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RE: Drivetrain slipping?

I would not suspect the trans for a bump, it should be the opposite of a bump if trans is going out, but I digress... Trans fluid can be "changed" but you only change some of it, so the new mixes with the old and is immediately dirty, so unless you see burnt fluid you can't go by the cleanliness of it. Do you monitor trans temps? One misfire should not bump, should be barely discernible but I would surely start with the engine plugs. Mostly, you need to ask an F150 forum, we don't know much here, but do yell at kids to get off our lawn a lot. The Ford forums are slammed with lemons.
ajriding 02/23/22 07:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rear View Camera - So Many Choices

My experience they are all so similar. I buy off ebay cheap. They work, I have had the same one for probably 8 years. Bought a newer one for somebody. Bought another and broke it playing around with wires. For trailer consider just a new system. They make the wireless, but some need a clear line of sight (almost) shot at your screen for really long trailers. This way you just have that trailer cam for when towing. I am currently playing around with a one-camera system and switching between two cameras - the truck rear and the trailer rear. I'd still use the truck rear for backing up to hitch or to take a peek at front of trailer when towing, but would drive looking at the rear trailer cam. It is just a lot of wire to run, and I have to power the rear camera and remember to not power it when parked. So, anything on ebay will/should work, they are all so similar.
ajriding 02/23/22 07:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Doing without propane

Are you in a situation where you have an under-floor propane tank that is bad and need expensive replacement so now is the time to ask this question? OR new bbq tank for $40 full? Keep the propane onboard for the heat, that furnace is so easy and already safe. Use the stove, it is already there, yes it takes a little longer, but no need to run a generator. If you like cranking a generator to heat a plate then fine too. The Buddy heater will be maxed out for a 24 foot camper, but use at night in a closed bedroom with window cracked for safety and a CO alarm you will be fine. Buddy does put out humidity so room will be more humid and you will get condensation on walls that can lead to mold if used a lot. If you were building from scratch it is one thing, but you have an RV built for propane, use it. what about the fridge, you don use a fridge?
ajriding 02/23/22 07:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Old RV's

No, there is no issues with "top heavy". Just put something there to raise up the camper. I had an 04 TC that would hit the rails of a 99 truck, but just put the board pieces that I used to support the TC when off the truck and put those in the bed to raise up the TC. IF selling then just tell the buyer the height of the wings so they can have something in their bed, or you can provide that something for them. TCs make the truck top heavy, there is no escaping this. Some people love the TC. I was glad to go back to a trailer as soon as I no longer needed to tow a trailer with it. Hook up is easy with a trailer and does not add all that wear onto the truck....
ajriding 02/22/22 02:14pm Truck Campers
RE: 6-point levelers for changing a flat

Does it work to pull the other tires on that side up onto something high enough to get the flat in the air? maybe the blocks would work? I used a curb or leveling blocks to change a two-axle tire. Just drive the good tire up onto something and the flat tire will dangle.
ajriding 02/22/22 02:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: The RV Demand Continues

You might need to look at the individual manufacturers to see if they have placed artificial demands on their employees which caused a reduction in their workforce which caused their production to halt. Requiring your employee to be a gunnies pig and take experimental injections in order to come to work would be one cause of a slow workforce. The reasons can be obvious. Blaming slow imports might be a reason too, but if the lots are full of cheaply-made RVs then someone is getting parts to build them. SInce there are RV lots full of RVs I would assume there is no shortage of RVs in general, only perhaps a shortage of a particular manufacturers models due to self-inflicted harm to their bottom line. It is hard to take this question seriously when RV lots are full. Either people are not buying, or the problem does not exist. Mask are useless and the vax makes you more vulnerable to any illness, esp the current one that is about gone by now.. Yes, tell your employees they take deadly drugs and wear health-harming petri towels on their faces all day in order to work and you get a weak work-force, more sick days, retiring early employees, no-shows, hospitalized workers who die from remdesivire or ventilators etc, then that company will of course have issues. We are in this mess because we allowed it to happen, we did it, the politicians only suggested it to us.
ajriding 02/20/22 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Calculated MPG

You do know that if you know your mpg then you can calculate the cost of a long trip and plan your budget. If you do not know if RV gets 20 or 3 or 12 then you just hope you are rich enough to not care if gas cost $1,000 or $500 or $2,500... Is it cheaper to get a hotel and eat out for a trip or take the RV? the MPG people know... Also, a sudden change in mpg might indicate issues that you can correct early or that will help the mechanic diagnose after a break-down. I think these types of reasons are why people care, but does not mean that others should care about their mileage.
ajriding 02/18/22 07:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: The RV Demand Continues

The Georgia RV lots are full of new RVs. Shop around.
ajriding 02/18/22 07:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Truck camper title?

My dad bought a new 1982 off-road dirt bike and it had a title. It was not a street legal bike. Title shows ownership and VIN or serial number, it is a way to attach the receipt or legal paper to a vehicle, but mostly a way to tax it yearly. Only a few states consider a TC a vehicle, all others consider it a really big beer cooler. If you are worried about it having been stolen and then you losing it later, then remove the vin or serial number - this is legal to do on a beer cooler or any other cargo that is not a registered vehicle.
ajriding 02/18/22 07:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar questions

4 are plenty for the panels, but for the fiberglass roof I would use at least 6. I second on cutting your own angle iron aluminum brackets if this is possible for you. I did this and then just use self-tapping screws into the sides of the panels where it is safe to do so through the frame and not hit any critical parts. Are you using VHB tape to the roof or mounting with hardware through the roof? Fiberglass roof can be a solid roof or can be rolled-out sheets that are more flimsy, so just curious. You can use wire that is thinner than the electrical optimum gauge of course and it will work just fine. The differences will be only noticed when you need maximum charge and every last solar particle you can catch.. I would just get a higher amp controller so you can run in series and use the thinner wire. Is this an option? Did you keep the receipt for the controller? In the long-run you will be glad you did.
ajriding 02/18/22 07:22pm Tech Issues
RE: AC Silencer

I want one as my AC is right overhead of the bed (over feet). I took out the little air deflector that points the air up or down and that reduced noise a minuscule amount. Air is the noise maker. I am just too cheap so far to drop the nickel.
ajriding 02/09/22 10:53am Tech Issues
RE: 3d printers for making stuff for the RV

Post your makes. I am sure there are people here who wold buy it from you. I know there is some non-advertising forum rule, but his would be a service.
ajriding 02/09/22 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Pricing on used rv...bargaining etc

How many miles on the RV?
ajriding 02/09/22 10:44am General RVing Issues
RE: rear view/back up camera erratic

The underside of the bridge might be acting to reflect the wifi signal back to your receiver (camera screen) in the truck. You need the extender or to mount the camera antenna so it has a more direct sight to the truck cab. Maybe even lower it so the antenna is not shooting through the roof AC unit or other obstacles with mass.
ajriding 02/09/22 10:39am Travel Trailers
RE: AC doesn’t work after lithium/inverter install

I would look into compressor burnt first. I would not try to run off an inverter. Why would you do this? it runs batteries down fast, and you will not get much AC time with batteries anyway... AC units are a big reason people own generators. Your AC has nothing do do with your new battery system, so you can stop looking there (except you could have done damage using the inverter). Have you tried un-doing all the AC upgrades and trying it again?
ajriding 02/08/22 11:47am Tech Issues
RE: Pricing on used rv...bargaining etc

The dealer has a magic number they will sell for, and you have a limit on how high you will buy it for. Do homework, and we cannot tell you what it is worth. Look nation-wide for similar units for sale (or ones that actually sold, not just ones that are priced high and sitting unsold). You can play the numbers game and that might work, might not work so well. RVs are tricky as there is more potential problems than a car would have. RV is a vehicle plus a camper. I just go in and tell them what I will pay and that is that. They can figure out that Im not into games. They take or or leave it. I bought a used truck from a dealer for 50% less than it was worth somehow, then handed them cash after we agreed on the price. If you plan to finance with the dealer then they will like you more than if you have cash because they make interest off of the financing.
ajriding 02/07/22 11:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Transamerica '22 Pacific-Atlantic crossing

The best American sightseeing is the national parks. Maybe you did those 10 years ago, you did not say. If you havent been to utah then you are missing a lot. once you get past the Rockies then the sightseeing becomes less. You want ideas of where to go or you just looking for drinking buddies? lol
ajriding 02/07/22 11:17am Truck Campers
RE: Dexter Axle Replacement

Why would you need Dexter to tell you who can weld on a simple axle? Find a good weld shop as they know welding much more than Dexter will ever know.
ajriding 02/05/22 09:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Carhauler to RV

IDK about NY, but nearby states should have trailer builders. I had my cargo trailer built. They literally build the whole thing on site. They have standard axles piled up, and stacks of steel and build the frames right there. There is nothing about the frames except the tongue hitch that is pre-fab. You should be able to ask them to build anything, any size, and width, any height that you want. The only odd part will be how the tires will fit as axles come in specific widths. Altering from their standard trailer frame sizes should not be a big deal, it is the same amount of work to cut the steel and weld it up. Make sure they do not make floor joist 2 feet apart and try to correct it with thick plywood. Go for standard 16 or 18 spacing. Have square tubes used, not the "hat" shape metal. Decide where windows will go and have them weld the frame sized for the windows, and give them the windows so they have them there as reference when building it. Much easier to do this than to go back and cut and weld in scraps. IF you plan on a roof AC unit, then decide where that will go so the roof can be built to support it better at that spot. Dont use a roof AC, use a mini-split.
ajriding 02/05/22 09:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Axle-less trailer suspension: pros and cons?

cons: expensive pros: everything else... I would love to have them, but cannot justify the expense. I'm not sure the claims that a standard axle provide added strength to the trailer frame. Can anyone explain this? Are you sure the standard axle does not weaken thee frame compared to these Timbrens? Other than the leaf springs being mounted a few feet apart to the frame and spreading the stresses that way, I dont see what stresses will be new. You will need, maybe, to beef up the mounting area, you will need a mounting plate anyway, so that might be all that is needed. You will need to weld or hire a trailer welder and hope they get it straight. I once had a new torsion axle welded on and they welded it crooked, disaster. I should have walked away when the welder said he could not weld a bracket on. Dummy.
ajriding 02/04/22 06:19pm Tech Issues
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