you owe Mr. Rainer an apology. That's pretty much how I see it. Mike
Walaby 11/30/19 08:12am Tech Issues
RE: Question about moving fifth wheel

Agreed... think you made the right choice. Can't imagine a come-along and a tree being able to move probably at least 10K lbs, maybe more like 15K lbs, unless you were Superman. But then if you were, you wouldn't need the advice. Mike
Walaby 11/24/19 11:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: campground to avoid

Well, yeah, Ohio is on my list of places to visit too, right there with Three Mile Island, and the DMV. Don't dismiss the Air Force Museum at Wright-Pat. The AF museum at WP is amazing. You can spend two days there easily. I spent 3 hours after a business trip, and barely scratched the surface. Mike
Walaby 11/18/19 07:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: campground to avoid

Google overall 4.2 stars. 80 reviews. Lots of positives. A fair number of comments about rude management/owner. Reading the reviews on Google, I'd probably look elsewhere unless it was the only place available where I wanted to be. Mike
Walaby 11/18/19 07:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

If you are in the NW (Seattle) congratulations and keep electing the fools you do, They give the homeless more rights than the taxpayers. Lived there and got the hell out... Its a joke....... Yup.. same reason I will never move back. Left in 1981, only visited a handful of times since. Californians move there and turned it into what it is today. Mike
Walaby 11/17/19 03:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

It just amazes me that as a private land owner, someone can park their RV on my property, and squat there and I can't boot them off? Is that not, by definition, trespassing? Landowners in your county are actually experiencing that, and can't do anything about it? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since you're "location" is NW, and I have family there. I will never go back there any more other than to visit at best. Simply incredible if the trespassing and squatting is actually occurring and overlooked or condoned by the local authorities. Mike
Walaby 11/17/19 12:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Evolving Canines, de-evoloving people?

Maybe if California started prosecuting people for these crimes, they would feel persecuted, form caravan's and march to Mexico. Mike
Walaby 11/16/19 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

Really don't understand why OP won't post at least one pic so we can get an understanding of exactly what the deal is. Mike
Walaby 11/10/19 08:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buckling bronco!

I set my WD hitch per manufacturer directions using measurements not weights. Towed great. Then I weighed it, and the weight was 14 tongue weight, which also was just fine for me. So in my case, following manufacturer directions and going by the measurements worked just fine. That was my last two TT's... Now I have a 5er. Mike
Walaby 10/28/19 02:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trouble with California

What has got me riled a few times is the Invasive Water Species check points. We sometime pack out kayaks on trips. They don't have any enclosed areas. Just a big open plastic shell. There's checkpoints at rest areas and you're required to stop. It could be twice in one day in the same state. Really annoying especially when you don't plan on using the kayaks in that state. And if you do you still have to get inspected at the lake even after two inspections prior in the same state. Agent: Sir, have you used your kayak in our state? Driver: No Agent: I want to inspect your kayak to see if there's any standing water inside. Driver: You calling me a liar? Wonder how many would have THAT confrontation.... Mike
Walaby 10/23/19 05:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping etiquette

Just because someone doesn't want a party of thirty-some people right by their front door does not make them anti-social idiots. When I go camping, I prefer to either hang out by ourselves, or with our friends. Doesn't mean Im not friendly when walking around, and wave and say hi to folks as they walk by, but it also doesn't mean I want to spend hours talking to everyone I meet either. It sounds like that KOA was just poorly designed. I don't see that as OP's fault, nor do I find it unreasonable that he would like and expect some level of privacy. Even the RV resort I stay at periodically in Sarasota Fl, while all small spots, still provides some measure of "privacy". No ones doors are facing each other, and I don't have to worry about someone borrowing my picnic table, or whatever. It's really not too much to ask for others to be respectful of boundaries. At least it used to not be too much. Now, I guess it is. Mike
Walaby 10/21/19 06:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

Why someone MIGHT be singled out is rather simple, you have a plate from someplace other than Calif/ this case New York! Chances are someone from the East Coast entering Calif may have purchased fruits or vegetables along their cross country trip...Hell, I'm no Rocket Scientist, but I can figure that one out. Same conclusion I came to before I finished page 1. But some folks have to fuel the "spiracy" theory. Mike
Walaby 10/21/19 05:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Another "Yuk" thread, or OMG, or what are they thinking?

I hate dump sites.....nasty places I have electric dump valves and just let them rip while driving back home. Simple.... That’s just crazy! I would never do anything like that! How would you flush the black tank?!!! Do like I do.. Hook the outside shower to the black tank flush and run the pump while you're heading down the road! Turn pump off when you stop for gas. All good. Mike
Walaby 10/19/19 08:52am General RVing Issues
RE: MH accident in gas station!

I wonder how many of the folks here clamoring for mandatory training and licensing actually had said training themselves? Some, Im sure, but I bet not all. Of course when they were learning, things were different. And the bit about getting an attorney? Please... Im guessing you have one on speed dial? Its amazing all the speculation. Mike
Walaby 10/13/19 07:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

Well said.. Thank you Retired JSO for your sacrifices. It's easy for people to ***** and moan about things from the comfort of their tidy little homes, and not have to put their selves in harms way day in and day out. Mike
Walaby 10/12/19 08:37pm General RVing Issues
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