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RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

I don't know what it will be like with a Cybertruck because of the bigger battery, but with a model 3 we don't stop to charge. We just charge while we are stopped. You are so wise Obiwan.:B My plans too. Quite honestly the time it takes to get a fresh scone comes into play as well. I’m really wishing there was a Starbucks situated at every supercharger by law. But alas it’s not to be. Probably a good thing. :). But seriously, I think your and our bigger challenge will be the parking configuration at chargers. We are only planning on pulling a little trailer, either with the model 3 or the Cybertruck. So the pull through sites at Superchargers would work although it will take up two stalls. I have seen pictures of newer installations that will lend themselves well to towing, but the length of the trailer is going to come into play. What are you planning on pulling? I will be pulling a 25-foot on the Cybertruck at 5,000 pounds. I was hoping Tesla Semis will launch ahead to hasten development of. pull through re-charging stations. Ideal and planned driving distance between campsites will be like driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco (380ish miles) with one stop for breakfast or lunch (and with ICE, gas up).
Yosemite Sam1 01/07/21 12:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

I don't know what it will be like with a Cybertruck because of the bigger battery, but with a model 3 we don't stop to charge. We just charge while we are stopped. You are so wise Obiwan.:B My plans too.
Yosemite Sam1 01/07/21 10:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

I plan to buy a Tesla soon. On top of a lot of other good reasons the charging system is the clincher. I have heard a lot of comments from others that the experience TFLtrucks had at the charging stations is typical. Plus, Tesla only charged 1/2 as much as Electrify America per kwh. They forgot to mention that. TFL Mach-E vs Model Y Yeah, I expect to charge mostly at home but do expect to make some road trips with it and a good charging system will be important. Also, TFL forgot to pre-warm the batteries to prepare for charging. That would have improved the Tesla charging experience even more. The pre-heating makes a huge difference especially this time of year. (It’s cold here). But it is as simple as telling the car to navigate to the Supercharger you are heading for. The car will turn on the battery preheat at the appropriate time so when you arrive at the Supercharger you will get max charge. We have arrived at a V3 with 32 percent and seen the charge rate pin at 250 KW. Without preheat it would be 80 KW ish. It’s the difference between a 15 minute stop and a 30 minute stop. Pro tip. If you are going to stop for a leisurely lunch and need the extra time then don’t pre heat. You’ll have time for a more leisurely lunch without worries of idle fees. (Fees charged if hooked up but charging complete). But be courteous. Don’t do this at busy Superchargers. I don't see leisurely charging as an issue for me. Even stops every 200 to 300 miles or so while RVing. But I know re-charging turn around is an issue to some. My daughter would rather bring their Range Rover instead of their Tesla X on long trips exactly for these reasons -- and the fact that they are under time pressure to get as much mileage for their weekend out of town trips. EV companies should solve this challenge. Tesla Semis must be in this conundrum.
Yosemite Sam1 01/07/21 10:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Tesla’s Nemesis in China Is a Tiny $5,000 Electric Car From GM Quote The MINI EV “looks way better than my car,” said Zhang, who lives in a suburb in Beijing’s outskirts. “I always feel a bit nervous in this low-speed car because it’s kind of shaky/quote Tesla nemesis? :B :B Electric tuk tuk!:E
Yosemite Sam1 01/06/21 07:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

True, there may be those who won't be able to wait and buy any other EV out there.. I for one would have dropped off from my. Cybertruck reservations had Ford come up with their EV pick up that has comparable capabilities and competitive price. The reality is there is nothing out there that can compete with Tesla and they have the track records and brand equity that buyers are willing to wait -- and speaking for myself I'm in several months in waiting.
Yosemite Sam1 01/06/21 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th ! Interesting. Tesla loosing ground in norway. After some reading, it appears that tesla needs to get its factories on line. Demand is outpacing there ability to supply. If that continues and people move to electric, they will go elsewhere. The big companies have abundant infastruture to meet the demand. Tesla might do well by aquiring a compony that has the infastruture allready in place to start making vehicals. Or speed up there own factories, if not they may loose market share. Lets see how 2021 plays out. Nice problem to have when demand exceeds supply which is most often the case of Tesla cars. Norway and the rest of Europe will. be supplied by Berlin Giga which is it's reason for being.
Yosemite Sam1 01/05/21 10:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th ! Tesla up in a down market ! Tesla is defying the law of gravity. Got off the gravy train and not staying long. It's too dizzying even for me. It's the most shorted stock and the shorts must be hurting -- a lot -- and their position is no longer affecting the stock prices.
Yosemite Sam1 01/04/21 11:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Maybe you can pick up cargo along your route...

If that is what you wish for retirement check into it. Colonel Sanders didn't start his franchise business until he was 65 years old. Indeed, the day we stop dreaming -- even of just places to go and see -- will be the day nearer and closer to the end.
Yosemite Sam1 01/01/21 11:53am RV Lifestyle
RE: Maybe you can pick up cargo along your route...

We all can dream in these troubled times. The monetary reality will likely kill the dream but look into it and good luck. To do this will require you to own your own trailer as well as the tractor. There are several apps that are load based on destination/origin that don't lock you into a specific company or broker. One of those rigs will also cut into your load limits as the tractor comes off of the 80K lb limit. We have abandoned that dreaml. Or maybe consider it if (and when) we get a Tesla semi. I already lost touch with the broker friend after our move. But for those others thinking of going to this venture, he told me that he can even give me the preferred cargo because we will be the ideal husband-wife non-stop tandem complimented with our college education -- although we would need a high-level security clearance. I bet and made a good guess that the cargo will be something that goes big boom coming from nearby Camp Pendleton, lol.:E
Yosemite Sam1 01/01/21 11:47am RV Lifestyle
RE: Arizona Hwy 89 ALT info please

Rule 13 if there is any doubt about the route don't take it. One cannot turn around halfway if you don't like it :-( Being a coward I don't drive on anything that states SCENIC on the map. I wonder, courage and. driving skills are essentials for RVing and camping. Specially out West, you'll never see the good sights, best campgrounds and scenic views without venturing through those switchbacks, drop offs and steep mountains and canyon roads. Pacific Coast. (Highway1-PCH,I-101) from San Diego, CA, Oregon to Washington comes to mind. So is Route 120 from Merced traversing Yosemite National Park and ending up in Lee Vining. with more than a hundred hairpin turns and into-eternity-and-beyond drop offs. I have many close calls and white knuckle experiences but I would gladly take the risks than be homebound -- or be limited to flat grounds, lol.:E
Yosemite Sam1 01/01/21 11:37am Roads and Routes
RE: Arizona Hwy 89 ALT info please

We will be coming south from Utah and getting on Hwy 89A out of Fredonia, Arizona doing the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. 89A is the only route. My question is what are the drop offs like that are mentioned in the Mountain Directory? We are a 40' diesel towing a Jeep Liberty. Coming from Utah is not so bad. Going to Utah made my brother-in-law's face ashen. And he was a pilot. lol.:E
Yosemite Sam1 12/31/20 02:20pm Roads and Routes
RE: Maybe you can pick up cargo along your route...

If you are smart, you will get your advice from DOT instead of "some guy" that you know from church. He has nothing to lose by giving you bad advice. You have everything to lose by following it. If you doubt me, wait till you get pulled over and try handing that story to a state trooper. I'm smart, you want to ask me what my IQ is? :o:B Bejuses, have you read that he is into cargo-trucking broker with decades in the business who was an owner of a trucking company himself and simply switched to a more lucrative, less stressful and headaches of brokering?
Yosemite Sam1 12/31/20 12:51pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Maybe you can pick up cargo along your route...

Driving a commercial semi and hauling up to 57' trailers can hardly be called a retirement. It entails getting full time commercial insurance, a contract with someone that will arrange for your loads, fuel tax agreements and a whole lot more. That is without factoring in that a load will probably need to go someplace other than your planned vacation spot. Also, nobody will agree to arrange loads for you when you tell them that you only want loads that go to point A from point B. Driving a commercial semi is a full time profession. Leave it to the pros. It is not that as if we will be depending on this for a living, lol, but I did asked a cargo-trucking broker friend from my former church, and his answer is that this can be arranged with him I bet as another trucker church friend says his lease with one of the big boys did not allow him to refuse cargo or routes and dreaming of being independent one day after paying off his lease.) And yeah, my ideal set up like this will be on a Tesla semi (discussed in a separate thread here. I'm sure wifey now will be willing to be on the wheel with it being full self-driving).:B
Yosemite Sam1 12/31/20 11:50am RV Lifestyle
Maybe you can pick up cargo along your route...

Semi Sleeper Cabs ...and make some dough along the way. Discussed with the wife sometime ago for our post-retirement life and plan to tour -- and this will be ideal. Except, it became hopeless to teach her how to drive with trailers.:E:R
Yosemite Sam1 12/30/20 12:54pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Meds on the road.

Have your prescriptions filled by Walmart pharmacy. Since they have a national network, you can ask for a refill from their nearest branch. You have to call though first so they can verify it from the store where you have been getting your meds.
Yosemite Sam1 12/29/20 10:57am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

This article is what I’ve been thinking all the while...BEV’s are okay, but not there yet...hybrids make more sense Tesla Owners Are Buying Toyota RAV4 Prime Plug-in Hybrids Top Reason Tesla Owners Buy a Toyota RAV4 Prime– Unlimited Range While PHEVs only have a limited all-electric range, 42 miles in the case of the RAV4 Prime, they have unlimited mileage in the sense that they carry enough liquid fuel to go 600 miles or more before stopping for energy. And when they do stop, they can either grab electrons if time and charging ports permit, or they can stop for a few moments on any corner and add back another 500 miles or more in energy. The hassles and limited range associated with Tesla BEVs are a big reason many of these green vehicle owners say they opted for the RAV4 Prime. Here are their own words: - We still have our Model 3 and prefer it on trips. But it is only fair as a tow vehicle as the range stinks, and charging is a pain when towing. And to boot, most National Parks have no electric. So when we are towing, the RAV4 Prime is a clear winner. D.H. - The Prime would be for my wife and family long road trips. It may be a long time before EV’s are practical for long family road trips during busy holiday seasons. B.C. - While BEVs have made great progress in the last ten years, they are still not there yet when it comes to long-distance travel or at parity with ICE vehicles when it comes to range, charging infrastructure, or just plain old convenience. BEVs are our 95% car, but when it comes to long-distance travel, nothing beats an ICE. A PHEV like the Prime is a great compromise for that part of our travel. G.L. - Traded the Model 3 because I wanted one vehicle that could go on longer road trips without stopping every 2 hrs. C.W. - Have had a Tesla Model S for two years now, and I love it. Not a perfect car, but it’s nice not to have to pay for gas and associated maintenance. Plus, it’s dead sexy. That said, we like having a RAV4 Prime for longer trips. J.J. Second Reason Tesla Owners Buy a Toyota RAV4 Prime - Towing While not a vehicle that aimed at towing, the RAV4 Prime is used by many owners for towing. It’s rated at 2,500 pounds. Many owners use the tow hitch for other purposes, most commonly to hold a multi-bike rack. In addition to D.H. above, who lists towing as a second reason to own both a Tesla and also a RAV4 Prime, C.W added, “Backcountry camping with tow capability was an extra plus. I do 99% of in-town miles in EV. Nice to do everything with one car.” Snip... Meh. Personal taste I suppose. We do 800 km days just like we did with our grand cherokee. Doesn't take us any longer or shorter. I'm willing to bet a lot of it has to do with charging infrastructure in where these folks travel though. If you are stuck using a Chademo adapter at 50KW your day could get longer pretty quick. This has happened to us when we get off the beaten track in BC and there are no Superchargers. So yah, could be legit for some. I think this will be less of an issue in three years as more V3 Superchargers get built. I would recommend anyone driving a Tesla carry a Chademo or the new CCS adapter so one can use public network Chademo or CCS fast chargers. They are slow compared to Superchargers and the adapters are kinda clunky but they are definitely handy. Having said that, the majority of main routes are well covered by Superchargers without having to use public networks. The public networks are growing fast though. In our province public Fast charger locations outnumber Superchargers 10 to 1 and still growing fast. All JMHO Here's a pic of our model 3 using a Chademo adapter. Max 50 KW. Ugh. True dat! Explosion of charging stations, which will attract traffic to commercial operations is inevitable. Whille in Nevada, I saw ads offering free charging installations in their commercial establishments..
Yosemite Sam1 12/29/20 07:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dog food scam

Do you actually know what dogs eat inn the wild? In India they follow people going into the woods. Here, dogs that are allowed to roam in the wild would smell of rotten animal as they are immune to botulism.
Yosemite Sam1 12/23/20 01:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: RVing in the winter

Winter camping: .... .....Spending time outdoors in near cryogenic temperatures especially when solar insolation is minimal (like around the solstice) isn’t fun except as a novelty. So even if one’s RV can theoretically “take it”, are you going to spend all the long nights inside and venture outdoors for 2 hours a day? I realize camping in ~+20F with much longer lower 48 days is much different. But there are very good reasons why lots of Canadians migrate themselves and their (somewhat cold capable) RVs to Mexico or the USA southern states in the winter if they are full timers. Sorry for the lengthy post but the stories are true and the calculations correct. Dr. Aarons, A great writeup on your adventures in the extreme cold (that I referenced in part above)!! And now ... going off topic regarding another ultimate RV'ing challenge ... in which neither more clothes nor nudity are a solution. What would you recommend for drycamping in above 100 degree F outside air temperatures? The reason I ask is this: The DW and myself enjoy rockhounding using our small Class C motorhome as a base ... even if it takes us out into the U.S. version of The Far Side of Beyond. The good thing about doing this in the summer is the complete lack of any other people around. The bad thing about doing this is it's in the summer. Our worst case was way out there in the Texas Panhandle during August. We had to use both the rooftop A/C and built-in RV generator, plus the cab A/C with the engine idling - to keep from melting away after a few minutes outside. The complete serenity while walking around outside in lite clothing under umbrellas and cloudless blue skies was beyond priceless ... just us, the RV, and the Road Runners scampering about. ;) Here's my answer to my own question above on high temperature boondock camping: 1. Inside the coach - use a high power 12V fan powered from the coach batteries for directed air right on you, and/or use the rooftop vent fan powered from the coach batteries set on high for circulation. 2. Inside the coach - use the rooftop A/C and built-in generator, while pressurizing the coach interior to keep all generator fumes from entering. 3. Outside the coach - sit under the awning and use a high power 12V fan on an extension cord powered from the coach batteries for directed air aimed right at you while sitting in a lounge chair. NEVER walk around outside not under the awning in high sun situations without being under a light colored umbrella. For us when we're camping in the heat for a reason, we cannot move to another location to escape the heat. I'm curious as to how others deal with high temperature camping - without moving the RV out of the heat. We simply went home. I have to put ice cubes inside a towels on top of my head and back of the neck to prevent me from passing out or having a heat stroke, lol.
Yosemite Sam1 12/23/20 11:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: High Dezert Off Road, now RVing

Welcome! Yeah, seems dirt bikes and off roading is the go-to hobby for desert dwellers, lol.
Yosemite Sam1 12/22/20 01:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

The trick is building a vehicle people want to drive. Right now that is Tesla in the EV area. I thought Apple was more about self driving technology than producing a fun car to drive. Combined with Apple is not really a low price leader with any existing products I think it will be a lower volume vehicle. Competition is good. Best of luck to all of them. Their skills set could be in self-driving/AI and battery tech. All others could be outsourced. That's why now that they missed investing in Tesla, another logical move is to either buy out Ford or partner with GM or other car companies as Apple have more cash than they can use in a lifetime.
Yosemite Sam1 12/22/20 10:43am Tow Vehicles
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