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RE: Reliability of older Class C’s?

Ron, i was reading your post on my fully charged phone and my battery died. :B Lots of good info. :C
bobndot 11/22/20 07:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reliability of older Class C’s?

I’m hoping to stay in the under $15k range (the lower the better), Are the rentals in the price range ?
bobndot 11/21/20 02:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Gjac, After explaining my need for adding a set of AB's to a truck shop they ordered a set and installed them. Different brands mount in different ways, your setup and clearance or aftermarket suspension add-ons will determine which brand of AB's will be avl to you. They installed a set of AirLift bags on my 'C' thinking they would lift me a few inches more than level and they did not, I had them removed bc they did not offer any additional ride difference. As it was explained to me by the mfg, an AB will lift a sagging rv back to level but will not lift an already loaded level RV too much higher. I was trying to gain ground clearance for driveway aprons therefore I do not think a set of AB's will work for leveling. My set was only 1/2" of extra height...maybe ! You are not going to feel any difference or will a 1/2" difference affect your fridge, especially side to side leveling. Front to rear leveling is more important for the fridge to operate bc the fins run in that direction and are prone to clog. In my case, the AB's were not worth it.
bobndot 11/21/20 05:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help! Onan 4K generator refuses to start and stay on

Pulled RV out of 6 month storage. Attempted to start generator. Will start, but quit after about 6 seconds. Repeated attempts with no success. Untreated gasoline. You probably did not use a reputable fuel stabilizer in the gas tank then run that mixture through the genny, so that stabilized fuel sits in the carb and fuel line. Remove the carb bowl and wipe it clean. You can use Sea Foam, StarTron or Marine Stabil in the gas tank. They have all worked equally as well for me. There is also a fuel filter which needs to be changed every 450-500 hrs of run time. YouTube shows you how to do both.
bobndot 11/20/20 04:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reliability of older Class C’s?

It's nice to have a dream to travel in an rv across the country. But, you can't 'overlook your safety' in doing that. VA to WA can be done in days . If I already had a reliable vehicle to make this trip to relocate, I would just do that with so many 'pet friendly' motels across the country. If I didn't, I would lease a new vehicle or rent one for the week to make the trip. You would be able to plan safe places to stay opposed to just landing in an unknown place during a breakdown which could be 'many weeks' depending how long it takes to get an appointment then wait for parts. A breakdown could cost you 'weeks of time' , waiting for an appointment then waiting for parts. You would have to motel it and have a rental car expense for weeks instead of 5 days. Once you settle into a new residence, you can then save and plan to take your cross country rv trip. I would then rent one, a new one.
bobndot 11/18/20 09:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is it a battery and what I think is for?

Cables can be hard to follow. They do bunch them in one cover bc that battery needs a charge line from the alt, converter and/or solar panel. Is there room in the stepwell for another battery ? If not the mystery battery might be a second coach battery hooked up in parallel to keep things 12v but double the amps. That gives you more boondocking power. with both the coach and chassis disconnected does the mystery battery power up anything ?
bobndot 11/18/20 02:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Installed new charger, batteries not charging

I agree check breaker with meter. Here is a link with related info . converter not charging battery
bobndot 11/17/20 06:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I now hav e AC power in my driveway...

DC, congratulations, best of luck and good health in your new home.
bobndot 11/17/20 06:03am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is it a battery and what I think is for?

It makes common sense to do as suggested, disconnect the battery to see if the gen starts. TL makes a mount for an additional battery, usually for the house bank but it could be used to house a battery for whatever . I use a third hidden battery that is dedicated to operate my 12 tv. If you can, follow the cables from the battery to see where they go. Torlift Hidden Power Mount
bobndot 11/17/20 05:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I now hav e AC power in my driveway...

Hey its getting a little crowded in Payson. It's a good thing the Captain has a big lawn ! BTW, do you have a pool, we need to know if we should bring our suits ?
bobndot 11/16/20 07:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: generator maintenance?

Look for that non eth gasoline at stations near a marina, its popular for boaters. Stabilize the fuel tank in the rv and run the genny to get that treated gasoline thru the genny's carb. I use a couple bottles of Sea Foam or StarTron. I have never had a bad gasoline issue using either one of them. I exercise my generator for 30 mins every month or sooner bc I use my rv for day trips. Its probably best to have the rv on somewhat level ground when you run it. Once a year around 150 hrs I change the oil with a syn oil. There is also a fuel filter that needs to be replaced every 450-500 hrs. along with the spark plug. A dirty filter will cause hard starting. A good habit to get into , when you turn off a generator its best to shut off any heavy load on it. That will extend the life of the voltage regulator.
bobndot 11/16/20 07:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: I now hav e AC power in my driveway...

You have an rv site in your driveway in AZ ? What is your address ? :C:B
bobndot 11/16/20 02:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

If you install a set of bubble levels that you see from the drivers seat, like I did or Dusty did, there will little need to level other than move the rv into a suitable position. If you use decent private CG's many will already be level. I seldom use my hydraulic levelers and would not spend $5k for the option. If you do use wood blocks or plastic blocks, use your awning strap rod to push them in place and attach a rope to them to remove them. Limited bending down.
bobndot 11/16/20 08:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?
bobndot 11/16/20 06:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reliability of older Class C’s?

I will be traveling as a lone woman (not including the several pets along for the ride). Lets not forget this part . Her chances of a break down with an older rv that she has not owned since new and has no idea about its history is IMO, not a good idea. I think people will try to use her situation against her, being a lone female at the mercy of some unknown garage in an unfamiliar town. Its not the same as a male with mechanical knowledge operating an older rv that HE has OWNED since new.
bobndot 11/15/20 07:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reliability of older Class C’s?

I would stay away from an older motorized rv. Previously i leased a 1500 pickup and bought a small travel trailer which could easily be towed without adding any special equipment other than a hitch. You gain a new reliable vehicle and an rv that is less expensive to maintain than a motorhome If the trailer does have some kind of repair issue you simply bring along a tent. Tents are pet friendly. After your lease is up in 24 or 36 months then you might be in a better position to afford something different.
bobndot 11/14/20 02:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: queen corner bed vs twin single beds

I would think that twins would be easier. Sometimes one twin is shorter at 68" while the other is 74" but width is usually at 32" . You have to look at the sizes. The other thing is what do twin beds do to the floorplan and the placement of bathroom configuration , water tanks, plumbing routing, water pump location and storage. You have to take into consideration what one alteration will do to other related things, then weigh that into the option.
bobndot 11/14/20 09:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

**park somewhere level, now install a pair of bubble levels inside your rv where you can see them from your drivers seat. Make sure you are level front to rear and side to side. Having these inexpensive bubble levels installed will allow you to position your rv on sites to the point of being very close to level if not level. Doing this has reduced my need for any additional leveling. If you need to stop slipping. Get yourself some rubber sheeting. Cut floor mats to the size you need and place them under the wood or plastic. Make an incline like a driveway apron. IMO, a 4x4 length, the width of your rear tires and a double wide set of ramps will work. If that doesn't lift your rv to a comfortable point then you need to find another site or grab a shovel and dig holes for the tires to drop into to lower the needed side.
bobndot 11/14/20 06:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Its stiff enough for us, its fine without them. If we have a level site, we don't use the jacks. I have a set of bubble levels installed in the cab, i can view them from the drivers seat. I just position the rv until its level. I don't use the jacks very often. We use our rv all the time for day trips. We are used to not using the jacks and don't notice a ‘wow’ factor when we do. We go places during the week and eat dinner in it for a change of scenery during covid. It has to be really gusty for the winds to rock us.
bobndot 11/13/20 05:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

That was my approach too, until i made this purchase. It came this way , i had no choice and would not have spent the money on them. They did hang too low, the rears, the fronts are fine. I had to cut the mounts on the rears to tuck them a little higher into the frame. They have been fine since. It is one more thing to go wrong though. I like the manual mode to be the better option over the ‘auto mode’ to level it. The auto mode makes the entire rv too high, creating a tall step in and out. I still carry blocks with me, you never know with this quality gadgetry.
bobndot 11/13/20 12:03pm Class C Motorhomes
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