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RE: A tale of two trailers, or prices are thru the roof.

L but entry level for consumers buying a new TT is really out of reach for many "common folks". They just finance them for 12 years or longer. A TT that was @ $20K 18 months ago is now @$35K or more, and banks are lending towards them. Let the inflation continue including the ever rising cost of fuel and watch this house of cards come crashing down. When these inflated prices, actually values drop, it will be ugly. IMO, when the amount financed exceeds FMV at the very beginning, then the entire deal will always be "underwater". When a person makes a deal based on "how much is my monthly payment", and not on "how much does it cost", then it is proof positive that we have a generation of people that are absolutely "financially illiterate". (shakes head) How many know that charging their credit card $5 for a Starbucks cup of Joe and then paying for it over 10 years at 25% interest...the real cost is $13.65. But it's only costing you 11 cents a month. Financial illiteracy at it's finest. My RV loan I took out last year is at 3.5%, inflation is currently 5.4% so as long as any investment I made instead of paying cash is at least keeping up with inflation I'm well ahead, and they are. But I did a normal 60 month loan knowing that I'll be trading up to a 5er about a year or two after that so I didn't want to have anything left on this one (going part time on the road after I get the younger one through college).
afidel 10/24/21 12:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Lithium Batteries

Need a new battery. I was thinking of a 12V Lithium battery. Not very familiar with them, will my AC/DC inverter 50amp with charging work or will I need a special charger for this type of battery? Any help would be greatly appericated If you're up to building your own, the Chinese LFP modules are working out very well, according to my cousin who used a Nissan Leaf battery to power their bus conversion. They said that, if they were to do it again, they'd use these modules instead of the Leaf's. The ones their friends used for their off-grid homestead are 280Ah =each=, and they installed 32 modules, for 29 kwh. From what my cousin has told me, for an RV, with only a few modules, you probably wouldn't even need to add a BMS (battery monitor system); not that you =can't=, just not really necessary. Lyle This is incorrect unless you never have a hard freeze, LiFePO4 batteries will be permanently damaged by charging at low temp (usual 32F/0C but some go slightly colder) so you need a BMS with low temp charging cutoff.
afidel 10/07/21 07:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Our first, and last, TT rental experience

That sounds horrible. I don't blame you for being upset. I have to give you a hard time for the fridge though. Go ahead and turn on the LP while you tow. That's the only practical way to cool the fridge and keep it cold. I drove a friend/coworker to El Monte RV when she was renting a Class C for a cross-country relocation (long story). I was prepared to help her with the walk through since she had never used an RV before. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the good job they did with her on the walk through. I have a hunch that not all rental outfits are created equal. Sorry you had such a bad experience. Other than that, did your family enjoy the experience? Do you think you're ready to re-enter the arena and buy an RV? Oh also, I think you're lucky that the mobile tech contacted you bright and early to get a jump on the job. You could have had to blow a day sitting around waiting for the tech to arrive. Agreed 100% about El Monte RV, I'm not sure I would have ended up jumping into this lifestyle if their service hasn't been so great. They made the rental experience great.
afidel 09/29/21 12:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: trailer saved the day

More than once, ours has been a lifeboat when the A/C went out in the summer. It has also been a guest room when grandkids stay over and we need sleeping space. Yeah, our AC decided to die at 17 years last summer during the second Covid wave. We all retreated to the trailer while the AC company came out and installed the replacement.
afidel 09/29/21 10:29am Travel Trailers
trailer saved the day

My better half was dying her hair and had just gotten the shower to the perfect temperature to rinse the dye out when the water just stopped! She quickly threw on a few towels and scurried out to the trailer where I was working and asked if we had water. I told her about 1/3 tank, plenty to shower with. I fired up the hot water heater with both gas and electric and about 4 minutes later had water warm enough to be comfortable. She got the dye out but unfortunately the delays caused her to suffer a minor chemical burn to her eyebrows and scalp but I shudder to think what would have happened if we hadn't had the trailer!
afidel 09/29/21 12:54am Travel Trailers
RE: IVECO Daily: strange towing choice from Australia

Looks to fill the niche that the F450/550/650 and similar are used for in the US, not quite medium duty semi tractor but something much more stout than a normal pickup/ute.
afidel 09/27/21 01:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dry Camping Shower Valve Replacement

Add an Oxygenics shower head with integrated push button shutoff. You'll use less water even when it's running but still have good pressure and have the ability to shut the flow off for Navy type showers. It's the one piece I transferred from my last trailer to this one because I knew if I hadn't I'd just end up buying another one =)
afidel 09/19/21 03:01am Tech Issues
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

My wife has always been able to do anything and everything I can do other than troubleshoot electrical. In fact while I'll do ~80% of the driving I let her do ~90% of the parking because she's simply better at it than I am and I'm better at giving clear directions. Should something happen to me she knows every part of the teardown and setup process and she's mentally tough enough that she'd make it through if need be.
afidel 09/18/21 02:23am General RVing Issues
RE: looking for a specific floorpan

~34 foot opposing slide rear living might be one of the most popular floorplans out there. Unless there's zero inventory locally you should have no problem finding one. Now what they'll be asking for it might be another matter.
afidel 09/15/21 12:28am Travel Trailers
RE: How to carry blackstone griddle

I clean my 22" with water and flip it over so the cooking surface is facing the burners, keeps them and everything else in the passthrough clean. No carrying bag for me, that's too much like work =)
afidel 09/13/21 12:09am General RVing Issues
RE: corner separating

And while you're in fixing the screw holes get some butyl tape to reseal the joint behind the molding.
afidel 09/12/21 11:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Loss of power when driving

Ah,same rust prone sensors but at least they are not in a valley under the manifold like on the smaller engines.
afidel 09/09/21 07:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Loss of power when driving

So the response of the ECU to a bad knock sensor is to max out the fuel trim. What that means is it runs the engine as lean as possible which would definitely account for the lost power. Looks like knock sensors run about $100 each, harnesses are around $45 and labor will probably be a few hundred. Btw there's a known issue with rusting of the knock sensors so when they're replaced make sure they follow the TSB and put in the silicone dam to stop future water intrusion which should keep you from needing to do the repair again in the future.
afidel 09/08/21 11:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Air Shocks or Air Bags on TT

They do make stick on graduated levels that readout in inches. They also make graduated round bubble levels. Inch reading will take the guessing out of your setup at a much lower cost than rigging air shocks and may be more reliable. No sense adding extra things to break, RVs break easy enough.. If you are backing up a ramp until level, there is no need for the inch marks. Building a ramp, parking on top, the marks are some help, but if using 2X8s they leave some to be desired, IMHO Off by 1 inch? When on 2X, off 3/4 other way, do use a block or not? And if using the interlocking plastic even more confusing because the 2nd and higher layers don't lift as much as the first. This is why I mark the level in blocks. I had 2 issues with the little stick-on levels. First, the 1 mounted on the front was too small for me to read from driver seat. Found a much larger tube/ball level. 2nd, the 1 on the side for front/back level, over time the sick-on let it walk over time. Found my eye debating the bubble. Re-adjust, and a couple of screws cured that (I trust my eyes, but DW trusts hers. Best to have a bubble) Maybe I'm just unlucky but in the first 7 months of owning my new trailer I've been on sites that exceeded the height of my Andersons 3x. I end up building platforms out of 2 stacks of 3x Lego bricks with another 2x as caps. I use the Andersons as ramps to get up onto and off these towers. Situations like that I would either try to reposition my camper to be more neutral before leveling, or I would use my shovel to lower the high spot. I wouldn't want one side of my camper to be more than 4" higher than the other. Then you start having issues with the steps, access to outdoor kitchen, instability when stabilizing, etc. If you have exceeded the height of your Anderson's (4") by 3 times, thats a foot off level over 8 feet wide. Are you camping on the side of a mountain? You read he is a foot off? I read he had issues on 3 sites By nature, over time most soil will settle to the point if there is a slope most water will run off. When you start digging you loosen the dirt. Water is more likely to carry the dirt away. And it is more likely to soak in, so the next person has a mud hole. Carry a compressor? Dump the air out of high-side tires. At least no problem for others. Correct, three times it's happened. However, the blocks are 1.5" high so 6 of them are 8-9" high so a foot isn't that far off. And yes, these were sites on hills in state campgrounds. One was even paved with that much slope!
afidel 09/06/21 12:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Air Shocks or Air Bags on TT

Thoughts? Waste of money. Get yourself some Anderson levelers (or Beech, which are cheaper) and balance your tires. MUCH cheaper and will give you a smoother ride in the camper and legit leveling. Maybe I'm just unlucky but in the first 7 months of owning my new trailer I've been on sites that exceeded the height of my Andersons 3x. I end up building platforms out of 2 stacks of 3x Lego bricks with another 2x as caps. I use the Andersons as ramps to get up onto and off these towers.
afidel 09/04/21 08:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fan Speed Control

I've used this fan controller for a Vortex 2 for 3 years without issue. The heatsink is tiny and even after running the fan all day it never felt hot, just a tiny bit warm. It's good down to 5V so you won't have a problem with voltage dropout.
afidel 08/30/21 10:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Porsche as a tow vehicle? Depends on the trailer . . .

That Cayenne tows better than any half-ton. No one mentioned that this area is known for high winds. Speculation, it's what's for dinner. No, no it does not. The short wheelbase and lower curb weight means it can not be a better tow vehicle than my crew cab full bed with a 153" wheelbase, that's simply physics.
afidel 08/25/21 10:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Porsche as a tow vehicle? Depends on the trailer . . .

So, that's the worst result I imagine when folks talk about towing long trailers with short wheelbase TVs. You can obviously overcome the capabilities of any TV, but it's a LOT easier with short wheelbase SUVs IMHO.
afidel 08/22/21 12:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just Curious

I recently saw a small TT that had an Onan generator powered by propane installed forward on the AFrame - it was used to power the small AC unit. So yes - they do exist. Was that factory or aftermarket? Also if your wanting to tow with an SUV putting that much weight up front seems like a bad idea since basically 100% will go to tongue weight.
afidel 08/18/21 03:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2004 Lincoln Avaitor TV

You can probably do it but you'll be close to maxed on payload and the short wheelbase will make for a less than optimum towing experience. My guess is you'll have 1-2 white knuckle towing experiences and be looking to upgrade your TV. My advice is when you do look for a 1 ton SRW as it will open tons of options for your next trailer =)
afidel 08/16/21 12:29pm Travel Trailers
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