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RE: Portable Smoker Ideas??

I have a Traveler Country Smoker. It's the smallest I could find that would easily fit into the space available in my RV, but it has a fairly large cooking surface (about 12x13 in). It does use 110v to run the igniter and fan but it can be run on an inverter. The power draw was too much for my RV inverter, but since the igniter is the big power draw and only runs during startup it can be disabled. This is actually recommended or suggested by the manufacturer when doing dry camping or tailgating with the unit. Doing this requires manually starting the pellets and I use a small butane torch for that. After that the inverter in my RV supplies power to run the fan. I've dry camped and smoked meats with this setup and the power draw is so minimal that my solar panels more than keep up with the power needs. One modification I made to the unit was to install a small switch on the back to disable the igniter circuit so I can use it dry camping or enable it when I have power. That saves me having to remove the side panel and unplug the igniter when dry camping.
bob_nestor 11/13/20 05:52pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: LP hose needed

For just about anything needed for propane (high or low pressure) and natural gas fittings, hoses and adapters try: Calore Equipment
bob_nestor 11/12/20 01:37pm Tech Issues
RE: CDN Snowbirds getting their RV's across....

I really do not understand why people act this way. The selfishness just drives me 'round the bend. Gary Well, rules allowing one to fly into the US but not drive into the US are a big part of the problem - unless you've absolutely convinced that the COVID virus only hitches rides on land based vehicles, not planes. I used to have this "discussion" with Security over their rules when I worked in Defense. Kept trying to get them to see that their massive set of rules defining what I could and couldn't do were like a picket fence and all they did was let me know what things they'd be looking for to determine if I'd violated Security. There was almost always a way to accomplish something that didn't violate their rules but was in fact a violation of the intent of their rules that they'd never discover.
bob_nestor 11/11/20 10:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Temp. go before freezing pipes on class a

Seriously? You have to worry about pipes freezing if you have the heat on and the temps drop into the mid-to-upper 20's? I'm sure I've read on this forum where people have camped in single digit temps successfully. Not all RVs put water pipes or tanks inside the heated space. Where they're located does make a BIG difference.
bob_nestor 10/28/20 09:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Temp. go before freezing pipes on class a

There is a lot of latent heat in the water in the tank and lines. As a general rule you don't need to worry about lines freezing up unless you're facing a "hard freeze" which is defined by the temps dropping into the upper 20's (or below) for more than 2 to 3 hours. I've camped in the winter in my RVs and never had a problem following this rule.
bob_nestor 10/28/20 07:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Purchasing to know if it is stolen or not?

VIN numbers are stolen and duplicated all the time. Have friend in Alaska who has an original vintage T-Bird with all the original paperwork. He went to register for new plates and was told he'd sold the vehicle and it was registered in Colorado. Took him a year to prove that this wasn't the case and authorities finally nullified the Colorado title and re-instituted his Alaska title. As for checking with authorities on the state of a used vehicle, I have another friend who bought a good used car in a private sale after checking with authorities, running the VIN, doing a title search, etc. He financed it thru his Credit Union which did some of the same background checks. A few months later authorities knocked on his door to impound the vehicle and place him under arrest for having possession of a stolen vehicle. Turns out it was stolen in New Jersey, had the paperwork forged up for new title in Texas where he bought it. The original owner reported it stolen and paid off their note, so they no longer owned the car. The Texas authorities took the car, but released him when the found out what had happened, but he was still on the hook for his financing thru the Credit Union. He asked what he could do and was advised by the authorities to report the vehicle as stolen to get out from under the financing.
bob_nestor 10/08/20 05:52am Truck Campers
RE: Thinking about downsizing to a B

I’m still looking and recently found a 2013 Leisure Van Freespirit ss for sale that has everything I want, including low mileage and a dry bath. BUT it’s priced at $90+K !! So I looked it up on NADA and it appears that is the new price? I’m not sure how to find out what the used price should be? Help!! The Freespirit isn't made anymore, so they're rare. But still, that price is a bit to high. I think the original sticker price back in 2013 would have been around $120K. RV's aren't like houses that appreciate, or like cars that depreciate at a fairly slow rate. In general, after about 5 years an RV is only worth about 1/2 of what it cost new if it's in really good shape. My rule of thumb is to use depreciation figures of 15%, 10%, 10%, 5%, 5% for the first 5 years. But as a Leisure Travel RV owner myself I can tell you most owners really prize them and most that I've seen offered for sale used are overpriced. Nice if the seller can get it though. I'd suggest calling the PPL Motorhomes people in Houston and see if they can find you one or tell you what the going price for one of that age would sell for. They move a lot of RVs on consignment so they have a good idea of prices, and they're fair. At least I thought they were when I sold my previous RV thru them.
bob_nestor 10/05/20 03:28pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Converting Small BBQ to Propane (help needed)

48" in stock (72" and 120" Out of stock) MB Sturgis quick connect hose...replace 1 lb bottles A great source for all things propane is: They also carry both high pressure and low pressure connects - the two are NOT compatible. RVs made before about 2007 with quick connects typically used high pressure fittings because they weren't pressure regulated; RVs made after that typically use the low pressure connects since they are downstream of the main regulator. I believe the industry standards now require the quick connects to be pressure regulated thus the use of the low pressure quick connects.
bob_nestor 09/30/20 12:39pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Reverse Polarity code When Plugging in at Home

Whomever wired his EMS did it bass-ackwards. Anything reconnectable on the incoming shore power from plug to his breaker panel is reconnectable. But it is commonly it's in the umbilical cord. Or maybe the 30 receptacle in the garage is wired wrong and it always had a problem but was never checked. This is what I'd check first. Getting the Hot and Neutral swapped when wiring the plug is very easy to do. In the old days before the 3rd wire ground was introduced it usually didn't matter how you wired the plugs. But with the 3rd wire ground and with a lot of the newer electronics it does matter and can make a difference (it actually makes a difference on 2-wire connections too which is why most plugs can only plug in one way with the larger blade on one side of the plug). I always use a tester on any new circuit or plug I install just to make sure I did it right.
bob_nestor 09/28/20 06:28am Tech Issues
RE: Crater of Diamonds State Park, arkansas

Tried my luck there a couple of times. Nice RV spots in the park, but the only diamond I found was a big old diamondback rattler on one of the trails in the park. Didn't want to keep him though.
bob_nestor 09/25/20 07:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2-way refrigerator operation without a battery

1985 is probably stand alone propane, just like a home water heater. No 12 volt required. Richard Pretty sure piezoelectric igniters weren't widely used back in 1985 and without them you'd need another ignition source - either electric or a manually lit pilot light. But even with a piezoelectric you'd still have to manually get it started just like a pilot light.
bob_nestor 09/25/20 11:15am Tech Issues
RE: PRICE DROPS coming on new GM small diesels

Something to throw out. Depending upon Nov election results, CAFE numbers may go up. This diesel will give GM better numbers vs gas models. With a cost of $1000, that's maybe 40-50,000 miles if driving at most to pay for that option . Unlike the class 2hd, and 3 diesels. Just throwing a possiblity out. Marty Meeting CAFE was my initial thought when I saw this post. Since GM and Ford dropped their higher MPG vehicles when they decided to stop making cars, they must be having a harder time meeting the CAFE guidelines without running into steep fines. Offering the higher MPG diesel engines might reduce their profits, but that is probably offset by better CAFE numbers and lower fines.
bob_nestor 09/21/20 11:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Battle Born Lithium

Well if their 250AH is priced anything like their 100AH it will be around $1250 to $1500 per battery. I can sure buy a lot of lead acid batteries for what a couple or three of the lithium will cost. You would have to be a hard core boondocker for them to pay for themselves. It's all about life-cycle cost. When you factor in the life span of the Lithium-Ion vs the lead acid the cost comes out almost the same. (Also helps to factor in the power available for use - generally a smaller Ah Lithium-Ion will give the same usable power as a higher Ah lead acid.) However, if you not keeping your RV long enough to amortize the cost of the Lithium-Ion it becomes a moot point.
bob_nestor 09/19/20 02:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Dish Network receiver question

One option with Dish that I don't think Direct really offered is DishAnywhere. With the right setup at home that has as internet connection, you can "sling" all your Dish channels to where you happen to be in your RV - as long as you have a internet connection there as well. It doesn't cost anything and it will even sling local channels you might be receiving at home with an OTA antenna. I've use this setup in my RV for some time now without any problem.
bob_nestor 09/19/20 06:20am Technology Corner
RE: Hymer - Servicing in Ontario

Whoever you find, make sure they have some experience working on Hymer or at least are knowledgeable with German technology. German engineers are prone to over-engineer the **** out of everything they get involved with, which sometimes makes it difficult for others to decode and work on. I own a Sprinter based RV - when it's running it's great, but when it breaks you need a German trained tech, a priest and a chicken to offer in sacrifice (plus deep pockets).
bob_nestor 09/18/20 05:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Border closure extended

Sort of brings to mind that song, "Stop the world and let me off".
bob_nestor 09/18/20 10:37am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 5G cell phones, need to purchase?

Agree with above. 4G range is measured in miles. 5G range is measured in feet. The costs of installing 5G cell towers to get good coverage is going to limit it to cities for the time being. Go out of town and it will be 4G, probably for a long while. Yeah, don't waste money on 5G cell phones. Invest instead in the the companies installing cell towers. They're busier than one-armed paper hangers trying to build out for 5G. It's a shame that the old company Metrocell here in N. Texas didn't survive until now. They were placing repeaters on most light poles and a lot of that equipment is still there. At the time they were in business one could drive almost anywhere in the Metroplex with a strong signal that never dropped.
bob_nestor 09/17/20 07:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Stairs not working

Did u check the magnets on the screen door and/or front door. Sometimes they are located on the door frame. If they broke or fell off that could be the problem. That's typical for the case where the steps won't retract when the door is closed. But if the steps won't extend when the door is opened it's most likely some other issue since the open door will break the "closed door" circuit informing the controller to extend the steps. A friend had this "steps won't extend" issue on his Class A. We discovered that if I banged on the motor a bit with a rock, they'd work. Most likely cause was a flat spot on the motor armature which he then replaced fixing the problem. The motor used by Kwikee is a Ford electric window motor as I recall.
bob_nestor 09/17/20 03:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class C Pros and Cons

Thank you everyone. I’ll check the insurance rates. I have another question, when buying used, how old do you suggest buying or not buying? What do you look for lower mileage and older or higher mileage and newer? We will likely spend $45K tops. hank you Insurance in Michigan may have changed a lot since I lived there, but back then rates were highly dependent on where you lived, where the vehicle was parked, your age, marital status, driving record, etc. And back then it was a so called "no fault" insurance state, so you basically had to pay for all the idiots who didn't carry insurance, didn't care how they drove or what they hit, etc, etc. But on topic, I now own a Class C having moved up from Class B's. More room inside, but a bit harder to find parking spots. The smaller Class B's I owned were a bit easier to drive and maneuver and if I were to replace my current Class C I'd look hard at what was available in Class B's again.
bob_nestor 09/15/20 06:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 12 volt Refrigerators

I had nothing but problems for 20 years with the OEM refrigerator. I finally threw it out and put a small house 120v fridge in. So much nicer since we are always have full hook up. We leave it closed until we get to where we are camping. Comparing apples to oranges. Up until very recently all RV refrigerators have been absorption type, not compressor type. Home refrigerators have almost all been compressor type up until a few years ago. They were "old" style compressors that were either on at max cooling or off. (There were absorption type refrigerators made for household use years ago. As a kid it used to be my task to refill the kerosene tank on ours monthly.) Recent energy efficiency needs have made most home refrigerators inverter/compressor type which regulate the power needed to maintain temps and therefore CAN be much more energy efficient. In the last year both Dometic and Norcold have introduced inverter compressor type refrigerators for RVs. Prior to that is was very difficult to find them for RVs, although there was a company in Australia making them, they weren't being imported to the US. The 10 cu ft Norcold says it uses about 5amp, and from what I can tell the Dometic of the same size uses double that. There's not enough real world data on use in RVs to tell how they really stand up though, but it looks very promising for the future in the RV world. If they hold up and really operate on the stated power draws they'd work very well for dry camping with solar. I do have an inverter/compressor "ice chest" that I've used for a couple of years in my RV. It has operated flawlessly and can freeze anything rock solid and keep it there with very little power draw. BTW, the inverter/compressors used is sometimes referred to as Danfoss which is probably the company that did the original engineering. Most of the Danfoss units also appear to be manufactured in Japan.
bob_nestor 09/05/20 07:12am Travel Trailers
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