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RE: Losing home & need to immediately relocate to truck camper

I always read the whole thread before responding because i don't want to post something that's no longer relevant. If i'm not willing to read the whole thread, i don't post. When I'm retired, I'll waste significantly more time to keep you happy. Stay safe, thank you for your service. You did say "Not sure how you read the forum" so I was just explaining how I do.
bikendan 09/03/20 01:52pm Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone Mountain bike in Asheville-Pisgah?

Beuhler...Beuhler... not sure why you would expect responses from mtn bikers in less than 24 hours, on a RV forum. i would ask your question on a mtn bike forum, before i would ask on a RV forum. i'm a MTBer and i always wished i could ride out there. but i've never been to the East Coast and there's always plenty of places to ride out West.:B
bikendan 09/03/20 03:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: MH Manufacturer of Choice - Poll

I did a lot of research before buying my MH... I was curious, however, about what other people bought and why, and what their experience has been. I realize much of this is subjective, and that many have the "best" on the road... if you're happy, you're happy, and good on ya! What would you list as the top / best / favorite manufacturer, and please name the type of RV you have (i.e., MH, Towable, etc.)? i'm confused. your title asks about motorhome manufacturer of choice. then your posts adds towables and etc. then you post it in the Tech Issues forum.:h
bikendan 09/03/20 03:19am General RVing Issues
RE: TV mounts

Is there nothing in the Trailer handbook. :R There's no model-specific information, in today's RV owners manuals. just generic RV systems information. OP, have you tried asking your selling dealer?
bikendan 09/03/20 03:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

As I said in my previous post, I used to own a hybrid TT that was almost the same length and weight as the OP's. I had no issues towing it with a 2007 Avalanche 5.3 v-8. I towed it over the Sierras, the Rockies, the Cascades and the Siskiyous for 10 years. The Avalanche never had any problems towing the hybrid nor did it feel underpowered. So the OP doesn't need a 3/4 ton for this type of trailer, especially since they're downsizing. They've had bigger trucks and trailers so they aren't newbies. But I do wish I had my current F150 3.5 Ecoboost back then. I love this truck.
bikendan 09/02/20 02:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

My husband and I have ordered a new 2021 Rockwood Roo 23IKSS which should arrive the end of October. We are shopping for a truck but can't decide if we should buy a 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton. The GVW for the Roo is 6848 lbs with a hitch weight of 688 lbs. We have checked out RAM, Chevy and Ford trucks. I find the 3/4 ton trucks difficult to get into (I am 69 yo). My husband still has nightmares of towing our previous rig, a 17,000 lb Alfa with a 3/4 ton truck. He just wants to be sure that he has all the truck necessary to easily and safely pull the new rig. We expect to travel 12 months next year. We are open to a used vehicle and like the lower price on the 1/2 ton but can afford the 3/4 ton if we need it. Any thoughts? As a former Roo owner, any decent 1/2 ton can easily tow the 23IKSS. BUT if you think you might upgrade in the future, get the 3/4 ton instead. We bought a great F150 3.5 Ecoboost with Max Tow package, to tow our current 26ft TT. Now that we've had both for 4 years, we now are looking at a 30ft 5th Wheel, which our F150 can't tow. But we couldn't get a 3/4 ton up our driveway into the garage. But since we're planning on selling our place, now a 3/4 ton will be the next TV for our future 5th wheel. If you don''t plan on ever getting anything bigger, then a 1/2 ton will work fine. I'm a fan of the F150 3.5 Ecoboost with the Max Tow package.
bikendan 09/02/20 03:24am Tow Vehicles

We are in the market for a barely used tow vehicle and want to buy an extended warranty. They have always paid off for us. Is there a extended warranty company that you may reccomend? I want to know they will come through for us. Any thoughts or reccomendations welcome. i would only buy the vehicla's manufacturer extended warranty. i bought the Ford one on my used 2014 F150. wouldn't even touch a 3rd party extended vehicle warranty.
bikendan 09/01/20 03:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: need tow mirrors

Slip-ons work well for me. don't think they make slip-ons specifically for the Ridgeline. it would have to be some universal application setup.
bikendan 09/01/20 03:37am Towing
RE: Losing home & need to immediately relocate to truck camper

You should have read the OP's post right above yours, before posting.:h Not sure how YOU read forums, but I tend to respond to comments as I see them, not read the entire thread and then go back to comments to which I wanted to reply. Regardless, my comments stand. He bought something, but not at all what he was looking to buy. It will be a struggle for him and it will be far more expensive than simply staying in a less expensive long term housing situation.:h I always read the whole thread before responding because i don't want to post something that's no longer relevant. If i'm not willing to read the whole thread, i don't post.
bikendan 09/01/20 03:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Said good by our hybrid

Back in 2016, we sold our beloved Roo 23SS, after buying a new TT for winter trips south. Got twice what the dealer offered in trade-in. Since we had retired, a TT was better for our new lifestyle of 3-4 month long trips. Miss the openness of the hybrid but the theater seating and the quicker setup are better.
bikendan 09/01/20 03:29am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Tow/haul mode

I hate "tow/haul mode"... I don't run it all. Especially when towing or hauling... I know I'll catch "heck" for saying this, but "tow/haul mode" just does not work for me.. I can't and won't explain it here, as it'll take a lot of typing and no one will still get it... But, in a nut shell, don't RIDE THE BRAKES when going down hill and you can MANUALLY downshift your automatic trans if you want/need engine braking.. But, you don't need to rev to 6000 rpms to keep you at 30 mph just to keep you off the brakes... Anyway, fire away... I have T/H and have used it and didn't like it.. I have not EVER faded my brakes. I do see even semi trucks ride their brakes down the grades and smell their burning brakes.. But, I try to stay behind them, because I don't want them behind me when they do eventually fade... Good luck, Mitch works great in my 2014 F150. i love it.
bikendan 08/31/20 02:42am Towing
RE: Toyota Highlander V6

I'm new as it gets to this. Haven't even purchased yet. I have a 2013 Toyota Highlander V6 rated at 5k tow weight. I'm currently looking at a tandem axle pop up between 3100 and 3700 lbs. I am set up to pull, with a hitch and lights. I need to get trailer brake hookup installed. Thoughts on my rig pulling this weight? Should i look at aftermarket transmission cooler as well to preserve the vehicle/tranny? the 5k towing capacity is IF it has the factory tow package. do you have it because asking about a trans cooler sounds like it doesn't have the factory tow package. if it doesn't, then it doesn't have a 5k towing capacity. and are those 3100-3700 numbers "dry" weights? if so, those are fictional numbers. use the GVWR numbers.
bikendan 08/31/20 02:36am Beginning RVing
RE: Chinook Winds Casino parking?

it's been awhile but i remember RVs parked across from the casino. but i'd call and talk to someone, considering all the restrictions now.
bikendan 08/30/20 03:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping with no reservations

Also if you don't have cell service, you can't make a reservation. We ended up in a WM this summer after calling a cg to make a reservation and leaving a VM. OK> You got me. Maybe I'm slower today than normal, but lyou ended up in a WM? (Waste Management)? Please enlighten me. WM- Wal-Mart
bikendan 08/29/20 02:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How do you go to nearby hike trails after parking in camp?

Hello all, First timer here with a question.I am wondering if we can hike to nearby popular trails after we parked in the campgrounds? How do I know if the how trail has a parking for RV? Most popular trails that I know, i dont see RV parking so, I’m wondering how it works because we love to hike After i drop my travel trailer off at the campground, i drive my truck to the trailhead. If you mean a motorhome, RV can mean a motorhome, a travel trailer, a 5th wheel, a truck camper or a popup trailer. Most that have a motorhome, pull a toad that they would drive to the trailhead.
bikendan 08/28/20 03:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Help choosing tow vehicle

Ram 1500 comes with a 3.0 v6 ecoboost engine thats advertised at 32 mpg hiway miles. One rv website member has one he uses in his transport business delivering Airstream TTs. Hes always praising it for good mpg towing/empty and good reliability. His truck has lots on miles on the odo. WHAT! Ram 1500 v-6 ECOBOOST engine???:h
bikendan 08/27/20 03:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheelbase factors

Haven't you ever wished for a little more room in the Avalanche bed?? Jerry No, it’s an Avalanche. If I need more bed I put the midgate down. I’ve hauled a full length couch in it with the tailgate up (in a thunderstorm-stupid! But it stayed dry under the tarp job.) Can’t do that in a standard pickup. Best truck GM ever made, just too much of a niche vehicle. I owned a 2007 Avy LS. I replaced it with a F150 SCREW 4x4 3.5 Ecoboost with the Max Tow package. I absolutely love the truck and it is a towing beast, compared to the Avy. I did love the Avy(the Swiss Army Knife of trucks)but it can't compare to modern 1/2 trucks when it comes to towing.
bikendan 08/22/20 07:35pm Towing
RE: kz connect 241bhk Late fall / Early Winter Camping

Hello, I have a 2019 kz connect 241bhk with the climate package. We were considering doing some late fall/early winter camping. Want to make sure we know what we are up against, any suggestions welcome, anything specific to our model much appreciated! Since very few of us have any idea how your trai,er is constructed, I'd be asking your questions on a KZ Owners Forum.
bikendan 08/22/20 07:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: enough truck ???

7000# GVWR package, I think this refferances in the ford brochure a 2270# pay load capacity. NOPE! Read the driver's door yellow "Tires and Loading" sticker. It'll say "Occupants and cargo should not exceed xxxxlbs". THAT'S your truck's payload capacity. Never use brochure or website numbers for actual payload capacity. And my 2014 F150 with 3.5 Ecoboost and Max Tow package has a GVWR of 7650lbs and my payload is only 1828lbs. Your lower 7000lbs GVWR will probably mean a lower payload capacity. And a trailer with a fictional dry tongue weight of 880lbs, will probably over 1000lbs. loaded for camping.
bikendan 08/19/20 03:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Losing home & need to immediately relocate to truck camper

Ideally, we want to spend $15k between a truck & a camper. We want an all-season camper. We don't know about trucks to know what we need. We've heard that F150s are excellent. Ideally, we want a setup where we can get more than 11 mpg. Are there any particular trucks you recommend? We heard that diesel gets better mpg but that the cost of maintenance is so high that you might as well go with gas. $15K for a truck and camper that you'll fulltime in? Doubtful. $15K for an all season camper? Doubtful. F-150 for a truck camper? Almost impossible.. 11 mpg towing? Unlikely. Truthfully it sounds like you have done zero research and have outlandish expectations. Simple internet searches will give you lots of answers to your questions. I don't foresee your experiment being successful at all. Sounds like you still have a job, I would just look for more affordable housing somewhere else. Camping isn't a cheap venture. You should have read the OP's post right above yours, before posting.:h
bikendan 08/17/20 01:00pm Beginning RVing
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