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RE: Short Class A with no toad?

Before my current Class A, we had a truck camper. Even with it, we often took a toed. Just found it more enjoyable not to have to break Camp every time we wanted to travel around an area.
bjbear 08/01/19 07:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pics: Slide mechansim, Winnie/ Power gear / Kwickee

greetings. I am going thru same slideout repair, kwikee FLS slideout rail. On the galley the rear arm is failing as a result of the plastic 1" acme nut. You mentioned that you bought the part for about $6. Where at? Need parts asap. thx in advance Don Try
bjbear 07/24/19 12:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: thoughts on our 2019 Rubicon

How much is a new Rubicon running nowadays? With Wranglers in such demand I guess the dealers don’t have to negotiate much. Ours as equipped $41.4k Looking at one now. It is $62.5 K. Of course that is Canadian Loonies so $46K in US$
bjbear 07/17/19 07:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Door stop--or whatever its called

Here is a write-up on replacing the door locking swing arm with a gas strut. Lots of people have done this upgrade with success. There is also info on buying a replacement arm if you want to stay stock.
bjbear 07/08/19 06:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Refrigerator Help?!

Rookie refrigerator question........We are BRAND NEW to RVing. So any help is greatly appreciated! I am assuming that you did not test your refrigerator on propane before leaving on your trip. The refrigerator will often not run on propane initially, especially if the propane has been shut off. I have had a number of RVs over the years that required a couple of tries before it would work on propane. Here is the procedure I usually use when starting the fridge: 1) Start propane system. Ensure RV is plugged into shore power (AC) and Batteries are chargedTurn on propanelight one burner on your stove briefly to test the propane system and ensure it is working correctly. 2) Start refrigerator. Turn on refrigerator.Set {MODE} to gas/propane.Listen carefully. You should hear the igniter click a number of times followed by the sound of the burner.If the burner does not ignite, you will get a failure indication (Ususally a red "F").If it did not light, turn off the refrigerator and repeat previous steps.The refrigerator should start (i.e. burner running) after no more than 3 attempts.Let run on propane for 5-10 minutes, then switch {MODE} to 110VAC or AUTO. Check that the propane shuts off and the fridge continues to cool on 110VAllow at least 12 hours for the fridge to get down to normal temperatures. 3) If refrigerator will not run on propane after 3 attempts. Remove lower access door on outside of fridge.Check that all wiring connections are tight.Check that propane lines are tight. Some systems may have a small isolation valve that must be on.Locate the burner and flue then have someone attempt to start the fridge while you observe from the outside.You should see a spark at the burner, then hear the propane start to flow and then ignite.If the propane starts, but the flame is weak or goes out immediately, it could be because the flue is plugged. Spiders love to build webs in the flue. These can be cleared by using a compressor to blow air up the flue.If the propane still fails to work, then it is time for the manual and troubleshooting guide. Hope this helps. Remember, you need to have the propane turned on while you drive. I always leave the fridge on AUTO so that it switches to propane as soon as the coach is unplugged from shore power.
bjbear 06/29/19 08:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: good sams roadside assistancs app

After reading this, I checked my Good Sam app and it did not know who I was. Called them and found out that a couple of days after I renewed in early May, they recieved a call cancelling my membership! Needless to say, I did not do that. The upside is because I was rejoining instead of renewing, I got $35.00 discount. I signed up for 2 years at the cheap rate.
bjbear 06/27/19 12:32pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: If money was no object,....

If money was no object, but staying within the RV lifestyle I would own about four Class A only sites from about Palm Springs to Key West. Spend a month at each and 3 to 7 days going from one to the other. Wherever the sun was shining and temps in the 70’s would be where I pointed the nose of the DP. This would work for me. In a Prevost of course!
bjbear 06/13/19 08:25am Snowbirds
RE: What Tire Monitoring System to get?

I have been using the TST 507 for about 18 months. It is very reliable and I have had no problems with it. I use the repeater and even with a 42 foot coach, it reads my toad tires without problems. The advantages in my opinion are: Replaceable batteriesflow thru sensorssenses temperatureeasily programmable limits and alarms for pressure and temperatureAutomatically disables toad tires when out of range (i.e. using toad)monitors sensor battery levelsclear and easy to read display I bought my system with flow-thru sensors (12) which works great. If I was going to do it again, I would stay with the flow-thru sensors for the coach, but use the smaller and lighter sensor caps for the toad. VMSpc is working to integrate the TST system into their program. P.S. I read a few times where people have said the flow-thru sensors are slow to fill, but personally, I have not observed this to be true. Certainly for the few times I have needed to adjust air pressures, it has not been the case. Not sure how accurate the temperatures are, but they seem realistic. I use a hand held thermometer to check them when stopped.
bjbear 03/24/19 10:44am Class A Motorhomes
What’s happening with ChulaVista RV Resort

I stayed at Chula Vista RV Resort in November, but I understood it was closing. Got an email today from Sun Resorts saying that it was the new owner and asking people to book with them. Anyone know what the story is? It was a great park.
bjbear 03/11/19 08:15pm Snowbirds
RE: Pulling A trailer

This is the response I posted on a thread regarding the same issue that ran a couple of days ago: " We have moved to no longer accepting motorhomes with car trailers/haulers. In addition to the size issues, there are issues with maneuverability. We have had more damage done by the trailers behind motorhomes than any other rig combination. When you attempt to make a reservation with us, you are going to hear that unfortunately sites that would accommodate your rig are currently unavailable." This is one of my big worries.....finding space and managing the parking. I have been thinking of using one of these.... Seems like it would solve a lot of issues.
bjbear 03/05/19 08:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Transmission oil change due to time?

Allison transmissions are the best of the best. They will give 100’s of thousands miles of dependible service if you follow their published guidelines. Conidering the cost of repairs, it is worth spending the money on the required service and fluids. See the following.....
bjbear 03/02/19 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can You Help My Luddite Brother?

As a general comment I would say that there is really no reason to do this. If he is having overheat problems, it means that there is sonething wrong. Adding a scoop might help briefly, but it will probably not last. He should try to find the problem and address that issue first. Something to look at... Has radiator and CAC been cleaned? Is fan working? Is fan controller running fan at full speed when required? Is coolant level full and is coolant clean with no oil contamination?
bjbear 02/28/19 06:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for dog friendly park in Yuma, AZ

gosh, Yuma has a million parks, just let your fingers do a google. No problem researching parks...... My experience though has been that although most parks take dogs, many barely tolerate them. Some parks have large areas where dogs are not allowed and many people who are actively anti-dog. One park I know of only allows you to take your dog to the dog park in a golf cart. What I was hoping to find was someone who has been in a park and can recommend it based on how "dog friendly" it is.
bjbear 02/12/19 08:25am Snowbirds
Looking for dog friendly park in Yuma, AZ

Have spent the last 12 years in Gold Canyon at the same park. Unfortunately the costs keep escalating and the services keep shrinking. Thinking about trying Yuma next year. Any recommendations for a DOG FRIENDLY park in Yuma that has reasonably large sites and lots of activities?
bjbear 02/11/19 11:30am Snowbirds
RE: Shaw Direct dropping most SD Channels this year

That will not leave very many that we will be able to receive down south.Guess you'll need an HD antenna.I know you mean that as a joke, but it's almost true. You have to update the LNB.No, not a joke, but he'll likely have to update everything, including the receiver. And maybe even the tube tv. LOL Don’t need to update anything! Already have the latest PVR, LNB and even one of those new fangled flat screen LED TVs. Got rid of my old B&W tube TV years ago. ;)
bjbear 02/04/19 12:56pm Snowbirds
RE: Shaw Direct dropping most SD Channels this year

Hi My discussion with a Shaw tech just last week and he informed me that by the end of 2019 they will have completed the move of all HD channels to the new satellite. This is the one that has the smaller footprint and no coverage probably past Great Falls MT. He said consequently the SD channels are then turned off. However he did say that any HD channel that is on the older 2 satellites will still continue to operate. He didn't tell me just how many channels that would be, however I think it won't be that many. IPTV might be more of an interest come the end of 2019 for Canadian coverage down south. Do you have any recommendation for an IPTV provider?
bjbear 01/27/19 07:27am Snowbirds
RE: Resealing window

What is the best size? I am thinking 1/8” Thick X 1” wide?
bjbear 01/26/19 08:01am Class A Motorhomes
Shaw Direct dropping most SD Channels this year

Ran across this article: If I am reading it correctly, it looks like most of the Std Def channels will be dropped by the end of Sep 2019. That will not leave very many that we will be able to receive down south.
bjbear 01/26/19 07:57am Snowbirds
RE: Class A tire protection coatings

If your 2006 Winnebago has original tires then its time to put them in the trash can and clean the NEW tires with soap and water. For sure, check your tire dates. See for info about this. If they are over 7 years old, I would strongly recommend that you replace them. 303 is a great product but will only delay damage by a small amount. Using covers for anytime you are sitting in one place for more than a week is probably the number 1 thing you can do
bjbear 01/21/19 08:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can I use a WDH on a DP

No, I don't believe he is. Your comparing a 20 foot pickup, to a 40 foot MH. Do they have the same size chassis, suspensions, and tires? Are they the same wheel base? Like I said, try it yourself and get back to us, please. I have tried it myself and I have got back to you..... There is essentially no difference between my pickup and my motorhome with respect to the WDH. They both have: A Steer AxleA Drive AxleA 10000 lb Trailer HitchA Trailer Attached exerting a force on the hitchAir bags to maintain level You are correct, they do have different wheelbases, but do you really think it makes a difference to the weight added on the hitch?? These are real world weights taken on a Commercial truck scale just as you challenged my to provide. If you still think that a MH will negate the weight added by a trailer, try this simple experiment: Stand on a bathroom scaleWrite down the weightExtend your arm and hand out in front of youHave someone place a 10 lb weight on your hand. Keep your hand extended and note that there is a force pulling your hand and arm downwardBend your knees a little to simulate how the added weight would push you downWrite down the new weightNow, straighten your legs just like your MH would do when it adds air to the air bags to correct the squatNow Write down your weight. I am betting that your weight after you added the 10 lbs and squat down a little is the same as when you straighten your legs. If your weight at the end of the exercise is the same as it was in step 2 (before adding the 10 lbs), them I will happily admit that there is no purpose to a WDH on a MH. I will also submit your name for consideration for a Nobel Physics Prize as you will have disproved Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion.
bjbear 01/14/19 12:14pm Class A Motorhomes
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