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RE: Oven ignitor

I just assumed the reason for no igniter in the oven is due to how hot it gets in the oven. Unlike a BBQ where the ignitor is under the unit and out in the open air, the oven is enclosed and the burner is right there. The underneath section of the oven gets hotter than the cooking compartment of the oven. How much heat can an ignitor take before it burns up? Same for your stove and your hot water heater, the ignitor is not enclosed with the flame. For you that have installed one yourself, has it lasted? The trick to lighting an oven is to hold the lighter flame under the thermocoupler so it lets gas flow to the burner, not just the pilot light - then you are lighting the burner where a lot of gas is flowing out, but you also have to turn the oven to the Low setting. You can decide if this is safe for you or not as I am not interested in opinions of course. I do this all the time.
ajriding 11/21/20 04:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Question on winter storage and Onan 5500

I don't know what non-oxygenated gas is, but if it contains ethanol then that is the problem. Ethanol breaks down into water and really can gum up the carb. It is better to have used 100% gas in the generator before shutting it down for the season. Best yet to run the carb dry (out of gas) before storage. That is what people do with small engines all the time. Regular 100% gas will gum up the carb also after a month or two. When you say run the generator, there is two things going on. 1. the actual electricity generator is the electric motor looking "head", and this needs to be turned over monthly in an ideal situation. In reality, it can sit for years untouched and still come out working when restarted. Try to keep it covered and keep dust and debris from getting into it. 2. The gas engine, which is just the same as any small engine, lawn mower, chain saw, tiller, go cart, can sit for years safely if the gas is not in the carb. It is also more ideal to start and let the gas engine run once per month. At idle is finr for 10-20 mins, but under load is what a lot of people suggest too. Again, I have let these things sit all winter and had no issues come Spring. I just revived a friends Onan 4000 that sat, with gas in it, for 13 years, though the carb needed a serious cleaning, which I remedied by just buying a new carb ($40).. It runs and generates electricity just fine, though yes, I would prefer it had not sat so long. Not ideal, but not death either. So, ideally, run the carb dry. You might need to disconnect the fuel line from the gas tank to quickly run it dry. Or alternatively, you can remove the "bowl" from under the carb and just let it all drain out. The gas in the tank will need some gas treatment gas saver like Stabil to keep it fresh longer. This will not guarantee good gas come Spring, but will extend the life of gas if you cannot remove it for some reason.
ajriding 11/01/20 10:23am Tech Issues
RE: Range hood fans

I pulled one out of a 1972 Winnie and eventually used it. The motor is really big, the fan aggressive and it is super quiet, and moves a lot of air. If you get lucky to score an old fan like this it should fit into modern hoods. Back then the vent filters were bigger too. The noise likely is from your fan blades. Fan blades with rings around it, where the blades are connected on the very ends with a hoop, will be more quiet and more efficient.
ajriding 10/29/20 11:03am Tech Issues
RE: Exploded Battery!

Same for your car battery. Keep the water topped of and use distilled water only. Agree on two 6 volt batts if you have room. Marine 12v batts are not the right choice for an RV, they are an ideal compromise for a boat to start the gas motor, and be able to run the electric trolling motor a little, then start the gas motor again. Otherwise they are not great. I dont know why the RV industry uses them, or how that got started...
ajriding 10/29/20 10:58am General RVing Issues
RE: fridge level?

Don't do it. As above, 3 degrees side to side (the fridge) and 6 front to back is max. You said about 3. If it is less than 3 side to side then might be ok, if more then will be bad. What happens is the liquid will get trapped in the coils when it is off-level and because it does not drip back down into the boiler section and keep it full damage will occur. A little bit of liquid trapped may or may not be a problem, but do you want to take that $1,500 risk? I have friend that swears that his fridge can run off-level and he never bothers to level the camper for the fridge. Now he does not know why the fridge will not work. This process of damage takes time. Damage builds up until eventually, usually on a hotter day, it just will not work.
ajriding 10/25/20 05:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan Microquiet 4000 - Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

eBay is your friend. Yes, lots of cheapo junk, but it works, maybe not as long, or youcan also find OEM parts there. I do not do Amazon because I do not hate our great country like Amazon does. Support American-loving companies.
ajriding 10/23/20 09:44am Toy Haulers
RE: Bent Axle, or spindle welded on crooked?

Good news is that axles are cheap and can be shipped to your house. When in doubt, toss it out. lol.
ajriding 10/23/20 09:42am Towing
RE: City Water Tank Bypass Issue

Could be possible that the campground water pressure was so high that it over-powered all and any or your check-valves, but your home water pressure is normal and does not over-power and does not cause a leak. CG water and electrical are sketchy things... In general use CG water to fill your tank and use your tank as the water source (or only hook up for your long shower and then unhook). Same with electrical, CGs can have very dirty electricity that can harm your RV.
ajriding 10/23/20 09:36am Tech Issues
RE: HELP! Black tank spill inside

it's just a little poo. Other than initial smell there should not be a lot of contamination unless the tank had been full for a long time. There could be bad bacteria, but that would come from a gross tank not from your colon. Once it dries then anything that lived in it will die also. It sounds gross, but will not be a health hazard. Some disinfectant will not be a bad idea to spray while it is still wet.
ajriding 10/11/20 02:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Converter charger upgrade

Forget the converter upgrade. For a bit over $200 you can go solar and never have to plug in. Since you BD 95% of the time you really, really need solar anyway. If you have any basic electrical skills you can do the install yourself. Skills needed: know positive from negative battery side, be able to strip and crimp wires, be able to run wires through a hole, be able to attach brackets to a roof and attach a panel to the bracket. Two 100 watt panels - $145 shipped from ebay. (or one 200 watt) one MPPT controller $30-40 shipped. additional wire and bracket and Lap sealant = $40-50 The MPPT controller should not overcharge the batts, but you still need to check water a few times per year. You never have to plug in, just keep the panels in the sun (remove snow). Your batts recharge every day while camping. Since u live so far north maybe you want to have panels on a hinge so you can tilt them south. This is more complicated but doable. Keep your existing charger for times you might camp next to an outlet and want more DC power, though you might never need this option unless it is raining, snowing or you park in heavy shade (though panels will still do some charging even under trees). Lots n lots of topics on solar, you can find everything you need to know just browsing all the threads
ajriding 10/11/20 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: HELP! Black tank spill inside

short of taking things apart the fan should do it. If you have carpet I would pull it up and clean under, or at least do some heavy repeated steam cleaning. You can rent steam cleaners at a u-haul or some grocery stores also. You won't be able to get behind the walls, but as long as it dries out and stays dry that grossness should not be an issue in the dry future.
ajriding 10/11/20 09:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Shurflow pump problem UPDATE

Glad you got it running. For future readers... A pump is never shot if the pump is running. It can be fixed. These pumps consist of a motor and a head. The head is typically a diaphram made of rubbery flaps. The flaps might be bad, torn, degraded or clogged with debris, but can be replaced or cleaned. A little spec of plastic bit is enough to keep the flap from closing fully and if it is full of air, not water, then it will not be able to pull nearly as strong as it could pull on water. That one spec of plastic debris is enough to prevent priming in a dry pump. By filling the tank full you are putting more pressure on the water to be pushed into the pump, so that helps overcome the issue, whatever issue the pump was having to pull. As mentioned, the pumps are not at all cooled by the water, so can run dry with no issues, the motor does run dry even when pumping water so-to-speak because the water never cools the electric pump anyway. The pump head has water, the motor does not. Actually a tiny spec will likely just pass on through to your faucet, but it is the debris that is more fish hook shaped that will get caught in the pump head. A filter or just a wire screen thing before the pump will prevent this.
ajriding 10/11/20 09:32am Tech Issues
RE: Finally got to test solar system install

You can cover those exposed wires on the roof with some white wire loom plastic tubes with the slits in them. Prevent UV damage down the road.
ajriding 10/09/20 08:42am Tech Issues
RE: Lots of Problems

Possible that the hose off the top of the gas cap is meant to pull gas out of an auxualliry tank. How big is your gas tank on the gen? On little generators that have fuel pumps and 1 gallon tanks it is common to use a 2nd tank. The hose connects them. As the gen burns fuel it sucks gas out of the generator tank and at the same time sucks gas out of the connected aux tank. When the aux tank is empty it just sucks air out of the aux tank then starts to use up all the fuel in the generator's tank.This method gives the user of a little generator a lot longer run time between fillups. If this is what your hose was for then just remove it, or get a new gas cap as that one might have been altered and damaged so cant go back to new. Also, if gen has sat, then critters maybe made a nest inside the case. No pics, so not sure, but high-end gens like Onan are enclosed in a box, and the air is forced over the cyclinder head and that cools it. If there is a critter nest on the cylinder head then your motor is over-heating and shutting down as a fail-safe. Take the cover off the generator and have a look. You need good air flow.
ajriding 10/07/20 03:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Dashboard stereo replacement

Splicing it is not such a big deal. You will have easier time finding out what the wires on the radio are, then you can match that up with the wires on the vehicle side so you know what is what when putting in a new radio. Use butt connectors and crimp, so dont try to just twist and tape. You will need a tool that can crimp and it is cheap enough and has wire cutters all in the same tool. Might be worth trying to contact the manufacturer of the Class A and ask what "vehicle" harness they use for the radio.
ajriding 10/07/20 03:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water tank wire mystery

thanks guys, i didnt need a complete wiring schematic, I just needed to know the 3 wires that connect to the battery or switch. I hooked it all up and the burner lit just fine. width=500
ajriding 10/07/20 11:01am Tech Issues
RE: Question on charging batteries with Gen

$900 for batteries / 2800 cycles =~ $0.32 cents per cycle. At that point the SiO2 will have 80% of the OEM capacity, about 2000 watt-hours which is enough to run a residential fridge for approximately 2 days.n. If only the new camper came with a $900 set of batteries and not one or two cheap marine batteries...Marine batts can cycle about 1/10 as a deep cycle batt before they are done. I do neither fridge. I have a danfoss style unit and solar to supplement. But, OP only does a few days per year, so his needs are quite different.
ajriding 10/07/20 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Water tank wire mystery

Is it an Atwood . . . Here is wiring info Thanks. so both Brown and Blue are positive, Green negative? Brown powers the valve, Blue powers the circuit board (which powers the piezo)? thats according the the link above. Mine does not have two switches, it has one switch with 4 wires out of it. If I put green on neg and both brown and Blue on positive will that be the way to run it ? I just need to run it for demonstration. I really looking for an expert on this, not guesses. -Out of the switch there is a thin pink wire that goes to a blue and white wire, so can I assume the blue/white goest to the blue? I think pink is pos out. -a thin gray wire that goes to a brown and white wire, so can assume goes to the brown wire? I think gray is pos out. - a thin black wire that goes to a red wire that goes back to the other switch labeled "test" and also has a yellow wires tied in that goes out to idk where... I think black is pos in. - a thin white wire that is ground. it is ground for sure. The wires are so thin I think they would be signal wires, not power-feed wires, though the valve and piezo prob do not need a lot of power... but they do connect to heavier gauge wires that would be sized for sending voltage as power. The switch is also labeled "heater" which just illustrates how dumb RV design is. The heater is aka the furnace, which is all controlled with the thermostat, with no additional switches. The how water heater in this case is the "heater", or more clearly called a "boiler" though typically temps max out at 180 degrees, not 212.
ajriding 10/06/20 06:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Water tank wire mystery

One wire goes to the switch then the other side of the switch goes to +12 vdc. I believe the other wire is for the light on the switch when the propane does not fire up the red light comes on. Don't know which one is which. I dont either, that is the whole point.
ajriding 10/06/20 05:47pm Tech Issues
RE: class c in the smoky mountain national park

no issues driving a big thing there. Even the Dragon is doable by RV, but people will hate you if you drive the Dragon cause u will go so slow and slow everyone down. Pull out and let people pass
ajriding 10/06/20 05:35pm General RVing Issues
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