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RE: Dometic AC unit

Thermocouple is the bare copper wire (tube) with the big end (about pencil thickness) and is a thermometer for the AC to measure incoming air. Just to clarify if any readers wonder. If you have issues and want to fix, then really try the suggestions. There will be no real answer, that was kidding, all answers are possible to be your issue or not. If you do not try to solve, then it wont fix itself. Even professional auto mechanics try suggestions. They start with the easy thing, charge you, then move on to more and more complex and expensive things to see if it will work, all the while charging you for their attempts. If you can do it yourself for free then saves money. Process of elimination. You have to try the fixes known to cause issues.
ajriding 03/29/20 05:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dometic AC unit

TomG2. Now that you have tried all the above suggestions, just let us know you have, and then we will offer the real answer. There can be only one answer. No one has ever had an issue and solved it by other means.
ajriding 03/28/20 04:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dometic AC unit

I would try using a different ceiling assembly, which has the controls in it, and see if that correct issues. An RV seller is ill-equipped to do any meaningful repairs and unlikely they have the ability to delve into refrigerant levels or pressures. If you could check the coolant levels that would be great. I am not sure these roof ACs allow you to check as you would on a car or a house. All AC units are basically the same, so a guy that can work on an AC will be able to work on any AC. Is your compressor actually running, or just trying to start and giving up? You will hear the strain as the compressor tries to kick on, and then it smooths out a little when running. A 10 second cycle will not work on any unit. After the compressor kicks off the system needs time for the pressures to euqualize inside the pipes. The high pressure side will have too-high of pressure for the compressor to overcome and start. This is why you not supposed to turn temp up (making compressor turn off) then turn temp back down seconds later. Compressor will struggle to start, it might start, but that struggle is bad for the compressor. On that note, there could also be an issue with your 2-stage starting capacitor. losse or coroded wires, bad capacitor...lots of youtube videos on this.
ajriding 03/27/20 09:32am Travel Trailers
RE: How are your solar panels mounted?

Yes, all those holes. All roof penetration points are potential leak points. The tape, if applied correctly, will not fly off. It is the perception that the panels are getting hit with highway-speed winds at the leading edge, but this is not so. The actual turbulance on the roof does not work like that fortunately. 3M describes the VHB tape as a chemical bond, not just a really sticky tape. It works and works well. I am not a big fan of more holes in the roof. I have done repairs on leaky roofs so that has swayed my opinions. It is miserable replacing rotten wood in a ceiling or roof. Pet peeve is the RV factory using all 36 holes on a simple tiny roof vent and screwing in 36 screws into the roof just to hold the little thing on. Use 8 screws and some Lap sealant. Lap sealant is magic stuff.
ajriding 03/27/20 09:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

$500 unit? That's mine, yes. I got lucky maybe. I browsed ebay and found a "refurbished" unit in August I think for $500. It is a Coleman Mach-something 5200 btu. New shroud and everything about it looks new. It works perfect. I had settled on paying more but found this, score! I dont think you will find them this cheap hardly ever, and much less likely now that it is warm. I originally bought for my truck camper so I could run off the Ryobi 2200 gen. Worked perfect, but I took it off and put the 13500 unit back on to sell since the 13500 is a more standard option that I think would be more attractive to a buyer. Plus, I wanted to keep it since I have a little gen. It is now on my cargo conversion/ toy hauler cargo camper. I really wanted to put a window unit in the cargo camper, but just could not come up with an easy way to mount it without eating up valuable interior space. I was going to mount a window unit completely inside, so needed a bigger box to allow air to circulate around the AC unit, so taking up even more space, then needed to cut giant holes in either the floor or the wall, which I was not wild about either. The 5200 Mach8 is low profile at only about 8 or 10 inches high, so in the end was the best option for me and the cargo trailer is only 5 foot interior height so the overall trailer height is still not so tall. All the previous post in favor of a roof unit (except making your already tall camper taller) are correct and valid. I agree, Roof units do not have a high fail rate, but if they do can be costly. Get what you pay for , referring to $99 window units, not so. Millions of these sold, so the per unit price will be lower than the per unit of a roof unit. Quality here is not correlated to price when comparing RV items with household items. A $200 window unit will be more quality than the $99 likely, and the $200 unit will be high quality and more on par with the roof unit. Just my opinion.
ajriding 03/27/20 09:12am Truck Campers
RE: Senior Citizens Speak Up

Go watch the movie, Huger Games, and you will know then what the ultimate liberal agenda is, and does not include the freedom of living unsupervised
ajriding 03/27/20 08:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

If there is a factory option for mounting a window unit then that is huge. Get the window unit. Window units are $99 anywhere in the country, more if you want to spend more. Less weight on the roof, better mpg, much easier to replace yourself if needed (MUCH EASIER). You can get either in a 5,200btu version or as big as u want, but the roof AC will cost 5 times or 8 times, or even 12 times as much if buying alone. I found a 5200btu roof unit for $500 refurbished and that was a grand deal. Either comes in larger BTUs also, so no issues there. The small, as stated, do work on the small generators of 2000 watt size if that's your thing I had one camper for one year with a rear mounted window unit. It was floor level, pulling cold air off the floor and blowing it near the floor, but it did work great and kept it cool. It was a household window unit, not made for RV though. It was designed to collect the condensation in a pan then flick that water back on the coils to help cool it. This is not good for an RV that is not always level. Water could spill inside. Also the unit had vents on top, so rain water or leaves could get into it and possibly leak into the camper as mine did when the camper was slanted downhill in the rain. I ended up punching holes in the water pan so no water collected. The camper frame at the AC had some rot, but dried out and never got bad enough to replace before I sold it. Hopefully the factory option takes all this into consideration (though mine was factory and did not). They can both be noisy, but liveable, but the unit on the roof will be heard everywhere inside. The window unit, being lower, might be blocked by something so the sound would be blocked also, for some... On my other RVs I thought and thought how to make a window unit work, but never came up with a good solution that was not a huge project to execute
ajriding 03/26/20 08:31pm Truck Campers
RE: How are your solar panels mounted?

I have done 4 RVs with solar. None did I use screws, I just personally do not like more holes that can leak. I have had great success with the 3M VHB tape. The first projects I used more tape than necessary. On the last project, which is on a steel roof, I assume galvanized, I used aluminum angle iron pieces cut from a long Homedepot piece. They were the width, about 18 inches, of the panel. I taped 4 inch pieces on the ends and stuck that to the roof. I attached the panels off the roof for cooling airflow and room for the cables. I left the sides completely open, the angle iron was only on the ends. * You will want to screw the panels to the brackets before committing to sticking it down to ensure there are no gaps. I used self-tapping screws to attach the panel to the bracket. My panels are similar or exactly like the post before me. Be sure not to put the screws too high and run through the panel itself. If your surfaces is metal, or gel coat fiberglass then the tape works fine. On rubber, then maybe thats why guys screw to the roof. I wanted to mount them on a hinge and use a locking pin so I could rotate them up to face south. I had no intention of aiming them constantly, but just to get an angle to capture max sunlight from the south. I would have to park east-west facing one direction as I planned only one hinge - that's if I wanted morning to evening setup. As is I mounted them flat, two 100 w panels and is enough. In Spring to Fall the batteries recharge by morning. I run a big electric chest compressor fridge, and minimal lights/charging. The VHB tape will come off with a heat gun and some pulling, or using a scraper, but I have never had any issues with it coming un-stuck otherwise. * If your roof is not completely flat, few are, then do not screw the panel to the angle iron (L-bracket) with all the screws, just one screw per side to hold it all, then when on the roof this allows for the bracket to lay flat, important for the tape to be perfectly flat, then screw the remaining screws in
ajriding 03/26/20 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Will fridge run off tow vehicle on batts on TT?

You have answers you need (just pre cool, or use ice for that short trip) but im curious now... Are you talking about running it off the battery to heat the element, or off the battery to run your circuit board while you run it off propane? Older fridges do not need power to run off propane. Not sure what you have. Newer ones need power to run propane which is regulated by the circuit board powered by DC, and yes, this circuit board should run off the TV's power through the trailer plug, it does not need much power. Running a DC heater element off the TV is not a good idea, if it were able to pull enough amps through the long wire run from alternator back to trailer fridge, then it would either run your TV battery down or do some hefty damage to the alternator making it run more and run hot. I once burnt out a 130 amp alternator trying to run a fridge like this on a class-c. I learnd much since then. * just in case someone reading is a very newbie... propane fridges, or 2-way or 3-way fridges heat the gases to make the fridge cool. sounds backwards, but is how it works, so a DC heating element makes the fridge cool, or when on propane, the hot flame makes it cool. The 3rd way is a heating element that is AC household current, which if you run a generator this will work fine while driving. The DC and AC heating element probably are the same in one and run off either. Driving with propane lines open is not legal always, but many have done this since the beginning of RVing. It has been discussed to death extensively with everyone's opinions and discussed more after that. It is possible to run the fridge on propane and drive. Dont get caught. Dont tell us you did this.
ajriding 03/25/20 09:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

There are no restrictions on returning home.
ajriding 03/24/20 09:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Furnace

anecdotal, but on my furnace the valve body went bad, so I had to replace the whole part. If it is old that could be possible too. Check the spiderwebs first though. Have you seen the diesel heaters sold on ebay for about $150? They might be cheaper than fixing the propane one. They should use less battery power also.
ajriding 03/24/20 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: Any hints about why my tire leaking?

yes, the plastic caps just keep dirt out, and do nothing to hold air in. as suggested you probably moved the old dry rot valve. Those need replacing every few years anyway. Usually when you get new tires. There are metal caps with rubber washers that do hold air in so adds another barrier to a leak. There is a product I have used for tire leaks (not valve leaks) that creates an airtight seal from the inside. Monster Energy Drink desert racers are sponsored by it and swear to it. It works in my lawnmower tire too and has held a leaky tire up for two years so far. Truckerco is the product. Unlike Slime that kind-of works at lower psi, this is a latex product that bonds to the tire, will fill in holes or leaks and has done wonders for me and works at 80psi in my truck. I have seen it on ebay, straight from the company in NV, but Amazon probably not shipping bc of virus right now (Amz only shipping essentials).
ajriding 03/23/20 01:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interesting times to be shopping for my new truck camper

Tough one to guess. Prez is hopeful there is a medicine, and he has been dropping hints to this all year, and hopeful by spring (soon) things get better... hopeful means little, but his pattern is to never say something until he already knows it (his committee knows it), but Im still watching it all... Will RVs become worthless or will they become gold? Will people want to bug out (need an RV) or will they hunker down at home? The above depends where you live; city or country. Will truck campers be more valuable than a trailer? Is a TC the ultimate bug-out RV? Will an RV with solar/self-contained power source be of value and more desirable? Will RV owners decide to just keep their rigs for the above reasons? The market alone will answer these questions. Will our economy come out of this and become stronger than it ever was and be THE time to sell your RV? Should a seller wait until the economy is strong or sell when nobody has money? Dealers will be in a different boat than an individual seller. Dealer might want to reduce inventory at cost just to have cash, or will they raise prices if new inventory is not in the pipeline?
ajriding 03/22/20 08:47am RV Lifestyle
RE: Bad Time To Sell RV?

Truck Camper = Ultimate Bug-out rig... I'm a drummer and have never moved my lops, and don't know that I want to and afraid to ask what a lop is. A dotted-eighth-sixteenth I know, but a lop...
ajriding 03/22/20 08:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Question for those out on the road now

Earlier reports were, and still are to some extent, that young people are less vulnerable to the illness, might have a much less severe bout, might not even know they are sick, might not show signs or symptoms and will recover faster. Young being under 25, and the risk goes up with age. Young people think they are invincible as a result and are being careless, not knowing the truth in full, or the long term consequenses, which nobody knows, and not caring that they will infect others if they are carriers unknowingly. If you are older, then avoid places frequented by youth and college students. They might be brain dead to begin with and might have voted for a communist kind-of-thing, so unable to think rationally. Incubation periods reported to last 24 days, so carriers can spread a lot in that time. Recovered patients can still spread for a period after. Illness does not equal immunity either. This is what we are being told about the current virus.
ajriding 03/20/20 09:12pm General RVing Issues

Rain water is distilled = evaporated, condensed and reformed back to liquid... I am not sure how clean it is with all the dust in the air. If you collect it in a clean bowl??? Anyone have knowledge of this method? Yes, i would wait a few days, a few weeks, and stock in stores should go back up on this. They are continually resupplied. There is panic mode, soon people will be out of money or all stocked up on water and the supply/demand curve flattens on items.
ajriding 03/20/20 09:25am Tech Issues
Bad Time To Sell RV?

Did I pick the worst time in history to try and sell a camper? With ppl staying home are they not buying items for travel which they are discouraged to do? On the plus side, a camper (esp with solar installed) is a prepers dream. Are the sales numbers at dealerships lower now too? IDK if I am priced too high or it is the chinavirus effect and I should wait until Nov 4th
ajriding 03/20/20 09:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Made back into the US without a passport!

A friend goes back n forth into Mex and never bothers with a passport. Mex doesnt seem to car who comes in, and a US citizen is a citizen of the US , so he always got back in with just a DL
ajriding 03/18/20 12:09pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Diesel Cooktop Stove

I have seen diesel stoves in Sprinters where the stove looks like an induction surface (is actually a gas burner under). I am considering putting in a diesel space heater, so was looking for a diesel stove for my project build. Other than the induction style that is over $1k I cannot find any, is there no such thing?
ajriding 03/18/20 12:01pm Tech Issues
RE: towing w/ camper few ?s

220 drive is nothing. over load that sone of a gun all you want, lol. The weight of the trailer is less of an issue if it has trailer brakes which will stop the trailer leaving the truck to stop itself and the TC. Tongue weight is important for tires and suspension. Airbags or heavy springs can hold more weight so the weak link will be tires or wheels up to a point. 4,000 lb trailer is not really heavy. a 3/4 or 1 ton truck is ample, and people haul 30,000 lb trailers with 3/4 ton diesels all the time. Read through all the post over the years discussin this exact topic to death. As far as land, yes, most likely surbaban areas ban camping even on your own lot.
ajriding 03/14/20 10:22am Truck Campers
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