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My 23 year old Dometic fridge pukes yellow stuff...

Well this fridge has really been a great soldier. 23 years of keeping things cold it finally gave up. Our Bigfoot has traveled over 200,000 miles on two different f250's over those 23 years. Over the years I have replaced the circuit board because the flame out retry on the OEM board sucks. I got the Dinosaur Board... EXCELLENT. I replaced the igniter and thermocouple. I have cleaned the burner many times. That is it! So I ended up getting what I presume is an OEM or aftermarket cooling unit for this fridge an RM2652. I really thought I was getting an Amish one... Long story... I am extremely pleased with the performance of the new cooling unit so far. I have been tracking the cooling temps of both the fridge and freezer compartment and it is doing very good. I have watched CITAP1's/Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli's fridge cooling unit replacement and I was expecting to deal with the same fit issues with my new cooling unit. HAW, I did not have to cut or modify anything. The cooling unit fit exactly. The only cutting we, my son Seth and I had to do was the Bigfoot's dinette fwd bench seat. You will see in the pictures what we had to do. It was not too bad and went back together perfectly. With the fridge sitting there it was hard to get around..hahhaaa. I am not going to post all the pictures here but if you want to see some of the pictures here is a link to my Album of the project. You can click on each picture and see my comments. Bigfootford's RM2652 cooling unit replacement. Jim.
bigfootford 01/27/23 02:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Useful LFP Info Link.
bigfootford 01/26/23 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: Help - jacks are draining my batteries

There are a lot of folks that have no understanding of the systems of an RV, nor electrical/electroinics. Some learn some do not and give up sadly. Jim.
bigfootford 01/25/23 01:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Help - jacks are draining my batteries

Just get a DVM and have someone measure the voltage on the battery while raising the camper. Disconnect the shore power. Voltage should remain above 12vdc unless the battery (s) are not fully charged or gone. Think the HJ controller has a cut off at 11.5.... Jim
bigfootford 01/21/23 11:28am Truck Campers
RE: Help - jacks are draining my batteries

Depending on the weight of your camper the amps needed for a 4500lb camera will be between 35-40 amps to raise the camper.. That requires a GOOD battery that has over 80% charge. Easy way to check your battery while under load is with a DVM. Read the voltage while raising the camper with no shore power. If you see the voltage drop below 12.1 then your batter needs to be fully charged and try it again while measuring the voltage! Another way is to measure the specific gravity of the battery cells if you can get to them. Jim
bigfootford 01/20/23 01:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Help - jacks are draining my batteries

like enblethe said..... Check and make sure your converter is charging your batteries. My HJ's and 2 group 24 FWC batteries would raise and lower my camper many times before the batteries would not work the HJ's. My camper weights 4300lbs... I now only have one AGM battery 100 ah and it will raise and lower a bunch of times before going below the 11 or so volts under load that will shut off the HJ controller. It takes well over a day for your batteries to fully charge when they are low on charge. If left low on charge more than a week your NEW batteries will loose capacity. And each time you let them sit for all length of time they will be dead or useless in less than XX months. Jim.
bigfootford 01/20/23 10:56am Truck Campers
RE: NorCal Mini Truck Camper Rally - April 2023

We are in! Jim.
bigfootford 12/03/22 10:50pm Truck Campers
RE: 2023 TCA Rally

Attended last year... Signed up for this years.. Miss visiting Kelly/Mike and Jefe n wife. Had no clue that you all were there and others from Gotta figure out how to visit each other. Jim. We had our Samurai Tin Top and 3tons had his side by side so we did a couple runs to old mines. We go to Q quite a lot. Jim.
bigfootford 09/21/22 07:10pm Truck Campers
RE: 2006 Bigfoot 25C9.4LB Camper Wet Weight Label - Even Close?

I just checked the one we are buying and it doesn't have anything hand written. Ummm my 2000 BF has a factory label on the outside with information and the wet weight. Jim
bigfootford 07/31/22 10:37am Truck Campers
RE: 2006 Bigfoot 25C9.4LB Camper Wet Weight Label - Even Close?

My 2000 9.6 2500 BF weights 4200 fully loaded, 50 gal water, clothes, food, both propane bottles full. Wet weight posted is 2600lbs. I was told that is the weight without fridge, water heater, mattress, Stove/oven... Who knows but there are several BF owners that say their full ready to roll weight is right there at 4Klbs. Jim.
bigfootford 07/25/22 04:14pm Truck Campers
RE: RecPro RV A/C

Thank you so much for the followup of your Recpro install. The info will be very useful for those of us that are interested in it! Wondering if the 2000 honda will run it too. Jim
bigfootford 06/12/22 01:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot dirty water streaks down sides from roof, solutions?

Yep, black streaks are a problem with a BF...hahahaaa. When I wash my BF I get up on the roof and wash it first... I mounted my solar panels high enough to get my brush under them... I use a good wax once a year and wax as you dry every time I wash but only on the sides. Reddog1 put a trim piece along the top edges to reduce the black streaks. It worked but It sure did look ugly... Jim
bigfootford 05/23/22 10:58am Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Sure wish we could have attended. Old arthritic knees just did not cooperate... Time for replacement... Jim and Sheila.
bigfootford 04/25/22 06:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Road tripping for used TCs

A few years back I got a PM from a new member of tc forum. He lived in Texas and asked me if I could go take a look at a Lance 10.x 199x camper and a 199x dually Cummins Dodge truck. Said it was in his family's dad's estate The family here in Sac was offer him the TnC for their share of their estimated value of the T n C. They told him the Camper was in great shape.... I Told him I would go take a look but did not know much about the Dodge. The family did not expect me to get involved... They though the guy would accept their offer...ahhahaaaa. I set up a time to go look and off I went.... Well that Camper was a soggy mess. Two jacks had been ripped out and put back on and they were loose.. Inside there was LOTS of leakage and some actual paneling rot... I looked in every cabinet and could see stained wood, even the curtains showed that they had dried water stains... I took lot's of pictures. The truck was rough too.... I emailed my findings and what I thought... He thanked me immensely and even sent me a very nice gift! So if there is a need to have someone go take a look at a camper one might consider doing a request on the forum for a knowledgeable member to go take a look. Even if the camper is local it is nice to have someone along with you that knows RV's tag along to offer input. Never hurts. I have done this several times. Jim
bigfootford 04/14/22 12:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report: 9 weeks of aimless wandering

What a great report! We have traveled in the same areas and style as you folks although not with a trailer.... Reminds me of old Sleepy's reports... Thanks for the renewed memories. A trip to family in Fla for 2019 Thanksgiving, before Covid.... but a redirection of our trip due to bad weather...We too are backroads travelers. Jim
bigfootford 04/01/22 07:37pm Truck Campers
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