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RE: Quiet generators

Am also looking for a portable generator. How about But engine is also a Chinese one That's a Chinese made clone generator. That same generator is made for a number of different brand names. Same generator but different colors and different brand names.
bikendan 10/15/19 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Quiet generators

I just purchased a duromax 2200 Generator from lowes for under 600.00 Only have run it on propane so far but it seems quiet and runs really well. I have not tried to see if it will fire up the A/c Unit on my TT but I am happy with the purchase... I can buy two of these for the price of one Honda and do not have to purchase a separate LPG kit. At 61db, it's not as quiet as some more popular inverter generators that our in the same power range.
bikendan 10/14/19 11:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Quiet generators

With in the next few seasons I will be in the market for a generator. I have heard Hondas running and they are notoriously quiet. My local RV shop has Hyundais and they claim they are just as quiet, but are cheaper. Anyone have them? What are they like? Should I get a Honda instead? what size is it, is it an inverter generator and how much? i haven't seen hardly any Hyundai generator owners on RV forums.
bikendan 10/14/19 03:44am Tech Issues
RE: Those with portable surge protector

Don't use it at home nor with my generator. only for campground pedestals.
bikendan 10/14/19 03:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow with Chevy Bolt?

But the Bolt owner's manual makes it pretty clear: !Warning Never tow a trailer with your vehicle. It was not designed or intended to tow a trailer. This should end the question about towing. But, it sounds like the OP is determined to use a Bolt as a tow vehicle. Agree. Not sure why the OP didn't go to the Bolt forum that gbopp posted about, if they wanted feedback from other Bolt owners. Asking this kind of question, on a RV basis where no one would consider using a Bolt to tow with, will not get any positive feedback. Especially when the Bolt manual says NOT to. My wife has a Suzuki SX-4, which also has a warning NOT to tow. But you can find hitch receivers for them, on the Internet. Doesn't mean you should tow with it.
bikendan 10/13/19 02:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New from CT with Hybrid

Hybrids are ultralight, therefore have a weaker frame. I wouldn't even think about doing something like this with a hybrid. There are hybrids with a cargo deck in front, but they were built with a heavier frame.
bikendan 10/12/19 11:59am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Campground Maximum Length

Another good resource is to look at Campsite Photos website and see if where you want to go is listed,there you can look at all the campsites and make a informed choice of campsite. I have found that it was very helpful going to a campground that I have never been to. I have found looking at photos when available very useful as well. We arrived at a campsite one time where there was a large branch just low enough that out 5th wheel couldn't get in but a travel trailer would have just made it under the branch. Yep, been using Campsite Photo for years. They don't have pics for every state park but they do cover a lot of popular places.
bikendan 10/11/19 01:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Newby Chaparral help

We have a 2019 Chaparral 336TSIK and are having some newby issues. 1. We are hooked to city water but when we set the water to "system fill" the tank doesn't seem to fill up. Do we need to turn the water pump on or are we doing something else wrong. 2. The thermostat has a setting for electric heat but it only seems to blow cold air. Is propane the only heating source? 3. We parked our RV in the lot for 3 days and when we came back the batteries were dead and we had to use jumpers to get power. We checked to make sure everything was off before we left the lot...what did we screw up? 4. Where is the manual point for raising/lowering the landing gear. Even the LazyDays tech we spoke to on the phone couldn't figure it out. Thanks for any useful inputs/suggestions. 1. pics of the "system fill" would help 2. don't think you have electric heat. you should just have a propane furnace. only electric heat would be if your a/c had a heat strip. you need to set the thermostat t0 AU(Auto) 3. did you turn the battery disconnect switch to OFF? RVs have parasitic power drains that will drain a battery down in 2 or 3 days, if not plugged into shore power. 4. have no idea
bikendan 10/11/19 01:44am Beginning RVing
RE: Generator pros and cons

If 2000W to 4000W is all you need, and quiet is what you want, then these would be my choice. I saw a guy in the nearby casino parking lot last summer, and he just brought back 2 of them and the parallel kit. Before I knew that he was testing his generators, I approached the back end of his truck, to see what he was doing, I heard the faint sound of a generator running, and I was only about 20 feet away. They are quiet. I wouldn't call the Predator all that quiet at 65db compared to the Champion at 53db. i agree. the Champion 3500/4000w open-frame contractor generator, that costs less than $400, is only 3db louder. i wouldn't buy anyinverter generator with a db level rating over 59, at idle.
bikendan 10/09/19 02:08am Tech Issues
RE: Tail wagging the dog?

Just want to get your take on this set up. 35' TT w/max GVW of 7500 being towed by a several year old Tahoe. No Way! I owned a 2007 Avalanche, which is a Suburban with a truck bed. It has a longer wheelbase than the sister Tahoe. I would NEVER tow that long of trailer with my Avalanche, let alone the shorter wheelbase Tahoe.
bikendan 10/08/19 01:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fix for Error: Topics per page to 20 Posts per page to 10

I’m not positive that this will fix everyone, but it seems logical. I only have a sample size of 1. 1. Login 2. Go to My Forums 3. Go to My Preferences 4. Change topics per page from 40 to 20 and posts per page to 10. Picture below. 5. Scroll to the bottom and click Submit Changes. Kind of a shame the sys admins didn’t do any debugging, but oh well. Assuming this is a real fix. The fix on the backend is to disallow 40 topics and Posts of 20 per page and bulk update everyone’s preferences to 20 and 10 or increase the buffer to handle 40 and 10 Posts per page. THANKS, Jim! So far your fix has seemed to work for me. It's been so frustrating for over a week, trying to navigate the Forum. None of the mods suggestions worked but yours seems to have.
bikendan 10/07/19 02:27pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: I Think I'm Outta Here

Don’t let the door hit ya in the a$$ could be one of the reasons right there It absolutely is. It is one thing to disagree from time to time, and have spirited debates. And I have. But never to the point of losing respect. Several times I found during the debates, that I was wrong, and learned something. Disagreeing is not the problem. Just being plain mean is a problem. The reason I come here is to learn, and to sometimes educate. I thought that was what it was for. X2! It's an unfortunate trend that has been escalating for a while now Totally agree. You add the Forum's technical issues, to the trend of increasing mean and snarky responses over the past couple of years, it's no wonder many long time members are leaving. I started a thread, a while back, about the decrease of posts in the Beginning RVing section, over the past couple of years. IMHO, it's due to new members being treated rudely by some members.
bikendan 10/07/19 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diagnosing the error: depends on the forum?

profdant139, Have you tried using "private" mode? On Firefox that is CTRL+SHIFT+P I don't know the equivalent for Mac, sorry. i tried that and it doesn't work on portal or TL portal.
bikendan 10/07/19 02:36am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Strange issue with this forum

Several portals. is go to though. Snowbird, full time, General, etc... don’t work. Class A does. Thanks. This is useful info as I have not experienced the issues? Were you sign-in to the forums when you got the error messages? I go through the TL portal and the portal and constantly get this message: "We're sorry. An error has occurred. We are unable to process your request due to an error with our site. If you receive this message again, we may be experiencing some system difficulties. An email has been sent to our development staff to diagnose the problem. Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience." The only way I can read threads, is to log out.
bikendan 10/06/19 03:06pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Toyota Highlander and 26' Trailer

Dang forum problems! :M
bikendan 10/04/19 01:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Highlander and 26' Trailer

Troll post.:(
bikendan 10/04/19 01:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ideas for a truck to pull 6500lb trailer?

If the trailer GVWR is #5800, that's the max it can weigh.. You must mean that's it's "dry weight" and when you load it up, it can go up to it's GVWR. That was about the dry weight for my trailer. It's GVWR is #7000. I've got 82,000 miles on my 13 F150 Ecoboost and it's only been in the shop for the couple of recalls on it (brake booster and transmission reflash of the program). Oh, my truck has a 'tow rating' of #11,300... I feel maxed out with my #7000 TT. You will not enjoy towing a #6000 TT with that V6 Ram at all... I say that knowing what a difference it was towing a #5000 TT with my truck and then getting the #7000 TT with the same truck... Big difference! But, every truck is different and no matter what make, model you get, there will ALWAYS be some that are a POS and some that shine.. Good luck! Mitch Ok, looks like I misunderstood what GVWR is, so the trailer will be a bit lighter than I thought then. Dry Weight 3,914 lbs. Payload Capacity 1,526 lbs. GVWR 5,800 lbs. Hitch Weight 380 lbs. You have a pretty strong truck, and fast too. Surprising that you need such a big buffer to feel good towing. How much worse does the MPG get when you're towing vs. not towing? Thanks. Yep, you didnt use GVWR correctly. Based on those numbers, if correct, almost any 1/2 ton would work. A 2.7 Ecoboost would work also and get better mileage than anything else in your price range. BUT if you think you might upgrade to something bigger in the future, look for a bigger truck now. I have had no problems with my F150 3.5 Ecoboost and love it. I average 10-11mpg towing, 16-17mpg mixed and often get 20mpg highway. I've been towing from Washington to Arizona every year, for the past 3 years and it has been stellar.
bikendan 09/28/19 01:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: Ideas for a truck to pull 6500lb trailer?

I never had a trailer or a truck. I'm looking to buy a trailer that is about 6500lbs, but I need to buy a truck first. So many options and capacities and reliability issues, I have no idea what I should be looking at any more. Looks like a F150 with 2.7 engine would work, but not sure if something like a 2015 model would be reliable. I don't want to spend more than about 20k(USD) for the truck. Ram 1500 Ecoboost also seems to have it's own issues So, I wonder, what are people towing trailers daily finding the best for a 6500lbs trailer? And is there anything specific I have to look for when I buy it? Like tow package, gear ratio, etc? First, i think you meant "Ram 1500 ECODIESEL", not Ecoboost, since the Ecoboost is from Ford. Second, pulling a 6500lbs TT with the 2.7 Ecoboost, will be near its limits. i pull a 27' TT about the same weight loaded, with a 3.5 Ecoboost with the Max Tow package and 3.73 rear end. it's a perfect combo and i love the truck.
bikendan 09/28/19 03:07am Beginning RVing
RE: Estimated generator price

$600 sounds fair to meGood Luck with that. I can buy a brand new Champion for that price. Champion? Ha! They should not even be allowed in campgrounds - too loud! Quietness and efficiency are among the many reasons Yamahas and Hondas are so expensive - and worth it. I'd be very comfortable paying 1/2 original price for a 4-year-old Yamaha - provided it is tested under load as described in previous post. Champion makes many different INVERTER generators that are very quiet. in fact, Champion has been more responsive to the RV community, than Honda or Yamaha.
bikendan 09/20/19 03:23am Tech Issues
RE: Estimated generator price

My new Champion 2200 watt inverter generator was 350.00 brand new. never seen a Champion 2200w inverter generator. 2000w yes, 2200w no. do you have a link?
bikendan 09/20/19 03:22am Tech Issues
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