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Pass-through window custom replacement??

Does anyone have a source for custom sliding window replacements? My new camper has a solid fixed window and I want to replace it with a slider (so the cat can go upfront).
bighatnohorse 01/20/21 11:13am Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper trade-in at dealer question.

My camper trade-in experience is now twofold. The first trade-in was at Camping World where I bought a used TC. They made a trade-in offer sight unseen. I took it. When I delivered the old camper they had me put it on the back lot. They had no interest in inspecting it. No inspection, no tests. Fast forward a few years to my next camper (a 2021 Arctic Fox) and the old trade-in camper was scrutinized a little closer. Different dealer company this time, different place. But again, I was directed to a back lot - gave them the keys to the truck and headed to the office. They took the camper off and did a fairly good inspection. There were some minor problems with the camper but they stuck with their offered trade-in price. The trade-in value was substantial and it reduced the full retail price by a huge amount - thus saving me a big chunk of sales tax. And that's my experience.
bighatnohorse 01/14/21 08:00am Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper trade-in at dealer question.

The Dodge dealer put my Ford on the market for $8000 more than they paid me. I vacuum the interior, washed it and 303-ed the tires, so doubt they did any work on it. I've been observing it for about 4 months before the add was gone. I don't really care. The question was asked for personal trade-in experiences. Did the dealer look it over carefully, or did they simply park it on the back lot and give the quoted price for the trade in. Your opinions and observations miss the mark. And I don't really care how money much was given. Trade in price can reduce the taxable amount for the new camper. This too has to be accounted for IF the money thing is important to you. The "money thing" has less meaning when an individual looks at "hassle" and personal distaste at dealing with the public. The VALUE may be in a quick disposal and moving on with the camping experience. Thanks for popping in - and I'm sorry if the post title mislead your thinking.
bighatnohorse 01/11/21 08:01pm Truck Campers
Truck camper trade-in at dealer question.

Basically, I want to know a little about TC trade-ins on new a truck camper. I traded in a TC a few years back and the dealer didn't look at anything on it. They just had me park it in their back lot and that was it. Have you purchased a new truck camper and traded in a used TC for it and how did that event proceed for you?
bighatnohorse 01/09/21 07:46am Truck Campers
RE: F350 tire airing down ranges w/ truck camper

Update - I was directed to this detailed article that has lots of good info, for anyone who is interested in reading it. The author Mellow Mike is quite experienced with truck campers. Good research. That there is about as reliable information as you are going to get. This site ( has discussed this topic many times regarding airing down for the beach - and Mellow Mike has created a nice synopsis.
bighatnohorse 01/03/21 10:49am Truck Campers

Still searching: width=900
bighatnohorse 12/26/20 08:19am Truck Campers

The best glass, optics, come from Germany. Also be conscious of the weight of the binoculars. Buy once, cry once, then it’s smiles ever after.:D Not so. Zeiss full frame apochromatic "Otus" lenses are made in Japan.
bighatnohorse 12/23/20 06:21pm Truck Campers

bighatnohorse, thanks for the reply I am going to that site right now. Ya, good way to spend money, American made. I doubt there's any American-made binoculars for sale. If you know of any, let us know. Wow! Thanks for the prompt. I searched for American Made Binoculars and this is what I came up with: Even better, my personal top two choices so far are the same two best in the review.
bighatnohorse 12/23/20 08:12am Truck Campers

I like the "one size does not fit all" post. If you read through the website it will mention how older folks have pupils that don't widen as much as younger people. And how eye-glass wearers need to use care in selecting bino. I have a now-ancient pair of Nikon 9x25 5.6° - these are compact, light weight and are good for travel. However, the field of view is very small - it's not good for looking at Saturn, etc. because the viewed object bounces around too much - but we have enjoyed looking at animals such as sea lions and bears. I keep them in the glove compartment or backpack. But I'm going to look into something with less magnification and a greater field of view - and perhaps better clarity. I went through this review and search process about ten years ago and decided to just settle on what I currently have. Technology improves with time as has the budget, so maybe I'll add a second pair.
bighatnohorse 12/22/20 11:26am Truck Campers

I too have been researching this topic. You might want to look into this: I'd like American made and am thinking of spending my stimulus check on this.
bighatnohorse 12/22/20 08:38am Truck Campers
RE: "Newer" Ford trucks don't charge house batt's?

There is a delay - when starting, approximately 45 seconds elapse before the alternator is applied to the battery system. It's been years since I last checked this, but it could easily add to the pot of misunderstanding when sourced from an RV dealer.
bighatnohorse 12/19/20 08:26am Truck Campers
RE: looking for a workspace with RV hookups

Contact a few realtors in the areas that you are looking.
bighatnohorse 12/16/20 07:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

I personally would rather die on my feet than beg on my knees to pursue my God given rights to live freely and make my own decisions in my life. Nice attitude in certain situations, but, the world is full of people that make poor decisions. So are the prisons. It's why laws are required.
bighatnohorse 12/06/20 07:41am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

My wife and I have to fly to Puerto Vallarta beofre mid Feb to renew our resident papers. It can only be done in Mexico. Fortunateley we do have 4 N99 masks left over from when my wife had to fly while on chemo 3 years ago. They are not available right now so we are lucky to have them. Along with face shields we feel reasonably safe getting on a plane. It's a case if renting a car at the aIrport, doing what we have to do, and getting back out of there ASAP. I would recommend gloves as well - if not latex then there are soft cotton gloves like those used to handle photo negatives, etc. Also, bring Clorox wipes to use on car door handles and all touch surfaces - use in the airplane as well (seat belt, etc.) - don't forget to wipe the key fob for the car. Each of you keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your pockets and use it frequently. You can't prevent someone from sneezing or coughing directly on you - so social distance when ever possible. It's "doable".
bighatnohorse 11/22/20 07:13am Snowbirds
RE: Road with uneven surfaces.......

Advice may vary as I've noticed that the Ram trucks seem to have a stiffer spring pack. (?) They don't sag as much as the Ford. My truck is a Ford and I don't recommend the lower Stable Loads - I have them and they do little except to make a harder ride when empty. I have added the SuperSprings - they reduce sag and allowed the truck air bag pressure to drop from 75 psi to 45 psi. I have not yet installed the upper StableLoads - which is what I probably should have done in the beginning - the upper overload spring does not currently engage (unless hitting large dips in the road). Upper StableLoads would definitely engage the upper overload springs (on Ford). Rams may be different. I will remove the SuperSprings and install the upper StableLoads when time and opportunity presents.
bighatnohorse 11/09/20 07:58am Truck Campers
RE: Road with uneven surfaces.......

Those tires can be inflated anywhere from about 65 psi to 80 psi. What psi do they have now? Have you experimented with changing tire pressure yet?
bighatnohorse 11/08/20 07:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

We've been traveling south through California for the last few days and the number of people wearing face masks is nearly 100-percent. Folks here are taking it very seriously. They might beat this thing yet.
bighatnohorse 10/30/20 09:05am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

We're on our way. Sunny and 70's at Lake Shasta yesterday. Mask wearing is more evident now than six months ago. The RV office here in Vacaville will talk to you only by phone - they are VERY careful. (for good reason) Onward to Monterrey California today and more adventures. (masks in public, gloves at gas stations, hand sanitizer bottles in every pocket)
bighatnohorse 10/26/20 09:50am Snowbirds
RE: next after Upper Stableloads? Jittery ride on rough pavement

I would evaluate the shocks. It sounds as if the shocks are really stiff. Adjustable shocks might give you a less vibration ride on rough roads. The problem is that too soft a shock system will feel spongy and soft on other types of road surfaces. Good luck in your endeavor.
bighatnohorse 10/26/20 09:46am Truck Campers
RE: loosing old members

There is an extensive RV's & Toads for sale section on the escapees forum. And many other on line RV trader sites. Do we really need one more?
bighatnohorse 10/20/20 08:50am Truck Campers
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