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RE: Over weight? Does it bother you?

Im over length too but I don’t worry about it, its no one else business.
azrving 02/21/20 03:41am Truck Campers
RE: Ford Puck System

Pull one of the plastic plugs and you should see a rectangular slot in a steel bracket. Its sort of like a skeleton key hole. The corresponding rotating “pins” which are on the four corner arms of the picture frame drop in those holes and rotate 90 degrees so that they cant lift out of the hole. If it has the plastic caps id think it has to have the keyhole brackets. My plastic caps are rectangular on the underside and shove down into the keyhole If you look under the bed you should see the brackets in the area of the plugs in the bed.
azrving 02/20/20 07:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Inverter/Battery needs for Residential refrige

Will be replacing my dead Norcold N821 with a 9.8 cu ft residential in 2 weeks. Refrige draws 6.0amps/690 watts on start and 2.5amps/287.5 watts running. Planning on a 1200 watt PSW inverter which will handle load . Question is how much battery do I need? Are you getting these numbers off the compressor or spec sheet? If so they are probably AC numbers. IIRC My compressor says .5 which is 5 amps DC. If it said 6.5 amps start up that would equate to 65 amps DC. I tried a magic chef from HD first and it wouldn’t start on a 1000 watt Xantrex. I then went to a 2000 watt Xantrex and I believe a whirlpool 10.8 cf from best buy. Its going on 4 years since i installed it so I’m remembering every number exactly right but Im thinking it was a daily amp hour use of about 75 AH. Multiply any AC numbers by about 10 to get DC numbers Im running 6 GC2 and 1000 watts of panels. Edit: Another thing that happens with inverters is that by the numbers it should work but thats also considering that you have enough battery and heavy enough cables. No matter the what the numbers say that start up spike can sometimes freak the inverter out. Just mentioning it so you can plan accordingly. Leave room for up sizing everything just incase your experiment varies. Also dont over estimate how long it can be off and keep things cold or frozen. I heard very optimistic comments on here yet had very different results the one time i tried it. Your results may be better When my defrost kicks in it pulls 20 some amps DC for 10 minutes or so. Defrost probably comes on each day. I know that each time its powered off and back on it does a defrost cycle.
azrving 02/20/20 06:53am Tech Issues
RE: seal pulling out?

Bad Farcebook link. It probably is shrunken. It’s common for the exterior trim
azrving 02/19/20 01:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: weak Cell Signal

Wilson we boost. We live out in the sticks and it works great. I could send a text but pics could take hours or a day to go through. Now i have lte two bars and sometimes three. I watch you tube and dw watches tv on ipad. $460 but far better than hughes net at $100 per month. Sometimes on Sunday its slow probably because of a large amount of traffic
azrving 02/17/20 11:33am Full-time RVing
RE: Trojan T-105

I used four Sams 12 volt rv / marine batteries in series to Power a 48 volt Ray outboard motor. I used an Lester industrial charger which finished at 61 volts on every charge. I bought them in 2008 and one failed in 2009 under warr then I replaced one in 2016 and 2017. I sold it last summer with 2008, 2009, 2016, 2017 batteries and they served the new owner all summer. These had also been run down very low a few times when visitors left an inverter on. They were never low on electrolyte. More batteries die of under charging vs over charging
azrving 02/15/20 05:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Trojan T-105

Crown is another big source in the industrial side. We had fleets of crown forklift and pallet truck batteries and sometimes even the GC2. A lot of the crown GC were in manlifts. A lot of the personnel and burdened carriers were Trojan. Our Trojans batteries were beat on daily. We ran three shifts and would have to go out on equipment service calls and have to stop at places in the factory to plug in because the batteries were stone dead. We’d get enough charge to make it to the next plug. No you cant run gassers in the buildings. We had an odd gas or diesel but they didn’t live indoors.
azrving 02/14/20 09:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Trojan T-105

I’ve also had good luck with sams GC2 but while working in industry Trojan was all we ran. They suggest a daily charge of 14.8 volts. Do you have the ability to do 14.8 and equalize if needed? I charge my sams at 14.8 and eq as needed.
azrving 02/14/20 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: wiring a 30 Amp Power Outlet 30A Circuit Breaker {{UPDATE}}

As they said green goes to the lug that is mounted to the box. If you want to go one step further use an ohm meter or a continuity test light to check from the neutral lug to the box itself. There should be NO connection or continuity from neutral to the box. If you were to check that after its wired it would appear that there IS continuity because the neutral and ground ARE bonded (connected) at the source (main panel).
azrving 02/14/20 07:32am Tech Issues
RE: Class-A Boondocking mods - but not those kind

Ive never owned a MH but I wouldn’t make mods like a skid plate because you want to go off road etc. I would be looking it over very well to try and bulletproof it as good as possible. My FW sits nice and high because of the axle flip but there are other vulnerable items like the drain pipe. So guards and skid plates are good but more as protection during normal use not for taking it to the limit. I made brackets and a protective shield under it and where something like a tire gator could bust the end off. I also made a guard bracket to protect my fumoto valve Check the spare tire and possibly make a secondary restraint for it. Check the exhaust system for good hangers and improve where needed. Look at everything that could go wrong. While you are under it its also a good time to plug all the holes to keep the critters out. Ive double towed my FW and atv trailer through a fair amount of rough places but I have the option of possibly driving the truck if the FW was stuck or broke etc. I also have a couple street legal motorcycles If your MH is stuck broke its all you have unless you pull something.
azrving 02/12/20 09:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Finally added the solar Next up, water storage

With no obstructions, it should be able keep my batteries (3-80 amp/hr) charged fairly well when boon docking.That will be totally dependent on your power usage. As mentioned above, 30ah would be less than 3 hours of TV at my house. Yep satellite, 40 inch TV, furnace, water pump, ipad, laptop, residential fridge and next thing ya know I’m pulling 18 amps ??
azrving 02/12/20 08:47pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Finally added the solar Next up, water storage

I use a 60 gallon water bladder. Ive carried it on my utility trailer which I double tow behind our FW. Ive also put it in the truck bed behind the hitch and even used it in the back seat of the truck once. It wasn't full in the back seat but it worked. They are very durable and conform to irregular areas. I use an adapter and rv water hose to pull it through the winterizing valve so there is no need for an separate pump. Ive plumbed in extra filters and an expansion tank along with a bypass valve so the pump can suck through the winterizing valve and dump into the fresh tank or just pull from the bladder.
azrving 02/12/20 10:13am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Thinking of Looking Again

No matter what assume the worst. Have the money available to replace a $5000 or more engine, transmission etc. water heaters are $400 or so on ebay vs probably $1000 installed at a dealer Water damage is the number one concern with RVs. After you own it be happy if the furnace or fridge quits vs your foot going through the floor.
azrving 02/09/20 05:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Daunting it's not...rooftop AC replacement

I replaced mine while boondocking in northern Florida. I left it in it’s shipping box, backed the truck up to the front of the FW, made a ramp with two 2x4s from the truck bed and pulled it onto the roof. Tie the rope securely so there is no way it can slip off. Return the 2x4s to HD.
azrving 02/09/20 05:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Question about Onan Generator

The generator has a stator under the flywheel. It produces AC current which is sent to a regulator/rectifier. The rectifier changes the ac current to DC current which charges the DC battery. The regulator portion controls the DC voltage level to the battery.
azrving 02/09/20 05:13am Tech Issues
RE: wiring a 30 Amp Power Outlet 30A Circuit Breaker {{UPDATE}}

There are pictures of the wiring in the Amazon reviews. Your existing pvc/wire will enter the bottom of the box. Black goes to the breaker then it goes to the plug. White goes to the neutral lug and then to the plug. Green goes to the ground lug of the box then to the plug. Right now your black wire is going to the plug. Your wire is going to the plug and your green ground is going to the plug and to the box itself. The only thing different in the new box is that the black wire will be going to the breaker then on to the plug. Don’t count on all of the reviews as being accurate and some are dangerous. One guy suggested saving money on wire by not running a ground to the box and driving a ground rod for grounding. This is very dangerous advice. Again, right now your wiring should be black from your existing breaker to your plug. White from your panels neutral lugs and ground from the ground lug bar. Your service panel where everything starts should be bonded which means that the neutral and ground are connected together. If you were to run any 240 volt “sub” panels off your main service they would NOT be bonded so they would run four wires. You are simply running a 120 volt circuit out to your rv, its not a sub panel. Its no different than any other wall plug in your house other than it’s heavier gauge and you are now going to be able to interrupt the black wire.
azrving 02/08/20 03:22am Tech Issues
RE: Enjoy it while we can

Its global warming, oops I mean climate change. Yeah yeah, thats the ticket
azrving 02/06/20 05:19pm Snowbirds
RE: Charge for each pet ??? your thoughts

That’s good that they are doing that and one of the main reasons that yhey do it is probably because people don’t pick up after their pets. I don’t mean you, its the other people
azrving 02/06/20 05:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Where window when sleeping?

Hip area Fresh air is close enough to your head but lights are not as likely to bother you. Flatulence is near hip area if covers are jerked away during release. If they aren’t and odors escape near the head its still close enough with the window at the hip area. I never really thought about it but my bedroom windows are more to the hip area
azrving 02/02/20 04:39pm Toy Haulers
RE: purchase

With RVs they say “Be handy or have a lot of money”. On the other hand even if money isn’t an issue i cant imagine the torture of dealing with having someone do everything. Too much incompetence and dishonesty.
azrving 02/02/20 10:21am Class C Motorhomes
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