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RE: Towing Advice

As stated, power is not the issue. It will come down to any and ALL of the issues mentioned. Ie too little hitch wieght, incorrect wieght balance side to side, V'd axels, ie, not aligned, front of trailer nose high vs level to slightly down. Not enough air in tires, will swag rear axel vs front or trailer tires. May need to tighten up bars a chain length or equal. Also possible too tight, putting too much wieght back to front axle. I did that on a 1 ton single wheel rig I had. I would play with what you have personally. Marty
blt2ski 01/14/21 10:24pm Towing
RE: Trailer too long for truck?

At one time back in early 2000's on this forum, this rule of thumb ratio for WB to trailer length got mentioned a lot. I may be off a bit as I like it, but at the same time, disagree with it to be typed after ratio. 110" WB for up to 20' of trailer. Per 1' additional trailer, 3" of WB Not recommended to tow with a rig under 110" WB...... 1, I call hogwash on no rig under 110" can tow. To me you deduct 1' per 3" like you add for WB. This was also setup probably when station wagans and sedans were main tow rigs. Our stiffer spring trucks, shorter rear over hangs should be able to go a bit longer.vlike wise a typical 8 lug 25 longer than most 15 series. Sw 35 longer yet, same with a dually. Might be 2-4' per style of truck. You get the point. Like wise sine this was made for a ball mount, a 5w can and should be able to go longer IMHO about 5-6', as that is a typical ball over hang from the center of rear axle. I know of a few other rules of thumb before the common GCWR ratings came out per say. I try to follow those more. And as far as GCWR / tow ratings go, I have no issue saying they again IMHO are a crock of shaving cream! Why, they are performance ratings. IE you can start on an X%grade, hold more than Y mph on a given freeway way grade not overheat etc. If your like me, I pull grades 2-3x the current spec minimum. I've been on enough grades stalked out, buying new auto transmissions, burned out clutches due to too tall of hearing, not enough torque trying to start on 20+% grades. My 8000lb loaded equipment trailer swayed to the point of almost taking my 12,000 lb empty dump truck off the road. WELL under tow rating etc. No hitch wieght! Improperly loaded. I've been moved half a lane width getting hit with a 60-80 mph wind gust on I 205 crossing the columbia river, in my old K3500CC 8' bed pickup pulling a 6000 lb 25'TT. Saw a picture this morning, of an 18 wheeler windward side wheels in the air, leeward side of truck and trailer resting on guard rails. After a gust Tuesday evening leaned it over on the Deception Pass bridge on north end of Whidbey Island. Good thing it did not go over the rail, or it is iirc a 200' drop, into 70ish feet of 6-8 knot current, 50F degree water. Or stationary water per say at high or low tide. At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide if a given rig is correct one to tow a given trailer. If you want to pull an 8000 lb trailer, with a given chassis that has ratings to 12000, but you'd is rated to 6000.....depending on how your 6000 lb rated setup is geared, it might overall, do better than the one higher rated. I've out pulled a 1 ton dually 454 th500 with a 25 series 292 I6. With a muncie 4 so 4.10 gears at slow steep grades. Granted slower on freeways. But the 292 never got stalled out. The 454 equiped tig did. Choose your poison correctly. Marty
blt2ski 01/14/21 07:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

Lantly, As you say landscapers using trucks daily, 40 years driving class 2-6 trucks, having to go thru scales as noted. I have yet to get an over wieght ticket here in Wa St. As I stay under federal bridge laws for engineer designed loads the roads can handle, and have enough paid for tonnage on the trucks. The current 2500 I'm diving, if I go thru a scale at door sticker 8600, I'm over wieght by 600 lbs, as I have an 8000 lb plate. Same as my son's with ones Tundra, andGM 1500. All three of us are legal to 8000 gvw. My IHC as mentioned, door sticker is 18200. Go thru scales frequently in the 22-25k range. License 26000, no over weight yet! I can tell you the other things that will get us ticketed, red tagged etc too. Those worry me more than wieght. As my pickups will never be in the 20000 gvw on the two axles. Yes legally depending on width, 10-12k per axle. 500 lbs per inch width. How many of us with 255/10" tires are putting 5000 lbs per corner? Yes I also agree, insurance companies pay out many times in civil cases if it's $$wise more prudent. Even if the offender in a wreck was legal in all mater's shapes or forms. Marty
blt2ski 01/14/21 07:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

Tom, As you state, too many variables. Such as my 2000 GM 2500. As it sits, wieghs 4700 lbs, vortec 350 auto with 410 gear, gcwr 13500, tow rating 8500. Change out motor to a vortec 454, 4.56 gears, might wieght 100-150 lbs more, gcwr is 20,000 iirc, at minimum 19,000 lbs. If one is following the other, both pulling identical trailers, would you be able to honestly tell me one was overloaded? If I had to go thru s wieght scale, retired CVEO wadcutter was in scale house, would he know by looking at trucks, one was over loaded? Both would be under manufactures axel ratings, both truck and trailer, both would or should be under bridge law requirements. Both should stop in the same distance. Only real difference would be on a 3% freeway grade, the 454 rig should go faster, and start on a steeper grade than the rig with a 350. Neither is less or more safe than the other. If your swaying, that is a moving violation. You would red tagged, can not move the rig until you can show it does not sway. If pulled over in a no parking area, a low boy will be called in to haul you off the freeway! An expensive ticket day towing. Weight violations generally speaking, mean squat! Except to wieght police! Marty
blt2ski 01/13/21 04:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: That’s A Bunch Of Grass!

Legal he's probably fine. Trailer axle is a triple tandem. Iirc 45-50000 lbs per bridge laws Rear axle, 20000 Front assuming 245 width 9500 225 width just under 9000 both sizes have 16 ply options that get them close to those single axle amounts. my 02 Marty
blt2ski 01/13/21 07:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

I have yet to get an over weight ticket towing/hauling commercially. Including the time my manufacture 18200 gvwr IHC was at 27,xxx lbs. Yes I was over paid for registration of 26000. But I was under allowed axle wight limits by around 1000 lbs per axle. I was given a 10 day up registration to 28000. All of $12.50 iirc. Even if I would have been ticketed, it's a non moving violation, does not go on driving record, etc etc. What hurt was the pea gravel falling on the road under barn doors of flat bed. That was $200. THAT went on driving insurance record. There are drivers that daily depending upon where they drive, state etc follows the federal bridge laws, that get fined. They pay the fine tax for how bad they are damaging the roadbed, continue on there way! THAT is what wieght laws pay for, and make sure you are following the engineer spec for a point load on the road bed. Be it on solid ground, or a bridge. The BRIDGE in that law refers to you spreading the load on the road, do you are not overly damaging it. LEO, and CVEO peeps do not care if your over the performance ratings of our trucks. They enforce the design limits of the road bed. Have been doing so since the early to mid 1800's. There is lots of citations that show how etc weights are enforced. NOT ONE refers to manufactured ratings. Remember this the next time you see an overloaded per manufacture rating. There are laws etc to get those peeps off the road, wieght will probably not be one of them. Marty
blt2ski 01/12/21 12:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

.... The definition of legal weight will be decided in civil court if there is a suit. The opposing lawyer will attempt to show negligence anyway possible. If the lawyers can establish one where exceeding any of the manufacturers ratings it will give them data and ammunition to use against someone. Now I don't believe this data is routinely presented in court because for the most part the hard data is not available. However I'm not naïve enough to believe over ratings data is never presented in civil court. Civil court is not traffic court. Civil court is not deciding if you get a ticket. Civil court decides on negligence and the law suit portion of a case. In a case involving loss of life there are often two trials!Once that truck or trailer leaves the scene of the accident the lawyer loses all ability to prove anything. That really depends on the truck and what it was carrying/towing. I don't think any blanket statements apply. Being as blanket statements do not apply, there is the legal limit vs civil weight limits too! legal generally speaking needs to be black and white, vs civil can have gray area's and still prove guilt. Just because you are over manufacture limits, does not mean you will lose in civil court. There is one person that was over his manufacture limits, killed someone, and got money from other side sueing him, as it was the dead persons fault he was killed in the accident. But problem here is, as some of us know and have found out. The insurance may pay out a smaller amount, as this is cheaper than go to trial. So you look guilty, even tho you did not get any legal tickets fines etc. Marty
blt2ski 01/10/21 06:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

"IF" you have a sticker in the glove box that says max bed cargo rating of 1792 lbs, that also assumes you have 3-6 150 lb lbs or however many seat belts you have. So total payload is around 2600 lbs. truck would weigh about 7400 lbs empty. IF your reading a true brochure, issue with that, is they use a BASE model truck for the most part. ALTHO if it states a platnum pkg, your probably ok to use that number. I've seen the same model truck per say, and crew cab dullies weigh over 600-700 lbs difference between a base, and a loaded leather setup, assuming the same motor cab, bed length etc. Again, best to weight your truck empty if you really want to know what you have in payload if you can not find enough info on the truck via stickers in glove box or drivers door pillar. I've usually found these stickers to be with in 20 lbs, or a typical scale weight measure use. Most scales work in 20 lb increments, not 1 lb increments. So pay for a truck registration that is on par to slightly greater than you will weight going down the road, you are good from a State patrol standpoint. I can license pickups here in Wa st up to 20K per axel, or in reality, 500 lbs per inch width of tire. That is around 10-12K per axel for a SW rig. A dual 35 series with usually get 20K on the rear, and upwards of 12K on the front. So ask yourself this question. If you stay with in the manufacture axel weight ratings, will you be truly overweight per the federal bridge laws which is what and LEO is supposed to enforce, along with how much weight you ahve a paid for? Reality, no one will be truly over weight! If you have a dually class 3 or larger truck, especially class 5 or over trucks, then you have more issues with going over an axel weight than single wheel class 1-3 trucks will. Marty
blt2ski 01/10/21 02:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

That truck per door sticker does not have the payload to tow that trailer. Now, if you know the actual tare empty wieght of the truck, subtract that from the sum of the gross axle wieght ratings, assuming you can load evenly, that is your max payload you should out on the truck. Max payload and trailer do not tyically equal ea other. If you are pulling a ball mount with 10-15%hitch at, you can pull more than a gooseneck/5w setup that need 15-25% he to tow properly. Reality is, one needs a larger gvw/payload truck for a 15k trailer with a bed monut, vs a ball/bumper mount trailer. Something many do not take into account choosing a truck or trailer. Then again if you want to discuss federal bridge laws vs warranty ratings, your perfectly legal wieght wise with that combo. You may or may not get ticketed for other requirements. Marty
blt2ski 01/09/21 09:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: SRW Tires

Not a good idea. You can get a D in a bigger size and carry more weight than an E but the D will be a very bouncy tire. Les Schwab was famous for that switcharoo. Remember though, even the letters are arbitrary - there are E tires that are rated 65 psi. The actual ply construction are also all over the place. There's no guarantee a D "bounces" more than an E. I've had mud terrain Ds with much stiffer sidewall plys than highway Es. I've not found D tires that carry the same weight as an E tire to be bouncy. Comparing a D 265-75-16 vs E rated 245-75 and 235-85-16's. All three are rated at 3000-3040 lbs. I found the 265s to be the better handling tire with that load. E rated 265's did not do any better with just 65 lbs in them. They both carried the load the same. Wider lower profile tires IMHO generally carry a load better than a taller profile of the same diameter. Marty
blt2ski 01/01/21 12:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: V6 Silverados

Can the new Chevy Silverados with the 4.3L V6 really how over 9000 pounds? Anyone with practical experience in one case to arrest to that? I'm not sure where that number comes from, because with that engine the max towing is 7800 lbs. GCWR is 12,800, which sounds reasonable for the hp/torque of that motor. With a truck GVWR of 7000ish, a GCWR of 12,800 gives a realistic towing capacity of 6000 lbs or so. Interestingly, the 2.7 turbo 4 has a significantly higher towing capacity, and with its far superior low end torque would make a much better towing motor. If I were in the market for a GM 1500 series truck I would consider that motor even over the 5.3 V8. Go with this motor, ie the I4 over the V6. 8 sp trans with a 4.3-1 1st gear vs 6sp and 4.10 behind v6. Get a 3.42 AR, 3.73 might be available. A bit more HP, torque, and a turbo so when at elevations, you do not lose HP. This is where Ive been toying with going vs the 6 to tote my 6500 lb trailer about. Then again, I have my do not truly need a big truck per say. Either rig for the most part, unless loaded with options, has around 1800-2000 lbs of payload. So with two people, lightly loaded otherwise in truck, 10-12% HW. 9000 lbs is doable. Probably not super fun. I try to do no more than 2x the GRAW, at 3900 for GM's, that puts you at around 8000 lbs. My 02 not that its worth much! Marty
blt2ski 12/29/20 09:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: determining pay load capacity

Grit Washington requires tonnage paid for truck based rigs, even personal use. It would not surprise me if Jim came across the state line, no tonnage has been paid for the truck, they could fine and or tax him for the damage he is supposed to be paying for to the roads running down the road with more than just passengers in the truck. Marty
blt2ski 12/25/20 02:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How will my new F350 behave in cold temps?

The pre hear for diesels, reminded me my step dad's Sabb in his boat ha a cover plate yo removed, stuck a lit match or cigarette in it to heat the chamber up. This was a single cyl about 8-10hp. Marty
blt2ski 12/19/20 06:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How will my new F350 behave in cold temps?

My boat and a case skid steer I had have no glo plugs, OR grid heaters! Even the ALL diesels have preheaters of some sort is not true. Granted these two motors were from the 80's....things have changed a bit since then on some motors..... As far as a new truck goes, teen temps. Yawn! problem is what? unless you filled up in southern Florida the day should have no problems. Marty
blt2ski 12/19/20 11:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: New version of Ford's 9.75" axle?

I was about to say, a 6 lug can carry a lot of wieght. My Navistar has 6 lugs. Rear is rated to 16500, front 8000. Most axles these days have 10 lugsin the HD/MDT applications. Marty
blt2ski 12/16/20 11:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mystery squeak found

I'll let you late Tuesday if my 2000 has any squeaks. Getting some new ears. I know it won't be the spare tire. Have not had one since 2004 or 5! Marty
blt2ski 12/16/20 11:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford F-250 7.3 Gas Engine Axle Ratios

The original non turbo 7.3 was designed as such in 80s. The T444E, a replacement for the I6 DT360, to compete with the C5.9 for longevity etc. Which it did. The idi7.3 had a lifespan of 100k miles, as it was designed also to compete price wise with the gadmotors GM and For had. When international decided to scrap building using gas motors. There is only like 3 parts that are the same between to two 73 diesel variants. The 6.9 and first 7.3 shared more common parts. Both initially were gas blocks. Put a different crank, heads, intake, you have the diesel version vs gas. Marty
blt2ski 12/13/20 12:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2008 F250 with 5.4

Grit, I had one of them 292 2500's. Reality, the way it was setup, a very good truck for what it was. Now 4bbl 454 R3500 flatbed. That was pos. Couldn't carry squat, much less get out of its own way. Unless the trans behind a 5.4 or equal is chewing up a lot hp, a 250-300hp motor should reliably move trailers to 10,000 lbs. At some point in time, you do need more HP depending upon your performance wants and needs. Marty
blt2ski 12/13/20 12:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2008 F250 with 5.4

If the 5.4-6.0 current V8 motors arent powerfully enough for you. I can not imagine what it would have been like 30&40 yrs ago with. 125hp 292/300 CI I6 up front! I have a 255/355 vortec 350 in my 2500. Plenty powerful for the upwards of 10-15k lb gcw I run at. Only real issue, is 4l80e trans is geared too tall in first. A 6sp auto behind it, that would be sweet. Marty
blt2ski 12/13/20 08:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: When is weight distribution needed?

I found with my 8 lug diesels, it took around 500 lbs of wieght lost on the FA is when I really noticed major handling issues. Up to this point in time, yes I noticed things getting looser and hoosier shall I say. I pulled a 12k total equipment trailer with a pintle setup. With 1600 lbs if HW I only lost 300-400 lbs in the front with 6409 lb rear springs, 209-300 with 8500 lb springs. These are crew cabs with 8' beds. Pulling a TT with the SW 6400 lb RA. I only lost 100 lb on FA. I noticed less side to side wobble with a WD and crosswinds. Even less with a dual can. That trailer was typically 5500-6000 on trailer axles 650-750 HW. Properly loaded front to rear, side to side, trailer pulled like a dream straight even in 40-60 mph crosswinds crossing columbia river a few times. Is it worth having a WD or AS? Probably. But as mentioned by Jimlin, I too go out and pull trailer with out bars, if it says or equal, I have usually an improper loading issue. Once corrected, no issues. Out safety bars on for added security. I don't add bars to fix the uncontrolled fish tail sway. That's putting a band aid on something that needs a torniquet or amputation. You still have not fixed cause, only the effect. You are still unsafe IMHO. Marty
blt2ski 12/02/20 11:21pm Tow Vehicles
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