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RE: Traveling with Propane on

I know it was a joke. It's just one that annoys the heck out of me because so many people REALLY BELIEVE they cannot cut the tags off pillows, etc.It is very clear the tag must remain on for disclosure to the end user. Would have helped if it said the end user could remove. BTW mine have all been removed ;) OMG - I had no idea I could remove those tags!!! I now have a Sunday project! Thanks toedtoes and time2roll. Time to bust out the scissors. BTW - just to make it thread relevant, I tow with my fridge running and no, I don't turn it off at the pump. Mike
Walaby 07/03/22 08:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for 5 star RV Park

Is Northern Texas north enough for you? You still haven't even bothered to narrow your location. Good luck Mike
Walaby 06/30/22 05:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Is It Worth It?

My first five or six trucks in my lifetime were gassers. My last two were/are diesels. I'll never go back, even if I quit RVing. Mike
Walaby 06/23/22 05:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

12 pages and not one comment on "you'll lose your a$$ if you get in a wreck" comment. Unless I missed it, that has to be some sort of a record. Oh where or where have the internet lawyers gone? Oh where or where can they be? Mike
Walaby 06/14/22 06:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Life member logo missing

Im still looking for my Elon Musk fan club sticker since I am a Starlink warrior now. Seriously, do you wake up in the morning, wondering every day, if your "sticker" shows up on the website? Mike
Walaby 06/11/22 06:37am Good Sam Club
RE: Starlink for RV's Just Released Announcement

It started out addressing the rural connectivity needs. Then RVers started to ask/clamor/call for it to be available to them. So, that's a new need, and the business model adjusted accordingly. Doesn't mean they aren't still addressing the rural need. One could argue whether $105 a month for high speed internet is "reasonable" or "cheap". Yes, upfront investment is surely high and may not be affordable for everyone. While not necessarily cheap, for me, it's my only source of high speed internet. Im rural and I had to game the system to get connected. End of the year, fiber will supposedly be in my area. We shall see. Until then, it's a great option. Mike
Walaby 05/25/22 09:25am Technology Corner
RE: Starlink for RV's Just Released Announcement

Think you can.. just have to pay the $25 per month fee for the time you are away from your service location. At least that's my understanding. Mike
Walaby 05/23/22 06:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Fuel Rants & Raves

Invoke the Defense Production Act Make the US companies fulfill America's requirement first before shipping overseas.:W We were energy independent and can be again. We just have to WANT to be. Little known fact about strategic reserve... it is not the high grade crude that refineries are used to, so it takes more effort to refine it. The act is largely symbolic, and has a very short term impact on price. Mike
Walaby 05/22/22 08:20am RV Lifestyle
RE: Covid in RV Parks

What would you have the park do? They have no legal ability to quarantine the guy. They actually have no way of knowing that is what the guy has or if he is even sick. I know I don’t go around sharing my health information with anyone. It isn’t unreasonable to speculate the guy’s diagnosis came from the rumor mill rather than a doctor. Good point. Something completely lost in this discussion. Mike
Walaby 05/12/22 06:44am Full-time RVing
RE: Covid in RV Parks

OP - I think you have a good mindset. Take your journey, continue to use precautions, and if you see something that makes you uncomfortable, walk/drive away. Don't hide in fear, but don't ignore common sense and don't take silly chances. Agreed. And if folks get comfort wearing a mask and feel it helps, either physically or mentally, then by all means, wear the mask. Mike
Walaby 05/11/22 12:17pm Full-time RVing
RE: New Blackstone Owner - Do I still need my grill?

I use my Blackstone for just about everything. I say just about, because I can't imagine barbecued Chicken on it. Can't envision the nice charred BBQ sauce coming out the same on the flat top. I have cooked burgers, steaks, philly cheese steak, hibachi steak, chicken, shrimp and fried rice, breakfast. I still find a use for my grill. This past trip I used both. Each have their use. Mike
Walaby 05/10/22 08:08pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Covid in RV Parks

My boss just caught COVID for the second time. She's gotten the shots and booster, and still got it twice. I've been vaccinated, and I got it post vaccine. Point is, no matter what you do, there's still a chance you can get it. I personally believe that RVing makes it easier to socially distance. To this day, Im not sure why people still think if they wear a cloth mask that it will protect THEM from someone who is infected. Mask helps keep YOU from passing it to someone else. At some point, life must go on. Take reasonable precautions and live life. Mike
Walaby 05/10/22 08:02pm Full-time RVing
RE: RV recovery!

Yes, very sad story. I just can't help but wonder what went through their mind as they drove through those crazy roads. I'd like to think I woulda stopped a lot sooner and either turned around or got into the Kia sooner. But, it's easy to second guess, not being there. Tragic story. Thoughts and prayers for Beverly and the whole family. Mike
Walaby 04/18/22 02:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is happening with our members?

Where do you put the dog bowl at home? Out of the way so you're not tripping over it. Where do you put the dog bowl in a RV? Out of the way so you're not tripping over it. The question about dog bowl is a ridiculous and stupid question. C'mon, really? Are some of you going to actually sit here and defend that is not a stupid question. Where do you put the trash can? Where do you put your shoes when you take them off? Where do you put your coat if you don't want to hang it in the closet? Where does it end? Mike
Walaby 04/13/22 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: What is happening with our members?

I agree with Chum Lee. I think some of you took his comments totally out of context. He never said that tech manuals answered all the questions, he simply said people post questions without even flipping a dang page on the manuals. Let's be honest, in today's "internet has all the answers" people have quite frankly gotten lazy. I can't count the number of times someone has posted a question and starts with "I know the answer has probably been provided a hundred times, but rather than spend time searching, I figured it's easier to ask it again". When I first started contemplating getting into RVing, I joined this forum and others, and all I did was read. Didn't respond, didn't post new threads, just read, for like six months. Same thing when I bought my first tractor for property I had purchased. I joined two tractor forums, and just read. I learned a lot before I even asked a question. Not saying everyone has to be that way, but dang man, at least make an ATTEMPT to do some level of research, ESPECIALLY at least thumb through your owners manuals. They certainly aren't perfect, but no one, or nothing, is. Mike
Walaby 04/11/22 07:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cool New Cat Scale App

The app has been around for quite some time (at least two to three years that I've been using it). It is very handy. You also get to see the weights on your phone instantly, followed up with the slip in the email. Mike
Walaby 04/04/22 07:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dealer Services

Out the door price is all that matters. I bought a used car for my son some time ago. Agreed to price, then they tacked on the add-on's (doc fee). I told them I don't give a **** if the doc fee is $7499 and the car's price is a $1, write it up however you want, but Im not paying a penny more than $7500 out the door. They reduced the price of the car accordingly. Camping world here is full of themselves with fees. I'll never deal with them. Mike
Walaby 04/03/22 07:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Holy Chutzpa on the Surcharges Batman

I think you need to contact the Department of motor vehicles in the state where that dealer needs to be de-licensed. With 30 dealerships, I highly doubt they are doing anything illegal to warrant de-licensing. I agree these additive costs are ridiculous though. Run Forrest Run Mike
Walaby 02/23/22 08:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mobely / 3G shut down????

My Mobley is 4G LTE It also stays on all the time.. and always has for years. Mike
Walaby 02/17/22 06:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Multiple Buyers. Who gets the RV?

First with green wins, every time. Get the second folks cell and call them if it sells. They can turn around. This is a Jack AZZ move. If YOU say to someone that you will wait for them after you speak to them and there is an agreed upon time to meet and you sell it out from under them that is Chicken ShnitZ. But that's not what the OP suggested. Actually it is Copied from original post We have another buyer who contacted us over a week ago when we were out of town. We told him when we get back we'll contact him and he plans on coming tomorrow. He lives about 4 hours away. So, yes, he made contact and the individual said he would come tomorrow. I think it's safe to assume this was agreed to by the OP. Mike
Walaby 02/01/22 08:03pm General RVing Issues
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