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RE: Solar Install

Thanks KansasKen. I'll do that. Ed_Gee and Fishbreath: I have a rubber roof, so VHB tape is a no go for me.
WarrenS65 09/17/22 09:45am Truck Campers
Solar Install

I'm installing solar panels on my Host Everest. Does anyone know if the roof will support using self drilling screws, or do I need to hit a crossmember?
WarrenS65 09/16/22 05:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Is changing to a quieter AC worth it?

That looks interesting, but won't he need to pay for an NFA tax stamp if he buys a silencer?;) I installed one of the Wacko products and it makes a big difference. Check out And, no, i don't work for them and would not benefit from a purchase.
WarrenS65 09/14/22 09:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Is changing to a quieter AC worth it?

I ordered my Host with the RecPro 13,500 BTU AC unit. It was pricey, but much better than the Coleman's I've had in the past. Lower profile too. When you have shore power and it's not too cold outside, the heater option is a nice alternative to burning propane in your furnace. When the AC compressor kicks on, it very briefly draws 18A and then settles down to 8.6. If the cost is acceptable to you, I think you'll be happy.
WarrenS65 09/14/22 09:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Absorption Fridge Running on Solar/Battery/Inverter System

How about getting one of the medium sized lithium battery packs to recharge your electronics? You can charge it off the camper and recharge your stuff without drawing on the camper batteries.
WarrenS65 07/15/22 09:11pm Truck Campers
RE: New Host Everest

As for age and health, I'm 57 and DW is 49. I'm 5'11" and DW is 5'7". We're both larger than we should be. Crawling into the cabover bed is easy enough. Getting out entails either getting on hands and knees and crawling backwards or sliding yourself. With the extra headroom in the Host, it's much easier than it was in my non-basement model Lance. The standing area height of the Host and my older Lance was about the same, but because the floor on the Lance was down in the truck bed and the Host is on top of the bed rails, the overall height is much higher on the Host. Downside is that the Host is really tall. Upside is that the cabover on the Host has a lot higher ceiling. If you're not sure what it will be like living with a camper, try getting on and off your current bed from the foot rather than the sides. As for making it, that's no big deal. Just crawl in, start with the top two corners, then do the bottom corners. Again, it's much easier to crawl on the bed with the extra headroom in the Host. Campers with a front bath that blocks access to one side of the bed would be much more difficult to deal with. At home, we have a split king adjustable bed, and ordered the Host with a king mattress and am thinking of changing it to an adjustable split king as well. I couldn't do an adjustable in the Lance as it would have raised the height of the mattress and made it too claustrophobic.
WarrenS65 07/12/22 12:43pm Truck Campers
RE: New Host Everest

Yes. Dinette is fine for two people and removing the table makes for really nice lounging. Also, the sofa is fantastic and there's plenty of room for a folding table if needed. I must have missed putting a picture of the sofa. I'll add one to the original message now. The AC works fine, it was just so hot inside when I started, it took time to cool off the entire space. It works about as well as the Coleman 13,500 unit in my previous Lance camper, but it's much quieter. I have never seen the inside of this model. That dinette would have been a deal breaker for me. My non-slide TC has a much bigger dinette that will seat 4. Even though there are only two of us, after a day of hiking and being outdoors, we use the dinette seating a lot and want comfort over floor space. There also seems to be an issue with the AC. Are you sure it is properly charged and working OK? How do you know if your dinette will seat 4 if you only have two of you? He has a sofa, too. So I'm sure he has more comfort than any dinette including yours. I have no idea why he didn't include a picture of his sofa. Also, you can put up your feet on the padded portion with the wrap around dinette. 109 to 80 in the sun is actually pretty good for any AC. It takes a long time for an AC to drop that many degrees. Reflectix along with outside sunshades and awnings to keep the sun off on the sunny side/roof will help a lot.
WarrenS65 07/12/22 08:08am Truck Campers
RE: Delays in camper buiddate

Sorry for the delay. I typically don't do much posting while on the road. Anyway, I started a new thread for my new camper. Hey Warren, today is the day. Send us some pictures of your new truck and Everest. We know how excited you are for your new camper. Barry
WarrenS65 07/11/22 09:21pm Truck Campers
New Host Everest

Well it was a long wait, but well worth it. I picked up my Everest on 6/30 from Tom's Camperland in Mesa, AZ. We stayed two nights at the KOA in Apache Junction then 1 night with family in Phoenix. We're very happy with the Everest and would make the same purchase again. However, there were a few things that were not what we expected. I'll start with the negatives. The sofa and dinette are each about 5'10 and we thought they would be 6'.Next is that when you close the bathroom door, you have to sit at an angle on the toilet.The dinette is really made for two adults. First, the sofa and dinette are each about 5'10 and we thought they would be 6'. Next is that when you close the bathroom door, you have to sit at an angle on the toilet. Lastly, the dinette is really made for two adults. None of these are enough for us to regret the purchase. They're just the idiosyncrasies of the Everest. That's the risk of buying an RV from a floorplan and pictures on the Internet and we're happy with everything else. What we really like. The slide out storage tray is fantastic. Lots of space for oversized items and good sized bins. The tray is big enough for 2 27 gallon bins and 3 or 4 5 gallon bins.The open floorspace is amazing. It feels huge inside. Everyone that steps in can't believe this is on the back of a truck.There's a huge amount of storage inside for kitchen, clothes, and other household items.There are 110V, 12V, and USB outlets everywhere.The under dinette storage area is big enough for both my Pelican 1400 series cases. In fact, I could fit a 3rd.The day/night shades work well.The Houghton AC is very quiet. We picked the camper up in Mesa, AZ and the temp was 109. We put some fans in the living area to better circulate the air into the bedroom. It took about 4 hours to get the whole camper down to 80 and by the time we went to bed, it was quite comfortable throughout. On day two I cut up Reflectics to fit in each windown and that helped immensely. The tanks are huge! Fresh, black, and gray. I ordered the gray tank dump to not hang low below the floor, so it was left uncapped in the main storage bay. I added a hose bib connector to the end and can dump through a garden hose. The downside is that I have to leave my main storage door open when I dump, but with the huge gray tank, I don't need to do so very often. The upside is that there are no penetrations through the floor of the camper. Again, overall we're very happy with our purchase and would make the same decision again. Bed Dinette Bed Dinette Lounge Dinette Small Seating Galley Grey Dump Houghton AC Superhitch Toilet with Door Closed Under Dinette Storage Slide Out Storage Sofa
WarrenS65 07/11/22 09:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Pop-up Truck Camper Peeps - question for you...

Some say tent only because they have no hookups. I've seen a few that there's not enough overhead clearance or length for an RV.
WarrenS65 06/28/22 11:02pm Truck Campers
RE: DIY Slide In Camper questions

If your A-Liner is one of the smaller ones, you could remove the axels, hitch, etc. and build a basement frame underneath then mount it like a camper. If you wanted to keep the option of using it as a trailer, you could modify the a-frame tongue section so it's removable and do something similar with the axel. I had a car hauler with a removable tongue so I could store it in my garage. The tongue removed right at the front of the deck. The tongue was made of 3" OD square tube and there were two 3" ID receivers on the front of the trailer. For your idea of starting with a ladder rack and building around it, I did that a bit over a year ago. I've camped in it about a dozen times. I made the front, sides, rear, and top all removeable so I could use it as an open truck when needed. I'd post pictures, but I don't use any photo sharing sites. If you want to them, send me a PM and I'll send you a OneDrive link. I actually tried to build an A-Liner Truck Cabin type camper to begin with but couldn't manage it. I also don't care for canvas sides because I boondock mostly. I actually own an A-liner pull behind now(needs rebuilt) and could probably build a TC that way now but it would likely be heavier from what I can see.
WarrenS65 06/27/22 01:19pm Truck Campers
RE: DIY Slide In Camper questions

Several manufacturers are building their floor above the bed rails to give extra floor width so that's certainly doable. Campers are designed to be carried on the pickup bed, so if you're going to build one above the bed rails, you'll want to build it with a basement (great place for your tanks, batteries, and other heaving item storage). Remember, though the bed rails may be able to handle the weight you've put on them, if you build a camper that's 6' above that, you're raising the center of gravity and it will want to rock back and forth causing more stress on your bed rails. Bel-Air Shells makes campers that sit on the bed rails, but they are really just a shell that sits on top of the truck. They don't have sides or a floor below the bedrails. They're really nice and well constructed for what they are, but they're not a self contained camper. As far as I know, none of the fully enclosed campers are designed to sit on the bed rails. Glen-L has been selling plans to build your own camper for decades. You can buy them for $48-$60. Glen-L Camper Plans There are some good pictures of their customers building the Oxford and Bayou models. Here are some good examples of how people have done this before.*cp_EFD47BAFD9C1FB73E21ED44B8B8A564F*mid_C3DB295C6E2826D04C375C66BCBD5C058CCF3DD8*simid_608053355285412543*thid_OIP.hobL0rNc0nlm4ZTWE3t!_!_AHaE6&iss=VSI&
WarrenS65 06/26/22 05:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Delays in camper buiddate

I'll be camping near the dealership for almost a week to test everything out. Congratulations on your new Everest. You will love it. I will advise you to do a detailed walk thru. I had three small issues, bathroom door, privacy curtain, hatch over bed. These were all exposed the first day of ownership. I have emailed and called since we returned home. I have yet to receive parts for repairs. So frustrating to spend the money we did to get the run around for such small issues. I'm happy with our camper, just not the warranty service. Take care Barry
WarrenS65 06/23/22 03:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Delays in camper buiddate

Host confirmed my Everest is ready and should ship Friday. I have an appointment to pick it up on 6/30. I got my truck a bit over a month ago. It's so close I can taste it. The latest on the truck is that it came off the line on 3/29 and is scheduled to arrive at the rail yard the first week in May. Dealer says up to a week for truck to deliver to them, then 2-3 days for delivery to my house (dealer is several hundred miles from me). In early March, my camper had slipped to 6/17 (1 week delay). As of yesterday, it's still scheduled for 6/17. Figure a week to ship to the dealer and they want 3 days to prep and test it, so I'm looking at the last week in June. Update from Ford a month ago was for the truck to be ready to ship on 4/21. Monday I got the e-mail saying it's in production/assembly. Hoping I get it in time to put 1000 miles on before loading the camper. The closer it gets, the harder the wait. As of last week, the manufacturing date on my Everest has slipped about 2 weeks from 5/24 to 6/10. As much as I wish they could keep to the original date, I would rather they take the extra time to build it right. I'm also happy they're willing to let me know the dates are slipping as they find out. I would rather know about the delays as they happen instead of scheduling time off and then fining out a week or two before delivery that it's going to be another month. There's still no update on the truck, and Ford doesn't give out any scheduling until the vehicle is in manufacturing. My dealer thinks there may few if any 2023 model Super Duties as Ford may have oversold the 2022.
WarrenS65 06/22/22 10:38pm Truck Campers
RE: LED Lights

My Lance had T8 LEDs and I replaced them with these LEDs from Amazon. Remove the fixture, remove the Ballast from the fixture, and connect the new pigtails to the 12V wiring to the fixture. Reinstall the fixture and pop the lights in. They were nice and bright. I eventually did the same thing in my father's 40'DP.
WarrenS65 06/09/22 02:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Where have all the Everests Gone

I don't know. I don't do FB other than to contact retailers, manufacturers, ets..
WarrenS65 06/07/22 10:08am Truck Campers
RE: Where have all the Everests Gone

mkirch: I like your word "nicheception". Jim: I intend to make some videos when I get it and start going out, but I'll wait till I have several before posting any. Barry: Way past ready.
WarrenS65 06/06/22 07:13pm Truck Campers
Where have all the Everests Gone

As I wait for my new Everest with ever decreasing patience, I'm looking at RV videos on YouTube. As you would expect, I see tons and tons of Lance campers and home builts. I even see a bunch of Mammoth, Yukon, and smaller Host campers as well as Eagle Cap 1165 and 1200 models. But I only see a very few Everest videos? Are there that few of them? Are the owners just so busy using them that they don't have time to show them off? Are the owners afraid if they show them off, they'll make everyone else green with envy? Help, help, help. I'm desperate for some Everest entertainment.
WarrenS65 06/03/22 11:16am Truck Campers
RE: General newb questions - Advice?

I think the answers to all you questions is "it depends on the specific appliances and components in your camper". One thing you asked was about whether your truck will charge the camper battery when you're driving. Probably, but it depends on the wiring from the truck to the camper. The power from the truck to the camper can be configured three ways: Always hot. This will allow power to fly between the camper and the truck all the time. Not good as you can drain the truck battery while you're parked.Connected when the ignition is on. This is better as it can't drain the truck battery when the truck is turned off. Not the best as it can drain if you park and leave the key in the on position.With a battery isolator circuit. This is the best as it only opens the circuit when it should. I had to add one to my 95 Chevy 2500, but my 2005 3500 came with it built in. Some isolators only allow the camper to charge when the truck battery is at full charge. If you don't have an isolator or at least a switched connection to the camper, you'll need to be aware of your battery level to avoid a dead truck battery.
WarrenS65 05/30/22 07:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford Trailer Backup Assist

When the camper is on, the hitch extension will bring the receiver to the back end of the camper, making the hitch ball about the same distance behind the camera as the tailgate camera is to the stock hitch. The big difference will be the extra distance from the rear axel to the ball. As for how well it works, I'm more concerned with keeping it straight while backing up a long distance. One of the trailers I town has no place to turn around, so I have to back it up over 100 yards. The trailer is pretty narrow, so I can't see it behind the camper. On top of that, its short so it gets out of line really quickly. As others stated, the way that the back up assist “works” is based on the distance from the rear view camera to a sticker on the trailer. And there is both minimum and maximum distances required, so you would have to find a way to make that work if you somehow re-positioned the camera. Have you ever tried using the assist in the first place? I set it up on my Expedition MAX on both my wake boat and my fishing boat. And my personal experience is that neither of them work very well. First, it is very finicky to pick up the sticker at all. I find mine has to be in complete sun for it to work. Not at night, and not if it is in the shade. Second, it isn’t unusual for it to lose the sticker once you start backing up. Third, it won’t make a very sharp turn. For example, turning 90* from my street into my driveway isn’t possible with the assist. Maybe Ford has made significant improvements since my 2019. And maybe I’m just not patient enough to fiddle with it as I am competent in my backing skills. But I personally wouldn’t want to rely on that as a system to back up my own trailers.
WarrenS65 05/19/22 12:55pm Truck Campers
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