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RE: Fastway e2 weight distribution

I had the E2 from when I was towing an Apex Nano 193 BHS and figured I'd give it a go with my new Alpha Wolf 26 DBH-L - just upgraded the spring bars. I fully expected that I'd end up upgrading to an Equalizer, but it tows absolutely beautifully with the E2. Loaded weight is just a hair under 7,000 lbs and it's 32 ft hitch to bumper. Now, I've never used an Equalizer or any other hitch for that matter, but I have no complaints with this one - no sway, very stable. Granted, I haven't hit crosswinds more than 15 MPH or so. If I didn't already have the E2 and was buying one, I'd go with the Equalizer just for peace of mind.
bjkb1f 09/09/20 02:36pm Towing
RE: About to buy Rebuilt TT (previous salvage) Please help!

There are enough issues with the general lack of quality control with new TTs, let alone piling on the rebuild/repair issues that will likely crop up with one that's been in a wreck. Sounds like something that could end up being much more expensive in the long run. It would be one thing to have to take it in for repairs when you'd like to use it, but even worse to get stranded somewhere as a result of shoddy work.
bjkb1f 08/31/20 02:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer recommendation

We tow a 2019 Alpha Wolf 26DBH-L - which sounds like it checks your boxes. It's right at 7,000 loaded and ready to camp. We tow it with a 2018 F150 3.5 EB. It tows beautifully, but from what I've read, may be a bit much for an SUV. It's also creeping up toward your max. Tongue weight is right at 850 lbs loaded. It's 32 ft hitch to bumper and longer than I initially wanted, but my wife talked me in to it. Fortunately, it tows really well. We see plenty of people towing TTs this size and larger with SUVs, but I'm not certain how safe it is in an emergency situation.
bjkb1f 08/31/20 02:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking to Purchase Lightweight Bunkhouse Model

For you tow vehicle, that KZ seems like a good fit. We had an Apex Nano 193 BHS, which is a very similar floor plan. Our family is my wife and I, two young kids (5 and 3 at the time of purchase) and two large dogs - 85 lbs each. One thing I notice about the KZ is no sink in the bathroom. That was a must for us - I didn't want my wife to be prepping a meal and someone to have to come wash their hands right there after using the bathroom. The Nano lasted us a season and a half, mainly due to bad weather luck on trips. Being stuck inside all weekend in that small space could get rough, so we upgraded and I bought a truck. However, I wouldn't have done that if I wasn't certain that years of RV camping were in the cards for us.
bjkb1f 08/03/20 08:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch set up

Since you have to buy a new WDH anyway, why not buy one with built in sway control like those mentioned, or even a Fastway E2. They're pretty basic, but still provide some sway prevention, versus sway reaction that your truck provides. Just a thought.
bjkb1f 05/06/20 01:17pm Towing
RE: Is Friction Sway Enough

You'll definitely want a WDH if you tow with the Explorer, so why not just use it on the Expedition as well? For a TT that size, I would think just about any WDH would be fine, so no need to spend a bunch on a higher end one. We towed an Apex Nano 193BHS with a Lincoln Navigator and while it technically didn't require a WDH, it definitely towed better with one. Also, that 360 lbs is dry weight. Add propane, battery and gear and you'll probably be closer to 500 lbs.
bjkb1f 05/06/20 12:48pm Towing
RE: Just bought my first travel trailer

If you go with the diesel skip the 2500 and go with the 3500 the diesel engine is heaver than the gas engine. So the 2500 with the diesel will have a low payload capacity This. 2500 gas or 3500 diesel. There are 250/2500 series diesel trucks out there with the same payload has a 1/2 ton. For only a couple thousand more, you'll end up with a much more capable truck with a 350/3500 SRW. I haven't seen payload numbers, but maybe check out the 2020 F250 with the 7.3 if you're not sold on Ram/diesel.
bjkb1f 04/15/20 02:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Adjust WDH?

This is pretty much what I was thinking. I didn’t check to see how they were sitting on the brackets but I will check next time. Thanks all!
bjkb1f 03/24/20 08:07pm Towing
Adjust WDH?

Just got back from our first trip with our new TT (2019 Alpha Wolf 26DBH-L). TV is a 2018 F150 and the WDH is a Fastway E2. The dealer installed the WDH and I ended up adjusting it because they didn't do it right. Now, I'm questioning the install as well. It towed like an absolute dream so I'm inclined to leave it be. However, the spring bars are slightly angled up toward the trailer - not parallel with the frame. I'm wondering if I should adjust the L brackets down a notch and add a washer or two to the hitch head. I would think this would maintain a similar amount of weight distribution. I guess my question is, does the angle of the spring bar affect anything? It's not far off from parallel, but is slightly higher in the rear where it meets the L bracket.
bjkb1f 03/24/20 02:50pm Towing
RE: 3.5 EB Engine Braking?

I have an '18 with the 3.5 EB and 10 sp. I feel like mine is braking too much. The first few times I ended up switching to normal drive mode to stop it, but then figured the truck knows what it is doing and I let it do it's thing. The first time it ever happened, it scared my wife, who had no idea what was happening.
bjkb1f 02/19/20 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: WDH Questions

iDK.. They say 600lb TW here. If your at 1000 lbs what do you have packed in that thing??? something wrong maybe.. Even with my advertised 550 lb TW mine fully loaded one went up 200 lbs to 750.. And that was trip for 3 months on the road from main to florida.. Packed.. I have a 1500 silverado..and that was is a lot of weight for that truck. 1500 payload capacity. I cant imagine what 1000 lbs is doing to that f150... I was shocked by the number too. We have two batteries, two propane tanks, chairs, firewood, etc. in the front storage area. I guess it all adds up. If needed, I can always remove one of the batteries and tanks and also move the firewood to the rear storage area. For now, I'll be adding more washers. I also need to move the L brackets 3 inches back on the trailer. The instructions say 27" from the coupler and the dealer put them at 24, which is the minimum. From here, if I need to and the spring bars aren't parallel, I will move the L bracket up one hole.
bjkb1f 02/17/20 12:06pm Towing
RE: WDH Questions

WDH is a Fastway E2. No chains, but it does use washers to tilt the hitch head. I was using 6 when I weighed it and will be adding more to get more weight distribution. The front wheel well distance is about half way back to original. I’ll try another washer or two and see what that does.
bjkb1f 02/14/20 09:07am Towing
WDH Questions

I took my truck and TT to the CAT scales and have a few questions about the number. Hoping you guys can help. TV is a 2018 F150 TT is an Alpha Wolf 26DBH I know my TT is just about as big as you’d want to go with a half ton. So I want to make sure I load it correctly. Unloaded truck wt - Front: 3120 Rear: 2520 Coupled with no WD: Front: 2680 Rear: 3960 Trailer: 5540 Coupled with WD: Front: 2920 Rear: 3640 Trailer: 5640 TT weight: 6540 loaded but with empty tanks Based on my math, my tongue weight is right at 1,000 lbs - coupled/no WD weight on truck minus unloaded truck weight. That is the correct way to calculate this right? Second, it looks like the hitch is only putting about 100 lbs of the tongue weight back on the trailer axles. Third, I’m still not back to my unloaded weight on the front truck axle. I assume I should adjust the hitch a bit more to get more weight distribution. Is that correct? My front wheel well distances are within the recommended range but it’s still about a half inch higher when hitched with WD than unloaded. My plan is to move some of our **** to the rear storage compartment and adjust the hitch to get the tongue weight closer to 13% (right now it’s just over 15%) and further distribute the weight to the front and trailer axles. I’m below all weight limits (axles, tires, hitch) but getting close on payload so I’d like a little more wiggle room. Thoughts?
bjkb1f 02/13/20 03:44pm Towing
RE: Full Hookup Sites on Lake Michigan

I liked Indiana Dunes. Holland state park is out due to no alcohol policy.How can they possibly enforce that? Enforcement was my question too, but apparently they have rangers patrolling. We may still consider it and just be careful. Indiana Dunes looks nice, but it looks like electric only sites.
bjkb1f 01/13/20 12:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Full Hookup Sites on Lake Michigan

Looking for a recommendation for a place to camp for a week on Lake Michigan. Would like it to be on the beach or walking distance to the beach and have full hookups. Holland state park is out due to no alcohol policy. The other state parks would work location wise, but only offer electric, which won't work for our group. Thanks all!
bjkb1f 01/13/20 09:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can installing weight distribution hitch be a DIY project?

If you know how to use basic hand tools and follow instructions, you can do it. I installed one having no prior knowledge of how to do it. It took me 45 minutes or so, but it got done. As a previous poster said, you likely will do better than most dealers. I sold the camper I installed the hitch on and bought a new one. Had the dealer install it since I was already there. It looked level when they pulled it around, but then once I got to see it on an actual level surface, it clearly isn't, so I will have to adjust it. Yes, they installed it, but it isn't properly adjusted. I'l wait to do this until we get most of our gear in it. I wouldn't blink at installing one again.
bjkb1f 01/02/20 12:32pm Towing
RE: Fastway E2 WDH Question

Thanks all. I went ahead and called them - they didn't answer yesterday, which is why I posted here. Anyway, they said I can simply upgrade the spring bars. The other components are the same for 6K, 8K and 10K trailer weights.
bjkb1f 10/29/19 09:09am Towing
Fastway E2 WDH Question

I just bought a new, heavier TT and need to know what I need to do about my current WDH. I have a Fastway E2 that has been great on my little Apex Nano. The hitch is rated to 8,000 lbs and 800 lb tongue weight. My new TT, should be about 7,000 maybe 7,500 fully loaded. I'd like to upgrade the spring bars to 1,000 tongue weight, but do I also need to upgrade the shank/hitch or are those all the same? Can I just throw new spring bars in the existing hitch? The dealer asked if I have a 10,000 lb hitch. I see mine is 8,000, so wanted to check. I know my TT will never be over 8,000 lbs, but want to be sure all components are as strong as they need to be. On eTrailer, it looks like all of the components are the same, except for the spring bars. Thoughts?
bjkb1f 10/28/19 09:24am Towing
Opinions Needed - Starcraft vs. Cherokee Alpha Wolf

Wife and I are looking at the two models below. It seems both will meet our needs just fine, but I wanted to get some feedback from those who may have experience with them. Alpha Wolf Super Lite We currently have an Apex Nano 193BHS and it has been great. I've heard about quality control / lack of quality issues with Forest River products, which I know makes Cherokee. The Starcraft is under Thor. Neither model is particularly high-end as far as I know. Thoughts? Also, my wife would really like the Starcraft Super Lite 281BH. Tow vehicle is a 2018 F150 with the 3.5 EcoBoost. I'm telling her that a 26-foot box / 30 foot OAL TT is pushing it and that a 32-33 footer is out of the question. Would you all agree? Concerned about payload and overal stability with that large of a trailer and a half-ton.
bjkb1f 10/21/19 03:11pm Travel Trailers
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