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RE: What happened to

I agree with most, and have never put the sticker on anything. But no one has mentioned the reason for "good sam". It was good Samaritan or good Samaritans. They tried to have someone in as many towns or cities as possible to help RVers. If you needed help or were lost you were to call a good Samaritan. Now you have GPS and Coach Net or other company's to call for towing or help..... Time to change the logo....
Whiskey River 10/31/19 05:46am General RVing Issues
RE: What temperature do you leave your home at

Jumping back in... After 46 posts it appears you should set the thermostat at your sticks & bricks at what you want. I do 45 as does sidecar & turn off the water & open cabinet doors. Some have said low temps may cause structural damage. Not sure what that would be as all outside walls & root trusses including the bottom cord (ceiling) are all at outside ambient temp or very close to it, no heat there. I heard years ago that plastered walls should not be left in the cold for any length of time. Don't know if that's true or not. With the introduction of dry wall 50 or 60 years ago, plastered walls have mostly gone with the dodo bird. My thought is the interior heat is for the comfort of the occupants of the house. The couch just sits there & doesn't care if its 45 or 55 degree's. The carpet just lays there & does not care if its 55 or 65 degree's. And I don't know what some folks pay for electric or gas, but in a Pittsburgh winter its a lot more than penny's between 45 degrees & 65 degrees. I'm not against using my share of the "carbon footprint" either, when I'm home in winter, its 70 degrees...…….
Whiskey River 10/23/19 06:23am Snowbirds
RE: What temperature do you leave your home at

Interesting topic... Every temperature from 45 to 65 and some even turn off the furnace. I am with sidecar and use 45. And spend 4 months in Florida in winter. I also know nothing about heat exchangers or evaporating moisture and virtually nothing about furnaces. My thought is regardless of what temp the furnace is set at, ie 45, 55, or 65 once the house has reached that temperature and the outside ambient temp is say 25 degrees the furnace will run the same amount of time to raise the temperature 1 degree. So if the temp is set at 45, the thermostat drops to 44 & the furnace comes on and raises the temp to 45 & shuts off. Same with 55. Drops to 54 and furnace comes on and raises the temp to 55 and shuts off. This may be totally wrong, just my thought. I know various air humidity, and wind may affect this somewhat, but I'm at 45 degrees and have been so for the last 5 years. And my furnace is 7/8 years old and has the flue pipe & cold air pick up out the side of the house. Old furnace ran up chimney to the roof. Just my thought. If I'm wrong, say so.....and why...
Whiskey River 10/20/19 06:29am Snowbirds
RE: Eternabond vs Dicor

Still wondering so will ask my question a little different. gbopp: You covered all roof seams & edges w/eternabond & several years later no problem. Did you have a problem or leak before or was this done for preventive maintenance? jplante4: You did eternabond on both seams. Did you have a leak or do this for preventive maintenance? Halmfamily: You put eternabond on all roof seams four years ago. Were the seams leaking or do this for preventive maintenance? BarneyS: You put eternabond on every roof penetration 10 years ago. Leak or preventive maintenance? ReneeG: You did seams & skylight with eternabond. Leak or preventive maintenance? My rig is 10 years old and I have never had a leak. I clean it and treat it a couple times a year. I'm just trying to decide if I should put eternabond on the seams etc. That's why I wonder if you all had a leak prior to installing the Eternabond…...
Whiskey River 10/07/19 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Eternabond vs Dicor

Just wondering - Has anyone that answered about using Eternabond for a seam or edges or around any vents or sky lights had a leak or was it put on as a preventative maintenance procedure? I've not had any leaks, but have used dicor selfleveling around some cracks in the original "goop" around vents etc. They were not leaking just looked like they might.
Whiskey River 10/07/19 06:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Orangeburg,SC to Callahan,Fl via 301

OK.. Tom, Katuna, & Belgique, you have sold me. I like 301 from Yulee where I have gone for years, even when I think Waldo was the speed trap capital of the world. 301 is like Rt 19 off of I79 in West Virginia. 4 lane divided hiway but has access & a few stop lites. My question is fuel stops from Orangeburg to Callahan. I looked on google maps and see 301 Fuel Center near Allendale, SC & Dixon BP Truck Stop in Sylvania, Ga. Is diesel available with out trying to get into a 50's / 60's mom & pop gas station? Thanks...
Whiskey River 09/19/19 08:02am Roads and Routes
Orangeburg,SC to Callahan,Fl via 301

Has anyone taken Rt 301 from Orangeburg, SC to Callahan, Fl. I have drove from Pittsburgh to Fort Myers numerous times and always cross I-26 in SC to I-95, then south into Florida, then take Exit 373 onto Hwy A1A to Rt 301 in Callahan. Google maps shows the mileage about the same, 246/241 but the time is about an hour longer via 301 from Orangeburg. Pulling a 40' 5er and just wondered about the type of road, ie 2 lane or 4. A lot of towns to go thru or how it is. I'm always glad to hit exit 373 to Hwy A1A and relax from the I95 rat race, expansion joints, & condition of I95 I also think the BP drops around 50 points as well. Thanks......
Whiskey River 09/18/19 07:39am Roads and Routes
RE: Replacing 5th wheel Landing Gear

Thanks all. Black caulking it will be. I thought maybe it was some type of super goop used by the rv industry.
Whiskey River 07/08/19 04:02pm Fifth-Wheels
Replacing 5th wheel Landing Gear

I am replacing the left side (following) leg on my 5th wheel. Does anyone know what type of caulking, sealant or goop that is used to seal where the jack goes thru the flooring and coroplast. It is black and somewhat flexible. Just plain silicone then paint black??
Whiskey River 07/07/19 10:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front Landing Jacks Speed

OK thanks everyone, it appears the general consensus is legs & not the motor. I will take off the cap & check next week end. I know both legs should run at the same speed & they did for years. I also can sit on the ground & press the extend switch & visually watch the left (drivers side extend faster than the other side. And one side is not cranked up higher than the other side. I have the top marked with a sharpie on both sides. As I said in the original post the opposite happens when lifting or retracting the legs. The right side gets to the top, ie the sharpie mark and I stop as don't want to over run that side and the left side is still 2"-3" from reaching the sharpie mark. I then disconnect the square rod and roll the left side up to the sharpie mark. So when starting to extend the legs they are both at the same starting point. And I put the legs both down 5 or 6 holes (both the same on the drop down before starting the power. I know this makes no sense but you can't make this up. I'm not an RV tech but have always done my own work. Some being installed a wet bolt system, repack wheel brgs every couple years, installed 2nd A/C in bedroom, toilet gaskets & other stuff. This has me baffled…...
Whiskey River 06/23/19 05:07pm Fifth-Wheels
Front Landing Jacks Speed

The front jacks run at different speeds. Its an 09 Keystone Everest. A single motor system with the long square bar that extends to the other side. The motor side, right side (door side) runs the jack down much slower than the left side, (driver side). The system does not seem bound up or any loud gear noise. It works fine with the exception if the slow side (right) extends down 2-3 inches the left extends 4-5 inches. I have been adjusting this with blocking. Then when leaving, its the opposite. After retracting the jacks, the motor side is fully up and the other side (driver side) is still 2-3 inches down. So to leave & get the left side back up, I take the bar off the motor & spin that side back up by hand. I bought the rig new & never had any problem until this started late last year. Confused yet? Any Idea's ?? I don't want to buy a new motor if its the jacks and I don't want to buy new jacks if its the motor. Thanks for any help.....
Whiskey River 06/23/19 06:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: TST 507 parts are expensive.

Big shout out to "Delphi". Just bought the Danco #30 model #96744 "O" rings and they are a perfect fit for the TST 507. The last time I changed batteries was just before leaving on a trip & no time to call TST so I used a small dab of goop glue. Just finished digging out all the goop & the Danco 30 fit perfect. $2.49 at Lowes for a 10 pack, can't beat it. Thanks Delphi.....
Whiskey River 06/16/19 07:13am Tech Issues
RE: Is it possible to transfer a RV without a title?

Kansas is probably going to want sales tax on the original sales price of the rig if it was not paid. The original owner may have bought the unit out of state and did not pay any sales tax. The sales tax is then paid when you apply for the license plate in your home state. Since he never put a plate on the trailer, maybe he never paid sales tax. If it was bought in state, then the tax would have been paid at the time of purchase. Is there any dealer sticker from the rv dealer where the rig was originally bought on the rig anywhere?
Whiskey River 01/17/19 06:52am General RVing Issues
RE: new hampshire to Florida

magicbus I came thru that way on the 19th, down I-77 and the construction is still the same as it has been for the last 3 or 4 years. From just south of Statesville I think into Charlotte all thru the lake Norman area is cones and construction. It will sure be a nice road in about 8-10 more years. I'll be long gone...….
Whiskey River 12/28/18 05:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Florida Rt 301

Yes. I was the OP. I came thru there Tuesday. It is all open but they are working on the by pass. No back up or hold up when I came thru. There are some lane changes etc but well marked and no problem... Come on down....
Whiskey River 12/22/18 06:11am Roads and Routes
RE: PSE&G workers up on a transmission line tower

He's not only at the top of the tower, but what ever he is doing, the power is probably also on. And yet he is relaxed with his foot hooked in the ladder step and enjoying a smoke....
Whiskey River 12/13/18 06:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Florida Rt 301

Thanks all... I went back to google maps & googled Stark, Fl & nothing. But I was checking the mileage from Brunswick, Ga to Ft Myers & when you put that into google maps for directions there is 2 red dots on either side of Stark on Rt 301. When you put your mouse arrow over the bottom, south side red dot it says "Road Closed" Road Closure on US-301. Just so you know I was not dreaming this up. Thanks again...
Whiskey River 12/13/18 06:11am Roads and Routes
RE: Looks like the pickup truck is dead!

I also notice the guy has a set of "Rock Tamers" mudflap across the back for protection.... Nice.
Whiskey River 12/13/18 05:41am Tow Vehicles
Florida Rt 301

Heading to Fort Myers on Sunday. Does anyone know what the road close is on Rt 301 near Stark, Florida. Looking at Google maps and it shows road closure there. Pulling a 40' 5er & wondering if there is a doable detour. Crossing Florida on 301 is about the easiest part of the drive.
Whiskey River 12/12/18 06:06am Roads and Routes
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