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RE: Saw a TT with rear entry

They are not uncommon. There are several models on this page with rear entry (other examples elsewhere): Grand Design travel trailers Rob Not one of those models has a rear entry.... Actually they do, in industry parlance rear entry means a door behind the wheels.
afidel 07/24/21 11:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Saw a TT with rear entry

They are not uncommon. There are several models on this page with rear entry (other examples elsewhere): Grand Design travel trailers Rob That's not what they're talking about, they're taking about actually on the back of the trailer. I've looked over thousand of layout drawings and there have only been a handful with a door on the back that weren't toy haulers, and I've seen exactly one that had an entry on the driver's side.
afidel 07/24/21 12:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Problem with U-Haul refill. Time replace my propane tanks?

Weird, I see that now that I look for the rulemaking. What's odd is phmsa still has PDFs up with the 10 year timeframe.
afidel 07/12/21 07:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Problem with U-Haul refill. Time replace my propane tanks?

There are a few things not listed in this thread. 1. DOT portable tanks HAVE to be recertified every 12 years 2. IF you have a out of date or damaged Cylinder, just go to an EXCHANGE service like HD or Lowes. The profit model takes in to account damaged or out of certification cylinders. 3. Below is the DOT law § 180.605 Requirements for periodic testing, inspection and repair of portable tanks. (a) A portable tank constructed in accordance with a DOT specification for which a test or inspection specified in this subpart has become due, must be tested or inspected prior to being returned for transportation. (b) Conditions requiring test and inspection of portable tanks. Without regard to any other test or inspection requirements, a Specification or UN portable tank must be tested and inspected in accordance with this section prior to further use if any of the following conditions exist: (1) The portable tank shows evidence of dents, corroded or abraded areas, leakage, or any other condition that might render it unsafe for transportation service. (2) The portable tank has been in an accident and has been damaged to an extent that may adversely affect its ability to retain the hazardous materia It's actually 10 years with recertification extending the expiration 5 years for a visual inspection with 2 recertifications allowed or a 10 year extension for a proper pressure test with both giving a maximum life of 20 years.
afidel 07/12/21 05:56pm Tech Issues
RE: 200 amp-hour Li $799

So reading their reviews the BMS is a complete PoS. No low voltage cutoff, no low temp charge protection, etc. If you're going to monitor it closely or have a smart system upstream that can monitor and protect it then go for it, but as a throw it on the tongue and forget about it solution it's a complete fail, you'll most likely end up roaching the cells about as fast as a lead acid for 3x the cost.
afidel 07/08/21 01:31am Tech Issues
RE: Help please!

I just purchased a 1968 Holiday Ramber that I need to get plates registered for. I have the serial number and bill of sale but no title. How can I go about this since the DMV requires the newer 17 digit format and my camper has the old format???Have you been rejected in person? When you go in.... do not leave until there is a clear path to obtaining the registration. If doing this online just use preceding zeros and see what goes. Then make an appointment to go in. Zeros won't work, proper VINs have a check digit which an older serial won't have and adding zeros wouldn't work if it did (this is assuming the DMV VIN checker is coded correctly).
afidel 07/07/21 04:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Armoured extension cord

Don't run an extension cord through conduit, it's not rated for that. Get an electrician to run proper rated cable through conduit and setup an outlet in an outdoor rated enclosure to plugin. If you do the trenching and conduit install it won't even be that terribly expensive.
afidel 07/02/21 01:59am Tech Issues
RE: Camping in a high temperature area.

North of Seattle we were at 111 degrees with about 52% humidity, i lived in Fallon Nevada and went through some 115 degree days there that didn’t feel as hot. Ugh, that's absolutely miserable there, high humidity and that kind of heat is stifling. The hottest I've ever felt was 105 and 80% humidity in Texas, 125 in death valley was much more pleasant.
afidel 06/29/21 05:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping in a high temperature area.

No mention of humidity. Does that mean the heat is a dry heat? That would make it a little more bearable. Portland was 20% RH yesterday when they hit their record 115 high (prior to this past weekend their record was 107, set in 1965 and 1981), still a bit higher than places like Yuma and Death Valley that normally see those temps but not so high as to stop sweating from being effective.
afidel 06/29/21 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Dometic Duo Therm AC issue

One way you can find out is replace the controller. I ripped out the digital thermostat and "smart" controller from mine and put in a "dumb" relay box that I then hooked up to a Honeywell T6 Pro ZWave thermostat (works without a C-Wire and while not rated for 12V works just fine). With the dumb box in place you could literally use a paperclip to jump the 12V + to the fan low on the AC and make it work (until it iced up).
afidel 06/28/21 11:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Possible RV AC

I wonder if this system could be modified for the RV market. It's enough to cool the bunk area of a tractor not much more. It's 2kW, 7,200 BTU which is plenty to cool the sleeping area of most RVs with a separate bedroom just fine. It's a bit on the pricey side, but the 12V 2kW unit that Domestic is selling isn't much cheaper. The best bet is potentially the Chinese units for around $600, but I'm not finding a lot of reviews on them yet to see if folks have found the good ones. Btw I was watching a vanlifer with the Domestic unit, 800W of solar was running it and dropped a 92 degree van to mid 70s with basically zero battery drain.
afidel 06/28/21 11:25pm General RVing Issues

7 pin is pretty worthless for charging battery anyways, conductor is too small. If you want to actually put some juice in the battery add a dedicated charge cable. There's plenty of info on different ways to do this out there, but the involve either bigger cables, converting to AC and then back to DC, or upping the DC voltage and stepping it back down. You also have to consider load on the alternator and how to limit it or add an additional alternator dedicated to charging.
afidel 06/25/21 10:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Smaller Holding Tanks...What to do when NO hookups??

As far as gray / black water… Are the portable dumping totes exclusive to its contents ( one for gray and separate one for black) or does one tote handle both? Storage could be an issue? How do you carry and store when traveling? I would put both in my Barker, but honestly haven't seen a need as even 15 gallons of black will last forever if you're only using it for nighttime/emergency use. As far as carrying additional fresh, we've got collapsible 5 gallon containers that we fill when we're traveling in the winter and don't want to have water in the tank or pump, a couple of those would work and with a funnel it would be fairly easy to add to the fresh tank (or you could use them for your drinking/bathroom flushing and use the tank water only for sink/shower duty).
afidel 06/25/21 12:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Smaller Holding Tanks...What to do when NO hookups??

There is an additional 6 gallons of water in the hot water heater, if so equipped. With no way to get it out except use the low point drain once the fresh tank is empty. And I agree with others, use campground bathrooms and navy showers, we stretched 30/15/15 with electric only to 14 days with 2 dumps using a Barker waste tote, there were 4 of us. Water conservation was the price we paid for only spending $450 for 2 weeks right at the beach =)
afidel 06/24/21 10:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for new tow vehicle

For the most comfortable ride the best class 1500 pickups are the ones from Ram which have coil springs on all four wheels. Advantage of a crew cab pickup is havingt the rear bed for cargo. Add a fiberglass cap and you can use the space for gear, like firewood or a dog, that you do not want inside the cab or the trailer. Also adding a roof rack makes it relatively easy to transport kayaks. Order the truck with the larger fuel tank and the electronic locking rear differential and the 3.92 rear axle ratio and the truck can tow up to 12,000 lbs safely. Add the Trailer-Tow Group to get the trailer brake controller, trailer TPMS, and trailer reverse steering control. Did you miss where they said they have 4 kids? I've done 5 in a crew cab pickup for 5,000 miles and 2,500 miles and it's not a lot of fun, 6 would be downright bad. You technically could do it with a front bench pickup but a van is going to do it better from a comfort perspective.
afidel 06/24/21 03:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Does damp rid have a place in rving in winter/cooler temps

If you have humidity problems, go to a big box store and buy the smallest compressor driven dehumidifier you can find. It will do the trick. You can minimize adding moisture but this is really the only true solution but doing it off grid is a problem. Damp Rid can help if it's in the back of a closet with little airflow but won't really have any noticeable impact on the larger living space. Look up the specs on dehumidifiers. A small one might have a 2.5 gallon reservoir and running continuously, you may have to dump the water multiple times per day. How many crystals will you need to absorb say 30-40 gallons of water per week? If you're living in it that's correct, but it does have its place. We've stored our trailer in a cave over the winter and Damp Rid or similar is essential to keep the moisture low enough for stuff not to grow. 4-5 64oz buckets was enough to keep our 18' trailer smelling good enough that an hour of fresh air was enough that you wouldn't notice. Lady at check-in said some folks ignore their warning in order to save a few bucks, costs them a LOT more in mold and mildew damage.
afidel 06/21/21 11:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lexington KY to Dayton Ohio

Take 275 west around town. I-75 through Cincinnati is a train wreck. The road surface will destroy your camper. The lanes have been moved and shifted so many times you pretty much have to guess where you should be in the road. They are also currently painting the Brence Spence bridge which creates backups everyday. Most days with traffic I-275 won’t lengthen your travel time at all. One of the few times I've been really in a pickle while towing was 71/75 merge before the bridge, came through maintaining my lane the whole way due to rush hour traffic, went from middle lane to ramp to left lane to lane ended, who ends a left lane?!? The only other situation I've felt was that messed up was 75 south through Atlanta, at one point you were merged in from the left and had to get to the right to stay on 75, across 8 lanes in a few miles. It was insane to do that in a thunderstorm in a van, can't imagine what it would have been like with a trailer. I'm glad they've redone that area since and now I just take the HOV lane to bypass all the craziness.
afidel 06/21/21 11:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: I hate roundabouts -- but maybe I am wrong

Perhaps ODOT is better than some at making them but I've been through a few dozen around here with both an 18' and my current 34' trailer and never had an issue, only once even hit the inner curb when I tried to take it to fast and so the truck keptyo the inside pulling the trailer in a more straight line than would be ideal.
afidel 06/20/21 12:07am Roads and Routes
RE: Check in/out timing...

You sound like you manage RV parks..heh. We've run into a couple of parks that had 10AM check out which we thought was a bit unreasonable. And you should be aware that many if not all COE camps have 3PM checkin times and late checkouts, 1 or 2 PM. I cannot say that we've found most camps to be full, a few are but most seem to be half full at most. We camps at a park right on the gulf a few weeks ago and it had 6 or 8 empty places in a very small park. An one on Gulf Shores, a big park, that was maybe 20% full for example. Our COE campground has a 3pm checkout and 5pm check-in, works great for us weekend warriors as we can get there after work on a Friday and actually get to do stuff on Sunday before packing up and heading home!
afidel 06/19/21 11:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2011 Keystone Outback 250RS - New Owner!

Congrats! That really is a great floorplan. Outback does some cool original designs that are really well thought out. The 240URS was on my short list last year as the garage/bunkhouse could have been converted to an office fairly easily but I could never find one in stock to look at.
afidel 06/19/21 11:11pm Travel Trailers
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