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RE: Traveling with Propane on

This wasn't true for us when we had our previous MH's. We ran the furnace when travelling in winter to keep the whole MH warm and pipes from freezing. We've also used hot water while en route. I always turned these things off when fueling however. I was never comfortable with an open flame while fueling however small the risk. I think that you are in a very small minority of folks who travel with a furnace and hot water on.
austinjenna 07/03/22 05:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Looking at class c questions on maintenance

I know I can change it myself. I was actually wondering where people go when they are out on a trip and needed to have some service done, like an oil change for example. I know if something is rv related I would need to go to an rv shop
austinjenna 06/29/22 05:28am Class C Motorhomes
Looking at class c questions on maintenance

Hello, we currently have a fiver but lately have been looking at smaller class c around the 25ft length. My question is having to do with oil changes and was wondering - for example if it was a Ford powered rv do you take it to the ford dealer for oil changes? Are they generally able to work on these types of vehicles without a problem?
austinjenna 06/28/22 05:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Empty parks with no open sites.

It seems like everyone is upset because they can't get the site they wanted or the days they wanted. The truth is the campgrounds don't care. Here in Ohio if you book a site you pay for it at the time of booking. If you don't show up - they don't care as they already got paid. It actually works out better in their favor as you are not using electric, water, sewer, facilities etc... They closed the loophole of people reserving a site for a week only to then change their reservations and only take the weekend days. Now you can't modify your reservation, you can cancel it, but it cancels the entire reservation and then becomes available again to the general public and you can't book it again for like 15 minutes. So you might get it or someone else might have already booked it. There are lots of reasons why a site might be booked but empty. Family emergencies come up, breakdowns, etc... I would be totally pissed if I had a reservation but for some reason could not make it the first day due to some unforeseen circumstances and show up the following day only to see someone else on my site because it was rebooked.
austinjenna 06/24/22 05:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Portable air conditioner

We use one occasionally in our fifth wheel when the temps are really high outside to help cool. We have a 30 amp unit with a 15K ac. We have the single hose unit although I heard the 2 hose ones are better, I got a great deal on clearance for this one so purchased it. I fashioned some wood to be the same contour as one of the side windows that the hose goes into. I also run a heavy duty extension cord through the slide seal from the portable unit to the pedestal. It does help out quite a bit
austinjenna 06/18/22 05:13am Tech Issues
RE: No shortage of RVs

We recently checked out some driveables while camping with signs on them about the chip shortage so a lot of them were missing things like heated steering wheels, navigation, automatic sliding doors etc.. They said the price reflected that
austinjenna 05/13/22 04:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Where is EVERYONE??

Nice job!
austinjenna 05/08/22 04:48am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: first commercially available all electric RV

Its a gimmicky trailer that only a few tree huggers will buy at that price and feel good about how they are not leaving a footprint by having a green trailer. If I am going to spend 80K on a rig it certainly is not going to be that one.
austinjenna 05/04/22 05:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Residential Fridge battery run time

Doubt you'll get a new camper with a residential fridge and 1 battery, but in general, OE power and a residential compressor fridge is still a poor combination. I know you think you have just a specific short term situation that you will need to run off of an inverter, but it's quite possible that you're not considering all scenarios. You only travel an hour or 2? Charging while traveling? Run onboard genny or install a heavy duty dc dc charger? I'm not even sure what you are talking about. If you read my initial post I was wondering how long it would run on 1 battery because currently with my gas/electric fridge I start it up the night before in the storage lot then the next morning when I bring it home its cold, then load cold items into it and done. I was wondering if I could do the same thing with a residential fridge and it seems from the responses the answer is no unless I add more batteries. My storage lot is 2 miles from my house, so picking it up, turning on the fridge, it will not cool down in the 5 minute ride home to start stocking it up. I know the batteries charge while driving.
austinjenna 04/30/22 04:56am General RVing Issues
RE: AirSafe 5er hitch

The TrailerSaver line is quality and so is B&W. So in that they are no different. The difference is TS have air bags and B&W does not. Many ways to skin a cat. I tow MUCH heavier than most anyone here with a solid B&W and a TrailAir pin box. Setup does the same but at MUCH less $$$. I look in my rear view and watch the RV move up and down separately. I have Factory Rear Air on my Truck and that makes a huge difference also. I also have the Trailair air pinbox and used it with my solid Reese hitch before switching over to the trailerSaver hitch and in my opinion there is a difference
austinjenna 04/30/22 04:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar panel

I have a 5 0r 10W panel connected to an on/off switch and then to a fan mounted in the ceiling vent of my fiver in reverse to suck the hot air out in summer. Its been working for the last few years without an issue so it can be done. Naturally the fan speed will be variable depending on how much sun is hitting the panel
austinjenna 04/29/22 04:56am Tech Issues
RE: AirSafe 5er hitch

I have the TrailerSaver air ride hitch and after having both an air ride and normal hard fifth wheel hitch I would never go back to a hard one.
austinjenna 04/29/22 04:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Residential Fridge battery run time

Where do you get the idea it takes 2-3 hrs to start cooling? What I meant was it to be cold enough to put food in. We all have compressor refers at home and in no way is it cold enough in 2-3 hrs
austinjenna 04/26/22 05:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric bikes !!

We have 2 Aventon Level bikes and love them, no issues and can easily go 30 miles on the battery. Its a pedal assist class 3 bike. We rode them on the carriage roads last year up in Acadia and glad we had them
austinjenna 04/26/22 05:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Residential Fridge battery run time

This is one of the big advantages of a 12v fridge. - The old absorption style needed to be on pretty much overnight to get cold and if you put a bunch of warm food in one, it might take a day or more to get it all down to it was important to turn it on well before you planned to use it. - 12v compressor fridge will cool down similar to a household fridge, so no need to pre-cool the fridge. As long as most of the food is already cold, just turn it on and load it up. Even if it is warm, it will only take 2-3 hours to get cold. The problem is I cant wait 2-3 hours for it to start cooling and dont want to put food in a warm fridge
austinjenna 04/25/22 03:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Residential Fridge battery run time

Thanks. I am not talking about boondocking or solar panels just simply starting the fridge for it to cool down before I bring it home to load up and head out. It sounds like it will only run a couple of hours on 1 battery
austinjenna 04/23/22 04:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Residential Fridge battery run time

Absorption fridge takes a lot longer to cool. But if you freeze what you can, precool everything else before you load the fridge everything will be safe as the system will not need to cool as much We do this now
austinjenna 04/22/22 05:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Residential Fridge battery run time

The reason for my asking is my unit is in a storage yard and currently with my 3 way fridge I go the night before and start it up so its cold by the time I pick it up. I have no hookups at the storage yard. But it seems the new units all have residential fridges in them and I was wondering about the run time on them as it seems it doesn't have the capacity to do the same routine as I currently do. I know I could always upgrade the battery bank. My storage yard is only a few miles from my house so starting it up when I go get it only gives me about 10 minutes before I get it home which is not enough time for it to cool off. We all know if I ask the dealer they will tell me it will run for a week LOL
austinjenna 04/22/22 03:49am General RVing Issues
Residential Fridge battery run time

I know there are variables involved here on the manufacturer of the fridge, battery etc... But for those of you that have one assuming the standard group 27 battery the dealer gives you - how long can you run that fridge on just the battery?
austinjenna 04/21/22 05:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery tender & storage

But a lot of maintainers do de-sulpahte the battery. This is from the Batteryminder plus website. The BatteryMINDer Plus is a 3-mode charger-maintainer-desulfator that extends performance and life of all types and sizes of 12 Volt lead acid batteries, including all starter, deep cycle, maintenance-free, sealed AGM, gelled or dry-type batteries, regardless of size or make. The Model 12117 automatically dissolves harmful power-robbing sulfation using safe, low voltage, patented high-frequency pulse technology
austinjenna 04/18/22 05:35am Tech Issues
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