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RE: Sights along Lake Superior

All of the above and a couple of additions. Pukaskwa national park west of Marathon has some neat hiking trails on the rocks on the lake shore, campsites are OK but the fall service campground in Marathon is better (check Marathon's town website and book a site) , camp there and drive to Pukaskwa. Native pictographs in Lake Superior provincial park are also worth a look. Unless it is foggy, some spectacular views of the lake driving through LSPP!
almcc 09/15/19 05:27am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I need some SIM card schoolin....

I have a dual SIM phone (bought at Staples in Canada) and I have a Canadian SIM card and an AT&T SIM card in it. I mostly use the AT&T service even here in Canada as they pair with Rogers and I get more data for less $$ than I could with Rogers. I also use the phone as a WiFi hot spot both in the US and Canada. I used a campsite in the US as my address for AT&T and I pay with my US$ credit card issued by a Canadian bank. I note that AT&T have a good deal at WalMart on phones and plans, here is the link: Link Maybe a friend down there can get you one!
almcc 09/09/19 05:03am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: shaw satellite

Thanks Joe for the info! I suspect that we will be able to receive Canadian TV in the south for a while yet. I think that the life of the older sats will be the determining factor, not the shuffling to HD. I also think that Shaw knows they have folks that use their service in the US although they don't admit it publicly, to keep the US networks from giving them a hard time.
almcc 08/24/19 07:08am Snowbirds
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

Good that there won't be more "red tape" in the short term! In terms of excessive legislation I always get a laugh when I cross into the "nanny state" AKA California, they must assume their citizens are pure dummies. It's important that people take personal responsibility for their actions, maybe McDonalds wouldn't need to put warnings on their coffee cups after that woman got scalded when holding a cup between her legs (and won some significant $$).
almcc 08/15/19 11:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

As of July 1 2019 Ontario drivers of personal use pickup trucks with GVWR under 6500kgs are now exempt from the requirement to get the Annual Safety Inspection Yellow stickers. Please note that at the bottom this proposal has been "approved" For once I can say GOOD JOB to the Ontario government! I will be printing this out and carrying it with me to educate any LEO as to the changes if stopped. Ontario Safety Inspection Certificate Exemption Thanks very much for posting this! Not sure if I had anything to do with this but earlier this year I sent an email to our local MPP (who happens to be the speaker of the legislature) complaining about how us non-commercial pick up drivers are being hit with inspections and the need for emissions checks while car drivers don't need to. My MPP passed on the mail to the transport minister. Maybe politicians do listen to their constituents!
almcc 08/01/19 05:45am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Advice from South Western Snow Birders

We winter in Borrego Springs California, about an hour south of Palm Springs. Last January there were a couple of frost delays at the nearby golf course. Yuma and Tucson have a number of good campsites, the Tucson KOA is a good stop, close to the airplane boneyard and museum and the restored Titan Missile complex just south, you can sit in the control room and "push the button"! Old Tucson film complex is also good, they shot some MASH episodes there.
almcc 07/19/19 10:05am Snowbirds
RE: Bring beer into Canada

Better bring your own cigs if you smoke. Canadian cigs are terrible. That's funny! When I used to smoke and was going to the states, that's what I used to say about American cigarettes! A little bit of history! Canadian cigs are made with Virginia style tobacco and water just like British cigs were made in the distant past. American cigs are made with Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco and flavour is added. Canadians won't smoke American style cigs, Marlboro has been test launched here and failed miserably as have others. The same exists for other products, different countries, different tastes!
almcc 07/18/19 05:45am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Turning your heat off at home while in Florida

For a rule of thumb, you can assume the temperature of the pipes in the exterior walls will be halfway between the interior temperature and the outside temperature. If its 0*F outside and you have the thermostat set to 60*F inside then the pipe could reach 30*F. BTW, pipe insulation does not stop freezing, it just increases the amount of time till the pipe does freeze. Good point. That's why we don't drop our T-stat below 65F when away, and the auxiliary heating is set to fire at the same temperature, so as to not lose too much ground in the event of a power failure that takes out the HVAC system. Our security system tells us if a power outage happens, and we deal with it, as required. So far, so good. I guess I would add the phrase "it depends" to the above comments. It depends on your house design (does it have a basement, are the water pipes internal or in the walls, what sort of heating system do you have, how well is the house insulated etc.) In our case all the water pipes are internal in the basement (except for the hose bibs outside that I drain), the heating is forced warm air, the heating ducts in the basement keep it 2C above the main floor set point and keep the pipes warm, and the house is well insulated. I don't have concerns about setting the temp at 10C. If you have the knowledge of your house and how it's built it's OK, if not, a higher temp may be mandated. The quality of the power supply network is also important. As a FYI, we had the transformer that powers our (and our neighbours) house blow up 2 years ago during in an ice storm. It took 30 hours to bring the main floor temp down to the ambient outside temp, the electric guys installed an "extension cord" from another neighbours place to restore our power while a new transformer was installed. This experience confirmed some of the calculations that some of us did to prepare (and prevent freeze ups) for the worst Y2K situation that didn't happen at that time.
almcc 06/20/19 01:42pm Snowbirds
RE: Turning your heat off at home while in Florida

I set the thermostat at 10C and shut off the water. We have a smart thermostat and s service that I can log onto and look at the temps minute-by minute, it also is set to send me and our house checker an email if the temp goes below set point, it also warns loss of connection (for example power failure if power is off for longer than the battery backup lasts). I don't want to go through the hassle of winterizing the water system if I shut off the furnace, don't like pink showers when we return!
almcc 06/20/19 05:49am Snowbirds
RE: Nice parks around Vegas

You mentioned Arizona, might be warmer there compared to Vegas. We transit Arizona on our way to California, we stay at the KOA in Tuscon and at other parks in Yuma, some good choices there.
almcc 06/16/19 05:14am Snowbirds
RE: WI-FI in Canada

I thought that I would look at Bell Canada's coverage map, I've attached the link. We were fortunate to have satellite internet (Hughes) when we traveled the Alaska Highway in the past, we had coverage everywhere unless the terrain prevented aiming the dish (the dish angle is very low up there, under 20 degrees sometimes). Trees and hills blocked the sat some times. Coverage link
almcc 06/10/19 10:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: We in input on a New Brunswick/Nova Scotia trip

Not sure about the present situation, but in the past the Quebec construction workers all got the same 2 weeks off in the summer, campsites were few and far between in the maritimes during that period. Something you may want to check.
almcc 06/05/19 10:25am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: El Centro RV Parks for Snowbirds

Didn't think about the Fountain of Youth, it's probably the most reasonably priced park in that area, some others near Palm Springs or Borrego Springs are $2,000 a month. FOY has pools heated by geothermal water from below.
almcc 05/18/19 04:56am Snowbirds
RE: El Centro RV Parks for Snowbirds

Not a comment about the parks but about Canadian exchange rates. We use Knightsbridge foreign exchange to get US dollars which go into our US$ account at our Canadian bank and then is used to pay our US$ credit card. Knightsbridge rates are half a percent above the BOC rate compared to the bank rate of 2.5% above the BOC rate. It's painless, you bill pay Knightsbridge through your bank and the US cash comes into your US$ account at your bank.
almcc 05/08/19 06:42am Snowbirds
RE: Another Cellphone question

I don't have a quad band phone that works in Canada and don't really want to buy an expensive one just for this trip. Trevor You probably have done a detailed check, but I'm surprised your phone doesn't work in Canada, we are on the "world standard" (GSM) in terms of phone types, not the CDMA standard used by some companies in the US.
almcc 04/17/19 06:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Canada and a Jetpack

with ATT prepaid plan we get 8 GB of data a month unlimited talk and text, and you can use that in Canada and mexico, $40 a month and comes with hotspot. We use that plan when in the US. I got a text from AT&T that said we "may" have the data speeds reduced to 2G when in Canada. FYI.
almcc 04/14/19 02:22pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Travelling back and forth

I've seen Ontario folks winterize in Monroe (south of Detroit) In March, it's pretty seamless if youv'e done it before and the RV is set up to winterize easily. Our RV uses the pump to run antifreeze through the hot and cold lines after the water heater is bypassed and drained, you need a socket wrench to take out the drain plug. You may need to do it further south in mid winter and carry water for your use.
almcc 04/04/19 12:05pm Snowbirds
RE: Cell phones in Canada

I used AT&T on my last visits to Canada. Voice and data worked great, no limits, no add on plans required. I'm using At&t Unlimited and more (which includes basic direct TV service) I received a text from AT&T indicating that data speeds in Canada "may" be reduced to 2G, probably by the carrier they use up here (Rogers). I haven't checked the speed yet.
almcc 03/29/19 07:25am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Portable DISH in Canada

If you get a VPN app you can stream from Canada assuming that the CBC doesn't know the particular VPN.
almcc 03/25/19 11:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cdn Postal Code

You just use the numbers of your postal code and add 2 zeros for a total of 5 numbers. Works for us 90+ percent of the time.
almcc 03/23/19 03:50pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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