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RE: Stimulus Check , what are you going to do with yours ?

I won't be getting one, which is fine. As someone else stated the purpose of this is to jump start the economy. My son plans on spending his eating out in order to help out what restaurants survive. However, there will be many who will need to replenish savings or use it on bills. Ditto. I've got a feeling a lot of people may not have read the fine print about those stimulus checks, or maybe they're living a bit too close to the edge financially to be RVing.
bob_nestor 04/03/20 06:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: water pump problems

On some RVs if the water is set to "city water" and you turn on the pump it will just pump water from the fresh water tank back into the fresh water tank making gurgling sounds and not sending anything to the faucets. Discovered this helping a friend de-winterize his Class A Dutch Star.
bob_nestor 03/29/20 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Fantastic just quiet!

one day it was working the next day it was not. Checked fuse and its OK. Then went to switch which is controlled by cover; it seems alright. Fan is approx. 16 yrs old. Need suggestions. Thanks in advance for your input. How did you verify the cover switch? Did you make sure the plunger moves freely up and down and also test the continuity with the plunger in both and up and down position? Typically the plunger gets stuck in the down (off) position so when the cover is raised the switch is still open circuit so the fan doesn't run.
bob_nestor 03/26/20 06:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Spring Shakedown Trip cancelled

north carolina state park campgrounds are closed till further notice. trails and restrooms are openI just got kicked out of a CA park. Only a few campers here, well away from each other, yet they're not allowing camping but keeping the restrooms open for day use. A lot of us snowbirds rely on these parks on our way home. This doesn't make any sense to me. Yes, seems bassackwards - even parks where the spots are close together provide the suggested social separation. But worse yet, is leaving the restrooms open. One of the ways the virus is transmitted is thru fecal material and without aggressive daily (or hourly) cleaning of the restrooms they're just big stinky petri dishes for this virus.
bob_nestor 03/21/20 11:11am Travel Trailers
RE: RV storage - how much room is needed?

I would angle that drive towards the direction from which you want to back in. Straighten it out after you get it in the drive. A 13 foot wide road is nothing and that ditch isn't going to help. The layout of the road and driveway looks very much like my own setup, although the street in my case is 24' wide with a deep ditch on the far side. I've had people who claimed to be good "backer-uppers" back into my driveway with their Class A's and towables who had difficulty managing that right angle turn into my driveway. Have lost my mailbox and a couple of storm drains as a result. The suggestion to angle that driveway to the street is an excellent one!
bob_nestor 03/21/20 10:41am General RVing Issues
RE: What can I do to revive an old VHS recorder/player

Other than general cleaning and replacement of belts and possibly capacitors in the power supply. I can only make two comments. ONE: There is a service that will convert VHS to DVD/Cloud/MP4 for you for what they claim is a reasonable fee (never used 'em) Second: is why "It only works via RF".. There is an anti-copy code on the tape if you try to copy it without a code breaker the DVD recorder will refuse. I don't do a lot of video work But I used to do audio by the ton.. Same issue with digital transfers of audio. Analog did not have that issue. I discovered years ago that if you have both VHS and Beta (or Sony Mini-8) the copy protection is removed when you copy from VHS to Beta or Mini-8. At that point the copy can be copied back to VHS of DVD. No code breaker needed.
bob_nestor 03/21/20 10:32am Technology Corner
RE: Solar Charge Controller question

I'm confused with what I need, PWT or MPPT? Either will work, but a PWM one will be less expensive. The MPPT controllers can generally extract a bit more solar energy, but in a solar setup found in most RVs that advantage will probably be negligible and not worth the extra cost.
bob_nestor 03/21/20 10:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Battle Born Charging

" Are you sure about the float? Seems like it should be 13.6v or HIGHER, not lower." You didn't read the BB replies in the link. :( Also note how they distinguish a float from a storage trickle, and how the float should be with working the battery and not while on shore-power and no cycling of the battery if the float is above 13.6 Lots of good info in those BB replies on all sorts of topics raised. Actually I did a lot of research on the BB batteries before I installed them over a year ago and at that time the setup in my RV was fine with them. They recommended using an AGM profile on my solar controller since mine didn't have a Lithium setting. I've since replaced with a newer model that has a Lithium profile and it uses a float voltage of 14 for Lithium and 13.7 for all other battery types. So if the float is to be 13.6 or lower and my batteries bulk charge up to 14+, then I can maintain my charge level with a 6v supply? After all, 6v is less than 13.6v.
bob_nestor 02/18/20 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born Charging

The table hasn't been updated in a while. It doesn't reflect WFCO's new lithum charger/converter (which I've confirmed with BB is compatible). There may be others that need to be added to the list. The bottom line is this response I got from BB: Bulk/absorb 14.2 - 14.6 Volts(we usually recommend 14.4) float 13.6 Volts or lower No equalization(or set it to 14.4v) No temperature compensation Absorption time is 20 minutes per battery(if it is an option). Rob Are you sure about the float? Seems like it should be 13.6v or HIGHER, not lower.
bob_nestor 02/18/20 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Traveling in a group— How do you handle it?

I've been RV camping with friends for a number of years now. We always just agree to meet up at the campground, although sometimes we meet or pass each other on the highway. The hardest part was trying to get campground reservations with spots next to each other, but I solved that this year. Gave one of my credit cards to the gal who makes all the plans and told her just tell me when, where and how much it cost.
bob_nestor 02/04/20 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: kwikee steps

It seems a lot of people experience problems with these, including myself. From what I've seen most of the issues are pretty simple electrical problems easily resolved. One is that the electric motor develops a flat spot, probably from road vibration, and then refuses to engage without a healthy rap with a rock or hammer. That's fixed with a motor replacement. The second is that the step won't retract when the coach door is closed. This is usually caused by the magnetic sensor in the door frame not being able to detect the magnet in the door when the door is closed. Simple test to verify this is to hold a magnet next to the sensor in the door frame. If the steps retract, that's the problem. The simplest fix for this is to shim out the magnet in the door so that when the door is closed the magnet is closer to the sensor. A garden hose washer is usually enough for this fix.
bob_nestor 02/02/20 01:40pm Tech Issues
RE: What to use for caulking around windows?

If you chose to use Dicor, get the non-self leveling type. Using self leveling caulk on a vertical surface will make a super mess. Yeah, and super difficult to remove. I've found that Goo Adhesive Remover sort of works, but WD-40 does a better job. Then clean up after that with alcohol on the surface - save the drinking kind for after you're done.
bob_nestor 02/02/20 09:30am General RVing Issues
RE: What to use for caulking around windows?

What does one use for caulking around rv windows? Hubby forgot the name of it...we used it before from camping world... Probably Dicor is what he got. That's what is used to seal RV roof vents and some use it to glue down flexible solar panels. It seals and sticks to things like you wouldn't believe. But as others have said, it may not be the best solution for windows, although all the RVs I've owned always came with some sealer around the outside window frames.
bob_nestor 02/02/20 06:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Medicare ads!!!!!

Same problem with all those Medicare ads here in Dallas. You'd think by now old Joe Namath would have figured out the reason they can look up his benefits "instantly" is that he keeps calling them over and over and ... At least this year he no longer uses the same tone when he says "Free!" like last year. I'm thinking he finally ditched those really tight panty hose he was wearing.
bob_nestor 01/20/20 03:25pm Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV or Dish

I've had both DirecTV and DishTV and own the receivers I have. Over the years I'd switch back and forth because of pricing changes. But I've pretty much stopped doing that after my last switch back to DishTV. Other than the constantly escalating prices the things I like about Dish at home and on the road are: at home I get the HD channels at no extra cost, I get most of my locals at no extra cost and I can integrate most of my remaining local stations with a simple antenna attachment. On the road I can use DishAnywhere without the need for an extra receiver, dish setup or monthly payment - all I need is a network connection and my Mobley works fine for that in most places. This setup allows me to stream all my local channels including the ones I can only get from my home antenna, and all my Dish channels. I use a FireTV Stick in the RV do do this and that also gives me access to a bunch of other free content.
bob_nestor 01/20/20 06:17am Technology Corner
RE: Grill conversion

Yes. You should find everything you need at sites like The two types of quick connect are the low pressure 250 series of connectors and the high pressure 5LPN. The two are not compatible. The way to tell which you have is to look at the female end of the quick connect. If it has a small round tube in the center it is the low pressure 250; if it has a small bar in the center it is the 5LPN high pressure. When you do this though you need to replace the regulator that normally comes on the grill where the small bottle attaches, with just a valve assembly. The propane connection coming off your RV is already regulated and having a second regulator in the circuit will not work.
bob_nestor 01/16/20 06:23pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: New Source of TV While on the Road

You can also use a FireTV Stick and install the Dish Anywhere app on it. That gives you access to a bunch of other free stuff like movies and old TV programs. I used this setup with my AT&T Mobley last summer and was able to stream my home TV channels, all my Dish channels and get the free stuff too. The Mobley is unlimited data but it's old technology. I rarely saw problems with streaming and some months I pushed close to 150G. The only real dropout I experienced was when the City tore up my cable at the house.
bob_nestor 01/14/20 03:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Ouray, CO- Ouray RV Park and Ouray KOA-Recommendations

Thank you all for the feedback. Yes, given my timeline, I was concerned about not being able to access some of the higher trails. My goal with going then was to beat the summer crowds. Im retired so maybe I’ll move my timeline forward some for better access and start in Moab then finish my trip in Ouray. The KOA is nice but regardless of the time you plan to be there you'll probably want to make reservations and make them early. That's not as much of a concern in Moab unless you're there during Jeep Safari Week. The Jeep trails in both places are great though and can be a lot of fun. Nice hiking trails in both places too if you're into that as well.
bob_nestor 12/10/19 02:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Unfair Reservation System?

Big Katuna , we have been noticing the same problem with the Corp of Engineer parks. The locals book the weekends from spring until it's too cold (depends where it is) and if you would like a week or two, there are no sites that can be booked! This is thru Used to be reserveamerica, then they took over their own bookings and it's still happening ! Hate it and they need to do something about it. Sites are sitting empty M-F as people have found somewhere else for their week or two which includes weekends that they wanted. The problem I encountered a few years ago with COE campgrounds here in North Texas was with the hosts themselves. What they were doing is reserving spots for a bunch of other snowbirders/retirees weeks or months in advance. They had (and may still have) an underground organization of hosts that worked together on this scheme for most of the COE campgrounds here so that their snowbirding/retire friends had reservations at all the parks and could move from one to another when they'd used up their stay limit at each park. It make it almost impossible for anyone not in this consortium to make a reservation. I just stopped staying at COE campgrounds. Some, maybe all, of the National Parks have Reseravable and non-Reseravable spots. I know Big Bend does. The Reseravable spots are available on (or ReserveAmerica, forget which), and the non-Reseravable are for people who just show up. It sort of works and I've never had a problem finding a spot for the past 15 years when I just show up. The only downside is that the Reseravable spots MUST be reserved on-line and even the Ranger or Host can't provide you with one if it's open and you just show up.
bob_nestor 11/17/19 06:22am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Big Bend

Big Bend is definitely worth the trip. One of our favorites, but fairly isolated. There is fuel at the park. Lots of desert wildlife if you take your time and look. One private park-PARKING LOT with electric, but the NPS services are no HU. Plenty of rough roads for travel through the park, but 4x4 best for many once you get off the main paved roads, altho, the paved roads and gravel roads are plenty scenic as well. Lots of interesting sights along the Rio Grande. A state park borders the western side of Big Bend, but as I recall, no camping in it but it runs along some very scenic river views and passes an old western movie ranch set that's pretty interesting. There are dry camping spots along the river in the State Park. Just check with the Ranger station on either end of the Park along highway 170. There are also a number of commercial campgrounds with full hookups in the area of the State Park, but they fill up fast with snowbirders.
bob_nestor 11/16/19 06:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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