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RE: Concrete driveway thickness??

Dick_B is correct. A typical driveway should be 4-inches. However, just as important is the strength of the concrete used AND how the base supporting it was built and compacted. The fact that whoever built the driveway skimped by only using 3 inches, might make one suspicious that they could have gone cheap in both the concrete (lower strength) and the base. Personally, I would not park a DP on it unless I got the opinion of a professional engineer first.
bjbear 07/04/20 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Door hard to open from outside

If the inside handle easily opens both latches does that rule out adjustment? Isnt the long rod operated by both the inside and outside handles? The outside handle willopen both latches if i jerk the handle hard..... You would think so, but the inside handle has a larger range of movement than the outside. That means that the door will stop working sooner with the outside handle while the inside will still function.
bjbear 06/22/20 09:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Out of Country medical insurance - Covid-19

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, have any Canadians on here talked to their insurance company about getting coverage for the 2020/21 season? Currently Medipac and Bluecross have statements on their websites that excludes Covid from being covered. If that's the case in September I guess we won't be going. Based on the way things are going down there we're not going to gamble. Yep same with us and everybody we have talked to. Even if they sort out the insurance thing many are hesitant to go until they see what happens on the election. There is a lot of pent up hate and unrest going on right now in the USA. It might be best to see how the election affects things. Our backup plan is southern Spain. You bring up a good point. Things are really crazy now. Everyone is on a short fuse. I have heard Spain and Portugal are great places, but would not work for us. My wife would never leave our dog for that long!
bjbear 06/07/20 04:43pm Snowbirds
Out of Country medical insurance - Covid-19

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, have any Canadians on here talked to their insurance company about getting coverage for the 2020/21 season?
bjbear 06/07/20 12:27pm Snowbirds
RE: RBC ( royal Bank US )

Does anyone have any issues with using the US account linked to Cdn. Accounts. Had no problems till lately.. such a nightmare try)ng to transfer money .... Perhaps time to switch banks for US banking . Used RBC US account for many years now. Never a problem until once in early April when I had problems with a transfer from US to Can$. Appeared to be related to high volumes of traffic during Covid Exodus as Canadian snowbirds headed home in droves.
bjbear 05/27/20 05:52pm Snowbirds
RE: Door hard to open from outside

Holiday rambler monaco. The door opens easily from the inside but from the outside i have to pull hard on the handle. Ive lubricated everything, its not the door sticking as it opens easily from the inside. Any ideas would be appreciated. Take a look at: It has a lot of info about the door handles on Monaco Family Coaches. Usually, if the handle has to be pulled farther than normal, it is either the bushing or the rod adjustment. The bushing is the first place to look. If left as is, so that you have to pull real hard on the door handle to open, it will result in a broken handle and you will have to replace it. Will also leave you locked out of your coach. Happened to me!!!
bjbear 05/22/20 08:02am Class A Motorhomes
Remove logo on Flexsteel captains chairs arm rest.....

I am reupholstering my captains chairs which are flexsteel. Had no problem removing the arm rests, but now I am having trouble figuring out how to remove the fabric from the arm rests. There is a FlexSteel Logo on the outside of the arm rest. I cannot see how to remove it so I can remove the existing Ultraleather. Has anyone done this and can give me a hint on how to remove the logo?? I am thinking that it is held on with spring clips, but am reluctant to apply too much force to pry it off.
bjbear 05/21/20 04:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Class A - Water Entry

Because your rig is new, you could have a water line fitting that is not properly connected. It may be dripping slowly and flowing down the floor into the compartments. The other possibility is something that happened to me when I purchased a new 5th wheel a number years ago. When they pressure tested the water system, they did not properly drain/winterize it. At the dealer, it went through some freezing temperatures and water in a 90 elbow froze causing a small crack that then leaked causing water to pool in the belly pan. What ever the cause, it is something that needs to be corrected before it causes damage that might be difficult to repair.
bjbear 04/27/20 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Snowbirds In Limbo As Coronavirus Upends Travel Plans

There is no way that a Canadian Citizen is going to be denied entry into Canada. Period. The border is Federal jurisdiction and not Provincial. Even Quebec our self centered sibling cannot restrict the federal border!! That said, we headed home from Gold Canyon, AZ to Cold Lake, Alberta as soon as it became apparent that both Canada and the USA were going to follow Italy and Spain with respect to infection rates. Many of our other Canadian friends were told by their out of country insurance that they would not be covered after Mar 23rd. Fortunately, my insurance told me that they would continue to cover us, but that was not my main concern. My concern was with the availability of medical equipment in Canada and the US as the emergency progresses. In the event that myself or my wife contracted pneumonia from Covid-19 or any other reason, I did not want to take up a respirator in the US. Can you imagine the scenario where there are 2 people who need respirators, but there is only one remaining and available. Would it be fair for me as a Canadian to have it and deny the US citizen in the bed next to me? How would his/her family react if a respirator was given to a Foreign national who has a home outside the US and his family member was allowed to die? So my message to all Canadians, is to head back to your home where your tax dollars support the medical system. Leave US medical services to US citizens unless absolutely necessary. When this is all over, we can all get back together a celebrate!!
bjbear 04/06/20 12:20pm Snowbirds
RE: Heading Home (North)

Just got back yesterday. Took 5 days to travel from Gold Canyon, AZ to Cold Lake, Alberta. Campgrounds in Montana where filled up by the end of the day. Luckily, I had made reservations or I would not have got in (Dillon, Montana). Also had reservations in Shelby, but decided to cross the border and stayed at Milk River, AB. By end of day, the campground was full. No problem crossing the border at Sweetgrass/Coutts. About a 15 minute wait and the bonus was that they did not ask me how much I had in purchases so did not have to pay GST on the amount over my allowance. Saved me a bunch of money as I had overspent by a lot. No problem getting fuel at Flying J/Pilot or Love's. No long lines. Used hand sanitizer and then washed hands after handling pump. Don't really think the virus could survive in a diesel environment. Looking at the infection rate curve, I would advise everyone to head home ASAP and shelter in place. The US rate is on track with that of Italy a week ago so it is getting serious. Stay safe and well everyone................
bjbear 03/24/20 10:41am Snowbirds
RE: Air brakes on Towed

My buddy has the Brake Buddy. Install is easy, just plug it into the power outlet, hookup and he monitor/control box in the MH, watch that it connects and your all done. It's a simple system and you can easily move it between vehicles, unlike you system that is only for the 1 car. I'm planning on getting a newer vehicle and will then have 2 available toads. ThenBrake Buddy will be perfect for that. As I said good if you have a "Fleet" (2 is a fleet though in the example I think I used 20) . But every time you put it in the driver's seat that is an install and if you mess up it can total the car's brakes (happened to me on a different system the dealer messed up the install on.. When will I learn to do it or at least check it myself). and over time that is a lot of work. plus I've spoken to folks who confirmed they said "Oh forget it" for a short trip.. Murphy's law says that's when someone will run out in front of you and SPLAT. With the M&G or the US-Gear system I had or any of the other fully installed leave 'em in place all the time you just plug it in (if that) 1-2 seconds and it's live.. Some of them you don't even do that. Mark me down as another Brake Buddy fan. Have been using it for close to 10 years. Very easy and straight forward to install. You would have to be totally incompetant to mess it up. Never felt like leaving it off, even for short drives. Have changed towed vehicle 3 times and the switch over was easy (had to run light setup anyway so adding a 12V charge line and breakaway was not difficult).
bjbear 01/11/20 07:45am Dinghy Towing
RE: Can I use a WDH on a DP

.............. I don't think this is a true statement. WD hitches do not change the tongue weight. They just redistribute that tongue weight among the available axles. If your tongue weight is 1400 pounds with a regular hitch it will still be 1400 pounds with a WD hitch. It will just be carried by different axles but there will still be 1400 pounds on the ball. The only solution to the OP's problem is to move some weight further back in the trailer or move the trailer axle further forward. I could be wrong but I don't think so. If weight is moved to the axles, it must come off the hitch. In other words, the total weight of the vehicle and trailer do not change so if you move some of the weight to an axle, it must be reduced from the hitch. One of the things that a WDH does is reduce the torque on the receiver. That is why receivers are rated for higher loads when you use a WDH. The following is a simple illustration. A difference when you have air bags, is that the rear end of the MH is maintained at the same height. That, however does not mean that the weight did not transfer. It just means that as the weight is added to the drive axle, air is added to the rear air bags to compensate.
bjbear 12/17/19 09:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Motorcoach Owner...

RV I was able to upload this photo from my phone. I will have more later if you wish. Congratulations and safe travels. You are making many of us envious :)
bjbear 10/23/19 07:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oil stick problem - need help

On long Dipsticks, you can sometimes take a pair of pliers and put a small twist at the end in the first inch and that will slip past where the outer tube goes into the engine block. Doug Have the same problem. I have to turn the dipstick as I push it in to get it to go all the way. I'll try putting a twist on the end. How much of a twist do you need?
bjbear 10/12/19 10:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generator Cranking Amps

Another testing idea: Remove the gen + wire and using a battery load tester and clampon ammeter measure the draw on the wire and also the voltage and compare that to the wire calculator. As long as I don't exceed the fuse rating it should provide a good comparison. Thoughts? This will work. However, you will have to measure the voltage at both the end of the wire and the battery terminal at the same time as the battery voltage will drop as you add load and you need the differential voltage to be meaningful.
bjbear 09/14/19 12:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generator Cranking Amps

bjbear, Thanks as that is the type of information that I appreciate. I will measure some more cranking voltages and I want to know gauge wires I have from the gen to the fuse. And it must be the 300A fuse as the next biggest is 200A. From the gen the + wire is not 4/O, maybe 2 but need to check. aA Not sure of my wire size. I used whatever was there originally when it was built by Monaco.
bjbear 09/12/19 05:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generator Cranking Amps

So here is the information CA Traveler was looking for. I used a Snap-on analyzer specifically designed to measure amperage while a starter is operating. As shown in the picture below, my generator (Onan 10 KW QuietDeisel) has a dedicated battery that is only used to start the generator. The 12V+ lead is 4/0 wire 72" long. The ground wire is 48" connected to the frame.At the start of the test, the battery was fully charged @ 12.7 Volts.Outside temperature was 15 C.During the prestart step the generator drew 6.0 Amps, with very little voltage drop off.When the starter cranked, the amps peaked at 207 Amps, then settled at 197 Amps until the generator fired.The battery supply voltage (at the terminals) dropped from 12.6 Volts to 10.8 Volts.Immediately after starting, the battery recovered to 12.3 Volts. As you may have guessed, I am a proponent of using a dedicated battery for the generator. As per a previous post, I found that even when I cleaned all my terminals from the house batteries to the generator, the generator just did not start reliably. After installing the dedicated battery, I have never had a problem. IMO... Due to the high current draw, 30 - 40 feet of 4/0 cable just has too much voltage loss.The house batteries are deep cycle batteries. Therefore, they are not designed to supply the 200 Amps necessary without pulling down the battery voltage significantly.When you really need to start the generator (i.e. In the morning when you house batteries are at 50% - 12.0V --or-- during cold weather) that is also the time when you have the lowest voltage available and cannot handle further voltage drop as the starter cranks.
bjbear 09/12/19 01:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generator Cranking Amps

What is the expected cranking amp draw for a Onan 10K generator? Mine is cranking slow due to excessive voltage drop on the + wire and I want to estimate what the voltage drop should be for the wire size and length. The - side uses frame ground is is OK. Looked through my generator info and could not find the actual amp draw for the starter. When I bought my coach, the generator cranked slowly and often would not start at all. Even with the "boost" switch pushed to combine house and chassis batteries, it was a reluctant starter. I went through the entire 12V supply and cleaned all connections at the battery plus a post on the front wall. It helped a bit, but was not a satisfactory solution. If I remember correctly, the 12V supply fell to 11.5 Volts when cranking. It is a very poor design to use house or chassis batteries located in the rear to start the generator at the front. Not only because of the long distance with resulting voltage drop, but because, often when you need the generator is when you have run your batteries down to 50% or lower. Just no enough power to start the generator reliably. What I ended up doing was to install a dedicated battery at the generator and using a diode, charge it from the house system. My generator now starts quickly. Even if my house batteries are down, I don't need to worry that my generator will not start.
bjbear 09/10/19 02:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: building new campground

The whole 8 miles thing: - If it's a destination park, sure no big deal. - If it's a quick overnight, yeah, it's costs me 16 miles round trip, so yeah, I might push on 25 miles to the next park that is near the highway. Worst case, it cuts 25 miles off the next day's travel. Not being realistic is a big part of why most businesses fail in the first few years. I looked at LLion, NY on Google Earth. I see a very pleasant place with not only Highway 90, but several less busy highways that might appeal to many. Lots of little towns to explore and I am sure some historic sites, parks, forests, etc. I am thinking that instead of looking at the extremes (destination vs. overnight), maybe look at a "Mini-Destination" aimed at travelers who aren't in a big hurry and would enjoy a 1 - 3 day stop. If they featured the brewery and maybe had other products from local farms, artists, etc. Concentrate on basic amenities which are kept clean and in good condition. Don't need anything really fancy in this case. I can see it would appeal to many. Hard to tell if it would be enough to sustain the business, but worth a try. As others have said, they need to build a comprehensive business plan which includes accurate costs, clear definition of regulatory/tax requirements and their best guess at how the market will respond. I say go forward and wish them best of luck.
bjbear 09/10/19 10:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel economy

^^^^ I average 50,000 miles per year, currently have 158,000 miles in 3 years. Wow!! That is a lot of driving (137 miles - 2 1/2 hours driving per day). I could not do that. I don't think too many RVers put on that many miles.
bjbear 09/10/19 09:12am Class A Motorhomes
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