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RE: 3x3" receiver hitch!

Not surprised at this frankly. When I bought my dump truck moons ago, bed hitch maker mentioned, the 1/2" pin used in most 2" hitch applications was only strong enough for a 10-12k trailer. You needed a 5/8" to get to 15-20k, and 3-4' or larger for over this amount. Hence why most tow rigs towing REALLY heavy ball or pintle hitch trailers have the hitch bolted to s frame. One would need to up the bar size to fit s bolt that was strong enough to handle s given size trailer one might pull in this manner. Marty
blt2ski 01/25/20 02:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

A few local boat Ramps are that steep. I gotta know where these are.... Maybe we can all get together and watch people back their TTs into the lake... This sounds like fun... I will bring a 100 QT cooler of beer to share with my RV net friends.:B This is a street where I grew up, it's a 28% grade. A 4WD truck can get hung up if you stop when its just wet if you have the wrong skins. The big thing was, and probably still is, to run up it when it had about 6" of snow on it. You needed to have a manly set of em as the running start required was brutal when you hit the bottom of the slope. I made it once with an International Scout. I made it halfway once in a 68 Bronco, the sideways slide back down was interesting. Are you suggesting trucks should be rated based on this criteria? YES!!!!! If not, you think you can go anywhere, you can't, blow up trannies every 30k as I have with one truck. You may find roads this steep for shirt trecks anywhere! Be it a forest service road, local city road, construction site. If one is buying a truck, not all of us use it for OTR work. Look at how MDT/HDT trucks are speced. Local delivery, min pulling grade is 25%,ma x us over 100% 45 degrees depending on what it is. Can hold 58min on level, to excellent is 55 on a 3%freewsy grade. OTR freeway speeds are upped to 60, gradability is lowered to 15 minimum. Excellent 28%, How do you use your truck and where? I'm personally more local driving, with excursions on freeway. So yes, being able to pull this grade in RWD with a RWD or a 4x in RWD is very important to me! A big motor is not as needed, as lower gears in rear pumpkin, and LOW gears in trans are important. Then make it with a DOD or OD so one can go 60+ when and if needed. Hopefully my thumb typing has words correct, blinken auto correct on phone is reasonably correct in what and why I like to spec my trucks as I do. Msrty
blt2ski 01/25/20 02:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

A few local boat Ramps are that steep. I gotta know where these are.... Maybe we can all get together and watch people back their TTs into the lake... This sounds like fun... I will bring a 100 QT cooler of beer to share with my RV net friends.:B Renton Was, south end of lake Washington, shilshoal bay marina, Puget sound. Many folks with RVs tow and have boat trailers too! Its real nice to have a steep ramp, especially if your trailer has an extendable tongue, and a boat that needs to float off and on, because you can not use rollers and a winch. Tow ratings do not just entail pulling RV trailers. Boats, equipment traikers, snow mobiles etc. What or how you expect a tow rig to do, are your performance ratings or specs. If you don't have to dead start on steeper grades as I do, oh well. Different trailers require diffent power specs, even if the same weight. HP needs cab vary by 30% vs base setup ratings start at. Ask folks that deliver trailers best mph. A non slide smooth walk 5w. Worst, aluminum sided TT. A heavier smooth sided TT same floor plan, nets better mph! Les HP needs Garbage trucks spec sn 80%gradabiluty, that's 40degrees. Some 100%ir more is needed depending upon task. My performance specs are harder to meet than Detroit engineer specs. Marty
blt2ski 01/24/20 10:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: New to Towing what is safe to tow with 2012 Tahoe

I'll say go for it too. You may be a bit slower than you like, but the Tahoe will get you their safely. Assuming balanced et correctly! Now my cavete! 4 kids.......them kiddos grow at 10 lbs or so per the time they are adult sized teens, that Tahoe will have lost any and ALL excess payload you currently have. An eight lug 25/35 series rig need to be on the horizon, just from a payload standpoint, to pull a trailer that size. My family of six weighed in at around 1200+/- lbs when my kids were adult sized teens. Been there done that. My trailer was upwards of 7000 total, 600-800 hitch weight and 25' long. We loaded upwards of 3000 lbs into my SW crew cab 3500 all inclusive people, he, dogs, bikes canoe etc. Marty
blt2ski 01/24/20 10:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

There are 15%grades in Yellowstone. 18%grade in the front of my sister's house. A few local boat Ramos are that steep. Assuming these are what you may be going up or down, do you want bare minimum, a bit steeper you literally stall out? Or some percentage higher? Hence my 30%grade number. Altho I did out in a set of stairs along a driveway a few years back. 6" rise, 18" run, so 33%grade for over 100'! I know of a block on Queen Anne avenue on north side that is 25%. IF you have any chance as I do to drive around on these steeper grades, the min 12% grade that current spec calls for is 200% of max freeway grade. Hence why some have to go into 4lo to move trailer. They would could not do it, ie stalked out their rig in red! I stalked out my dmax once. Glad I had 4lo, pulling 12k equipment! Marty
blt2ski 01/24/20 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

Shiner I do agree with you. I was talking with a fellow that pulls a boat trailer at around 11,009 lbs from Wenatchee to here in Seattle with his 1500 w/6.2 motor. Going 50+ over Stevens Pass which is in the 4-5%grade rang. Twistier than an interstate is, as it's a two lane State highway. I have a 3,5ecoboost in the transit van I drive. It's too has plenty of power. These smaller motors have as much or more HP a d torque as BB motors had in late 70s when I first started driving and towing. BUT, an 8500lb RV trailer is a tougher higher HP needed than the 11,000 lb boat, or the 11,000 lb equipment trailers Grit or I pull due to windage, aerodynamics and frontal area. Go from 70 to90sq ft of frontal area at 15,000 lb gcw,you need an additional 30hp at 60 mph. Some total HP as a 26000 lb rig with 70 sq ft of frontal area. ALOT of folks do not lower the ratings for said differences. Not do the manufactures give us reductions for being over the tested frontal area. I've only seen Ford do this back in the early 80s. Max trailer then for a 25/35 series truck was 10,000 with a max frontal area of 80sqft. 81-109 was reduced to 7500, 101-120 reduced to 5000. Trailers over 120sqft were not recommended to be towed. You've worked in sales etc for MDT/HDT trucks, you've probably speced trucked for multiple types and styles of uses. You should know line I do, a one size fits all rating does not work. Hence why I don't trust the engineer manufacture specs for tow ratings. I've in the past owned and pulled four different trailers behind a given truck(s), things change pulling a BIG box vs my bobcat the wieghs more than the RV trailer. The RV trailer more fuel at freeway speeds, bobcat harder on steeper grades due to an additional 3-5000 lbs. Marty
blt2ski 01/24/20 08:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

blt2ski wrote: "Buy what you think will work, at the end of the day,. You can only hope it meets your needs. Or as many do, you buy a known bigger power output truck, chassis etc than is truly needed, as many on here say you should do" Trucks are way too expensive to buy a truck and hope it works!:S. I don't believe everyone needs a dually. I do believe additional margin/capacity is a good thing. Hoping it works is a worst case scenario, One must do enough homework to know the truck will do the job. Buying the right truck on the 2nd go around is always a costly mistake. Hence why I do not trust tow specs from manufactures. Even the new everybody is supposed to meet tow specs, are too easy to meet in some ways. A min 12%grade pull in first gear! I can name multiple roads steeper than this that one would stall out on! Min speed of 40mph on a 5% freeway grade, 35moh if over 15000gvwr truck. Some on here would poop bricks going that slow. If I can't go up a 30% grade and start on a 30% grade I poop bricks. Know what ratings mean, how they effect you, and reduce accordingly! Narty
blt2ski 01/23/20 09:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

Busted axle in my Navistar with a 16'500 Spicer axle. Sorry, dot class one and ld class 2 trucks under 8400 gvw per manufacture are not the only vehicle that break axles. With this said, I happen to like U-Hauls slogan. "Any vehicle can tow something" granted my 69 Convertible VW bug with it's 1600cc 60hp motor will not tow what my class 6 Navistar will tow. But it can be set up to tow 500 or so lbs. Safely I might add. I would not want to have a BIG boxy trailer either. A small cargo trailer, inflable rib boat, laser sailboat or equal. An old rule of thumb I was told in late 70s, tow no more than 2x the grawr. So a current 15 series truck like I am thinking about, 3900 grawr, max trailer 8000 lbs. My C2500 with a 6k grawr, 12,000 lb trailer. Of course now one needs the drivetrain to meet YOUR performance specs. You need to include total weight, frontal area and aerodynamic drag, number of tires on the ground, type of tires, type of road bed you will be on, grade of road you want to go up. IF you DO NOT take into account, any and all of these factors and more, you will end up with a useless tow rig! I can name TWO 35 series Game I've had, total useless POS trucks. I don't trust manufactures GCWR numbers. GRAWR, yes, GVWR, in LDT rigs, again, total sham! Should be the sum of axle ratings. Not some reduced figure from a warranty factor. Getting correct performance, it would take a book or directions 20-40 pages of formulas, explanations etc. Buy what you think will work, at the end of the day,. You can only hope it meets your needs. Or as many do, you buy a known bigger power output truck, chassis etc than is truly needed, as many on here say you should do! Marty
blt2ski 01/23/20 08:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Who wants a truck where you have to access everything from the tailgate because the sides are too high to lift anything over? Not me. Meh. With the height of trucks nowadays I would think many aces from the back. Heh heh. My wife at 5’6” could never access anything from the side in any of our trucks. Besides with today’s tonneau covers you still have to go to the back to unfasten it and start folding it back. With the cybertruck you just push a button. What's a tonneau cover?!? I've heard of canopy's, useful if you haul co striction tools like my sons. Really a major pita if like me, you haul bulk material like soil, rock bark etc doing landscape construction with truck. Have only had one xanapy. Spent 90+% of the time off the truck. Lumber pipe racks are useful. Tonneau cover?!?!? Is that a fancy term for front engine compartment cover?!?!? Or bra like some VW bugs had to keep rock chips on hold?!?!? Marty
blt2ski 01/23/20 08:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Maximum length rig considerations

If wanting to do more off road camping, something to be said of a reg cab SW 35 series truck, with a 9-10' camper in bed. Granted, not as luxurious as a pusher, high end 5w, but you can get into, or up and down bad terrain with a 4WD rig. Or have a type B van from MB in the 4wd made up. I know of two really keel customizing shops here in WA state. About as far from you as can be in US. Buttwi other options if you want to see some real off the beaten track sites.
blt2ski 01/22/20 09:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

Sway could be side to side rocking, correct bars vs none helps. None even with CCab 3500 a 25' TT in windy conditions does this. Basic WD system less, dual can less yet. Would assume a Hensley even less. Fish tail sway, uncontrollable like a fish tail, that is a set up issue. Tongue too high, too little hitch wieght, dual axles on trailer that are V'd or out of alignment, so trailer wants to go in circles .... Now one has to fix issue(s), then put safety bars Marty
blt2ski 01/22/20 08:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: asking for suggestions/opinions

Will current truck handle pin wieght and them grand kids when they come along. A 10k 5w will have 2000-2500 lbs of hitch wieght vs s ball mount in the 1000-1500 lb range. You could find yourself having to buy a stronger chassis, higher payload truck too! As someone else mentioned, plus's and minuses to both. Marty
blt2ski 01/20/20 08:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

I tow a trailer that weighs 8500 loaded, I pulled it with a 97 f-350 powerstroke ( should of kept it) 05 f250 6.0 (money pit) and on both trucks it felt like the trailer was not even back there verey smooth towing. I needed more of a daily driver so purchase a 2019 Ram 1500 with the 5.7 hemi E torque and 4:10 rear end. as far as power no issues but I had way more sway in the lighter truck, for my use only towing 4 times a year, I can live with the sway. You have setup issues if you have sway. Assuming the same trailer was towed behind the other trucks with no sway. Marty
blt2ski 01/20/20 08:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No! I’m not top heavy.

If an 8 lug truck, whi it appears to be..... A camper as noted, myself with 2000+'of sprinkler/sch 40 conduit pipe , stack of lumber 2' high x 4' wide 12-16' long boards would be worst that a buggy as shown. Not saying how I know this! Some if you need to get a working construction persons life! Marty
blt2ski 01/20/20 01:06pm Towing
RE: better to adjust wd hitch for heavy load? or for unloaded TV

I adjusted to load. 4 links one trip, 5 another. Sometimes, screw WD, drive away! I'm with others, no such thing as always ready to go. Adjust as needed Some of us even remove them when putting the trailer away, as this allows trailer to turn quicker when backing, which can be advantageous at times. Marty
blt2ski 01/18/20 02:00pm Towing
RE: Cargo light replacement bulb

Look at RV and marine supply places for LED equals too. Only issue I see, is will the light reach the level in such a way you can see it. A good old fashioned light bulb may still be best...... Dr LED us a brand with many bulb options. Marty
blt2ski 01/18/20 10:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Chevy new bed length & auto slider

Being as OP has now out a 2nd post in towing, asking same question.... Closing this one. Please do not double post Marty
blt2ski 01/18/20 09:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: New truck batteries

If you do not have a common battery size, vehicle, finding older batteries may not be uncommon, even in a higher volume store. I'm on 5+ years on a mid level from oriellys in my 2500. Hit 12-13 years on a dual purpose size 24 in my sailboat. West Marine carries east Penn batteries labeled as theirs. They really only carry what I would call RV/marine use sizes. 24, 27, 31, 4d, 8d and the typical 2-3 6v sizes. Agm, lead and a few gel sizes. Marty
blt2ski 01/18/20 09:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

GM had has a 1500 with a high powered 6.2 motor in it. More HP torque than the 2509 model. Get the heavy payload tow option like mention Ford has, you'll be fine frankly with either truck. Otherwise,yeah, get a 25 series. I personally when I had 4 adult sized kids, 6509-700 lb trailer, generator, rack, canoe, 2 Alaska malamutes crated in the bed, needed a 3500 from a payload standpoint. At the end of the day, which chassis is dependent upon your payload needs, then making sure you have enough power, trans gears etc for your performance needs. Marty
blt2ski 01/18/20 09:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy's I4 2.7 turbo engine

ppine is a troll plain and simple. Yep, wants a 1 ton short8' box truck to haul things. When a real twuck has a 20k min graw or tandem 20k drivers. His lowly 1ton is still a light duty truck. His reply troll post never saw the light of day! Marty
blt2ski 01/16/20 01:27pm Tow Vehicles
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