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Bigfoot Dinette Window Enlarging - Anyone Done it?

One of the many future projects on the Bigfoot is to redo the windows. I have the older window style where the double pane window seal is pulled towards the center of the window. They are also looking quite aged and time for a refresh. One of the things I have contemplated doing was to make the dinette window larger by maybe 2 or 3" in height. It seems like this window could have been larger to begin with and in my opinion should have. Has anyone else contemplated such an upgrade?
adamis 05/16/22 09:42am Truck Campers
Bigfoot dirty water streaks down sides from roof, solutions?

As much as I enjoy my Bigfoot, I am befuddled by dirty water streaks coming off the roof, running down the sides and over the windows. On the walls it is just aesthetics but they also flow over the windows leaving a less than appealing dirty window to enjoy the views from. This doesn't just happen in rainy weather either. Often just the morning condensation is enough to cause this water to start dripping down the sides. My thought has been to purchase some foam tape on a roll and run on the top of the roof just before it arcs toward the side in the hope of directing the water to roll into the corners of the roof and minimize the streaks. The issue with this idea is I doubt there is any foam tape that will have enough stickiness to stay on after any meaningful time. Eternabond tape could be a solution but not sure I want to have something that sticky either. Guess I'm goldilocks... Has anyone else encountered this issue and come up with a decent solution that doesn't involve washing windows every morning?
adamis 05/15/22 08:46am Truck Campers
RE: Gas fridge on the move?

On my Bigfoot I keep the fridge on Propane all the time including driving. Most of our driving is in hot weather and for several hours a day. There is no way the fridge will keep up under those conditions so keeping it on is a must. It rarely if ever blows out while traveling. I did one trip to Las Vegas for a convention in July. I added some fans in the vent chase on the back of the fridge hoping to help the airflow in the extreme heat. Ironically, these fans even when not running changed the airflow dynamics of the that vent chase. The fridge would no longer stay running while driving down the freeway. It took a few trips with barely cold food before I admitted defeat on my "upgrade" and removed the fans. Since then, fridge has been rock solid. Lesson learned, the airflow dynamics can be something very difficult to account for but is a huge factor in wether the fridge will run while driving. I know the newer compressor fridges are all the rage. Maybe someday when I have one I will think the same. In my opinion though, these propane fridges are really very solid. You just have to understand their limits and work within them. Turn them on a day before your trip, minimize opening the door (chase the kids out!), Keep a large block of ice in the freezer to help provide thermal mass and regulate temps. Expect that on a grocery run food is going to warm up the fridge for a few hours as the system works to cool it all back down. The tradeoffs to these limits is a very efficient method to keep food cold that is simple and generally just works when it's used properly.
adamis 05/14/22 09:32am Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Sure wish we could have attended. Old arthritic knees just did not cooperate... Time for replacement... Jim and Sheila. You guys were definitely missed but hopefully we catch you next year. Put it on the calendar now!
adamis 04/25/22 07:01pm Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Thank you everyone that was able to make it to our mini rally! I really enjoyed our time together relaxing and visiting together. It was great to see familiar faces and to meet new faces! This exceeded my expectations and can't wait to do it again. If you are a planner... mark your calendars for April 21st to the 23rd, 2023. The plan is to do it all over again and hopefully we can pick up a few more folks! I will start a new thread sometime this fall to announce it. In the meantime, enjoy these photos!
adamis 04/25/22 04:46pm Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Just a quick update. I know a few people won't be able to make it but we are still going forward for those that can make it. I will be in the Redding area Thursday evening but likely staying at my sisters. If there is anyone who wants to stay the night Thursday night on the property you are welcome to do so. I will be getting to the property Friday early afternoon. For directions, look up in this thread as I posted all the details there. See you all there!
adamis 04/14/22 09:25am Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Hi everyone, just a quick check back to let you know we are still on. I will be in the area Thursday so if anyone has travel plans and it is convenient to arrive a day early, let me know and we can get the gate unlocked for you. One slight change... Due to a blown 2 stroke engine currently at the rebuild shop and a tight schedule needing to be home to work on Monday, I will not be bringing my toy up to ride at the OHV park on Sunday as previously discussed in this thread. Not sure how many others were thinking of bringing your toy, you are of course welcome to still do it but I won't be riding with you. Also note that my property is about 10 miles from the OHV park for those wondering.
adamis 04/01/22 01:12pm Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

As long as they bring food and drinks to share the more the merrier!
adamis 03/08/22 11:27pm Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Hi all, sorry about the delay. Life has been busy for sure! Twins and work are keeping us on our toes. Yes, Rally is still on! There isn't a house address but the street is Gloria Terrace off of Bear Mountain Road in Redding, CA. Turn North off of Bear Mountain Road onto Gloria Terrace, drive to the end then turn left (West) and drive to the end. My gate will be on the North side of the road. Here is a map and here location. Google Maps
adamis 03/08/22 08:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Adding another room to your camper...

Here is a better closeup...
adamis 02/16/22 06:40pm Truck Campers
Adding another room to your camper...

Bet you all thought it was impossible but here is how you do it. Not my rig but I like the creativity.
adamis 02/16/22 02:42pm Truck Campers
Dunefest 2022 (Winchestor Bay, OR), Anyone Going?

I am looking at going to the Dunefest ATV / UTV rally held in Winchester Bay, OR this year from Aug 2nd to the 7th. This would be my first to this event and was wondering if anyone else has gone or is going that could leave some pointers / tips for truck campers. From the looks of things, it is a very crowded event with a lot of activities going on. With so many people, it isn't all about riding out on the Dunes due to the congestion so we may end up going to another Dune area for a day or two of riding where there are less people. So if you have gone or are thinking of going let me know!
adamis 02/13/22 08:26am Truck Campers
RE: Let's talk air bags...

One thing I have taken for granted is having on onboard air system so I can change the air pressure of the bags from inside the cab with the flip of a switch. I think it is a must for any airbag installation to be practical. Being able to change on the fly due to changing road conditions is what makes airbags useful. Perhaps the different experiences with airbags is due to why they were installed in the first place. Some here might be in the camp that they have way more camper then their truck can comfortably handle and require the airbags to "level" out the truck and assist the suspension. Others (and I think I am in this boat) have just enough or more then enough truck for the camper and don't require the airbags to level the ride height (I have fairly minimal sag with camper) and just use the airbags to improve the ride in varying conditions (higher pressures for winding roads, lower pressures for bumpy roads). Perhaps that is why there have been such different experiences?
adamis 01/24/22 08:47am Truck Campers
RE: Let's talk air bags...

I have to agree with Grit Dog, never experienced that effect, in fact, quite the opposite. If I am on a twisty mountain road I will inflate the airbags higher then usual to help eliminate body roll in the curves. Does wonders in that situation. I am wondering if you just over inflated the air bags such that they unload the rear leaf springs entirely. That would have the effect you are describing I think. Airbags are designed to assist the suspension, not replace it.
adamis 01/23/22 10:18am Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Sorry for the late response as my wife and I have been out camping. We are still very interested in joining everyone in the Redding area in April! No worries and looking forward to seeing you!
adamis 01/19/22 10:11am Truck Campers
Let's talk air bags...

My 1999 7.3 dually has airbags installed by the previous owner. I've generally not bothered to inflate them unless towing a trailer with my Bigfoot camper (4000lbs loaded). Today while driving on California's 101 near San Jose I was bouncing along from our overtaxed and under fixed roads. While bouncing up and down I had an epiphany that perhaps a little bit of air might help the situation. Typically I've run between 30 to 60 psi in the bags if I'm towing a trailer with the camper. If I have just the camper I have usually left them empty or at 30psi unless I'm on twisty roads where I might bump it up to 90psi. That being said, it seems app subjective to me. Hard to tell if adding air I'm helped at all or if it was just the roar improving in the section I was then on. So those of you that also have airbags, what type of truck and camper weight do you have and what PSI in the bags do you run? What is your measurement of ride improvement other then subjective "feels better"?
adamis 01/15/22 10:01am Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

I think there are a few going from this group. Sadly our plans have changed. My sister had offered to watch our twin girls but I would have to drive to Redding from Gilroy, drop them off, return to Gilroy, then head to Arizona and then repeat all the driving back to Redding to get the girls when we returned. As much fun as it would have been to go to the camper rally, just could not handle that much driving in just a few days. We are of course looking forward to seeing you all in Redding in April though. Likely just me this time as the wife and twins will likely visit with her family this go around.
adamis 01/13/22 01:12am Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Glad to hear everyone looks to still be on board. I will keep you posted on additional details when we get closer. As I mentioned, I'm going to be bring my vintage ATV to do some trail riding Sunday afternoon at the Chappie OHV park near Shasta lake. 52,000 acres and 200 miles of trails and roads. Everyone attending the camper rally is welcome to join us and feel free to stay at my property Sunday evening as well if it is convenient for you.
adamis 01/11/22 09:38am Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Great! Any of you interested in bringing the SxS or the Suzuki to go do some trail driving on Sunday? Thinking for anyone that ends up wanting to go play in the hills but doesn't want to drive home that night you could stay Sunday night at the property as well.
adamis 01/09/22 02:07pm Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Okay, another update... So the good news is, the property looks to have survived well enough. Still not certain what trees will come back but right now with all the rain it looks beautiful. So... What I need to know is at this point, how many people are still a solid committed to go? If you are still in for sure, please post and let me know. As a reminder, this is a casual 3 day, 2 night meetup. We might on Friday whenever you show up, hangout Saturday and leave on Sunday. One thing I am considering doing is going to the Chappie - Shasta OHV area about 10 miles from Redding on Sunday after things wrap up. I am involved in a vintage ATV group and looking at trying to meet others for a ride. It might just be me with my 36 year Honda Odyssey FL350 or a handful of others. Anyone attending the Jamboree would be more then welcome to bring their toys and join us (vintage ATV not required). If you are interested in participating in this part on Sunday, please let me know.
adamis 01/09/22 10:43am Truck Campers
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