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RE: Opinions on best anti theft hitch lock type device.

I think I read on here that any ball lock can be bypassed, the best way to insure no once can steel it, use a thick chain and chain the 2 wheels together. Then it can't be moved because the wheels won't turn... If they have to tool to cut the tongue lock they can easily cut the chain. the best theft protection i think is a good insurance policy.
ZINGERLITE 09/13/21 08:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Thor Industries now has $14 billion in backlogged orders

Pre covid quality standards were hot garbage. What happens when you speed up production?
ZINGERLITE 06/10/21 06:04am General RVing Issues
RE: New camper towing

we had a traverse a few years ago. i didn't come with a tow package but with an add on hitch it hauled my 2500lb boat like it wasn't even back there. When i looked into upgrading everything it became a cost issue to tow our TT. trans cooler is different, fuse box is different due to lack of brake controler wiring, no tow haul mode ect. its a $400 option to get the tow package but its a couple thousand after the fact to upgrade. Its cheaper to get one with the tow package. Theres alot of info if you google "traverse tow package". Ours was a lease so it wasn't worth it to me. with a tow package they can haul 5000lbs. without its significantly less.
ZINGERLITE 05/20/21 06:14am Beginning RVing
RE: To portable dump tank or not to portable dump tank...

I used to have a tote. After I bought it I realized that where we normally camp the nearest dump station is likely to be 10 (or more) miles away. Most Forest Service campgrounds in this state have no dump stations, and dumping RV tanks into a vault toilet is against the rules. The tote sat under the workbench in the shop for about 15 years, then I sold it for less than $20 in a garage sale. Think about it before buying one. Will you have a place to dump it at the remote campground you like? Similar situation. I used it a couple of times where we camped in the same spot more than a few days. Since then we've developed better water conservation habits and only stay in the same place about 3 or 4 days at a time. Which is perfect timing for our tank capacity. Now i have this tote thats always in the way lol.
ZINGERLITE 05/13/21 08:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Crossroads Zinger 18' vs Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup 16

i have the Zinger 18bh. we like it alot. easy to tow with a half ton. I think the extra space would be worth it. I modified some of the storage space and had to go through a bit of trial and error as far as finding homes for items but over all it has been a great camper. The only issue i had was the A/C was leaking inside the camper early on. You'd wake up with a wet pillow. After taking it to the dealer to have them repair it i fixed it myself. The window style A/C unit has a drip pan underneath it and it is tilted to the outside of the camper. I just made sure the water would flow down hill and out the side. used some tyvek tape to seal the joints and its good to go. The advantage to the wall mount A/C is if it goes i can replace it at walmart for $100. plus i think the salesman said something about it not being on the roof made it easier for people who store it in garages. Not really concerned about that. Overall its been a good camper.
ZINGERLITE 05/06/21 12:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Owners manual discrepancy.

Sounds wrong to me. But then again I saw a trailer backed into an uphill site this past weekend. The site leveled off for the trailer but not the towing vehicle. Owner did not disconnect. Did not chock any tires. And had the rear wheels of the SUV almost lifted off the ground with the electric tongue jack. So maybe.... most of us are doing it wrong? That guy probably thought everyone else was wasting their time by disconnecting lol.
ZINGERLITE 05/04/21 12:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Misplaced Keys

If you are near a trailer dealer, you may check to see if they will loan some keys to you to try. I think these cheap RV locks are similar, even the dead bolts. I had a key on my truck ring, I thought was for my FW, and used it to easily open the double locked door. When I grabbed the camper keys later, which has 2 separate keys for the door, and of course the 751 baggage key, I realized the key I used earlier, was for the side RV type door on my enclosed snowmobile trailer. Comparing the keys, pretty similar. You just need a key from a dealer that works well, copy it, buy it from dealer, if an extra. Jerry I think the latch is universal but the dead bolt is not. When i dropped mine off for warranty work a few years ago they had me lock the handle but unlock the dead bolt. Even though it was the same key? they said that they had a master key for the handle but the dead bolt was more specific. But it sounds like both are locked so i can't offer much help. definitely get a spare set once you get it unlocked.
ZINGERLITE 04/14/21 05:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Water Damage - Is it worth restoring?

The next question would be - how do you dispose of a travel trailer? I'm headed to google now... Sell it cheap or give it to someone who wants to restore it maybe. Craigslist or facebook market place. If you price it cheap enough id imagine it could be gone quickly. Campers are in demand right now. Theres probably a good amount of people looking for something to fix up and design their way.
ZINGERLITE 04/01/21 10:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Unable to use park tv hookup

check the cable connections. My Antenna didn't work when i got my trailer. after some swearing I took everything out of the cabinet near the plug, removed the couple screws holding the panel in and go access to the back side of the jack. The spliter had the cable sitting next to it. It wasn't threaded on the spliter. They crank these things out so fast at the manufacture that simple things get missed.
ZINGERLITE 03/31/21 09:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Vehicle Spare - Have you checked it?

Funny this came up today. Putting 4 new drive tires onto my Dually on Wed. Not worn out just aged out 14 years old. shop owner, long time friend asked about the spare tire. How old it was. Original 25 year tire from 95. said well guessed he will have to put a new lift cable on it to. Never been down. I think the problem with those is you don't think about it until you need it. Then its too late and your on the side of the road with a spare you can't get to. Sooo frustrating lol.
ZINGERLITE 03/30/21 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Pushing a TT into position from the rear bumper...?

To put that into perspective, this is about the same as trying to push a 1/2 ton pickup truck by hand. A little off topic but thats actually really easy for 1 person. Focus on rolling the tire not pushing the truck! a friend that used to work on semi's showed me that trick. makes rolling projects around the driveway easier!
ZINGERLITE 03/30/21 06:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Vehicle Spare - Have you checked it?

I ended up ordering a new spare rim from rock auto and the local tire shop had a used tire with good life left in it that matched the 4 on my truck. spent under $100. Good to GO! Also, always check the spare when your checking your tires pre-trip. its part of my routine now. If you have an older tow vehicle in the salt belt id also recomend trying to remove your spare and greasing/replacing the mechanism. Ive gotten burned a few times by my chevy spare latch. On your back in a slushy/snowy/wet parking lot is not the time to fight with it lol. Its so rusty that it wont work properly. the cable comes out all the way and the latch wont release. The tire stays stuck hanging from the latch. The last time i got it off i cut the tab off. No issues since lol.
ZINGERLITE 03/29/21 06:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Cleaning Fresh water tank and water heater

Are there clues as to when you should do this? or should this be a once a year/every couple years maintenance thing?
ZINGERLITE 03/11/21 07:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

I don’t mind people flushing their black tank after dumping. The trigger for me is when they start shooting the breeze with someone, or have some complicated dump hose packing method that takes forever. Last time we went camping there were some ladies in an RV in front of us. They kept talking to each other which slowed down the process, then they get in their rig and it just sits there. Finally got out of my truck and walked up to their window to see them talking. Did the universal WTF sign language by putting both my arms up in the air. They just looked at me like they had no clue there were 10 RV’s waiting behind them. Cleaning the black tank bothers me the least. I think this is where a good host comes in and sort of runs the show. keep people moving along.
ZINGERLITE 02/15/21 05:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Ev charging in camps expectation of availability, cost

If a CG owner wants to cater to EV's. Install charging stations. Just a couple in a convenient location and charge a profit producing rate. There does not need to be charging ability at each camp site. How do CG's that allow golf carts deal with charging them? This would be how to do it. We have a similar station at work. you plug it in and then go move your car a couple hours later to let someone else use it. Just put in a couple charging stations in near the office. go back and get your car at lunch and your good to go. I think this would work until they become more main stream. This way you don't have to upgrade every campsite and you can still cater to the electric car crowd. Charge a fee for charging.
ZINGERLITE 02/12/21 10:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

Yes, dump-rinse-go if a line behind you. If you are alone, YES thoroughly rinse the tanks. Yes, you don't have to rinse the tanks every time.... EXCEPT if it is mid summer and you camper will be sitting for weeks / months until the next trip. I am able to rinse my tanks on my property, so if we aren't going out again for a couple or more weeks I thoroughly rinse and sanitize the black tank. In mid-August, that black tank, even though quickly "rinsed" at a dump station, can very much stink up the camper. If you need to really rinse out and sanitize the tanks, in Connecticut a lot of the state parks that have dump stations (not many do, you need to check in advance) will allow you to dump and rinse to your heart's content for the price of one overnight campsite. Yea, it is expensive, but if you need to do it.... I have had to do that a couple times for various reasons - the nice thing about that is if you can go to the dump station in the middle of the week when it is empty you can take all the time you want. A lot of private campgrounds will allow you to dump and rinse, usually for 1/2 the price of a campsite - but can vary greatly so call ahead and check. We usually wait to dump when leaving on a Sunday afternoon until the last minute. We've found that most people have breakfast, packup, and go to the dump station - everyone seems to arrive at the same time. Yes, you can go first thing in the morning, but I like to have a leisurely breakfast. If you wait until the last minute usually the dump line is small or empty, not always, but usually. Also, when dumping when there is a long line, don't start dumping and then go sit in your truck or camper. I usually hang out by the tank, checking constantly for when it is done, so I can rinse the line quickly and get going. Think about when or if you are waiting in line to dump, and the person dumping is nowhere to be seen for awhile. Just a small thing, but if people behind you see you there doing "something", it can be a little less annoying to wait. If you really need to take the time to rinse (long distance camping trip, camper going into storage, etc) tell the person waiting behind you. Grumpy people can be just grumpy, but at least you let them know it will be a little extra time - and if they see you "working" (as I say above) instead of relaxing in your camper it may make them a bit more understanding. These are tips and ideas coming from me. You will figure out your own routine, and experience your own adventures at the dump station. Then you also can come back here and tell dump station stories! I like that advice. Its like when the boss is walking around the shop. grab a wrench and it looks like your doing something. You just need a "prop" lol. Act busy!
ZINGERLITE 02/04/21 09:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

If there is someone in line behind you dump and move on. If you want to super maintain your black water tank - fine - but do it on your own time. Thats the meat and potatos of it. You'll do just fine!
ZINGERLITE 02/04/21 05:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

avoid the dump stations after mid morning on holiday weekends. They line will be long and full of rookies that will take forever. I always try to get out of there early on those weekends. Those lines are full of people that don't regularly camp. either they haven't established an efficient routine or they just don't care. I think labor day is the big one. For alot of people they winterize, dump/flush the tanks and take it straight to storage for the winter. For them its now or never. It just seems like those guys wait until the lines good an long to get going. No hustle in their step lol. I think the best way is when there's a line is to do what you need to do with purpose. while your waiting in line locate your stinky slinky, have your gloves at the ready an necessary compartments open. When i pack up at the campsite i try to think ahead. think of the next things i need and pack those last. My gloves and tupperware with my elbow extension go right at the front of the storage compartment. Hand sanitizer and/or wipes on the center console of the truck. Pull the black, pull the gray, rinse the hose and hit the road.
ZINGERLITE 02/03/21 10:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Weight Distribution Hitch Systems - Thoughts?

I love my husky center-line. Its the torsion bar style. No chains. Once i got it dialed in its been great!
ZINGERLITE 01/29/21 05:27am Travel Trailers
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