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RE: Small ā€˜Cā€™. Chev or Godzilla

Very happy with my Chevy 6.0. Thor offered this model on either E-350 or Chevy 4500. I found and drove both (really had to hunt and go out of my way to do that). The Chevy drove hands-down better. Much more controllable and comfortable ride. Also, the E-350 was pretty low on OCCC, where mine has over 3K lbs.
atreis 02/12/23 04:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can toll booths read transponder w/C overhang?

I was told by PA EzPass folk to mount it bottom-center of the windshield. Did so, and it's worked fine.
atreis 12/04/22 03:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Chevy chassis

Chassis is unchanged, and didn't really need to be changed. It's a much better driving experience than the Ford chassis, but doesn't come in as many wheelbase variations. It tends to get used mainly for small to medium Class C RVs because of not having longer wheelbase options. The new engines for both are more powerful for the same gas mileage, which is good, but the difference isn't huge.
atreis 11/19/22 03:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How many folks just want to gripe about EVs?

MOSTS EVs can NOT be towed, flat or otherwise. The article talks about flat towing, and I don't disagree. The article doesn't talk about the "or otherwise" part though: dolly towing. A partial list of BEVs that can be dolly towed: Nissan Leaf Nissan Ariya (FWD only) Chevy Bolt Chevy Equinox (FWD only) Polestar 2 (FWD only) Mini Electric
atreis 09/20/22 06:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: How many folks just want to gripe about EVs?

I'll go ahead with my 2 cents' worth: 1. I don't think EVs are there yet for heavy towing. Going to have to continue with ICE vehicles for a while longer. 2. One concern I have in particular is locating a lightweight EV auto that can be towed four-down. I don't know that it exists yet, but I could be wrong. (For the interim, one can have a four-down towable lightweight auto converted to EV. I've been toying with the idea for my MGB.) :) Lynn A reasonable post with real concerns. :) Yes, they're not yet great at heavy towing. They could be, but would be horrendously expensive right now. It'll take some time yet. No, there are no BEVs that are 4-down towable. There are a number of FWD models that can be towed on a dolly, including the reasonably priced Chevy Bolt, the upcoming FWD Equinox, the FWD Nissan Ariya, and others. There are some hybrids and PHEVs that are 4-down towable though.
atreis 09/18/22 05:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Camping in an EV.... Always charging...

But apparently you are doing it in a region that is geared to recharging your vehicle, AND you don't mind searching for charge locations and gearing ALL of your travel to fit those stops. I have no idea how this would work out, have not looked at it, but,,,, since you have professed the ease and simplicity of your style of travel, map a trip from,,,,,, Salt lake city, to the mighty 5 and on to the grand canyon. Maybe even continue on to the Rio Grand Valley. Does it still work easy? For those who might have wondered how locating charging stations really works for EV owners: For Tesla, the locations of Tesla chargers are in the nav system, and it will take care of navigating you to one when the time comes. (At least, that's how I understand it. I have a different car.) For other cars, there's a pair of online sites and associated phone apps that work very well for this: A Better Route Planner (ABRP): Enter in your make and model of car, and other parameters (how low you want to get, what the weather is like, what your acceptable charge providers are, etc.) and it will give you a route with charge stops at appropriate distances. A note: Depending on the car and the battery pack's charging curve, it can sometimes be faster to stop more often for less charge than less often for a (nearly) full charge. Cars that support high speed charging often only support the highest speeds up to around 50-60% of their capacity, and then it goes slower up to 80% or so. The last 15-20% is usually not worth getting while on the road. Most people do the full charge overnight while they sleep instead. PlugShare: Not so much for mapping, just for finding chargers when you're at a specific location. Allows filtering by charger type and power output. There are also apps specific to particular charger networks that can help locate chargers on those networks, as well as provide status on how many are operational and whether any are currently available for use. A couple of the most common are Electrify America and EVGo. BTW, the route you suggested above isn't a hard one. It's not that far from SLC to the Grand Canyon and there are plenty of good charging locations en route. I could do the drive (not towing), there and back, with two stops. One stop on the way, and one stop on the way back, both at the EA (Electrify America) station in Beaver UT, and no need to charge overnight. No idea what adding the 5 NPs would add though, but likely still not hard given how common chargers are there.
atreis 07/30/22 08:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: EV's need gas too - Tow with a Tesla?

I also think there are two different types of people buying Teslas. The first are the "greenies". They want an electric vehicle and to not use fossil fuels. These folks are NOT parked on the side of the road charging their Teslas with generators - period. The second group are those who buy a Tesla because they are "first adopters", "technophiles", or "image people". They are not concerned about being "green" but about having the newest, latest, big name, fad, etc. They WILL happily charge their Tesla from a generator because they don't care about not using fossil fuels - and they see nothing hypocritical about it. To judge the first group as hypocrites based on the actions of the second group is unfair. There was a poll on Reddit a month or so ago asking people the reason they chose an EV. The most popular reason: Lower total cost of ownership. The second most popular: more fun to drive. The potential environmental benefit came in last place. For many people it's seen as a nice secondary benefit, but insufficient in itself. True greenies advocate for removal of personal cars from the transportation system entirely. As for the photo, I'd guess they're using the trailer for lunch or something and running the roof air (thus having the trailer plugged into the pair of gennies) and charging the car as something they can do with the excess to add a tiny bit of range in the meantime. Charging on 110V, you don't get much.
atreis 07/30/22 07:32am Tow Vehicles
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