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RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

If this site represents a microcosm of the RVing society as a whole, then I submit to you socializing is anything but dead. The sheer percentage of folks posting here who are the socializing type would suggest that there's RV block parties going on at every campground in the good ole USA. I can tell you that when we are out RVing, we are rarely at the campground, except evenings. I wonder how many people assume we are holed up in our RV. We carpool when RVIng with our friends, so sometimes my truck is at camp, sometimes it's not. Mike
Walaby 01/22/20 07:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

If you are finding reasons to be unhappy now, and are buying a larger trailer, the answer to your subject question "Will I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck" is a flat out no. You won't get it out of your mind, and will always have that question lingering in your mind. Mike
Walaby 01/19/20 08:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Heave-Ho

Camper for saleā€¦ old useless propane fridge is going back in to help with the sale since people don't know what they need at first. I guess the reason he thought you were putting in an old non-working propane fridge, was because of this statement. Mike
Walaby 01/16/20 08:08pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Substancial deposit required

I have found, like others, that it varies. Texas state park I go to requires full payment at time of booking. Georgia state parks, I believe is one night (as pointed out). I always make sure I know the details before I commit, to include cancellation fee. I don't think any campgrounds make a nickel off pre-payment, but even if they do, why should I care? Mike
Walaby 01/14/20 08:43pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Prepping RV for private sale

I know alot of people will not disclose the flaws, and just figure if the buyer doesn't notice, it's their fault. I personally hope you disclose the issues. I would. I also would probably have tried to figure out a way to fix the issue, while I was still using it, rather than have it tarped for two years. I would replace the ladder. That's two issues, and it would make me wonder what other things are wrong... and I would dig deep investigating. Mike
Walaby 01/12/20 08:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Attention Grand Design Owners...

Have a GD Reflection 5er. Very happy with it thus far. Owned just about a year (year next month). Have heard GD customer service is great, but have not had a reason to test that out. Mike
Walaby 01/11/20 08:02am Travel Trailers
RE: How To Calculate Tow Capacity

GVWR pretty universally means Gross Vehicle Weight RATING.. Which translates to the max weight the vehicle can weigh with all the cargo, passengers, etc... Yes, so you need to know the empty weight. I would have thought that would be available on a sticker, like trailers. Is there an abbreviation on the sticker that says UVW? Which stands for unloaded vehicle weight? Mike
Walaby 01/10/20 05:29pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Alone or in a group?

Mix We like to go alone, but also enjoy going with two close friends, traveling as a group of three. Mike
Walaby 01/10/20 08:37am RV Lifestyle
RE: It could have went bad!

I've only been RVing for about 4 years. Fortunately, I have not yet had one of those moments. I'll have to bookmark this thread just to remind me once in a while to take my time and double check everything. Coming home and finding the pins sitting on the table would freak me out. Mike
Walaby 01/08/20 05:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oil headed for 70 bucks s barrel. Here we go.

strange its still $2.29 here in canton ohio. diesel is $3.09 what ever was done needed done I for one am glad he had the guts to stand up and fight. Agreed
Walaby 01/03/20 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cash Vs. Finance

Definitely overthinking and overreacting. When you took out a loan for your current RV, did you sign the loan paperwork before you did inspection and took possession? If so, big mistake. if not, then same process. Same basic process cash or financing. Just give them the check at the appropriate time and avoid signing all the papers I don't understand the drama. Mike
Walaby 01/03/20 07:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

People are afraid of each other in the current culture. We are taught that using the wrong pronoun is a federal offense. Political views have become catalysts for explosive reactions. It is just not worth it to some to risk having their camping experience ruined by a confrontation. Back in the day, it seems to me, people were more interested in finding common ground. Now so many are "spring-loaded" to the defensive position. JMHO I think this is a huge part of the current culture. Hell, I just found out that it's no longer "ok" to flash the "ok" sign. So, now if I flash the okay sign, Im now a racist. Holy ****. Speaking of socializing. Think we can agree most of us are part of this club. Maybe we should start using this sign instead of waviing. Truck Gang Mike
Walaby 01/01/20 10:37am General RVing Issues
RE: ToGo a No-Go

According to it's $25 for the first month, and $40 each month after that. Mike
Walaby 12/18/19 01:17pm Tech Issues
RE: 5er hitch options RAM MegaCab w/6'4" bed - Solitude 310GK

Another vote for the Pullrite Auto Slider OE Puck mount. Pricey, but worth it in my opinion. I love mine, and don't ever have to wonder if it will or will not hit the cab of the truck. Only thing I wish is that the capture plate mounted to the hitch, like the Demco and not to the Kingpin. But that's not a big deal really. It's a heavy hitch... 300lbs, but worth it in my opinion. Mike Great way to go. Although I have a friend that got a bit tired of messing with it, they are a bit fussy about that angle you are at getting then hooked up ,and unhooked. They don't don't come undone he said at too much of an angle. He went to the Andersen rail mount seems to be a bit more happy with that. I've heard that, but haven't experienced it personally yet Admittedly not as easy to pull out of the truck as other hitches. But, I lift mine out (as necessary), by just leaving it hooked up to the king pin. Then, I lower it down onto a rolling table and roll it into my garage. Mike
Walaby 12/10/19 06:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5er hitch options RAM MegaCab w/6'4" bed - Solitude 310GK

Another vote for the Pullrite Auto Slider OE Puck mount. Pricey, but worth it in my opinion. I love mine, and don't ever have to wonder if it will or will not hit the cab of the truck. Only thing I wish is that the capture plate mounted to the hitch, like the Demco and not to the Kingpin. But that's not a big deal really. It's a heavy hitch... 300lbs, but worth it in my opinion. Mike
Walaby 12/10/19 01:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand Design owners forum

I have not gone to the GD sponsored forum. The original (non supported) forum is just fine. Been a member there for several years. I found it very off putting the way those former moderators pulled a fast one going behind the backs of the original forum owner getting GD fully paid for trips to Indiana to meet with GD to plot the launch of the GD sponsored forum. Then GD threatened legal action against the original forum as GD wanted to steal their forum name(which they did get). Once everything was in place, all the original moderators resigned en-mass to moderate at the GD sponsored forum leaving no moderators at all at the original forum. Very unseemly and those guys sold their respect for some free trips and a GD hat & shirt. I used to have a lot of respect for those guys as to the way they oversaw the forum. Was blown away how some corporate bling and fancy titles can corrupt. Yup... That's how I saw it too. I went there once recently and saw all the guys who used to do a great job moderating the old forum all jumped ship. Im sure there's two sides to the story, but your summary, I believe is much more correct than anything the other side could come up with. It's a shame really. I still enjoy the old forum. Mike
Walaby 12/07/19 07:18am General RVing Issues
RE: It is no wonder

Count me as never seen it. Wonder if the browser we use matters. I use Mozilla (FireFox) Mike
Walaby 12/05/19 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can my truck tow this?

If you had to ask the question in he first place, well??? probably not! This really is the crux of most discussions on this topic. They almost always are started by someone who isn't sure, and is looking for reassurance from unknown individuals on the internet. Typically the answers end up close to 50/50, and the individual asking the question can glean a piece or two of information that will either (a) justify what they are doing, or (b) justify the need for the proper tool (ie a new truck) to do the job. One can always find the justification they need for either decision, they just have to wait for the right post, or combination of posts that they can then say "see honey, this guy here who has been on this forum for 15 years says I need a new truck, so obviously he is very knowledgeable and must be right". Or, "see honey, we can buy that trailer we want and don't have to upgrade the truck, because the guy with 15 years of experience said so". Not everyone is born with the knowledge, so research is necessary. I believe the best approach is to do your own research, and ask questions as necessary to clarify your knowledge. That's what I did when I started getting into RVing. I did probably a years worth of research and had multiple conversations with a friend who has much more experience than I did, and used all resources available to me... not just asking "hey, can I tow this", and relying on the answer I wanted to hear. Just sayin... Mike
Walaby 12/03/19 07:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Grand Design owners forum

Yes, the original site is still up and running. I go there daily, just like here. Mike
Walaby 12/02/19 06:29pm General RVing Issues

Guess we will agree to disagree. Glad you got it resolved tho Mike
Walaby 11/30/19 12:59pm Tech Issues
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