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RE: Peak Blue Platinum DEF

The legally required MSDS says the contents are water and Urea (31-32%) period no secret stuff which would not have to be detailed but would have to be listed some way. As for synthethic Urea, it's all synthethic I doubt anyone is extracting urea from cow urine for example.
agesilaus 09/21/20 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Peak Blue Platinum DEF

Huh, interesting but how does this stuff prevent the deposits? No added ingredients the only thing I can think of is that it may be high purity DEF if impurities are causing the deposit. If that were the case I suspect they would brag about their "ULtra Pure DEF" and they do not. Also odd that there isn't a hit on google. OK solved that one search for "SCR deposits" and you'll get a large number of hits. But all of them seem to be theoretical papers in the science/engineering literature. Not a one that I saw from some practical source. One thing is certain, the guy that made that video should not try out for a job as a camera man...heh.
agesilaus 09/21/20 07:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Peak Blue Platinum DEF

It has to be better, it says Platinum.:) What comes after platinum, Plutonium?
agesilaus 09/21/20 06:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Peak Blue Platinum DEF

Frankly as a retired chemist I'd be more likely to believe this if they explained what miracle additive they are using. Otherwise it sounds like marketing BS. DEF is plain and simple 35% Urea and I don't know what 'deposits they were referring to. Searching google for 'def deposits' gets zero hits. Both have the same water and Urea identifier, and those are the only two ingredients. Exactly, this is a flimflam deception on the ignorant. Don't fall for it.
agesilaus 09/21/20 06:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Peak Blue Platinum DEF

Frankly as a retired chemist I'd be more likely to believe this if they explained what miracle additive they are using. Otherwise it sounds like marketing BS. DEF is plain and simple 35% Urea and I don't know what 'deposits they were referring to. Searching google for 'def deposits' gets zero hits.
agesilaus 09/21/20 05:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheelbase question

Lots of people pulling fivers with a 6.5 ft bed so I doubt it's a problem. I went with an 8 ft bed for the storage space. It's only 18 inches longer than a 6.5 ft so from that standpoint I really doubt there is a lot of difference. A fifth wheel hitch will just about use all your bed space don't forget.
agesilaus 09/20/20 05:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Water-less RV washing

Amazon Used it on my RV and my Truck works great, and it goes on fast. It cleans and waxes at the same time. I need to apply a new coat to the RV front cap to get rid of the 7000 miles of bugs.
agesilaus 09/20/20 08:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water pump psi

The rated flow is 1.8 gpm vs the 3 gpm of the Sureflow pump that I have. So water flow will be low, you might have a problem with your shower flow. That sureflow is a diaphram pump too but it has a built in bypass. That pump you have seems to be designed as a sprayer pump It may work try piping it up outside the RV to the regulator and see if it works. If you are on city water do you even need a water pump?
agesilaus 09/20/20 08:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water pump psi

What is the amperage draw on that 160 psi pump and is it 12V. And can that diaphragm pump deal with a cut off head, meaning it is pumping against a closed valve. Positive displacement pumps can have problems in that case.
agesilaus 09/20/20 08:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: We have a toilet issue......

put vaseline all around the seal Exactly what I was going to suggest or silicone grease.
agesilaus 09/18/20 06:40pm Tech Issues
RE: water pump

Its under the kitchen sink in our Arctic Fox. I brought a spare pump along to use to pump water from water carboys into the drinking water tank. Of course the installed pump died one afternoon but I was ready, an easy install I did change the orientation of the pump to make it easier to work on. I had to cut the rubber feet away from the old pump since the screw heads were too corroded to unscrew. I used corrosion resistant screws on the new pump.
agesilaus 09/17/20 09:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5G cell phones, need to purchase?

4G will not become obsolete in any short period of time. 3G is still used some places right now. 5G range is so short, a mile or two in perfect conditions that it will be kept inside large cities. In a basketball arena they had to install 5G antennas along each long wall because the signal would not reach the other side of the place. I saw that a major magazine tested 5G vs 4G and found 4G superior in actual real life conditions. Right now 5G is future tech and I'm not the least worried about it. Phone companies will add it to future phones and you'll get it eventually.
agesilaus 09/17/20 05:37pm Technology Corner
RE: New to RV/towing. Whats my best option for a towing setup?

Lets see, tow cap 3500# Trailer almost 3000# DRY weight and dry weight is before the OEM adds accessories. Trailer can carry 1200# total 4200# see a problem here? And don't think that you won't load up the trailer. We all say that but we do but stuff makes it's way in there anyway. Most trailers have around 1000+ pounds of stuff in them, clothes, pots, pans, dishes, flatware, blankets, towels, food, drinks, water in tanks (very heavy) the list goes on and on.
agesilaus 09/16/20 05:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Half ton towing

Hitch/carry capacity will kill that Idea, that has it include all passengers and dogs, luggage, ice chests, a full tank of gas, the hitch weight (200 pounds for a fifth wheel hitch) anything else carried in the truck, and the weight of the fiver. Also half ton trucks have smaller brakes not designed to stop a heavy fiver. And then there is the undersized transmission and everything else about the half ton. You don't have an HD truck don't try to force yours to do the job of one. Get a good bumper pull.
agesilaus 09/15/20 06:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Escaping heat next summer?

Biting flies would drive the wife crazy. Just a mention of the upper peninsula gets my wife started on complaining about the flies. And we only visited once many years ago. Here is a trivia question: Why is the upper peninsula attached to Michigan when Wisconsin makes so much mmore sense? A hint Ohio figures into the answer.
agesilaus 09/14/20 07:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Orlando to Los Angeles Good Sam Trip Planner

Hopefully it's telling you to use I-12 around New Orleans
agesilaus 09/14/20 06:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Escaping heat next summer?

Idaho is very nice, around Stanley are the Sawtooth mountains but there are many places to visit. We followed 95 all the way north to Bonner's Ferry last year. Then turned east on Hwy 2 to kalispel and Glacier. Minnesota/Wisconsin are on our list but we avoided it this year because of the governors. Hopefully that will be resolved next year. But you have to time a visit to avoid the Black Flies in early summer. The PNW is another possibility, also an area that with have recovered from the mass hysteria by then. Oregon, Washington and Northern Cali. Lots of great scenery. New England was a one time trip for us so the kids could say they've been to all 48 states, Mexico and Canada. And for the US History. It is packed with people. The southern end is hotter than Hades. Maine is nice and if Canada is reopened you can from into New Brunswick there. Acadia is an odd park, bits scattered all over a large area. NH, VT and that park of upstate NY all have good camping
agesilaus 09/13/20 01:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Are the campgrounds full in your area?

We are state park/COE people and wanted to change things up this year and have our Christmas on the coast (Florida). Not a single spot to be had that time of the year. We were in western Pennsylvania in June and it was virtually the same way. Planned a trip to the UP area and had to schedule it according to when we could get a site. It's a mess!!! Huh we passed thru MO this August and stayed at two or three spots in MO on the way back. All reservations made at the very last minute, meaning within an hour or two of arrival. No problems at all. The main problem we have a cg is getting someone to answer the phone in the first place. OK checked RVTW and it was two spots, Bucksaw COE reservation made the night before and Laura Ingalls Resort (LOL resort) made an hour before. Now we rarely stay in fancy and pricey RV resorts, no matter what they call themselves, I pick 3 or 4 star rated cheap spots whenever possible. Rated by Campgroundreviews. We rarely stay at a place because of what they do or do not have in the way of golf courses and such. Altho we did stay at a spot outside YNP that was inside a golf course and had great rates for campers for clubs and carts and such. That was the second choice after we got turned down by another cg that called itself a resort. If you preferences run to fancier spots then maybe that's it. But we went thru and camped in FL-AL-GA-TN-AR-OK-NM-CO-WY-ID-MT-ND-SD-NE-KS-MO-AR-TN-AL and FL again. 18 states no problems, 37 camping spots including private, COE, State Parks, National Forest and Boondocking
agesilaus 09/12/20 03:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Are the campgrounds full in your area?

Actually where I am is a year round camping hotspot, Florida, so yes it can be hard to get a spot. That said I had no problems reserving four days at a COE park followed by four days at a cg in Wachula FL. We traveled 6700 miles thru almost 20 states (Not the NE or the left coast) an got turned down for a last minute spot ONCE and that was outside Yellowstone. I suspect this flooded cg problem exists mainly in the NE/Atlantic states and the Left coast.
agesilaus 09/12/20 02:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2016 RAM CTD Diff Oil Change Question RE Gasket

The advice I got on my F350 was to use the Permantex Differential gasket gunk and forget the gasket. It's worked so far on both differentials
agesilaus 09/12/20 11:12am Tow Vehicles
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