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RE: Residential Stove/Oven

Tom_M... I think if you unscrew the top of your igniter or clicker to light the burners, you will find a AA battery. It will light the burner if no plug in is available. At least that is what I have, but I have an oven as well as burners on top....
Whiskey River 08/06/21 08:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I 70 in Ohio to Somerset PA staying off PA turnpike

I-70 from Ohio, I would take the I-470 bypass around Wheeling WV, then back on I-70 thru Washington, Pa and on to Rt 31 East. Rt 31 follows the turnpike and runs right into Summerset, Pa. Rt 31 is used as a detour if there is a problem / wreck on the turnpike.
Whiskey River 06/27/21 06:17am Roads and Routes
RV Keyless lock

I want to buy one for my 5th wheel, but like everything there are several makes & types and pricing from around 100 to 250 dollars. I know nothing about them and my question is if you have one do you like it. What do I need to make sure I get, like do they have a back light of some type to see the key pad in the dark. Is that light on all the time or do you have to hit or touch something to turn it on. How long do the batteries last in them. Thanks for any info....
Whiskey River 06/02/21 05:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery & cut off switch

OK, so I finally got back to the 5er from about 10 days ago. I charged the battery then and disconnected the negative wire on the battery. It was still fully charged, 12.84 on the multimeter after about 10/11 days. I hooked up the negative wire to the battery then turned off the battery switch and opened up the fuse box and started removing the 15 amp blue fuses and checking each one as curt12914 said to do. There were 10, 15 amp blue fuses. 9 registered 0.0 on the meter. One registered .35 on the multimeter. I guess that is .35 volts. This is the fuse marked TV / Radio. There are 2 flat screen TV's and a Radio/DVD/DVS player in the 5er. When I check my meter on a new AA Battery it registers 1.57 on a 1.5 volt battery. So my fix is to just leave the 15amp fuse out of the TV/Radio slot. Replacing the fuse takes 2 minuets. I can plug the 5er in as there is 50amp service, but until I am going to use it, I leave it unplugged. Why have power to the power center/converter charger with the fan coming on & off, along with the invertor & fan on & off. I just didn't want the battery going dead every week or 10 days. Thanks again curt12914.....
Whiskey River 05/12/21 05:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quad Bike mounted to ladder?

I wouldn't strap a 50 dollar bike to the back ladder let alone a 5 thousand dollar one. The ladder on the back of any trailer, 5er or travel trailer is like the end of the line on the old "crack the whip" kids use to play. The lateral "G" force on any small move left or right in & out of traffic at 65mph is huge. Also the up & down "G" force going over bridge "expansion" joints on about 75% of every interstate bridge is the same. I have thought how is the 5er still hooked up after crossing some bridge expansion joints and that is just behind in the bed of the truck, not 43 feet behind the hitch.. Make sure your insurance is up to date....
Whiskey River 05/12/21 05:49am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery & cut off switch

There is nothing added since it was built. It does have electric slides & the auto leveling system, hydraulic but electric pump, but I don't think any of those will work when the battery shut off is in the off position. I will try & check the battery post & cable first to see what the draw is...
Whiskey River 05/04/21 08:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery & cut off switch

Thanks for that curt. I didn't think about that. I was just going to pull a fuse and check in a few days. I always shut off the factory installed shut off switch, but the battery is still going dead in about 8/10 days. So I'm pretty sure there is more drain on it than the propane alarm and the radio that is not on, but I know they do draw some current to keep the channels set etc...
Whiskey River 05/04/21 06:58am General RVing Issues
RE: New Mattress

Thanks for the reply's. My mattress size is 72x80. Verlo & Sleep Dog does not make a 72x80. Not sure why the RV industry has so many different sizes of mattresses. They must make the rig, then have someone like Michiana make a cheap mattress to fit. Mattress Insider does make a 72x80, so thanks for your post Thermoguy. I want the same type firm mattress you talk about & not necessarily the top of the line. My back is aging as well. Insider makes 3 different mattresses in the 72x80 size. Sedona their entry level & 5.5 inches thick Aspen with 6" or 8" or 10" thick Scarsdale Luxury with 9" thick Do you recall what thickness you got. I'm going to get one & am somewhat gun shy and trying to eliminate the step of returning it or taking it to a local charity for a refund. Thanks for your help....
Whiskey River 05/04/21 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery & cut off switch

OK, thanks all. The battery is only a year old, so it should be good. I thought the propane detector would be wired on all the time, but did not think of the radio as Barney suggested. I will check that. There is no fan that comes on that I know of. My next plan is to go into the fuse box and pull a fuse or 2. There is just so many things on this rig that it could be. Each storage area has a motion light that comes on and should go off when the door is closed. Those are noted for not shutting off. It I can't find it I will get one of those cut offs that attaches to the battery terminal.
Whiskey River 05/04/21 04:47am General RVing Issues
New Mattress

I bought a new 2020 Grand Design Solitude and the mattress is with out a doubt the worst ever. It is a Michiana Evergreen 72x80, so called RV King. After a few weeks it has 2 depressions where we sleep. I first thought a topper might help, but after a couple more weeks, I knew it never would. If these depressions were in your back yard, it would look like 2 bodies are buried there. I want to buy a new mattress but have no clue what is a good brand, RV King 72x80 so you can't buy them just anywhere. I don't want to buy the same thing only under a different name. Anyone else had the same problem & what did you buy.
Whiskey River 05/02/21 09:16am General RVing Issues
RE: checking exterior lights

I do as Boon Docker says. Just put a 5 amp blade fuse at the top between pin 3 & 4 of the pigtail. It will light up all the clearance lights, top & side along with the tail lights..
Whiskey River 05/02/21 06:13am Tech Issues
Battery & cut off switch

My battery goes dead after about 7-10 days being not plugged in. Its a 5th wheel & I turn the cut off switch to off but it still goes dead. What all is still active or still powered to the battery with the switch in the off position. Lights don't work, awning does not extend etc. But something is still being powered or there is a short in a line somewhere. For now I just disconnect the negative terminal of the battery..
Whiskey River 05/01/21 06:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5th Wheel entry steps

OK This thread has taken on a life of its own. I'm not complaining though. Everyone seems to be venting their frustration with the RV industry & the non-folding entry steps. My original question was what do you do with those steps when traveling. A recap of the 28 answers, only 2 answered correctly Alex!! 1. Park close to the left parking line. I do this. 2. Park where it can't happen. I do this, or try to. 3. 12 entry's about the draw backs of the new type steps. 4. 8 entry's to get Tork lift steps. 5. 6 misc. entry's. My original question was to find out what you do if you have these one piece fold into the door way steps when traveling & stopping at a non RV park. Leave them out extended or pull them in & hope you don't get stuck inside. I like one piece steps fine when at an RV Park. I also do like the Tork lift steps & would get them, but for only 2 or 3 nights a year, are cost prohibitive. Again I am not complaining about all the answers, only recapping. I park as close to the left line as possible & set an orange cone beside the extended steps....
Whiskey River 04/27/21 07:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel entry steps

Barney: Steps look good. But I assume your rig came with fold down steps underneath from the factory. When you get the single piece steps that lift up into the door, there is no notch framed in under the door. So to put these in would require modifying the body & frame. Way above my pay grade...
Whiskey River 04/24/21 12:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel entry steps

OK, thanks all. At least I am not the only one that do not like these steps. The steps are somewhat sturdier than the fold under type, but that comes from the fact they reach ground, unlike the fold out type. I think the disadvantage far outweigh the advantages. No one mentioned all the dirt, dust, sand & debris that gets dropped inside the rig when you lift the steps into the doorway. And yes you do have to sometimes adjust the length, shorten or lengthen, the steps to the lot, although this easy enough, just another thing to do. I knew when I bought the rig I was not going to like them. I just thought I would put a rope on the steps and lift them into the rig, which I did a couple of times. Never thinking if someone pulled to close, I could not get out. One time I pulled into a rest area and tried to put the steps down and there was not enough room and not room for me to move over any more. That's when the "light" went off & I thought if I am inside with the steps up and someone pulls to close, I can' get out.... I now leave the steps out and put an orange cone beside the steps. I know the nay sayers will say go to an RV park. I do that, except when I snowbird every winter. Not looking for hook ups ect, just a quick & easy 5/6 hours sleep and on the road again. I've learned to live with these and will not change them out for only a couple times a year, just wondered what everyone else thought or did. Thanks again......
Whiskey River 04/24/21 06:44am Fifth-Wheels
5th Wheel entry steps

What do you do?? My last 5er had the entry steps fold under the rig. So when stopping at a truck stop, rest area, cracker barrel etc. I would just leave the steps folded under the rig & use a step stool to get into the rig, then lift the step stool into the rig. Leaving nothing extended from the rig. Now my new 5th wheel has the steps that lift up into the door way. Do you leave the steps down, as they do extend away from the 5er. Don't want someone to pull in beside and hit the steps, but also if you put a rope on the steps & lift them up and into the door way, if someone pulls close to you, you can not get the steps down to exit the rig..
Whiskey River 04/22/21 10:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tailgate

OK Thanks all. Still looking, but I have to get one. I moved the 5er yesterday and I have to back under, then put the tail gate back up and continue to back under the rig. Its just to close to the 5er with the tail gate down. If not square with the rig, it will hit for sure. The Anderson hitch is not like the typical 5er hitch that you have to just get close and back up and it goes into the latch. Anderson is a goose neck ball. But it only weighs 40 pounds and says it is good for 20,000# and 4500# on the pin. So weighing only 40 pounds its easy to take out of the truck and store. Don't need 3 men & a boy to remove it...
Whiskey River 04/21/21 06:49am Towing
5th wheel tailgate

Any recommendations out there for a 5th wheel tailgate. I am going to get one as I got the Anderson hitch and when backing in with the tail gate down it is very close to the rig. I have an 08 Dodge Ram w/ Regular cab & 8' bed
Whiskey River 04/15/21 06:11am Towing
RE: Andersen Hitch

Be very careful Flashman. I got the Anderson hitch installed when I bought a new 5er last year. I have a regular cab Ram and a standard 8 foot bed. They installed the Anderson hitch wrong. It was installed on the pin with the red pick up facing to the front, that lets the 5er back and when I was backing in to a spot the 5th wheel pin box hit the side of the truck. They had to re do it and turn the red pick up 180 degrees around facing the back. This moves the 5er farther up in the bed of the truck. But when backing, I can now back it in a 90 degree turn and it misses the bed of the truck 3 or 4 inches. So get the instructions and read them and measure your bed. I had never heard of these Anderson hitches and the last thing I was thinking of is the pin box hitting the inside side of the bed of the truck. I have had a Reese hitch for years. What I don' like is hooking up. Put the tail gate down and back under, then put the tail gate up before backing completely in as it is very close to hitting the 5er unless you are perfectly square with the front of the 5er. I should get the 5th wheel tail gate that you leave up while backing in....
Whiskey River 02/17/21 07:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cable TV Scanning

Answering my post from the middle of December. Gdetrailer you were right. I bought an RCA 4way video amplifier at Lowes. Its like a power splitter like you sent the picture of. Says it amplifies signal up to 10dB. It has a plug to power it. Cost 25 bucks. Any way after removing a wall in the basement and standing on my head and reaching around and under enuf wire, cable, piping, & hydraulic lines to power the space shuttle, I got the old 4 way splitter out and put in this amplifier and it works. I now get channel 2,3,4,5,6 & 7, in the bedroom TV. Those are channels pbs,cbs,nbc,fox,abc & cw. Channel 2 & 3, pbs & cbs has some pixelating but the others are good. I know those 2 channels are at the end of the band and I have had that pixelating other places as well.... Thanks all.....
Whiskey River 01/06/21 06:05am Technology Corner
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