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RE: Clear oily liquid leaking from under kitchen cabinet

Some kind of cleaning product or cooking oil that spilled ? I have had plastic bottles crack and leak from bouncing down the road. Temp changes too.
bobndot 07/17/23 11:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Seriously Thinking About Getting A Class C 26 - 29' Long!

Coach-House RV All you need to know Keep in mind, if you need warranty service be sure to find out locations available. Even though the CH rv is well built , it still has the same appliances as others. Some of those may require only network repairs.
bobndot 07/13/23 10:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thetford 2018 replaced with Dometic 310

It’s a great toilet for people on the GO ! :)
bobndot 07/11/23 08:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1988 Ford E350 Air Suspension.

Sorry for the confusion, i was suggesting to do a spring leaf in place of the bags. When i added a leaf to the pack it was under $500. Adding bags was close to the same at the time. My latest attempt to give me more ground clearance didn’t work using a wireless compressor airbag system for $1700. Ended up getting a full refund parts and labor. That system developed multiple leaks in the bags, fittings and compressor over the first few days of installment.
bobndot 07/10/23 08:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1988 Ford E350 Air Suspension.

If the rv rear sags below level then bags will bring it up to level. If the rv already sits level the air bags will do very little to raise it above level. Therefore it will depend if they are going to help become level on a site. If need be, add a leaf to the spring pack instead. Steel doesn’t leak air.
bobndot 07/09/23 04:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thetford 2018 replaced with Dometic 310

The seal and valve are inexpensive. The valve is plastic with tight tolerances. There is a plastic plunger with an O ring inside the valve. Minerals from the water can build up or dirt from inside the freshwater tank can cause the plunger to malfunction at any time. I mention dirt from the water tank bc i did a Netboy mod on my tank to clean the inside. I was very surprised to find so much build up inside the tank which i always kept sanitized over time. Here is the interesting mod page that can be used on most RVs, not just TC’s. I did the deck plate freshwater tank mod to gain access to my tank. Hope you enjoy this mod page.
bobndot 07/07/23 10:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thetford 2018 replaced with Dometic 310

Nice , very easy to keep clean. I had the same 310 installed on my 2018 from day one. From time to time the ‘O’ seal stops holding water in the bowl. At 5 years , the water valve was just replaced bc it started a slight leak that seemed to be dripping from the round portion of the pedal. Replaced the water valve. Very simple to do. Youtube shows a ‘how-to’. I also bought a spare 4” ball seal for the bowl in case i need to replace it on the road. I bought a small tube of plumbers grease to keep it slightly lubricated so it holds water better . Once each season, I remove the seal to clean and lubricate it. Remove it carefully to not drop it into the tank. The same seal fits the Dometic 300,310,320.
bobndot 07/07/23 12:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New awning fabric for our coach...

bobndot 07/03/23 06:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RTX 2000 12v using Solar.....?

:C Sounds great , good luck with the install.
bobndot 07/02/23 03:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: '15 Coachmen Class C Roof Construction (layer diagrams)?

Aluminum roof not wood, thank u for the update. Good thing you are drilling into the ply top layer, bc the thin wall of an aluminum frame might not have enough bite for screws that sustain 60-70 mph winds on a regular basis. Especially with an rvs hard suspension. Keep an eye on the panels, check the caulk covering the screws regularly. Good luck with the install DR.
bobndot 06/29/23 02:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: '15 Coachmen Class C Roof Construction (layer diagrams)?

As said, im not 100% sure about the roof structure in 2015.
bobndot 06/28/23 12:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: '15 Coachmen Class C Roof Construction (layer diagrams)?

Youtube shows factory various tours. This one is 4 yrs ago. AFAIK, they used walkable roofs with wood studs, 3/8” ply and aluminum skin but i don’t know the exact years of those builds in regards to using the aluminum skin. I cant see them changing the plywood or frame. At least the roof thickness should be the same . I don't think the Insulation R - value has changed over the years, thickness should be the same.
bobndot 06/28/23 07:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: '15 Coachmen Class C Roof Construction (layer diagrams)?

contacted Coachmen 2x over the last month with no response yet Did u email them or call ? Large companies get hundreds upon hundreds of emails on a day to day basis that they cant keep up with. Especially tech related bc it involves being passed on to another person. Calling has better results than emailing. Ask to speak to a tech or service rep. They should at least answer the phone when people call.
bobndot 06/28/23 07:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing the house batteries...

Thanks for the battery info. My grp 27’s will be due soon. We’re the same age. I would have to hook up jumper cables to my earlobes to do that. I give you a lot of credit , very nice, well done and thank you for taking the time to explain and post the pics. Bob
bobndot 06/27/23 11:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Norcold fridge error

Here is element info.
bobndot 06/25/23 08:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Norcold fridge error

Off the top , Its not the entire fridge. Its a tuff call without using an rv tech, to avoid throwing parts in it . There is a solenoid on the gas valve, they can go bad . Could be a heater element going bad or circuit board. I replace all my cheap OEM boards with U.S. made Dinosaur boards. Youtube shows you how. Using good boards has cured most all of my appliance issues. If you have access to a mobile rv tech in your area, it might be worth a call. A Dino board today is $250-300. For the part.
bobndot 06/24/23 09:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New awning fabric for our coach...

Good luck with your updated awning. I use 303 on many things , tires as well. Brides adore us when we offer them a 24 ft shopping cart ! :B
bobndot 06/21/23 12:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Good, affordable place to set up for towing?

We work as a team :) Tnx for providing the links . Its always interesting to read the experiences of others in our field. That’s how we learn. At least me it is :) Yes, whatever your comfortable doing. No mechanical problems in ten years of me towing it. The rv dealer wired my plug setup but i did ask my GM dealer before having it done. Explained as , people were misplacing the fuse or forgetting it , Its just an alternate method to use. Warranty , a valid point. Tnx for bringing it up, i forgot to mention that. Its something to think about especislly if you have no relation to your dealer. In my case, the new car warranty would not be affected but that would depend on your relationship with your dealer. My rv dealer hardwired my harness to my car. We figured it was one less thing to try not to forget. :B. I just coil it up and tie it securely with velcro straps. The engine hood closes just fine with the harness coiled and stored as well as when being used to tow. At the end of the day , i prefer to leave the toad home. At 24’ , i can drive and park my rv at most places without incident. Its my DW that feels the need to have the extra 4 tires. The older i get, the less i want to do, to set up and break down is getting old. If we really have a special need for a car , i have an account with Enterprise. They deliver cars to my campsite. Its infrequent and you have to rent often to exceed the cost of a new tow setup. I keep telling myself KISS !
bobndot 06/18/23 05:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Good, affordable place to set up for towing?

If you include a 12v charge line thru your lighting harness there is no need to pull the fuse. I think you need to start and idle the GM’s every 200 towing miles.
bobndot 06/17/23 03:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Good, affordable place to set up for towing?

Any 'good automotive mechanic' can do this installation. It may sound complex and complicated but its bolt-on stuff and simple electric connections. I would buy your parts as listed below and find an rv mobile mechanic or ask around various car repair shops. You'll find someone a lot cheaper that 6K. A lot of mechanics own rvs and know what to do. you have two options: 1. flat tow - all 4 wheels on ground . only certain vehicles can do that, you'll need to verify your vehicle. My new complete Blue Ox system cost me maybe $2500-$3000 for parts and took my auto mechanic 2-3 hours labor. Buying used will be less but you'll need to shop around on line. 2. dolly tow - you'll need to buy a tow dolly that hitches to the rv. Again cost of a new dolly and setup 'might be ?' a little less than flat towing and used will be less. The cars front wheels drive onto the dolly while its rear wheels roll on the ground. You have a wider range of vehicles to tow , like most FWD cars with automatic transmissions can be dolly towed. The down side is parking a dolly and some maintenance, tires, brakes, bearings,lights. if your choice is to flat tow , Supply us with year make model or google your vehicle to see if its flat towable or not. if you want to flat tow , you'll need : 1.Baseplate You need to find an available baseplate to fit your car, this is most important part of this setup, due to availability. This is the front hitch that gets bolted to the car. Its specific to your car. The rest is generic stuff with the exception of the electric lighting harness , if you choose to use one. You have an option or two with lights. 2. Tow bar , this is the metal adjustable 'all terrain type' set of V-shaped arms that connect to the the rv's 2"x2" hitch receiver and to the towed car. They have tow ratings to match the weight range of what vehicle you plan to tow. 3. the baseplate will usually have two ports to accept the tow bar arms allowing a solid connection to the rv. 4. safety chains, these 2 chains or steel cables make a connection between the car and the rv hitch in case of an emergency breakdown of the tow bar. Its part of the breakaway safety system. 5. Breakaway switch. This switch gets installed on the front of the car and gets wired into the cars brake system. In case the towed car becomes separated from the rv, an attached cable will pull a pin on the breakaway switch causing the brakes to be applied on the towed vehicle. 6. Brake system. Like a 'BRAKE BUDDY 2' its wireless, it simply sits on the toads floor and connects electronically plugs in thru the access port under the dash, then easily clamps onto the brake pedal. the towed car will need something to apply its brakes when the rv brakes are applied. You add it and remove it when you need to tow. Its very simple and easy to do. 7. Lights on the 'toad', the towed car. you will need to have lights on the toad as you would need lights on a trailer. The car being towed needs a harness and electric cable to connect the toad to the rvs 7 way 12v connector. You have 3 options, use a dedicated car harness, use magnetic lights or drill holes in the taillight housing of the toad to accept bulbs dedicated for towing. If you choose drilling holes and running some wire to the front of the car as i did, i turn on the cars running lights for added illumination at night or in rain. Otherwise you will only have tail lights, directions and brake lights which is fine for daytime towing. A 12v charge line can be added to the harness of either setup to keep the cars battery charged while towing. A good idea for either setup ! You will need to unlock the steering wheel while towing the car. On my GM car, i need to turn the ignition one click to unlock the steering wheel to the AUX position. If you click it 2x, then you will be in the 'ON' position which will record your mileage on the towed car. There is no real need to do that. You don't need the entire dash to light up, you just need to unlock the steering. If you need specif help as to what to buy or links that show you how to set up the towing system, let us know and we will send you any links you need. Good place to start: , has all the towing parts you'll need and videos on installation of each part. Youtube will also have how-to videos that show the set up the system of your choice. Good luck, hope this info gives you a better idea of things , Bob
bobndot 06/16/23 10:51am Class C Motorhomes
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