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Where's the bypass for the water heater?

I've got a 2010 Heartland Edge, 19' and want to sanitize my fresh water tank. I'm new to all this but I think I can do it myself if I know how to turn ON the bypass. The official manual does not have good pics. Also, how do I drain the fresh water tank? (Keep it simple and pretend I'm in the 4th grade). I'm having trouble on these tanks. I know how to empty the grey and black tank, but in simple terms, how do I drain the FWT? Thank you.
atexintx 03/09/20 07:38pm Travel Trailers
I Need a little Tank help ...

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29997809
atexintx 11/11/19 08:43am Forum Posting Help and Support
I Need a little Tank help ...

I'm new to any type of RVing and just bought my used Heartland several wks ago. I won't be full time until early Spring and had concerns about my tanks.. I think the 3 tanks are 1/3 full and I have NO idea what the dealership did to winterize the trailer - probably nothing. The brakes were shot and I had to replace them by putting on new axels. Brake parts for the 2K lb current axel were not readily available so I opted to go with new 3.5K lb axels. At any rate, temperatures will be in the low 20s at times and I won't be pulling the trailer except for short hauls. I have never used the toilet or any water on the trailer. What should I do to winterize. Keep in mind, I'm new to all this. I don't know the lingo. I don't have any experience. Should I call around and have someone winterize it for me? Thx
atexintx 11/11/19 08:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Welcome to Selecting a Hitch for Newbies!

ford OEM controller of me is night and day better than the cheap time delay unit I had in my grand Cherokee. Spend the money on a high end controller and hitch with antisway it will make your marginal tow vehicle much more happy. as for the receiver as long is its in the right rating go with the best price. likely u haul. Is "hitch with anti sway" the same as a "weight distribution system"?
atexintx 09/09/19 05:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Welcome to Selecting a Hitch for Newbies!

Now THIS is starting to make good sense! Thx a mil.
atexintx 09/06/19 07:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Welcome to Selecting a Hitch for Newbies!

First, pls list exactly what those prices are buying. Until you do that, we are just guessing as to which/what you need. And telling you what we did which I am sure is a big help. btw, I use a Prodigy brake controller. ;) The list of items on each quote from the three vendors was too expansive to list here - and I don't understand much of what they've listed nor do I understand if there is a duplication of parts but the vendors are using a different terminology. It's very confusing for me.
atexintx 09/05/19 08:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Welcome to Selecting a Hitch for Newbies!

What’s your max trailer weight? But you’ll run out of payload first. As mentioned in my post, I'll be pulling no more than a 3K lb trailer. I don't understand "But you’ll run out of payload first".
atexintx 09/05/19 08:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Welcome to Selecting a Hitch for Newbies!

Thank you all for the responses. Here's a big part of the problem - I'm dumber than a bucket of nails when it comes to these mechanical issues. I don't understand most of the terms in the replies. But, I was hoping that if I laid out what I have to work with that someone can give some specific input on what my essential needs are. For exp: I've got the Caravan and the max load I can pull is about 3K lbs. It will be a 16 or 17' trailer. It's a 3.6 litre motor. And, I need the entire works meaning the parts, electrical wiring, etc. It seems like this should be easy to diagnose but I'm getting just too many different answers. I'm stuck with the Caravan due to financial constraints.
atexintx 09/05/19 08:47pm Travel Trailers
Welcome to Selecting a Hitch for Newbies!

I've gone to 3 places for info on getting a hitch for my Grand Caravan. I'm not mechanical (yet) so I tell them I want info/prices on everything I need to pull a sm trailer (3K lbs - 17', 7 pin). I've got quotes for $448 UHaul for 4,500 lbs, $640 Dodge dealer for 3,800 and $1,081 Camping World. I believe the UHaul and Dodge Dealer did not include the brake controller and installation but I understand that's not a big expense. So, I've got my work cut out to find out - "Will the REAL hitch stand up"!
atexintx 09/03/19 04:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: My first post - I'm new to trailers and need some input

Awesome feedback! Thank you all! I'm digesting the info - more later with fewer questions (maybe).
atexintx 08/29/19 10:13pm Travel Trailers
My first post - I'm new to trailers and need some input

I need some help on estimating travel expenses and more - I’m a bean counter by profession and cash flow projections are my expertise and, yet, I need some input for estimating some expenses based upon the assumptions below: Assumptions: I’ll be pulling a 16’-17’’ trailer with my 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan, GTW=3,600 lbs. This limits me to a trailer empty weight of about 2,900 lbs. I plan to travel alone except for my Chihuahua. We plan to live in our trailer year round, traveling about 18-25 days each month with some mountain traveling but flat land otherwise. My Caravan normally gets about 28 mpg on the road; otherwise about 18 mpg around town. I’m expecting to get about 10 mpg? pulling my trailer. Questions: (I know the answer to most of these may be “it depends” in which case just assume “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” (if this makes any sense). 1. How much extra per year can I expect to pay for trailer vehicle expense? I’m with State Farm for the Caravan. 2. What can I expect to pay per night on average for overnight camping while traveling our great highways and byways (Remember – I know “it depends” – but …). 3. Where and how would I find cable and Internet connections – (1) most every camping spot, (2) some camping spots, (3) a few camping spots? 4. Are there any “best practices” when it comes to being on the electric/Internet grid as we travel? 5. How much can I expect to pay per month for cable and Internet (I have a telephone and Internet-based business)? 6. If I’m in an area with spotty cell phone reception, would a phone system like OOMA be a good option? Otherwise, I use Skype. 7. Would AT&T help me with options for doing quick charges on my cell phone that does not require electricity (or is there any such thing). 8. Will I be using a generator for my electricity if I don’t have a hook up? I understand that solar panels may be a smart way to go. 9. Are fresh water fill-ups included in the cost of overnight camping? 10. Do most camping spots have fresh water fill ups? 11. Is the cost of electricity included in the cost of overnight camping? 12. It appears to me that overnight hookup charges may be the biggest expense while traveling 80% of the time on the road. Correct? 13. Is it difficult to find camping spots where one can camp for 30 days or so? 14. Is it realistic to think that if I’m in a town or city I can park on a side street for several nights. Would this be a matter of knowing local city laws? 15. Is the best way to buy a used trailer (if one becomes available) only from a dealer or would buying from an individual be okay too? 16. If I purchase a used trailer from an individual, what due diligence should I do over and above what I’d do with a dealer? 17. What would be the best type of dunnage (packing cushion to protect dishes, supplies, etc. while moving?) 18. Is there any value in having a short wave radio? What would that be? 19. I’m concerned about camping in a flash flood area and want to know which is the best way to be alerted on this. 20. I might do some camping in California some day and I understand they only provide an online reservation system. Is it a hassle to camp in CA? 21. I do plan to travel the Great Plains and Mountain West, the Midwest and maybe the Deep South – Any particular region better than the other? (As a kid, we tent camped in Jackson Hole, Colorado, Rapid City, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota). First one to answer most of these will get either a six pack of Bud Light or 3 pints of Hagen Daz ice cream emailed to them (if I can). John [email protected] El Paso Texas
atexintx 08/28/19 11:10pm Travel Trailers
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