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RE: 4 season camping

We have a 2017 Lance 1995. It is 4-season. That said, I have had water lines freeze into the bathroom in 7°F, and the line to the water pump froze at -2°F. I stayed plenty-warm in the trailer (furnace ran just under half the time with thermostat set at 65°) when temps were below 10°F. I don't know if any TT is really going to fare well with temps below 10°F longer than overnight. Even with furnace running, the Lance has water lines running around the perimeter, so they don't get heat, even with the cupboards left open. Around the perimeter of the bathroom gets no heat from the furnace, that I can tell. Good luck!
avoidcrowds 01/22/20 09:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Aftermarket trailer backup assist

I am not seeing where showing me the angle between the trailer and TV will help me back. I look in my mirrors, and can't tell you the angle of approach. I think that is where the rear-facing camera is more helpful than the angle. What am I missing?
avoidcrowds 12/05/19 10:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Suggestions please!

"Tara, if you want a relatively quiet experience and better security, think about RV parks," I see what you are doing, profdant, keeping boondocking to those of us already doing it. :B Tell others that campgrounds are better, and all.
avoidcrowds 11/25/19 03:08pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Again, Admin Opening Tongass National Forest...

Be careful, pigman. You will get flamed for having an opinion based on experience. You should be forming opinions based on emotion. Same with you, Tom/Barb - living close and seeing/reading about the fires is a perspective you are not supposed to share. It may support the Administration's actions. From what I have read, so far, less than 3.5% of Tongass will be opened for logging. I have not found out how much, or where, the oil development or mining may take place. That is not much of a footprint, when one is trying to balance our lifestyle with protecting the environment, in my opinion. But, I live in Colorado, where much of our forest is dead due to pine beetle infestation, which is due to suppressing fires for too long. Humans know the best way to manage forests - just ask the Forest Service or tree-huggers! (sarcasm) YosemiteSam, I am not saying you should not be bringing attention to potential impact on a beautiful area. Had you not mentioned it here, I would not have heard about it, or looked into it. However, I do believe in a balanced approach, and understand there are trade-offs. When hiking at Philmont Scout Ranch, they told us to use the existing trail, even where it was worn 6" or a foot into the ground. They called it the "sacrificial zone". This kept the rest of the meadows and forests untracked. I think this is what has to be done to support our lifestyle - some areas are sacrificed for the benefit of the population, while the rest can be preserved. It is a balancing act, that's for sure. But, if we protected everywhere from human impact, we would have much less opportunity for camping, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. It is almost like you are saying "I have my area for my benefit, but no one else is allowed to create their area of benefit". Or, "I am here, and there are too many people, so ban anyone else from moving in". Tradeoffs. We live with them every day.
avoidcrowds 08/30/19 10:25am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Yet another great mapping resource -- NFS topo PDFs

profdan, you can download the GeoTiff to your computer, then import it into GoogleEarth (desktop version, not mobile app). It is a large file, so I had to save the GoogleEarth process to my computer, but that was just creating a folder for it. Once it imports into GoogleEarth, you can toggle it on and off, so you can see the topo, or the satellite imagery. Useful. Thanks for the link! I will use it often, I believe.
avoidcrowds 08/28/19 12:02pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Lance roof noise?

We have a 2017 Lance 1995. We definitely hear the rain, but it is no louder than our previous trailers. The slide-out is the loudest part of the roof. If you get a slide awning (we don't have one), it would be much more quiet.
avoidcrowds 08/19/19 08:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Bunkhouses similar to 272BHS with light hitch weight

"but if we can’t depend on ANY numbers from the vehicle or the RV manufacturer to be correct," What, you're frustrated by the answers you are getting here? That's all part of trying to figure out weights, that's for sure. I would say, "no", you cannot depend on numbers the RV manufacturers post. They all use a weight of the base trailer, with no options or additional equipment. They then weigh the tongue. Again, stripped. Not real-world numbers, in any way, shape, or form. The best way to figure weights is to get the actual weight from trailers with your configuration, as they sit on the dealer's lot. The white sticker tells you the weight of the trailer as it left the manufacturer's lot. But, you still have to add batteries, water, and all of your stuff. That's why you have been advised to use GVRW of the trailer. However, you said the model you are interested in has (somethin like) 2,500 lbs of cargo capacity, and you won't use all of it. You say you have about 850 lbs of stuff, which does not account for water, batteries, etc. If you add water weight (you never know if the water will be available where you go, unless you always go to higher-end facilities, as there are water outages occasionally that have no backup plan), and 1,200 lbs for your stuff plus batteries, etc., that will give you a better "loaded" guesstimate than using published dry weight. As others have said, use at least 13% of Gross Wt for tongue wt. You have no idea how the load will balance, compared to dry wt. Using the 10.7% tongue wt of a dry unit is assuming all loads will balance the same way as an empty trailer. Bad assumption. Err on the side of heavier tongue, so you don't find out most of the loaded wt is on the tongue. Don't try to squeeze a trailer into your desired weight range. Be realistic with projections. I see others post questions, and the vast majority of the answers are not what they want to hear. Then, when someone says "yeah, my buddy tows with the same rig, and he is over the weight limit, but he has no problems", they jump on it and say "Thanks for letting me know it is okay". They ignore reality, to embrace only what they wanted to hear in the first place. Not good when your family's safety is at stake. Good luck!
avoidcrowds 08/02/19 01:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Zephyr Cove Charging $75 a night!

"is not going to support the campground as much as it is going to support the concessionaire" WesternRVParkOwwner said, and it makes sense, that the concessionaire pays the government for the contract. Yes, the concessionaire makes money, but so does the government. It is not all free money for the concessionaire. What the government gets, I would imagine some of it still goes to the less-popular campgrounds. Yes, a company makes money, but that is why every business exists. You seem to feel that any company is going to funnel as much money as they can into their own profits. If Aramark doesn't do a good job, they will lose the contract. There are checks and balances. The government doesn't just give them the contract, then forget about them.
avoidcrowds 06/09/19 08:16pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Zephyr Cove Charging $75 a night!

WesternRVParkOwner has the best explanation of concessionaires under contract with the Govt, any paying a fee to the Govt. And, "Just because the land is publicly owned doesn't automatically mean whatever is operated on that land should be free." While the Govt. used to operate all the campgrounds, they were being subsidized by other sources of revenue (our taxes). So, we all were paying something for the campgrounds. With concessionaires operating the campgrounds, taxpayers should be paying less, or maybe zero, and those of us who use the campgrounds pay for them. I am okay with me paying for what I use, and others that don't use it not subsidizing my activities. But, I don't live in California. As I said in an earlier post, if you don't want to pay the fee to stay in the Resort, other options around Lake Tahoe are available, in NF campgrounds. For instance, Fallen Leaf Lake campground is $35/night. No hookups. I would expect to pay more for hookups elsewhere, as is the case at the Resort. There are choices. Don't want to pay $75/night (really, $85.50 with taxes)? Stay somewhere else nearby.
avoidcrowds 06/09/19 03:30pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Zephyr Cove Charging $75 a night!

My wife calls me "cheap", and friends call me a tightwad. I dry camp and use FS campgrounds, as I like their settings, and price, for the most part. I have also seen how poorly many people treat our Public Lands. Disgraceful! Zepher Cove is in a pricey area. It takes lots of effort and $$$ to maintain what so many people mistreat and disrespect. Yes, it is Public Land, but too many don't treat it as if they own it. They want someone else to clean up after them. I have no problem with that price, for the area. If one wants to spend less, there are FS campgrounds on the west side of the lake, and north of the lake, also. They cost less than Zephyr Cove. We have choices. Not all of us can stay wherever we wish, even on public land. Prices are market-driven, not entitlement-driven.
avoidcrowds 06/09/19 11:47am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: "Satellight Pollution" of the Night Sky by SpaceX

Hmmm. When I am boondocking, I seem to see way more than 2,000 stars in the sky. Maybe 2,000 when viewing the sky in a city. I am not too concerned about it. Even if there are 12,000 birds put up there by SpaceX, it is going to take much longer than I will be around to get them all up there. If they can launch 10 at a time, and do a launch each month, that will be 100 years to put them all up. If they can launch more each time, then they will be pretty small, and may not be visible to the naked eye. I like trying to spot satellites when I am stargazing. If someone is looking through binoculars or a telescope, the chances of a SpaceX satellite entering your field of view will be, in my opinion, very slim. Yes, there is legitimate concern of additional hazards flying around, and I will grant that is valid. But, as for seeing a swarm of them in the small portion of sky we can see while stargazing, I think that is being overblown.
avoidcrowds 06/07/19 09:31pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Displaced Camp Hosts in Colorado?

Just curious: with all the snow still keeping many Colorado campgrounds closed, how many Camp Hosts have no place to stay, or have any idea when they will actually be able to report for work? Do you know of any, or are you one of the Hosts without an open campground?
avoidcrowds 06/07/19 09:07pm Workamping Forum
RE: Leveling blocks

I have used the same 4 sets of Lynx blocks for 8 years, and have not broken one. I have used all of them on some very sloped sites. They are lighter than wood, and don't get soaked if it rains. I don't mind putting them away if it is raining. When I used wood, I had to take them back out to dry when I got home. Lynx for me!
avoidcrowds 06/07/19 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water in or around Moab

I believe the Maverik gas station on the south end of town has a water spigot for RVs. You may call them, though. There are also some RV parks/resorts that will usually let you fill, for a fee. Still, if you want to travel dry, it is a small price to pay to fill when you get to Moab. You say you will be boondocking. If you are up for a treat, we stayed at the Porcupine Rim Campground, 38.575542, -109.345886. We had a smaller trailer, but you can camp in the campground with most rigs. You can hike to the point, and have great views.
avoidcrowds 05/12/19 06:41pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Jeep GC and TT Towing Assistance

HappyHicks, I towed 2 trailers with my 2014 Grand Cherokee diesel, 7,200 lb tow rating. More torque, and about the same HP as your GC. They were TrailManors, so low-profile, about 3,500 lbs. Towed in strong winds with no problems, up to the Eisenhower tunnel, either direction, no problem. I then got a normal trailer, 23', which weighs 5,700 lbs. Still way below tow rating. Problem was, I only had 1,030 lbs of cargo capacity in the GC. 660 lb tongue wt, 75 lb WDH, left 295 lbs for wife, myself, and our cat. No cargo. Plus, it dogged to 30 mph coming up the west side of the Eisenhower Tunnel approach. Started towing, and any wind pushed us around a lot. Adjusted WDH multiple times, had axles aligned (were not out of alignment, but one wheel was loose), and not much improvement in towing. Towed in a strong (40 mph+) crosswind, and would only go 50 mph. Faster was really unstable. Consensus with all I consulted was that the GC has too short of a wheelbase for the trailer. Traded GC for an F150, and my towing experience improved drastically. All this to say, be very careful in strong winds. Don't plan to put much weight in the Jeep, as you don't have cargo capacity to spare. Good luck! I hope your experience with your combination is better than my experience was. Oh, and don't even think about going through Aspen to get to Moab. 1) you still will go through Grand Junction, so doing the dip to the south makes no sense. And 2), you can't take a trailer over Independence Pass. Wouldn't want to, even if they allowed it. Go I-70 the entire way, to the Moab turnoff.
avoidcrowds 04/12/19 10:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Finding places to dump tanks

"can I leave the sh!t (pun intended) sit there until our next trip" As with most questions, the answer begins with "it depends". How much water is also in the tank? How long until you can dump? How hot is it going to be in the meantime? If you travel far enough, and have enough water in the tank, the sloshing around will likely help liquify the solids (you do use chemicals, right?). If you drive far enough before dumping, you should agitate any settled sediment, so it should flush when you dump.
avoidcrowds 04/10/19 09:14pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: National Park and National Forests Bummer

"Park Rangers ran people off for stopping along the road to look at Mt Rushmore" There are signs along the highway saying it is illegal to stop on the shoulder. It could be that the Park Service is contractually obligated to enforce the policy in that immediate area. It would make sense, since they are patrolling, instead of having State police keep sweeping the area.
avoidcrowds 03/14/19 12:39pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Where to put load leveling hitch

I had a 2" piece of square tube welded on under my tongue. I slide the hitch into it, and put my hitch lock through the hole. Keeps it secure. I just put my sway bars on top of where they normally are while hitched. I don't lock them, and still have them after 4 years. I do use a coupler lock on the coupler, to add more resistance to theft.
avoidcrowds 02/28/19 08:49pm Towing
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