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RE: Travel Trailers for large families

Thank you all for the help. Our kids are 17, 15, 13, 10, 6, and 1. The total weight of the family is less than 1000 lbs. The Nissan NV 3500 is basically a Nissan Titan pickup, it has a V8 and heavy duty transmission. My daughter's family has a Expedition which has a slightly higher towing capacity. 4 kids under 12. They are right at the limit towing a similar TT. Some of the kids could definitely sleep in tents but we were looking to avoid this as being necessary. We have looked at the floor plans in question and everyone would fit. The 17 YO is about 6 ft tall, but each one has a place for him. Those double bunks are ridiculously small. No 6' teenager will fit in one unless they curl up. The Jayco bunks are 6' 4", plenty for a 6' tall kid. They're actually longer than the typical RV Queen mattress.
afidel 01/25/21 01:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailers for large families

...we now have 6 kids and are looking to make camping a bit easier for us. We would like a travel trailer that sleeps at least 8... It is going to be a challenge. With just myself and my girlfriend in our 27' TT, our stuff gets all over the place. Jackets, shoes, electronics, and other gear. I sincerely wish you the best of luck. It's all relative, we did 5 people for 3 weeks in an 18' trailer, coming from a tent camping background it still felt luxurious by comparison.
afidel 01/25/21 01:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Boondock towing

To give an idea, here's what an Aussie offroad hitch looks like, LOTS of travel in their designs.
afidel 01/24/21 10:57pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Travel Trailers for large families

What is the payload on the NV3500? Subtract the people and gear in the Nissan and what you have left is available for tongue weight of the trailer. NV3500 passenger with v8 standard payload is 2,500 pounds, they're probably fine with 1,000 of people and 1,000 of tongue weight plus some cargo.
afidel 01/24/21 10:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer too long for truck?

I towed a scaled 8300 lb 35ft Outback with a Chevy 1500 max tow 10 times a year for 6 years. Weight was never a problem but wind was. A couple trips I had to take secondary roads instead of the interstate. Ultimately it’s up to you and your set up. The hitch being dialed in is absolutely critical. Expect days when you won’t be able to relax. It’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re the type of person that gets nervous when your rig makes the slightest move then I would look for something smaller. I'm similar. 8,200 lbs scaled (and GVW) and 34'4" length. I use a Equal-i-zer 4 pt hitch and spent a good chunk of time getting it set up. Biggest issue I have is porpoising on bad roads, Jasper to Banff or on the Oregon Coast. And no choice for secondary roads. I'm good, but we are looking at bigger units so I'm looking at 1 ton trucks first. Get Bilstein shocks, made a huge difference on cement roads for us, we just did the rears but the difference was so big the wife said we're doing the fronts too before we were 200 miles down the road. As far as OP, my trailer is a few inches longer, no issues in the first 3k miles, I'll have a better idea after our next big trip to Utah and Colorado.
afidel 01/24/21 02:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: mobile LTE modem question

That's interesting since people have already travelled with beta units. I wonder if that's a planned future feature or just a CYA. Btw they are planning to sell to boats, aviation, and the military so mobility is going to be a requirement. Either way I guess we'll have to wait and see what the final product actually offers.
afidel 01/24/21 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Getting back to a RV now as an empty nester

Campinhappy, I apologise, the layout picture shows a window behind the TV and says it is flip up but that does not appear to be how they are actually built. I wonder if it was a planned feature and the dropped it due to Covid supplier shortages or just realized it would be too hard to build at that price point. Grand Design 310GK does for sure have the televator. The pull out kitchen might or might not meet your needs.
afidel 01/24/21 11:33am Travel Trailers
RE: mobile LTE modem question

If you don't have an immediate need I'd hold off, Starlink is about to go live and it will cover all of North America for less per month than 2 data plans and the hardware is cheaper than $750.
afidel 01/24/21 01:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Getting back to a RV now as an empty nester

Not sure what your definition of monster is. Forest River RV Wildcat 298RLS is <35' long, has an outdoor kitchen, has both couch and recliners, free standing table, full queen (I think), decent tanks, and the TV is on a televator so just leave it down if you don't want it, you can look out the big windows behind where it normally goes =)
afidel 01/24/21 12:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Waste Tote Recommendations

I have a Barker 32 gallon 4 wheel unit, bought it for a 10 day beach stay when I had my previous trailer with 15 gallon tanks. Now that I have 39 gallon and 28 gallon tanks I probably won't need it again until I go full time and decide to go do extended boondocking trips. It worked very well other than the fact that the discharge hose was visibly worn after 3 uses. I already had the Rhino shorty hose in my wishlist so should I need it again I'll be ordering that.
afidel 01/21/21 09:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: TFL Truck tests Ford Raptor vs Ram TRX towing on I-70

Regardless of weight, performance testing on these "super trucks" may be a moot point, as all can pull even 10k lbs at speed limit the entire way. We're talking 700 hp here for 11k - 16k GVW. That's double to triple the hp-weight ratio of regular trucks at max GVW. The real question is how long those engines will last doing that regularly. These HP ratings are about taking an empty truck 0-60 very quickly. That will only push the engine for a few seconds. The engine won't really have any time to build up any heat from the extra burn. Even cruising 100mph on the freeway, it won't be putting out anything close to 700hp. Even here, as long as the cooling system is in good shape, you aren't really stressing the engine. Off road? Mud bogging or climbing a sand dune, again, you may floor it for a few seconds but not for a 1/2 hour continuous. Pulling 10k up a mountain with your foot all the way to the may not be the full 700hp but it's putting out a lot of HP and doing so for an extended period of time. Now you are really stress testing the engine. Do that regularly and I would wonder about durability with a high strung engine. I suppose if you just do laps pulling it up the mountain "foot to the floor" (whatever that means, I'm pretty sure you couldn't keep your foot tot the floor in a trx with any trailer it's rated for on most any grade without going way faster than you can handle or is even close to legal, lol)all day every day, it will probably affect service life greatly. And virtually noone will buy these 2 models if their purpose is mostly work. They're hot rods and off road toys that can tow as a side benefit. IDK, if you're into the offroad lifestyle wouldn't hauling a toy hauler with a sandrail and then using your TRX for rock crawling seem like a pretty normal use case?
afidel 01/21/21 09:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Build my TV

I'm sold on the widetrack front axle on the F450, while you can get a RAM 4500 chassis cab with the widefront once you add a hauler bed it's going to be a significantly more expensive truck than the F450. *edit* I take it back, if you're willing to settle for Tradesman trim it looks like you can save about $8k by buying a chassis cab with a basic hauler bed. Should I need a dually I'll strongly consider that route.
afidel 01/21/21 08:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Opinion on Resort fees

Yeah, I was talking about Liberty Harbor, I try not to call it out by name or it will be even more expensive next time we want to stay there =) It's expensive but worth it due to the 20 minutes it takes to walk to the PATH station and ride into Manhattan.
afidel 01/21/21 05:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Travel trailer necessities

I consider a multimeter essential, it's helped me 4 or 5 times already. A few basic tools and a mechanics set to have the various sizes sockets and screwdriver styles. One thing I've learned is that you're almost never THAT far from somewhere to buy tools if you need something your basic setup lacks (offer not valid in the SW).
afidel 01/20/21 11:23pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone closed until 2022

So glad I fought for the 3 weeks to take my big loop trip in 2017. We got 6 nights at fishing bridge for a middle of the trip decompression. Once the closure was announced spots were even more unobtainable, if I hadn't fought for it then it's unlikely I ever would have taken my kids to see it where they'd really remember (they were 7 and a toddler our first trip). It's unfortunate that a lot of families will miss out on the awesome experience that is Yellowstone due to a poorly managed project.
afidel 01/20/21 11:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Opinion on Resort fees

I don't understand the "resort Fee" and never heard of it. Our park here in the Keys charges over a hundred a night, (like all the others) but along with what you said we have a free boat ramp for renters and each spot is on a canal and each has a tiki hut dock. We also have two small sandy beaches. The things that you said were closed are probably the same as ours -closed due to the Covid. If you don't like the cost, you should use another place, but along the coast and the farther south you head you'll have trouble finding any thing less expensive Guy I only payed $88/night for my Keys stay this year, and that was the out the door price. I guess I did well =) The only time I've payed over $100/night was staying directly across from Battery Park a few blocks from a PATH station so that was location, location, location. Stayed at Bass Harbor campground, less crowded than Bar Harbor and under $50/night during peak season. Still got to do everything we wanted in Acadia including first sunrise =)
afidel 01/20/21 09:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New trailer

The major issue I see with that layout is zero access to any of the storage with the slide in, and no access to anything in the kitchen on the road. If you have somewhere you can open the slide to pack and if you don't do long travel days neither are deal breakers.
afidel 01/17/21 01:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie trailer owner, question on water pressure pump

You only need it if pumping water from the on-board fresh water tank. If you have the city water connected by hose you don’t use the pump. If you are pumping from the tank you can turn it on and leave it on (when trailer is in use). It has a pressure sensor and will cycle as needed on its own. I'll just add that that's generally true but I've been in a situation a few times where I had a city water connection but I still used my pump. If you're at a park where the water pressure is terrible you can use your fresh water pump and the city water to get nearly unlimited water at full pressure (my 20 gallon tank lasted a full week and wasn't near empty but I had full pressure showers the whole time =) I doubt this is relevant to the OPs situation, just putting it out there for general information =)
afidel 01/15/21 10:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Life GPS app

Tried it for 2 trips, didn't like it. I'll probably use it again if I'm in the NE due to low bridges and propane restrictions, but otherwise it's extremely user unfriendly in my opinion. I've gone back to Waze for navigation and Google Maps for POI/checking out gas stations ahead of time. I do use Rvtripwizard for trip planning so it would have been wonderful if their app was useable as having the auto-import would have been super handy but I just couldn't do it.
afidel 01/13/21 09:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer hitch pin

I've seen video of it being done to semi drivers after another driver was upset over some slight on the road. That's why experienced drivers do a tug test, better to have it crash on the truck than all the way to the ground, much easier to get the landing gear deployed.
afidel 01/11/21 10:53am Travel Trailers
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