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RE: Kayak hooked to ladder?

If the ladder is rated for 300 pounds and the kayak weighs 33 pounds then you would require a 9G jolt/bounce to approach your ladder's limit. That is about where a fighter pilot in a G Suit typically passes out in flight. So if you're putting (G stress in your RV on a regular basis I'd be more worried about the RV as a whole than a kayak on your ladder.
am1958 06/21/20 05:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Do most parks check/copy your ID? (Victims of ID theft)

I show my Concealed Pistol License as a warning... ;-)
am1958 06/21/20 05:39am Beginning RVing
RE: Boondockers Dream On

Unfortunately, it might not survive Michigan roads... :)
am1958 05/08/20 05:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel restrictions

Drones were used in China. You must be watching too much TV with the quarantine, lol. Drones are being used in New Jersey... Put the netflix down and watch some news... ;-) Link
am1958 05/07/20 06:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Thermometer for fridge?

I use one of these and simply sample one at regular times throughout the day... No batteries needed...
am1958 05/01/20 05:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Gas under $2--rig parked

Sam's club in Utica MI was selling a $0.899 10 days ago. I put 22 gallons in my tank for just about $20...
am1958 04/22/20 05:34am General RVing Issues
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

As an individual, you are not entitled to make the decision for the rest of us that you should be allowed to put our lives at risk for your "right" to roam the country as you wish. Stay healthy and help others stay healthy. Society doesn't care how its decisions negatively affect me, but I'm supposed to care how my decisions negatively affect society. When it's potentially life or death scenario for someone else in society, yes you should care! Your either part of the problem or part of the solution Kidnapping is one of the most heinous crimes in society (your precious society). When I was a child the punishment for kidnapping in many states was death. It was on a level with murder and rightly so, in my opinion. My wife has been effectively kidnapped by society. She can not return to the USA from Colombia for at least 30 days and maybe forever, if that's what "society" wants. She has the legal right to return to the USA but because of a decree by the President of Colombia she can not leave that country right now. I might say there is some argument for this action if they said "If someone wants to travel they must first take a virus test and if they fail the test they can't travel." But that's not what they did. They just cancelled her return flight and the return of everyone else. You may say, 'It's not kidnapping.' And legally you are right. Society makes the law. But Society makes mistakes. Once Society said you could own slaves. Then they changed their minds. Right and wrong did not change. Society was wrong. Once they said 'No abortion', now they say 'Abortion on demand.' Society has to be wrong with one of those. They can't both be right. And just because society says 'We want to do this and we can do this.' that doesn't make it right. Might does not make right. She has been effectively kidnapped by society for its selfish reasons. Society doesn't care about her (or me), only itself. Therefore, there is no moral reason why I should care about what is in society's best interest. You're not responsible for my life. I'm not responsible for your life. If a virus comes along and it gets spread by normal activities that does not give society any moral right to take away the freedoms of others for its selfish cowardly reasons. Fact. So don't try to take the moral high ground with me, because you don't have it.A cogent argument eloquently stated... I applaud you Sir...
am1958 03/24/20 05:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

I wouldn't go to New York period... The are one of the hardest hit and one of the silliest states with their anti-freedom laws.. They'll arrest you for farting in your own vehicle with the windows open...
am1958 03/23/20 06:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

To the individual that made the monumentally stupid statement the it's the red states that are calling hoax, (yes, I paraphrased - get over it), you are as previously stated in the sentence, monumentally stupid and are trying to spread that ignorant opinion. People who are "red" tend, (learn to recognize and understand that word), to be more likely to think ahead and make preparations for "inconveniences". Those who are "blue" tend, (there it is again), to believe that the government - a group of idiots who think they know better than we do how to manage our lives - will protect them. The "blues" think that much of what is disseminated by the mainstream media - which tends, (you should be getting it by now), to be "blue" - is true while the "reds" look at them as utterly biased and determined to foster fear and panic... It's been very interesting of late... The people I live and work around that are "blue" are predominantly looking for the government to give them stuff while the "reds" are hunkered down confident in their ability to move through the issue alone. The beautiful thing coming out of this will never be mentioned by the media nor the "blues"... It's a Second Amendment issue that must frighten the poop out of the blues and the media... The argument for years from the two has been that you don't need a firearm because "Government will protect you"... How many "blue" politicians have told us we don't need a firearm we just need to call 911 and wait for the police? Now look... Along comes Covid 19 and the government's first statement was "you need to look after yourself"... Now, there will be those that will argue that the two aren't comparable but they will ignore the fact that the government will claim to be wonderful when they are doing what they think is right but will defer to the individual when they can't manage to problem themselves... Funny that... The simple fact is that those people with half a brain and a reasonable immune system and lungs will breeze through this... Yes, there are people that are hugely at risk and I feel bad for them - they need to be smart and to have prepared for things that might threaten their lives - I just don't feel confident that a large proportion will have done so. No-one on the "red" side is calling it a hoax... They are calling the reporting by the media as, very much, inaccurate and sensational with the intent to cause fear. There reason for doing so is obvious and I don't need to state it here.
am1958 03/22/20 04:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flatulence causing CO/Propane detector alarm?

I think we've found the true cause of climate change...
am1958 03/22/20 11:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices

Clearly it's time for some to stop posting here... You'll get infected from RVNet soon... ;-)
am1958 03/22/20 11:06am General RVing Issues
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

I wrote the following elsewhere but I think it would be educational to put it here to clarify the issue at hand:- I had a long and very informative conversation with my doctor who I have known for about 20 years. His biggest bug is that his elderly parents, (he's about my age), only came here from India to live with him 2 months ago and he's in a high risk profession. He explained a lot about this virus and why it's different from the flu and stuff like swine flu and why it's more dangerous. It goes something like this... Flu, (we'll just use this word for any influenza ie: bird, swine etc. ), usually displays it's symptoms 24-36 hours after infection and, as a result, a single infected person on average infects 1.2 other people. Covid19 hides for between 3 and 12 days showing no symptoms in the infected individual all the while being infectious. This causes a single individual to infect not 1.2 others but rather 2.2 - 4.0 others. The other key piece of information he passed on was that neither flu nor Covid19 have killed anyone, period. But the difference between the two is that in those that are compromised by age or infirmity get bacterial pneumonia from the flu which is treatable with antibiotics but those who get Covid19 while compromised get viral pneumonia which, to date, there is no cure which is what puts up the mortality rate. He also pointed out that since it's inception in early December 2019 the virus has mutated once already. If I remember the letters, it was at version L which allowed it to move from animals to humans but not from human to human but it mutated to M which allowed human to human transmission and that as long as it stays as it is we get a chance to fight it. I pointed out that it's next mutation is not the result of a sentient being trying to improve itself so it could equally easily harm itself in humans but I accept the fact that the "successful" organism tends to survive. He agreed... It also might not mutate because it has reached it's "pinnacle"... But that is unlikely... He says that right now in the USA we have only really identified 10% of the actually infected population and that the numbers will rise exponentially in the next two weeks. The entire current strategy of social distancing or quarantine is designed to reduce the pressure on the health care systems of all countries because if they cannot properly treat then the virus becomes more rampant. So my takeaways from the conversation were that the actual numbers are behind, (sometimes way behind), the actual infection rate. That in order to actually kill the virus, absent a totally "killer" cure" will take at least 2 years assuming no detrimental mutations - this doesn't mean 2 years of home quarantine and that which would come from such impossibility but that the virus will live in and threaten the compromised population for a couple of years. If it mutates like the flu then we'll really need a flu shot and CovidX shot annually. He thinks that the threat is very real because so many people are compromised in many ways nowadays, (in history they would already be dead but for the better healthcare), so if it grips the deaths will be high... He laughed when I pointed out that we can stop worrying about overpopulation... :-D Oh, and he said I'm healthy enough not to worry about the virus... I'll get it, defeat it and move on without the subsequent viral pneumonia... I hope that sheds some light for some. Just to note: I am not one who is particularly concerned and have always been well prepared for "odd" events... My biggest concern is my stubborn 89 year old dad alone in his home in the UK...
am1958 03/22/20 05:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Water freeze risk?

Why fill your water tank a few weeks before you leave? Fill before you go, no problem, no worry. Pssst... Coronavirus... ;-)
am1958 03/14/20 05:22am General RVing Issues
RE: New Mexico State Parks Suspend Overnight Camping

Come to AZ their parks are open Thinking about it actually. Spring break trips are a no-go, kids school just cancelled until end of April, sports cancelled. Don't really want to expose a certain family member to unnecessary urban settings due to compromised immune. Yet the weather forecast and current water temps in the Phoenix area say that weather will be beautiful and lakes hitting 70deg in a couple weeks. Thought about loading up the camper, hitching up the boat and camp by the lake down there. Just dunno if the parks wil1 be open. Up here in Michigan I'm looking at the same thing... It may be cooler than you'll have but it's a pleasant way of self quarantining...
am1958 03/13/20 03:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Mexico State Parks Suspend Overnight Camping

Idiot politicians. No offense but this post gets the prize for the most redundant post on in a long, long while... ;)
am1958 03/13/20 03:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Psssst...wanna see a Wall?

For those of you that have been deceived into believing that walls don't work and that high tech will at a lower cost there is one _very_ important fact that the lying press are hiding from you. High tech is utterly dependent on the will of the current administration. So, if an administration wants unfettered immigration - I can't think that anyone would *COUGH* - all they need to do is flip a switch and the border is completely open. A wall, on the other hand, is not subject to the whims of any administration and cannot simply be turned off. Yes, it can be knocked down but the administration would have to justify both the expense and the underlying reason for promoting _illegal_ immigration. Much, much harder to do.. Oh, and if walls don't work why do Nancy Pelosi et al have walls around their estates? It's clearly not to enhance the view...
am1958 03/06/20 05:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Wind barrier for breezy nights suggestions please...

Campfire in breezy conditions?In fairness not everyone lives in that tinderbox known as California...
am1958 02/05/20 05:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

2) go find another, less traveled road into CA. This is the ridiculousness of California. The CDFA's own web site states they have only 16 Ag. Checkpoints... I hesitate to guess the number of roads that enter California but it's probably a lot more than 16. So, in true California style it would appear that, while making themselves feel good about doing the right thing, they are actually spitting into an ocean and hoping the water level will rise... One also wondered how many species invasive to the US have initially entered through California but a google search is quick to list species invasive to California but reticent to point the finger at California. I can be pretty sure that the Africanized Bees came through Central America and California to infest the warmer states... One wonders where the Ag. checks were on them leaving the state. Of course, with all the international trade being shipped in and out of the 7th largest economy in the world, (that can't keep it's streets clean of human fecal waste), through it's rather large ports one wonders why they are so very keen on keeping stuff out of the state from locations in the various states of the USA but offer absolutely no protection to those various states from it's own mistakes by having Ag. stations on the outbound lanes of the 16 roads they feel are a "threat".... But then, that's the silliness of California...
am1958 01/21/20 03:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

Err... the whole point of what I have been saying has been based on just that while you have been equating the two... Strangely, you invoke no emotion in me... You are like lint or a bottle cap... * * Name the movie without the use of google...
am1958 01/21/20 08:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

In short (and as summed up in a footnote), police cannot use someone's constitutionally-protected right to refuse a search as probable cause to justify a search. The ruling is reversed and remanded and the police are now in the same position they were before they performed the warrantless search: looking at someone they want to arrest but without the probable cause to do so. And now it's so much worse because the officer knows Barker was in possession of a controlled substance but can't do anything about it. With the evidence suppressed, the single possession charge resulting from this arrest no longer exists. These rights weren't granted to citizens just so the government could use any exercise of them against those availing themselves of these protections. They were supposed to safeguard citizens against governmental overreach and abuse of its powers, but default mode seems to be that only the guilty assert their rights. This mindset is so perverse -- and so pervasive -- that it has to be beaten back one court decision at a time. Law enforcement officers treat assertions of rights as, at best, an annoyance and at worst, tacit admissions of guilt. To operate under such a twisted interpretation displays an almost incomprehensible level of privilege -- where government agents are owed whatever they request and any failure to cooperate is treated with suspicion. So, no. Refusal to permit a warrantless search does not equal probable cause. However, the officer way deem it so but when it comes to court any charges stemming from the illegal search should be dismissed by the court or upon appeal.
am1958 01/21/20 07:05am General RVing Issues
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