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RE: Bad air quality--finally taped a house filter on the A/C

What are the negatives besides tape residue and reminding me of wearing a mask? Potential fan damage (as others have noted). Personally, I think that is a move in the right direction IF you are living in the camper and in one of the bad smoke areas. Air Quality Index (AQI) has been consistently at Very Unhealthy to Dangerous levels and off the charts in some areas. What's the worst that could happen? Fan replacement vs heart/lung damage?
bighatnohorse 09/17/20 09:03am Tech Issues

How it handles in comparison to your present camper will depend mostly on the "center of gravity" which will probably vary between the two campers. If the center of gravity is behind the rear wheels then you will notice a "lightness" in the front steering wheels. From Truck Camper Magazine: Center of Gravity 55.25? w/ AC and generator
bighatnohorse 09/17/20 08:50am Truck Campers
RE: What a way to start a trip

I'm sorry that happened to your camper. As for insurance, I would go for "totalled". While that idea might be abhorrent and debatable, there is a very likely chance that there will be hidden damage that you will only discover over time. Impact to the camper frame on one corner could possibly rack the entire frame enough to crack joint welds if it is aluminum frame. Or it possibly cracked a plastic water fitting causing a slow leak. I would never buy a camper that was in a wreck. Diminished value? You bet!
bighatnohorse 09/16/20 09:17am Truck Campers
15.2 v during solar equalization charge - what do you do?

I'm reading the operation manual for the BLUE SKY ENERGY SB3000i It reads: the 3000i will perform an automatic equalization at the factory default settings of 15.2V for 2 hours every 30 days which is typically suitable for most flooded lead-acid batteries It also reads: The maximum setpoint voltage limit places a maximum limit or ceiling on the charge voltage setpoint used by the 3000i in all charge modes to prevent inverters or other equipment from shutting down due to excess voltage. Regardless of initial setpoints, charge mode or temperature compensation the 3000i will not use a charge voltage setpoint greater than the maximum setpoint voltage limit (uPr) factory set to 15.5V. This could be dangerous for sensitive equipment and I'm what those of you who have solar power systems do on your RV to handle this potential problem?
bighatnohorse 09/13/20 06:52pm Tech Issues
RE: WHAT dinghy or toad is good to tow ???

We can fit two carbon fiber bicycles in our four door Jeep. Normally, we use the exterior bike carrier. But when traveling dirty inclement weather, we prefer to keep things clean and put them inside. So. . .it depends on what and how you use the toad.
bighatnohorse 09/05/20 08:41am Dinghy Towing
RE: Changes to Snowbird lifestyle and Snowbird communitiess

Good advice Dick. However I might pass before the border opens! Yes, we can see the finish line from here. It's a race between me, the wife and the cat.
bighatnohorse 09/02/20 08:38am Snowbirds
RE: Scottsdale in winter.......

When do you plan to visit and how long would you stay?
bighatnohorse 08/27/20 08:09am Snowbirds
RE: How do you store your camper in Arizona summer

Cut pieces of Reflectix foam (the bubble wrap with silver coating available at hardware stores) and fit them to any ceiling hatches or skylights - it helps.
bighatnohorse 08/25/20 07:59am Truck Campers
RE: What is it you like about your Snowbird nest?

There are many places like you describe along the Colorado river in Arizona and California.
bighatnohorse 08/23/20 05:27pm Snowbirds
RE: Electronics repair shop needed

Regarding the eBay seller: At first it was just one guy doing the repair - now there are many companies offering the same. It was a simple fix. Hazard? The unit I have in question still works - the all-important break-away is still operational. The state-dependent-requirement of supplemental braking action is defunct. So, yes, I would have it repaired if possible. All probably more information than needed but no, I'm not out of my mind.
bighatnohorse 08/21/20 02:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Electronics repair shop needed

All very good responses. My hopes were raised by how the Ford problem with their 6.0 Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM) was found repairable by someone who made it an eBay business. I'll continue to bash may head on this problem for a while longer and then probably take your advice. :)
bighatnohorse 08/21/20 08:20am Technology Corner
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

This is odd. . .on the full timer's (Escapee's RV Club) forum you posted this: Is it just not as popular or is there another reason truck campers aren't listed in the RV Type section? Just curious since I would like to discuss different brands and models. And on this forum, you want to discuss full timing? It seems to me a little odd. There is at least one full time Truck Camper person on the Escapee's forum (Vladmir if IIRC). There is where you should post your question. And HERE is where you should ask about different brands and models. Or so it seems to me. . .
bighatnohorse 08/20/20 08:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Electronics repair shop needed

That kind of work is so labor intensive you'd be better off replacing with new. Without factory support with board level schematics and possibly of proprietary parts, I could see several days of shop tinkering with no guarantee of success. I was hoping to get lucky. There are a few thousand of these units out there and an electronics shop willing to take on this kind of project could capture a nice income stream. Replacing with a new system is the most likely conclusion.
bighatnohorse 08/19/20 07:28am Technology Corner
RE: Electronics repair shop needed

There are no new units available anymore - all gone and surplus was sold to another company - and they just sold the last. The Unified Tow Brake is non-compatible with any of those on Amazon. I took it apart - no visible defects. Chips, transistors, diodes, resistors, relay and other stuff. And I purchased a "used" one and it doesn't work either.
bighatnohorse 08/18/20 10:12pm Technology Corner
Electronics repair shop needed

Help. I have a US Gear "Unified Tow Brake" system and I believe the system "brain" in the tow vehicle has gone belly up. The Unified Tow Brake system has been out of production for a couple of years and there are no (or very few) replacement parts. So. . .I'd like to find a shop that can troubleshoot and repair a small electronics device. I think it could be pretty simple for a small shop to understand and repair this thing. Plus - there are hundreds of them out there and no other resource for getting them working again. Any leads?
bighatnohorse 08/18/20 04:42pm Technology Corner
RE: What will Canadians fo this fall/winter

A new study released today indicates that higher humidity climates decrease the virus transmission. Empirical evidence suggests that this is so based on reports from areas such as SE Asia. Study excerpt: Every 1% increase in average relative humidity was predicted to decrease daily confirmed cases by 11%–22%, when average temperature was in the range of 5–8°C. Source:
bighatnohorse 08/18/20 08:26am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Covid 19 warning

Sorry, it was 36%. US Military Study Source Wrong. And it's third-hand. Here's the fallacy of it - back track to the source. Your quote is from: DISABLEDVETERANS.ORG and they quote from SCIENCEDIRECT.COM which purports to quote from a 2018 DOD study.
bighatnohorse 08/10/20 08:32am Snowbirds
RE: 100 days till snowbirding........ maybe not

Life's a *****.
bighatnohorse 07/29/20 08:18am Snowbirds
RE: Honda2000 in an Onan compartment

Page 7 in the manual If you run the generator in an area that is confined, or even partially enclosed area, the air you breathe could contain a dangerous amount of exhaust gas. Never run your generator inside a garage, house or near open windows or doors. "You can lead a horse to water. . ." I wonder who would buy a used camper with that type of set up. Good luck.
bighatnohorse 07/29/20 08:14am Truck Campers
RE: Honda2000 in an Onan compartment

There's lots of good information about using the Honda in a compartment in the Owner's Manual. You might want to read it sometime:
bighatnohorse 07/28/20 08:39am Truck Campers
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