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RE: Towing challenges with flagstaff 25FKS

All those saying you have the wrong truck are well, wrong. You do not have the best of most capable you could possibly have, but it’s more than capable and rated for your trailer. Guessing most of your issue besides gas mileage is your lack of experience and what to expect combined with needing to tweak your setup a bit. I pulled a similar sized 5W with a GMC 1500 5.3 once, not enough truck. I bought an F250 Super Duty and didn't know there was a trailer back there. Any one that recommends towing with a 1/2 ton is doing the new RVer a disservice. A 1/2 tons big enough for few SMALL RV's, a Scamp, White Water, River Side, Shasta Airflyte, or popup. You MUST be talking a 50s model pickup. what did this fiver weigh? Jay D.
badsix 12/15/20 08:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Attaching a satellite to the top of a TT

Do I understand correctly that the satellite must have an unrestricted view of the southern sky? We have stayed in a few places that that would not work, but if it was mobile it would. i have a socket on the front that the stand fits, this way i have 180 deg. at the back and 180 deg. at the front. so i have access to them where ever they are. also have a small cable that loops the receiver to the bumper, not much of a theft deterrent but might slow down a beginner. Jay D.
badsix 12/15/20 08:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Attaching a satellite to the top of a TT

Can i edit and make the picture smaller? i have a socket on the front so if the satellites are in that direction. Jay D.
badsix 12/15/20 10:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing challenges with flagstaff 25FKS

That sounds OK on paper. But a 5.3 does not go up the hill like a diesel. More importantly all the big 3 late model diesels now have a factory exhaust brakes. A 5.3 doesn't come down the hill like a diesel either. The one thing you must do is think about it. Simply put going up and down the mountain with a 5.3 will require more driver input.... not less. Ya, think? Of course, looking at new prices, $40k vs $70k for diesel means it's probably worth going up hills a little slower for most people. Of course, Michigan isn't well known for lots of long steep grades. Modern gas engines with tow/haul do surprisingly well on downgrades. No, my truck does not behave like a diesel. But I don’t need one, either. And, it has gone up every hill at least at the speed limit. I live in the mountains, so, to leave I gotta go downhill and to get home I gotta go uphill. Yep, it does rev up, drop a gear or two, so what? Toodles right up those hills. my 2010 5.3 will pull my 6500 T/T up any hill at the speed limit and going down is no problem mine has the 6 speed and when in the tow haul mode on you just tap the brakes and it will keep you at about 55mph i go down 2-3 mile steep inclines and never touch my brakes. diesels way over rated. Jay D.
badsix 12/15/20 10:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing challenges with flagstaff 25FKS

We tow with a 2020 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado that has a 3.23 rear ratio and a towing package with built in sway control. You did not mention the engine size or the transmission ! A 3.23 rear ratio is simply the wrong ratio ! Minimum of a 3.73. Withe the CORRECT engine, transmission, rear axle and load package a 1/2 ton should pull that trailer fine. the available gear ratio is 3.42, and this is what you should have. i have a 2010 gmc 1500 crew cab 4x4 and tow a 27' T/T ready to camp at 6500 AND IT TOWS PERFECT! it runs around 10 m/p/g towing and 18 -20 unloaded on the hiway and the ride is smooth and comfortable. Jay D.
badsix 12/15/20 10:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Attaching a satellite to the top of a TT i did this, i can store the pole in my storage compartment and it also fits on the front if the satellites are that way. i can lock it down to the bumper with a small cable. Jay D.
badsix 12/10/20 09:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: what kind of trailer is this?

Looks like a 50's travel trailer, model ? Jay D.
badsix 11/29/20 08:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Motorhome vs travel trailer for cross country with pets??

we have a crew cab and 45# Boxer. the rear seat 3/4s of it folds up and makes room for a dog bed. i leave the other seat down so she can get up on it and hang out the window when she wants to. she likes it. Jay D.
badsix 11/16/20 09:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator use during travel

i have a 27' T/T with a 3500 Champion gen on the reinforced rear bumper. we made a trip to Alaska and thought about catching some fish. so i put a 5cf freezer in the back of the truck and ran an extension cored from the gen to the freezer in the back of the truck. i would usually stop about every couple hours and start the gen and let it run for and hour then shut it off with the remote. i didn't feel comfortable starting it with the remote because i didn't have any way to know if it actually worked great. Jay D.
badsix 11/16/20 09:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rebuilding my eu2000i... (never did this before)

Another problem with small engines is that the valve seats wear enough that the valves don't seat anymore. Did you check the gap before you disassembled? If not you need to reassemble enough to check. If there is not enough gap between the valve and lifter you will have to grind enough off the valve stem to get the right gap. I don't know the spec for your engine but it is usually in the .005-.010 inch area. YES, this is the main culprit when you have low compression on these small engines. Jay D.
badsix 04/06/20 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Rebuilding my eu2000i... (never did this before)

yep, you should have checked the compression first. one of the shops you took it to must have? if you have good compression no need to disassemble the engine i'm thinking electrical problem and they can be hard to track down could be CDI box or stator. Jay D.
badsix 04/06/20 12:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Soft spots in floors

we had some softness about 2'to 3' in from the door. its a 2010 I believe and in mint condition, been stored in a heated shop most all of its life. so I was surprised and got to checking I could feel it just a little when I walked in i'm 170 but my B/L is 270+ and he could really feel it. I couldn't find any soft wood even taping with a hammer the wood sounded solid. I then had my B/L walk inside wile I laid under the t/t and I could see the floor move and the reason it was doing so. the soft spot was right in the middle of the frame bracing it was nearly 3' each way to the nearest support. the fix was I welded some intermediate bracing in that area and that cured the problem. Jay D.
badsix 04/04/20 11:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Hand-powered chainsaw -- for emergency use

I once tried an electric chain saw but found it to be useless because of it's lack of power as compared to gas chain saws. How long ago was that? I have an electric pruning saw on a pole with an 8 inch bar, the thing cuts fast and effortlessly. me too bumpy my boy just bought a Ryobi battery powered chain saw it cuts better than a small gas saw and runs for hours. and NO PROBLEMS STARTING IT.. i'd like to watch the o/p cut a dry 6-8" log into with the chain. i'd be sure and have my cell with me ready to call 911. why not just a good sharp ax or hatchet. Jay D.
badsix 03/22/20 10:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Enough truck?

First off you can never have to much truck! Look at a Softopper as a cap and save about 1200# in payload. I love mine and have had it for almost 12 years. Only issue was that I cracked the back window. I reached it with a solid one, less than $100 and added a backup camera. By the way the cap should cost less than $1000. I am not affiliated with SAVE 1200#! most cab high canopy's are going to be around 200# unless the one your talking about is skinned with lead. Jay D.
badsix 03/10/20 11:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Crater Lake

at Diamond lake you might want to be sure to take mosquito repellant. they have been known to carry fishermen off the lake. they can be thick at times. Jay D.
badsix 03/07/20 10:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Traveling with a tailbone injury

I took my wife on a two day 400 mile ride on my Harley. doc said she had a severely bruised tail bone. she used one of the cushions that looks like a small innertube and after about 2 weeks she was back to normal. Jay D.
badsix 03/04/20 10:56am Travel Trailers
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