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RE: Battery maintenance questions

That information is wrong so it is probably safe to assume everything else you were told is wrong. This is a very fair assumption. I check the water level each spring when I get it ready and then once during the summer and that is about it. I am assuming that this is your first trailer. You might want to check all your paperwork to see what kind of a converter/charger you have. My first trailer had a single stage (bad, really bad) charger. This meant that while it was plugged in it was charging my batteries. It was ALWAYS charging them. The PO left it plugged in at the house and only camped where there were hookups. Over three years the batteries were consistently being overcharged and the majority of the cells were boiled dry. I didn't notice this before I got home. We camped once on the way but had hookups there. Charging batteries at high charge levels boils the acid. A multiple level charger will step down the level of charge to avoid overcharging. Your trailer probably has one of these but I would check just to be sure.
aftermath 03/21/20 08:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Gas prices

Good point. Less people out, less gas sold. That makes sense. In our state we do not have a sales tax on gas. We have plenty of taxes added, something like the third highest in the nation but I am almost positive there is no sales tax on gas, or diesel sold at the pumps. I was confused by your insinuation that when prices go down, the states will be hurt. When sales go down, for whatever reason, they will indeed feel the pinch.
aftermath 03/21/20 08:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices

Folks, gasoline futures this Friday morning are $ 0.67 a gallon. Yes that's futures but retail costs follow these closely on the way up and are very sticky going down. Add Federal state and local taxes and price you pay at the pump should be somewhere around $1.50-1.60 or lower. The retail establishments are literally committing highway robbery. And guess who's got the gun and who's the victim. And then, of course there's California and the rest of the west coast. Just can't wait till I hear them start to cry about lost tax revenue. Boo-Hoo, or should I say BS. This post really confuses me. I think the supposition that the retailers are making a killing is a bit iffy. Yes, they have to make a profit but I don't think any of them are making a killing. The part about us Coasters crying over lost tax revenue is what I don't understand. Lets just say, for the sake of argument, that the total load of state and local taxes is $1.50 a gallon. When the price goes up, or when it comes down we still pay $1.50 a gallon. This is a steady load paid per gallon regardless of the "price" at the pump. The only way I see the state getting less taxes is if the sales of gas goes way down. This will happen when prices go way up. If the price of gas goes, and stays, down then the tax flow to the state will increase as more gas is sold. Help me here. Isn't his how the tax structure works? I do know that in states where more hybrids are in use there is less gas sold per mile than regular cars and trucks. They are looking at an excise tax on these. Good arguments about this on both sides.
aftermath 03/20/20 11:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Don't come to Massachusetts

ScottG, it is tonight at midnight. Wife and I are going out to eat. We will make a point of ordering out to help them. I liked the idea about purchasing gift certificates. Personally I am glad that our Governor is stepping up to help contain this a bit. All you need to do is look at Italy to see what happens when you let this run its normal course. And, by the way, Italy has more hospital beds per capita than the U.S. Now they are swamped and that uncle of yours who is having a heart attack can't get in for help. Lined up out the door with Covid-19 patients. Pretty ugly scene. Again, glad that our "snake" of a Governor is showing some leadership.
aftermath 03/16/20 09:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Psssst...wanna see a Wall?

I just sent a message to the moderators asking them to shut this thread down. Message did not go through. I got the "technical difficulties" response. Big Brother is watching! I am not a wall fan.
aftermath 03/06/20 07:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Can I tow this and how will it feel?

Hopefully agwill will chime in and let you know how his van performs. When towing it is generally best to disengage the overdrive unless you are on the flats. Towing in "select" is better. When in drive most TVs will "search" for the proper gear. This changing up and down isn't the best for most transmissions. The tow haul option in my Tundra simply changes the shift points. You will hold in a lower gear longer before it shifts. When accelerating it helps you get up to speed faster. More importantly, as far as I am concerned, when you are going down hill it will hold in the lower gear before it up shifts which helps braking a bit. It is a nice feature but not a panacea by any means. I also believe that it cuts down your mileage a tad as well. I use mine in the mountains and that is about the only place I engage it. When things get a bit steep I use the select option and hold the Tundra's transmission in 4th, or 3rd and even sometimes in 2nd. I watch the tac and tap the brakes now and then to keep things manageable.
aftermath 01/27/20 08:12am Towing
RE: Toilet choices, plastic vs. porcelain.

I changed my old plastic with a Dometic 310 (I think). It is not a full porcelain toilet but it does have a porcelain bowl. I like it much better. The old one was getting a bit stained as the plastic was starting to yellow. It also didn't flush as nicely as the new one does. My trailer goes down the road at just about 6500 lbs and my Tundra does a good job of pulling it. While weight does matter, I don't agree that "every pound" counts. Granted, it you max out on weight it might make a difference but an extra 20-30 pounds won't make a noticeable change in your ability to tow.
aftermath 01/26/20 09:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Can I tow this and how will it feel?

I think your numbers are correct IF you want to stay below your GCWR of 16,000. But, that is not the first number you should focus on. Your stated GVWR is 9600 while your van only weighs 6129. Subracting these leaves you with 3471 which is a very healthy payload capacity. Payload capacity is where most of us get into trouble. Large trailers connected to half ton trucks usually violate the payload numbers before they violate the GCWR. Ok, with 3471 to play with start subracting things that will go in the van, not things that go in the trailer. 920 for the family, 100 lbs for the hitch itself and you are down to 2451 which is still a large number. You can add back the 80 pounds for taking out the seat and now you have 2531. What you failed to account for is the hitch weight of the trailer. Think about that. Drop the hitch on the ball and you are adding weight to the van. Even if you had a HW of 1200 lbs you would still be good to go. So, as someone earlier posted, you should not have any trouble with your set up. One last thing. With today's TVs, engines have improved vastly. Some think that as long as you can go fast and make it over the hills you are good to go. When and if you go over your payload capacities, you are pushing the GVRW numbers. These are there based on the ability of the axles to carry the weight safely and the ability of the TV to stop safely. Stay within the ratings and you will minimize the wear and tear of the components on your TV.
aftermath 01/25/20 01:05pm Towing
RE: Zoning Law

The responses to the OP are quite interesting. For the "better to ask forgiveness than permission" team, I find it sad that our culture has bred many who willingly pay no attention/respect for the laws. If you go forward in breaking the law you "might" not get penalized but you will have to stop. This could indeed cause a lot of trouble for the person staying in the trailer. Also, you can't "live" in the trailer unless you hook up to a sewer line. If you follow your local building codes you will find out soon enough if this will be allowed where you live. Of course, if you are not willing to follow the codes for the sewer hook up then you can simply do what you want to do. Forget the laws and codes. Secondly, I couldn't find any information on line, so what am I to do? How about going down to your city hall and asking questions like we used to do just after arriving here in covered wagons? You could call and get the info but granted, the whole process of waiting to be connected is a bit trying. I do think you can get the information you want by talking to someone. I doubt that you would have to produce information about your exact location if you want to keep "under the radar" as someone has suggested. Just because you don't agree with a regulation, it does not give you the right to ignore it. There are HOAs in my area that have a lot of rules, most of which I don't agree with. My choice is to live elsewhere. I prefer to live in the city limits and do have to put up with some regulations that I think are silly. It is a choice that I have made. I always try to be a good neighbor and to do the right thing, even if I don't always agree.
aftermath 01/18/20 10:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Carlisle Radial Trail HD tires?

mileshuff, I certainly understand your lack of confidence in the Carlisle company for not standing behind their tires in your incident. I wouldn't buy another Carlisle tire from them either. I bought a new hybrid that came with the poor quality Carlisles. I had no dealer to complain to. I went through the steps. I filed a claim with the NHTSA explaining what happened. I sent a letter to Carlisle telling my story, including a picture and copies of my weight tickets. I was not overloaded, it was cool outside and I was not speeding. I also included a copy of the receipt I had for 5 new tires. They responded quickly and included a check to cover my expenses. Yes, they were bad tires. No, they are not still bad. This argument could be used on the new Goodyear Endurance tires. The Marathons had more than their fare share of issues. From everything I have heard the Endurance is a better tire. My Marathons had all sorts of trouble and showed that two had belts separating. This was after only 3 years and very few miles, like less than 3 thousand. Sorry that you had to live through what I did. But, the OP asked about the new Carlisles and I will stand behind my original response. They are pretty good tires. Buy them from a reputable dealer who will stand behind them and you should be good to go.
aftermath 01/16/20 09:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Carlisle Radial Trail HD tires?

I don,t no anybody that likes them, there known for being a very poorly made tire. but they make good lawn mower tires. I purchased a new Starcraft hybrid around 2005 and it came with really crummy Carlisle tires. On top of being of poor quality they were LRC tires which just barely covered the weight required. One blew and Carlisle reimbursed me the cost for all 5 tires. Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I chose the NEW Carslile HD tires. Mine are LRE tires and have been great. Like Dodge Guy wrote, these are entirely new. Mine have plenty of load carrying capacity at 70psi and are speed rated to 80mph. Very good tire these HDs are. And, don't think that JUST because a tire is made overseas it is junk. It has much more to do with the quality of the company selling the tires than where they are made. Goodyear manufactured their Marathons in the USA and then moved production to China for a time. They moved back mainly due to the political fallout and being inked with the China Bomb name. Maxxi does not produce their tires in the US and yet they are very highly rated. If you buy a cheap off brand tire then your chances of getting a cheap tire goes up. If you buy from a reputable dealer and manufacturer you chances of getting a good tire also goes up. I have dealt a lot with Discount tires and they have always stood behind their tires. I also got my Carlisles from them.
aftermath 01/14/20 03:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: My perception on real gas

This has been an enjoyable read. The experts, on both sides, have jumped in and yet it still remains quite confusing. One issue that has yet to be mentioned is why do we have blended gas today? It was a government decision made to help improve the atmosphere. I lived in southern California in the '60s. Driving down into the LA basin was like driving into a black/brown cloud of pollution. It was visible, it was uncomfortable to the eyes and it even smelled. Today, even tough there are many more cars and trucks, it isn't even close to what it used to be. When the experiment began there were many good arguments against it. Existing engines were not designed to deal with ethanol. It did create issues with loss of power and degrading of rubber tubing and such. Today, those arguments no longer exist,unless you are driving a classic. So, if you don't care about the air we breathe, and you willingly agree to pay extra at the pump in search of a tiny improvement in power and mileage then buy that "real" gas. My "gut feeling" is that you will notice perhaps a very small increase in performance while you pay a small increase in money all the while you increase your footprint in polluting the air we all share.
aftermath 01/08/20 08:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

People are afraid of each other in the current culture. We are taught that using the wrong pronoun is a federal offense. Political views have become catalysts for explosive reactions. It is just not worth it to some to risk having their camping experience ruined by a confrontation. Back in the day, it seems to me, people were more interested in finding common ground. Now so many are "spring-loaded" to the defensive position. JMHO I think this is a big part of the issue. I am pretty outgoing but I hesitate to approach folks, as a general rule, because of the atmosphere we now live in. Another big part is that the whole idea of socialization is seriously under attack. The younger generation are into social media and are losing the ability to relate to others. I am not pointing fingers at just our younger citizens but the movement has caught on big time. The Gonzaga Men's basketball coach noticed after their first win this season that when he went into the locker room all of the players were looking down at their phones, not a word was being spoken. He told them to put down the phones and start talking to one another. A good team talks, they talk before the game, during the game and after the game. He went on to say that this is becoming an issue with many programs all around the country. When given the choice to talk to someone or to check their twitter following, guess what most of them do?
aftermath 01/01/20 10:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow Vehicle rating and comfort

Short answer. Yes, you can. But, I will mirror the comments about payload capacity. I tow my trailer with a Tundra. My GVWR on the trailer is something like 7200 and I regularly go down the road with about 6500 as a trailer weight. I have stopped and measured this a few times. The Tundra is rated to two 10K this is the challenge with all half tons, it only has a payload of 1700. With my WD hitch I will drop very close to 900 pounds on the ball, the two of us come in about 350 which doesn't leave much room to pack things into the bed. I am find with axle loads and GCVW numbers. The Tundra tows nicely and it has plenty of power to handle mountain passes. I have heard a lot of positive things about the Eco Boost engines. Watch your payload and you should be good to go.
aftermath 12/26/19 10:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Survey for online reservation vs old school phone and email

1. yes it is 2. Yes, but the sites I use refer to it as a reservation fee. 3. No, I wouldn't like that. If I am just passing through it probably wouldn't matter but if I specified a specific spot and you moved me, don't think that would fly. 4. Don't know what you mean by this. If I am using an online system I would not think of calling unless this was stated somewhere in the system. If you are holding out sites then say so to anyone who is having trouble getting a spot. It shouldn't be an "inside" kind of thing. 5. This system is too confusing. We do a family reunion every year and we pick a spot and have everyone reserve. We try to get close but sometimes we are not together because someone was late requesting. I don't think one person in the group needs to be in control I do not know anything about the online reservation system you are talking about. I prefer the state park systems in WA, OR and CA. After that I use Reserve America and Each one of these charge a reservation fee and require full payment up front. All of them allow you to cancel, and if done in a specific time window give full refunds aside from the 8 or 10 dollar reservation fee. When I am going to a smaller campground I usually call. I have never been given the run around after reserving a spot. If someone calls and wants to get a spot for a 27ft trailer with only two people, you should assign one that will work for them. It sounds like you would like to give them a nice large spot but when someone else calls in with the same size trailer but a family of 5, would you move the first people out so the larger group could take the spot? That is what is sounds like you are doing. I don't think that is a very good business practice. A KOA will reserve a spot but not tell you exactly which one and they do not charge the full amount until you get there. I suppose they might move you around if needed but they don't mislead you going in.
aftermath 12/22/19 09:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: 12 volt versus 24 volt deep cycle batteries

This makes sense to me now. It was a "Group 24" which is a size. It was not a 24 V battery. I would be careful taking this back to the Amish guy who told you it was a 24V battery. He obviously doesn't know what he was talking about.
aftermath 12/16/19 07:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ashby's Law 1956 and solving problems....

This reminds me of a period of time in my life where I was spending far too much time in "meetings". The "boss" discovered the power of brainstorming. Get eveyone together, even those who know little or nothing of the point of concern and have them brainstorm solutions to the problem. This problem was usually not a problem at all, just and excuse to get folks together to brainstorm a solution. This boss, like others I have had, was more into process than any actual solution. I like the theory the OP presented but, like someone already said, it would have to deal with an actual problem. Sorry but I have to go now. I have given myself a headache....
aftermath 12/14/19 04:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: 12 volt versus 24 volt deep cycle batteries

t-train, I am still confused about your "24 volt" battery. Campers and trailers have been 12 volt for many years. All of the lights and little fans and motors run on 12 volts. When you plug into shore power your charger/converter converts the 120V AC power into 12 DC current. I would think that if you connected your trailer or camper up to 24 V that the lights would burn out quickly if not instantaneously. The fan in your furnace would run much higher and not last as long. No one else has mentioned that so I might be all wet. A long time ago when cars were wired with a 6 Volt system you couldn't just put in a 12 Volt battery and still have everything work. Best battery for you is a 12 volt true deep cycle which is what you get with a golf car battery. The second choice is a deep cycle/marine that you can find anywhere. Wait, the "best" would be two 6 Volt golf cart batteries connected in series. Good luck.
aftermath 12/14/19 04:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: senior pass

I paid $10 for mine and have used it a few times. A senior pass is the same as senior pricing at some movies and restaurants. I think it is an effort to give back a little to a generation who has paid into many programs over the years. The new administration, yes this one, upped the fee from $10 to $80 and I agree it still is a bargain if you use it. We are heading toward a place where the wealthy can afford it so the rest of us will be staying home. It used to be camping and seeing the national parks was something everyone could do. Tents are being replaced by motor homes just like housing tracts are being replaced by gated communities. I suppose when you run a trillion dollar dept you have to look for places to cut back. Setting up a fair system of taxation is pretty tough to do, no doubt, but squeezing the little guy has always been easy.
aftermath 12/07/19 09:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Mens' belts left or right

This is pretty funny. I was 67 before I realized that I had been tying my shoes all wrong. On long walks I always had to stop and tighten up my laces. I even double tied them but still.....I finally took the time to look at the knots. I had been putting the left lace under the right when starting. This resulted in a granny knot. Now it is the right over the left and life is better. I also start my belt on the left side. Don't wear any buckles that require a right side up display.
aftermath 11/27/19 11:30am Around the Campfire
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