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RE: New to RV/towing. Whats my best option for a towing setup?

Double posted, see other post HERE
blt2ski 09/16/20 08:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle!

Ben, as far as USCG regs and recommendations, regs I follow, remondations, throw them POS away! On my sailboat, the race reg requirements sink USCG regs! Look at off shore race rules requirements! Most boaters get scared when they read the stuff you need! Like a lot of things, manufacture warranty ratings, government ratings, are bare bare bare bone minimums one needs to function. Owner operator needs to go by understand what will or will not work for them in application they are in. Kinds like a shot gun will work, NOT! On a charging grizzly! But it's a gun!!!
blt2ski 09/15/20 11:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle!

Am curious and ask you all who think warranty ratings do not mean you all follow the ICE's RPM rating ? AKA....tach red line for your ICE Or Coast Gaurd max occupancy for all certified boats ? Ditto elevators, airplanes, etc They *All* can hold, carry, spin, etc more than their ratings... Ben, having had vehicles that have not performed at warranty ratings, ie stalled out, as those warranty ratings and how they get them, need to be IMHO taken with a grain of salt at times. I've had vehicles with half the eating of another, the lower one actually did better in Some instances va others. Ancjora for boats, is another one of those don't get in a argument with someone. What works for them, may not work for you due to different so conditions. In general, I keep them in mind from an axle standpoint. From a gvwr standpoint, keep it in mind, but if over, yet under axle ratings, I don't worry! Gcwr, that's a crdp shoot if you think you are safe etc under it. The new rules give the performance ratings to follow. BUT, if you want more sdpeed than soeced, steeper minimum grade to go up. Increased frontal area than speced, the manufactured don't tell you reduction or increase you need to do so effectively. So you get and see questions like the post on the F450 slowing down. Person probably thought rating allowed him to go speed limit, when in reality, his speed would or will be 45-50 per how specs manufacture must certify at. Marty
blt2ski 09/15/20 11:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle!

Grit, Let them wieght police know, manufactured warranty ratings mean squat, on either side of Cascades! Marty
blt2ski 09/15/20 11:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tried towing after new tires & did not go well

Someone should report rvnet to the ASPCA on account of all the dead horses getting beat here! ROTFLMAO!! :P:P:p:B:B:B
blt2ski 09/13/20 12:52pm Towing
RE: RPMs dropping uphill, Ford f-450

Assuming you are around 25,000 lbs total. 100+sq ft of frontal area. You need 150-175 hp to go 60 on a level ground. Another 50-55 hp per 1% grade. You are needing more HP than you have. Yes you should be slowing down some. Also, I don't believe a 2013 has 400hp. But could be wrong. Marty
blt2ski 09/09/20 04:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 v8

Curious...anyone know if this big block gasser’s casting was based on the old 7.3L diesel ? That would have been a consideration if I was going to build a new gasoline big block... I would say that's extremely unlikely, since the 7.3 diesel was not a Ford engine. It was a Navistar engine adapted for use in Ford trucks, not unlike the Cummins in the Ram. The displacement number may or may not be a coincidence. I doubt it. BUT with that said, the gas versions of that block IHC made were good motors. In someways better than diesel ones. Rumour had it tho, the 6.9 version liked to break crankshafts do to torque of the motor. Diesel motors did not have that issue. These are the IDI versions. The T444e/7.3 psd was a different animal test. I would go with coinsidence over planned. Marty
blt2ski 09/07/20 02:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

Nor trust droid auto correct, or me phat thumbs, either after drinking. Much less before! Marty
blt2ski 09/07/20 11:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

Jerry, I wouldn't trust either driving! Yes the F150 will and should serve the OP very well. Marty You mad because you are not invited? :D :D :D No, I just wouldn't trust either of you two, much less me driving after a few too many drinks! Narty
blt2ski 09/05/20 12:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

Jerry, I wouldn't trust either driving! Yes the F150 will and should serve the OP very well. Marty
blt2ski 09/04/20 09:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

"IF" you can find an F150 with the heaviest payload gvwr option, the 3.5eco boost. DO NOT get a fully loaded leather pkg crew cab, but the ext cab. You should not be low on power, low on suspension etc. The GM has the highest base gvw of the three. You can get a 6.2L V8 that will also have more power than you will need for that trailer. Only issue, it does not have a turbo. So if at elevation, you will be down HP. That is where the eco boost in the ford is the better option. OR If dodge makes a 7200-8000 gvwr rig as Ford and GM do, the little diesel in that one would be on par with the eco boost at elevation. I believe GM also has a turbo diesel in the newest of half tons too, and they have a turbo 4 cylinder gas motor. The gas does not have as much HP as i would like, but would probably work reasonably well. Not positive on the diesel GM. if you go with the 8 lug 25 series trucks. That trailer in reality, needs the smallest motor offered. You do NOT NEED, altho WANT is another factor, the 400hp diesels to motor around in the 13-15K total lb relm. marty Marty
blt2ski 09/01/20 10:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tried towing after new tires & did not go well

Add another, new tire squirm! Drive it 1000 miles or so, should be better. Yes as others have noted, could also be too much psi front or rear of the tires. Possibly, but unlikely, wrong tires with too low a load rating, too low of pressure....... Marty
blt2ski 09/01/20 07:59pm Towing
RE: Avoiding AFS/VVT issues in next truck

I remember the days (like 2007) when the argument was that 6 speed transmissions were going to always be shifting, who needed more than 4 speeds. Now 6 is not enough. 10 may give a slight fuel economy advantage, it may keep the rpm range closer all the time. I have never thought "wow, I might be in 8th gear if it had 10, or wish I had more gears to shift through" while driving or towing 15k. Then again, when driving the 10 speed I never thought - "I wonder what gear I would be in if there was only 6". Only 6 here and I still grab for 7th after hours of mind numbing high rpms on the highway. 175k miles later it still won't go into 7th gear dammit!! I have 7 in my IHC, still look for 1-2 more at top end. Turning 2500 at 55mph! Top spped is 72 downhill with a tail wind empty. With its whopping 175 non turbo V8! Not sure an OD or DOD would do me any good frankly. Not sure I could make the 130-150 hp I need to go 55 at 26K lbs with the horrible aerodynamics of this thing! Marty
blt2ski 09/01/20 07:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ford F350 weight

Not a ford comparison, but works with any brand. , Noted, empty wieghts based on how many options you have, cab sizing etc 3 of us had 05 dually crew cab GM trucks. On weighed 7200 lbs, a fairly stripped rwd model. Mine 7400 lbs, an LS 4wd. The third was over 7800 lbs, 4wd full leather pkg etc. Even a higher gvwr might not be your friend. Saw a 2018 F250 advertised the other day, has a 10k gvwr. Says it weighs 6200 lbs empty, payload 3800. My current rwd gm c2500, gvwr 8600, weighs 4800 lbs, payload 3800 lb. My 05 dually listed above, 11400 gvwr, 4200 lbs of payload. Any truck, the options alone can add over 2000 lbs to any particular body style. If you looking at brochure wts, unless you have a truck like my c2500 with three options vs base, it will weight more than brochure weights! Trust ALL of us on that! Marty Edited to fix phat thumbs from phone posting this morning!
blt2ski 09/01/20 07:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 vs Ram 3500 DRW tow vehicle

Shiner nd grit are where ii at on gearing. Slight difference. If I ran empty frequently, 3.73 if available, 60 90+%of the time as I do, 4.10gears. 3.73if I only had a .7-.75 od to work with vs a .6-.65 dod. Also depends on speeds you drive, what is legal, where grit and I are in Wa St, max over 10k lbs or towing is 60mph. So not sure the taller gears are in my favor, vs slightly lower. My02 Marty
blt2ski 08/28/20 12:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Ram short bed 6.7 diesel 2500 payload close to max

I've got `18 2500 Ram. Looking at toyhaulers that will exceed payload ratings. After a lot of research, I feel pretty confident in saying that the only difference between the 2500 and 3500 SRW is the coil vs leaf spring set-up. Exact same engine, transmission, rear end, braking system, tires & wheels. I personally as comfortable being 500-750 over payload as the truck sits. I did get a set of AirLift 7500 airbags off Amazon just in case I go well above that. I think 3500 lb payload would be a comfortable # Probably daily!, Hourly even! I've done this with every truck I've owned...... Marty
blt2ski 08/24/20 05:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheelbase factors

Assuming ball/rear bumper mount hitches. Longer yes is generally better. A shorter overhang for a give WB is also better than a longer one. A shorter WB with a higher great is usually better than a longer lower capacity setup. Add in front wheel cut angle. My 288" wb international can out turn a 155" wb pick up I had. Due to the wheels turning 55* off center, vs 45* for. Pickup. So as jimlin says, many factors and variables as to which setup might be better. Marty
blt2ski 08/22/20 01:36pm Towing
RE: GVWR over 10k on new truck, need commercial plates?

Ferndale flyer Had an employee sting a flatbed 3500 with a single axle trailer get pulled over once. Had a few issues with lights that I was told were correct.....oh well, we did not get fined, but got a 10 day fix issue tag. Employee tho, if he would have been wearing seatbelt, he would never had been pulled over! He got a $200-300 ticket. Probably cost me in the end an equal amount of time and materials installing lights I was told by builder I did not need. He used the bed is just under 6'/72", so needed that version of lights! Cveo used overall width including axle fenders etc outside of bed.....trailer was closer to 8' wide...... I can see where a triple say 6k axle trailer, 18k on axles, plus 10-16k licensed truck will cause issues in ANY state! Including here! Total over 26k gvw, trailer over 10k gvw....commercial his state....he was doomed! Marty
blt2ski 08/21/20 07:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GVWR over 10k on new truck, need commercial plates?

RobENY Emissions issues as youention, only are a problem if you try to register said vehicle in an area requiring something other than what you have. P saying for or not having to pay tonnage is another issue. ALL pickups here have tonnage paid for, be it personal or commercial use. I would still want to know, if you don't have a paid tonnage license, travel into somewhere that does for how your traveling, will it count or not. Louisiana does not allow per say trucks wieghing more than iirc 75000 gvw. Texas does. You pay a $380 fine tax crossing the border for going in over 75000 gvw, even tho you have a reg weight license higher elsewhere. I could see it going the other way around too. Marty
blt2ski 08/20/20 01:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GVWR over 10k on new truck, need commercial plates?

Something to consider, depending upon the other states you travel into, a passenger plate may only allow the truck plus passenger weight! Start pulling a trailer, load of landscape material, ie bark, mulch, soil, lumber etc, you need a truck/commercial plate. If you come into Was St, no payed for tonnage on that truck, you would be considered overweight. Paying fines, plus putting tonnage on you truck. In reality you probably won't get pulled over here in Wa St for wieght per say, but if pulled over for speed, lights are out etc, they may notice passenger plate, fine accordingly. Your call gamble. At least here, everyone buys tags in even 2000 lb increments, your legal to that wieght. Marty
blt2ski 08/20/20 07:30am Tow Vehicles
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