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RE: 2020 Milepost

The Milepost is well worth having for the trip. We had a current copy for our first trip in 2013 and our last summers trip in 2019. Great to have a copilot who can read outloud and find all the hidden neat things they describe along the route while you keep an eye out to avoid hitting a moose or bear on the road. Glad we went last year to avoid all the rapid changing border closings for travelers.
Williebago 03/28/20 08:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Best gadget buy in a long long long time

I have a lot of the Ryobi 18v tools, including the small chain saw and reciprocating saw. I also have a stash of pruning saw blades for the reciprocating saw that make fast work of small diameter logs.
Williebago 02/23/20 11:02am General RVing Issues
RE: firewall, black expanding foam

Thank you for the suggestions, and I guess "firewall" in a gas class A is a misnomer. Plywood and foam sealant, etc. would not slow down an engine blaze. Some will be simple to fix, but others will be nearly impossible to find.
Williebago 01/23/20 10:06pm Class A Motorhomes
firewall, black expanding foam

After driving with our new gas class A in 20 degree weather have some minor leaks in the front firewall creating some minor comfort issues that just can't be resolved by the dash heater controls. I want to work on some of these infiltration leaks, but I don't want to use a flammable foam, so what do the manufacturers use for the black expanding foam in this application?
Williebago 01/20/20 07:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Trinity Site

pigfarmer wrote: Wow Williebago! That does sound interesting but is it possiple to do? They are in opposite directions and miles apart. We figured a day for each. unless something has changed all you’ll need at Trinity is an hour or so. the VLA is about a 90-min drive. pigfarmer: We were waiting on the edge of the highway thirty minutes before they open the north gate to access the Trinity Site. Be sure and have a photo ID as your are entering a secure military base and they check those things. There is acres of desert parking and plan on a quarter of a mile hike on level terrain to the site itself. It is interspersed with exhibit plaques and the monument itself is a lava rock obelisk built on Ground Zero of the blast. All kind of sobering if you really stop to think about it. Also, there is the farm stead about a mile and a half or so from ground zero that survived the blast and has been preserved by the Park Service. Be sure and go there as well. It is where they did some final assemble work on the core and has a framed copy on the bedroom wall of the letter from Einstein to President Roosevelt explaining why the Manhattan project was necessary and why we needed to be the first to develop the atomic bomb. If I remember correctly they say that a half day visit is the equivalent of a single dental Xray and less than a trans-continental airplane flight. In all, if you are early on the site in the morning, you will be able to have lunch at the Owl Bar in San Antonio and have their world famous green chili cheeseburger. Then continue the drive to the VLA and spend the entire afternoon there. As I mentioned, it is the only place I know where you can be in the control room and look thru a glass wall at the massive super computer that processes all of the data the 27 radio telescopes collect. Fascinating! At the gift shop purchase a DVD of the movie contact with Jodie Foster and watch it that night in your RV. We then drove back to the Bosque Birdwatchers RV park south of San Antonio but just north of the Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge. Spent the next day there watching all of the sandhill cranes and geese in migration and hoping to see a rare Whooping crane that are occasionally there as well. Do it, you won't regret it. And for those who have not been to White Sands add a couple of more days to your trip and spend there. Another amazing place in the "Land of Enchantment". Enjoy your trip.
Williebago 01/18/20 04:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The Trinity Site

On the two days a year that the Trinity site is open, at the VLA (Very Large Array) the control room is open to the tours. Normally the control building and the Super Computer is not part of the tour, so try to do both on the same day.
Williebago 01/16/20 06:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Verizon 5g as hotspot if anyone has it yet

I have not really driven east of the Mississippi river, so do not know about cell phone coverage and if dropped calls are a problem because of not enough towers to handle the volume of calls or the line of site issues or whatever. I have driven all over the area west of the Mississippi river and while my plan is Verizon and my wife's plan is AT&T we are constantly amazed at how frequently one or the other or both of us will not have cell service, either 4G, 3G or less. I think the carriers need to fulfill the obligation they have to provide the phone service the American public deserves for selling them the frequency rights in our country. You should be able to place a phone call from virtually every mile of every paved road in America. All of the maps provided by the carries are pathetic.
Williebago 01/14/20 12:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Ford Increases GVWR for 2020 Trucks

This topic has lead me to look into the spec data on the various differences on the 24,000 and the 26,000 lb. class A chassis. So looking at the Ford F53 2019 brochure it appears the only difference between these two chassis is the rear leaf spring rating. Same 9,000 lb. front axle, engine and drive train, same 17,500 lb. Dana rear axle, and same tires. Difference is 15,500 lb. springs on the 24K chassis verses 17,500 lb. springs on the 26K chassis. Can't be more than a couple of hundred dollars of initial cost difference. So why would manufacturers building 37 to 39 foot class A gas coaches not go for the heavier 26K chassis to provide more CCC? Seems that the marketing pitch possibilities alone would be worth those bragging rights. That certainly seems to be the case in the pick up truck marketing wars.
Williebago 01/14/20 12:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Verizon 5g as hotspot if anyone has it yet

From our perspective 5G will never be anywhere I want to RV in my lifetime. That said, it would be nice if all of the providers would finish building out their 4G networks which have a 10 mile range between towers. Think of all the areas you camp that you cannot get a decent 3G signal and it goes to 1X or just "No Service". 5G is a dense urban environment technology. That said, it might replace RV park WIFI systems where a half a dozen pole mounted towers would cover a couple of hundred spaces with enough bandwidth that everyone can stream their favorite TV shows without buffering. Time will tell, but don't hold your breath.
Williebago 01/13/20 09:19am Technology Corner
RE: For those with a slide topper under an awning

I too am interested in adding a topper to the slide out under the awning. The topper and the awning each serve a different function. Awnings are for when it is nice and you want shade. They are to be retracted for wind and storms. That is why most of the new awnings have wind and rain sensors that auto retract them. The topper is to provide the protection to the top of the slide during rain and snow events and will shed all of the debris that piles up on top, be it leaves, snow, or pooled rain water all while protecting the upper slide seal and from bringing unwanted stuff back into the RV when pulling in the slide. If you don't retract your awning during a storm, you are just asking for the wind to rip it off the side of your coach. At least that is what I have observed happening to others on several occasions here in Kansas. We just don't get gentle storms here on the plains. We have four slides on our new Newmar and three of them came with toppers and the awning is intended to cover the fourth. I tested it during a light gentle shower by extending it the 2 feet to just cover the slide and sure enough just as soon as it started to sprinkle the awning auto retracted. I called Newmar to ask if a topper could be added to this slide out and they said that it could not for two reasons. First they said they intentionally left this topper off because in the past they have had numerous complaints of the awning snagging it during operation and causing damage. Second they said because of this they no longer put appropriate structural blocking in the slide out structure to accommodate mounting a topper. I took them at their word, but I am dissappointed. I have always had slide toppers and they work great in all four seasons and inclement weather. I may find someone with a density scanner to see if the structure is present on my slide just to see if I could add one, but for now I will just take my battery operated leaf blower with me to blow off the top of the slide before I retract.
Williebago 01/12/20 06:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Changing Atwood water heater plug to brass

I replaced the plastic plug with brass fittings and a 3/8" ball valve 17 years ago for that vary reason. No problems and still working just fine. Also makes it real easy to blow the crud and sediment out of the bottom of the tank
Williebago 12/29/19 08:29pm Tech Issues
RE: The Big Boys have Just Arrived

Nice article, but what I want to know is when are these new engines and tranny's going to be in a F-53 Class A?
Williebago 12/11/19 08:10pm Tow Vehicles
Voltage drop to 1200 watt inverter

Getting used to a 2019 new RV with residential refrigerator which is on a Xantrex Freedom X 1200W inverter with auto transfer feature and remote monitor. Bedroom and entertainment receptacles on a separate identical 1200W inverter. There is a Digi Level monitor panel which shows house and battery voltages and I had two 170W Zamp solar panels and Zamp 30 Amp charge controller mounted beside these other three monitor panels. When parked and no generator, shore power, or load on either inverter the four panels all agree on the voltage of the batteries which are 4 Interstate Deep Cycle RV/Marine 12V Group SRM 24. When the refrigerator is running (not start up load) the inverter voltage indicates a voltage that is 0.3V below the other three monitor panels showing the battery bank voltage. Inverter shows an output load of 85 to 95W. I do not know the wire size or exact length (yet) but the length is probably 8 to 10 feet. So my question - Is the inverter input voltage reading accurate enough to believe the 0.3V voltage drop on the 12V input side and is that a reasonable number or should it be a 0.1V loss?
Williebago 12/09/19 07:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Why no continuous furnace fan option?

I have three remote thermometers at key locations in the basement around water piping and in the wet bay. When driving down the road in my gas coach, the basement thermometers indicate temps about 10 degrees above the outdoor ambient. So when driving below 20 degrees outside, it would be nice to have the furnace fan pump cabin air into the basement to protect things. I recognize the furnace fan is a real drain on the batteries, but that would not be a problem if parked and plugged in or while driving with the engine alternator doing the charging. On a side note, the furnace manual says do not run the furnace while driving.
Williebago 11/20/19 04:45pm Class A Motorhomes
Why no continuous furnace fan option?

I am on my second 35 foot gasoline powered Class A coach and both have two roof mounted Dometic heat pumps and a separate gas furnace, one an Atwood and the other a Suburban. The heat pumps have high/low/auto fan positions, but the furnace only has an auto position. Why is this? My stick and brick house furnace has a continuous fan setting. It would be nice when it was really cold to have this option so the furnace could supply some warm air to protect the water tanks and piping in the basement, whether driving or parked and plugged in.
Williebago 11/19/19 10:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need ideas for Newmar Bay Star 3626

Thank you for all of the suggestions. Seems like the trash can issue is quite an oversight by Newmar, but creative people find ways around obstacles. Appreciate the ideas!
Williebago 10/04/19 09:48pm Class A Motorhomes
Need ideas for Newmar Bay Star 3626

We have just purchased a 2019 New Bay Star, and noticed there is no place for a kitchen trash can. The factory suggested taking out the shelf in the cabinet below the sink, which we can do, but before we do, perhaps someone has a better idea. Also, the arm rests on the passenger side are way too high on the seat, and my wife cannot use them. We cannot see any way to adjust them, but perhaps we have not tried hard enough. Appreciate any help or ideas.
Williebago 10/04/19 04:56pm Class A Motorhomes
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