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RE: Help finding this DC Outlet

Bontragers asked for a pic, they are looking I think. thks
ajriding 07/01/20 12:54pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Towing a 4500lb TT with an SUV

OK, that certainly is sending mixed messages to the OP. On one hand you admit the OPs Pilot may be at the top of it's rated range and the other hand you are telling the OP that it might be cheaper to continue on using their Pilot until the end of it's life in spite of it's maxed out capability and "white Knuckle driving experience in order to "save some money" on trade out time. Saving them a couple of pennies loss in a vehicle UPGRADE now most likely will result in HUGE losses in money down the road continuing to use the Pilot at it's max capability.. The cost could be transmission, brakes, engine, cooling system and many other high wear parts at the most inopportune time.? Always someone that wants to say doing anything is dangerous and you could die! Might be the mask cutting off oxygen to the brain, lol... You might be right, or might be wrong. Some cases you would be right, some cases you will be way off. It all really depends on each individual situation... A full-timer driving 50,000 miles per year will want a big diesel 3/4 ton truck to pull a little trailer, but a person just going on a few short trips here and there will be fine with whatever will tow the trailer. It all depends. Not mixed signals, just sound advice to consider. For towing only short trips occasionally then coming out of pocket thousands and thousands (not pennies) to get an ample tow rig might not make any sense. Repairs on the Pilot? Maybe none that are going to be unusual if minimal towing is involved. Brakes should never be an issue if the trailer has properly working brakes. Transmission? Yes, it will wear out faster, but so will a trans on a 3/4 ton truck wear out faster from towing vs not towing. Everything wears out faster towing. This is not necessarily detrimental. It all comes down to the math for how much towing is going to be done and if an upgrade makes sense for the extra cost. It may, or it may not.
ajriding 06/30/20 12:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Running Hot!

I had a 5.9 with a truck camper and trailer climbing the Rockies and temps stayed level. On big climbs temps would rise, then the thermostat would open, then cool back to high 180's, then close and rise into 190's and cycle back and forth (I had a quality temp gauge so could see this). I never saw temps go high. I suspect other issues, A bad radiator - old and partly clogged- a mechanic shop can look at it with a temp gun and see if there is any clogs. A bad fan clutch (slower speed climbing might require the fan to run) A bad thermostat Is the fan shroud intact and directing air correctly? Nothing blocking the radiator?
ajriding 06/29/20 08:52am Tech Issues
RE: shower head

yes, typically are universal, your home kitchen sink hose should be the same also.
ajriding 06/29/20 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: Best way to add a cable pass through/access in camper.

Use the term "roof cable entry gland" to search on ebay or other... Have you looked at running wires through the refrigerator stack? I have run solar down that way, just make sure the wires to not invite water in and that the screen still keeps bugs out and does not cut the wire coating. For coaxial cable you can use the outside wall plates to connect a cable on the outside and a cable on the inside, they should be water tight...
ajriding 06/29/20 08:43am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: dry docking and charging

Yes, solar. The generator is really just for running the AC when boondocking, otherwise leave it home (unless there is no sun where you are). The solar will do the bulk of the work.
ajriding 06/29/20 08:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Recommended Products For Restoring Fiberglass Shell

Did you try "marine" wax? It is made for gel-coat fiberglass. You should be able to bring back some of the shine, but it will be a lot of work and take several coats. I had a 2005 fiberglass camper and after 4 coats it had a decent shine, but that was just working one 3x6 foot area and it was work, I never finished it before selling. Zep will make it shine like a new penny, but then 4-5 years later it will start to look like an orange peel and need to be re-done. If you do not mind redoing it then use the Zep.
ajriding 06/29/20 08:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing a 4500lb TT with an SUV

What mileage are you getting? When towing, usually a big V8 with a lot of power, though it get horrible mpg's regularly, it will get good mpg compared to a smaller eco motor that has to work too hard when towing... Do math, you will drive the vehicle more as a non-tow for regular life than you will for towing, ??? So, the over-all scheme is that the non-towing mpg will matter more than towing probably. It is less safe to have that Pilot towing at the top of it's rated range, than using a big truck or suv to tow at the low end of its range, but... If the Pilot is towing it, though slow on hills and white knuckle at speed, then it may be cheaper to rag this vehicle out to the end of its life than to sell it and buy another vehicle. Any of the mid-sized trucks will tow this just fine (Tocoma, Frontier, Jeep, Colorado...) and their suv versions should be the same. Diesels will get better mpg almost always, but diesel is now $1 more per gallon plus DEF for newer diesels, so that gain is lost in cost.
ajriding 06/29/20 08:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Is camping Fun Anymore

Campers are built with outside radio speakers, and some with outside TVs. I think all new RVs come with an AC-DC rock cassette tape (thats a band). The one who arrives to the CG first owns it and is allowed to blast his music, and if you camp next to him it's your fault apparently... how dare you.
ajriding 06/28/20 07:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Help finding this DC Outlet

Thanks for asking the RV shop. I have a friend in CA that is near those new-old-stock places, I will see if he can stop by. In GA we have few RV resorces for salvage.
ajriding 06/27/20 08:31am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Solar and VSR relays

I see that your needs are different. I notice most people close and lock the truck when camping, but everyone is different... The solar charge controller will sense exactly what the battery needs, and do this several times per second, in order to deliver the perfect amount of voltage to the battery to optimize charging. It will work with a bank of different batteries, but the controller is now sensing what the bank needs, not what the individual battery needs, so having different controllers would mean that each battery gets its own attention and specific charge rate, not just a general charge. This is a minute detail for the traveler who just does a few trips, but for a full-timer or part-timer would be much more significant. I am personally weary of using any power from the starting battery to power the coach, even if it disconnects at 13 volts. A starting battery cannot cycle (charge and depleated a little over and over) as many times as a marine battery, and a marine not as many as a deep cycle, so keeping the starting battery only for starting the motor will extend its life. Again, it will work, and for infrequent camping trips will not really matter so much. I understand using your trucks accessories as part of the camping experience, even the radio... On my first motorhome (could work for a trailer or TC also) I actually pulled DC power from the coach battery for a few things: the radio and the captains drivers seat ran off the coach battery. The radio did because I could use the door speakers and hear them in the camper just fine and wanted to save the starting battery (phantom power still came off the vehicle). The captain's chair because it was just easier to pull the power from the coach battery, which was behind the chair area, than pulling off the vehicle (the alternator always charged coach batteries when driving, so it was really the same as pulling from the vehicle here). Good luck on your adventures.
ajriding 06/27/20 08:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Solar and VSR relays

This is a strange set-up. No, there is no problem for the starter to be attached to both batteries if both are good. If the coach battery (leisure) is low, then that could possibly pull enough amps out of the starting battery to not start the motor (just depends on a few factors). Curious, why do you need to put solar on the starting battery? Is it stored for long periods of time? If not stored, then the starting batt really does not need solar. If stored, then it is better for the batteries to each have its own charge controller. You are charging a starting battery and a marine battery, two different types, from one source. The chargers are smart, but there will be confusion from mixing batts. A 20 watt solar panel is plenty to keep starting battery topped off for storage, and a $19 controller will do the job. The relay is to disconnect the batteries when the alternator is not charging, this keeps one from draining the other battery, so you can start motor even when the coach batt has been run dead. Usually the relay has a switch connected to the ignition so when the starter is turning the relay disconnects the two batteries from each other. You notice your radio turns off when you crank the motor, the same will happen on the relay, it will turn off (disconnect the two batteries). I would discourage charging both batteries from one solar source. I would install a switch to manually turn on/off your relay from the vehicle alternator to the coach battery. With solar you might not need the alternator very often. The alternator is not as good of a charger than the smart solar controller, though the alternator does has the sheer power in amps to do the job quick, so if batts are dead, do a couple hrs charge to get them near full, then let the solar take over for the final few percentages (I dont know how you would know when to do this though). With more info I might can have more advice if this is of interest
ajriding 06/26/20 08:17am Beginning RVing
RE: dry docking and charging

While the gen is putting a 12DC charge on the battery whatever DC charge gauge you are reading will read full, this is because the generator is putting full voltage on the battery and the gauge sees this as a full battery, remove the generator and your battery will go back to only a partially charged voltage and this will show on the gauge, but sometime there is a "surface charge" that will sit on the battery, some kind of electrical mystery, but that surface charge will go away after just a very short time of using lights, within minutes. The generator probably only provdes very minimal DC power (amps), so will take a very very long time/ multiple tanks of gas to recharge two low batteries. Better to plug a good battery charger into the AC plug of the generator and charge the batteries off the charger. Solar is really the way to go. You batteries will last a year or two longer, maybe 3 or 4 years longer since you are hard on them running them down like you described. 100 watts will suffice and 200 watts is plenty. They key here is the charge controller (takes current from the solar panels and controls what goes to the battery). MPPT is what you want not the $20 ebay one, but at least $50 range will do. 20-30 amp model is enough for what you describe. You batteries will be topped off nearly all the time.
ajriding 06/26/20 08:02am Travel Trailers
RE: When I'm driving do I run my fridge on propane or electric?

ajriding 06/26/20 07:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Help finding this DC Outlet

I guess I should have explained that I know how to do an internet search and have done that and have seen 1,000's I have not found the one pictured. Thanks for typing in DC OUTLETS in any search engine and sharing the results, but this does not turn up the desired results. I have also searched a few auto parts store sites, a few RV parts sites and ebay... I figure even if it is discontinued that there is still some stock out there. If someone happens to know of a place to get this, or very similar (bob's link is close) let me know, thanks
ajriding 06/26/20 07:51am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Fridge won't fit

Well, there is still hope. You can get a rebuilt cooling unit (the coil metal thing on the back side), and this will fit out the door. The fridge box is fine and can be used forever as long as it is intact. The bad news is that replacing a cooling unit is no fun when it is on the driveway, but it is possible to do it inside of the camper if you can turn the fridge the right direction to get access.
ajriding 06/25/20 03:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Electric Bikes???

Literally, walk into any quality bike shop and ask these questions... Not Dick's, not Walmark, not other big box, not some cheezy online game, a real bike shop. They can help and might have bikes you can see in person and ride. Beware, the virus hoax has sold a lot of bikes, and I have heard many shops are out of bikes, the manufacturers are running out of bikes, and high-end bikes, incl e-bikes, are out. Depends, depends, depends... They build what they think they will sell for the year and a few more or a few less, and this year was a big sales year. Go into a shop. Pointless asking on an RV forum, you will get someone who bought the cheapest hunk-of-junk e-bike and got ripped off yet thinks it is the greatest thing.
ajriding 06/25/20 02:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Bikes???

Pedal assist is different than motorized. You will mostly find only pedal assist bikes now, and some trails are open to them while most are closed to motorized bikes. If you are in 70's and riding the wrong trail I bet you are treated different than if 20 and riding with a motor...
ajriding 06/25/20 10:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Help finding this DC Outlet

I have seen thousands of other styles. I am looking for this exact one. There have to be more still out there...
ajriding 06/25/20 10:03am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Electric Bikes???

You are on the wrong forum to be asking about MTB's but i know a thing or two... You get what you pay for. Specialized are very good e-bikes, you really can't go wring there. Treks are good as well as all the Name brand bikes you see at real bike shops. My friends have the $6,000-8,000 priced models and love them. The similarities in all quality bikes are the motors. There are only a few who supply the motors, and the bike frame is specific to the manufacturer (Specialized or Trek), but the rest of the parts are 99% going to be from Shimano or Sram for drivetrain/brakes, and whoever for wheels, and Sram or Fox for suspension. I assume by Trail Riding you mean dirt walking paths, or do you mean real mtb trails? If real trails, then look into getting a fatter tire (3.6 to 4 inches wide) vs the regular 2.6 that will come on most e-bikes. Bigger tire is less chance of flatting that 47lb bike, and more traction and comfort. If you want to go the budget route then you can still get rear wheels that have the electric motor in them, and these will retro fit into any bike, or just buy the complete bike with that rear wheel. For security, be careful, they can get stolen. Do not use braided cables to lock them. Use a manly heavy industrial chain and quality disc lock, or better to get a bike lock, like the NY lock, that has a guarantee to not get stolen even in NYC. More likely whatever it is locked to will be cut than the lock. Keep them inside and out of sight. ABus or Kryptonite are quality brands found a a real bike shop or online.
ajriding 06/25/20 08:56am General RVing Issues
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