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RE: Sights along Lake Superior

Wow. Shame about the trading post, but no doubt a deserved retirement. I haven't been that way for a couple years, but was planning to go next summer.
atreis 09/15/19 08:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Sights along Lake Superior

Old Woman Bay and other parts of Lake Superior PP. If you enjoy hiking, the Orphan Lake Trail is an especially good hike if you're up for a full day hike, Pukaskwa NP and it's many trails and both beaches are very nice. There are excellent views at some spots along the eastern shore between the Soo and Wawa. Some pretty spots after Marathon. Marathon itself is interesting, but it's challenging to get to the views. There are some spots near Sleeping Giant where one can hunt/collect Amethyst at private mines. That can be a fun activity. Oh, and the trading post just before Pancake Bay PP. Conversation at that trading post some years back: There was a foreign vendor (Indian guy) selling what the sign said were Reindeer pelts from northern Europe. My young daughter read the sign and it went like this: Daughter (a little distressed): Reindeer Pelts?? Vendor: Yeah, reindeer pelts! Daughter (horrified): Like Rudolph? Vendor: Yeah yeah! Rudolph! Had to spend some time explaining that reindeer are common in northern Europe and these weren't Santa's ...
atreis 09/15/19 06:09am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cant hook up a whole house generator

If you're planning to sell and move in two years ... Just live without the backup generator for two years .......... Doesn't seem to me like it'd be worth it for such a short time. Working on getting the electrical fixed in the meantime would still be worthwhile though, as no doubt whoever looks to buy it will have a home inspection done and that will turn up the electrical irregularities.
atreis 09/08/19 06:21am Around the Campfire
RE: AUDI Q5 for towing

I've been towing with unibody vehicles for decades without issues, as have many others. There are unibody vehicles that can tow up to 7,700 lbs available (VW Touareg). The "unibody is no good for towing" is a myth, if one stays within all manufacturer recommended limits. On the Q5, as others have mentioned, the most likely limit that would come into effect is payload capacity. Also keep in mind it's a fairly short wheelbase, high center of gravity, vehicle so you'll also be better off using one of the better WD hitches with sway control.
atreis 07/20/19 08:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Will I kill my mini-van?

I've towed with minivans for decades (Toyota and Ford, not Chrysler). Never had to replace a transmission, or any other part related to towing, and keep my cars for at least 10 years and generally put well over 200K miles on them. The Ford had a new Rack&Pinion put in at 120K miles, a common issue for the older Windstar, unrelated to towing. Never had an issue with using WDH (in fact, they're recommended by both Ford and Toyota) and never had an issue due to having a high wall trailer. IMO, most of the opinions to the contrary are likely from people that just haven't done it. Advice: Stay within your vehicles weight ratings and they work just fine, and are in fact very stable tow vehicles. Very low center of gravity, long wheelbase. Use a quality WDH with sway control. Weights to check and verify (at a scale, fully loaded for a trip, including passengers and cargo): Individual axles for axle weight, total axle weight vs. tire ratings, hitch weight (with a tongue scale). Don't tow with a full water tank. That water adds several hundred pounds. Tow at 60mph on the flats. Learn how to pull long grades. (Figure out where your engine's power band is. When going up, put the engine in the power band (a particular RPM range) and keep it there, letting it downshift as necessary, and don't worry about speed as you down shift and slow down. Keep it in the power band, and you'll end up passing much larger tow vehicles that don't know how to do this. Going down, manually downshift as much as your vehicle will allow to use the engine for braking. Periodically brake firmly to slow down to 45-50 mph, then let the car coast with the engine in as low a gear as it'll do to control speed, until it gets up to about 65, then brake again ... Doing this will allow you to not have to brake too often and keep from overheating the brakes.)
atreis 07/14/19 07:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Trailer Thoughts

IME, that length can be accommodated at most any Ontario park. It will limit selection some. 25' is probably a better length for site selection flexibility. (Gotta love the Ontario Parks Lottery ... Be ready to click your preferred, available, site at precisely 7am 5 months in advance to get a site during the summer ...) A somewhat less obvious recommendation, but also a great park and no reservations: Pukaskwa on the NE end of Lake Superior (near Marathon) is very nice.
atreis 07/14/19 07:05am Travel Trailers
RE: The best camping spots are free.

It's not just a lack of sites but also population. There are a few official dispersed sites in Eastern National Forests and State Forests, but not very many. During the summer months (when one would normally want to use them) they're often occupied. The only place where I've had consistent luck getting one that wasn't already taken is in WV.
atreis 06/30/19 09:39am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping

There are various things that MIGHT work ... These are the electronic noise makers (ultrasonic mouse repellers), and various types of things that small bad to mice, and poisons. The repellers make an area less pleasant than it otherwise would have been. Mice, being fairly rational critters, are looking for a good place to nest. They'll check out a number of sites and pick the best. The noise makers and scent things make an area less pleasant. If it's still the best spot the mouse finds, it'll still nest there. Poisons can have the downside of poisoning other critters who eat the poisoned mouse, or of the mouse kicking the bucket somewhere hidden within your trailer. They also won't keep the mouse out, and take a little while to work. Assuming you don't have many though, once they're gone they might stay that way. The best: Seal all openings into the trailer. Don't let them get in in the first place. (This only works for actual trailers though, not for RVs, and getting to all of the openings and such can take a while, involves lots of crawling and bending, and sometimes removing false panels to find the plumbing and electrical runs.) Obviously you'd not be up for that until you heal! Best wishes with your injuries.
atreis 06/16/19 04:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: light bulbs - Grrrrrrr

For bulbs with roughly the same color as incandescent bulbs, you want about 3300K ("warm white"). LEDs this color tend to be a little more expensive, or a little lower lumens. Many people these days are opting for cooler temperature bulbs, around 5000K ("daylight"/"cool white"). These will look "whiter"/"bluer" though than incandescents. Which to use is a style choice. 60W bulbs are about 800 lumens. Some LED bulbs can damage the retina if you look directly at the exposed emitter for long enough, especially in very high power bulbs. The emitter is VERY small - just a few millimeters - and can be making A LOT of light. Looking directly at it isn't a good idea. In 60W replacement bulbs though, there will either be a bunch of low power emitters, or a fogged cover over the emitter. Assuming you don't do something silly, don't worry about it too much. If it hurts to look at it, then don't. :)
atreis 06/02/19 07:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: What are your yearly registration costs for your truck?

Indiana: ~$500 depending on details. $45 for registration, and for a 2018 F-350 Super Duty Crew Diesel, ~$450 tax. (Ohio is sooooo much better for this!)
atreis 06/02/19 06:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What are your yearly registration costs for your truck?

Ohio: Passenger vehicle will pay $34.50. Light Non-Commercial Vehicles (up to ¾ of a ton) cost $49.50 to renew and Heavy Non-Commercial Vehicles (up to a 1 ton capacity) are $84.50 to renew. Service Fees: The state of Ohio charges a Deputy Registrar license agency fee of $3.50 for a 1-year renewal. There is a 2% processing fee assessed for all online credit card transactions. There is a $0.41 postal fee assessed for the mailing of all renewals. No license tax/personal property tax. It's a relatively inexpensive state for these things.
atreis 06/01/19 06:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Supervisors that CANT supervise?

I can honestly say I've never encountered what the OP is describing. Perhaps engineering teams (what I am) work differently.
atreis 06/01/19 05:40am Around the Campfire
RE: One thing I'm not crazy about with new cars

I've never actually had any car computer failure, and have put about a million miles (in all) on my various cars, and keep them for an average of about 150K miles. All of the major repairs but one have been mechanical components - bearing (Honda, under warranty), battery pack (Honda, under warranty), rack and pinion (Ford), air conditioning compressor (Ford) ... I think that's it for major repairs. All brands of cars are, on average, also A LOT more reliable these days. They don't even require a regular tune up. The actual demand/need for the corner garage is less.
atreis 05/26/19 06:27am Around the Campfire
RE: One thing I'm not crazy about with new cars

Find an empty parking lot with parking spaces painted on. Pull into one and stop where you think the bumper should be lined up. Get out and look. Try again ... Repeat until you learn where the front of the car is. Or just turn on the proximity sensors and let the car beep at you when you get too close. :)
atreis 05/25/19 05:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Trying to narrow down a short list of SUV for wife

How about the Renegade? Pretty high on the "cool" list, and actually decent at off road.
atreis 04/24/19 07:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Big Brother IS watching, and listening, and recording...

If you really think that what you're saying and doing is so interesting to law enforcement that they would spend their time monitoring you specifically ... then it just might be (and that's probably a good thing) ... ;)
atreis 04/20/19 06:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Restaurant tipping question

Depends on the restaurant. I don't tip at fast food places (but then, they don't usually have jars anyway) but do at places where food preparation requires some skill and the restaurant is locally owned and operated (like pizza places). I've never, and probably wouldn't ever, tip the tab unless my tab was unusually low for the venue. I believe increasing the minimum wage is a better solution overall.
atreis 04/20/19 06:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Trying to narrow down a short list of SUV for wife

Of the original list, I'd go with the Highlander. The 4Runner would be good too, but is less practical overall. You could also look at smaller options like the Rav4, CRV, etc. I especially like the CRV and the even-smaller HRV.
atreis 04/20/19 06:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Friday Funny - nice home-built

Tiny house with a lofted sleeping area.
atreis 04/20/19 06:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Need help from google or microsoft.

A very nice site for generating random passwords: Has options for length, characters to include, etc ...
atreis 03/31/19 06:23am Around the Campfire
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