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RE: Jump starters

Do those things actually work? My truck passed out in a customers driveway a couple years ago. I was due for a pair of batteries. Customer hooked up his little jump box thing and it did nothing, just made a little clicking noise and whined a bit.... With the diesel you need 2. My old 06 GMC died when my wife had it. I was tied up on a breakdown at work so she called CAA. I fixed the work problem and arrived just after the CAA booster truck. His battery pack wouldn't start it so I put my booster pack on the second battery, and the truck fired right up. She took the car and I took the truck and bought 2 new batteries after work. I now carry 2 of the lithium packs in the truck. Haven't used it on my vehicles, but a couple of people were very happy that I had them when they needed a boost!
Yeti plus 10/13/20 06:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to deploy Happijac dually swingout brackets?

Push up on the bolt head with the spring above it and twist the bracket out. The spring will drop the teeth on top into the slots. Sometimes it seems like the spring has gotten more stronger than it was. Brian
Yeti plus 10/05/20 06:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Where do you put your levels?

I levelled the truck& camper combo with a torpedo level, and then stuck the bubble levels onto the bottom of the cabover, so I can just pull in to a site, open the sunroof, and see how close we are. After using this method for several years now, I can tell by the position of the bubbles just how many blocks I need. This of course relies on having a sunroof. Now when I clean the windshield at fill up time I also have to clean the sunroof. Brian
Yeti plus 09/29/20 06:36am Truck Campers
RE: Back up camera using factory screen

Another Camera Source customer. I bought the salt spreader version and mounted the camera above the camper door. I have a 2014 Chevy 3500, so the 2 plugs to the camera version. Just remember to unplug the camera when off loading the camper. The repair is underway.:o:S Brian
Yeti plus 07/09/20 03:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot carpeted ceilings -clean, remove, cover?

I bought our camper from a rental fleet. When I went to pick it up they loaded it on the truck and took it inside the shop. Their cleaning lady then spent 5 hours cleaning the camper, while the mechanics installed the tie downs, etc. She had a commercial grade steam cleaner and the entire ceiling felt slightly damp afterwards, so I assume she steam cleaned the ceiling as there isn't a lot of anything else to steam clean. I would take it to a reputable carpet cleaner and let them handle it.I have had a bad experience trying to use a rented steam cleaner on a too dirty carpet that never looked right even after 2 steam cleanings. The carpet is glued to a thin plywood, which is glued to the white bead board insulation, so removal and install of something different might be a challenge. Good luck with your decision.
Yeti plus 06/23/20 12:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Securing cable outside trailer

Search Home for Legrand Cordmate. I used it to cover the cable from my backup camera mounted above the door on the rear of the TC down to the bumper so I could plug into the truck back up camera plugs. Just be carefull as the adhesive gives you one try, then it is where you put it. I have a dog leg on the bottom part of my install. Brian
Yeti plus 05/18/20 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Guidance on Buying the Right Truck

Geez after reading your post the other day, I thought "oh boy, he's going to post the conversion of the Burb into a pick me up!":) I had the Bigfoot on a GMC 2500 and it was okay, but I started to worry about tire ratings. I went with the dually and I don't get to tell people who ask about the combination that I like the dually, because the copilot says it before I can even say anything. She noticed the improved ride with less roll and does a better job of explaining than I do. Yes she will drive the truck with the camper and even without. But since you want to do beach driving, I would look for a 350/3500 single rear wheel,and check the tire ratings to be sure you have enough tire for the truck and camper. Brian
Yeti plus 04/27/20 04:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Yet another reason to love trailering

We sure do get used to having our own mobile washroom with us. We have done several long trips with the TC and get used to pulling off and using the facilities. We went to visit friends a couple hours away with the SUV shortly after one of the long trips, and it was a pain to look for someplace to stop and use their facilities, which weren't all that clean anyways. We bite the bullet and take the truck and camper more now since bladders seem to shrink with age!:o:S
Yeti plus 04/15/20 11:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Install new cab over curtain in a Bigfoot TC, HOW?

Before we went to Alaska, Yukon and N.W.T. we made blackout curtains for all the windows. We just hung them with velcro. We bought self adhesive velcro at the dollar store and stuck pieces to the valance or window frame and corresponding pieces to the fabric. Put up at night , take down in morning. Using this idea we can let some light and air in through the lower windows. I also installed a black vent cover over the vent over the bed, it keeps out most of the light and allows air to circulate. We still use them 4 years later. I am assuming that you mean a curtain across the entry to the bed area from the main part of the camper. Putting a curtain across there cuts down on air flow, so no air circulation from the furnace, if needed. Brian
Yeti plus 03/25/20 08:07am Truck Campers
RE: Mirror folds up in high winds: solved (but not pretty)

Paint! Great idea, since the lumberyard is closed and I can't get ebony. (I hear ebony is very hard and will dull even a carbide blade -- I've never used it.) Or -- wait for it -- wrap the whole project in black Gorilla Tape! No one will ever notice. ;) Well that might work, but I think Felice would notice and have you self isolating in the trailer!:D Wives don't usually see just how creative we actually are when it comes to Gorilla tape and Duct tape! Brian
Yeti plus 03/20/20 09:47am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mirror folds up in high winds: solved (but not pretty)

I have the big GM mirrors on my truck, that extend out for towing. Some of my younger friends thought they looked like Dumbo the Flying Elephant ears on the side of the truck. Every time we go on a ferry, the mirrors get folded in, so people can walk past. on last summer's trip to Newfoundland and Labrador, we had 14 boat rides of various lengths and pulled the mirrors in on all of them. I haven't had the same problem as you but I do like the handy work. When you make the keeper, use a black cable tie, as they usually have UV stabilizers that the natural ones don't have. Brian
Yeti plus 03/18/20 09:03pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Possible newbie looking for general info

I carry a short bed camper on a long bed truck. I built a spacer to keep the camper from going too far forward, and we use that 16 inch space for storage. Rear tie downs are in the same place as they would be on a short box truck, front tie downs angle forward more than normal. Centre of gravity is fine since the distance from bumper to axle is the same. Approximately 60,000 miles with this setup, many of them on some of the not so nice roads in the North ( Dempster Highway) and East( Trans Labrador Highway). The problem will be once you have travelled with a TC for a while you won't want to travel with the 5th wheel. Brian
Yeti plus 02/27/20 07:04pm Truck Campers

Test! Nobody told me about a test! I studied all night for the urine test last week, and I actually passed!:) Brian
Yeti plus 02/17/20 05:24pm Towing
RE: Water pump location

On a pop up we had (1989 ), the faucet on the sink was a 2 way unit. If hooked to city water, then the faucet functioned like a regular faucet, twist on twist other way off. If using the fresh water tank, twist the faucet open all the way and pump the knob up and down to draw water from the tank. Maybe follow the hoses from the faucet to see where they go. Brian
Yeti plus 02/09/20 11:37am Folding Trailers
RE: 2000 Smoke and CO Alarms

First Alert is the brand that I know of that uses a fixed base, and a removable detector unit. We have an SCO5RVA in the TC. It is a combination smoke and CO detector. The First Alert website should give you some ideas. Most of the other brands you just open the cover and install screws through the back plate. Brian
Yeti plus 02/08/20 06:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Newfoundland

Make ferry reservations as soon as you can confirm your arrival and departure dates, especially departure. We booked our departure 2 days in advance and we were bumped back by 6 days due to storms and hurricanes coming up the east coast.Our original departure was Aug 26 night crossing and we left Sept 1 Night crossing. Nothing we could do about it. We were booked on Port aux Basques to North Sidney.(7 hr crossing).The folks that had booked long in advance were booked on the next available crossing and they worked through to the shorter bookings, until they had the backlog cleared up. Roads are decent just like the rest of Canada except they seemed narrow in parts, with some frost heave pot holes and repairs, gravel roads to some of the provincial parks aren't too bad, but watch the road legend on the road map, as some of the "short cuts" are gravel and slower than the paved roads. Make sure to give yourself lots of time. We had 3 weeks in 2015 from the time we left Southern Ontario until we got back. I drove long days and we were 2 days from home to the ferry and 2 days from the ferry back home. On the way home DW pulled out the notepad and said what do we go back for. 2019 we were gone for 12 weeks, through Quebec and Labrador then to the island and I think we pretty much did it all, but we could probably go back for another summer and do more. And Jaxdad is correct we still saw snow beside the roads in mid July!
Yeti plus 01/23/20 02:11pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New GFI Outlet Will Not Reset

On my Bigfoot I had much the same problem. The waterproof covers are good at keeping water out, but also good at keeping water in. When I pulled the cover off the exterior receptacle I was amazed at the amount of water that poured out. I would start by removing the exterior receptacle cover, and as has been suggested blowing out the moisture. If that doesn't do it then check the connections on the new GFCI making sure to get the line and load connections on the right terminals. Brian
Yeti plus 01/22/20 04:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Helio travel trailers?

It looks very similar to the [email protected] trailers. We thought that was what we wanted, then we rented one for a week. Dropped it off at the end of the week and never looked back! I am about 5'10" and I couldn't stand upright in the trailer. The one we rented didn't have a toilet or shower and we found it to be small. If it is 2 people there isn't room for 2 to change at the same time.Give some thought to space in the event of bad weather. Basically this is a rolling bedroom. There are people who have the [email protected] trailers and they love them, but it didn't work for us. Good luck in your search. Brian
Yeti plus 01/10/20 11:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Labrdor highway from Red Bay to Happy 389!

For leaving we were originally booked on Aug 26, and left Sept 1, (Labour Day weekend) It was one of the tropical storms/ tail end of a hurricane, combined with everyone leaving the island for school on the mainland. 6 extra days near Port Aux Basques was frustrating, but there was lots of little day trips and sight seeing, so not too bad. Brian
Yeti plus 01/05/20 07:14am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Labrdor highway from Red Bay to Happy 389!

MDK, Yes we took the ferry from Blanc Sablon to St. Barbe. We started in Southern Ontario, stopped in several spots in Quebec, sea kayaked with the whales on the St. Lawrence, then headed east and north, through Labrador , then Newfoundland.14,000 km., 11 weeks. Donna, if you are still following make sure you make ferry reservations well in advance. We were storm stranded in the Codroy Valley for 6 days at the end of August and beginning of September delayed our return from NL.They were taking the people with the reservations made earliest first after they cancelled 3 ferries from Port Aux Basques. We didn't book until we returned from St. Pierre- Miquelon and had to wait for the backlog to clear. Brian
Yeti plus 01/04/20 05:33pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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