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RE: A new way to tow a 5’er!

depends..... if the pin weight is in front of the pickup bed trailers axle or behind the axle. The Automated Safety Hitch system has no sway. If the guy has done his homework nothing wrong with the set up. I believe that to double tow, which this guy is doing, the first towed vehicle MUST be on a fifth wheel. I could be wrong but I don't think so. RichH
aguablanco 01/21/20 11:14am Towing
RE: A new way to tow a 5’er!

depends..... if the pin weight is in front of the pickup bed trailers axle or behind the axle. The Automated Safety Hitch system has no sway. If the guy has done his homework nothing wrong with the set up. Actually, I thought to be legal double towing, which this guy is doing, the 5er would have to be hooked to the tow vehicle. I don't see any way that is legal or safe. RichH
aguablanco 01/20/20 01:16pm Towing
RE: Which one is better between the 2?

I will never buy off brand towing equipment. Hitches, balls, trunion bars etc. for my use have to be made by companies whose main business is towing. I will not trust our lives, and others, to less than top of the line gear. Especially one with a 2.5 star rating. BTW, the chrome will wear off pretty soon and keeping a light film of grease on the ball will prevent rust. RichH
aguablanco 12/24/19 10:10am Beginning RVing
RE: Costs of things

We called it a season last weekend (finished winterizing yesterday). We had a very enjoyable season. This is a breakdown of our basic costs for the season: Total Miles: 6560 Cost of gas: $2,123 (this years average was 8.0 mpg as usual and the average cost per gallon was $2.59 RV park cost:$1785 (51 nights at average $35 per night) Total basic cost(Gas and camps only)$3908 or $105 per day Not included: food, occasional t shirt, supplies, or whatever. This falls in line with our last 4 years since we started this wonderful hobby. Making plans right now for another 10 week cross country trip next summer. Laying out our back road route and began to set cash aside for this run already. The wife and I truly enjoy the road less traveled. Oh,we have a smaller class C. Thor Freedom Elite 22e E350 Triton V10 and there are just 2 of us. Your $105/day is a bit higher than my totals but close enough to not matter. Since we cook most of our meals in the trailer, and we have to eat whether we're on the road or at home I only count meals eaten out as an additional expense. A decent motel/hotel in, or near, any National Park is certainly much more than $105/day. Add in eating out and it will start approaching $200/day, or more. Bought my small trailer used and do all of the maintenance myself. My only extra expense is the difference in mileage between towing, which averages 15 mpg, and not towing 32 mpg. Both figures are highway driving. Granted I didn't pay six figures for my trailer, so depreciation is nearly a nonissue. We average about 5000+ miles per year and, at least for us, it is way less expensive than using hotels and eating out. Plus we get to see some amazing sites and spend time together. Oh, and the dogs love it too. I have to say that, in our case at least, it is cheaper to take the RV out for 5-6 weeks at a time than it is to travel any other way when exploring.
aguablanco 10/29/19 09:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: In-Coil Airbags

I have them on my 2017 Ram Eco Diesel. I did not install them for lift. My truck had a bit of roll with the trailer hooked up and after I installed the bags the roll pretty much went away. The bags are also good to alleviate bottoming out of the suspension when the bed is loaded. I do run my 1000# bags ~30# almost all of the time. I never expected, or wanted, any lift I just wanted to stiffen the suspension a bit. Back in the day we used to install air shocks if we wanted an inch or three of lift. RichH
aguablanco 10/29/19 09:24am Towing
RE: Best way to repair crack in aluminum siding?

First, drill a small diameter hole, around 1/8" or smaller, on either end of the crack. The hole will relieve the stress and, at the least, stop it from quickly becoming a longer crack. JB weld sounds good to me for the cover up. RichH
aguablanco 10/25/19 07:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Vehicle Insurance for Mexico

We are going down Oct 20-25 so I just purchased the insurance. Cost was $115.00 for the entire trip. We used this site.Lets you compare.BTW minsurance company, Farmers, wanted $288.00. RichH
aguablanco 10/02/19 10:39pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Was rear ended on the highway

Can a lawyer help with getting a trailer totaled? After all this time you still haven't talked to an attorney ? The person that hit you and their insurance are laughing their a#% off that you are letting them tell you what they are going to do to you . While I may have put it more diplomatically, I couldn't agree more. While I hope they can repair the damage as though it never happened, that is probably the least likely outcome you could experience. I mean no offense, really, but you are letting an adjuster who, most likely, gets a bonus for settling a case for less than the expected amount tell you what is going to happen to your property that his insured damaged. If you will not seek legal advice please stop asking for it here. RichH
aguablanco 08/01/19 10:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: 1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work

Above 5000' my Champion, which is carbureted, has issues. Called Champion and they sent me a new jet that is needed for use at altitude. Installed it this year and no problems so far even at 7000'. RichH
aguablanco 07/30/19 11:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Was rear ended on the highway

You might want to work into the conversation with the adjuster the fact you have GAP insurance and you are upside down. He may take mercy on you (and realize you come out net the same with a low retail settlement as you would with a high retail settlement). That could be a win/win for both you and the insurance company. For the GAP insurance provider, not so much. Be sure to do your research on the GAP insurance before you do anything. You don't want a problem to arise. Anybody out there think this is a bad idea?? Asking for assistance from someone, or some company, whose only purpose is to get rid of the problem as inexpensively as possible seems like desperation to me, and it will most likely be taken as weakness by them. You cannot rely on "The kindness of strangers" in this situation. Why let them use the GAP insurance you paid for to limit their liability? While I see myself as a fair person, and I am certain you see yourself as one also, why should you be concerned with allowing them a win? Their insured rear ended you! Let them take responsibility and resolve the matter to your benefit and approval. You may also seek the advice of a Private Adjuster in place of an attorney. I would be in my insurance agents office letting them know that I am not happy with their current level of representation and would be asking them to step up to the plate and make certain that I am made whole for my entire loss including, loss of use, full repair or replacement, medical costs and whatever else you have been denied because of the negligence of the at fault driver. One doesn't have to be rude to be made whole, but being assertive is almost always necessary. BTW, I agree with others who have said the $1000 estimate on the truck seems low. There will, most likely, be issues down the road and you will not want to deal with them when they surface. And neither will any insurance company. RichH Not an attorney but been in a few accidents in my life.
aguablanco 07/24/19 10:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Does anyone make 'em anymore?

The only fridge I know of with no electrical requirement is usually called a cooler. Just add ice and, presto, cold food. Seriously, a nice cargo trailer with 2 batteries will run an RV fridge for at least a few days without solar. Since you won't be using electric for anything else, and the trailer will be bare bones, you could install more than 2 batteries and extend your stay. RichH
aguablanco 07/11/19 02:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Opinion on Resort Fees ?

It is an easy way to raise the rates without actually showing that they raised the rates. How many RV parks could realistically be called a resort? How many have resort like features, pool, hot tub, nice clubhouse with activities etc.? Since the resort fee is rarely, if ever, published along with their daily rates I will consider this an extremely dishonest practice. RichH
aguablanco 07/11/19 12:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Lithium Ion Submarine Batteries

The also have developed a ship that has no engine and moves along the surface with wind power ;) ;) Probably works in a fashion similar to my solar clothes dryer. LOL RichH
aguablanco 06/25/19 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Have I Made A Mistake.....

It almost certainly is a harbinger of the future if even 10% of the posts about CW are true. I am pretty sure the percentage is higher than that though. Keep in mind that you have a bank involved and they have likely already funded the loan so you are an owner until you sell. Nothing personal because I read all the time on these forums where people want to return the RV for a myriad of reasons. People have to realize that they didn't buy a pair of shoes and the fact is there is a signed contract somewhere. It takes all parties of a contract to void it, not just the buyer. RichH
aguablanco 06/25/19 04:10pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Extending RV short queen bed

I did the same extension a bit differently. I actually took off and repurposed the original 1/4" plywood base that raised up and replaced it with 1/2" plywood with the new length. No legs. I also added new struts to lift the added weight of the new memory foam mattress. Yours looks good and is definitely strong enough. RichH
aguablanco 06/25/19 04:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: whether you like him or not Marcus is standing for the flag

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." Samuel Johnson 1775
aguablanco 05/23/19 10:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Attack of the Blob!

Not knowing exactly what is in that tank I would take no chances and replace it ASAP. I would also do my best to replace the suction line as well. As was said earlier, " Life is too short." Could be shorter or less comfortable if you don't do this right. RichH
aguablanco 04/06/19 07:47am Travel Trailers
First Tow Trip Report

Finally got to tow the 6000# trailer ~1000 last week and I am ecstatic! I owned a 2012 Silverado 1500 5.3 2WD prior to the EcoDiesel and while it pulled okay the mileage was never above 10.1 mpg and most of the time in the low 9's. I also cringed every time I went up a grade as the engine needed over 3000 rpm to maintain ~40 mph on anything over a 3%-4% grade. Not wanting a 2500 for a daily driver my friend suggested that I investigate the EcoD and I have to say it was the best truck buying tip I have ever received. Left Phoenix, AZ around 12:15 PM after the wife got off work last Monday. Had about 3/4 tank of fuel and decided to see if I could make it the 150 miles to Quartzsite and refuel there. Made with 1/4 tank to spare and filled up to continue to Indio, CA for an overnighter. Even after being stuck in a traffic jam for 2.5 hours between Blythe and a bit past Desert Center. I averaged 16.6 mpg. Fortunately the winds were light and the route fairly flat which I am sure helped a great deal. Tuesday morning took off for Mojave, CA and had to climb Cajon Pass, 5%-6%, grade which tops out around 4600'. The EcoD never stuttered and climbed that hill at 55 mph and ~2250 rpm with absolutely no problem. Trans never got above 178* while oil and coolant stayed around 224*. Finally reached Mojave and was amazed to discover that I had averaged 15.4 mpg from Phoenix. BTW, I bought 9 gallons of diesel there with the intention of getting back to Quartzsite, and cheaper diesel, without buying more in California. Spent the week at Bequinox which is the Burning Man Los Angeles regional event. Headed home Sunday morning and knew I would get good mileage coming down Cajon Pass and wasn't disappointed. Averaged 17.3 back to Indio. Made it to Quartzsite with less that a quarter tank so I didn't have to buy any more fuel in California. This truck just blows me away. It hauls the trailer like it isn't even there and never strains on the grades. The truck is also very stable when towing. I have the Curt 10,000# WDH with 1000# bars and I use the cheapo Harbor Freight friction anti-sway bars. We were never pushed around by trucks or wind on the trip. The driving was so much more relaxed and comfortable than my Silverado it was hard to believe. I should add that I did install the Air-Lift 1000# air bags on this truck for stability and run them at 34 psi. My biggest take away is the mileage. Considering that diesel has been about 10% more than gas, and I am getting around 60% better mileage, with less stress, this has been the best vehicle purchase I have ever made. Can't wait for the burn in Colorado and the chance to see how the rig handles Raton Pass in June.
aguablanco 03/28/19 01:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Carbon fiber TT

I can find everything but the price. RichH
aguablanco 03/13/19 03:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: drain pipe to protect awning

I use two pices of plasic gutter from HD Living in AZ I have considered this. Do you ahve any pictures? RichH
aguablanco 02/18/19 07:13am Travel Trailers
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