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RE: Michelin's replacement for 225/75 16 LTX M/S2 ?

Here is some rvnet positive reviews of Hankooks as far back as 2011. They have a vg track record , a good option , maybe a little less expensive than some others.
bobndot 03/08/21 03:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Height of class C?

I do plan to measure... right now my RV is at a RV repair shop getting some things taken care of and a thorough leak check. I won't have it back for a couple of weeks, and need to calculate dimensions for a concrete pad and shed. Thanks for the tips. Why cant' someone at the repair shop measure what you need ? When you drop off an rv at a repair shop, drop off a dozen donuts or bagels too. Mechanics like to measure things when their tummy's are full. :)
bobndot 03/07/21 04:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Height of class C?

There is a smart phone app to measure height. Measure to roof edge then add 12” or 9” for a low profile ac unit like the RecPro Houghton model. Check your model AC specs to certain, the Atwood 15,000 is 14.7”.
bobndot 03/05/21 06:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin's replacement for 225/75 16 LTX M/S2 ?

*8 years out of a tire used on an RV is great. I think all the ducks were in a row for you. Weather, covers from uv, rubber compound used, driving habits etc :C Normally, people drive their cars often enough to 'spin the tires' to exercise the rubber but on RV's that usually isn't the case. We try to overcome sitting idle for long periods of time by using our rv for lunch or dinner rides 2x a week. Especially during covid , we look forward to a different piece of scenery other than my 4 living room walls. It makes us appreciate it even more to be looking out our rv window to view nature to just relax and enjoy one another for the time we have. I think using a product like 303 Protectant helps to protect tires after we wash our rvs and tires with soaps and maybe other tire chemicals that can possibly diminish the natural protective additives in the tire compound . From a tire article that I had been reading, I condensed it by copying portions . The rest of this post is from a related article , if anyone is interested in reading about RV 'tire life'. :) * The primary component in any tire is rubber, which could be natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, polybutadiene rubber, or butyl rubber. OXIDATION Tires age the same way as humans. As they age, they lose flexibility. Blame oxygen. Elevated temperatures exacerbate the reaction. Anti-aging chemicals, activated by operating temperature, prevent premature cracking, but most all tires depart for the Happy Hunting Grounds by age 10 no matter the tire protection. Some tires, particularly summer tires exposed to winter conditions or vice versa, mature by six. OZONE CRACKING Tires may weather faster in urban areas. They degrade with exposure to ultraviolet radiation and ozone, a lightweight gas found in the atmosphere and caused by the partial breakdown of air from atmospheric electric discharges. HARSH CHEMICALS Harsh solvents and detergents used to detail tires can indirectly cause cracking. Tires are manufactured with anti-oxidation and anti-ozone protective tire protection layers, which are designed to shield from the solvents, salt, oil and fluids on American roads. Harsh cleaning chemicals can strip a tire of its clothing, as it were, and leave it exposed to ozone and sunlight without UV protection. BAD DRIVING Fast ‘n’ furious driving can cause tires to age too soon. So can scraping against a concrete curb. Also, under-inflated or overinflated tires place undue stress on tire sidewalls and cause fissures and flaws.
bobndot 03/05/21 12:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin's replacement for 225/75 16 LTX M/S2 ?

Is it really worth the aggregation and stress that it causes for $200 ?
bobndot 03/02/21 04:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin's replacement for 225/75 16 LTX M/S2 ?

Yes, i would think it would go to the lowest bidder. Fleet prices while offering a well made tire is the right business move.
bobndot 03/01/21 09:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin's replacement for 225/75 16 LTX M/S2 ?

Has anyone switched to Hankook? I heard mixed reviews. I'm running them as OEM's Dynapro HT's . They are fine and doing well after just having their 3rd birthday. After birthday #5 they will leave the class C coop and live the rest of their life on the sides of a tug boat. They hold the road well in rain, handled off grid hard-pack mud well, I didn't slip or slide at all up to 20 mph or so. Also had to drive in an early fall 2" snow fall that did cover the dirt road and it handled in town local driving just fine . No toad, no trailer. However, many people say that they do not perform well in snow. My experience is only limited to that one time with this 24' class c.
bobndot 03/01/21 08:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford Roadside Assistance

What would your plan be once the Ford 5 yr policy is over ? Buy a policy that you will probably research to get opinions of ? Point being, research what you be given for "FREE" as they say. If a road service policy gives you needed comfort then pick one that includes rv's . As Klutchdust suggested "what services are on their list of people to respond" and a 'location map' of services. If you travel to remote sections or go off grid, you need a service that will be within the designated response distance, otherwise it's next to useless. If you are in populated places all the time with cell service, then just google a service and call them yourself without paying a roadside service to do that for you. If you should ever need it , pay out of pocket for the road call. I had to use a road service 3x in my 50 yrs of rv life. Self insure, every time someone offers you a warranty of some kind put that money into your own warranty acct and use it when/if you ever need to. You'll be surprised how your investment grows especially because you won't be using it.
bobndot 03/01/21 07:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin's replacement for 225/75 16 LTX M/S2 ?

Related info, 2014 post but the opinions might be worth the read.
bobndot 02/28/21 11:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing Ford drivers seat........

I built my own seat bases and installed seats from the 2nd row in a Toyota Sienna. Seats were $15 each at the wrecking yard and are infinitely better that the original seats ever were. If you want a really good seat, consider Scheel-Mann. My mechanic did the same thing using the rear Sienna recliners installed in the front of a different brand mini van . I noticed how good they looked and he confirmed how comfortable they were. Imo, its a great idea to find used ones , usually the rears have a lot less wear. Any welder could build you a base. ;)
bobndot 02/28/21 07:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing Ford drivers seat........

here are 2 links that I had in my favs from past rvnet users
bobndot 02/27/21 06:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C Aluminum Wheels

Also, the Alcoa wheel is hub centric now, correct ? I would not want to install a set of lug centric wheels on an rv , as most aftermarket wheels are. Yes. And, you use the OEM lug nuts. Thank u :)
bobndot 02/25/21 02:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C Aluminum Wheels

Also, the Alcoa wheel is hub centric now, correct ? I would not want to install a set of lug centric wheels on an rv , as most aftermarket wheels are.
bobndot 02/23/21 11:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: ccc for coach house 241xlst

for an approx. wt. Take the GVWR, Subtract the unloaded weight with full D fuel @ 7# per gal, LP @ 4.2# per gal, water 8,3#, subtract the number of adults it can sleep (approx. 155# pp) your result is the approx. CCC. cargo carrying capacity
bobndot 02/22/21 12:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Removing factory silicone sealant

On horizontal surfaces use Dicor self leveling. On vertical surfaces , I switched from Proflex to 3m 4000 uv. It is very uv resistant and a lot easier to apply than the Proflex. Both last and work well but you need to use ‘brite white’ in Proflex otherwise it will tend to yellow. The 3m goes on easier, it makes a nice even line when you use a wet finger to smooth it. Apply a fine mist of denatured alcohol to the caulking bead using the spray bottle. The alcohol keeps the caulk from sticking. Use your index finger to smooth the bead of caulking with your finger before the alcohol evaporates
bobndot 02/21/21 08:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Review on the new 7.3 Ford V*

Have a 2021 Sunseeker 3010DS with the 7.3 engine. I get 11.1 mpg driving 60 mph for the first 1125 miles i have driven her. Has 6 speed transmission. It's hilly here in Virginia, your mileage may vary :) Jimbo How did you calculate the 11.1 mpg . Is that a Scan Gauge number , while you are driving ?
bobndot 02/19/21 09:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Review on the new 7.3 Ford V*

I met a few small "one-man" rv repair dealerships over the years and they told me how they have to tweak all new rvs that are shipped to them. If you find an rv on a dealers lot all ready to go, then you have to give the dealership the credit for providing a livable unit, all ready to go. Not all dealers will take that much 'needed step' to provide a concrete unit. Just a reminder to new buyers: Expect the additional cost for battery replacement. Don't forget these rv's built today will drain the chassis battery to zero while sitting idle on a dealers lot. Doing that can lessen the life of a battery. Keep an eye on your new battery unless you know for sure that it was installed fresh in your rv or if they disconnected the cable allowing to keep its charge ! A good service manager should make sure that is followed through with. But in real rv life...don't bet on it ! They will just throw a charger on a dead battery if they know you are coming to see it, then it becomes your problem when you have to replace it earlier than expected.
bobndot 02/19/21 09:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Surge protector and water filters

There does seem to be a bit of confusing misinformation out there. Im not an electrician but CG’s need to update their old elec systems if they plan on charging rv’ers to stay with them without damaging their new expensive rv’s due to low voltage at a given pedestal. The CG will not repair or replace appliances that become burnt out bc their elec system is sub-par but they want my money to stay with them . I have used my Autoformer a dozen times , only after asking the CG owners and never been refused. Autoformers are different than autotransformers and as far as i know, the jury is still out and will probably still be out on this one. There is so much debating going on about this topic that i stopped reading about it and just use it after asking. I want to protect my rv and feel i dont have any other choice but to ask to use it . It was explained to me that a voltage booster converts amps to volts. The breaker on the pole regulates the maximum amount of power you are able to draw, it would be impossible to use more power than what is offered.
bobndot 02/17/21 09:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Surge protector and water filters

Sometimes CG's don't have enough juice, I use an Autoformer to boost the voltage but I surge protect it with an SSP30x between the pedestal and Hughes then between the Hughes and rv I use a Surge Guard 34930. I was advised to surge protect the Hughes then once the voltage is boosted I surge protect the rv. The Hughes itself only has minimal surge protection built in. Read MEXICOWANDERER
bobndot 02/16/21 08:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Charge Solenoid Location on 2021 E-450

See if there is s metal cover thats screwed in place on the left side somewhere near the entrance step battery, if not behind the left riser. That’s a common solenoid and BIM location bc it’s a short run to the battery and it’s a dry location.
bobndot 02/16/21 12:10pm Class C Motorhomes
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