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RE: Supplemental Braking Systems

Ready Brake or Ready Brute. Does not need power or air to operate
YC 1 07/20/21 07:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ants and similar pests in any RV.

I keep a small bottle of Bifen in a spray jug. Not spraying it around food or pet areas but can get into lower cabinet bottoms and outside of the rv.. It last a long time and hammers just about anything that crawls or flys. Fire ants don't stand a change.
YC 1 06/30/21 11:49am Truck Campers
RE: Electrical question

Always do the right thing when no one is watching. You will have a great feeling.
YC 1 06/30/21 11:46am General RVing Issues
RE: What happened?

I have pulled the batteries and flushed everything in the compartment as best I could. I also covered everything with a baking soda paste and flushed it a second time. I will paint it all today if its dry enough. This is a Monaco and has a 3 stage inverter/charger. It is always powered up if that matters. Someone mentioned golf carts and my friend had a battery in his explode in the garage. The top of the battery went through the roof of the cart and the sheet rock ceiling of the garage.....I'll let you all know as I progress here as I had planned a trip for next week Sometimes the temp sensor on the inverter/converter acts up and will cause the batteries to overcharge/boil and be very susceptible to exploding.
YC 1 05/29/21 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: What happened?

I have seen far to many battery explosions. One right under my sit down. Yep, on a golf cart. I am an electronic tech and diagnoses battery issues thousands of times. Always wear some sort of eye protection around a battery. One spark or even one that goes bezerk internally. Usually an old one or one that has been overcharged. A battery temperature sensor can turn a charger into a boiler. Folks are mentioning low water levels and that can be a clue. For now if those batteries have any age on them it would be a good thing to get rid of them. You need to pull out all the batteries (after lots of pictures of course), and clean everything with warm water and lots of baking soda to get rid of the acid that will eat everything in sight and beyond.
YC 1 05/26/21 07:11am Tech Issues
RE: Whoops, I did it again.

You need to install a simple either/or power switch so you cannot back feed the power. Should be very easy to do. Remove it and open it up. Not much to lose. You might get lucky and find a fuse blown.
YC 1 05/26/21 07:02am Tech Issues
RE: electrical I think

Look up the owners manual if there is one available. There may be a switch to turn on or a breaker. Turn on a light switch and put a voltmeter across the battery to see if the voltage is holding up. It could be a very bad battery. While on shoreline the Converter supplies power and usually charges the battery but if it is shot it may not take a charge.
YC 1 05/18/21 06:09pm Folding Trailers
RE: Washer/Dryer Combo

We never leave home without ours. :B This question comes up and the overwhelming answers are positive. Learn to use it properly and do not overload it.
YC 1 05/18/21 06:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV pulling a tow through San Francisco

Lots of stop and go but you sit higher and can anticipate. Changing lanes is a pain so be prepared way in advance. Idiots will cut you off in a second and jump up next to you seeing that much space available if you are trying to change lanes. Don't worry, you will get through it in 4-8 hours. Ok, maybe two or three.
YC 1 05/14/21 03:17am Roads and Routes
RE: Ford as a tow vehicle

My 2016 twin turbo will smoke the tires and pulls hard. I have the full towing package. It is smooth as silk The newer models have more gears and I suspect that is even better. A 250 will pull a tank if you need or want a diesel.
YC 1 04/27/21 02:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2nd bottle won't discharge any LP after switching

Ditto on turning the gas off. Turn a burner on and let it burn down so pressure is off. Turn stove off. Turn valve on tank very slowly. Sounds like the leak protection valve kicked in. Can be a real pain at times.
YC 1 04/13/21 03:57am Tech Issues
RE: Multimeter Question

Have you tried to just pull the shoreline cord out a tiny bit and touch those lugs? That wouldn't work and would be dangerous if it did... You might be able to buy longer probes or similar - they are typically universal. There are other plug in meters but not sure if for 50Amp plug. The best bet is as everyone has suggested, get a surge protector. Actually it does work, but you do need to be careful of course. I tape my probes almost to the tip so they cannot short on anything nearby. If the plug is pulled out slightly and still makes contact you can get a loaded circuit test versus an open circuit test. That is, can the post support your load. Measuring voltages in this range is always hazardous and should be done with the utmost care. Standing in wet grass is not a good idea for example.
YC 1 04/13/21 03:55am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Wally Receiver DVR Hard Drive

Fantastic information Gdetrailer. Thanks for the input. Does not past the "logic" test for me but I can be taught. I'm an old dog with an open mind,
YC 1 04/13/21 03:51am Technology Corner
RE: Multimeter Question

Have you tried to just pull the shoreline cord out a tiny bit and touch those lugs?
YC 1 04/12/21 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: Dish Wally Receiver DVR Hard Drive

Great question, sorry I can't answer it. Are you thinking of a solid state external drive?? That should really reduce any power requirements and increase the speeds.
YC 1 04/12/21 10:57am Technology Corner
RE: Air Conditioning Silencer from Wacko Products???

After spending countless hours building my own a few years back I came across their great looking product. They work as advertised and were within 1 db of the ones I built. The advantage of mine was being able to select which side I wanted the air inlet to be. Getting that away from direct ear shot saves a db or so alone. The Wakos are incredibly well built and a brilliant design. It is amazing how much work goes into making and selling something like this. The air filter alone is a superb design. I could never get the right filter setup on my builds. It would be nice if they had a quick release to be able to clean the filter. Full timing living at the end of a dirt road makes them clog quickly and taking the four screws out to remove the cover and then loostening four others is a bit o a pain but I liked the first one so much I bought the second one too. My design got rid of the noisy down dump and that alone made a huge difference. You can probably improve your air flow while the cover is off and look at your registers. Mine were never trimmed down so stuck into the ducting almost to the top. The air had to struggle to get up and down into the outlet. Trimming the tubes made a phenominal improvement in air flow. The product is not cheap but sitting under one of those noisy AC's is a real pain full timing in Florida.
YC 1 03/17/21 04:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Generator breaker keeps shutting off immediately

Would a bad Automatic Transfer Switch cause the genset breaker to trip off? Yes, and you could lift the wires off it for a test but as mentioned, that voltage is far too high. You could have two problems. The high voltage could have toasted something that has now become a short or at least enough of a load/short that it trips the breaker. I would assume you have checked the voltage on other things with your meter such as the shoreline outlet. Just to assure your meter is working correctly. If shoreline power is working fine and nothing is NOT working inside, that is the microwave and any other electrical devices are working then the short would seem to be from the transfer panel towards the generator. There could be a partially melted wire touching the frame of the rv that has just a few strands touching. Lifting the wires off the transfer switch that come from the generator should check that. If the thing still trips, pull the wire off the generator breaker and put your meter into the Ohm position or continuity test and check the wires that are now disconnected from both ends.
YC 1 02/18/21 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: How to tell when water heater is at max?

YC-1, Did you upgrade the wiring when you went to 2000 watts? And the breaker? Mine was already setup for 20 amps, breaker and all.
YC 1 02/09/21 06:42pm Tech Issues
RE: How to tell when water heater is at max?

Find the schematic and post. An LED or regular 12 volt bulb could be placed to light up when the heating element is turned off just by connecting it to the return path of the T-stat snap disc. When the T-stat removes voltage to the whatever device it controls, it could make the light go out, or on depending on how wired. No indication of the actual temp, just an indication of the element being told to turn on. It could work on gas too. A lighted switch if not already lit could be used. Light on = element off and water is hot for example.
YC 1 02/09/21 07:34am Tech Issues
RE: How to tell when water heater is at max?

Just changed out our element for the 2000 watt one. Atwood 10 gallon heater. Added mixer valve at water heater so water can only get to a max at each faucet. Also changed out the T-stat and over temp T-stat as a kit. Water temps are now higher. Supposed to be 160 but I don't think it gets quite that high. Chasing that cold to hot or hot to cold and chasing the shower controls was a pain. Nice long even showers now.
YC 1 02/08/21 06:24pm Tech Issues
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