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RE: Heave-Ho

I went on a birdhouse forum and asked how to build a birdhouse and the first guy asked if I had too many cats and went on a rant about getting cats fixed. The next guy rambled on about bird seeds. Yet another post discussed what kind of nail I intend to use on the tree, which led to wether or not to hire an arborist to manage the trees in my yard or try to do it myself. Someone chimed in that their tree had gotten beetles and had to be taken down, which prompted another forum enthusiast to tell us about a storm that blew a tree down on his house. I asked what kind of nails he used on his house, but that greatly offended all of them, so I gave up, never getting any info on building a bird house. I don't have cats or trees, sadly.
ajriding 01/20/20 01:42pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Looking ideas pop up roof section

Exactly why I did not give details. I not interested to discuss the intricacies of details that have nothing to do with anything. Maybe if Im sitting on a rocking chair on a rainy day with nothing to do or talk about we can discuss the possible square footage of something I am planning to build or the effect of mpg it might have on an engine I have not mentioned but Im really just looking to have a conversation with anyone who has done something similar with success or maybe first-hand knowledge somehow. That's what is neat about forums is finding a person out of millions that has experience in something similar, not the thought police monitoring anything… Opinions on how piss politically correct or incorrect my post may come across to someone possibly in a different culture altogether is better suited for a psychological forum that analyzes and discusses each other's post incessantly, rather than a practical forum of people who build and modify things they use everyday. I would like to keep forum post specific to the topic. Well, too late, this is yet another post ruined by stupid comments
ajriding 01/20/20 01:36pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Looking ideas pop up roof section

Why opens up for comments like being informed that bridges are 10 feet high on most American roads and opinions on mpg and frontal area, right or wrong…. Why does not address the issue, only interest, so for interest sake, the reason why is because obviously an extra12 sq feet of flat frontal area is a huge aerodynamic parachute on a trailer that currently sits only 10 inches above the roof of the truck cap. I dont want to lose 3 mpg because I double or triple the amount of trailer out in the wind, I can just get a full height trailer if my goal is to drag around a bill board. If I go off road then a short trailer clears quite a few obstacles that I otherwise would have to abandon the adventure or settle for a roadside campsite instead of the one by the river etc… Currently the trailer will fit under many parking decks or city parking structures, or bank atm's or drive thru's or the multitude of traffic obstacles out there that annoy RVers. What I have planned so far is similar to an A-liner, but I dont have any way to extrude custom shaped aluminum molding, so making it water tight both folded and up is the challenge. I have not found any product on the shelves that will help much. I will probably have to use a draw-latch on the outside on each side to hold it down, but want the rest of the operation to happen all from inside, you have to think about it pouring rain heavily and wanting to get inside asap but still operate the roof. I want to be able to drive around locally with it up so do not want a tent up there, dont want a tent blowing around in 40 mph winds either and keeping me awake all night either. Why I want to drive with it up who can know, but that box got checked. I want it to be simple as possible. I'm thinking maybe use vinyl over piano hinges for waterproofing.
ajriding 01/20/20 12:45pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Looking ideas pop up roof section

Asking 'why' on the forum is a forum faux pau. The size i need is about 4 wide by 2 front to back, feet that is, and to gain a foot in height at least. The trailer is 5 feet inside, so a 6 foot man cannot stand upright. Doing something permanently up makes the trailer taller, less aero, and taller mean might not fit under that thing/branch/drive thru etc. My sphincter is getting tight just thinking to add 4 inches on the roof… This apparatus will sit on the roof, nothing like a popup tent and I have no desire to spend any time in a tent of any sorts…lol
ajriding 01/16/20 08:04pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Heave-Ho

I guess I never put the finished drawer pics up. I have some I can show even though I undid it all now. The main reason for this mod was so I could use this electric fridge. I never camp at campgrounds with their relatively flat camp parking spots, I am always off-grid and rarely level until I commit for the night and level the rig, but sometimes I just get it close, but not close enough for the temperamental absorption fridge who is needy for propane, not free solar power. Gaining some huge drawer space was a plus. With it closed up Opened top New outside door, sealed up, coated with epoxy New fridge, is on drawer slides that were taped to the fiberglass, and btw, the tape was strong VHB but with a heat gun was un-did easily with no trace So I made new cusions to fit the new smaller space. With table down in bed position. Lots of odd shape cushions to fit the new seating arrangement and work up or down. The reason for the slide is on the rare occasion I need to sleep someone in this space at least they have leg room, though a bit tight fit, it is better than sleeping outside on the ground in pouring rain on a freezing night…
ajriding 01/16/20 07:47pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Heave-Ho

The fridge is in perfect shape, its only negative is that it is an absorption fridge. Those, to me, are of yester-years past. The new Danfoss 12 volt compressor fridges are far superior and can run at any angle (I think up to a 30 degree angle), so gone are (were) the days of searching for level places to park the rig. ( no idea why he thought I would put a broken fridge in an RV then try to sell it broken, that would cut thousands off the selling price, I just assume half of your are think as drunk you are) Yes, lots of work for just a couple of nights camping. I thought I would keep the camper for a long long time. Life has a way of telling you otherwise. I may reuse the drawers at least and the compressor fridge being a chest can be used anywhere in anything so I am still using it. The camper is actually better for me having removed the fridge as I got to clean everything out and put in new supports and I also put in some electrical wiring behind the fridge opening for outlets that I would have never been able to do otherwise. As I stated, there were no holes or cuts made for the previous mod, so un-doing it left no evidence. The only thing leftover is two additional DC outlets, it having none when I bought it. The board at the bed opening also required the fridge come out, so the new owner will have some benefits still. The board serves two purposes: besides hiding the edge of the mattress and holding the sheets up, I added a mesh textile to allow air to circulate under the mattress. Behind the board is a divider to keep the sheets and covers from dropping down to block the air from circulating. The board is a few inches away from the wall so it allows airflow. Being a few inches away from the mattress also means there is a gap, which is perfect to put things in like your phone, your book, your wallet, your do-dads or anything you want to just stick somewhere handy. I have a wire running up that can be used for 12volt power like an outlet since there is room for a DC outlet now, perfect again for using while in bed. This is before pic: It is a Roamer, and very rare, and very hard to find these for sale. I live in the SE where people do not own TCs as much as places far west of here, so it might take a while to sell.
ajriding 01/16/20 07:15pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Please help me decide on a truck camper

Your only potential leaks are at the vents and windows really, and it is unlikely the water is able to run inside the fiberglass construction, it will have to leak into the camper which will be obvious. and EVERY hole that's ever been put in If you do proper maint, it isn't a problem, if you don't they will ALL leak and rot. Having owned both stick and fiberglass I can attest to the high quality of a fiberglass shell. No leaks! Wood: leaks. Maintenance will prevent a lot of leaks on a stick camper, but some you will find after it leaks. Fiberglass just will not leak, and if it does the fiberglass and foam are waterproof and the foam fills in all the voids so there is nowhere for water to go anyway other than the floor or back outside. To the floor and you know pretty quick you have a leak, no rotten wood years later to testify to a leak like a stick camper. Side note: don't put any more holes than necessary. The factory who built my fiberglass camper used a screw for every screw hole on the roof vent. There must be 32 screw holes so they used 32 screws. Only 6 or 8 were necessary. The Lap sealant will do wonders to aid the screws and hold it in place. Lap sealant alone will hold it but the screws make the frame lay flat to the roof. When I changed vents I filled in many holes and used just a few screws 2nd time around.
ajriding 01/16/20 07:01pm Truck Campers
Looking ideas pop up roof section

I have a small cargo trailer I use often and want to do some overnights in it. It is only 5 feet interior height, great for towing, not so much for standing. I want to have one section where I can stand upright, so am thinking to cut out a 2x4 foot section of roof and having something that can easily raise, fold out, yet be flat with roof for towing, no more than 4 inches high when down. My current idea is use plywood and make an A-frame roof that unfolds so has some headroom. (i have epoxy resin to waterproof the wood) I can't yet figure how to keep it watertight. Folded down is not such a challenge, but having 4 panels fold out and all be weatherproof is the challenge. Two side will be rectangle panels and the other two will be triangles. The triangle will fold up last and remain under the eeves. At the bottom to keep it all water tight Im still pondering. I also want to operate ir all from inside, and also need a way to secure it while driving. I have seen hurricane hinges, but they are not shaped right. I have seen plastic hinges (like piano hinges) that just bend, so there is no leaks,but I ant find sources for these, or can only find expensive ones. Maybe tack down vinyl over a piano hinge. Anyone ever do something like this, or have a better design to add height? I do not want to do a complicated engineering feat as this will be a minor project given available time.
ajriding 01/16/20 06:54pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Heave-Ho

I am selling camper, so removed the drawers. The caulk held very strong and would have stayed in place forever. Some of the plys from the plywood were torn off by the caulk as I removed it, so the caulk was stronger than the plywood glue. Camper for sale… old useless propane fridge is going back in to help with the sale since people don't know what they need at first.
ajriding 12/27/19 03:55pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Do upgrades help the selling price?

Drawers are gone, old antiquated propane 3-way will soon be installed. The caulk worked great for a glue. It pulled away some of the plys from the plywood instead of pulling apart at the caulk. It came apart with a hammer easily, yet would have held firm forever if left in place.
ajriding 12/27/19 03:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Do upgrades help the selling price?

To be clear, there is a fridge, it is the ARB, just not mounted. A newbie RVer will think that an installed propane fridge is the greatest thing ever, but seasoned RVers, especially boondockers, will know that propane fridges are a thing going the way of a dinosaur. I did all this work thinking I would keep it forever, then things changed. I still lack the heart or energy to undo it all. There were no "holes" or any damage whatsoever done to the camper for these mods., inside or out The drawers were installed with tight fitting carpentry and I used caulk to "glue" the frame structure to the inside of the cabinet, so all can be undone with no evidence it was ever there. The solar wires enter where the fridge roof vent was. I did it this way to retain value as if it would ever be a collectible. ARB fridge, $850, Propane fridge I cant sell it for $400, so I may put it back in and retain a much more valuable fridge. Thanks, I get from these few replies that mods probably do not add value to the avg buyer.
ajriding 11/23/19 08:29am Truck Campers
RE: Please help me decide on a truck camper

Northern Lite, hands down. So what if there is wood? Where is the water going to get past the fiberglass shell? Wood is great as long as you keep it dry. Your only potential leaks are at the vents and windows really, and it is unlikely the water is able to run inside the fiberglass construction, it will have to leak into the camper which will be obvious.
ajriding 11/20/19 06:43pm Truck Campers
Do upgrades help the selling price?

I am selling my TC, but am wondering if all the upgrades are really going to add much value to it. If I remove them then that saves me the money for the next time I need these upgrades. I currently have a 2nd solar system to the tune of about $600. And the solar I will leave on it And I took the propane fridge out and just use an ARB danfoss electric chest fridge, should I put the old propane unit back in? With the old fridge gone I have big storage It is a lot of work to convert back to venting the propane now that I closed it all up, but the ARB I would rather keep than an old perfectly good propane fridge. In my experience people mostly do not know or appreciate such upgrades until they have lived in it a while and understand it.
ajriding 11/20/19 06:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Pick up for TC

If you are looking for a Roamer TC I know where you can get one at a premium price
ajriding 11/13/19 03:40pm Truck Campers
RE: 6 volt batteries and an inverter

If you are new to RVing then consider an alternate power source. If you only camp once per year then no biggie, batteries will die of old age before you can consume them, but using batteries to power up heaters, hair driers, ovens or other high power appliances will cost you a lot in batteries eventually. btw, discharge to 50% is not going from 12 volts down to 6 or 7, check the charts. Down to 11 volts is a dead dead battery and past 50% discharge. Inverters are dangerous in that they will run down your batteries quick. Batteries only have so many cycles of charge/discharge before they are no longer able to be charged back. GC batteries are superior to Marine Rv batteries and can take more cycles, but all will succumb to cycling to death. From more of a full-timer or part-timer RVer standpoint: A small 2,000 watt generator is little less than double the price of the two batteries, but should last forever. You just put gas into it. By comparison, If you charge your batteries off your alternator then you are still putting gas into having available power it just goes un-noticed. Solar can keep the batteries topped off, but will not provide enough power to run 2,000 watts (unless you have 2,000 watts of panels up there pointed directly into the sun). Solar recharges batteries, and assuming you use a little power here and a little there then 200 watts (not 2,000) solar can keep up, but if you use more than the panel is supplying (maybe 150 watts from a 200 watt panel) then u are still cycling the battery from charge to some level of discharge so using up the battery lifespan.
ajriding 11/13/19 03:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Pick up for TC

I have a very rare TC that I would never find again, but if I were to have to buy a TC now I would strongly consider a Northern Lite or Bigfoot. Both similar and both are two-piece fiberglass shells, like an upside down boat. They can only leak at the openings as there is no seams except where they are joined, but which they overlap so cannot leak. They are also a 4-season camper which I wish I had. Keeping pipes thawed on cold nights is VERY difficult for summer campers. The TCs with basements are taller, so you lose clearance and a tad bit of mpg, but you gain space that the tanks usually take up. You said this truck had CAD, which refers to the front axle on 4x4 trucks only, so I thought it was a 4x4. Think carefully about getting a diesel. They are super powerful workhorses and will run years beyond gas engines, but the gain in mpg does not always off-set some of the expenses of a diesel. You will also nee to run 2-cycle oil in the diesel tank (one quart per fill up/ 30 gallons), so will add another 15 cents per gallon at the pump. The oil protects the injectors. 20 years ago diesel fuel had more sulfur which aided in lubracation. Some people add the oil, some do not. If you want 100 different opinions on this topic it will not be hard to find.
ajriding 11/09/19 10:38am Truck Campers
RE: Rear Hitch Bike Rack for Travel Trailer

The warning is due to a large number of the bumper receivers being so weak, and the bumper, the thin 4 inch square tube, being very weak. It is not the bike rack that is at risk, it is the trailer's hitch that could break off. A 2 inch or 1 1/4 makes no difference, it is the receiver that is at risk. The bike rack from the two mentioned companies will not break from bouncing. I carried two multi-thousand dollar bikes on a trailer hitch rack for thousands of miles with no issue. Though, this was on a twin axle with torsion springs, not leafs, so it rode smoother, but still got airborne a time or two. My trailer's hitch was sturdy steel welded to the frame, not to the flimsy sewer tube though. Ideally you would beef up the hitch to handle the load and stresses. If there is any way to tie or strap the top of the bicycle (handlebars) to something on the trailer (like a spare tire or a hook on the wall) then this will greatly reduce the bikes from swaying and keep them from acting as a tall lever. The name-brand bike-shop quality races are quite capable.
ajriding 11/09/19 10:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Pick up for TC

160,000 is very very low miles for a 20 year old truck. Unless the guy was a full-time RVer living in his 5th then Id say he drove very little ever. It probably has original everything mostly. You will need to figure that you will be replacing things at some point. If it is original injector pump then it might die tomorrow. 160 is a long time for that pump. The clutch likely has been replaced, if not then it is pretty worn likely, or maybe it an auto.. Anyway, if it is only $7,000, and only has 160,000 and there is no big issues, then it is a good price. Even if you drive straight to the shop and put in a new clutch and trans /or auto trans it is still a good price. I think you confirmed it is 4x4, if 2wd then $7k is still decent since low miles but nothing special. A dually is not necessarily needed for a TC. Yes, these 2500 trucks are ample for most truck campers. Though, TCs come in many weights. 1,800-2,500 is the normal light to medium weight. Anything heavier and you will want a dually. With this 2nd gen truck you can simply add air bags. On this truck there are leaf springs which are outside of the frame rails and the air bags will go directly on top of the springs (might need to remove the helper springs), so you do not introduce any imbalances as if the bags were to go inside the frame rails. The goal with bags is not to get the truck up to empty height, but to get is mostly level. The truck sits rear high when empty because the engineers figure when you load it with normal stuff there will be some sag, so they allowed for this. Air bags up to give some support bc a TC is a little more than the average load. The weight weak link is usually the tires and wheels. You will need, and it has Im sure, E rated tires, 10 ply. which can handle over 3,000 lbs each. Mine weighs 1,800 dry, and yes, add 1,000 lbs if you have a lot of stuff, which includes propane, water and all your food, gear, bedding, pots pans etc. and what is in the truck cab, people, dogs, tools etc. Depending on your plans for camper is what you want in it. No shower for me is a no deal. I used to have a pop up TC and though it was great driving for mpg cross the country and back in reality it did not save me enough to put up with all the negatives of a tent top. Tents are noisy and cold. I am way happier with a full size, and it might cost 100 bucks more to drive across the whole country. well worth it. If you insist on a pop up then do not get the HECO lift system. All I will say is; nightmare. In Canada, how do they enforce weight? Do they look at the truck door sticker and then look for a camper sticker? Campers are always listed dry weight, and may not even include features like AC in the weight. If they go by stickers then you should be fine, if they weigh it then everyone is over, haha. Do you have to go through highway scales?
ajriding 11/07/19 05:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Holding tank fittings

I dont know your exact plumbing plan, but yes glue is fine. Maybe you can use rubber p-traps or rubber connections after you glue the fittings on. See Homedepot shelves. The rubber pipes flex plenty and are held on with hose clamps. That said, I have done repairs and rigidly glued fiberglass holding tanks to pvc plastic pipes and driven a lot. No leaks. I used fiberglass epoxy in this case, which is more brittle than the plastic glue you will use on your ABS tanks, so I would not expect any issues on yours.
ajriding 11/07/19 05:25pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Dont discuss GS

Closed topic. I guess the site does not tolerate any negative feedback. The reason for closing the thread was that it was "due to lack of activity". Several post in just a few days, and the thread was closed the day after, just hours, the last post on a discussion. Seems disingenuous to me. I suspect there is something to hide about the GSAssistance? So, if we are not allowed to discuss, then I have my answer… the original thread: Posted: 10/27/19 10:04am Link | Print | Notify Moderator Odd that there is just one topic here… I have AAA for RVs but it does not cover what I really need. Does Good Sam offer roadside assistance insurance that is similar? My AAA mainly is to cover towing when out of town, but I have a truck camper and tow a cargo trailer. Technically aaa does not cover the trailer being towed, but just the "heavy" truck/camper which needs a big tow truck/more expensive. I need a plan to cover my entire rig. I just got towed but had to get a friend to come to the next state to tow my trailer out. It took a full day for aaa to get the right tow truck to me, they sent two small ones despite being told I was 10,000 lbs. Im not interested to repeat this. MDKMDK Canada Senior Member Joined: 10/15/2008 View Profile Posted: 10/27/19 10:11am Link | Print | Notify Moderator I think Good Sam Roadside Platinum covers your situation but one of their moderators will be able to give you the exact 411. RoadsideGuy Colorado Administrator Joined: 06/04/2015 View Profile Offline Posted: 10/27/19 10:15am Link | Print | Notify Moderator Thank you for the posts. The level of membership you are looking for is “Platinum+” which also covers cargo trailers. You can call customer service to enroll in this program at 1-866-298-2929. Thank you for your interest! MarkTwain Northern, Ca. , USA Senior Member Joined: 07/26/2002 View Profile Offline Posted: 10/27/19 12:16pm Link | Print | Notify Moderator ajriding wrote: Odd that there is just one topic here… I have AAA for RVs but it does not cover what I really need. Does Good Sam offer roadside assistance insurance that is similar? My AAA mainly is to cover towing when out of town, but I have a truck camper and tow a cargo trailer. Technically aaa does not cover the trailer being towed, but just the "heavy" truck/camper which needs a big tow truck/more expensive. I need a plan to cover my entire rig. I just got towed but had to get a friend to come to the next state to tow my trailer out. It took a full day for aaa to get the right tow truck to me, they sent two small ones despite being told I was 10,000 lbs. Im not interested to repeat this. AAA Roadside Service is totally inadequate for RVers. AAA was not designed for RVers and AAA does not have complete coverage in all cities!!!! Such a deal ajriding st clair Senior Member Joined: 12/28/2004 View Profile Posted: 10/27/19 08:09pm Link | Print | Notify Moderator aaa is different in each zone, but there is the option to request reimbursement from your home location that does cover it. I am not sure how often they do or do not cover this. Otherwise it is plenty adequate for towing as sending a tow truck is all the typical RVer would ask for, but in my case I want to cover a trailer too. So, what coverage do you people have, what do you pay and what does it offer/cover? I could call and go through a long phone conversation, but realistically that is not going to happen anytime soon. My aaa coverage is paid through the year and I likely will not be doing as much RVing the rest of the year anyway. Camper8251 Gallatin Valley MT Senior Member Joined: 08/30/2010 View Profile Good Sam RV Club Member Offline Posted: 10/29/19 06:40pm Link | Print | Notify Moderator Make sure you read the reviews about peoples experience with GS Roadside lack of assistance........... At the top of forum is a drop down box that you can adjust what messages you see. Up to 12 months in advance it defaults to last 14 days.. you wont see much at this time of the year but if you go back the last 12 you will see plenty of horror stories........ They are good about following up AFTER the fact though.... When you and the family are all safe after being left to your on devices to find help Good Sam Care Team Everywhere Administrator Joined: 09/12/2012 View Profile Online Posted: 11/01/19 08:24am Link | Print | Notify Moderator Hello, I am closing this topic due to lack of activity. Thank you for your time and participating. Please feel free to open a new thread on this topic in the future if you wish. Thank you, Ella Good Sam Care Team
ajriding 11/07/19 08:59am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
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