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RE: Keep a Word Change a Word, Part II.

scenic express
Wanderlost 11/20/19 10:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Song Post - Part Three

MAYBE You Should Have Been Listening - Jessi Colter
Wanderlost 11/20/19 09:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Gettin' a mite lively around here. Fencer is coming for Thanksgiving, so we'll all be going to the Texas Renaissance Festival -- all three of us like to dress appropriately. Tall and Short Friend don't want to drive that far, so they'll stay here and take care of the cats. Meanwhile, the same realtor that gave Sister two previous and insulting offers put down an acceptable offer, on an "as is" basis. He then had 10 days to back out. So yesterday, the 10th day, he backed out, claiming issues from the inspection. Never mind that the offer was "as is." The only issues in the inspection were age related, so I see this as just another ploy, and would not be at all surprised if the home inspector they hired was already in the realtor's pocket, as I saw some things in the "inspection" that were not present in her house at all. That realtor owns lots of houses in that development and is looking for more. But he nickel and dimes down the prices beyond ridiculous. So I see this as just another in his quiver of sleazy actions, where the house is listed as "pending" for ten days, so that other interested folks pass it by, then he rejects it to mentally mess with Sister's mind. He's trying to make her desperate, so she'll do anything to sell. Well, that just ain't gonna happen. Her realtor and I explained exactly what the offering slime bag is trying to do, and what he will do next (wait a few weeks, then make another **** offer and think she'll accept it that time). Meanwhile, everything her realtor has said will happen and when has happened exactly as he said, so the next surge of interest is coming up. One of her son's friends' mom is a local realtor in the same development. Sister will call her to find out if the slime bag realtor has been spreading ugly rumors about Sister's house, in an attempt to sabotage anyone else from buying it. If so, several complaints will get processed toot sweet. On the wildlife front, we believe the 8-point buck is illegal to hunt, as his antlers don't extend past his ears. Not that it will make the slightest difference to the poachers around here. Still, as long as he likes hanging around in our meadow, he's safe. Hope he'll continue to do so. My dermatologist cut off a lump on my leg earlier this month. It came back as skin cancer. Will see him next week to determine what, if anything, needs to be further done. It was either basal-cell or squamous-cell, not sure which, as the caller used both terms and talked really fast. Since it's not melanoma, I'm not losing any sleep. Just a little weirded out that my first skin cancer would show up on my leg, when my face and arms have spent far more time exposed to the sun. Meanwhile, all the every six months bloodwork at my GP came back completely normal, except for glucose and A1C, and they continue to go down as I lose weight. But the GP really wants me on a diabetes medication, and since I can't take metformin (nasty reaction with a heartbeat space regulator medication) or Invokana (makes me dizzy), I now give myself a weekly shot to stimulate more natural insulin production. I have no way to measure that, but it's also an appetite suppressor, which I have noticed in a big way. Have lost almost 3 pounds in a week and a half. Hopefully, it won't go quite so fast as I adjust to the medication -- I have no desire to look like a Shar Pei... It's a gloriously beautiful autumn day, high to be 76, so I'm heading outside. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 11/20/19 09:36am RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Rudy's not deaf. He's just a cat, a male cat...
Wanderlost 11/17/19 12:22pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Keto French Toast Bake

I developed a problem with Invokana, so now I'm on Ozempic. Within three days of the first injection, I lost 2 pounds. Much to my surprise, it's also a known appetite suppressor, which is why the weight is coming off so easily. Hope it's not just an early on the meds thing... Meanwhile, here's another great Keto recipe for us breakfast casserole fans: Keto Breakfast Casserole
Wanderlost 11/17/19 12:03pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Since red is my favorite color, I think that old Pace Arrow's color scheme is great and would look fabulous on yours. I like the convertible sofas, too. They look very lightweight, which might be helpful in your overall weight. The Travasack sleep system is still available, or systems like it. If you do a search for it, one that immediately comes up is RV Superbag.
Wanderlost 11/17/19 11:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cat Shelter

DougE, where do you find straw in New Braunfels? I've found all kinds of stuff, but not straw. Good work on that shelter. Now set it on the sunniest side of your place, out of the north wind, and they'll do nicely.
Wanderlost 11/17/19 11:38am RV Pet Stop
RE: Camping Cat

Great job! Are you sure that TCIT isn't already in his forever home? Bug seems to be okay with him now. I look forward to their adventures.
Wanderlost 11/17/19 11:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Rudy's not the sharpest nail in the box. Last Friday, he took off and did not show up before we headed off to Tall Friend's birthday dinner at his favorite restaurant. He still wasn't around when we returned a few hours later, although he did finally show up after about 10 minutes of me calling. No treats, though. He failed to respond when he was supposed to. He showed no interest in going outside yesterday, not that I would have allowed him outside. Then this morning, they both went out as usual. Czarny was back and ready to stay inside within a couple of hours. Rudy stayed out another hour, but is now safely inside. The eight-point buck is certainly a mellow guy. I believe he's been fed by at least one neighbor since he was a fawn. He sure likes hanging around in our meadow now, whether the does are around or not. Meanwhile, one of this year's fawns is so bold as to come alone to the porch for the deer chow. It stands right by the pan until WLToo or I fill it up, doesn't even back away from us. If this continues, it might get a name. Sister got another offer on the house, again from the same folks who'd made insulting offers two times before. This couple are realtors who have been buying up properties in that development for some time, then renting them out. But they also have a reputation for making low ball offers, then finally coming up to near or at asking price, then trying to nickel and dime the price back down through outrageous demands and their pet "inspector". So Sister's realtor told them flat out this would be an "as is" at an acceptable price or they could go away. If/when the deal does go through, she'll be shut of that place before year end. Yesterday, she and realtor went house hunting and she did find one she's very interested in. Meanwhile, the Independent Living place under construction near me isn't under construction yet. They're still cutting away most of the hill. The opening is postponed to next fall. Maybe. So we looked at general apartments for rent around here, but all of them have one huge problem: no walk-in showers. Mom will not even try to climb into a bathtub/shower combo. She'll be staying where she is a while longer. Short Friend and I are about to have a spa day, while the guys go to Cabela's. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 11/17/19 11:14am RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Well, Rudy scared the snot out of me. Day before yesterday, he went out in the morning and did not come back with Czarny. In the afternoon, we walked the entire acreage, looking up in each tree and along the ground, looking for a live cat or body parts. Nothing. About an hour later, WLToo saw something stalking around the feline graveyard, but couldn't tell what it was without his glasses. By the time he'd put on his glasses and gone outside to look, Rudy strolled up on the porch all calm and collected. We kept him inside all day yesterday, and Czarny wasn't much interested in going outside. Today, they dashed out the door, then Rudy immediately dashed right back inside. I guess 44 degrees was too chilly for him. Czarny stayed outside about 10 minutes longer, then was happy to come inside. We now have does coming up to the south porch in the morning, and a second set in the evening. Both sets allow this year's fawns to eat first, then the does clean up the deer feed that's left. Of course, Leoghaire still marches over to the garage if she thinks WLToo is in there, and kicks the access door. It's so funny to watch, but we can never get a video before she notices and moves away. Meanwhile, the 10-point buck and a spike are hanging around the meadow and across the road. I hope they're smart enough to never go back toward the properties where I know the poachers live. We got over 4" of much needed rain earlier this week, so there's more for the deer to eat. Still doesn't end the drought, but it's at least better. The lake itself is only 2' under full, as most of this year's rains have been to the west and upriver. WLToo said a pair of roadrunners inspected the pool deck this morning. They, the mockingbirds, and the resident black-headed vultures are about the only birds left around here. I really miss the barn swallows... Czarny wants to play with me. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 11/02/19 08:52pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Peach Cobbler

Here's my great grandmother's recipe: Mama Shaw's Peach Cobbler Melt 1 stick butter in a 2-quart casserole dish. Mix together 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, and 1 cup milk. Pour over melted butter, but do not stir. Pour 2 cups sliced fresh peaches over the top. Bake at 375 to 400 for about 40 minutes. Personally, I add a little ginger powder for added flavor.
Wanderlost 10/21/19 02:13pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Feeling much better, but the Eustachian tubes are not yet fully open. Sigh. Short Friend sent video and photos from Buddy's internment. It was both incredibly beautiful and totally sucked at the same time. We will miss him so much. Sister is screwing herself into more drama, thinking she should take the house off the market and move back into it until after Christmas. Now she's all worried that Nephew One's two dogs will be an issue for Short and Tall Friend, while he's here over the holidays. I asked if they are a behavior issue and she said no, so I asked then what's the big deal, considering Short and Tall Friend don't have an issue with her two cats and dog as it is. She's still pondering that. I just might have to sit her down for a reality check -- the number of showings has increased, as predicted, but she's all agitated because she isn't getting offers. The realtor already told her what's going to happen, and it's right on schedule, yet she's not listening. Sigh. A ten-point buck came into our meadow on Friday morning. I do hope he survives hunting season, what with all the poachers around here. The county just voted to make discharging a firearm over .177 (BB size), including air powered, illegal on any property under 10 acres. It was illegal already, but didn't include air rifles, etc., so they updated it. Not going to stop the poachers, as we already know -- they'll just move to bows. WLToo found some deer chow, and we put it out just as the does walked up. Everyone gave it a good taste, then walked away. The fawn ate a lot of it. We refilled the next day, and Leoghaire acted like we were trying to poison her. Someone ate it that night, though. OK, fine. We'll feed whichever deer likes it, in hopes that somebody will survive the winter and the poaching, so we'll have at least a couple deer on the place next year. Rudy took his time responding to my call this morning. As I walked around outside, Czarny was right on my heels. "I'm right here, why are you still calling 'Kitty! Kitty!'?" They did answer, though, so both got their treats, and are zonked somewhere. Time to go do something useful. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 10/21/19 01:42pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

We can't go to Buddy's internment. We're both sick with that crud WLToo brought home. As long as our Eustachian tubes are blocked, there's no way we'll get on a plane. Buddy's wife understands. Short and Tall Friend will be there and will take pictures for us, and Fencer will perform Taps on his violin. Czarny stayed outside most of the day a few days ago. WLToo believes something treed him. I tend to agree, because now he does not go far away and responds within a minute of me calling, at a full out run. When the cold front arrived Friday, they dashed out the door and came to a screeching halt, then whirled around and came right back inside. The wind was howling, with cold gusts over 40mph. They did not care for that. That night, they both tried to sleep ON me, which made for a very uncomfortable night's almost sleep. We never turned off the air conditioner, knowing it was just gonna warm right back up, so I guess they felt chilled. During the day, they crawl under the covers for a nap -- just won't do it at night when the humans are under the covers. Cats... We're trying to find some deer feed without corn, since that's really bad for deer, but especially when natural food is scarce, as the drought has created. All the available feed around us has been bought, in preparation for deer season opening on 2 Nov. We'll look in adjoining community feed stores next. I don't want to do more than supplement Leoghaire, the other doe and fawn's natural grazing, but we need to find something so we can do even that. If no deer feed is available, we'll look for goat chow. Sister got another offer on her place, almost as insulting as the first one, and from the same people. At least they did come a mite closer to her asking price, but the realtor knows this group and recommends she say no. The group lowballs, then comes up to an acceptable offer, then tried to nickel and dime the sale right back down to the lowball offer. And they are downright rude about it, too. So Sister's not gonna bother with them. There's an actual family out there who will want that house. Short and Tall Friend told Sister she can stay in their house until hers sells, and they'll move back into our driveway in their Fifth Wheel. We are totally happy with that. Time to get moving again. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 10/13/19 02:57pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Song Post - Part Three

MIDNIGHT Special -- Lead Belly
Wanderlost 10/01/19 09:42am Around the Campfire
RE: Keep a Word Change a Word, Part II.

self sustaining
Wanderlost 10/01/19 09:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Spotacus' doppelgänger is named Lola, and her family got her safely home. Whew. Good news: Leoghaire and the fawn that's been hanging with her this summer came up to the house yesterday. I was running Mom around the city, while Brother and SIL were at the house. SIL fed both deer twice, as they were obviously very hungry. We're watering one stretch of grass, but it's not near enough for them--darned drought. WLToo returned sick from Buddy's funeral. Picked up some crud somewhere between here and Virginia. He was okay at the viewing, but got so sick he could not attend the funeral. Better now, but flying home was unpleasant -- ears wouldn't clear as they descended. The cats discovered the other side of the south fence last week. Took quite a while to convince them coming back through the fence and into the house (through a new to them door) was a great idea. Did it again the next day, but something seems to have frightened them, because they are staying on the north side of the house again. Yesterday, SIL and I were sitting on the deck extension, and we suddenly noticed the cats were zooming -- in a tree. They were running up and down the limbs on the live oak next to the pool, like the limbs were highways. So cute. Hummingbird migration seems to be steady. Only four to six birds in the morning, more arriving throughout the day, until late afternoon sees a minimum of a dozen. Pretty late for some of them; I guess the really warm summer up north delayed their migration starts. Time to get moving. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 10/01/19 08:55am RV Pet Stop
RE: Keep a Word Change a Word, Part II.

fifth wheel
Wanderlost 09/25/19 12:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Song Post - Part Three

I STILL Miss Someone -- Johnny Cash
Wanderlost 09/25/19 12:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Had a lovely time at CP1's reunion, pleasant drives to and from Colorado Springs. When we got home, both cats talked non-stop for over an hour. I'm glad we don't speak cat; don't really want to know what they thought of us leaving them. They were not so afraid this time. Rudy stalked around the house and glared at Nephew, while Czarny showed off on the cat tree and demanded Nephew pet him. They are adjusting to him quite nicely... Sad note: As we prepared to haul the recycles this morning, WLToo noticed the entire luncheon of vultures gathered at our gate (more than twenty of them). When we got there, this year's fawn was dead. It had tried to jump the fence and got a back leg caught. Between the vultures and a small coyote that kept sneaking in from across the road, by the time we got back, there was little left. This evening, WLToo will remove the leg remains from our fence for the smaller scavengers to clean up. Sad that our resident deer herd just decreased by one third. The hummingbird migration is in full swing. We have three feeders up and they all get drained several times a day. I may have to go buy more sugar...this is all we use it for nowadays. It's still in the 90s, but we only went over 100 three times this summer. We'll stay hot into the early days of October, but at least the nights are starting to cool off. On the up side, that's more days I can work out in the swimming pool. Sure do wish some of that rain around Houston had come this way -- we surely do need it, and Houston surely did not. Now that I know there's a coyote nearby, the cats' outside time will be severely constricted. Rudy doesn't go very far, but Czarny is expanding his range to beyond the garage and Obi-Wander. Like Spotacus, he thinks napping under Obi is a good idea, and isn't big on answering right away when I call. This morning, he did not respond until I walked to Obi and called again; meanwhile, the fawn's doe was running inside our fence line away from us (we didn't yet know about the fawn). Czarny kept stopping to smell stuff, so I picked him up and walked to the walkthrough between the house and garage. He struggled to get down, but did not run away, so I opened the laundry room door and he went into it for the first time. They both get treats when they come inside, so Rudy has already figured out me calling means treats -- Czarny hasn't put two and two together yet. The local forum posted a photo of a cat seen frequently at a convenience store. It's a dead ringer for Spotacus, right down to the white spot in the middle of its back. So tempting -- but they believe they've found its owner. Whew. I don't think Rudy could handle another cat. WLToo decided to fly up for Buddy's funeral, then fly back on Monday, while I handle the incoming relatives. Tall Friend is also doing a fast trip, then on to the wedding he and Short Friend have been committed to for months. Good. Buddy's Wife needs Buddy's old friends around here now. Have to help WLToo pack. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 09/25/19 11:51am RV Pet Stop
RE: Song Post - Part Three

Who's Gonna Mow Your GRASS - Buck Owens
Wanderlost 09/16/19 02:43pm Around the Campfire
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