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RE: Fridge not cooling

AC means alternating current which is what you get when plugged in. Some fridges operate on gas or AC. Some older ones operate on gas, AC or DC which comes from your battery. The fridge is not like the one in your house. You have an absorption system that requires a closed circuit in which refrigerant circulates. The circulation is caused by heat which is where the flame comes in. If your fridge requires the lighting of the pilot lite, then this is it. This is all the flame you need. It does not "come on" like a water heater does. Now, you also need patience. Once the pilot is lit, it might take hours to get things to cool down. Depending on the ambient temperature outside, it might take a day. If it never cools down then you have a different issue.
aftermath 07/18/21 01:46pm General RVing Issues

My dad used to say "Bison" a lot. The bison is where he washed his face each morning.
aftermath 07/11/21 02:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: I kid you not!

Hey Pitch, I am a math major, ouch. I are pretty gud at English though. Bottom line, people just want to complain. It isn't hard to find someone to fit into their tirade of the week.
aftermath 07/06/21 05:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: How important is level with residential fridge

"for the residential fridge"? If you have a fridge that is the same as the one you have in your residence, then it is an electric only compressor type that does not have to be level. If you have a standard gas/electric fridge that comes in your basic travel trailer, then it needs to be "somewhat" level. It doesn't have to be perfect but, as was described before, level enough to where you feel comfortable in it.
aftermath 07/01/21 04:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane alarms sounds at odd times

OK here is an off the wall possible solution. My trailer is 15 years old and maybe 8 or 9 years ago I was having the same issue. Battery was not the issue but I did check that. I read on a forum somewhere that it is important to "test" the detector each year. It even says to do that in the documentation that comes with the detector. The explanation I was given is that the test will dislodge any dust that might accumulate on the sensors. I wasn't really sold by this explanation but did the test and, haven't had any more issues with mine. I do test it each spring as part of the de-winterizing ritual. Still am concerned about having to replace it, but I will when I have to. Give this a try.
aftermath 07/01/21 04:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: A basketball question....or two

Are you talking Pro Basketball? If so, there are no rules. Have given this "sport" up as it does not resemble the basketball I played and coached. I do believe that long ago the rule referring to free throws is that you could not enter the key until the ball hit the rim or backboard. They changed it to after it leaves the shooter's hand. Charging is also a good one. This has changed from year to year. It has become an emphasis at times and everyone was getting called. It depends on who is playing it seems. I still love to watch college basketball. With the new ruling that players will now be paid for their participation in advertising and money raising programs for colleges, it might start to look like the pros. While I am in favor of fairness and pay to athletes, how they are going to do this is the big question of the day. Stay tuned. This might be just another example of the big schools reaping benefits not available to the smaller schools. The rich will get richer.
aftermath 06/29/21 11:19am Around the Campfire
RE: Level

I use a phone app. Level Mate Pro. You can google it. I used all sorts of levels and they all worked but it was time consuming and I am a bit particular. Put in the Level Mate Pro and then leveled the trailer, and set the information into the app. Now, I can see just how much off level from side to side, down to the 1/2 inch. Place the levelers and drive up on them. Disconnect the trailer and use the app to level it from front to back. Actually works pretty slick. It is not perfect but it is an improvement from reading the bubbles.
aftermath 06/09/21 09:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Weight Distribution Hitch

If you are on a flat surface that is reasonably level you can make the adjustments. Get it close and then take your tools with you and find a parking lot to do the final work. Don’t use a level, instead use a tape measure and make your trailer parallel to the pavement. This is it. The street in front of my house is not "level" but it is straight. Think about that for a minute. I set up my hitch doing exactly what Lynnmor described. I have checked it many times on "nearly level" ground and it is just fine.
aftermath 06/07/21 08:50am Towing
RE: Issue with being removed from a certain Camping retailer...

Gritdog, what? You don't want to pay money upfront to join a club that will give you 10% off of their merchandise that they mark up 15%?
aftermath 06/07/21 08:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Weight of travel trailer

I agree with what Nickthehunter just said. A tow rating is a decent place to start but....few half tons can actually tow the maximum weight stated without having troubles in other areas. I tow a 6500 lb trailer with my Tundra that (they say) can tow 10K lbs. With a TW of close to 1000 lbs I am close to my payload number before I even start the engine. So, look at axle ratings and payload capacities when you start to narrow your choices.
aftermath 06/07/21 08:25am Travel Trailers
RE: ANOTHER baseball question......

I disagree. When the ball is thrown in the dirt the umpire will ask to inspect the ball. At that point time is "out". The umpire will then pass the ball to the pitcher by either doing it himself or assigning the task to the catcher. Time will remain out until the umpire directs the pitcher to pitch the ball.
aftermath 06/05/21 02:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Pop-up -> TT ?

Boatcamp, This is a tough decision. There are many factors and everyone's situation/story is different. I had a 1979 Starcraft tent trailer that we used for 17 years. It was rock solid and is still in our family today. After the kids left we wanted to get something bigger with a bathroom and a real refigerator. We picked up a 21foot Starcraft hybrid. Well, the quality of the hybrid didn't measure up to our older pop up. As we neared retirement we found traveling with this was not all that easy. Lots of time was spent setting up the tent ends only to close them back the next day. And when it rained we had to deal with wet canvas. We jumped to our Airstream and for traveling, it has been excellent. But, as we moved "up" we lost options along the way. We took the tent trailer almost anywhere. The hybrid is easy to tow and we could get it into most spots. The Airstream is a different story. I haven't pulled it yet into remote lakes via logging roads. I have a 2017 Tundra which is basically the same as your Sequoia. Yours is a bit heavier so will have less payload but your plan to get something around 20 ft should work. Take a look at the fiberglass trailers out there. The Oliver out of Canada is very well built but pretty expensive. These things are light weight, sort of , and don't leak.
aftermath 05/23/21 10:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Screen Room / Add A Room Repairs

fornarog, What a great popup! We had a 1979 Starmaster 7 that we purchased in 1989 and kept it for 17 years. It had the same great awning with the screen enclosure. First of all, patching screen is not like patching any other cloth. Screening this age doesn't just tear, it deteriorates to the point that you will have to replace it. We sold it in 2005 after the daughters moved on and we were looking at retirement. In 2016 my youngest asked me to look around and see if anything was on the market, they were just starting to look for a tent trailer. I found one at a reasonable price and went to take a look and low and behold it was our Starcraft. The canvas was in very good shape but the screens were falling apart. Having a very active grandson, I decided to replace the canvas. Bear Creek Awnings were great to work with. I am sure they will be able to steer you in the right directions. Call them and send them pictures. One of the guys there had a similar Starcraft and was familiar with mine. Another option might be to take it to a place that does boat covers. They have the heavy duty machines to sew on new screens. Good Luck.
aftermath 05/23/21 09:52pm Folding Trailers
RE: Dometic 300 toilet replacement?

I put a 310 in my trailer a couple of year ago. No issues to date. Really like the porcelain and how it flushes.
aftermath 04/25/21 08:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stimulus Late in Arriving

... I must be eligible because I’ve received the first 2 payments and my status hasn't changed. ... This might not apply to you but it did to my daughter and son in law. They changed the income level to qualify this time around. They raised it a tad. So, just because someone is on SS, it doesn't mean that this is their sole source of income. I have a couple of retirement accounts along with my SS. Just a possibility.
aftermath 04/08/21 05:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Towing up grades with "M" and 1 gears

Thanks Grit Dog for your post. I see this thread turning into my tow haul is better than yours kind of thing. I tow with a Tundra. I have over 50K miles on my current trailer that we have pulled over passes in Canada, Washington, Montana, Wyoming and other places not as dramatic. The first thing I do when pulling away from home is to shift into S5, which is the same as M5. This locks out the overdrive in my 6 speed tran. Engaging my tow haul basically changes the shift points. This helps when accelerating if you are in a hurry. It also uses more fuel so I usually don't engage this. On downhills, it holds the higher shift points which, I guess, helps in braking but only minimally for my observations. Going uphill I will often sift into S4 to keep rpms up. There have been some very long steep grades where I select a lower gear in order to keep my speed up. I can climb almost any grade at a min of 50mph. I find it even more important going down hills. I will anticipate the speed and downshift to increase engine braking. It works for me and my setup. I also prefer this method to waiting for the truck to roar as it shifts gears under load.
aftermath 04/06/21 09:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Equal-i-zer vs Dual Cam

I seeked out the equalizer brand after my husky hitch got stolen. Found one used for a good deal. Overall its sorta primative. Doesnt like sharp turns or changes in elevation. I have zero experience with the dual cam. Can only say the equalizer ain't that great and I would look to a different brand. To the OP, It sounds like you have experience with your DC and I didn't detect any big criticisms other than the upgraded bars. I would say you probably need to follow up with the manufacturer about your concern. You certainly could go to a different hitch but it would end up costing you more to do so. I am an Equalizer user and towed a hybrid with my Toyota 4Runner. Towed it for 5 years under all sorts of conditions including one trip in almost gale force winds. Never had a problem. Moved to a larger trailer that came with a heavier Equalizer. Have over 50K miles on this trailer, again with no complaints. From everything I have heard or read both of these hitches are good, they have lots of followers. The quote above is rubbish in my opinion. "Primitive"? Do you know how long this brand has been around and how it continues to rate very high with trailer owners? "Doesn't like sharp turns"? What are you talking about? "Changes in elevation"? What? Are you saying that they don't work well in mountain passes or are you referring to uneven campsites? I can attest that both of these are false. As a matter of fact, hooking and unhooking on uneven ground is one of the strong points of this hitch. You might not like the Equalizer least try to give a fair review.
aftermath 03/31/21 04:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Axle Service

My word, more than a thousand dollars!? Look, I have a 2006 Airstream and I take mine into the Airstream dealer. Most of you are probably thinking that they must charge an arm and a leg for service. Not true. I have had this trailer since 2009 and always have the dealership work on it. To "service" an axle means to take off the wheels, repack the bearings, check the condition of the magnets and adjust the brakes if needed. They also told me that I should do this every 10K miles. Go by mileage and not time. Service is just this. If you need new brakes or new axles, then lots of money makes more sense. Last time it was about $100 per axle. I think it actually came in a tad under that. Will be due next year...probably will be more.
aftermath 03/08/21 05:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Magazine

I just read the March issue and was going to quote some of the things the editor/owner posted but I threw it out yesterday. Really not my cup of tea. Somewhere I read that this was like looking at "Good Housekeeping" when we are expecting "Popular Mechanics". I agree but then, I am part of the population that relied on Trailer Life to teach me about mechanical things. How does this fridge work? What happens if the hot water tank goes out? What can I do if the heater does not come on? Now I can read about painting the inside of your trailer, what kind of bedding will liven up your trailer, what kind of beer should you be looking at, why camping is so good for people "in love". Yeah and those are just the ones off the top of my head. To top it all off, the editor said that they have had a lot of criticism lately and reminded all of us that change is a hard thing for people to accept. Then, and this is why I will not renew when the time comes, he told us that there are help articles and information on line at some RV link. If I am going online to find out things that I am interested in, why should I continue to subscribe to your magazine? I really am not interested in what kinds of flowers I should put out on the countertops to "freshen" up the inside. Really? All that said, I think I do understand the big change. They are aiming at a much younger crowd and from what I am guessing, a more wealthy clientele. It reminds me of the Sunset magazine we used to look at.
aftermath 03/05/21 09:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: wind power

The issue here in my opinion, is that most people focus on one source of power and don’t look at the importance of the big picture. EVERY energy source has its faults. We all know about oil but we should not or could not for that matter, eliminate it entirely. Same as wind. They should all work together with the goal of a dependable system that we can clean up over time. Proof of my premise arises when a discussion of the EV is posted. GM, Volvo among others are shooting to drastically reduce dependence on the ICE. Increasing electric vehicles will help us in many obvious ways. People think that they are going to do away with ALL of our cars and trucks. The demand is still here as is our demand for “other” sources of power. So relax, no one is going to come for your Silverado nor are they going to shut down the oil generating plants. Right now we need them.
aftermath 02/22/21 08:41am Around the Campfire
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