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RE: Opening and closing slides in winter

Seeing as know one here really knows what type of material your seals are, it would be very hard to answer that question. But, if the seal material is still flexible and not brittle (you should be able to tell by touching and manipulating them), then they should be fine.
bid_time 12/06/19 10:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ashby's Law 1956 and solving problems....

Ya'll go ahead and stack your problem solving committees with 7th graders. I'll stick with the people that know something about the gears, motors, and intricacies that makes the roller coaster return to the station without flying off the track.
bid_time 12/03/19 11:13am Around the Campfire
RE: Can my truck tow this?

ksnider74 - Just for some perspective, what does the door sticker on your truck say? "The combined weight of occupants and cargo should not exceed ____________ lbs,
bid_time 12/03/19 05:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ashby's Law 1956 and solving problems....

All depends on the problem you are trying to tackle. 7th Graders and the guy that mows my lawn are not going to be helpful in curing brain cancer.
bid_time 12/02/19 10:36am Around the Campfire
RE: it the trailer or the truck?

Just keep repeating to yourself - "Wow this tow so much better than a travel trailer"
bid_time 12/02/19 10:26am Towing
RE: Furnace blower stops briefly then comes back on.

Don't know about RV furnaces, but some furnaces have a limit switch where the heat exchanger has to be up to a certain temp or the fan stops until temp comes back up. If for instance you were just turning the furnace on in a real cold house, the fan would stop momentarily every time that real cold are on the intake side lowered the heat exchanger temperature to much; until the heat exchanger came back up to operating temp, then the fan would kick back on. So if your RV furnace has the same type of operation, this could be normal. If however the house ain't that cold, could be some other problem.
bid_time 12/02/19 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

You sure have a lot of animosity for the "Money Works for Them" people. I've worked for over 50 years. I put money away and invested it as I went along. I didn't spend it on booze. I paid tax on that money as I put it away, and I pay tax on the capital gains NOW. And that tax rate is 5 times more then the tax rate 50% of the taxpayers are paying. I'm proud to be a "Money Works for Them" person. I earned it. Some spent it on booze. Your bad decision is not my fault. Take responsibility for your decisions and quit being a hater on people that made good decisions.
bid_time 11/22/19 07:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

We all have the same opportunities in this country. Not hardly. How not hardly? How so? They do not have a brain to think for themselves? Stay out of trouble? We have access to so much information on the internet than ever before. Is ignorance an excuse now, gee "I didn't know"? No will to pay attention in school? No access to teachers or counselors in our schools? No books to study? Go to Church for support? No opportunity to choose their friends wisely and stay out of trouble? No opportunity to work one job? Two jobs to get ahead? Get roommates to save money? I did that much of my life. Volunteer? Use the Library? Use the many programs available to help people? Get counseling? People do not have access to birth control? No access to school, community college? No opportunity to joining the military as a means to get out of a bad situation, earn a paycheck, have a bed, a meal, and training? No opportunity to join the Reserves for extra income? And yes, I did that too. Both active duty and reserves AND worked 40 hour work week and took classes at night. No access to move anywhere in this country for work and better living conditions? I have moved over 28 times back and forth all across this country in my life for jobs. Not by choice, for survival. Pull the poor me card? The race card? I also lived in the projects with my single mother that had 3 kids after our father left us. Guess we could have just stayed there the last 50 years and say we had "no opportunity" to get out and created 3 more generations of kids on the government dole. This is the greatest country on Earth, "not hardly" excuse does not cut it, neither does "poor me" anymore.Accepting this as factual requires people to accept personal responsibility for their failures in life. Isn't going to happen.No, it's much easier just to tax the people that made something out of their life.
bid_time 11/21/19 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

"In 2016, the top 10% of taxpayers paid 70% of all taxes." Actually he exaggerated, it was 69.47% How much of the overall income percentage did those top 10% corral? 46.56% Earn huge amounts, pay large amounts of taxes. And how much, percentage-wise, did those top 10% pay in tax compared actual income? 21.19%, as compared to 3.73% for the bottom 50%The income split point to be in the top 10% is $139,713.00. Which begs the question that was never answered > "What is the right number? 90%? 100% ?"
bid_time 11/21/19 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

Wrpvo, you’d do well to observe a bit more and take to heart comments like JAC1982s and others. It’s one thing to constructively disagree with someone who can defend themselves but your holier than thou persona is beginning to wear thin.Pot calling the kettle black.
bid_time 11/21/19 05:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

There are hundreds of old, decrepit RV's on the street in Los Angeles. I see them virtually every day. It is not "fake news" around here. Maybe in your location it is different.Thanks for validating my point with your personal observation. There are an estimated 83,000 homeless people in LA. "Hundreds" is less than 1%. By the way, the homeless must really love LA, you got 15%± of the US total all in your one little city.
bid_time 11/19/19 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

This whole thread is built on a unproven and likely false narrative - homeless people are buying RV's and living on the streets. The incidence is probably less then 1%. In other words "Fake News"
bid_time 11/18/19 03:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Evolving Canines, de-evoloving people?

Does this mean if we go to San Francisco we can legally dump our holding tanks into the city storm drains? Awesome!I'm pretty sure they have a law against discharging sewage into a storm system. If you dump it on the sidewalk you should be good.
bid_time 11/16/19 06:25am General RVing Issues
RE: So Valvoline has this meeting...

Another 3 minutes I'll never get back.
bid_time 11/15/19 05:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Microwaves on inverters.

The batteries are only half of the equation. What do you do so you can run the coffee maker and microwave the next day? And what about the times when the sun doesn't shine for 4 days? And what is the cost of that side of the equation? Just buy the generator and be done.
bid_time 11/12/19 06:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Insulating exposed tanks

I think your wasting your time and money. Use the beds, stove, tv, etc and forget about trying to use the water and related systems. Just my opinion. Camped many a nights in a TT while hunting in winter. Only water I needed was carried in a 5 gal bucket, and disposed of outside.
bid_time 11/12/19 06:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: OH where to?

It's a bit out of your way but if I was that close I wouldn't miss the opportunity to stay at Old Mans Cave SP south of Columbus OH.
bid_time 11/03/19 06:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Winterizing Washer

For $4 worth of antifreeze you willing to gamble a $300 - $400 washer?
bid_time 11/02/19 09:36am Beginning RVing
RE: My daily trip to Walmart

That's 3 minutes I'll never get back.
bid_time 11/01/19 04:31pm Around the Campfire

All these half ton owners that have a GM 5.3L, GM 6.2L, Ford 5.0L, Ford Ecoboost, Ram 5.7L or Toyota 5.7L are all stupid because they will never recoup the cost in fuel over the base engine. So are all of those V8 Camaro/Mustang/Challenger owners because they will never recoup the cost over the V6. Yes, it sounds this stupid to an HD diesel owner when an HD gasser owner says they will never recoup their money.I'll put the overall mpg of my ecoboost up against your diesel for a year any day of the week. And my fuel is cheaper to boot. BTDT got the tee shirt.
bid_time 10/30/19 05:26pm Tow Vehicles
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