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RE: I need help removing my broken water heater drain plug

Sorry I didn't post a conclusion to this. By now, I have forgotten exactly how I removed it but it seems like I grabbed what I could with pliers or vice grips and plied, pull, tore it out I think. Unfortunately, threads were boogered just enough that I couldn't get even a metal plug to run in and clean the threads, primarily because the very edge got boogered as well, thus preventing anything from starting. I believe I then minimally got a tap started, ran it in slightly, then replaced it with the metal plug, which I kept advancing as far as I could comfortably and following it again over and over with the metal plug, then finally inserting the plastic plug. Either the threads are longer on the new plugs or I don't have it fully inserted, but it feels as tight as I want to chance. I will know once I hook up next spring, at which time I believe some teflon tape will finish the job if it is leaking. I certainly hope so lol. Thanks everyone.
albow 11/13/21 01:01am Tech Issues
RE: I need help removing my broken water heater drain plug

Stonger neighbor didn't work. Trying other options tomorrow.
albow 10/14/21 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: I need help removing my broken water heater drain plug

Go to the hardware store and buy a "sprinkler riser removal tool." I have removed several with one of these, works perfect., that didn't work. It sure gripped but I couldn't turn it. I'm going to get my stronger neighbor to give it a go and then try something else. I wonder if it's because it's nylon and the sprinkler heads are maybe pvc?
albow 10/14/21 04:08pm Tech Issues
RE: I need help removing my broken water heater drain plug

Thanks everybody. I'm going to give the first suggestion a shot.
albow 10/11/21 05:01am Tech Issues
RE: I need help removing my broken water heater drain plug

If the remaining threads are of plastic or nylon, you could heat up a screwdriver head & melt a grove/ slot in the material. Then cool down the screwdriver head & unscrew the remainder…A picture of your problem would be helpful….Essentially what I did with the drill. I had plenty of traction. Enough to break my file.
albow 10/11/21 05:00am Tech Issues
RE: I need help removing my broken water heater drain plug

I had one break off on my previous coach. I used a pocket knife to lift up an edge, then needle nose pliers to twist it out.Not enough to grab even if I made a piece loose like you suggest. Thanks
albow 10/11/21 04:58am Tech Issues
RE: I need help removing my broken water heater drain plug

Go to the hardware store and buy a "sprinkler riser removal tool." I have removed several with one of these, works perfect. I'll give it a shot.
albow 10/11/21 04:56am Tech Issues
I need help removing my broken water heater drain plug

I was removing it to winterize today and about 1/4 turn out, it broke off. I guess I tightened too tight before. I've had the same thing happen on my boat pontoon so I learned to take a drill bit and wallow out an indentation in a spot, being careful not to scarf the threads, so that my file can fit in the hole just right and have something to grab, as this never happens to leave any part of the plug where you can grab it with pliers or anything. Well, apparently, my boat plugs are not nylon because this technique wouldn't work with my nylon heater plug. I essentially could not get a groove going for an ideal catch point. I can't believe I couldn't get this to happen. Fortunately, this hole is slightly smaller than my pontoon, so my file grabbed the soft nylon when I shoved it in far enough. Boy, did it grab! I shoved inward forcefully so it wouldn't spin, but I couldn't get it to budge. Then, I but some locking pliers on the file to get leverage to rotate it. It held so strongly that I broke my file (it was a half round mf for those of y'all who remember the joke). It still didn't budge. So, I'm at a loss as to how to remove the rest of it. My best guess at this point is to stick a lighter in the hole and try to melt it away but I'm not crazy about the possibility of getting some melted plastic in the tank. Would the chances of that be minimal, since the drain is angled towards the ground a little instead of parallel? I tested burning the part of the plug that did come out with the head and it turns black and slowly melts. Any better or easier ideas? BTW, the head is 22mm which correlates to around 7/8" but I'm just seeing 1/2" plugs. Is that actually the same plug and the inner diameter is actually 1/2"? Thanks.
albow 10/10/21 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Home dryer help needed

Yeah, I guess it does make sense since there are 2 types of receptacles. Thanks.
albow 02/03/21 02:03am Tech Issues
RE: Home dryer help needed

Thanks everyone. To answer all of you at once, it's a Crosley and whirlpool made it. I have looked and although the instructions are presented for both gas and electric, I cannot find a nipple for gas so it must just be electric, which makes sense. It doesn't make sense that they don't include a cord, especially since they say don't use the old one but the instructions with a pic are supplied both for a 3 and a 4 prong, which my outlet is. Me and a friend have been talking and came to the same conclusions y'all have concerning airflow in and out for proper gas combustion but that's not a concern now. Thanks for coming through like y'all always do on here.
albow 02/02/21 11:02pm Tech Issues
Home dryer help needed

I came across a good deal on a washer dryer pair 2 years ago and bought them, letting them sit new and unused in my shed. Now that I need the dryer, I got it into the house but have run into issues I was unaware of. The biggest of these seems to be that I have a mobile home and the owners manual says I need different exhaust venting for this and also makes it sound like I need to pull air IN through a window for it, whether I use it in gas or electric mode. I had no idea it would do both and have gas at the house, but plan to use it electrically. It didn't even come with a power cord I just now noticed so I'll have to get one. Here is a quote from the installation manual. "This dryer is suitable for mobile home installations" blah blah standards, etc. "metal exhaust system hardware" must be used. "Special provisions must be made in mobile homes to introduce outside air into the dryer. The opening (such as a nearby window) should be twice as large as the dryer exhaust opening." What exactly does this mean? There is a window in the room, which is actually part of an outside door. It doesn't mention putting a vent from the window into the dryer. Are they talking about for emergency ventilation of the room or something? I mean, neither the original dryer nor the second one, which was installed by Lowes I believe, have had anything special that I am aware of. You would think if some special venting were needed that the laundry room would be made to conform from the get go. As well, I haven't had metal exhaust pipe. I've had the flexible aluminum foil type the whole time and apparently Lowe's didn't care when they set it up. Convince me that I need to do something different rather than buy a cord and wire it in. What's the deal here? I guess there's a safety standard that has changed through the years? I know there are different venting requirements for gas appliances such as water heaters in mobile homes but this will be electric. What do I need to do?
albow 02/02/21 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: What tickets are Orlando condo tours offering currently?

Yes, donfla. I just saw your reply. No answer needed now but thank you.
albow 02/02/21 05:21pm Around the Campfire
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