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RE: Dometic RV Toilet - Model 300

The video that OldBiscuit posted is EXACTLY what happened to me. Before I break camp I use an old ax handle to prop open the flush valve so the tank can fill. One time I got the handle down a little too far and it disengaged the piece mentioned in the video. Boy, was that an easy fix and a lesson learned.
aftermath 01/18/21 03:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Resolutions MIA

jetboater, are you aware that Trailer Life is gone? Changed over, kaput, new name, new magazine all together. No more Trailer Life, no more informative articles to help us do it your selfers and no more problem resolutions.
aftermath 01/11/21 08:09am General RVing Issues
RE: How did I do this? - Bent Ball Mount

Buyer Beware is all I can say. Harbor freight is great for some things but I wouldn't touch anything that I would depend on for safety OR long life, with a 10 foot pole as they say. There is a fine line between inexpensive and cheap.
aftermath 01/04/21 04:52pm Towing
RE: RV Resolutions MIA

Trailer life is now under the umbrella of Camping World. "Resolving" issues with trailer and trailer dealers is not in the best interest of Camping World. Just take a look at a recent post here regarding a leaking toilet in a Camping World product.
aftermath 01/04/21 04:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: I just got the new RV Magazine

I decided quite some time ago to make every effort to buy locally, or at least buy locally from a chain store. Tried not to purchase things on line. CW turned me against buying locally for all the reasons already stated. I find it personally insulting that they expect you to join their club to get the "discount" pricing they list. Their pricing is still higher than what you can get most anywhere else. Then there are the stories about purchasing a trailer from one of their dealerships. Extra fees for this, extra for that and to top it off, pay for a post purchase walk through. Nope, they won't get a single dollar of mine. I refuse to deal with an organization that treats me as if I were a fool. The new magazine is simply a sales brochure. I counted 20 pages of advertising that was at least a minimum of a half page. Page 79 sums it up pretty well. It is an article about "Dog Treats" and covers all sorts of nice equipment to help keep your pets safe. Right in the middle, there is this announcement, "Find all of these at" Heck, they even are hawking "White Sherwin Williams Semi Gloss" paint in an article about "Camp Couture". Pretty sure there is a kick back in there somewhere. Good bye RV Magazine. I will miss all of the useful information I used to get from Trailer Life.
aftermath 01/02/21 02:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Has anyone seen (or purchased) a Taxa Mantis??

I saw one while camping in the Columbia Gorge this last summer. Since we spent many years in our tent trailer the wife and I were interested. Taxa makes two sizes of this trailer, I believe the Mantis is the larger one. It looked pretty neat and was plenty large enough. I looked at them online and thought that the prices were pretty high. Of course, I am old, and all the prices are high the way I look at it. A sticking point for me would be that there is no black tank, just a cassette toilet and very little fresh water storage.
aftermath 12/19/20 08:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Yep....Gettin' older

Hearing aids are very personal. Everyone has different types of hearing losses, different types of physical issues and we all work/play in different environments. Those who go out looking for a quick fix are often disappointed. Over the years I have had three different sets. My situation is unique, but so is everyone elses. I have a couple of friends who purchased theirs online, got them in the mail and paid little for them by comparison. Trying to get them tuned in long distance was troublesome for one person and he eventually gave up. The other person never went to a specialist for a hearing test. They did theirs in the store and he could never get them adjusted. He paid more and ended up unsatisfied. I would suggest that you go to a doctor and have them check you out*. Follow up with a trained audiologist and keep going back until they work for you. I have a high frequency loss and am almost totally deaf in one ear. I wear a cross system and am amazed at how well it works. I went in like three times to get it just right and how I return once a year for a tune up. Best thing I ever did. *I was losing my hearing gradually over many years. I got aids and things improved but then one ear was getting worse. Because I was under the care of a doctor, they found a tumor growing in my auditory canal. I doubt a hearing aid tech could have spotted that.
aftermath 12/14/20 04:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Water pump not circulating anti-freeze

PattiWong, Welcome to the forum. Yeah, you will get lots of information here but, sometimes people can be aggressively critical. First off, what you did was not wrong, many people winterize this way. There are better methods but don't feel like you messed up. My first concern came up when you said that the pump was not circulating the pink stuff from your water tank. Was your pump working before? The bypass winterizing connection is the best if you can easily access your pump. If the pump isn't working, that will be another issue. Getting the pink stuff into your tank and then through your pipes isn't a big deal. You can flush all of this out in the spring. I would caution you though to take great precautions to avoid getting this into your hot water tank. I did this my mistake and had to deal with foaming water from my hot faucets for most of a season. I think it had something to do with the surface inside my tank, or the heating of any residual left behind. None of this is DANGEROUS, RV antifreeze is not poisonous but it does have a strange taste.... I don't put antifreeze in my FW tank, mainly because it would cost a lot for many gallons. In my trailer access to the water pump is close to impossible so I can't use the by pass system. I winterize my trailer each year with compressed air. That is a discussion for a later time. Best wishes as you move forward learning the ropes.
aftermath 12/09/20 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: It’s the little things! Gravel Pad for my TT!!

What a nice setup. I would give anything to have my trailer parked at my house. Enjoy
aftermath 11/23/20 09:43am Travel Trailers

17 years in a tent trailer, 5 years in a hybrid and now 11 years in our current trailer. When it comes to "camping" the hybrid can't be beat, in my opinion. You are outside, under the canvas with plenty of fresh air to breath and good beds to sleep on and a bathroom with a shower. We loved our hybrid but..... As we neared retirement we knew we would be hitting the road for far off places. We did take the hybrid on long trips but those were spent at campgrounds for a couple of days, or more, at a time before moving on. We also camped mainly in the summer to accommodate the kid's school year. It worked really well. Going camping and traveling are two different things. We have over 50K miles on our current trailer. We can go out in the cold early spring and the cold and rainy fall. While on the road for hours at a time we can stop somewhere to have lunch, use the bathroom and be on our way in the matter of just minutes. No need to avoid the cold and no requirement to set up the tent ends and store them away when wet as we are moving to our next destination. If, you are planning on camping with your son, a hybrid would be perfect. Again, we loved ours and never regretted owning one. Your plan to get a used one, use it for a few years and then maybe get something different is a good one. Best wishes.
aftermath 11/23/20 09:40am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: marker lights to led marker lights

Gdetrailer, posted this ... #1Bumpy, I think you are "splitting hairs" AND reading in what you want the poster to say.#1 #2BUT (the poster of the text you quoted said something more like), IF THEY WAS WORRIED ABOUT SOMEONE REAR ENDING THEM, THE POSTER (you quoted) RECOMMENDS UPGRADING TO LED TAIL LIGHTS AND NOT WORRY ABOUT MARKERS.#2 Bumpy, is that "better"? Can you understand the poster of the text you quoted thoughts better? I hope so, nothing like teaching at a first grade level that not everything needs to be taken in a literal sense. Written text (like this forum) sometimes can be tricky to get a point across accurately and not "everyone" must be spoon fed and have every word or though justified and fully explained. #1, You claim that he is reading in what you want the poster to say. Wow, go back and read the OP. Bumpy simply restated what the guy ACTUALLY said! #2, This is an unbelievable statement, especially in light of what you accused Bumpy to have just done. "He said something more like this"? What? He said nothing of the sort. You, on the other hand, just violated the rule that you accused Bumpy of doing. YOU are the one who is "reading in what you want the poster to say". Again, go back and read the actual words he posted. Don't make any up...just read what he said. I am glad that you learned your first grade lesson. If you were to have made it to a high school English class you might have also learned that writing should be clear and concise, factual and compelling. There is room for subtly, but that should never be used an informative forum like this.
aftermath 11/18/20 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: marker lights to led marker lights

I am with Bumpy on this. I do not hate LEDs. I am spending money to upgrade my coach to save battery drain. I do not like the "bright" options. My wife says she does not want to deal with gymnasium light intensity inside. I know, there are options and we found some good ones. People like LEDs, I get it. They are expensive in comparison and it is human nature to want to exaggerate their benefits. When the previous poster said they are "milliseconds" faster to come on and somehow that gave a safety advantage I actually snorted in amazement. Good thing I wasn't drinking a milkshake at the time. As in all things regarding trailers, hitches, tow vehicles and now LED lights, we believe that ours is better. So have at it. I thought Bumpy pointed out the silliness in what was posted. Don't jump on him because you think he didn't intrepret what the poster really meant. If you don't mean it, don't say it.
aftermath 11/18/20 09:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Space X Dragon launches to Space Station in 5 minutes

So, are we ready to go out a buy a Tesla Pickup truck? Amazing technology for sure.
aftermath 11/17/20 05:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Check this if you've bought a used RV recently

Here is another angle on the CO detector. Shortly after purchasing my trailer, when it was just about 4 years old I heard the beep during the day. I have all the documentation so I read about this thing. They suggest that you test it every spring and at least once during each season. I also read that under certain conditions, like dusty roads, the sensor becomes affected by a covering of dust. The test actually shakes this dust off. I have been doing this for about 10 years now and it still is working. I certainly will replace it when it stops.
aftermath 11/17/20 05:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane Tanks Direction

Whew, just read through this thread again. Frontward or backward? Is that really an issue? I think what you want is the ability to see the indicator on your crossover switch. My tanks face forward and they are covered. It was easy for me to read the indicator until I had to replace it. Got a new one, that works great by the way, and installed it. With the cover in place, I can't see the little green/red glass any more. Solution? I now pack a small hand mirror that works really well. Give that a try before you spend money on new hoses and such. There are some real issues out their with our trailers. I don't think this is one of them.
aftermath 11/17/20 04:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: marker lights to led marker lights

I am in the process of changing all the lights INSIDE my trailer to LEDs. Doing this to conserve battery when out boondocking. I am going through LED for RV. Great help, answers to all my questions and they stand behind their products. I asked him about exterior lights and he pointed out the fact that if the lights work, you probably should stick with them. There is no energy savings since your running lights run off the TV generating capacity and not your trailer battery. If you are not happy with what you have then that is another story. You can change out the bulbs or replacing the fixtures. Talk to Dan at LED4RVS and he can guide you.
aftermath 11/17/20 04:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Not Utilizing RV Parks or Boondocking

I don't understand the premise of this post. If you do not use an RV park and don't want to boondock, where do you "camp"? And, maybe more importantly, what do you do with your trailer?
aftermath 11/07/20 08:19am General RVing Issues
RE: How wide do mirrors need to be for a TT?

Am i the only one who hates the big rectangle tow mirrors? i guess if you live with them every day you'd get used to them but man are they obnoxious driving around town. they take up the whole window. you could run cars over in parking lots on accident lol. I've had various jobs over the years where ive had to drive a shop truck for an errand and i hate them. I've also hauled pontoons for a living in the past. Im no novice. I tow a 20' trailer with stock 06 Silverado mirrors and haven't had any issues where i thought i needed a bigger mirror. just my .02 cents! I agree. I think it comes down to how much you use your truck for towing. Driving around town you do have to be careful but like all things, you get used to it. While towing I don't want to tow without the mirrors. Toyota trucks always come without the towing mirrors. They don't even show up as an "option". If you want them you have to pay extra for them to be installed. The trailer towing option has all that you would expect, except for towing mirrors! I find this crazy. I respect your 2 cents worth, or your $.02 value. You have sold yourself very short in offering only .02 cents worth. As a math teacher it drives me wild when I see signs offering something for .89¢ off! Really? That is less than a penny. Years ago, a local drive in was advertising small shakes for .99¢. I told my students to go through the drive through, order a shake and give them a penny and tell them to "keep the change".
aftermath 10/30/20 09:26am Beginning RVing
RE: How wide do mirrors need to be for a TT?

Stepenwolf, Go back to the link I sent. There is a picture showing an extension of 3.75 inches on these mirrors. I never really measured mine.
aftermath 10/30/20 09:15am Beginning RVing
RE: How wide do mirrors need to be for a TT?

You have a big TV and a big trailer. You will get used to it. I did find this when looking for your vehicle. Tow Mirrors I was not sure about the year of your Toyota but they have some options here.
aftermath 10/28/20 04:24pm Beginning RVing
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