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RE: Sleep apnea

Everyone can benefit from weight loss. While it is not a cure, it certainly makes things easier. As far as "Inspire" goes, it is not a cure all either. Only certain types of apnea can be helped. I have a neighbor who went through all of the problems that have been mentioned here and finally got some good information from a doctor. He was a good match for the procedure and it is working fine for him. I just googled "inspire for sleep apnea" and got all sorts of whacky options. I never knew you could order solutions from Amazon. Snake oil sales are still stong. Be careful.
aftermath 09/18/23 05:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Site squatters

That person who temporarily parked in your spot was fine. They apologized and quickly moved it. No harm done. Those persons who tore up your ticket and took you spot should have been removed from the campground and fined. I like the "must occupy site the first night" requirement. If that doesn't happen, it should be open season. Years ago when our two daughters were quite young I left with them to set up camp early at our favorite lake. My wife would follow. The rule then was you had to occupy your site and fill out and pay within an hour. I got set up, had the envelope in hand and was waiting for my wife so we could put the fee and the extra car fee in the same envelope. I was technically breaking the law. A ranger showed up, heard my story and fined me! My daughters were watching the interchange and it took all of my reserve to stay calm. She fined me $30 and then said that I didn't have to pay the camping fee ($10) for that first night. I wrote a letter to the State Ranger and got a very nice reply with a promise they would talk to the individual. I did not get my money back though.
aftermath 08/08/23 09:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Strong urine smell in bathroom

Yes, thanks for the followup. But said you had the same issue on your last trip? OK, here is my two cents worth. There have been many good suggestions but you should zero in on these. 1. You can't have a blockage in your venting system. 2. You are wise to dump your tank completely and then recharge it with a chemical of your choice and 3. and I think this is your main issue, you need to use plenty of water. Read the directions on the chemical packet and they suggest you add the chemical to your tank after you have added something like a gallon of water. Water after that will be your friend. Think of using little to no water and think of how difficult it will be to actually empty the black tank. As far as what kind of toilet you have, don't get all taken up with that. I had a Dometic something and changed to a Dometic 310 but only because the 310 was porcelain. Neither one is any better than the other when it comes to basic functionality. Water, water and water is the key.
aftermath 08/01/23 02:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Where to advertise my vintage 1963 Airstream ?

Try This: Vintage airstreams
aftermath 07/28/23 04:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pressure Reducing Regulator Setting

Just checked. They come set at 65 psi.
aftermath 06/17/23 08:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Pressure Reducing Regulator Setting

Airstreams come with built in regulators at the freshwater inlet. I believe they are set for 60lbs. As others have stated, pex is rated for much higher. I think 60 is plenty...
aftermath 06/17/23 08:37am Beginning RVing
RE: Black Tank Treatments - Yay or Nay?

I say we go for 5 pages with this fascinating topic. OK, the only thing I want to point out is that this tank you carry around is NOT, NOT, NOT a septic tank. It is a holding tank. There are two completely different functions here. If you believe that all the good bacteria needs to be in place to digest the contents of the tank so that it will take care of all smells then I would like to ask where is your drain field to handle the digested liquid. Pretty silly concept, I know. Do you use chemicals? It is a yes or no sort of thing. The real question is how to you handle potential odors in your system. Some use chemicals and others simply use lots of water and empty tanks regularly. I do believe that both work. If you don't want to use chemicals, use water.
aftermath 06/12/23 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dewinterizing 2012 Fun Finder X189FBS

TheOne, Ok, here are some ideas for you to think about. If your trailer has been winterized then I am assuming that you have the pink stuff in all of your lines. I also will assume that your hot water tank has been by passed. You don't want to put antifreeze in the hot water tank. To dewinterize I suggest that you hookup your city water to the proper connection. Use this to "clear" out all of your lines of the pink stuff. When you have done this, open the bypass valves and fill the hot water tank. Leave a hot water faucet open so the water can fill up the tank and the lines. When all of this is done, disconnect the city water, fill the Fresh water tank and turn on the pump. Others have suggested that the valve that allowed the pink stuff to be pumped into your system needs to be closed. Once everything is flowing you are ready. Wait, you should go back and sanitize the entire system. You can google this to find out how.....Good Luck.
aftermath 06/10/23 07:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: Black Tank Treatments - Yay or Nay?

....I also use coconut oil to keep the valves lubed. No smelly tank issues. And, how exactly, do you do this? Just pour some down the toilet? Do you add some after you have dumped the tanks? I just had to replace my two valves in my 2006 trailer. Looking for a simple way to do some preventative maintenance here.....Thanks.
aftermath 06/10/23 05:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Advice

I think the "scuffing" comment has to do with the design of the sidewalls not the tread. Because of the lateral pressure put on trailer tires as they are moved into parking situations the ST tire has a stronger sidewall than regular tires.
aftermath 06/08/23 08:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Sonic Boom

I grew up living on George Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert. This was a fighter pilot school,flying and training in F4Cs preparing for Viet Nam. We heard sonic booms all the time. It was after my dad retired that they more or less outlawed producing sonic booms over populated territory. I always felt sort of sad for young kids who never got to hear one of these things. That hit me when they showed video of people in their apartments and on their streets as they reacted to an unknown (to them) sound.
aftermath 06/06/23 04:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: 12 volt fridge in TT

Jim, as long as you are hooked up to power you will have no problems at all and will get to experience all the benefits of a more dependable fridge. One of those not mentioned yet, is how they cool even when it gets really hot outside. They are better in all ways.....except.......when you are not plugged in. I have an Airstream and they went to these in all new units. I boondock a lot and I can run my fridge for days without issue. The typical Airstream owner, not all by any stretch, use full hookup sites. Those who don't have changed over to a solar power system hooked into lithium battery banks which work quite well while off the grid. They have also changed everything over to an on demand hot water system which is counterintuitive when you think about saving water. didn't ask about that, did you? Anyway, you are going to like your new fridge. Give that 2% time some thought.
aftermath 06/06/23 04:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Advice

UconnJack, tires fall into that "pretty important" category. I believe in purchasing from a reputable dealer who will stand behind their tires. I is "important" to go with a good brand, important to get the right size, important to maintain and care for them and really important to watch them carefully. That said, I have had the old Marathons, a set of Maxxis and now am on my second set of Carlisle Radial HD ST tires. These have been the best so far. I also uprated mine to LRE when a D load would have probably covered my weight adequately. I run mine at about 72psi for normal trips but will load them up to 80 when it gets really hot outside. Some people believe that a tire manufactured overseas is automatically a bad tire. Conversely, they believe that if it was made in the USA then it has to be good. Goodyear manufactured their Marathons here and had trouble with them. They moved manufacturing overseas and still had trouble. They also caved to the "buy American" pressure and brought the Marathon back. None of it seemed to help. They junked the Marathon and went with an improved tire. So.....WHO makes the tire is more important than WHERE it is manufactured. Just my 2 cents.
aftermath 06/06/23 03:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help me with current best manufacturers

Nice post JBarca, you summed up the important issues. Everyone is different so it is hard to come up with a system for everyone. I don't like changing trailers so will purchase something with the long haul in mind. We had our Starcraft tent trailer for 17 years before selling it and now, after a good 10 years my daughter purchased it back and is still using it. We had a hybrid for about 8 years and it was holding up nicely before we retired and purchased a used Airstream. I am not pushing Airstream but I can get the same price I paid for it back in 2009, the market remains pretty strong. I do take care of my stuff and that is a big issue if you want to protect your investment. My Airstream does not leak any more, and I would bet, far less than a regular box trailer. It is very short on storage space outside, has enough inside and is not a huge palatial trailer like so many Americans want. No slideouts either AND the price is insanely ridiculous. I got mine used back when the price of used ones were bad but not that bad. If you want toots and whistles, like outside kitchens, fireplaces and an island in your kitchen I have no suggestions. My cousin has an Arctic Fox and I am impressed with how sturdy it is . It is also quite heavy. I have also heard that Nash makes a good trailer. I would avoid anything that has the word "lite" in it. Again, I want something to last even after traveling many miles on the highway. How do you suppose they make trailers "lite"? In the end, it will be important to get something you want. If you want a fireplace then you need to get one of those. Keep your eyes on how sturdy the trailer is built. Look at the GVW ratings between some of your choices. Simply walking across the floor in some trailers will say a lot. Best wishes in your hunt.
aftermath 05/10/23 02:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Refrigerator Question

The new compressor fridges are supposed to be better. They cool better when it is hot and there is no propane to "worry" about. Yes, we still have the fallacy floating around out there that running with a propane fridge is somehow dangerous. Take the propane out of the picture and you get a "safer" system. Which, is a bunch of bunk. What you get is a fridge that does work better will always need to be hooked up to shore power or you will have to upgrade to a better battery system and add some solar. Then of course, you will have to hope the sun is shinning. If it isn't, stop by my place and I will offer you up a cold beer.
aftermath 04/23/23 02:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black Tank Help Needed

It sounds to me like you have a bad monitor in your black tank which is a pretty common thing. Since your trailer is "new" I am assuming it is under warranty. I would take it back to the dealer. As far as closing your gray tank so it can fill up, that won't help your black tank issue at all. They are separate tanks. I don't understand what you are saying here. It is not a bad practice to leave the gray tank open when you are camped. You should never leave the black tank open though. Let it fill, flush it out and you should be good to go. If the tank is reading "2/3 full" even after you empty it, you have a problem with the monitor.
aftermath 04/21/23 11:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Prostate problems

Thanks for the lesson. I do have a couple of questions though. If Coumadin, Warfarin, Eliquis and Xarelto are all "anti-coagulants" then are there any blood thinners out there? Is there even such a thing as a blood thinner? Second(third actually) question. Are all the doctors and specialists, pharmacists and nurses who all use "blood thinner" in their descriptions of these drugs, doing any harm?
aftermath 03/07/23 05:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Prostate problems

Be careful posting medical advice based just on opinion: "Eliquis (apixaban) is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) known as a direct-acting oral anticoagulant (DOAC). It works by stopping a specific clotting factor called factor Xa from working."An excellent example, thank you. An anti-coagulant is not a "blood thinner". That is so common that everyone does it, but when you actually corner a medical person and ask "Is it an anti-coagulant a blood thinner?" they invariably say NO, it's just common practice to call it that for simplicity. "Anticoagulants work by interrupting the process involved in the formation of blood clots. They're sometimes called "blood-thinning" medicines, although they don't actually make the blood thinner." This not "just on opinion", it is a fact. Please do your due diligence. I agree with the moderator on this one. I am going through this right now and have asked many questions of my "Doctor" at the anticoagulation office I go to. I was on Warfarin which is a drug that prevents coagulation. It is commonly called a blood thinner. I am now on Xarelto which also prevents coagulation and IS ALSO known as a blood thinner. If you want to get real picky they both do their jobs, only they do it differently. All three of my doctors, the anticoagulation specialist, my cardiologist and my heart surgeon tell me it is very important to let every medical contact I make know that I am taking a blood thinner. Don't get caught up in semantics.
aftermath 03/07/23 08:41am Around the Campfire
RE: A punishing pace, safety issues and broken bodies

... You cannot make a blanket statement about unions being good or bad, depends on the union and even the local. Jim. Thanks for this. In our divided world today people have lost sight of compromise. I was the President of a small union (1000 members) and we worked with a Fantastic management group. We saw eye to eye on almost everything and when problems arose it was usually due to some mid managers who were focused on climbing the ladder. We also had a few lazy members who thought the contract didn't really apply to them. I worked with the workers and the management worked with the misguided mid managers. We all focused on the goal at hand and it worked very well. The workers always wanted more and the management really did want to provide more limits were in place. Over time we got more, at least reasonable more, and everyone was satisfied, at least satisfied enough to work hard and move forward. Today, I am retired and the attitude has changed. Our win at all cost attitude is showing everywhere.
aftermath 12/04/22 08:57am Around the Campfire
RE: New camper without 12 volt fridge

I have an older Airstream and have day dreamed about getting a new(er) one but no more. They have "improved" them to the point where I don't want one anymore. The 12 v fridge was the first step. These are better in some regards but they require more electricity. That is OK if you 1. Always plug in, or 2. Add solar and/or 3. Upgrade to a more expensive battery pack. Then they went to on demand water heaters which are fine if you are connected to a water hose. Trying to boondock with one of these is a challenge. They have a work around for that too but it is some kind of recycling faucet that costs even more money. Then of course you get automatic stablilzers and automatic awnings. Hey, nothing can go wrong with these don't you know?
aftermath 11/10/22 08:10am General RVing Issues
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