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RE: Transferring Basecamp route to Garmin

Basecamp will do it - but never in an intuitive way. Create all your waypoints in BC - then select all the waypoints and right click them - then select "Create Route from selected waypoints". After the Route is created, you can Right Click on it - then select "Open" and you will see a screen that allows you to organize the route, including layovers, etc. I prefer to create a series of routes as opposed to one GIANT route - then download each route to the Garmin nuvi. This allows one to make changes during the trip without having to manipulate a big list of waypoints. (I'm talking a 3 month cross country style trip.) My trip planning process uses Google mymaps to start with to find waypoints. In Mymaps, I create a list and then export the list. Then with Basecamp I will import the google list of waypoints. The above is just a sketch - not a "how to" which is beyond the scope of this media.
bighatnohorse 07/10/20 07:55am Technology Corner
RE: Camper jack torn off driving

Looks like a "break away jack" - probably an inadvertent design feature. The break away should have damaged the frame. It looks like you made a clean break of it.
bighatnohorse 07/05/20 08:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Snow Birds ??

Yes, we are definitely heading to Arizona. Our precautions work the same here as there - only there the odds of encountering the virus are a little higher. We have the N95 masks left over from my workshop days, carry and use hand sanitizers, wash hands frequently and avoid crowds.
bighatnohorse 07/04/20 07:19am Snowbirds
RE: is weldwood contact adhesive strong enough?

Changes in formulation may have occurred over time. Former high VOC materials have been modified to water based products, which often are not as good. Materials used ten years ago may not be the same materials available to you now.
bighatnohorse 07/04/20 07:09am Truck Campers
RE: Any thoughts on a repair?

Make sure that it is insured and park it near the fire line. Then run like hell. Sorry for your predicament.
bighatnohorse 07/02/20 07:56am Truck Campers
RE: Primary care doctor? One in the north, one in the south?

I've been thinking about the topic and discussing it with my better half and it occured to me that my local primary care doc would be the one to ask first - if he works with a PCP doc in Arizona - I'm sure that I would not be his first patient to winter down south. Maybe someone else could ask their PC doc and see if it's been done before?
bighatnohorse 06/15/20 09:11pm Snowbirds
RE: A camper you may never see in your lifetime

The Tag axle for pickup trucks is currently being manufactured by: Pack Enterprises The developer/manufacturer was at the (last?) Natcoa Rally with a tag axle currently in production. Last I heard from him, he had recently obtain DOT approvals and was to begin commercial production. He is a member of the Lance Owners of America (LOA)Lance Owners of America forum under the handle PACK4TAG
bighatnohorse 06/15/20 08:16am Truck Campers
RE: What do you keep in your camper.

The camper is a second home. Thusly, pretty much everything.
bighatnohorse 06/14/20 07:55am Truck Campers
RE: Primary care doctor? One in the north, one in the south?

We went to a Doc-in-the-box who missed the diagnosis. A physical therapist at Mayo Clinic was a mistake. The soonest a primary care physican was available was six weeks out! DW flew home and saw her PCP who diagnoised a life threatening condition. And the diagnosis was made with a simple physical exam! A good PCP is essential in my experience which is why I ask.
bighatnohorse 06/09/20 08:54pm Snowbirds
Primary care doctor? One in the north, one in the south?

Does anyone have two primary care doctors? Or one primary care doc and a secondary southern GP doc? How does that work? How did you get the second doc?
bighatnohorse 06/09/20 08:35am Snowbirds
What's your experience with Good Sam Roadside Assistance?

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30090896
bighatnohorse 06/03/20 08:53am Truck Campers
What's your experience with Good Sam Roadside Assistance?

For those truck campers who have/had Good Sam Roadside Assistance and needed to use the service, what was your experience?
bighatnohorse 06/03/20 08:53am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

Okay, I think I'm getting the picture. 15-20 minutes of chair time doesn't leave much time to learn a new OS such as Windows 10 Thus, you prefer Win 7. Security: There are hacker idiots out there that would happily "brick" your computer just for fun. And/or they would divert your SS check to Nigeria. Okay - so you would take your chances. I'm not sure that Win 7 is capable of operating an SSD Plus, printer drivers won't be available when your printer ***** out and you need a replacement. I also get the drift that your home operates off an inverter - not the local power company juice. Thus the need for a low power consumption, fast SSD. So, to summarize, you need a low cost SSD laptop with a Win 7 interface. An i3 or i5 Intel chip would be fine. A small SSD boot chip A 14 or 15 inch screen. A standard USB port.
bighatnohorse 06/01/20 09:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Working on the road.

A quick Google search shows that apparently the galaxy note 9 has a built in hotspot.
bighatnohorse 06/01/20 08:09am Truck Campers
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

Windows 7 ???? No more security updates for that dinosaur. Did you know that Ebay probes computers when visiting that site? If Ebay does it, so do others. Still want Windows 7 ? See: Ebay probes computers
bighatnohorse 05/30/20 08:46am Technology Corner
RE: Working on the road.

I have the new lance 1172 and belly bars on the T100. I and the wife are now working from home and would like to get out on the road. We both need reliable internet at streaming speeds. I have been truck camping for 20 years. During that time I never Needed internet. HELP? I've used Verizon for years - and rarely lose 4G connectivity. Don't get lost in the weeds about which phone to get. DW and I have used Motorola phones purchased at Costco for years too. Those phones have hot spot capability and are unlocked. And we've used them internationally as well. Historically, Verizon has had better coverage - but cell coverage is so ubiquitous now that any major carrier should be fine for US travel. Stay away from the cheap contract phones sold at Walmart and other discounters. Yes, and about that T100. . .
bighatnohorse 05/30/20 08:29am Truck Campers
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

If you want rippin performance in a PC, this one with it's Ryzen cpu can dust a lot of much more expensive models, but it has a few drawbacks. One thing wrong with that Acer has dim display ! I wouldn't call my Acer a dim display. In the outdoors, I do have to turn the brightness up all the way. Which is about the same with my Lenovo and my DW's Dell. You shouldn't label ALL models from a manufacturer based on what? One experience?
bighatnohorse 05/29/20 09:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

Solid state storage sounded great until I read comments that claimed I would be fortunate to get 2 years lifespan out of anything less than top flagship grade models. Your thoughts? In the early days of SSD there were some problems. However, those problems are history. At the time, new SSD machines and software vendors did not have their act together - resulting in bricks. You will never need an i7 machine. i5 machines will work for you probably forever. (based on the limited "need" information that you've provided) Printer: Yes! Be aware. Some Chromebooks and tablets may not have a USB port. (My Android tablet has one USB - and I can download apps to the machine - not on the cloud stuff). All newer machines are zippy. More USB: The not-so-Universal Serial Bus has morphed. The USB port styles now vary. USB 2, USB 3 and USB Type-C Newer machines may differ from what you're used to. Faster and faster they are.
bighatnohorse 05/29/20 08:33am Technology Corner
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

Your given requirements are pretty skimpy. A Chromebook would satisfy them. But do you use any mapping software, drawing or Cadd programs or other utility software?
bighatnohorse 05/28/20 07:49am Technology Corner
RE: New Shock Time

When your shocks wear out its a gradual thing until one day you find your vehicle bouncing for a half a mile after hitting an overpass. At that point any new shock is going to be an improvement. I don't understand how shocks will help after you've done the canopener thing. Bouncing I think is the least of your worries. I love your ability to see things as they are!
bighatnohorse 05/23/20 09:19pm Truck Campers
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