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RE: Interstate highway conditions

We build beautiful roads and bridges in other countries, just not our own. In our 50 States road contracts go out to the lowest bidder who has to use the cheapest asphalt, the quickest methods and the lowest paid workers to get the contract. Roads fall apart as soon as they are built. In Europe they use high-grade asphalt with rubber bits to keep the pavement from cracking and falling apart, they do not hire the cheapest bidder. Their roads look like Main Street Disneyland. Ours are terrible. Our pavement ends at the white line, pavement needs to extend wider than the road as water damage occurs because there lacks margins. Many many problems
ajriding 05/20/21 08:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar research

Sorry, question does not make any sense. Solar is for charging your batteries. Solar is not a 3rd power source to be confused with shoreline and generator, which are AC not Dc. All that solar does is bring more DC power to the battery. Everything powered by your battery is already set up, you do not need to make any alterations. Now, if you meant to ask about having an auto switch to choose between 1 of 3: shoreline, generator and inverter then that makes more sense. What is your priority? Shoreline > generator > inverter? Set a switch to choose between generator and inverter and to favor the generator so when the generator is on the switch switches to generator power. Then another switch that choses between that first switch's choice and shoreline power. So your "AC power" will choose from shoreline or those other two (gen or inv), which will chose between the gen or inv. My "auto" switch is a circuit breaker that turns one circuit on and turns the other circuit off at the same time, so only one can be on at a time (shoreline and generator). Then behind that is another selector that (inverter) does not have a route to the Air Cond, battery charger or to the Fridge plugs, so there is no way you try to power up those with battery. Is this your question?
ajriding 05/20/21 08:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: axle upgrade

best measurement is hubface to hubface, the part that the wheel is bolted flat to, usually the brake drum with the studs poking out. Center-to-center will bring in variables like wheel/tire width that is not unique to the axle. Easy to just call them after you take many measurements including the leaf spring perch, which you can do center to center.
ajriding 05/19/21 09:07am Tech Issues
RE: New camper towing

The good news is that pop-ups are easier to tow, and easier on the vehicle towing them because there is much, much less aerodynamic resistance. Going steady down a flat road your Chevy Traverse will not care what the weight is, only how much wind resistance there is. Climbing hills your Chevy Traverse will care only about the weight, even the less-than 6% hills on interstate. I do not know what the limiter is for the Chevy Traverse. The transmission is the expensive and vulnerable component you need to worry about. If the trans is what is limiting the towing capacity to only 2,000lbs then I would be concerned. Will you tow in flat areas for short distances, or will you tow long distances through hilly country? Makes a difference. You can get away with short trips over flat roads with a slightly heavier trailer, but keep the acceleration slow. Hills will greatly shorten the life of your transmission. New vehicle time? If you really get into camping then your next move is to sell the pop-up and get a bigger trailer. You will go over-board and get the biggest thing on the lot, and soon regret it, sell it and get a reasonable size with compromises, and be stuck with that 3/4 ton truck you bought to tow it with.
ajriding 05/18/21 07:53am Beginning RVing
RE: propane tank storage in truck bed

tank foot Tank Foot. I have had it over 20 years, though mine has a bigger base. Never had a tank fall over, truck bed, back of class-c or in a cargo trailer... You will need to lock the tank if you want to secure it from theft, no mystery there.
ajriding 05/18/21 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Tongue Weights weighed

Yes the pivot point is rear axle. As I noted, if you can keep the rear end high vs level vs tail down, the amount of weight removed from the fa will be less vs more as a percentage of hitch weight added.... Marty Sorry, Biscu2ski, I dont follow, info missing. You keep mentioning sag like it is magic and going to throw weight all over and make it go away. I dont know how this is relevant, do you? The point of bags is to keep vehicle level, so talking about how sag will minutely alter weights slightly is not relevant. Bagged trucks ride level! WDH trucks generally ride level, so we are talking about level. Put in your formula a 900 lbs motor way at the front of a long truck and see how much hitch weight it takes to lift that motor alone, not to mention other components. I think you will see quick we are talking NOT about front end weight, but, rather, hitch weight and weight limits of the components of the tow vehicle, which is usually wheels/tires. The only number that seems to matter is what the truck can carry (payload) at the rear.
ajriding 05/18/21 07:38am Towing
RE: Battery charging concerns.

No, having multiple charging sources all charging at the same time will not hurt at all. The lesser voltage charge will not even matter, it is only the highest voltage charger that is charging assuming the battery is not near depleted. IF depleted then the others might contribute, but that is info that is really of no use to discuss. You are in TC forum so possibly your batts are closer to the alternator than would be in a trailer, but unlikely as I always see the wires connect from the back of the truck, then run in the bed to the front of the TC then out to battery. If you want more from your alternator then shorten that distance, cut out the going to the rear of the truck, and just wire up through the front of the bed and somehow run the wire as direct to the battery as you can. Anderson plugs are good for making the connection. Otherwise the slow charge from the way it is will be fine. You can run solar, be plugged in with your charger going and run the truck motor/alternator and this is fine for the battery. The best charging is an AGM specific "smart" charger though.
ajriding 05/16/21 08:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Tongue Weights weighed

umm, no. Weight on the ball does unweight the front no matter what. That you can mitigate sag does not erase physics. You might can nudge the numbers a few pounds one way or the other depending on slight changes to the angle (amount of sag) but nothing except a WDH will change that the RA is the fulcrum. The 3 lb ball is unweighting the front by a pound! or so Everything affects everything. This is not the point.
ajriding 05/16/21 05:42pm Towing
RE: Pop-up -> TT ?

considerations: steel, wood or aluminum frames. Siding material, some will delaminate easier than others. roof construction - rubber, fiberglass, steel (cargo trailers only), aluminum. All the above will get you a lot of opinions. I would look at the all fiberglass "burrito" style trailers if you want less worries. The older ones had issues where the walls would sag and bow out over time and create issues, but Im betting the new ones fixed this with steel frames or something. Aluminum or steel frames for the trailer frame, steel is fine and durable, aluminum is lighter and will not rust. The biggest thing for durability is keeping rain water out of the roof and walls and storing it in the shade or better, under cover.
ajriding 05/16/21 01:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tongue Weights weighed

No, driving the truck, no matter how much weight is or is not back there, feels the same. I imagine it would take an extreme situation for the front end to unweight due to a heavy tongue that would have to be bouncing a lot somehow, and cause steering issues. The steering will only feel different if geometries change. I did ride in a one-ton tow truck towing my class-c (460 motor) and that front end did come off the ground a few times, it felt odd, but that was a 13,000lb vehicle being towed with almost all the vehicle weight in front of the rear axle.... The point is that in my head I am always disagreeing with the people that poopo air bags who say you cannot increase the towing tongue capacity. Well, no, of course not, the tires, wheels, leaf springs and frame always have the same limits, but the weak link has always been the springs. You can increase the spring capacity easily with bags and at the same time stay within the limits of the other components. Air bags do increase tongue weight (*edit*, tongue weight capacity*) to a limit, of course, bc it removes the sag that is created within the weight limits of the vehicle. I can drop more weight on my ball safely and drive level safely with bags, where without bags the rear would be sagging so much or riding on the bump-stops that it would be undriveable. I can stay within the weight limits on all other components safely doing this. A WDH only helps so much and all the force is transferred to/through the trailer tongue. I think my little rig is light enough that the springs could support having the rear truck axle off the ground, but on a bigger truck with bigger trailer weight something would bend or break if one accidentally drove through a deep dip in the road, and those are out there. WDH's are springs, smoother springs than leaf springs, and do not have shock absorbers so they do provide a smoother ride for the small bumps, and even big bumps. They do make the rig ride smoother no matter trailer or tongue weight and reduce porpoising by a lot. The downside is they are not meant for extreme angles where the truck points up and the trailer points down. So, if you stay within the weight limit of the truck's carrying ability, and do not have so much weight that the front end is unweighted beyond a safe measure then bags are fine. I will poopo anyone who continues to post that bags are a bad band-ade, sorry. I have driven 10's of thousands of miles with bags and also WDHs. Girtdog, no, I think you are only half way there. Lots still to learn it seems as reality demostrates.
ajriding 05/16/21 10:05am Towing
RE: Yellowstone Next Week - Freezing Temps Concern

Water freezes at 32, but where does affluent freeze? For damage to be done your valves will need to freeze solid, and temps will need to be lower than 30 for a long time. The solids will not expand like water when frozen, so that is good, but they contain high % of water still. You will need some sort of tank heater (stick-on heating pads) if you do this a lot. You will need power though.
ajriding 05/15/21 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Carrying a Small Motorcycle?

Get all the receiver tubes ready and cut them if you can and mark the carrier with chalk where u want it welded and have a local welder stick it together. The less he has to think the cheaper it will be for you. HE will likely tack it together with everything in the truck hitch so it fits for sure. Could be $150 or so depending how complex it is.
ajriding 05/15/21 10:29am Truck Campers
RE: Tongue Weights weighed

I am really wondering more for the sake that I hear on here so often people demand we run a WDH. One big reason for their demand is the "unweighting of the front axle". I ran quick numbers and do not see it for a small or medium trailer, even for 600 lbs, which might only translate to 200-250 lbs unweighted off the front. The bigger the truck the bigger and heavier the motor and trans too. My current truck is a Frontier with 4WD, not to be confused with WD. So the number are small compared to my 3/4 ton truck, but this "small" amt of weight does sag the rear quite a bit. I was surprised that the tongue was only 350lbs given the sag. Conclusion, I do need either WDH or bags. Sag cannot be. Running the WDH makes the truck drive and ride a lot better for sure. I might weigh again just to double check everything but dont expect numbers to be much different if at all. I was surprised at the low weight bc everything is in front of the axle - AC, batteries, electrical, solar, water tanks, sink, kitchen, fridge, propane... The couch and cabinet do straddle the axle and I keep the spare at the back, but thats about it. So, there ya go. If you ever thought 350 did not warrant a WDH now you know it does on some trucks at least. I even used it on the big 3/4 ton long bed with same trailer loaded more evenly. It just rode better with WDH. Makes me think I gotta have the weight wrong..... Also, affect and effect is worth researching.
ajriding 05/14/21 07:14pm Towing
Tongue Weights weighed

I finally weighed. Someone said something about having no WD hitch and the rear axle as a fulcrum unweighting the front axle, so I did math. I weighed my small trailer only so far. I weighed about 350 lbs tongue weight. Not a lot. the distance from rear axle to ball. the distance from front axle to rear axle. I divided the wheel base by the distance from rear axle to ball and got about 2.8 then divided that into the 350 lbs to get a number that I think represents the upward lift on the front axle. So, 350 lbs pushing down on the ball will push up the front axle about 125 lbs (unweight the front end by 125 lbs). This does not seem like much. If you made a teeter-totter with similar distances and put 350 on the short end and 125 on the other then it would balance equally. Add that I will have a small genny hanging from the front receiver hitch (50 lbs) cantilevered out which will multiply its weight slightly too, but I do not always have it. So, with no WDH I am unloading the front end by 125 lbs at worst. Hit some bumps and I still do not think it will matter much. Figure the motor and trans are at the front, so Im wondering how much weight will it take to create a situation where steering and unweighted front axle makes a safety concern. I added airbags so that I can ditch the WDH as tired of removing WD bars for the last few miles of a trip up messy dirt roads, so I ran the numbers... Im late for work now, so sorry if I explained it not-the-best... Anyone else run similar numbers?
ajriding 05/14/21 09:49am Towing
RE: Adhesive for Securing Flexible Solar Panels

#1 there are numerous post. Use the search function before starting YET another thread on the same subject. #2 Do not use the flexible panels unless it is absolutely the only way you can have solar. They are inferior in every way except flexing, and the flexing can cause internal damage, even though they are supposed to be flexible. They will not last as long as a glass panel. #3 NEVER, under any circumstances, EVER, Never lay these panels directly on the surface of the roof!!!! NEVER You will burn the roof. The panels will degrade and become damaged from the heat!! You can mount these to something that is slightly elevated so that air can circulate under the system and keep the panel cool. Best to just never use a flexible panel!!! You can mount it to some thin roof or wall surface that is thin and has lots of air flow under or behind it as to keep the panels and the mounting surface cool. Best to never use a flexible panel, just dont do it. #4 If someone advise you to use a flexible panel then never ask them for advice again, and don't ever take their advice. There are flexible solar cells, but the flexible panels available for sale are not any good. Don't do it!
ajriding 03/25/21 11:44am Tech Issues
RE: Solar setup questions

ebay has everything on their site too. Just suck it up and put solar on your roof and always maintain the batteries without having to haul a lot of junk in and out every stop. Yes, put the controller close to the batteries. The voltage coming off most panels is 18 volts, and the controller will drop that to around 13.x volts. Higher volts can travel further with less loss. If two panels, then run them in series to make 37 volts and the controller will drop that down to 13.x volts.
ajriding 03/24/21 08:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT Brake Service

Honestly, on mine, I do nothing unless I notice an issue. Right, about an issue... During the last summer, when I was coming to full stop (probably around 10-15 mph) the truck and the trailer were swinging (going back and forth for a few seconds). It happened probably 5-6 times during the whole season. I though the brake controller output was too high, tried to lower it, but it didn't help. Any chance someone had the same issue or knows what might be wrong? The brakes are not my first thought. Maybe too much weight to the rear, behind the axles??? Brakes will tend to make the trailer stop swaying, even if over applied on the trailer, or they skid, which they do quite easily depending on trailer weight. I have never seen a trailer skid, or brake hard and then sway. Could be your truck has worn front end parts?
ajriding 03/24/21 08:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Questions

Both. It hurts nothing. If you have enough sun to keep batteries charged while you use power, then use only the solar. The solar controller might be better at monitoring the batts than your charger. It all depends on which charging system is better. Generally I never have my converter on during sunlight. Only at night if I am running fans or TV or something. I just do not need any more than a sunny day gives the panels... There is nothing wrong, no danger in running both charging systems. You could even run 3 if vehicle alternator is running, still no issues.
ajriding 03/23/21 10:04am Tech Issues
RE: Best Sealing Tape Option

What kind of roof do you have? rubber, fiberglass, aluminum? Don't use Amazon. Ebay has it too and is not funding the hatred of America. Do your homework on where your money goes. I appreciate the info on tape but I'll decide where I want to buy the product from. Thanks Lot's of people support anti-American companies. Congrats on being one of them. Do homework, Im not trying to sway you, just to provide info that you can investigate yourself then make an informed decision. On second though.. Yes, use tape all over your camper. Tape it up like a redneck duct tape'd Ford sedan. Ruin the value and render it un-sellable and insure water damage years down the road...
ajriding 03/23/21 09:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing Planner, Fuel Cost, DOT TIRE Date Code

People used to try to dump their cargo into my RV or trailer and have me haul it bc no room in their little city car. Weight cost money. Alone I could get 11, but with a big load it might drop to 7mpg. They say every 500 lbs is 1/2 a mile per gallon... Yes, agree, ppl dont like to pay their share...
ajriding 03/23/21 09:54am Beginning RVing
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