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RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

pipsfc.... Wherever diesel fuel is sold in Canada for on-road applications, only ULSD may be sold. NOTE: Because Canada will not have 2 grades of on-road diesel fuel (unlike the U.S.) the Canadian regulations do not require that pumps be labeled. Hope this info eases your mind on the ULSD thing. There is only ULSD sold at the pumps in Canada....the LSD labels you have seen must be years old. Canada had ULSD before the USA.
Z-Peller 02/19/21 12:30am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Citation Supreme Truck Camper

Wrong, General Coach was purchased by Thor way back in 1982. I stand corrected..I did not know that. I will edit my original post.....however, the story goes on! Thor Industries sold General Coach Canada in 2010.
Z-Peller 02/05/21 01:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Citation Supreme Truck Camper

Citation and Corsair where manufactured by General Coach Canada.( a Thor Industries company at the time) Their campers, trailers, and Class C's were known for being well built. Their RV division went down about 2008-09 along with the rest in the big melt down. Thor Industries sold General Coach Canada in 2010. General Coach continued to build construction trailers and house trailers but no more RV's. In 2020 they started building travel trailers again.
Z-Peller 02/05/21 02:59am Truck Campers
RE: Jasper to Kolawna by Clearwater -- Route 5 (?)

he will never hit the Coq. the road from jasper to kamloops is a major highway proabably the best rout between alberta and bc in the winter. if you turn back towards salmon arm at kamloops and then take the 97 to kelowna it is a little more senic and no major hills between kamloops and kelowna. Nothing said about the Coq route (which is Merritt to Hope)... Kamloops to Merritt to Kelowna is not the Coq!!... this route was suggested as an alternative to the 97....go back and read all the posts to see what is being discussed here.
Z-Peller 01/28/21 10:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Jasper to Kolawna by Clearwater -- Route 5 (?)

Be aware that if you take the 97c route suggested you will have a big climb and back down again between Kamloops and Merritt on 5, then another really big climb and back down on 97c between Merritt and Kelowna....the 97 has only one small short climb where it leaves the 1 after Kamloops then nothing much for hills rest of the way to Kelowna.... 97 is two lane and twisty in places....Kamloops-Merritt-Kelowna 97c is all 4 lane high speed highway.
Z-Peller 01/28/21 02:18am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New Border Regulations

On Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians to rethink all travel plans inside and outside Canada's borders, particularly as March break approaches. "People should not be planning non-essential travel or vacation travel outside of the country, particularly because, as I said a few days ago, we could be bringing in new measures that significantly impede your ability to return to Canada at any given moment without warning," Trudeau cautioned. Well, this seems a clear enough message. Travel and you have made your bed, so don't complain after the fact that you are hard done by.
Z-Peller 01/24/21 02:18pm Snowbirds
RE: Diluted RV Antifreeze

Most of the RV plumbing antifreeze out there now is the cheaper alcohol based pink stuff with the flammable sticker on the jug. It says on the label that product will freeze, but will not expand. It says to be sure there is no water left in plumbing and do not dilute product with water because then it WILL expand when it freezes and damage plumbing.
Z-Peller 12/09/20 02:50am Tech Issues
RE: Who writes these headlines?

My favorite?....prostate medication with warning label " this medication not to be taken by pregnant women"....HUH??
Z-Peller 12/07/20 02:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Toilet Freezing Issue

Not sure what kind of antifreeze you are talking about, but I have been using pink RV plumbing antifreeze in my stored RV toilet bowls without any issues for years... Sure no "clots or fouls"?? your trailer winterized?...just flush the pink stuff thru the toilet when you winterize and keep some in the bowl like you would if it were water. Keep a jug handy to add some pink stuff to the bowl if it evaporates a bit thru the winter.
Z-Peller 12/07/20 02:00am General RVing Issues
Who says we are not all family
Z-Peller 11/25/20 02:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Why we head back south before November

Its all about elevation and storm fronts folks. Grape vine, Tehachapi, El Cajon, all have snow storms at times. Have seen snow right to the base of Superstion Mts at Apache Junction.....Flagstaff and Grand Cyn? better take your chains & long johns sometimes...I left L Vegas 85F one morning early Apr and 4 hrs later was in a snowstorm at Ely and looking for pink stuff to winterize my trailer.!....I live in Canada on Vancouver Island 42ft above sea level and very seldom see snow or freezing temps...yep, learned many years ago to pay attention to elevation no matter what part of our great North America my RV travels take me to.
Z-Peller 11/15/20 02:46pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Time to Develop a Solution for Scissor Stairs (Bigfoots)

My experience with scissor steps was the further the steps extended, the more the downward slope of each step increased making them dangerous. No problem with the geometry or steps being equal angle. Learned when leveling rig to only use blocks on front axle, or dig holes for rear axle to keep stair treads level. BF has eliminated scissor steps on my newer 10.4 with a larger bumper and travel trailer type folding steps. Came stock with a 2 step and I replaced that with a 3 step which works great for two nearly 80 yr olds!
Z-Peller 11/05/20 02:33pm Truck Campers
RE: NL Skylight lug broke off

JB Weld makes PlasticWeld. I would attach the broken lug back in place with JB Weld and fill in the topside of the lug with JB Weld at a 45deg angle upwards to give it some strength for pull of the latch. Picture looks like the latch has an ear that goes over the topside of of the lug as well as below, so that may have to be cut off to make clearance for the JB Weld 45deg build out bracing. For more strength against the upward pull of the latch and because of the upper ear, might be better to use a 90deg metal angle on topside of lug and JB Weld it in place.....
Z-Peller 11/02/20 01:51am Truck Campers
RE: Fantastic Fan install - no power :-(

After waiting for my 16 ga wire and Scotchloks to arrive, I set about trying to find a handy place to tap into the overhead wires. I removed a section of corrugated plastic wiring guard - and lo and behold, hiding inside there was a black wire not connected to anything!! I checked it for continuity to the in-place fan wires, and got a beep. :-) So I simply Scotchlok'd it to a black wire next to it (apparently the neutral had already been connected) - and TADA! the fan runs like a champ! Glad you got your fan wiring sorted out!....thanks for letting us know!
Z-Peller 10/21/20 01:29am Truck Campers
RE: Help why is my battery terminal corroded and sparking?

If you have an inverter it may be the cause of sparking when reconnecting batt wire. Mine did this for years even though inverter was shut off. I proved it to myself by disconnecting inverter 12v wire and had no more sparking. I concluded there must be a capacitor in the inverter that discharges when batteries are disconnected, then draws some juice again as soon as batt wires are connected again.
Z-Peller 10/20/20 02:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fantastic Fan install - no power :-(

Hmmm....I think I would use a sharp point light tester and poke the black & green wires to make sure they all have power before tapping into them. Maybe one of them is the fan prewire to the fuse panel and is dead?... hard to say but just a thought.
Z-Peller 10/19/20 11:52am Truck Campers
RE: Fantastic Fan install - no power :-(

You are saying no power to fan. Do you mean that you have been using a tester on the wires?...or that your fan has not started running?...Depending on model your Fantastic fan has direction rocker switch, 3 speed knob, thermostat knob. Do you have all those controls turned on?...if wires are dead with tester then I would try to determine if they are prewired from one of the nearest ceiling lights and are capped off there and need to be connected or as suggested check 12v fuse panel for fan circuit fuse needed.
Z-Peller 10/18/20 02:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Fuel mileage 5th wheel vs travel trailer

Z-Peller wrote: No such thing as Canadian gallon (Imperial gallon) in Canada for 40 years now!...time to get over it (-: In Canada all gas/ diesel is sold in Litres at the pumps!....1US gal = 3.8 Litres. Actually it is 3.785 not a big difference, but daughter lives in Ireland, and did mileage calculations. Ha Ha...can't fault her for being precise....difference is a hair over one tablespoonful.
Z-Peller 10/02/20 09:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel mileage 5th wheel vs travel trailer

No such thing as Canadian gallon (Imperial gallon) in Canada for 40 years now!...time to get over it (-: In Canada all gas/ diesel is sold in Litres at the pumps!....1US gal = 3.8 Litres.
Z-Peller 10/02/20 01:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is CG info available from MFG's

So called “ center of gravity” marked on a slide in camper carried in a truck bed has nothing to do with height or cornering stability. It is showing fore & aft center of balance for that camper so when it is loaded that point is known in relation to truck rear axle. OP has a good point. There must be some way manufacturer can determine fore & aft center of balance on a motorhome and mark it on side of unit.
Z-Peller 09/27/20 01:22pm Class C Motorhomes
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