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RE: Tax refund scam Canada

Any time I get any email from someone not in my contact list I open the email and click on the the sender’s name or address in the from block. That opens the properties for the sender info and likely as not the “official looking” address is actually something crazy like dvgyhgcfgh;567,;[email protected]$/;,?! .com. I click on Block this contact. And then move it to junk or spam. Actually it's not difficult to fake the sending address in an e-mail. You need to look a bit deeper into the headers which aren't normally displayed to determine how real the e-mail is. Had a co-worker years ago who maintained the company e-mail system demonstrate that by faking up a message which appeared to come from the President of the US.
bob_nestor 01/27/23 06:06am Technology Corner
RE: Dometic ceiling fan inoperable

If the fan only can come on when the vent cover is open, then there is a switch in the vent cover. Use a volt meter and check the vent cover switch. You can also jump/bypass the switch to see if it is malfunctioning. You can jump the 0 - 3 switch also to see if it is malfunctioning. The switch is just a plunger and you can try tugging on the plunger to see if the fan comes on. When the cover closes it pushes the plunger down which disables the power to the fan. The plunger switch tends to get corroded or stuck with gunk, especially when camped near the seashore. If it is the plunger, a little WD-40 will clean it up and solve the problems.
bob_nestor 01/25/23 01:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel Chassis service

Coach Specialists, who stores and does work on RVs near me, highly recommended Southwest International Trucks for work they couldn't do on my Sprinter. Southwest International has multiple locations in the DFW area with one in Arlington that might work for you. If Denton isn't too far from you then you might try The Shop on I-35 just north of Camping World. A small family owned place that handles almost anything RV related. They're right next door to a diesel shop and I think the two businesses work together on issues as well.
bob_nestor 01/22/23 07:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: lighter weight four down toad?

We tow a 2021 chevy spark manual transmission 4 down behind our class c. A little over2k lbs. And seriously if it were not for the rear camera I would not know it was back there. Had the base plate put on at etrailer. The car is small but gets 40mpg and works perfect for the 2 of us. Second that! But Sparks went out of production in Aug 2022. There are still boatloads of them being shipped into the US from the South Korea factory lots, but most of them are with automatic. Did finally manage to snag one (a 2022) with a manual and the dealer told me they're scrounging up and selling old ones with manual transmissions for MORE than what a new one with an automatic is going for. The real problems are you can't order one any longer and GM is allocating remaining inventory to dealers pretty much without letting them know what they're getting or when. So dealers have them show up on the truck unexpectedly. Many dealers are marking them up way over MSRP because of the limited supply, but some dealers are letting them go pretty much at MSRP. And very few salespeople know how to work the GM inventory system to locate what you might be looking for. Luckily I found a salesgal in another State who knew how to work the system, remembered what I was looking for, contacted me when she had one show up and sold it to me at MSRP.
bob_nestor 01/17/23 07:01am Dinghy Towing
RE: cheap solar panels

Seriously? Normally $250, on sale for $60? You know what they say: "If it sounds too good to be true...". Looks like one of the ads off Facebook, total scam. I'd be careful with these - 12 hr cancellation window after placing an order, buyer pays for the return shipping costs, original shipping costs not refunded on a return, shipping via Air or Sea, web site hosted in Germany, 35 day max return window from date of purchase, 7-10 days to process order, shipping could be "delayed" for 20 days, etc, etc. Web site scam detector validator rates the site as a 48.6 out of 100, which is a moderate score and rates them with a warning of "Doubtful, Perilous. Alert." Web site/domain was created in Nov 2022, rated as a poor design, with fairly high rating for Threat Profile, Phishing Score, Malware Score.
bob_nestor 01/07/23 03:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Voltage Drop - NOT Park Problem

I once had a similar problem but I see you stated in your original post that: "- Checked connections at transfer switch, socket for shore power, junction where old EMS used to be, mains in RV breaker panel. Checked neutrals, grounds and feeds. All tight." ... so I'm not sure if this helps any, but... The source of my problem was in the main RV breaker panel. Even though all the connections were tight I discovered that someone (at the factory) had cross threaded the screw holding the neutral line in the box. (Things worked for for a few years, then I had power issues.) The screw was tight but hadn't been holding the wire very well and over time the connection degraded with a patina build-up similar to what happens in the contacts in the transfer switch. I had to remove and replace the small bus bar the neutral was attached to and that fixed my problem.
bob_nestor 01/05/23 11:14am Tech Issues
RE: Dish TV

I have had Dish TV for some time now and I have to admit up front I don't know anything about the newer "Wally" equipment - wish I did. However, my receiver is an older VIP-722K that supports two hardwired connections as well as an Ethernet connection. To that I added a Sling device - both the Sling device and the VIP-722K are no longer being offered by Dish but can be found used on Amazon and eBay. With my setup I can access all my Dish and local OTA channels in my RV on the road using a Firestick and DishAnywhere as long as I have Internet access in my RV. For that I have a grandfathered AT&T Mobley with unlimited data (for $20/mo). My setup works great at home and on the road.
bob_nestor 01/05/23 10:55am Technology Corner
RE: solar awning

As I recall, Roadtrek was working with this a few years ago for their all electric Zion that was supposed to be able to run the A/C for 8+ hours off batteries which could then be recharged in 20 minutes with the high output alternator on the Sprinter chassis. Then they sold the company, got spun off the parent company, went bankrupt and eventually came back as a privately owned company when a French family which makes RVs bought the remains. But it think before that electric Zion made it to market a LOT of the specs were changed to greatly lower expectations. The awning may have disappeared at that time.
bob_nestor 12/18/22 12:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Password

Assuming you're running some version of Windows, there is a free stand-alone bootable (USB or CD) utility that can be used to recover or reset the password. It's called the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor. The documentation is dated, but it does work with all versions of Windows. If you're on a Mac you'll want to boot into single user mode and then just reset your password with the "passwd" command line utility. Same with any Linux or BSD system.
bob_nestor 12/11/22 01:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Class C Sprinter questions

well mines old now a 2006 sprinter LTV we,ve loved it from day one. couple little problems but a mom/pop shop on the road fixed. has 5cyc engine ,pulls my boat just fine.I,d buy another in a heart beat. look up leisure travel vans before you buy a different brand . they don,t build junk. nothing in our unit has gave us trouble. the frig one time but they didn,t build that. I have a 2017 LTV on a 2016 Sprinter. It's been fairly trouble-free even though it's made two trips up the Alaska Highway and towed my 2-dr Jeep Wrangler both times. Pushing 70,000 miles on it with about 16 MPG overall. It's my first (and last diesel) and I'm not all that impressed with the Sprinter chassis - no complaints with the LTV coach though. Although it's been problem free for the most part, it's what I consider typical German Engineering - over-engineered, over-priced, over-complicated, high-end maintenance requirements and when it does break you need a team of PhD's to figure it out.
bob_nestor 11/16/22 06:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Steps acting up again

I had a similar problem. Never knew if the steps would come out when I opened the door. Sometimes I'd be outside nearby and suddenly they came out on their own without even opening the door. One time they went in while I was on them!! The problem was solved when an RV tech changed the door magnet and connecting wires. Same here. This is easy to test to see if that's the issue though. Just get a magnet and place it on the sensor. If the steps extend and retract when the magnet is moved towards and away from the sensor, then there's either too much of a gap between the magnet in the door and the sensor in the door frame when the door is closed and/or the magnet has gotten weak. My simple fix was to install a shim under the magnet in the door frame. I found a garden hose rubber washer made a perfect shim.
bob_nestor 11/05/22 05:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No LP to the stove top.

I had a similar propane problem on my RV. In my case the first "appliance" to fail was my propane generator - it would start, run a few seconds and then die. The other appliances seemed to work fine. Isolated it to the propane regulator which I replaced and that fixed things. While trying to figure out the problem I did quite a bit of research and discovered that there is some oil added to propane. Sometimes the propane supplier overdoes the oil addition. Over time the oil tends to collect in the regulator and gum it up reducing supply to appliances. The first ones to show problem are those which are higher users of the gas supply, such as my generator. But in time everything using propane can show signs of failure or cease to work all together.
bob_nestor 11/04/22 10:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: no noise generators

There are actually some RV manufacturers who are now looking into building units without generators and replacing them with lithium-ion batteries, DC powered A/C units and utilizing the secondary high output chassis alternator for faster battery recharge. Phoenix Cruiser is building a prototype on their TRX model which I don't think they have a customer for just yet, or at least they didn't the last time I chatted with them.
bob_nestor 08/21/22 03:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Broken Macerator - Tank Full

Had the same problem on my 2010 Roadtrek. Not sure how the 2012 is plumbed, but on my 2010 I was able to remove the macerator pump and repair it without having to drain the full black and gray tanks first. The most likely problem with the macerator is that the rubber impeller has sheared the drive keyway from the motor shaft. It's a pretty simple and inexpensive fix to replace the impeller which can be purchased off Amazon.
bob_nestor 08/21/22 07:40am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Assessing RV Value

What is the most reliable way to assess the value of my RV? I am wanting to sell mt TT and upgrade to a 5th Wheel.The 1st dealership was really lowballing the value of my trade-in. I would prefer to not get hosed with my 1st RV upgrade but what I've seen so far is not promising. You'd probably get the best price selling 3rd party but that requires finding the right buyer, advertising yourself, and handling the paperwork as well as the risks involved in the payment process. Second best is probably selling via consignment sale. You do pay a percentage of the sale price for the service, but they handle all the advertising, cleanup, repairs, paperwork, etc. Probably the worst option is to trade it into a dealer as they're trying to make money on the traded in unit as well as the new unit they'll be selling to you. Since you're in Texas, have you considered doing a consignment sale with PPL Motorhomes. They take a percentage of the sale price, but handle all the advertising and paperwork. When you take the RV in to them they'll tell you what similar units have been selling for, but you have the opportunity to set the price to whatever you want to. And when it does sell you'll get your money very quickly. I did sell my last RV thru PPL and recommended it to a friend who did the same. We were both pleased the the outcomes.
bob_nestor 08/03/22 10:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric Ford F-150 and Four Wheel Camper Make Alaska Run

Slowly getting better. But they need a significant breakthrough in technology before they will really be ready to be workhorses. To say nothing of the improvements that will be needed in the electrical grid and the technology used to put energy into that grid. Making the trip up or down the Alaska Highway today with a diesel powered vehicle can be "challenging" due to the spacing of diesel fueling stations, especially for those who never learned about "driving on the top half of the tank". And that's during the summer tourist season - making the trip in the winter is even harder as many stations are closed then.
bob_nestor 07/27/22 05:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Easy Start By Micro Air

From other postings I've seen where people have tested running their A/C off batteries and they are reporting that you can get about 1 hr of run time for each 200aH of battery. I wonder how long it will be before RV manufacturers start offering an option of placing Lithium-Ion (or sodium) batteries in the generator bay, installing an inverter at least 2800W, wiring all the 110v outlets and appliances in the RV thru the inverter, and putting Soft Starts in the A/C. And with Lithium or sodium batteries, installing the second high-output alternator in the chassis in addition to as much solar as then can fit on the roof. While recently researching for my next RV I found one that I liked which I thought could be built this way quite easily to match my camping style. (I'm not looking to run the A/C on batteries other then when I'm traveling, hence the second alternator. Plus future battery technology may improve well beyond where it is now.) I figured I could replace the generator with about 1200aH of Lithium batteries (pricey, but doable). When I contacted the manufacturer with my requested changes, they flatly refused - said the generator couldn't be eliminated and they'd never wire the A/C and microwave thru the inverter. Reluctantly crossed them off my list and moved to other manufacturers.
bob_nestor 07/20/22 08:21am Tech Issues
RE: Consumer Cellular advice

Consumer Cellular may be great if most of your calls are outgoing. What they don't tell you (or it's in the fine print) is incoming calls are counted against you and most are rounded up to the nearest minute. That's fine for calls from people you want to hear from, but it can kill all your savings if you're the target of a lot of SPAM calls like telemarketers, car warranty scams, political advertising and money donation organizations.
bob_nestor 07/12/22 05:56am Technology Corner
RE: Best cell phone provider?

About the cheapest service out there is Visible. It is owned by Verizon thus it uses Verizon towers. If you join their Party Pay plan the total cost is $25/month for unlimited everything including hotspot use. Their cheapest phone is $50. You may be able to use your present phone. But is Visible's service, like all 3rd party resellers, deprioritized? The other problem with most MVNOs is that they don't do roaming off the host network. If you sign up for AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile you do pay a bit more, but they'll roam onto competitor services. My cell phone supports multiple SIMs, so what I did was sign up with AT&T which mainly works most places I go. Then because I have Comcast internet at home I was eligible to get Comcast phone service for about $15/mo which runs on Verizon and put that in my phone as a second SIM service. Now I \have both AT&T and Verizon service on the same phone and it uses whichever service provides the best connection.
bob_nestor 06/28/22 09:42am Technology Corner
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

GoDucks you just don't understand how the system works---plenty of people getting paid to stay home. Complete nonsense and has no bearing on this topic. We're at full employment and many hourly folks still work more than one job. The government has six different official measures of unemployment - U1 thru U6. Pick the one that supports the story you like. Probably a better measure is the labor participation rate since it measures the percentage of people capable of working who are actually working and paying taxes. That number has declined. The real question I think people should be asking is how can the unemployment rate DECLINE with an increasing population when there are fewer people employed now than when the unemployment rate was higher?
bob_nestor 06/26/22 12:46pm General RVing Issues
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