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RE: Vehicle for Towing

I guess I should also add that my travel trailer is also my permanent home. Once its set up at an RV park its there to stay until I move, which for being military is every 3 to 4 years. Some of the things you listed I wouldn't be dealing with anyway, only thing I can think of is maybe the firewood but even then its by the bag full and the SUV with a weathertech mat will do fine. And as for why i put my tower inside the vehicle, mainly because its a 2ftx2ftx2ft cube. I strap it in to a seat. The mounting plate it sets in doesnt have anchor points. I have the back bunk room set up as my office and on the rear storage container is where my tower gets put. In the mounting plate the tower sits at an angle and is off the plywood. Half of the case is glass. Then get whatever you want and pay an RV hauler to move it when needed. You'll spend more on extra fuel in 1 year with a full sized SUV than say a midsized hybrid CUV than you will pay to the hauler, not to mention the higher acquisition cost of the bigger vehicle and more on insurance.
afidel 07/11/20 04:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a smallish BHS trailer, first timer

That 194 layout is slick, the only downside I see is the microwave being down low. I'm also not sold on 4,800 pounds on a single axle and set of tires. Otherwise it's a great list of features in a small trailer and I'm jealous of the 30 gallon holding tanks and the outside kitchen.
afidel 07/09/20 09:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Vehicle for Towing

Neither are going to provide a very good towing experience. General rule of thumb is 110" of wheelbase is good for 20' of travel trailer, each 4" beyond that gets you a foot of trailer. So the Armada at just under 122" would be well matched to a trailer 23' or under. The Excursion at nearly 138" would be closer at around 27' of optimal trailer length. 33' would really be best with a crew cab full bed pickup (mine has 153" wheelbase) or a heavy duty pickup.
afidel 07/09/20 08:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow weight

I do want a nice size trailer that we won’t put outgrow anytime soon, so my question it’s what is my max trailer weight? Would it be the 7400 lbs? So ideally, I would want my dry weight to be around 5000 to 6000 lbs? Thanks What is your trucks GVWR and its RAWR ?? Some F150 has some low RAWR numbers which is carrying most if not all the weight. Your 5k-6k dry weight sounds like a good plan for the F150. I've found its best to use dry weights and the trailers GVWR/CCC when making math numbers. That 7400 lbs tow rating seem a bit low for a F150 with almost 2000 lb payload. However for 1/2 ton trucks I wouldn't tow over Fords tow ratings. He has a 3.3L engine with the 3.73 gears, which is an interesting combination. The 7,400 I'm sure comes from the power (290/265) of the 3.3L as with that small engine that payload is probably legitimate. It's the one 1/2 ton configuration where you can probably load up the family and pull a trailer at max tow rating and be safe from a vehicle dynamics perspective because you're going to tow slower but be well within the payload capacity unless you're really, really loading the bed up.
afidel 07/06/20 11:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should I connect my sewer line when camping?

I only have a 15 gallon grey tank, you better believe I've got a hose attached if I have full hookups!
afidel 07/04/20 03:56am Beginning RVing
RE: Really cheap DIY for Carefree Awning Headknockers

We carry pool noodles that we slit down one side, they wrap around the arms and provide enough cushioning. The only downside is if you have sudden unexpected wind gusts you have to take them off before you can retract the awning.
afidel 07/04/20 12:55am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: marginal park power on hot days

2ACs per rig has to get really close to averaging out to 4kw per site, 75% load factor on the transformer is a bit too close for my blood, especially since there's going to be other loads like water heaters, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. I mean since you get murdered on peak usage as a commercial user I can kinda understand why the park wouldn't want too much capacity, but pushing the equipment that hard is why we run into these undervoltage conditions.
afidel 07/03/20 09:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: marginal park power on hot days

The vehicle will probably be programmed to start charging then since that's when they'll charge at home, it's not like as soon as you plug in they start pulling max current.
afidel 07/03/20 05:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: marginal park power on hot days

I have a Hughes autoformer for just this reason. It boosts 10% when voltage drops to 113 and provides some surge protection. Much better than an expensive EMS that shuts you down. The Hughes is about $150 more, not a huge deal but this solution works just fine for me and the PD did its job and kept the $900 AC from burning up, which is why I bought it =)
afidel 07/03/20 03:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: marginal park power on hot days

Yes and also set the water heater to propane only. Not a problem here, my cheap little trailer only has propane for the water heater =)
afidel 07/03/20 02:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: sway

Who follows the door sticker for tire inflation, especially for non-OEM tires? I put in the max cold PSI indicated on the sidewall.
afidel 07/03/20 01:31pm Travel Trailers
marginal park power on hot days

Well, our PD EMS started cutting power around 11am today due to undervoltage. I finally got it to stop by turning off the converter and the fridge circuit breakers and turning the AC from high to low. So, if you're in a park with very marginal power try shedding as much load as you can. We'll turn the converter back on tonight to charge up the battery, I'll probably leave the fridge on propane as that barely uses any even if left on all weekend.
afidel 07/03/20 01:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: sway

He has E rated tires, they certainly aren't passenger tires!
afidel 07/03/20 11:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Any Trailers for Tall Adults and Tall Kids?

Coachman Adrenaline 23LT, true king in front, dual true queens in the rear, 85" ceilings. Dry weight 5,800.
afidel 07/02/20 11:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Frig in Outdoor Kitchen

Ours outside kitchen Fridge is AC only but you can solve your problem with a cooler filled with drinks and sandwiches and replenish daily if going on a long trip but I agree....We looked for a unit that we would have access to the fridge, bathroom and bedroom with the slides in. We found what worked for us. There are a lot of RV's that provide access. There are quite a few, but once you get into bigger units they become more scarce, with an island and opposing slides it takes smart layout to keep the fridge accessible and it amazes me how many fifth wheel layouts put the stairs on the driver's side blocked by a slide. When looking at ~32-35 foot rear living room layouts I'd day it's only about 20% of designs that are travel friendly (or as JD at Haylett says turtle friendly). If you want to be able to actually cook on the road, well then it's even more limited in that range as the cooktop is almost always blocked.
afidel 07/01/20 06:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Flashlights

I recently bought this pair of COB flashlights. They are stupid bright on full, have both a magnet and a hook, and are USB rechargeable. $20 for the pair. They're so bright that one of them is now permanently attached to the hutch on my toolbox in the garage and plugged into the USB socket in the power strip. It allows a great view into the drawers including the cavernous bottom drawer. I have 2 big LED tube lights, 200W of led bulbs in the garage door opener, and this little $10 flashlight easily outshines them all. I couldn't be happier.
afidel 06/29/20 10:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving breakers in the camper on while away?

Breakers are NOT switches, they have a finite lifespan in number of times they are activated. IF I was worried about my 120V stuff I'd trip the campgrounds breaker and let them deal with replacement of the single breaker at the pedestal. Since I have a PD EMS to protect my trailer electronics I leave it plugged in except when traveling or in winter storage.
afidel 06/29/20 06:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: First Aid Kit Contents

I have been packing around a 12X16X3 inch metal box industrial first aid kit for over 10 years. I don't recall ever opening it. The same goes for the roadside reflector/red flag gadgets. Never needed them. Barbecue tool set in an aluminum box? used once or twice. Yeah, I need to think about the stuff that is laying in the motorhome basement; Have I or will I ever use it? You might or might not ever use it, but if we all carry one it's guaranteed some of us will and it might just save lives. In my case it probably saved my son's quality of life. He broke his wrist in three places while at Kaibab national forest. There is no medical coverage in the forest or at the North Rim. Luckily the folks that came across him had a fairly extensive kit and they splinted his arm, set an air cast, and gave him a sling. Because the wound had been kept from moving the ER doc in Kanab was easily able to set the break and he recovered without any long term consequences. Since that incident I've upped the quality and quantity of what I carry in the first aid kits in my vehicles to be able to handle more significant injuries so that if I need to maybe one day I can pay it forward and help someone else in need out.
afidel 06/28/20 05:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

I bought a home in an HOA w strict rules so the place never becomes an eyesore. It's a hassle but I deal with it. The next town to the south has boats, and rvs parked everywhere and it's horrid. In another area, my buddy bought a 1 acre lot w no restrictions and he built the garagemahal to live in. It works for him but doesn't do justice to the beautiful, classic low country brick homes that he has around him. Nothing like having a concrete driveway encircle the house (like a moat) so you call pull through w truck and 21' center console. It's SO horrid, people using the property they own to store legal vehicles that they own, get me my smelling salts. I guess I'm in favor of some HOAs if it keeps busybodies like you from petitioning city councils to pass MORE regulations! Seriously, unless someone's causing a public health problem or presenting an attractive nuisance my attitude is do what you want with your property. As long as there aren't consequences on MY property it's no big deal (and in one case even though it has worsened the flooding in my yard I haven't complained because it keeps his driveway from washing out every few years).
afidel 06/25/20 02:03am Beginning RVing
RE: I-95 checkpoint entering Florida???

Ok, that's funny. Florida is the 5th highest state for viral reproduction right now, NY and NJ are at the bottom of the list. If anything the bordering states should be turning away anyone trying to enter from Florida.
afidel 06/25/20 01:46am Roads and Routes
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