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RE: How much do you really need?

I think using the GVWR is still the best number to use, especially when you consider the like 60 per cent are overloaded. I went by GVWR, when I purchased all three of my trailers. If I can tow up to GVWR with my tow vehicle and stay within all parameters, then I know Im good. Where did you come up with 60% are overloaded? Or is that a guess? Mike
Walaby 09/19/20 09:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Considering a '17 3500 Ram

With my 2017 CTD pulling 14K at 63-65 I get 10.5-11 Mike
Walaby 09/13/20 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Weighing at Cat Scales

Download the app and you don't even have to go inside. App will properly charge the reduced cost for the re-weigh. Mike
Walaby 09/10/20 08:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

Yeah.. I've thought of that. Had one for my Challenger, so familiar how they work. Mike
Walaby 09/05/20 09:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

Anyone that says they get their best mileage at 72 MPH is not in touch with reality. Since aerodynamic drag increases dramatically as speed increases, it is impossible to reverse basic laws of physics. Slow down AND grow up. Another city dweller that lives in an area your lucky to maintain 55. Go west I know my vehicle & worked numbers for many years an know where my vehicle runs best. Diesels love to work and work best pulling loads, that's why you never see gas long hauls. 72mph the engines loafing at 2000 rpm, right in the power range: Per Ford: Horsepower: 450 hp at 2,800 rpm Torque: 935 lb?ft at 1,600 rpm Jump in your Prius and drive on. I wish my diesel got decent mileage at 72. Been there and tried that and didn't work out too well. My best mileage is 63-65 Mike
Walaby 09/04/20 07:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Poor workmanship -- Entry Level VS Higher Price ????

Just because a company pays more does not necessarily mean the quality improves. True - but some folks automatically assume(d) RV workers are being paid minimum wage. Obviously they are not. Mike
Walaby 09/03/20 08:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Virus while camping

I've camped at least three times since March. Perhaps even easier to maintain precautions then being at home. Haven't gotten sick either at home or while camping. I wish there was a poll capability on this website, because it would be interesting to see total number of people who have camped between Mar and July (for example), and how many (if any) contracted the virus. Mike
Walaby 08/26/20 05:21pm RV Lifestyle
RE: 6.7L Cummins Engine Brake

Give this thread enough time and you will see mixed thoughts here too. I suspect what you read here will largely mirror what you've read elsewhere. I don't use it driving around city, but use it towing or not on the freeway. Mike
Walaby 08/25/20 04:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lynx Levelers -- 10-year warranty ?????

I have lynx levelers. $30 for a set of 10, Im not thinking about a warranty or not. Mike
Walaby 08/24/20 10:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Ally financial Bank Issues.... Anybody else experience this?

Paper titles are going the way of the dinosaur. Any vehicle title issued in Florida now is electronic, as well as finance liens. If you absolutely, positively gotta have a paper title, it can be yours for $85. When we sold our travel trailer on consignment, I asked the RV dealer sales manager was it necessary for me to provide a physical title. Her answer was no. But the bank will still send you a satisfaction of lien notice..... Same here in Georgia actually.. at least when talking about getting something from a lien holder. They will send you something that documents the lien has been satisfied, and then the owner takes that to the DMV if they want a paper title. And then wait for it in the mail. OP - it might be longer than 10 more days if Ally bank only sends a lien satisfaction letter. Mike
Walaby 08/21/20 04:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ally financial Bank Issues.... Anybody else experience this?

I believe OP's frustration is compounded by the fact he's trying to arrange pickup and driving from SC to Georgia to pick up the rig. Saw earlier post about driving through Atlanta. Trying to coordinate that, and still dealing with unknown dates from the bank, yeah, I would get frustrated too. Mike
Walaby 08/20/20 08:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are things ever going to get better?

Stop watching the news and life is great. COVID-19 deaths are down, hospitalizations are down, supplies are getting easier to find, businesses and restaurants are back open, the stock market is back up to record numbers, etc. You won't hear any good news like this from the mainstream media. Exactly. Very well said.
Walaby 08/20/20 06:52am Snowbirds
RE: Trailer length and sway

It could help if you would post your wheel base so someone doesn't have to look it up for themselves. That said, I believe, as long as you stay within your payload capacity, you should not have an issue with sway, provided you have a good weight distribution hitch with sway control. Focus on payload, as that is the number you will likely reach before any other number. And since you haven't bought the truck yet, make sure what you do buy has LT tires (vice P rated passenger tires). Ram 1500's have one of the lower payload capacities of the 1/2 ton family. Especially the Laramie edition, which is the higher end. Those extra options reduce payload. If I were going with a half ton, I'd be looking probably at Ford or GM (Chevy/GMC). Mike
Walaby 08/15/20 07:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Reminder About the Rules

As a previous owner of a forum, I can tell you the mods face a never ending challenge keeping politics out of the conversation. I attempted to have a political section on my forum and it just got so ugly it had to be killed. It's tough.. I know.. especially in these times. Mods - my hats off to you. You have a tough job. Mike
Walaby 08/09/20 07:15am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Urgent need help

To the OP...rvdad. What was the outcome, please ? Seems all to typical on forums these days. Need urgent help! And then a week later, nary a peep. Mike
Walaby 08/03/20 05:49pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Need input into newer GM D/A dually trucks

40,000+ miles a year? Sounds like it was used for hauling. No, 14 years as of the 15th of this month and 403458K on it, or 250,697 miles. That's 28,818 K per year, or 17,906 miles per year. It has been my work truck since I bought it new Aug 15, 2006. Never used for hauling. Think he meant the new one. 4 years old and 160K kilometer's, which is, 40K klick's per year. I think he was thinking 160,000 miles per year. I think these year Duramax's have issues with the injectors grenading, but Im not positive. Just read a lot about the CP3 fuel injectors having issues. That's only approx 24,000 miles, so not horrible. Little high. Probably still used for hauling. Mike
Walaby 08/02/20 07:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Just about dropped it!

Glad you caught it in time. Mike
Walaby 08/01/20 09:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What do you shut off when leaving for a trip

Another vote for nothing. Adjust T-stat and that's it. Mike
Walaby 07/26/20 06:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: When this is over

I will look forward to restoration of law and order. Oh wait.. maybe you're talking about something else. To the something else, I'll return to work instead of working from home, and I'll be glad that my honey-do list can finally be completed or overcome by events. I'll continue to camp as much as I can, which I have largely been able to do as scheduled. Mike
Walaby 07/20/20 02:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pls respect Canadian laws

I think many folks have issues because the so-called experts are wrong more than they are right. And in some cases shape the information to fit the agenda. Take the mask situation. Early on we were told wearing a mask could actually be detrimental and counterproductive. Only to find out we were told that likely to protect critical supplies from being wiped out. Noble gesture, but nevertheless... The cloth masks are okay to keep you from spewing germs on someone else, but they do little to nothing to keep virus's from entering in. Which is fine too, because it can prevent the spread. Just don't think that it will protect you. I still subscribe to social distancing and wearing a mask when I cant. Im not going to hide in my house for another six months though. I've gone out to eat, I've gone camping, and I've gone shopping. As retired military, I've been to more countries than most. You're constitutional rights end at the border. Follow the host countries laws, PERIOD or stay home. Mike
Walaby 07/18/20 08:00am General RVing Issues
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