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RE: Tacoma for an F150

I would be OK towing as is for now and just keep my eye out for a deal on a lightly used or new truck. By lightly used I mean some warranty left on it just in case. If I were to find a deal I would pull the trigger wether it be soon or next year. New models will be out soon. H I guess you didn't see that the OP bought a F150, over a year ago. The three members ahead of you did.
bikendan 06/30/20 02:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a Ford Explorer

We owned two Popups over a 15 year period and were very happy with them.
bikendan 06/30/20 02:31pm Towing
RE: What is included in the tow package on 2019 infinity qx80.

You do know that the payload for each vehicle is listed on the drivers door right? Maybe check out the Armada, it's what the Infinity is based on and may have a little higher payload rating. If you're replying to me, YES I know that the payload capacity is on a driver's door sticker. What i was saying is that there is no standard payload number. It's specific to each vehicle, as equipped when it leaves the factory. Every little trim level feature or option will affect the payload capacity. This requires the consumer to look at each vehicle's payload sticker individually. You won't find it on a brochure or a website, like you will a towing capacity number. Which is why new trailer buyers get fooled into looking only at towing capacity numbers.
bikendan 06/28/20 02:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is camping Fun Anymore

I think all new RVs come with an AC-DC rock cassette tape (thats a band). Don't think RVs have come with cassette players, for around 20 years.:B
bikendan 06/28/20 02:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is included in the tow package on 2019 infinity qx80.

Looking at an 2019 infinity qx80. What is added from the standard vs the one with a towing package? Do both versions (standard and tow) have the same towing capacity and payload? Matt Payload isn't a standard number. it goes by how each vehicle is equipped. trim level, options and other things affect the payload capacity. i'm willing to bet that its payload capacity is low, due to the heavy luxury bling and it being a SUV.
bikendan 06/28/20 03:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 Dodge Durango with tow package? am I making a mistake?

Hello, We are a family of 4, 2 kids ages 11 and 7. We are looking to buy both a tow vehicle(first) and travel trailer (second). For a travel trailer we are looking for 25 foot and under, something with a bunkhouse. Now for my tow questions. For the <5500 lbs travel trailer we would purchase is there any reason we should not get a 2019 Duragno r/t? We live in Oklahoma so pretty flat, but would love to go to Colorado each year for a week trip. We have also considered a Chevy Tahoe, but finding one with the max trailering package around here is very tough. Durango: Tow capacity is 7200 payload, this is harder to find a for sure answer. Help me make a safe decision for my family. You're making a mistake by looking only at towing capacity. You need to focus on PAYLOAD capacity, before towing capacity. Most tow vehicles will run out of payload capacity WAY before getting close to towing capacity. Especially with a family of 4 and their stuff. And DON'T go by trailer's brochure/website "dry" weight numbers, they are fictional. With a family of 4, a crew cab truck would be a MUCH better tow vehicle, over a SUV.
bikendan 06/27/20 01:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric Bikes???

I bought a Powerwagon by Rad Power Bikes. I haven't used it yet but I plan on getting it out on the road this weekend. I bought it because it is the only one rated to carry over 270 pounds. It is rated for 350 pounds. Right now I am about 335 lbs wearing clothes. I believe all Rad Power Bikes are using 750mA motors. Lectric and other e-bikes are using 500mA motors. I bought it because I have severe arthritis. Currently both my knees have bone against bone with bone spurs and no cartilage. I ordered the bike before I was told that they will do a knee replacement on me. I was hoping to use it for exercise to help lose weight since walking has become an issue. My left knee is constantly swolen and I have to continually take prescription Anti-inflammatories and occasionally need pain killers which my primary doctor will no longer subscribe for me. I've had cortisone shots ins both knees which have not given any relief and the orthopedic doctor said are not working. The orthopedic doctor put in with my insurance to get the artificial cartilage shot which the insurance will no authorize. So now we're going with the next option which is surgery as soon as I am medically cleared. I am hoping to get the replacement done on my left knee in September and the right one done by next spring. In the mean time I plan on using the bicycle to work on losing weight which is why I originally bought it. My plan has been to use it to ride as far as I can and use the motor to return home if I can't pedal to get back home. If all goes well and I lose enough weight I plan on buying a folding e-bike by next summer. I am looking at getting a folding e-bike next by either Rad Power or Lectric. I'm an avid cyclist who also has severe arthritis and I also have been completely bone on bone, in both knees, for the past 10 years. I've had a total of 7 knee surgeries, 4 on the left and 3 on the right. this is why I'm bone on bone. But I'm very fortunate that I have very little pain. Stiffness and swelling, YES. The cortisone shots only work for a week or two. I can still ride my mountain bike and road bike, even though I'm more limited. Because I don't have enough pain to go with knee replacements, i choose to just continue to going forward until the pain level rises higher to force me to go with replacements. I did fall in love with the Specialized Turbo Levo e-bike but paying $5000 and up for a new bike, just isn't doable. Right now, i wouldn't be happy with anything in a lower price and performance range.
bikendan 06/25/20 07:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to get the Television to work in bedroom

I have a 2017 5th wheel and mounted the TV in the bedroom. There was already one in living room. I have to coax connectors (one cable and one satellite) and the button for antenna boost right above bedroom TV as well as power. I hook a coax from campground pedestal to the coax connecter in side of 5th wheel marked cable and I connected a coax from connector right above bedroom TV to cable and then to TV. No picture. What am I doing wrong? Dave in my TT, the living area tv worked fine on cable but not the bedroom tv, which only worked on OTA signal. i had add a splitter to get cable to both tvs.
bikendan 06/25/20 03:29am Tech Issues
RE: Forest river slide

I found an advice at forest river reviews that you should find the circuit board for an electronic manual override. It is often located in the basement. the EVO is a travel trailer, so no basement. the Schwintek system has a controller box, usually behind a false cabinet panel.
bikendan 06/23/20 02:43am Beginning RVing
RE: Are campgrounds more crowded or is it just me?

So any way, is it me being locked down for so long that every thing seems more crowded or are there more people out and about?Been this way in CA since at least the 1960s. Now it can be even worse with internet reservations there are plenty of places solid booked for all Summer months and booked six+ months in advance. YEP! as i have said before, now off season often requires reservations 6 months in advance.
bikendan 06/22/20 03:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Why 30 amp and not 50 amp

Why not build all RV’s with 50 amp service ? With AC, microwaves, electronic water heaters plus numerous other electrical appliances we take with us it seems to make More sense to have 50 amp Not all of us need all that power because we use our RV to camp, not as a house. Plus many public campgrounds don't have 50 amp available. you're lucky to get 30 amp in many. i've never been in a public campground that even offered 50 amp. i'm betting that most RVs that are sold, are 30 amp. And most don't even care for more power.
bikendan 06/22/20 02:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Preference for one night camping

Closer to the highway.
bikendan 06/21/20 02:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: towing ability of the f-150 3.5L

hey guys, I'm in the market for a new f-150 STX and wanted to pick your brains for any info. about the 3.5L turbo. I currently own a 2013 STX 4x4 with the 5.0L and haul a 29'(grey wolf 22 RR UVW-5,057# GVWR-7,686#) toy hauler with an 850# streetglide in it on occasion. I live in eastern ohio and travel to the west Virginia mountains, florida, Maryland and the blue ridge mts. I have a 2 week loop planed next year out west to Sturgis, through the bighorns to beartooth highway, Yellowstone, the tetons and Colorado, to ride pike's peak. I've never had a problem towing my rig with the 5.0L through the smaller mountains in the eastern U.S. but wonder if anyone has experience with the 3.5L in an f-150 towing through the real mountains out west? I will only need to scale the bighorns to get from S.D. to Montana, all other mountain climbing i'll be taking the bike. any input would be greatly appreciated, pinenut I've been towing my 26ft 6500lbs TT with my 2014 3.5 Ecoboost SCREW 4x4, through the Cascades, Siskiyous and Sierras for the past 4 years. Tows like a dream and at altitude, like a diesel. i have the Max Tow package and 3.73 rear end. Payload of 1828lbs.
bikendan 06/18/20 03:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Just completed our first trip with our new travel trailer

Better to get a tote tank to transport and dump the gray water. Way easier then using jugs. How would I get the grey water into the tote tank? do you know what a tote tank is?¤cy=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic you just hook up the sewer hose to the tank and open the gray valve slowly. then, depending on what size you get, you take it to the dump station by a variety of ways. Have you ordered from this website before? The price seems too good to be true, especially given they're located in Australia, yet they're selling at that price with free shipping to US. No, i have the original RV tote tank, a 15 gallon Barker Blue Boy. i just Googled the popular new Rhino tote tanks and this vendor came up first.
bikendan 06/18/20 03:23am Beginning RVing
RE: Just completed our first trip with our new travel trailer

Better to get a tote tank to transport and dump the gray water. Way easier then using jugs. How would I get the grey water into the tote tank? do you know what a tote tank is?¤cy=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic you just hook up the sewer hose to the tank and open the gray valve slowly. then, depending on what size you get, you take it to the dump station by a variety of ways.
bikendan 06/17/20 02:47am Beginning RVing
RE: Just completed our first trip with our new travel trailer

Better to get a tote tank to transport and dump the gray water. Way easier then using jugs.
bikendan 06/16/20 11:49am Beginning RVing
RE: CAT Scale results - advice needed

Thanks for the advice. It makes sense! I've been toying with the idea of getting a 3/4 ton vehicle to tow our vehicle, so it might just be time to do it. I was initially worried about our payload being near the max, but now I have to worry about the hitch weight max. I'm looking at a lightly used F250, which will drastically increase my payload and also push my hitch weight to around 1250-1400#. I started another thread on the towing vehicles forum last week. I will also shift little weight around in my trailer, because I want a lower hitch weight regardless of the vehicle. We do not have any outdoor rear storage compartments, so we'll have to just put things inside the TT. This is something that you definitely need to do. First, I couldn't find any such trailer as a 3101BHSE. But if it has a 31 at the front of the number, that is a TT that's 33'+ long.:E IMHO, you're over payload with loaded car and trailer and over the max hitch receiver capacity.
bikendan 06/15/20 03:04pm Towing
RE: Which cell phone provider do you use in the US?

T-mobile ? Spotty ? We took a CC trip from Florida to the Rockies last year and never had a problem. We had phone AND hotspot nearly the entire trip unless we went way off civilized areas, like in the back-country. We have T-Mobile. We drive from north of Seattle-Oregon-Northern California-Southern California-Arizona and back every winter. we have T-mobile 55+ plan and we rarely have any problems with signals. we also use the phones for hotspots. Ditto on the only bad places are back country/isolated areas. would Verizon be better, maybe some but they can't match our $60 taxes included monthly bill. if they ever did, i might just switch to Verizon. but the slightly better coverage isn't worth paying twice as much.
bikendan 06/15/20 02:46am Beginning RVing
RE: Lance 855s

Does anyone know where the battery is in the 2019 Lance 855S? It’s appearing tricky to find! you'll probably get more help if you had posted this in the Truck Campers forum.
bikendan 06/14/20 03:12am Tech Issues
RE: Front tires on the truck

Could be bad shocks.
bikendan 06/09/20 01:24pm Tech Issues
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