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RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

I had running lights, turned on the flashers they worked so I thought I had brake and turn signals. I was stopped by the highway patrol seems like every time I hit the brake the back up lights came on. Just trying to understand this. If you have flashers working on camper, then brake/turn is wired correctly. ....the Blue trailer brake wire terminal is not used with a camper. If you are getting backup lights in addition to brake lights, then I think backup lights wire may be shorting across to brake terminal in bargman plugs and energizing backup lights when you step on brakes...probably in one of the pigtail ends, but could be truck plug or camper plug....when I wired up my pigtail I kept that blue brake wire out of the Bargman plug on the camper end and taped it back alongside the cord....are you getting any backup lights when you go into reverse?...or just when you step on the brakes?....
Z-Peller 09/01/19 12:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

Posted: 08/31/19 06:37pm Link | Quote | Print | Notify Moderator Something doesnt sound right with this post?? Northern Lite giving less then above and beyound customer service just has not been my experience. You just bought it and you have had to call Northern Lite 3 times already? Never ending story of annoying problems?? What other problems have you had? What was the outcome once you recieved your pigtail tester? You do know that the PDI paperwork in the folder you mentioned is the Sole resposibilty of the Dealer to fill out, not sure why you would not hold dealer 100% responsible for that. Why didn't the dealer check your lights before you left the lot? Trying to get Northern Lite to diagnois your back up light problem over the phone would be futile, there are just way to many varibles for that to be productive. X 2..... Why setting hair on fire blaming NL??....Very doubtful camper wired wrong....very doubtful truck wired wrong.....very suspect pigtail is wired wrong!!... So simple to follow Bargman diagrams posted on here to pull pigtail ends apart and check wiring. Buy a tester and multimeter and use it!!.... going to be a long life if all you do is yell and can't trouble shoot things yourself....
Z-Peller 09/01/19 10:21am Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot 25c 10.4 long bed

Yes, I installed 2 6v GC batteries sideways with 3" to spare that I wedged with 2 pieces of rid of sliding battery tray to have enough height, and made bracket across front to hold batteries in. Using battery fill watering system as there is very little space above batteries. AGM's would eliminate water check problem.
Z-Peller 08/09/19 09:30am Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot rear step

Why pics needed???... I own a Bigfoot camper, and I know exactly what he is talking would Bigfoot owner who lost it!!!
Z-Peller 08/03/19 11:38pm Truck Campers
RE: GM pickup tailgate opening too narrow

Too narrow by 1 1/4 inches? your camper older than 1988..that is the year GM screwed the camper manufacturers by narrowing the tailgate opening...I had to have storage compartments narrowed on a stick built camper at that time to fit my 88 GM....since then I have carried a 2002 Bigfoot 2500 series on a 2000 GM, a 2003 GM, a 2009 I am carrying a Bigfoot 10.4 on a 2016 GM...Bigfoot has not changed their camper box width in all those years since 88. I have the curved bottom of the tailgate opening problem since my 2009 GM and now the 2016, but I just put 1 1/4" plywood lift in the bed of my truck and all is good... Note. I have edited my remarks. Old brain said 1977 when it should have been 1988.
Z-Peller 07/31/19 01:06am Truck Campers
RE: Pleated shade only raises half way?

As Sam Spade said above, if its the 2 part pleated day/ night shade, then the darkening part must be pulled all the way up first, then raise the light filtering part, otherwise there is just too much friction to pull both parts at once. If you go online and look for a diagram of how those blinds are strung it will give you a better idea of what is going on. I have restrung a large blind such as you have when it was only a year old. Not a fun job. One string broke inside from chafing on a rough grommet. Poor manufacturing, like so much else these days.
Z-Peller 07/28/19 10:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Bigfoot 2500 10.4 or 2500 10.6

Both are exactly same floor length.....BF 10.4 gives you better bathroom with countertop and cupboards. Bedroom area is separated from living area. Black tank is larger. Dinette only seats 3. .....10.6 has dinette for 4, longer galley countertop, better tv viewing if that is important to you, generally more open feeling if you need space.
Z-Peller 07/23/19 02:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Chevy dually load range E tire pressure

GMC door sticker on my dually says 70psi front, 65psi rears.....when loaded for big trip I am just over my GVWR.....I run 70psi front, 72psi run good temps at speed and corner really good. I have had an issue with two OEM valve stems rubber blowing out like it was rotten....GM replaced all 7 with solid metal screw in stems under warranty, but insisted there was no problem or recall on OEM ones....hmmmm?
Z-Peller 07/17/19 10:00am Truck Campers
RE: VIN for cabover camper

Truck camper is not a vehicle. No wheels, no vin, no plates.....tell your agent it is an accomodation that you are hauling in the box of your truck that is known in the rv industry as a slide in truck camper. Find an insurance agency that sells mainly rv insurance and they should know what you are talking about. Make, model, year, box length, value, serial number if it has one. insurance
Z-Peller 06/12/19 10:12pm Truck Campers
RE: XM Radio / NAV Antenna Question

On your new truck the access port for the antenna lead is in the dash behind the radio screen. I am unsure if a FAKRA connector will work with this and I have been afraid to pull the dash apart to check. Have pulled my 2016 GMC radio to install SiriusXm external antenna with FAKRA connector. Found some good youtube videos first showing how to do it and color of Satellite radio wire at back of radio. Quite easy to do actually. Use plastic tool to pry silver plastic surround off. It is held on with clips. Right & left side clips can be stubborn but they do unclip. Use socket to take out 4 bolts holding radio in. Carefully tip radio out from top and find something to rest it on as you cannot take it completely out of hole. Many wires connected to bottom of radio but enough slack to access antenna wire & unplug OEM & reconnect FAKRA. Hope this helps.
Z-Peller 06/10/19 10:46am Truck Campers
RE: Camping or Glamping?

Posted: 05/22/19 12:47pm Link | Quote | Print | Notify Moderator We do not camp we travel. We do so in our motorhome and use it as our hotel room. We don't like NASCAR or fires creating obnoxious smoke. We dine out a lot. We like state and federal parks. Have no use for swimming pools or playgrounds. Abhor others forcing their choice of music (noise) upon us. Really don't care what your religion is and do not want to meet Jesus. We enjoy conversations and pot lucks but do not adhere to right-wing politics and absolutely don not care if a woman has an abortion that is none of my business. Our dogs are well kept and we pick up after them. If others were as cognizant of their children's messes it would be wonderful. Perfect! Absolutely our RV life, word for word!!
Z-Peller 05/22/19 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: TC heading to Adventurer LP in Yakima WA for Repairs

We had a 2016 Adventurer 80RB. To keep weight down they fitted a very meager 6 gallon grey tank which as you can imagine doesn't take long to fill even when being mindful of the limitations. However, this wasn't the actual issue. From the time the camper was new I would empty the tank from full and the monitor panel always said 1/3 full when it was empty (not a drop coming out). I kept thinking how could the sensors be gummed up so soon ? This was a grey tank after all, and the unit was brand new. Eventually I discovered that the tank was installed incorrectly. The tank was installed at an angle that kept the tank from emptying completely. Some things never change!!...Adventurer camper manufacturers were originally Slumber Queeen campers built in Aldergrove, BC....I bought a new Slumber Queen in 1988 and had same issues with grey tank. Took it back to factory and found that tank had been installed upside down!!...tank at that time was manufactured with tank top flat, and bottom sloping to the rear for drainage...good tank, bad install....they never took it out, just shimmed the dump valves downward. Fix never was any good, and later dump valve seal started to leak...arrrgggg!!
Z-Peller 05/22/19 12:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Boarder crossing insanity - CBP gone crazy...

....NEWS Flash....... Agricultural Agents seized a Motorhome RV filled with 200 Kilos of Fentanyl during a random roadway check point in California. Motorhome had come thru Canada Border Station early...agents were perplexed why Canadian Border Agents hadn't found it. Simple X-Ray would have shown the large stash ?????? NEWS flash......something amiss in second part of that story because vehicles don't go through Canadian customs when going to USA, and vehicles don't go through USA customs when going to Canada.
Z-Peller 05/21/19 03:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Boarder crossing insanity - CBP gone crazy...

Interestingly, when you go into Canada, I've never once seen an RV pulled over and searched. I have been sent to secondary twice over the years returning home to Canada in a truck camper.
Z-Peller 05/21/19 03:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bug Deflectors to push air over

Short answer is no. I have had 5 different trucks over the years all with hood bug deflector. Three different campers. Always a big job scrubbing bug splatter off front of camper and under camper overhang at back of truck cab.
Z-Peller 05/21/19 11:47am Truck Campers
RE: Legal or safety issues carrying diesel fuel containers in RV

Diesel fuel is just terrible smelly stuff and collects dirt if there is just a drip spilled. It will not evaporate like gasoline if spilled. It needs to be washed off with detergent. I would carry cans in a tub if in basement bays. If a can is filled too full it will expand and seep out if it gets too warm no matter how tightly sealed. Best to carry on back bumper if possible in my opinion. I worked with diesel bigtime on tugboats for 45 yrs. I hate the smell of raw diesel fuel!!!....ate too much bread that tasted like diesel fumes!!!
Z-Peller 05/08/19 01:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cutitng Fiberglass

Cut so blade teeth are going down thru gel coat side of material..scroll saw teeth will pull up thu material and chip gel coat. Put masking tape on gel coat side and cut with fine tooth saw pushing. Don't drag on the backstroke. Drill starter hole inboard of cut line if needed..
Z-Peller 05/02/19 02:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is it legal to get use?

Z-Peller wrote: Note that OP is in Alberta,Canada...different country, different rules. Asking a legal question on an internet forum is only worth what you pay for it...dick all!! When you post to a US website where 90% of the members are from the's pretty reasonable to assume they aren't from Zimbabwe. If you have to verify every detail and possible exemption to every rule...may as well shut the site down as no one will ever know enough to answer. No harm but really the OP should have clarified that he is Canadian if he wanted Canada specific info. Valhalla....I agree with you, but I think you missed my point. Looking for legal advise on an internet forum is what I was calling out.
Z-Peller 04/22/19 01:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Is it legal to get use?

Note that OP is in Alberta,Canada...different country, different rules. Asking a legal question on an internet forum is only worth what you pay for it...dick all!!
Z-Peller 04/21/19 01:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Truck and camper height and overpass question?

When you have determined what your height is, then post it on your rearview mirror in both feet and meters for quick reference when you approach an overpass, see the clearance sign and suddenly panic trying to remember what your height is.
Z-Peller 04/14/19 10:44am Truck Campers
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