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RE: When I'm driving do I run my fridge on propane or electric?

Whoops, I have to apologize. I have an Airstream and thought I was responding on the Airstream forum. This is how Airstreams are set up, as far as the 12V option. They are bringing them back on some of the smaller units. I don't know much about other trailers but I do understand that the 12V option is more available on them. Sorry if I confused you.
aftermath 07/04/20 08:04am Travel Trailers
RE: When I'm driving do I run my fridge on propane or electric?

On my 2006 coach my Dometic fridge has the gas/auto button. If it is set to auto it will run on 110V when plugged in and then "automatically" run on gas when not. The gas draw from the fridge is very low. Some like to always have it run on gas. If you toggle the button to "Gas" it will not change over when plugged in. Unless you have a brand new trailer or an extremely old one, I don't believe 12V is an option.
aftermath 07/04/20 08:02am Travel Trailers
RE: When I'm driving do I run my fridge on propane or electric?

And here we go again. To the OP, if you are boondocking the electrical draw from your propane fridge is minimal. Like others posted, using the furnace will be a big draw. Forget AC, you can't access it unless you have a capable generator and then the the fridge qustion becomes moot. When discussing traveling with the propane on, avoid any discussion that talks about what terrible thing happen at gas stations. That has nothing to do with traveling down the road. Read all the information but ask about facts, not individual stories. I think if you look for actual cases when a trailer erupts while doing down the road with the propane on, you might be surprised with the extremely small (if any) number.
aftermath 07/02/20 10:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: sway

With a hitch with built in sway control, the set up is a huge part of your safety. Riding "level" is indeed a goal but consider this. You can raise you ball high enough to get it to ride level without putting any friction on your bars. I have an Equalizer hitch and they have some specific steps to follow. Mine is level but, that requires some pressure through the bars. If I had to add more pressure from the bars, then there would be other issues. Read the directions for your hitch and follow them for the initial set up. Call the manufacturer for more specific info.
aftermath 07/02/20 10:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: 12 inch tire replacements

Carlisle tires of old were terrible, no doubt. Had a set on a new trailer and one blew within months. Never again, I said. Well guess what? I have a new set on my Airstream and am very happy after three years. These have been completely redesigned. Not the same tire. Got mine at Discount Tires and am happy with them. Not sure if you need load range E for a tent trailer. Check the weights and then decide.
aftermath 06/10/20 10:12pm Folding Trailers
RE: Still no Stimulus Payment

Openspaces, Just got mine in the mail today! I can't believe how this whole thing is so messed up. First they said that if you direct deposited your IRS refund you would get it right away. We had to change our account # due to some hacking that went on. We received our refund by check very shortly after we filed. OK, this part made sense to me. I listened to Menuchin say that if you receive your SS through direct deposit, and we do, you will get your check soon. Never happened. I went to the IRS site and updated my bank information. That didn't change anything. I figured that I was late getting into the game so I will just wait. Someone here posted the time line found in Forbes magazine and I figured I would get my check in mid June. I was OK with that. Well, it came in the mail today! We also heard that they are going to start sending out debit cards instead of checks.. Mail, no direct deposit and way ahead of the June date I was expecting. So.....hang in should be here one of these days. Like I said, none of this makes any sense to me. It is going into the bank to help daughter and son in law who are just a few weeks/days from going on furlough.
aftermath 05/20/20 05:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: RV Anti-freeze question.

I doubt very seriously that leaving it in is going to cause any trouble for you. It might lose the ability to prevent freeze up by a few degrees but I wouldn't worry too much about that either. I would question why you would do this in the first place. Just flush it out of the lines and be done with it. If you have it in your HW tank then you have some issues to deal with. Don't allow it to get into your tank.
aftermath 05/17/20 10:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator for travel trailer

Good advice so far. You really do need to know how you are going to use it. I have a Honda 2000i and it is 17 years old. Mine will NOT run the AC. If that is an important thing for you, you will need something larger or buy two and link them together. Our set up works fine for us. My only other suggestion is to buy a quality generator like a Yamaha or Honda or some equivalent. I have a cousin who had a small Honda 1000 for many years. With a new camper with a microwave he finally parted with it. "Found" a good deal on a generator advertised to be just as good as a Honda 2000 at HALF the price! He bought it and used it for not quite two years before it gave it up. Now he has a new Honda and, considering purchasing the first one, ended up paying about 1.7 times as much as he planned.
aftermath 05/12/20 08:55am Beginning RVing
RE: Curious

aftermath 04/30/20 09:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Curious

Guy, I suppose this post might be in response to your question about going with an electric only water heater. I was one of the guilty guys who asked why you wanted to do this. You obviously were insulted and left the thread until someone poked at you and you posted an edgy response as if we were all out to get you. Simply put, I have found that some posts are from people who hadn't really thought through things completely. When I asked, why would you want to do this, I was expecting and answer from you that let me know you had really thought this through and then explained it to us. On the other hand, I was hoping to let you know that there were downsides to taking away your propane option. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers. In the future, it you don't want us to ask questions, make sure you either say this up front or do a better job with your introduction. There have been many times when I have read through a thread to find out that, hey, I didn't think of that! This is how I learn things. You obviously are not interested in seeing alternate sides of an issue.
aftermath 04/30/20 09:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Call before you dig

Here in NJ free and it doesn't matter who owns the property because the power co, phone co, cable co, water co, gas co, sewer all own their individual lines and it is in their best interest to not have them cut. Same here in Washington. Having a small section of fence replaced after some wind damage. Saw the local utility guy here looking for gas and electric buried lines. This is the way it should be. We do pay taxes in this state that some others might not but we have benefits too. This could be one of those pay me now, or pay me later kind of things. Looks like you will have to ante up if you intend to follow the law.
aftermath 04/25/20 09:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Your Fuel/Oil comments - please post here

My440, That would be nice. We can be totally independent but.....All the fuss over fracking and building pipelines to the gulf, instead to large industrial cities, was done so the oil companies could export the oil. They can sell it at a much higher price overseas than they could here in the heartland. They pay very high prices at the gas pumps in foreign countries. Think about that for a while.
aftermath 04/22/20 11:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Water heater question

Guy, Why do you want electric only? If you have a trailer and if you ever plan to sell it I suggest you follow some of the advice offered up here. Get an ATWOOD heater that does both gas and electricity. Don't connect up the gas, just use the electric. I surely do not know but I am guessing two things. First of all, if you have a standard trailer the Atwood will fit into the existing space. The cost might be equal to or less than a special electric only heater.
aftermath 04/17/20 05:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

I also would never buy into an HOA for all the reasons stated. That said, as I start to age out, I could see myself living in a nice small home, the same color as everyone else's with a nondescript door color and an approved mail box. I won't be able to drive anymore so putting my trailer in front to clean or load up won't be a problem. Actually, the issue posted by the OP is one of common sense. It isn't as easy as sign the contact and follow the rules. I would hope that if I ever end up in a place like this, the board will have some common sense driven by trying to help others and the concept of working for the common good. Suppose you had a child that lived in a place that had a nuclear accident and the only way for them to get by would be to put their trailer in your driveway. Those who say rules are rules are worse than fools.
aftermath 04/17/20 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Weight Distribution with sway control question

BobbyHJ, you asked a pretty straight forward question and got all sorts of testimonials. People will always support their decisions about what they drive, what the pull and how they hook it up. Human nature I suppose. Many of these posts sound like advertisements. Mine is better because it resists sway, it reacts to sway, it pushes, it pulls and if you own a HA or PP they will say it totally prevents sway. To answer your question, both will do the job. There are a nice selection of hitches out there today and as long as it is matched to your trailer and TV combo and is set up properly you should be good to go. Posts that mention things like the location of your tanks, whether or not you want to drill into your frame and stuff like that bring up good points. I would add ease of hooking and unhooking and making adjustments if things change should also be considered. That said, I will now defend my choice of my Equalizer. I have been towing with this brand hitch for about 16 years now, first on a white box trailer and now on my Airstream. When I first started out, the hitches that used chains lifted into place were also problematic when it came to backing up. This has been fixed today so it no longer is an issue. This was the reason I went with the Equalizer. I can hitch and unhitch on uneven ground and come at my trailer from any angle. Placing the bars is easy and I have never had to even use the pry bars to put them in place. It tows nicely and even in the stiffest of winds, I have never had a problem with sway. I am a KISS kind of guy. When I have a choice between two good options I will look for the one that is the simplest to operate. HA and PP are great hitches, the best as their owners always claim, but they require special backing skills and techniques along with dealing with a very heavy hitch head. Won't be going there any time soon.
aftermath 04/11/20 08:38am Travel Trailers
RE: How come?

We're a ways into self isolation and it's really upsetting me to witness my wife standing at the living room window gazing aimlessly into space with tears running down her cheeks. It breaks my heart to see her like this this. I've thought very hard about how I can cheer her up. I have even considered perhaps letting her into the house - but rules are rules.
aftermath 04/06/20 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: norcold rv refridge issue

I believe that the roof vent is far better than venting through the side wall. The roof vent is more efficient. if you vent through the side, you should count on a fan to keep the flow going.
aftermath 04/06/20 07:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: What manufacturers will this recession bring down?

Fascinating! Five pages of commentary and not one answer to my original posted question. Lets try this again and just answer with RV manufacturers names. Fair enough. So what's the fun in that? Perhaps your question was not an easy one to answer. Lots of other stuff came up, most of which was more interesting. Such is the life of a thread. It was a good thing that you tried to refocus us. We will now hear about manufacturers, namely RV manufacturers that you, by the way, did not specify in the OP.
aftermath 04/05/20 02:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: What manufacturers will this recession bring down?

This isn't a recession! A recession is due to economy. This is due to nature!... This statement makes no sense at all. We are in a recession and it has NOTHING to do with what brought us here. "Many economists define a recession as two consecutive quarters of declines in gross domestic product (GDP), which is the sum of the value of all goods and services produced in an economy." How we get out of it is what we need to concentrate on. Here is where all the division rises to the surface and many of us "experts" are quick to jump in with our ideas for a solution.
aftermath 04/05/20 12:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: AZ Governor Statement on RV Travel during Stay At Home order

...snip We have no accurate way to determine, realtime, how many people are actually infected with Covid-19. Many who are infected (and spreading the virus) show little to no symptoms. Without strict social distancing, the virus spreads in a silent, deadly, logarithmic fashion....end snip The infection rate is growing exponentially, not logarithmically. There is a huge difference and I am basing my claim on all of the charts published to date. The "curve" is growing dramatically. When things start to slow down the growth curve will start to flatten and approach a horizontal line. This is when we will see the "logarithmic fashion" in the growth curve. This hasn't happened yet in the US. Hopefully we will get there sooner (if we all contribute) or later (if we don't).The later part of the story is not a pretty one. Once "everyone" is infected, those who don't actually die will have some kind of immunity. Once the entire population is immune there will be no "new" cases. Not my favorite scenario.
aftermath 04/03/20 09:34am General RVing Issues
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