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RE: Maritmes phone coverage

Unfortunately I don't have a US provider, such as AT&T. For the months that we are in the US we use Straight Talk & TracPhone. Straight Talk offers a plan for calls from the US TO Canada but nothing for use IN Canada, hence the question about a pay as you go provider IN Canada. More research needed. Phone options these days is bewildering. One option definitely out is my roaming with my Bermuda phone. Might as well get a satellite phone for their charges. My suggestion would be to get an AT&T sim card and subscribe to a pay as you go plan. I think that you can still get the sim cards in WalMart in the US. As mentioned AT&T partners with Canadian suppliers, here in Ontario they pair with Rogers. I use AT&T when in the US in the winter (although not this winter!)and here in Canada as well, their data rates are much more reasonable than the Canadian outfits, even including the exchange rates. I use the phone (AT&T) as a wifi hotspot in the US and Canada as well , works great.
almcc 11/06/20 07:04am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Grrocery Delivery in Yuma?

One other option that we used in the Yuma foothills a few years ago was that company that drives around the area with a frozen food truck, forgotten the name, but we have a similar store service in Canada M&M's, it reduces the interaction with people and the food is good.
almcc 10/13/20 01:17pm Snowbirds
RE: Changes to Snowbird lifestyle and Snowbird communitiess

Yes, it will be tough for a lot of RV parks this winter. I just cancelled our reservation at the California RV park that we stay at for 3 months each winter. I spoke to some local friends there, they indicate that Canadians have cancelled en mass and that the park is almost completely empty.
almcc 09/03/20 06:11am Snowbirds
RE: Canadian snowbirds: sell RV in Canada or USA?

Ontario stopped doing emissions testing a year or two ago but I have no reason to believe it wouldn't pass a test. Joe, although Ontario stopped testing, it was for cars. My duallie still requires testing every 2 years here in southern Ontario.
almcc 08/31/20 05:24am Snowbirds
RE: Canadian snowbirds: sell RV in Canada or USA?

As a general comment or two, just got back from our RV dealer (RV in for repairs), he indicated that he has been extremely busy and new RV's from the factory are scarce because of demand. Also, auto dealers are scooping up used trucks and exporting them to the US because of demand (and probably a lower C$). Might be a good time to make the moves! If your truck uses DEF I'll bet it would pass emission testing in the US, both countries have the same standards.
almcc 08/30/20 12:09pm Snowbirds
RE: 2021-22 Florida and/or Arizona

We stay at Lazy Days in Tucson on our way to California and back, it's not a bad park, full services and amenities (and a restaurant on-site), it might be a bit pricey though for a long stay. There are a number of parks in Yuma that may be less expensive and they have the same amenities, let us know if you need details.
almcc 08/23/20 05:21am Snowbirds
RE: Hyway 17. Through Ontario.

The section from Wawa to White River was bad in July when we went west but better when we returned a couple of weeks ago. The RV has a bunch of road tar on it, it will take a pint of WD-40 to take it off from the July part! If you are going later the "construction season" may be quieter!
almcc 08/17/20 06:03am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Snowbirds In Limbo As Coronavirus Upends Travel Plans

We crossed back into Canada, using the Sweetgrass/Coutts border crossing. We were already in a travelling self-isolation situation, and the only thing outside our rig we touched was the fuel pump and keypad for the pump. We had rubber gloves for the contact, which were discarded after use. All contact with people was outside, over 6 feet of separation. We had called ahead for a campground reservation in Lethbridge, without which the Border agent seemed to be inclined to refuse us entry. Always have a plan. Life in the park involves lots of inside time, as the provincial government doesn't want us out and about. No walking the dogs, no shopping, nothing. If it doesn't get delivered, we don't get it. Even the garbage is picked up at the edge of our lot, not carried to the dumpster. Water isn't turned on yet, due to cold, so we topped up the tank, and will need to call the office when we need to refill. The office will schedule someone to be there to fill, and tell us when to pull forward to get water. They are using a disinfectant spray on the hose bib, both ends of their hose, and the end of our hose that contacts their hose. We had no (none, zero, nada) contact with any of their property, even though the rubber gloves were in place. Seemed like good protocol. Supper involved pizza. The driver placed it on the pic nic table, along with the credit card machine. Tap to pay is encouraged, and used. We backed away, the machine was retrieved, the receipt removed and placed under the pizza box, and the driver left. The box was brought in, placed on a small table, topped with a garbage bag. The pies were eaten, leftovers placed in separate containers, and the box, rubber gloves, and handi wipes were in the garbage bag/tablecloth. Wow. Sounds like you've handled it pretty well, and got everything under control. With no symptoms, or other snafus, you'll be out of quarantine in no time. Hang in there. btw, if you're Canadian citizens, and I assume you are, they can't refuse you entry into Canada. Entry into Canada by a citizen is guaranteed under the CCoRF Section 6 (1). While Canadian citizens are guaranteed entry back into Canada, provinces are imposing additional restrictions for inter-provincial travel which are more strict.
almcc 04/06/20 06:15am Snowbirds
RE: Snowbirds In Limbo As Coronavirus Upends Travel Plans

We are back home in Ontario after our run from southern California and we are better than halfway through our 2 week self isolation. None of the RV parks we normally hit were closed, the only "wrinkle" was that we got a notice from a KOA that we stayed at in Indiana saying they were charging us for not cancelling our one night reservation, we actually stayed there, the documentation was ready for us when we arrived but nobody was in the office the entire time we stayed there!
almcc 04/02/20 06:26am Snowbirds
RE: Heading Home (North)

Just got home yesterday after coming through Illinois and Michigan. No problems and crossing back into Canada was fine, very quiet for a Sunday crossing.
almcc 03/23/20 05:16am Snowbirds
RE: Recreational Border Crossing

Oh you mean “consumer buying more stuff to go with my stuff I already have” travel. I haven’t met too many US citizens traveling western Canada in search of more pots and pans and a bigger TV. Most seem to enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery, the elbow room, and meeting friendly people. Please re-read the comments you're referring to. The comments were about Canadians (us) cross border shopping in the US (them). Their stuff is usually cheaper than the same items here, even after you convert the $ forex difference. Compare versus on 2 identical items, for example. Their price is less than ours, after $ conversion. When they visit Canada, at our regular prices (in Canada), they'll pay more (here, in Canada), even when their dollar is a lot stronger than ours. For (Canadian) gas, hotels, campgrounds, food, just about everything. Just like we get gouged at home (again, just to be clear, in Canada). Just to throw in another comment! While prices may be cheaper I find food quality in the US is not as good as it is in Canada. I'm not talking about food safety but just general quality. I've noticed this particularly this past winter, the quality of meat (steaks) isn't what we get get back home at the regular grocery stores. I've noticed other items are similar. You do get what you pay for!
almcc 03/19/20 12:31pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Prepaid Mobile Phone and Service in Canada

We have an AT&T sim card in our cell phone, we use it in the US and in Canada it pairs with Rogers. We use it back in Canada. It's a monthly pay as you go system, you can move the data up or down as your needs change. I use the phone as a wifi hotspot as well. You can get the SIM card at WalMart then sign on to the AT&T website.
almcc 03/18/20 11:10am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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