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RE: How to get rid of soap streaks after washing a TT?

black streak remove in the RV section at walmart. I also use Zeps orange clean on pretty much everything in my garage. Usually spray some orange cleaner on troubled areas before i scrub with the wash brush. Usually works pretty well.
ZINGERLITE 09/08/20 05:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Small mistakes can make big problems

He didn't have enough sense to turn the water off before he went looking for help? He may be destined for more problems in the future. Ya, I thought the same thing. But after talking to the guy he was just lost on the whole thing. He just didn't put 2 and 2 together. I don't "think" it was a rental unit from some of the things he said and their were no markings on the MH that I saw. I felt super bad for the guy. He was trying hard for a good RV experience but it didn't work out that way because of a small mistake. And in his defense it was a small mistake. :( Thats why you rent as a rookie lol. make the mistakes on someone elses camper and your good to go when you buy your own!
ZINGERLITE 08/31/20 10:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Travelling with Bathroom Fan Running

this year ive been experimenting with the vent open while driving. i crack one of the smaller windows near the front of the trailer and when we arrive its nice and cool. I installed the maxx air cover this weekend for insurance. IT took longer to collect all the tools and get the ladder out than it did to install. super easy.
ZINGERLITE 08/31/20 10:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Storing ball hitch

I just leave it in the hitch/truck side for short trips. if im staying put for a week or more i remove it completely and put it in a storage cubby.
ZINGERLITE 08/31/20 10:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Tool kit?

which is better for setting stabilizer jacks, a cordless drill or cordless impact driver? I think the drill would be more useful all around. I think the impact works best. a drill might do the job though.
ZINGERLITE 08/18/20 09:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Tool kit?

tire changing tools and a volt meter are a must. the rest you can pick up as you need it. As im loading the camper i grab my tool bag and just load it with everything i think ill need but never use. If im going far from home i bring more stuff. we do alot of local camping so on those trips i just bring the essentials. if ive got a major issue i can run home and grab something. Most RV repairs at the campsite are with basic/simple tools. wrenches/screwdrivers ect. I keep one of those cheap Christmas gift tool kits in the camper as well. I think the main issue is getting off the side of the road. Have tools for that. the rest can be bought or brought as you need it.
ZINGERLITE 08/18/20 05:57am Beginning RVing
RE: truck for towing.

Have you considered a 3500 van? No van. if im going to a van i might as well buy Cousin Eddie's RV.... hahahhaha "That there's and R...V...!"
ZINGERLITE 08/12/20 01:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

this topic is as controversial as "how much can i tow with a half ton?!?!" Have some respect for your campground neighbors and communicate with them. if you find yourself needing to leave your pets in the camper for a part of the day try to be aware of whats going on. try to book sites in shade under trees to help control the heat. if your trip keeps you away from your camper most of the time leave the dog with a family member for that trip. If you need to run to walmart turn on the radio and A/C. Your dog will be just fine.
ZINGERLITE 08/06/20 09:53am Beginning RVing
RE: Expert Towing Advice

What I would look at is the width of the trailer versus the width of the truck. You don't think it is a big deal but it really is. You will need some big mirrors and when you look back at the trailer, you will be surprised at how much wider it is than your truck. It will push you down hills even if you try and go slow. You will struggle going up some hills and probably get frustrated with the whole deal. I towed a 19' Wilderness with a S-10 Blazer with the 4.3 V6 and would never do it again. The mass of the trailer against the truck just didn't work. Good luck with your decision. Curly The new mid size trucks are pretty similar to the old full-size trucks from 20 years ago. the Colorado is only 5" narrower than the full-size. on paper they compare to some of the older half tons.
ZINGERLITE 08/05/20 09:04am Travel Trailers
RE: "Old Tires"

I think there's some "weight" in tire care. Keep them properly inflated, keep the sun off of them. inspect for cracks regularly ect. I wouldn't think you'd need to replace them every 3 years. if your regularly going on long trips it may be a good piece of mind but how necessary is it to replace them just due to age? i feel like alot of blowouts are due to under inflation or ignored warning signs of fatigue. This topic is almost as controversial as the truck/towing capacity debates.
ZINGERLITE 07/30/20 06:18am General RVing Issues
RE: " observe " TT frig from afar

id think a camera and/or thermometer that hooks up to wifi would be more expensive than new condiments. Read the labels, alot of condiments we keep in the fridge don't actually need to be refrigerated. i think ketchup is the #1 thing people put in the fridge but don't need to. it just feels wrong not too lol. Its probably cheaper to purge and start fresh then buy new gadgets and hope they work.
ZINGERLITE 07/30/20 06:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp? Fold up wheels. Pick up the bow and pull it to the water and after it launched you flip them up and Be on your way. Works well. I wonder if you could rig something up to tow that. like the waste totes. doesn't have to be a trailer hitch but some sort of loop to put over the ball.
ZINGERLITE 07/29/20 07:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp?

alot of jet ski guys build carts out of pvc pipe. light weight and easy to transport.
ZINGERLITE 07/29/20 06:51am General RVing Issues
RE: A nice change from Social Media

There's too many people in this world without enough hobbies lol. Social media is the real plague!
ZINGERLITE 07/29/20 06:46am General RVing Issues
RE: What do you shut off when leaving for a trip

I see some are confused. The OP is talking about the sticks-n-bricks home. I've never shut anything off. I do set the AC higher or heat lower lower. As of now, my kids stay behind and keep an eye on the house. I don't worry about any of that, Those days were when i threw some of my craziest house parties! lol
ZINGERLITE 07/27/20 11:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Expert Towing Advice

That's like saying I don't need gloves in the winter because I've only had frostbite twice. Having the right truck for the job is wise once or 100 times and the OP may have enough truck. IDK If your at or over payload a couple/few hundred pounds for a short trip once or twice a year i wouldn't see it as justification to spend more on a bigger truck. What your doing with it also comes into play. are you towing it to the local campground under an hour away? or are you pulling across the country and through the mountains? if its the latter id definitely upgrade the vehicle. that being said i wouldn't pull a 10,000lb trailer with a ranger or a colorado.
ZINGERLITE 07/22/20 12:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Expert Towing Advice

The #1 bit of info needed is Where do you plan to tow, mountains, flat? How far will you be towing? How often will you tow? Many vacationers just do not have time to take cross country trips, this eats into your days, so they take shorter trips, less than 3 hrs from home. This is different than towing across the country, over mountain passes, down mountains, through cross-winds... For short trips you can just drive slow and deal with it, but long multi-day drives you will want to move at a decent speed likely. If Chevy says you can tow the weight then you can tow it. WD hitches do not add 100 lbs to the tongue weight. Do use a WD hitch as that lessens some of the issues. Check your hitch rating. There are different Classes of hitches from 1 to 5, 5 is the strongest and will rip the truck frame out before it breaks. A trailer this size should have brakes, so that will be very important and an expensive controller is better than the cheap ones, but you say your truck already has it factory installed. good. Keep brakes in top notch condition for safety. The trailer should be able to stop/slow itself so the truck only needs to slow itself. Use low gear going down mountains and keep the speed slow without using the brakes much. Hot brakes will be dangerous. You may need to creep down in 2nd gear to really keep it safe (or if you have 9 gears then whatever low gear needed). Light trucks and short wheel bases are not a friend of towing. These mid-sized trucks are considered light. Again, for short infrequent trips you have enough truck to get you there. For long drives on a regular basis it would be worth getting a bigger truck or a smaller trailer. I think you chose smaller trailer. Small as possible is some people's motto Well said! i feel like the common theme on these threads is "you need a 1 ton". no one takes into consideration what type of towing and how often. you don't need to spend 80k on a 1ton to tow once or twice a year. A half ton will do just fine in a lot of cases. If you tow regularly then id consider the upgrade. If you can squeak by a couple times a year a half-ton or Colorado would do just fine. Id rather drive a half ton to work everyday then a 1 ton.
ZINGERLITE 07/22/20 10:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Expert Towing Advice

I've done some looking into the Colorado myself. it seems like on paper the numbers are just as good as my 2006 Silverado. It just seems like you wouldn't want to tow much more than 5000lbs. that V6 builds its power at higher rpm so you'd be in the pedal alot. alot of guys also mentioned the shear size of it as far as aerodynamics. The dimensions won't help it cut through the wind as much making it more susceptible to wind blowing you all over the place. as others have said a bit smaller trailer would probably be the best advise. you might get away with it if you were towing in relatively flat terrain. It may even perform well in perfect scenarios but when you find yourself in trouble is when you'd need a bit bigger truck.
ZINGERLITE 07/21/20 10:46am Travel Trailers
RE: How long does a 18lb propane tank last you?

filling lasts way longer. last year my tank lasted through spring/summer/fall. mainly just running the water heater. maybe the furnace a few times. as well as i used it to shrink wrap like 5 boats. Then used it as back up this spring for my grill. a $10 fill up at TSC really lasted!
ZINGERLITE 07/16/20 05:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Not RV, but we haven't had a good generator bashing lately.

I know, many do but using non ethanol fuel is the ticket if your gonna let the engine sit. Ethanol should only be for your daily driver! I always laugh a little inside a the neighbors. the power goes out and 20 minutes later i can hear 5 different generators. by the time they get set up the power comes back on. Seems like wasted effort. Grab a book or a magazine and wait it out!
ZINGERLITE 07/14/20 06:14am General RVing Issues
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