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RE: Electric Bikes???

Literally, walk into any quality bike shop and ask these questions... Not Dick's, not Walmark, not other big box, not some cheezy online game, a real bike shop. They can help and might have bikes you can see in person and ride. Beware, the virus hoax has sold a lot of bikes, and I have heard many shops are out of bikes, the manufacturers are running out of bikes, and high-end bikes, incl e-bikes, are out. Depends, depends, depends... They build what they think they will sell for the year and a few more or a few less, and this year was a big sales year. Go into a shop. Pointless asking on an RV forum, you will get someone who bought the cheapest hunk-of-junk e-bike and got ripped off yet thinks it is the greatest thing.
ajriding 06/25/20 02:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Bikes???

Pedal assist is different than motorized. You will mostly find only pedal assist bikes now, and some trails are open to them while most are closed to motorized bikes. If you are in 70's and riding the wrong trail I bet you are treated different than if 20 and riding with a motor...
ajriding 06/25/20 10:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Help finding this DC Outlet

I have seen thousands of other styles. I am looking for this exact one. There have to be more still out there...
ajriding 06/25/20 10:03am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Electric Bikes???

You are on the wrong forum to be asking about MTB's but i know a thing or two... You get what you pay for. Specialized are very good e-bikes, you really can't go wring there. Treks are good as well as all the Name brand bikes you see at real bike shops. My friends have the $6,000-8,000 priced models and love them. The similarities in all quality bikes are the motors. There are only a few who supply the motors, and the bike frame is specific to the manufacturer (Specialized or Trek), but the rest of the parts are 99% going to be from Shimano or Sram for drivetrain/brakes, and whoever for wheels, and Sram or Fox for suspension. I assume by Trail Riding you mean dirt walking paths, or do you mean real mtb trails? If real trails, then look into getting a fatter tire (3.6 to 4 inches wide) vs the regular 2.6 that will come on most e-bikes. Bigger tire is less chance of flatting that 47lb bike, and more traction and comfort. If you want to go the budget route then you can still get rear wheels that have the electric motor in them, and these will retro fit into any bike, or just buy the complete bike with that rear wheel. For security, be careful, they can get stolen. Do not use braided cables to lock them. Use a manly heavy industrial chain and quality disc lock, or better to get a bike lock, like the NY lock, that has a guarantee to not get stolen even in NYC. More likely whatever it is locked to will be cut than the lock. Keep them inside and out of sight. ABus or Kryptonite are quality brands found a a real bike shop or online.
ajriding 06/25/20 08:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Happijac

Did you try one leg motor at a time to reduce amperage draw on the batteries? They use a lot of power, and when batt is low will not work. I always plug in when I can when lifting the jacks, so it does not pull from the battery,well, mine are wired directly to the battery I think, not the panel, but the charger is providing power to the same wires...
ajriding 06/25/20 08:49am Truck Campers
RE: Fridge won't fit

Been there done that... Window method
ajriding 06/25/20 08:45am Truck Campers
RE: Generator wattage

1,000w gen is nice and small and enough to top off batteries. Keep the fridge running on the propane, fridges are not propane hogs, but are electric hogs. The gen will run everything except the fridge and roof AC. You can just flip the circuit breaker to keep fridge fro automatically coming on, or if a shared circuit, then maybe yo can unplug it at the back through the access door. If fridge is a manual selection for power source then just keep it on the GAS setting, easy enough.
ajriding 06/25/20 08:39am Truck Campers
RE: Cribbing a trailer

another word for blocking up the trailer but it should be done right. hire a crew from a mobil home dealer they know how to do it. don,t want a northern wind to blow it off. HAHA, hire a crew? We're not moving mountains.... It is just a trailer being jacked up and some bricks shoved under... hire a crew? lol. I'm not sure why you NEED to crib, but storing it on "blocks" keeps the weight off of the suspension springs and tires. This reduces "sag" in the springs which comes from years of the weight ever-so slowly bending the steel springs downward. Torsion axles will still be affected even though they are sprung by rubber and not steel. Modern trailer tires should be able to be stored and not get a flat spot, but it is best to unload them (suspend them in the air) as well. You can support the camper at the corners, but the camper sits on the axle(s) and the tongue jack, so those points are the areas you can support the camper without altering the load bearing points. Supporting it at the corners will cause the frame to slightly bow down where it is not supported, at the axles in the middle, and this is just a little flex that will move through the walls and roof - not a big deal, but you might hear a little creaking. Trailers flex and bend going down the road, so no worries, but why do this??? I had a tandem axle trailer, and when I would wheel it up on just the front axle I could detect that the frame was bowing down at the rear just from removing the rear axle support point, which was only a short distance from the front axle. The door would not latch as it did before because of this, and the door was in front of the axles so the whole frame bowed. This was a HILO, which most of you do not have, and the HILO did not have the wall structure to resist frame bending, but does illustrate the stresses the wall would need take to keep the frame align.
ajriding 06/25/20 08:29am Tech Issues
Help finding this DC Outlet

I love these DC outlets, but cannot find them anywhere anymore. width=250 It mounts flat so no holes or things sticking in or out.. Anyone know a source for this?
ajriding 06/25/20 08:15am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 4 season TT

The last post finally said it... The roof AC will cool the camper, insulated or bad insulated. How well insulated it is will determine how long or how often the Ac unit will run or come on. I had a black class-c and it stayed a meat locker in 115 deg desert in the sun. Big windows will be big heat losses, but you can cover them when you are out or keep the shades lowered a little to reduce air from constantly circulating over a hot window. The roof is a big source of heating too. Some roof coatings claim to keep the roof cooler, idk if true. If you are at CG then AC compressor running all the time not an issue, note the fan will run 100% of the time, but if on a generator then the cycling will burn more gas.
ajriding 06/24/20 07:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Transporting RV batteries in your TV

additional info: Wet-cell batteries can off-gas when being charged and that gas is not what you want in your vehicle, but if not being charged then they are nearly harmless in that respect.
ajriding 06/24/20 07:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air Conditioning how many do not use it.

The last camper I bought I actually removed the roof AC and caped the hole. I drove all over the country so this saved a little wind resistance, weight and kept my height a few inches lower. I put it back on for an August FL trip and ran it just at night for sleeping. I do not spend the day in a camper, the camper is a home base for adventure or whatever I am doing on vacation and not sitting in a small area looking out a window... lol
ajriding 06/24/20 07:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mach III plus 13.5 ac fan running backwards?

If it was mine...I would switch the wires around and it will run the other way. I wouldn't tell somebody else to do that though..... For Alternating Current motors there is no such thing as backwards wiring. There is no positive or negative, both wires are both positive AND negative (not the correct technical description) that alternate 60 cycles per second (dont wet pants if this is not technical enough...). Switch wires and the motor runs the same direction. On a Direct Current motor, like your vent fan, you can switch directions by switching wires, because DC does not alternate. So, your A/C motor which runs off AC cannot be run backwards. You can get a backwards fan blade, but these likely do not even exist. The motor runs only forward. The reason to wire it correctly is so the casing of the motor is not "hot" and cause electrical hazards if touched by a person also touching a ground, where the electricity could flow through your body...
ajriding 06/23/20 08:12am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge temperature depends on ambient

ajriding, your 442 is supposed to have a capillary tube thermostat that would cause the flame to go into low flame mode when cold enough. supposed to? Maybe it did, but still would freeze things. Seems the flame was always what I set it on.
ajriding 06/23/20 08:05am Tech Issues
RE: Eye Opening Solar Cell Efficiency Numbers

Tech is always improving. Now that America's space program is back (and Space Force) maybe there will be more developments in these areas... I would love to see solar panels powered by UV light, because UV passes through clouds unlike the light current panels require. Big advances are needed to make a huge difference. Doubling the efficiency would not matter to me as I still have plenty of roof space for panels. Doubling my capacity would not make a difference. Until I can put panels up there that can power an AC unit, without taking up the entire roof, then there is not as much of a need for "more", For houses this is a different story...
ajriding 06/22/20 07:55am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge temperature depends on ambient

Dougrainer... I am curious what you are talking about... I guess I don't fully understand the by-pass you are talking about. I have owned 3 or 4 fridges and none were automatic, and all would freeze the lettuce at lower outside temps. Just so happens one of my fridges lost the nameplate, I have it here on my desk, it was a Norcold model 442. I have had Norcold and Dometic ones. Though all mine were older fridges, they all only worked manually. The user adjust the flame and that is how the flame (or electric element) burns until the gas runs out. These all had thermocouple safety switches, but nothing else that I knew of... thanks
ajriding 06/22/20 07:22am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge temperature depends on ambient

Interesting comments. On the ones I have owned there is no sensors. You set the dial to a number that just adjust the height of the flame (or the heat of the electric element, though I do not use electric much). The fridge will cool down, but the outside temps will tend to heat the fridge box back up, so turning the dial to cooler counters this. In the desert where temps range 40-60 degrees difference day to night you have to be careful to not freeze the fridge compartment at night. On cold night I have to just turn the fridge off. The freezer always stays frozen even 110 degrees outside, but the fridge box will vary quite a bit on the ones I have owned. If you look at the fridge compartment as a sideways cooler, then suddenly it does not look very well insulated, and this is why it is hard to keep such a big cooler at a constant temp. I think that the unit works by freezing the freezer then that provides cooling to the fridge below through the fins. Factor in the above comments about air circulating around the fridge fins and you get a less-than-ideal cooling system. So, I have noticed two problems with units that have manual only controls: outside air heats the box, and inside air is not allowed to circulate. Also there is always the issue of outside air needing to flow past the hot cooling unit at the back of the fridge.
ajriding 06/20/20 08:28pm Tech Issues
RE: White hose

We can't say silver makes things safe or the fda will come get us... The reason for the special drinking hose is that it does not give off harmful petroleum chemicals. These chemicals leach into the water passing by. Running a new water through can remove much of the chemicals that have leached while the water sat in the hose, but it will still be considered contaminated. The color means nothing to the water. The special drinking hose will expire in maybe two years, check the manufacturer date and ex date. After it expires it too can leach out chemicals. For showering and washing the garden hose water will have minimal effects, though your skin will absorb chemicals, a hose is probably nothing compared to a pool or lake. Cheap drinking filters will improve the taste, but probably not make it much safer. A quality drip water filter should render safe drinking water.
ajriding 06/18/20 06:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you know how much you can TRULY pull?

You can pull 10,000lbs, but the issues that arise are wear and tear on the vehicle and the biggie is the safety factor. While it will pull the heavy trailer down the road just fine, you also consider handling. With a much lighter tow vehicle that has a short wheel base you will have a vehicle that gets thrown around by the trailer when something happens. This is the biggie with approaching the tow limits, and the reason some nay-sayers on here will not get anywhere near close to the max tow limit of any vehicle. As mentioned, there are people on this forum that have anxiety attacks just thinking of towing a pop-up trailer with a 1-ton dually truck. If your truck is rated to tow a weight then you can tow it. I am much more concerned about my transmission and driveline with a big trailer than I am the handling. You will wear out your truck (suv) much faster towing heavy. Also consider the frontal area as at highway speeds the wind resistance is a bigger factor than weight.
ajriding 06/17/20 09:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Time to restring day/night window shades

Yes, they cross over. Left ones go down and exit right... The tension on the string keeps it from moving. You tie it at the bottom of the window frame to that post and that tension is key to it all working of course Mini blinds are terrible for a camper. Worst thing I ever did was install mini blinds. I had to sell the camper it was so bad...
ajriding 06/16/20 10:53am General RVing Issues
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