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RE: A new trend in RV fridges?

I just removed the propane fridge and am putting in the Danfoss-style chest. I curious, really only from those with real-world experience (so who actually own and use one) how long the real battery charge last. I have two 6-volt golf's under 200w solar. I don't really use much power except for fans and charging phone and GPS unit. I use LED lights. -camper is for cooking and sleeping, nI don't spend any leisure time in it. I have a 12 volt deep cycle battery in the garage and the ability to wire the 2 golf batt to run only the fridge and the one 12v to run the camper = two DC systems. I have 200 w solar and could add another 100w just for the one 12v battery. Next trip is a long one so no shake-down test trip to test it out…
ajriding 08/16/19 08:22am Tech Issues
RE: Considering getting a truck camper

TopperEZlift A truck "shell" that can lift 20 inches with tent sides. Very small but enough headroom to move around.
ajriding 08/16/19 08:07am Truck Campers
RE: Ductless AC instead of roof mounted AC

Photos photos photos otherwise this does not make as much sense. Glad it all worked. I did a lot of research on alternatives to the roof unit. For the amount you spent on this device, why did you not just put on a roof AC and be done with it? A roof unit is built for the road and you are experimenting as if a house unit will hold up over the years of driving… Ebay finds are maybe $600-800 or a used one around 400. Hint, I have a used Penguin that is perfect in every way except wont run off a 2200 gen.
ajriding 08/16/19 07:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Heave-Ho

With the frige gone I put in drawers.There is not a perfect square cavity to attach the drawer slides to, they need perfection, so I built a frame to hold the drawers and inserted that. The opening… The frame, out of build order but makes more sense. I had to build it in halves so it could fit through the fridge opening. I just screwed a panel of thin wood across the seam to hold them together once inside the fridge opening. Later, the top will get a board that will not only hold the 2x4s together (not make the drawer slides do that) but also fit tight along the walls so there is no movement. The two halves together. I had to cut out the edges for propane and electrical runs. The lower drawer is getting its drawer slides installed. Interesting tidbit; the big drawer was from my first RV build. I am way better at building drawers now than back then, this one got some fixes and paint. Current RV is #5. Top drawer. The tops of the 2x4s will get cut to just above the drawer. On top will go a shelf. All the stained wood was recovered/recycled from old projects. Dry fit. The drawer fronts will get put on last. 2x4s cut. I will have to custom measure the shelf board so it fits the irregular space. It will have to be done in halves also. Probably an extra 1 cubic foot of storage space in this opening than if it just had straight sides. I do not plan to put any screws or bolts through the original fiberglass interior, so will wedge some wood in and glue it with cheap caulk. The caulk, and the top shelf should hold tight and also be easy to remove if ever needed. Hope you enjoyed…
ajriding 08/15/19 07:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Quick Connect for Extra Batteries in truck bed?

I used scrap wood to isolate the metal prongs from the metal vice. The vice was a giant heat sink that make it take a lot longer to heat up the prong. The wood isolated the cold vice from the prong and worked nicely
ajriding 08/14/19 12:24pm Truck Campers

A few photos removing the fridge. It was too big to fit through the door so the window had to come out. Removing the window is very similar on 99% of RVs. It is pretty easy depending on what the previous guy used to seal the window. Use a scraper to pry the window free gently. The most common, and I think best, is the butyl tape. Most will use 3/4 inch tape. Clean RV and window frame before re-install. It is a sticky almost clay-like roll of thick goo that you roll out onto the window frame and stick the window back in. When you screw the window in the goo oozes out a little and you trim that. Disconnect propane, unplug electric, unscrew fridge from cabinet and pull it out. The window is out. I wish I could have just opened the window, but had to completely remove window. I protected the RV with some thick towels The long ladder gave me a nice ramp to slide the fridge out. I just slid it down the ramp. I will install a roof AC soon, and will use the ladder as a ramp to just slide the AC unit onto the roof. I have a hill the ladder is sitting on that helps even the elevations, but you could sit it on a table, or extend the ladder longer for a less-sloped ramp. I have a DC powered compressor fridge that I will be using, and it is not particular about level, and will use free solar power… I can share that install later. I plan to put it on the dinette seat next to the fridge area, which will become a closet, and have it on drawer sliders so the couch can still become a bed if needed. I do not need a full couch that often
ajriding 08/14/19 12:17pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Confessions of an RV Salesman

Slimy salesman in any industry… I went in to get some butyl window tape. The salesman, I guess he had no tire-kickers to bother, helped me for some reason. He went to where the item should have been as I explained that it was not on the shelf. He picked up some white clay tape and looked at it as if to study if it were actually white as it obviously looks or if he could convince me that I needed this opposite color from what I asked for and not even butyl. I finally had to tell him this is white. He really wanted to sell that white clay. This is typical of the salesmen I have seen in RV places. The parts counter person was more knowledgeable and forthcoming however. Salesmen who are not a little sleezy do not hang around long as they don't make the sales needed to make a living. I worked in retail once and the boss would get mad if a customer went out without buying something. He said, they came in to buy something, make sure they buy something.
ajriding 08/12/19 07:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quick Connect for Extra Batteries in truck bed?

+1 for the Anderson. I have two batteries in the truck bed and connect them with Anderson. I have big ones. I ran through the wall with bolts that carry the current instead of fishing in wire… Keep in mind these shown above require to be soldered in, but are very good DC plugs. I have heavy cables and just set up camper so cables are a sideways U shape and same on battery side, so when loading/unloading I can move truck a few feet and not harm the cables or pull them. I get TC about 2 feet from cab, then plug/unplug them and all is good. The rest of the magic happens inside.
ajriding 08/12/19 07:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Downloading at Campground

I never download. I always leave the data onboard. Sometimes I like to cut and paste though, this saves a lot of time when transferring big items. Although it depends a lot on the speed at the campground. If it is slow then I would wait until I find higher access speed. Transfer is a lot of work and there is always the risk of corrupting your work every time you download and then have to upload again.
ajriding 08/11/19 03:51pm Truck Campers
RE: AC question

AC - no. You will be able to cool it off pretty quick when you arrive. Fridge - leave running. Set temp so freezer is still freezing and fridge in the low 40's. Absorption fridges take a long time to cool down from being off, so by the time it cools enough to be a fridge your weekend is half over. I have put in frozen foods and cold foods then turned on the fridge and all was fine, but I was driving and not accessing the fridge either. For one week absences leave on for sure, if 3 weeks or a month then turn it off. Absorption fridges like to be left on, so they will be fine, where you will wear your AC out running it all the time.
ajriding 08/10/19 09:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Bigfoot 25c 10.4 long bed

There is room in the truck bed in front of your fender if you need a place to put a battery and you also do not need to camp without truck.
ajriding 08/10/19 09:34am Truck Campers
RE: Electric Fridge, Now That Hole in the Side..

There is a big difference in the Danfoss-style compressors and the less expensive dorm or household fridge compressors that do put out lots of heat and eat up a lot of power. The RV / portable compressor fridges will not need outside venting. It seems better to put the heat into the cabin than to let hot air circulate over the back of the fridge, which will be hard to seal off. If it is a chest freezer then very impractical to seal off. If you have an AirC running then you will not need to worry about the state of charge on batteries, and if you are running the fridge off batteries (likely not plugged into AC power), then the cabin air is cooler than outside, and will be vented out the roof vent and never really add heat to the cabin anyway. If it is cold outside then not issues at all. If you are putting a giant house fridge in your camper, then you probably drive from electrical outlet to electrical outlet, or always on generator, so power consumption is much less of an issue than those boondocking. It doesnt matter how you vent household fridges.
ajriding 08/09/19 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: My new to me camper.

… My 11-10 long Lance puts 9000 lb on rear axle (and I removed rear generator to put Honda on front hitch), so even this is shorter, the first concern for SRW would be overloading. How did it put 9,000 on the rear axle?
ajriding 08/09/19 08:47am Truck Campers
RE: Bicycle Safety

There are a couple of locks made by lock companies like Abus and Kryptonite that guarantee their locks against theft in New Your city (or anywhere). With these it is more likely a thief cuts the thing the lock is locked to like a bumper or pole than the lock itself. These lock would have to be cut with a grinder as the metal is big and very hard, even a sawzall would take time. With a nice bike you will have to lock the frame and the wheels and if you have a nice seatpost then you might just have to take it out. Otherwise, put the bike inside where it is not seen, and keep it hidden all the time so people don't know what you have. Cover it with a blanket if you have to put it out while you are in for the day. They will be as bold to try to steal it while you sleep. The only reason the cheap walmark or old Schwinns would get stolen is that the homboi is tired of walking and the owner made it easy for them. Most of you have such cheap bikes you could put a sign on it, "free", and it would still be there when you get back.. One good solution is to render the bike unrideable. Remove parts like the pedals is easiest. Keep the front wheel inside. Flatten the tires. But, if you have a carbon-wonder bike then any piece or part is worth stealing, so this would not work in that case.
ajriding 08/09/19 08:43am General RVing Issues
RE: My new to me camper.

Nice and livable inside. Congrats. What is the weight? Some white plastic paint will fix the fridge side and roof vent to look like new, and give it a little UV protection at the same time. I imagine your interior roof vent trim is the same color? Looks like it needs little else.
ajriding 08/08/19 09:09am Truck Campers
RE: Electric Fridge, Now That Hole in the Side..

Some RVers will get a chest unit and not use the old frig space, maybe turn it into storage. The chest unit would sit somewhere else…
ajriding 08/08/19 09:05am Travel Trailers
Electric Fridge, Now That Hole in the Side..

Going electric and removing the propane fridge leaves a big hole in the roof and the side. Who has closed these up permanently? I do not see any products out there so assume it is DIY from here on.
ajriding 08/07/19 07:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric cooler off of 12 volts

DC fridges beg the question… How do you close up the outside fridge vent panel? For me, I will want it 100% weather sealed, then insulated like the walls are insulated. Bumpy, I dont think beer is food. Your Bologna will spoil at 41
ajriding 08/07/19 06:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric cooler off of 12 volts

“Will this cause any problems such as running batteries down or over using 12 volt outlet.” How can anyone answer without OP giving the Coleman’s amp hour draw? Of course if OP knew the amp hour draw, he’d know the answer. Because there are only a few of these brands out there, some of us owned them, and they all have known performances. No matter the brand the performance will be similar. I'd suggest go on Craigslist under the FREE section and pick up a dorm fridge for OP who wants to be plugged into 120v all the time. Problem with the Coleman (under $100 coolers) is they can only cool down to 40 degrees below ambient temp, at best, in the shade. So, any day over 78 and the fridge will not keep food from spoiling. Needs to be 38 or below.
ajriding 08/07/19 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Window AC in the Fridge compartment second image not showing I had a small trailer, Heco pop-up roof, that had the window AC from the factory just like this pic, minus the clever luggage, which would have been a great addition. I never knew the btu, but it was small and I think my 2200 gen ran it.Even with the tent sides it would cool the upper bunk just fine. I eventually added some cardboard to help shoot the cold air (off the top of the unit) up and keep it away from the lower intake. Poor design did not always drain water off and when the trailer nose pointed down and AC had water in the pan it would leak on the floor. Most ACs have the pan fill with water and the condenser sits in the water to help cool. Great for a house, bad to have a full pan of water in a camper. I poked holes in the pan and tilted the AC unit more away from the camper. Rot was not too bad and the fix was possible. Anyway, this is why I know little Ac units would work for my situation. I'm still debating the whole AC thing. I hate to buy from Amazon anymore, looked elsewhere and found a Coleman 9200 for $613, so this brings me closer to maybe thinking about a small roof unit again. We will see in the next days if my roof will hold the weight… Debate is all over the place if a 2200 will run a 9200btu at all altitudes (at least under 6,oooft)…
ajriding 08/07/19 07:41am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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