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RE: Class C RV Bomb

That old rv probably wouldn't start and the person asked for mechanical help on a forum somewhere. :h
bobndot 12/26/20 10:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gulfstream BT Cruiser Quality

I tow a few different trailers with my 24’ 158” WB E450. The tongue weight of a small utility trailer 12x5 aluminum shouldn't matter too much on a shorter WB 450 rv and if you towed a larger trailer , you could use a weight distributing hitch ad i did. Towing both ways , i dont think i have noticed much difference regarding the front end feel while driving. At least not enough difference to go to a scale. It handles it all well much to my surprise. The WD hitch was used on my 30’ x 7’ aluminum snomo trailer. That was between 3500/5000# all loaded depending how many sleds were on board. Hitch weight on that trailer is 12 - 13%. At weights above 3500 you can feel the towed weight more. Not that its bad, you just can feel that its there.
bobndot 12/22/20 11:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gulfstream BT Cruiser Quality

They show a build comparison video on the Phoenix Cruiser website. It was made by the previous owner of PC.CLICK HERE for that 55 minute long video comparing a Phoenix Cruiser to "Brand-X". I believe is a Nexus. Most of the points made are negligible nit-picking, but there some significant points and also a few serious differences definitely worth noting. One being the walls being bolted to the side of the rig, not resting on the floor of the rig. The video teaches how to identify that condition. Hi Ron, the factory build video is also a good one. 'Phoenix Cruiser Factory tour days 1-6'
bobndot 12/20/20 06:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gulfstream BT Cruiser Quality

They show a build comparison video on the Phoenix Cruiser website. It was made by the previous owner of PC.
bobndot 12/20/20 05:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gulfstream BT Cruiser Quality

Today, people fly and drive across the country to buy a dog. If you are really considering the rv then drive the 300 miles to see and drive one. Its 50/50 in buying any rv liking the floorplan is the important part. ** A good mechanic can make an inexpensive rv a good workable reliable unit. Find yourself an independent mechanic who you can trust and work with on a recurring basis. . They are all pushed off the assembly extra fast in this good economy and covid sales boom. They leave it up to the dealers to tweak them up. If you are lucky , you'll find a good dealer and you will have less return trips to repair things. If not , expect to be making a 600 mile round trip often while waiting a long time between appointments. That might mean non use of the rv. **i would sleep / camp at the dealership or nearby CG for two or 3 nights so you see how that dealer actually took care of things before he sold it to you. Many dealerships dont even touch them. They let it be your problem. General reviews from the owners are full spectrum from ‘hate it’ to ‘love it’ .
bobndot 12/18/20 06:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Seating

Gaming chairs? Good idea. Tnx. I have to thank my DW on that one. Regular recliners with footrests would not fit in a non slide rv. The footrest would bang into the kitchen sink and stove. I have one of those horse shoe dinettes but i guess that doesn't matter, 8’ wide is 8’ wide. The chairs we got are very comfy and at $99 each, they were affordable to experiment with.
bobndot 12/15/20 11:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sprinter Shops/Mechanics Nearby???

Yes give them a call. 1.5 hrs is just a day trip Freighliner truck service centers also have the needed software for Sprinters. Having the software setup is the key. MB restricts others from acquiring it. Our MB car dealership does not touch MB Sprinters . Some states are very restricted for service. Make sure you have road service willing to tow you a distance without mileage restrictions. Just in case.
bobndot 12/15/20 06:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Seating

We do not have a slide so we were limited to what could be used. We just removed the cushions and mounted a pair of gaming chairs to the plywood base of the dinette using pipe clamps. They work very well and we still have complete access below for storage. We can sit in them for many hours at a time. We added a cushion of memory foam that we had but the stock chair works well enough. They work fine with the stock table. Just replace the cushions when you sell the rv and the new owner has the option for recliners and/or a dinette bed. We removed the armrest of one side, it just unscrews. Easier to get in/out. Sold on Amazon $99. Best Choice Products Multipurpose 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair for TV, Reading, Playing w/Lumbar Support, Armrest Handles, Foldable Adjustable Backrest - This link shows pics of the chairs we used. Alfinus chair
bobndot 12/14/20 10:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sprinter Shops/Mechanics Nearby???

Did you try to search at
bobndot 12/14/20 03:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Roof type - leaks

Caulk becomes dry over time. Caulk made for rv or marine use is more uv resistant than household caulks. Depending on who caulked it last will determine how long it will take to become dry. As said , dried caulk has cracks in it. It also feels more brittle than new caulk which expands and contracts with weather. If i were buying a used rv, i would inspect and apply a fresh coat of proper rv roof caulk. That way you know what you have and its done correctly snd more important, with the correct caulk. Some people will use dollar store garbage to dress it up to sell it do it appears to be well maintained. Inspect all seams on rv sides and cabover area as well. I would be looking at a class c with a fiberglass cabover cap like the SS 2018 and up has. Cabovers are notorious leakers. That is why some people prefer a full fiberglass cabover thats smaller , only housing an entertainment center instead of a queen bed. Its also more aerodynamic and can drive better in crosswind conditions. See Coach House or Phoenix Cruiser type models. Coach House are molded fiberglass , less seams to deal with. A lot less. The roof , flat surfaces, uses a self leveling caulk like Dicor. That works for the roof vents , tv antenna and plumbing vent as well. You have to use an rv cleaning product to prepare those seams prior to caulking. Dicor also makes a cleaner but you can use other products, ask for advice about that. A very important step is the prep. On vertical seams many people use Proflex RV in ‘Brite White ‘ which does not yellow as ‘White ‘ does. I have been using 3m 4200 or 4000 marine sealant on my rv and find it much easier to apply than the popular Proflex and it lasts longer regarding uv breakdown. There are many ‘youtube’ videos and how to caulk a boat or rv. After you put down the bead of caulk, you can spray it with an alcohol base cleaner then smooth it over using your wet gloved finger. The caulk will not stick to the freshly sprayed cleaner and will wipe right off. The caulk will only remain on the dry surface which its already covering. That makes the job so much easier. Good luck, hope this info helps, Bob
bobndot 12/13/20 09:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Roof type - leaks

My 2018 Sunseeker has a fiberglass roof which gets washed with soap and water. I would not want any kind of rubber roof again. I had to maintain it using special treatments too often to want to do that again. I’ve owned 2 TPO and 5 rubber roof models and like the fiberglass the best. No issues so far. However, i do a visual if i scrape it on low tree branches. All it takes is a branch to bite into some caulk and create a gap. This happens on all roof material. You have to get up there and check your roof often. You can’t be lazy , they all need attention to prevent leaks. I know of a SS rental dealership that has never complained about any roof issues.
bobndot 12/12/20 07:48pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: stairs not working.

Stupid me I had no marking on my switch , i too had to mark it. It’s just a DUH moment. That’s normal, we all have them , but we realize it. It’s people that don’t realize it that are stupid. :B Tnx for the follow up, glad it was simple.
bobndot 12/12/20 04:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: stairs not working.

look at the Bounder door step fuse diagram , see if that helps you.,+where+is+the+fuse+for+the+steps&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS839US839&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=lZMbKRfuLFG0BM%252C4b
bobndot 12/08/20 07:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What's under the bed?

Have you looked under the rv for your B/G tanks ? Heat pads can be easily added and some scrap off. They have to be exposed on most models.
bobndot 12/07/20 02:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RVing in the winter

Additional 12v draws are: Fridge, CO detector, Radio . I use 2 portable CO detectors and have installed a toggle switch on the OEM and another toggle on the radio. The only overnight draw is the fridge and the furnace. I also added 24x24 interlocking foam pads on the floor which seems to make the floor feel warmer. I too use insulating material to cover the windows at night. I think that helps a lot especially when a bed is up against a window.
bobndot 12/07/20 02:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How to Fix a Squirrelly Front End?

By tomorrow you will have enough advice to completely rebuild it.
bobndot 12/03/20 05:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thor Majestic Cruise America 19G on-going Q and A

What kind of design doofus decided to create an empty space that is otherwise not accessible? Welcome to the rv world. Sometimes they have to remove an entire slideout to swap out a fridge. Consider yourself lucky the shower head is not tucked away under that seat. :B There was a thread last month where they hid the water pump below the shower pan with no access to it.
bobndot 12/03/20 01:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New to us 2006 Winnebago

OP, Regarding using your laptop. Research it, there is a lot of info out there. Monitor which device you use. I know there are more qualified people on this forum than me that would know and could explain the specifics . You have to be careful using some adaptors bc they can overheat . You are using a 12v power source to run a 19v laptop. Be aware of heat build up on the adaptor device or the laptop itself. Also, sometimes a flickering laptop screen will occur if the power supplied is not 'clean PSW power' as it is at home. That might depend on the particular laptop/adaptor circuitry.
bobndot 12/03/20 05:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New to us 2006 Winnebago

Good point to plug in the 30 amp power cord to run the Gen. I forgot to do that when my rig was new. If you need 120v to run a laptop, Samlex has a 150w PSW inverter that plugs into a 12v outlet. Amazon and others sell it for $130-140.00
bobndot 12/02/20 03:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Living space

Mondocker asked , " What is the real difference between the Forester and Sunseeker? I read somewhere the Forester has more bells and whistles and upgrades. Is that right?" Short answer ...yes. However, most SS rvs made are built with many of those options, so check prices bc they are going to be close at times , then decide what's important enough to you as options desired. I copied some answers from various posts made by owners like myself. I have a SS with many options. Mine had the upgraded Serta pillowtop which is very comfortable as well as cedar closets. Some other options that the SS did not have was the wood grain dash inserts and upgraded sideview mirrors, which I think are powered. Something that my SS floorplan 2350 has is the ability to heat all my plumbing, below both sinks and cabinets as well as the water pump. I have digital thermometers installed in all those locations and they read the same as my main cabin thermostat. The shower lines run thru a heated inside wall as well. I never worry about how cold its going to be which works well bc I'm usually camping along the US/Canadian border in various states where the nights dip down and the days warm up. List of differences posted by various F/SS owners : Body skirt paint Standard fiberglass running boards Solid surface kitchen counter top Cedar lined wardrobe cabinets Woodgrain dash fascia 1. Soft ceiling 2. LED lights, some of which are flush mount (although, I have heard rumors that Sunseekers are starting to come with flush mounted LEDS but not sure if true or what kind) ** " IT's true I have them ". 3. Outside light on driver side rear 4. Partial lower paint (although you can get full body paint on the sunseeker) 5. Different color/fabric choices 6. SS has no outside shower 7. SS has no black tank rinse, both are options . *. SS does have FULL SPARE TIRE and tows 7500# . Brake controller is optional to tow a trailer with brakes. Hope this info is helpful, Stay safe, Bob
bobndot 12/02/20 07:33am Class C Motorhomes
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