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RE: Andersen Ultimate Hitch - my observations

Talked to Andersen today, and they had one suggestion. They said in some of the hitch balls, there's some "slop" and they said sometimes that can cause the chucking. They suggested I wrap some teflon tape around the shaft to tighten it up. I checked mine, and sure enough, it's a tad loose. Wrapped the teflon tape and no more slop. I'll test it later. Also suggested checking the torque of the top nut. I will retorque it once I hook back up and then take it for a short test ride and see if there is any improvement. The guy didn't really have any other suggestions. I talked to him about reversing the hitch and he suggested no, I think primarily because of my short bed and might be too close to the cab. Guy wassn't all that helpful really, although never know... maybe the teflon tape will help. Mike
Walaby 10/15/21 09:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Ultimate Hitch - my observations

^^^ This Where I am in BC, a fifth wheel hitch requires no chains but a ball hitch does. The Andersen is a ball hitch. I have the chains.
Walaby 10/15/21 09:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Ultimate Hitch - my observations

Thanks for all the comments. Couple replies back. I didn't realize you could install the hitch two ways. I guess in theory that makes sense, I just followed the stickers on the hitch that pointed an arrow towards tail gate and installed it that way. Guess it makes sense that it could go either way.. I was just following the stickers. My adapter is mounted towards the rear. Based on the measurement instructions from Andersen, it called for it to be mounted that way. Noticed on the hitch there is a sticker that says to loosen the two bolts and re torque the top bolt, then torque the side bolts. I will also give that a try. I do have the no slip mat. I'll have to hook up and measure where king pin is with Andersen vs where it is with the Superglide. Some really good info and inputs guys. Thanks. I don't know when I'll be able to test some of these ideas. Hooking up and re torquing the top bolt is an easy check. Thanks Mike
Walaby 10/14/21 08:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Ultimate Hitch - my observations

I have the steel Andersen. The instructions that came with the hitch stated to re-torque the top bolt after placing the full tongue weight on the ball. So, after lowering the rv onto the ball, I loosen the two locking bolts, and re-torque the center bolt, then re-torque the locking bolts. Makes a big difference in the towing experience. I only do this once, when installing the hitch. Then, for subsequent hitching and towing, I don't adjust it. If I remove and re-install the hitch, I perform the procedure again. Andersen address this in the FAQ here: Thanks Jack - I don't recall seeing that in the instructions. Just looked through them again, and no reference to the procedure at the link. Yes corvettekent, it is a short bed. I haven't had to turn 90 yet with it, but it worked fine on this trip. Pulling out of drive way and making a tight turn, with wife standing outside and watching, she said no concerns getting close to cab. Mike
Walaby 10/13/21 08:08pm Fifth-Wheels
Andersen Ultimate Hitch - my observations

Round trip from mid-Georgia to Greenville SC for a nice long weekend. About a month ago, I decided to switch from my Superglide auto slider to the Andersen Ultimate hitch. Not that I didn't like the superglide, I do, but I wanted the lighter hitch so it would be easier to remove from the bed between trips. Im not getting any younger, and I am using my truck a lot more as a truck, now that I have 7 acres of land to tend to. So, install was a snap. Nothing really to adjust. I bought the gooseneck version, with the Andersen shaft, no slip pad and chains. Installed, torqued everything down, and all good. Driving experience was not so great. Rough roads were REALLY rough with the hitch. I had recently driven over the same roads with my Superglide and it was not anywhere near as rough. Concrete interstate with any sort of roughness was really bad. Like a bucking bronco a couple of times. I don't think there's anything "adjustment" wise, because it's all install and torque down.. no adjustments to be made. I have a RVing friend who has the same setup. We were camping together this weekend. He has a dually, I have a SRW. He says he does not get the bucking and rough riding I experienced. On way back, overall not as bad, and the road close to home on southbound side is not as bad as the northbound side was heading out. Unless there's some way to smooth this thing out, I suspect I will go back to the Superglide. Seems like the extra 200lbs the Superglide weighs really made the ride much smoother. Wondering if others notice the same thing? Anything I can do maybe to the truck, or the pinbox to smooth things out? I like the hitch overall, like the weight savings, and like the ease of removal.I don't have air-ride on the truck, and have what I consider a standard pin box. Nothing fancy, not a Trail Air or nothing like that. I won't buy a dually just to get a smoother ride. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Lets just try to NOT make this an AUH bash session. Mike
Walaby 10/13/21 06:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Non-level campsites Class A

This guy seemed to have no problem for past two days where Im at. This particular spot was the worst in the entire park. All kinds of roots busting up the asphalt. Camp host said it is only used when someone is desperate and all slots are taken. I wasnt here when he was leveling but my wife and our friends cringed as he was trying to get things level. At one point they swore it was going to tip over Mike
Walaby 10/12/21 07:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Request Prayers

Not trying to sound mean, or stick my nose where it doesn't belong. First off, I will pray for you and your wife. Secondly, I still believe in god helps those who help themselves. I get not wanting to go to the ER, but she needs to see a doctor. If you can't take her, there has to be someone, a neighbor or friend who will. Uber or Lyft is a great idea. You owe it to her to get her to a doctor. DO IT NOW Mike
Walaby 10/08/21 06:41am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: I'm actually in favor of high cancelation fees....

All this talk about suspension for a full season is great, but it will never happen. The parks actually have to care first about enforcing such a thing, and lets be honest, they largely don't care. But, it is interesting to debate. Having said that, I vote for full year suspension for the state of residence, plus all states that have borders with state of residence. Mike
Walaby 10/04/21 06:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pet peeve, neighbors leave porch light on

ktmrfs summed my thoughts up quite nicely. Quiet time means quiet, doesn't me total silence. We are generally inside by 10, but if not, the music has been turned off, we are hanging around the campfire til it goes out, maybe finishing off our beverage. Mike
Walaby 09/28/21 07:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon to charge 25% more for out of state RV campers

If a 25% increase meant an additional $5 or even $10 increase per night, it wouldn't necessarily be a difference maker to me. At some point, if it did make a difference, I'd decide at that point if it was worth it or not. I personally don't have a problem with it. I will say I don't believe I've experienced that in state parks in Georgia, Florida, Alabama or South Carolina. Mike
Walaby 09/22/21 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Navigation options

OK, someone tell me which Internet Map base you use that can let you input your RV's height into so it won't route under a low overpass??? My Garmin allows me to input height, weight, and length to keep me off of roads I shouldn't be on. After all this is an RV Forum. I use the Smart Truck Route app. I think it's $100 for 3 or 4 years. Can't remember exactly. Lets you set vehicle height, weight, length etc Mike
Walaby 09/19/21 06:16pm Technology Corner
RE: flex tape

I agree - use Eternabond. I too have not had any luck with the flex products. At all. Especially for a longer lasting solution. Eterna in Eternabond is short for eternity. This stuff won't come off. Mike
Walaby 09/12/21 07:48pm Tech Issues
RE: 5er accidents

I'm in agreement that RV dealers need to be held liable if they sell a rig to someone they =know= will be towing with a truck that's simply not meant for hauling something that size. Doubly liable if they actually set up the truck for the customer. There =are= the occasional dealers that will refuse to sell a trailer to someone if their truck's too small. With FWs, =tow= ratings mean almost nothing; it's =payload= that's the controlling factor. Lyle While I agree there's dealers that will sell anyone anything to make a buck, isn't it the consumer who should be held accountable? Or maybe it should be the truck manufacturer, because after all, they show a Toyota Tundra pulling a Space Shuttle. Mike
Walaby 09/09/21 03:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to carry blackstone griddle

I've been keeping mine in the carry bag for several years now with no negative effect. yes, I have the slight tacky residue but it hasn't transferred over to the carry bag. Whatever works though Mike
Walaby 09/09/21 03:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to carry blackstone griddle

I clean my after each use. And especially before I pack up to move on. Not that hard. Why would you want to pack a dirty/greasy top? Mike
Walaby 09/08/21 07:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Use Both Lanes Until Merge Point"

Yes, the lane is technically "open until it's not", but the reason for the signs are to alert you that the lane will end in "x" feet and as a result of that warning, it is expected that one will merge when it is safe to do so, and not at the end of the lane. I have never seen a sign that says keep going and then merge at this point (at the end). Mike
Walaby 09/06/21 08:52am General RVing Issues
RE: "Use Both Lanes Until Merge Point"

I've not seen a "Use both lanes" or a "merge here" sign. I do see lane ends in "x feet" If Im with my RV and I see that, I merge when it's safe to do so, not wait until the end. I don't have enough faith in fellow drivers to allow this zipper effect to actually happen towing a 40 ft trailer. Mike
Walaby 09/04/21 04:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Use Both Lanes Until Merge Point"

Since this is a RV site, I hope none of you merge at the last point with your RV. Although I suspect there are a few who would. Mike
Walaby 09/04/21 12:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Atlanta

Travel trailers can go through I-75. I've done it both ways with my 5er. Straight through on I-75 and then the bypass. Done both bypasses (East and West). If you can't avoid Atlanta entirely, I would just go through in middle of the day, straight on I-75. Stay in second lane from right, as several right lanes end up being exit only. My 5er is 40 foot. Mike
Walaby 08/28/21 08:01am Roads and Routes
RE: Scary moment towing my 5er around Denver last week

I think the reason you have no idea is because there's no conceivable guideline that would prevent something as stupid as this from happening. MikeToo fast for conditions, consecutive lane changes, using the median, unsafe lane change, failure to maintain minimum speed, turn signals?. I think only three violations to move up to a misdemeanor of reckless driving. The question dealt with how to devise tighter controls to restrict who gets a license. Has nothing to do with how many violations this person committed. To device tighter controls on who can have a drivers license, you would have to predict stupidity. Mike
Walaby 08/22/21 09:02pm Fifth-Wheels
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